The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 25, 1893, Image 8

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Jjebanon Express.-
rj.c. Bn-YF.r,
' 11 U Al'FTPil.T.
Citj- Council nKotaon the first nut third
TuedoT evenings of each mouth.
karHFa 81.
In tlx Circuit Orart of the State ofOrr
fn, forth County of Of arion.
U. L. Kineotan Plaintiff
lira. Susan Feebler Defendant,
Kotiee ie hereby given that by rirtuve of
an Eierauon and order of a sale dulv
iasaed out -of the above named court in
ttie above entitled action to me directed
and delivered, I will on Saturday the 23rd
dj of September, 1888; at the front door
at the court kaum m the -city of Albany,
linn County, Oregon at the hoar of one
Schick P. If. at said day, sell at public
auction for caeb in hand -to the highest
Udder, all the epht, title and interest of
the above named defendant, 8nsan Peepler, .
m and to Utf red property heretofore at- ;
tached in the a hove entitled action the.
same being described at follows to wit:
Beginning at the north-east corner of
f Mock five FS) in J. M. Balsloa'i 3rd ad
dition to the town now aiy) of Lebanon
according tj the original maps and plats
thereof now at roeord in the Recorder's
affice in Albany, Una County, Oregon,
and running doe south fifty-six and two
thirds test, thence due west to the west line
of said block; thence rorth fifty-au and
two-thirds feet to the north-west corner of
said block; thence due east to the place ol
aeginnine, all of the said property being (
situated in the city of Lebanon, County
of Linn, and Bute of Oregon. The pro-1
eeeds of said sale will be applied, first, to
the payment of the original costs and dis
bursements of said suit taxed at $24.10
and the accruing cost of and npon said
execution. Second, to the payment of the
ptaiivfjfi's claim amonnting to the rant of
1138.07 in T. S. gold coin with interest
thereon at the rate of 8 per cent, per an
num in like coin from the 14th day of July
1(198 and the overplus if any to be paid to
the defendant, Susan feebler.
Dated this lTtb day of August, 1.303.
Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon.
How is This?
Something unique even in these
ays of mammoth premium often, it
fa the latest effort of Stafford's Haga
ilue, a Sew York monthly of home
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The proposition is to send the Maga
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addition you get the magazine once a
Bonth, for twelve months, all for one
dollar. It is an offer wbicb the pub
lisber can only afford to make in the
confident expectation of getting a
hundred thousand new subscribers.
Among the authors of the coming
series are, Wilkie Colling, Walter Bes-
nt, Mrs. Oliphant, Mary Cecil Hay,
Florence Man-vat, Antbouey Trollope,
A. Conn Doyle. Mm Braddon, Cap
tain Marryat, His Thacfcery and
Juie Verne. If you wish to take ad
vantage of thw unusual opportunity,
end one dollar for Stafford'! Maga
aine one year. Your first copy of the
magazine and your first number of the
fifty-two novels (one each week) which
yoo are to receive during the year will
he aent you by return mail, .Remit by
r. I), order, registered letter or e
press. Address
H. STAFFORD, Publisher,
Stafford's Magazine,
P. 0. Box 5264,
Sew York, N. Y.
Please mention this paper.
Sheriff Sal.
Kotiee of Dissolution.
Mrr b herelrr given that the .Co Jarnwnhlp
awetofrire exunnir between the flMeralirnMl
arioer the firm name of Frar AtJPT- qf Leba
non. Or., ha fceen and is this d)listf)lved by
annual eoinem of the parte. I. p. nettle har
ms: purchased the intensK of J. H. frey. who re-
p front the bttolaess. The busint will here
in be carried on by I. F. Settle, the purchaser
IbtWWnf ! Ittt nil! Hanri - .
... .... .,. ,,, ,, ,H-IV, n.uuie at
lite partnenmip debut and whtielrme I authorized
to.mUw laud receipt for allilettM due the late
' J. H. J'RIV,
Bated this 3rd day of Am.lm, ''.
Hew are you fixed for tetter-beads
Bill-heads, enve'opes, note-heads
atatements and tbe like? Don't follow
the old style of using onprinted sta
tionery. We print everything at this
Blue and charge s reaaouable price
only. We claim to do as good work
lor as little money as any office in the
state. .
la the Olmilt Court of the Bun of Oreacsv
fttr Lion County.
.8. Ruskui. pUuituT,
Isabella Oakley, 1
Janus H. lolley. aefsndantt.
Bora Or an. I
Joint W. Brown.
Notice s heraby titran that by vtrture of aa
Rxecnuonand orderofntle duly lamed out of
the above named Court In the above entitled
nit to me directed and deltventd; 1 will on
Saturday the fctd tlaj of senmuber 1MB. at tbe
front door of the Court Boon to tbe City of
Albany. Linn Oounty. Oregon, at the hour of one
o'oktci P. M. efiaid day all at publie auction
fbrcash In hand to the highest bidder, all the
right, title and hiunst of tbe defendant Isabella
Oaxkey, tn and to tbe property described in sold
Execution, and order of tale as fttUowa towit:
Lou loaT It free (5) and all (t) of Block tbrty
one HI) tn the original Town of Waterloo, in
Linn County, Oregon. Aud I will on Friday tbe
lHtbday of August 18S8, on the premises shove
aoKrlbed. at the hour of out o'clock P. at. of
avid day sell In thesmonnet and according tn tbe
terms above ezproawd, the story aud one-naif
dwelling house located and being upon; the prem
iaw shore described. The proceeds arising from
sold nles is to be applied, Unit to the payment of
theaeenung coats of and upon said Executions,
and the casts of tht ptalnllirs suit taxed at
and the eootsof the sulls of nld defendants.
James H Bailey. Esra Orcutt. and James W,
Brown against said defendant Isabella Oakley et
al. amouuling to tbe sum of IM.90. Second, to
the payment of plalolhra -claim amounting to
the sunt of tUM and aecnling Interest thereon at
the rote ol 8 per cent, per annum hum the 27th
ay of June IMS. and the runner sum of fjo oo
attorneys fee and accruing interest thereon at the
rate of S per cent, per annum from the ITth day
of Jane 1KB, and the further sum of SlJSi, his
expenses in record ing the notice ofltcu and to
the payment of the Rsvecth-e claims of said de
fendauta. James JI. Bailej:, Em Orcutt and
James W. Brown as ascenatoed br the decree of
the above named Court rendered upon tbe inth
day of June ltiStt. In the nwpecttve suits of said
defendants, James fl. Batiey. Ezra Orcutt and
James W. Brown, afraiust labeUa Oakley et at,
said claims amounting hi all to the sum of t2n,-.38
with tautrest thereon st the rate of 8 per cent,
per annum from the 27th dayofJune lSXt, and
tbe further sum of SJ.I3 for expenses of reeordlng
afthenoUeeeof hens, pro rata If not sufficient
to pay said claims in mil and tnetvernliue if any.
to be paid over to said defendant, losabclla
Bated this 31st day of July 1899.
Bheriff ot Lion County, Oregon.
Seud ten cents (silver) or twelve
cents in stamps for a Handy Pocket
Guid to the great exposition; gives in
formation of value to every visitor.
Btreet Guide, Hotel Prices, Cab Fares,
Beataurant Bates, etc. Describes the
hidden pitfalls for the unwary, and
hints how to keep out of them. This
indispensible companion to every
visitor to the windy city
be sent by mail, post paid, on receipt
of ten cents silver, or twelve cents iu
fl tamps. Address
P.O. Box 2264, New York K.Y.
Please rr.entiou tbis paper.
Special Manager (or
Lebanon, Oregon.
Mfg. Jeweler.
Dealer in Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry.
Fine Watch Bepairing a 8)iecialty
AJ1 Work Fully Warranted.
Meat Market,
Fresh & Saltei Beef Pork,
Mutton, Si 1 1 ageBo.
logna, nl Ham,
Hf"B aeon and Lard Ala-ays on Hand.
Main Street, Lebanon, Or.
You van t better cabinet else pict
ures at Crawford k Paxton's In Allm
nv for II 60 per doxea than at other
gallrles for an; price. Our work Is
guaranteed. Permanent gallery es
tablished for 88 yean. JJo poor work
allowed to go out. Carrie and see os.
A litany, 1st street. Next door Mason
ic Temple.
(Changed Every Wot.
Wheat 46c.
Hay-16 perton.
.Flour-) 80 per sack.
4'bop-l 25 per cwL
JJran 80c per cwt.
MiddlitiKB-tl 00 per cwL
Potatoes 60c.
Apples Dried, 8c per lb.
Plums Dried, 7c
Onions 2u
Beet Dressed, 4c.
Veal 4((tt5e.
Pork Dressed, 6.
Hams lo17 per lb.
Shoulders 12c
Bides Lie per lb.
Geese IS jier don.
Ducks $4 m er dor..
Cliiftelts-tS OOfi 4 00.
Turkeys 10c per lb.
Egire lot- lerdtia.
B..tter Sue p"r Ih.
Hides-Green, 2(.3c; dry, e-
Albany SteamLanndry
-tVlbniiy, Oregon
All Orders Receive Promt
Special Rates for
Family Washings.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Moitcy
R. S. ROBERTS, Agent
Poultry, Hides and
Hitrbest cash nrioe itaitl fttr turkevs
geese, ducks and cliickene atotlkt' of
L JikiiI, httaney a"d Altaire'e old
stable, 4th street, Allurny.
Also hides aud furs uf all kinds
i.oL'xht i i; cash.
jt Scieirtilie America!
i av sr r i iaiMi'qtr-
is - asr-
0E8IC0) ssatcMT,
ror mrormstim one, tree Handbook write to
ML'XN CO. 1 BBoaDWAT. Nnr Volts.
Olaest Inreaa tor securing patents tn America.
Kvery Datem taken out by us ts broukht befiire
tbe piuttie or a aottee giyan lrae at oaarge m tns
sf nwtifit gwertfan
Unrait dmlttimi of my KtcnuHe paper in tbt
urid. Snu-DdtdlT lIluatnutMl. No uiteltitroitt
masx bmti& be without it. Weklr, S3. Oil m
year: tlifiiil DKmifit Aiidttm All NK CO,
PaijLit.ut.Hii. Ml hiQwwtj, Hmm KurK Utj.
Notary Public,
WAlKKlaOO. Orkcion.
Conveyancing promptly atlenIevJ (u.
BiminratH with the lan Oft., PoUjfl,er,
or FeiiBiuii Bureau receive -i Ut pt
Furniture S Hardware,
Carpets, Wall Paper,
Window Shades, Floor Mattings, 4c.
Windows, Doors,
Builders' Hardv:are, &c, Ac.
For the next thirty days we will
sell our entire STOCK .of Spring
and Summer Goods, including
dress goods, clothing etc. at less
than they Cost in the east. We do
this to make room for our large
Fall Stock.
We are now' offering haragins
such as never heard of before.
The Prices Are So Low
That they will astonish you.
Be Sure and Call and See Them Before
Buying Elsewhere.
Remember the place In the Odd Fellows' Building
LEBANON, - - - -. - OREGON.
Don't Fool With Fakes!
If yourself or friends wish to be cured
of Liquor, Opium, Morphine, Chloral,
Cocaine or Tobacco habits, seek only the
Genuine Keeley Treatment, which is
the only safe, reliable and permanent
cure in existance. Genuine Keeley In
titutea, with most favorable surround
ings, at
Forest Grove and Rosetmrg.
S-Write fnr Partit'ulunt. Correspondi'Dee Coti-fldentiul.
Go and see the
Peacock SCo
New Store
They will treat you right.
LobanOn and -AJbaiiy, Oregon.