The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 25, 1893, Image 7

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So ww ft bos' rami dolIoHtfily brrtd,
A lowt. boy ahd ti rofiiWr1 only on
Bar fair haml etroked hut ahatwlp, cttirly
Hbe fpuTMt, for bit sako, storm aim cold and
What bad b. thf. to An with stiffwlrnff
Hut kit brave tutm she'd taught liim to ad
mlrtx ,
Aowhmibtt beard ttw rttimtry'a war cry ring,
What oould atiaaayr Ubt uyw wen bwa-oa
, tire.
tt eflWDMi eoldtcr to the front he went,
VootU. bm.HU, Ufa,-Utwtt, bupe, buiu, ell In a
Into one imtriorlc nfTrlnf bteot.
He Same. fftMftt, taui tbe face of doathl
And be redoemed bin Base wbera bnllets
Tipping the chatying mlnmnH living wedee;
Or, (triaon pauiied, with white Hps, hunger
; klmwd,
Ma' brimming eap be drank, hta country's
Oeath be defied ual death bacmnI him by,
TaklpRiMHuirti only scant ami youth; -Then
ut twme homo, nor heaved one backward
O'er all he'd given ap for land and truth,
A nomroon nold)r an lie went be came,
And yet a hero! Wtio jriviw more Uian all?
fie who given all, nor auk for even fiune.
What in there, more than bora, such to nail
Who be heT There were tbnuitandii enoh at
every tnrh. from orown to tip of tnei
For eunh, O omintry, what reward ehall be?
Ttw irud lake not; Ut their hut tu buetowl
And godlike men twae manhood that Uwy
- Into tbe enale when treeeon ktckad the
And manhood t not pnrchawwll ttuy the crew
To whom high bouor hi a foolUh dreamt
Thin buy and all ble noble feltowe gave
What money buy not, paye not for whoa
Tble market talk dishonor every grave.
Like ttimony that en would pure hate
O eountry, cherlttb mvlngly all tboae In need.
Hut do nut offer luMolt to brave men!
! ve the Imnb ecramble to the abaineleai
That gaugee manhood by tbe nettle dmo.
Lift high eatib hero on a pudental
Where honor's euu npon hu browi abaU
fie up the future ahall their abadowa fall
To teach oar children manboud le divlnel
41. J. Hat-aav lu New York Hun.
Talluole (Iddlel yon an I;
Moon ge lne down an daylight! nigh.
Yon kin lauifb au you kin cry
- Let fulknee ail know yon le live
An feultn de tuune fut dem dancers all feat
Wid rbune liifile bntd an ebuue In de heel,
You kuowi de cotillion ae well a de roel
Come, ecrape up, ole bowl Lef us drivel
Den talk to nm. fiddle! ef on'y you try
You gu ineto make day eta' awhile foa
de eky;
Tell elan be forgtttln bit time for to die.
An roneter' dU'membeni to crow.
Yon ain't got hlt'Hspnrrit of rilnUyo'nama:
An dvm needn't liwten what boiler out
11 buun dat dey danoe or fuels poly an
Whuu yo feels de tecb oMta bow.
Mood turn white an sky turn gray
Donl yon beab die liddle Nay.
Wheel yo' parUnurn, den awwhay,
Whirl an oome Uwk to de ring;
Ban' all aroun to de lef an right,
tieeliu and tool n too ewtr fur sight,
For'ard an bark'ard gnehufflln light
Talk lo nm, Addle, an eingt
Blng, ole flddlel dawn done break,
Uawkin birds begin to wnkx
Uey gwlne u pick up yo' las' cbnne.
Once uto' up nn mo' down,
Swing yo' purdnem, walk aroun,
btop, ole fidilul hish yo noun!
For daylight's done folluretl de moon.
Andrew Wilkinson In Sow Orleans limes
tiemncrat. ' A WtMKlerful risU.
Anemones are well kuovro to visitors at
aquariums. The animal cno be cut into
any Dumber of paru, and each part will
develop luto a perfect aohnal, autl the part
cut off will be quickly replaced. The Abbe
JUrequemure mutllutt-d aim tormented
tbetn lu a bund red ways, but with always
tbe same result, mid u those who accQHed
faitu of cruelty in thus torturf ng the crea
ture he replied that 'ao fur from being a
cause or Hufferitig to them, be increased
their term of life and renewed their youth."
The kij of the pray on which the anem
one feeds Is often of equui bulk to the
Anttxtnl. Dr. Johnstone on one occasion
bad urouKbt to him tiu anemone about two
Inches In dinmeter, which had inauaxed to
wallow a shellfish of tbe sine of an ordi
nary snucer. The shellllbb wmi fixed in
the stoniHcli of tbe animal so as to divide
it into two parts, and the animal bad be
come thin and flattened like a pnucuke,
All oommufiictttioo between tbe iuterior
portion of the stomach and the mouth was
Of course prevented, but instead of dying,
thenntmal availed itself of this accident to
increase its enjoyment. "A new mouth
grew od tvhnt hud been the base, and led
to the stomach, Hnd the auimal became a
sort of Siamese twiu, but with greater in
timacy and extent in its uuioul" London
The Professional linr Oat.
Tot stock In trade of the professional
diuer out it his dress suit and tbe people
be knows. Smith invites him because
Jones does, and Brown because Jones und
Smith do. He lives fnexpeusively, in a
cheap lodfflngs or a club, where be never
pays for any meal hut bis breakfast. In
deed, a diner out who is master of bis pro
fession can get plenty of tnvitatious to
breakfast, too, so that bis actual outlay on
himself may he reduced to the merest cost
at bed and clean linen.
1 know one man who, on an Income of
leas thau $1,200 a year, wblcb is tbe reutof a
bouse left him as sole inheritance by some
relation, feeds fatly from year's eud to
fear's end and still has money over. And
Do one, to meet him at the festal board,
would set him down foraoythiux less than
a mltlloottire. But he possesses an excep
onaliy ample capital.
Tbe Income of the average professional
diner out is generally nearer 12a mouth
than t,2O0 a year. Iudeed there are mttuy
who not only feed on their friends, but
lodge and dress on money borrowed aa
well.-Oor. Pitubiurg BtillaUo.
His Umbrella.
Mrs, Maria Drummonrt, who for many
years held a high poHlrbn in Kntflaml
among people of the truest rank. bad. as A
dirl, the opportunity of helping a great
man in bis wooing.
His suit was su(!cetwfu, and he did not
forget that gratitude wan due the kindly
friend who bud seen bis difficulties and
helped him In overcoming them.
Mrs. Dnimmoud. then Mba Kinnnird,
was staying with ber father at Torquay,
and thit her also oame Lord John Russell,
to pay thern a long visit. At an hotel near
by lived Lady Ribhlesdale, a young and
pretty woman wbum Ixrd Russell bad
known before, and whom he was always
tgwr to visit whenever bis young hostess
went thit her.
At length his visit oame to an end. and
tbe two took their last walk together to
invite Lady Ribhlesdale to accompany
them home to luncheon. She, however.
ban an appointment elsewhere and was
obliged to decline.
As Lord RuKsel) and bfsoompanion were
climbing their homeward path be stopped
and said, with a twinkle in bis eye: "I have
left my umbrella at tbe botel. W bat shall
1 dor"
It was a brilliant day with on t a clond,
but tbe sympathetic young lady said
gravely: "Oh, yon must go back for it in
stantly. We won't wait luucbeon for yon,
so don't hurry in this hot snnr
He took her at her word, and did not ap
pear at the table. Afterward abe was told
that he weut back to make his proposal of
marriage, and that Lady Kibblesdale ac
cepted him.
When the lady wrote heron the sabjeot
of tbe engagement Lord John Russell in
closed a slip of paper (tearing tbe words:
"Of course her sister must be chief
bridesmaid, and will bold her gloreo, but
you must be second bridesmaid, and carry
my umbrella. "Youth's Companion.
Changes In the Hamas Vote.
The human voice changes least of any
thing about the Individual affected by
time. Who has not recognised an old time
friend merely by tbe sound of his voiceF
When tbe face and figure are wholly for
gotten, or havecbanged so much by reason
of "age and disease as to be uo longer at
once recognizable, the voice recalls the past
and works successfully upon the memory.
From the hour when youth breaks in upon
tbe piping treble to that when old age re
news it the voioe remains about the same,
affected by neither sickness nor health,
poverty nor prosperity. Friends have rec
ognised each other by the voice when not a
landmark of individuality was left to tbe
I saw a man wholly anahle to recogniie
another at the Fifth Avenue botel the
other evening after thirty years, and upon
tbe first sound of his voice call him by
name instantly. The recognition was mu
tual, ft is the fault of many not to be able
to readily remember names. A few words
will almuKt certainly recall tbe name aud
urroundiugs-rthat is, if there was ever
any earlier familiarity between the indi
viduals. 1 have successfully tried that
method repeatedly. A little attentlou to
this peculiar characterisUc, the voice, and
you can name anybody you have known
very well without swing him. no matter
bow long a time has elnpsed since you last
met. Cor. Pittsburg Dispatch.
fcliu Itolleil tlio Tea.
In connection with tlio Introduction of
taa into Knglaml n very amusing story Is
told of n certain titled wolnan who had
been presented with n pound of tlio finest
preen tea. She bad no idea of its proper
jirapnratiot), und consequently boiled the
entire quantity sod served it up with
melted buttrasan accompaniment to a
ronst of beef.
She wns not pleased with Its appear
ance, and gravely informed her guests
that, although it bad been cooked for sev
eral hours. U was simply impossible "to
make those foreign greens tender!" De
troit Free Press,
Origin of the Word Baptism.
There have been many stories of tbe
origin of the word and practice of baptism,
bnt i doubt whether this ingenious ex
planation of its derivation of an old dnrky
preacher, which will be appropriate to give
here, has ever bnen printed, "It's dee like
din," bewys. "De fast thing to dob to
apiamtbe body into de water, and den
deres a sound "bap," and den when de body
rises and goes to de bank yon hears de
water a dripping off like tism, tism.tlsra
and deres de meaning of de word bap
tism!" Chicago News. ;
An Expensive Luxury.
A creditor called upon a debtor and
found biro busy carving a turkey. "Well,
sir, are you going to pay me at Instf" .
"I should very much like to, my dear
air, but 1 find it imposaible. I am cleared
oat ruined; I haven't a farthing."
"Then 1 mnst say that a man who can
not pay his debts baa no business to eat a
turkey like that!"
"Alasl" said the debtor, as he raised his
napkiu to bis eyes, "I couldn't afford ita
keep!" Le Petit Parisian.
Aa Bxatnplo la Point,
De Sappy (entering Aw, say, old fellah,
where is it that "fools wuah in where an
geals feab to tweadf"
Adams (grimly) My office. Life.
No other plaster has been produced which
gains so many testimonials of high mine
aa those continuously accorded to All
ooce'h PoitQDs Plaster, and the only mo
tive for these exceptional commendations
Is the fact that it is a medicinal and phar
maceutical preparation of autterior value
Beware of imitations. Ask for and insist
npon ALioooK'f,
BaAHDBKTH's Pills are a good corrective.
" They call love the tender pantoo," said the
youi mnu who had J nut acquired another sis
ter, " but 1 atrlkes me that it is about si tougb
aa potaible."
Bow Be Mel gplvy SJm.
The way by which i come to know that
Bpivy Sims, of Sand Mouutain, was a critic
and a realist was short and straight. He
came up behind me at a moment when 1
bad on a four-pouud bass with a full hun
dred feet of line out; the desperate fhtb
was flying out. of ttie water about three
cubit every five seconds in spit of all Unit
I could du, aud was gradually working its
way toward the bushy top of a tree that
bod fallen into the stream. Every uugler
will nudersUnd what a point of life this
win for a dry, matter of fact, uu romantic
voice to hit my ear with:
"Pull, fell-r, pull; pull tro right Int
Yank 'im right outl Let go er tbet air
switch an grub -rlinel Ain't ye gotnry
striflln er cominun sense inter yer little
fricxly headF Pull 'im to ye an git 'im by
the gills!"
Of course not dreaming that any hu
man being was within a league of me,
that voice made me turn my head, and
wtiHt eta could happen hut a five foot leap
by the bass and a break away? You al
ways low tbe finest flsb. I made remarks
then aod there to Spivy 91ms remarks
notcomplimeuUtry to him and be chuc
kled complacently.
"Little feller," said be, "ef 1 take ye by
yer heels and wrap ye erouu tbet tree tlier1
erbout seven leeu times ye'U kuow who I
It was my turn now to smile and be com
placent an 'J amiable, seeing how tall aud
broad and bony be was. We made friends
at once, even before we knew each other's
names, and 1 weut to have dinner with
him at his cubiu. Maurice Thompson in
The Ethics of Getting a Light.
Please allow me to suggest that a gen
tleman will not, in these United States of
North America, ask a stranger for (ire
from his cigar; that is, if a gentleman ii
one who has a wakeful regard for the feel
ings and prejudices of others.
lu the Spanish speakiug countries of
America, where ceremonious politeness is
constitutional, aud every care is taken not
to touch tbe moist end of a cigar with tbe
hand, (ire is not as a general principle
asked from a stranger, though It is often
offered. But over there one would shrink
from giving a cigar be proposed to con
tinue smoking to either a gentleman or a
hoodlum who demanded a light.
The smokiug community should either
carry matches in its pocket or take a dry
amoke, rather thun putting a strange broth
er to distress of mind by making a request,
compliance with which Involves passing a
moist cigar into strauge hands, while re
fusing the request can hardly fail to puio
the applicant. Cor. New York Sua.
of won i ntt's troubles Is
with Doctor Pierce's
Favorite P refer i pi ion.
Safely and certainly, ev
ery delicate weakness,
derangement, and dis
ease peculiar to the sex
U permanently cured.
Out of all the medi
cines for women, the
Favorite Prescription"
is the only one that's
gvaraniua to ao what u
claimed for IL In all
female complaints n
aod irregular! tie, perl-
ouicoi paint, a if place
ments, internal inflam
mation or ulceration, benring-down
sensations and kindred ailments, if it
ever fails to benefit or cure, you have
your money back.
6o certain to rare ererv case of Catarrh is
Dr. Bage's Catarrh Rem that its proprie
tor! make yon this offer i " If you can't be
curea, permanently, wo u pay yon aouu caan.'
Let This Re a Warning.
"That was a horrible tragedy. A girl
pa mod the hand of a lover aud be stubbed
ber with an tee pick." -
"It was her own faalt. The account I
read says 'she treated him1 tu an icy man
ner.' He merely struck at tbo manner
hut had the misfortune tfi bit thegiii."
New York Epoch.
Purity and
To Introdaos onr Powder, we have d
tennlnedtod'lfltrlbatQ among tbe coniam
rt a number or CAHIi PU1ZKS. To
tiie person orclnb returning ostheinrgeat
comtk'rofcertmcatesoDor before Junl,
1894, wewlilfnveacaeb prtseorfJOO, and
tutliftiieitltrcMt, numerous other prlue
raoslas torn S tot76 IN CaSU.
The thread that btnrfi m life ! mMt Im.
quently nevered ere the meridian of life Is
n-Ncura m me oaste oi parsons who neglect ob
vious means to renew lit i hue stranftih. Vfntr
no less tbe loiirce of happiness Uimii the oonil-
umii ui iuiik me, win wormumsiiap. rwwnatfin
where tt due nut exist i hoiiRHtxln wlin hv
experienced or are cofuliwntlncludtn(C many
I'lijBivtnun vi ciu Midline m we onecii oi niw
letter't Htomsah hitters bear testimony to it
wondrous ettlcacy as a creator of atranitth in
feeble constitutions and ritllitauri ftnri shat
tered systems, A steady performanre of the
bodily (unction, mewed appetite, fuwh and
niRhtly re pow attend the use of thin thorough
and standard renovant. Ue no 1 cal tonic rep
resented to be skin to or reftemblAlt in effect
in it place. Itamand the genuine, which is an
acknowledged remedy for indlgMtton. malaria,
nervoHmean, conatlpfitlon. liver ana kidnev
complaints aud rheumatism.
HOc; Ket Syrup, 1; Arbukle Coffee, 26c; Mago,
6c; Tapioca. 5c; iU-tb pit King's Buokwheat,
10c; Dried Peaches, 11c; Figs, 4c: Prunes, 12c;
Apples, evaporated, lie. KKNI) FOR THK lft
QUOTATIONS. Mention this paper, Address
Jones' Cash Store,
130 Front Street, Portland, Or.
InChtaaffnihev kinsman in nrlann a mnnth
for embeieliug a picklwl put's foot and pardon
the anarchist who attempted to blowup crea
tion with dynamite bombs. ,
100 KKWARD, 100.
The readers of this miner will hi aImum tn
learn that there Is at leant one dreaded dheaite
that science has been able to cure in all Its
statres, and that Is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is the only positive oure now known to the med
ical fraternity. Catarrh, being a constitutional
dtoeatte, requires a count! tuiion&l treatment.
Hull's Caurrh ureis taken Internally, acting
directly upon the blood und mucous surfaces of
the, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease and giving the patient strength
by building cp the constitution end assisting
nature In doing lu work. The proprietors have
so much fsiih In Its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any cam that ft
fails to cure, Send for list oi testimonials. Ad
dret P. J. OHKNKY A CO.. Toledo. 0.
W Bold by Druggists; 76 cents.
KK, londlii. jew
eler el tbe Kelso
North west, keep..
Lnte itock ol ,11
BAIXlKg on band.
Beat good et low
eat flgurea. Badge,
made to order.
Dse SnameilneBtovfl Polish ; no dost, no smell.
Tit Gibhia for breakfast.
S Vote for Hood's
For I am taUsflod It li
an excellent rcmely. 1
have been a minister ol
the 11. E. Church 40
years, acd have Buffeted
of Into yea-a with rheu
matism end dyspe;
sla Since taking lout
bottles tt Hood's tbe
rnemousm is entire y
'2 cured, tty appotlto U
good, food d'gests well.
aud I have gained several pounds." Kkv, V.
tt Pu FB'.i, R chford, Vt. HOOD'S ClirOO
Hood'3 PIII3 euro bilionsucu. 2'e.abox.
Saddles, Collars,
Wilps and Leather. WHOLESALE.
Hmwi per wt, r.00. 110.00. 112 00. SV0 RlAMtit
ivle. 120 W. fltto. etaddl rawlil'itjoovernd u en.
f w, w w V "-w w , w, sw uu.
Plo HrnfMt,l6JXUt.0O. -Vmm Hurnw. fca,
FiOO, ftw oo, hIi wiUi the celebrsted no wad Hoe
toJlant Tli'"Jtin Corbett'- tart Harnw. price
(Hen. ltohw. Hlankt-t, liiiB, et '.
CflD DtO 1 A IIICC tnttilslitMnneqnledte
lini uiu cl-eck or tnuoey order
MANOFAL-rUKKKH, 410 Market Street,
Baa Francta'e.O.IitorDla.
order your bUMHEB
KOLLEKH. You want
the best ; that's the
oniv kind we deal In
Then send your ordei
Printing Material and Machinct7
For isle at lowest prices and most advantageous
terms at ,
Palmer & ReyType Foundry,
Cor. Front and Aider Streets,
Write for nrices and terms before bavin riaa.
... IM
Btanard Plies, per dot
Dnivnn Trnut Vliata nar rim
Benn'H Flies, per dos ..J."1'".'Z..
Split Bamboo Hods, each .....
otriii uy luiui on receipt oi pnoe.
Portland, Oregon. :
Catalogues on application.
Hercules Gas Engins
19 for Povrer or Pumping Puipoen.
Ike Obeapeet BelUMe Oe Ka(lae
fjT Ovr 00 Emnra je
Rj rMaw.
r Mmplleltjr II BeaU the World.
II ella lteelf from ft Beaerrolr.
Ke Carburetor to gt out of ordeev
Ho BatterleeorBleotrle Bparfe.
II reae wBh a Oheaper OraDe of OaaoUiie thaa mr
a urn roa caTauMim TO
CALMER & REY, ManufaotumM
( Fwl. trail lr.l.u. ucu.tMla VriLs U 1J?
liife k
T Annn 01VEN AWAY tothoe awning
IT JUUU """' the number ol Vial tora al
vvv Ul, Worlll,, Partloulan
mi ,tr treatise on PrpTentionr.w
T w and Cure ol private Hale andhlfrp
Female diseawa all aentl
Agents WHiiled. Standard Bemwlv t., Seattle.
CLA'S Poison-ivy Pills a, ure cure lor
poisoning (mm Iry-rine or Oak. I( not Im
proved in 2 DAYi. return the bottle and get
your money. Hold by all Druggists.
ITCHIWO PILES known by noistnfe
line psmptraUqp, oauso interne Uahiag
Wbt'n warm. This form und BLIND,
which mi direotlr on paru ftffeata!.
eruuU. fir. IkMeMAkOePbUeutelpaU.
A novamAUt of the txnrsls tsoh day is neoesMrv tor
hetltb. Thew pills supply wlit taa cyttrm laoka to
mak0 It regular. They ours Hetdtvihe, brlghUta Uxm
Byes and clear the Complexion batter than ooa
metios. They act mndly, neither ffripensreloken as
other pllle do. To oonvinca yon of their tnertu
trill mil eemplns fr, or a fall box for 'JDaents, SolA
rrarywasto. Loaanao Hod. Co f hlUdfipMa
Best in the World! j
Set the Genuine!!
Sold Everywhere!'
CBANK WOOL8KY, Aarent, Portland, Or.
I lie DUUi ' "" y doIjE-peaeson harness co.,
. jfiiuca bun. win MUJUiau luu vmy luo UvM
Uak-lannwl LMher used, und all workiunran
teed, Kend for One Illustrated Catalogue pkeii.
180 union Avenue (East Side), Portland, Or.
RJoore's Revealed Remedy.
rJ?,T ' w ' January uj, j oan state wi pieasnra mat oj tut m or
IfOOKK'B KKVKALKD BKMBDY my ousband was rcllTd from anoMnaMol
AflnnBtiinii ana my yuuuBtDOTOUreaftDarAjyoiJMjfLAAttf AT()HI khku
MATIHM wlww tiu test factor I ooakl get did lilra no gol. Youm In miitua
N. P. H. U. No. 6(10 -ti. JF. Xf. U. No. 683