The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 25, 1893, Image 5

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    Lebanon Express.
jarAdIUionl locals on Ant page.H
Come In for ob work.
M. A. Miller carries a complete line
of paints nd oils.
Robert Montague hat resigned His
position In the city drug stoi.
Have you examined those new
summer suits at S. P. Bach'a.
Fmb plea, cakes and bread at
Peebler's grocery store.
M. A. Miller now ha a complete
line of drugs and stationery.
Call and examine my new Block of
iprlng clothing, a P. Bach.
Puiupa aDd pipe down; to Albany
prices. F.C. Ayeks A Co,
J. B. Cuurtney M. D. Physician,
Burgeon and Aooouoheur, Lebanon,
Atty. Somen was In Albany two
days this week on legal business
A flrsbelaes pair of double barni
for eule, or will trade for bay or grain.
For particulars enquire at this office.
'J. C. Bllyeu aud family were visit
ing relatives near Scie last Saturday
and Sunday.
All persons knowug themselves in
dented to M. A. Millar will please ciill
and settle at our.
Parties who were to pay their sub
scription lu wood will please haul the
tame now
Misses Clara and Lucy Guard, of
Albany, are visiting friends aud rela
tives in the city this week.
i'liunalmen Bilveu and Weetfall
have both tendered their resignations,
but as yet neither one has been accept
All persons who wish to get plums
or pruues from me will please leaie
their order with C. A. Zahn. My J
prunes are very fine this year.
0. H. Wbknckek.
Tht young ladles of Sodaville wil
give im lee cream social ill the grove
next Suturduy evening, to which all
are Invited to attend.
There are now seventy-four teaim
engaged In hauling straw for the paper
mill besides a large force f men engag
ed to handle it.
Win. Hitijer, aged 23 years, while
operating a selfbinder on his father's
farm four miles west of Creswell Wed
nesday afternoon, was unfortunate
euorgh to run Into a yellow jacket's
nest, aud one of the horses kicked
him squarely on the nose breaking it
badly. Eugene (iunrd.
lieu. Morrow, of the Scio hotel, saw
a huge b'urk hear while berrying- on
Potato hill and ran him a race just !o
see him run. The tracks of both were
seen by others, and George, well
known reputation for truth and ver-m-ltv
was reinforced. Wonder which
was ahead, man or bear. Press.
On the 19th Inst May Zahn gave
lect birthday party to a number of
ngi d playmate. May Zahn is 6 years
old. A number of very appropriate
presents were given her. Nuts, ice
cream, ke and candies were served.
All had an enjoyule time. Mr. Neff
furnished music for the occasion.
1. J. Swan and family and Mrs.
Withers and chllrtern and Mr. Harry
Everett returned from Newport this
week, where they have been for the
past week enjoying Ihe sea breeze.
They r "port having had a most en
joyable trip.
More than 50,000 pounds of the new
cron of horis have been contracted here
this week by Mr. Seise, ofEugne, and
Win. Faber, the Albany brewer.
Among those who sold areB. Grant,
J, C. Tibliets, Jos. Uartholimew and
M.ars. Alford. The price agreed
upon Is 16 cents. Heven cent was ad
vanced for picking. Hrrieburg
Curl Bender, the young man who
recently performed the fool-hardy
,.f ,L..,ll;l,ur over the loft v
stringers of tbe bridge over the river,
was arrested yesterday by Chief of
Police McFeron for permitting a wom
an to frequent his beer saloon at the
foot of Broadlbin street. A couple of
The Champion Mill flour is the best
In tbe market. Try it.
Mrs. Bud Thompson has been quite
sick this week.
Mim Jenl Ralston is vlaltlug rela
tives In Albany this week.
We are sorry to report Mrs. Funk
till very 111.
Hon. M. A. Miller Is in Portland
this week. ,
Born, to the wife of Jerry Gentry,
n Aug. 24, 1893, a daughter.
It is reported that Lebanon & to
have another saloon.
Atty. John M. Somen visited: Hclo
and Lyons the flrstofthe week o legal
David L. Fry la expected back, to
Lebanon tomorrow. We suppose be
did not like R. I. as well as be expeot-ed.
F, L. Carman returneti to Lebanon
Monday accompanied hy his wife and
little girl. He has rented the Munsey
residence on Bridge avenue.
The Church of Christ meets in the
Academy for regular service every
Lord's Day In the morning at 11
o'clock. Suuday school at 10 o'clock.
All are Invited to attend.
I have 10 acres of garden land ad
joining Lebanon, part of It lays on tbe
inside of the Incorporation, for sale at
bargain. Call and get prices and
see the laud. W. C. Peterson,
I am now prepared to furnish sup
plies f all kinds to hop growers cheap.
er than they can be bough in Port
land, quassia wood wbale oil soap
specialty. J. A Lamberbon,
Commission Merchant, Lebanon Or.
Send your name and address to
Read Peacock Co., Albany, Oregon,
and mention the Express, they will
mall vou a fashion sheet free each
Mr. Ed. O'Neil iuforms us that the
report that the paier mill would close
down Is untrue. He said it might
hut down for a couple of days to get
the large steam engine started, but
didn't think they would even do that
Rev. Yv.V. Metier, late of Texas,
has accepted the president's chair of
the Soda llle Seminary. Rev. MeGoe
and the editor of the Express was in
colleue at the surue time 111 Texas. He
Is a good man for the place.
The following Is from the Dispatch
Cantaiu N. B. Humphrey, who is
uuder treatment at tne insane asyiuin.
is getting well. He has recovered his
mind and is now bright as ever. He
spends his time in joking and telling
stories, with us much vim as usual
His leg Is healing up nicely und be
will be out in another month.
There died at Newport last week
the better hulf of an octogenarian
couple who oegau their double journ
ey 01 years ago. The day of her death
was the anniversary of her wedding.
Mrs. Hall was 83 years old and niothe
of the wife of Capt. Bensel, collect
of customs of tbeVauulna port. Mr,
Hull is Hearing 90.
A regular organized band of clilcke
thieves has been at work for some
time in the neighborhood of Sacra-
mento. The fowls were carted lo did
erent points from Sacramento an
shipped to Han Francisco. One of the
gang was capturod on the Placerville
train but his confedeiates are still at
large. .
This is from the Salem Independ
ent: The general impression seems
to be, that just as soon as confidence
is restored and horded money once
more seeks the channels of trade that
wt will see the most prosperous times
that have been seen for years. The
locking up of money la a loss of Inter
eat that capital will try to recover In
active Investment. In view of this
outlook it Is decidedly belter for those
who can to hold their wheat for high
er prices. Better prices are surely
coming iu spite of anything that con
gress can do. This was the experi
ence of those who went through the
panic of '73 and It will be that of those
who go through the panic of "J3.
Yesterday afternoon Homer Hi ll, son
Rev. J. R. N. Bell, of Independence,
was hunting with a friend lu Rose
dule addition three miles south of
Halem. It seems as they were pass
ing through a gate the gun slipped
through- the slat work that formed
the bottom of the- cart aud was dis
charged, giving Bell the entire load ill
the breast. A threshing crew was
close at hand who conveyed the young
............ r i,,i rnni( have recently
been carousing there in violation of man to a neighboring farm house,
ii... ii.. i.. ,,fl Hi., nronrletor Was' arrested and was arraign- P'cr by trade and was about
ed before Recorder Hcutiin.
where he died at 10 p.m. He was a
jl years of age. The news of the aeel
Go to Zahn's for milk shakes.
C. A. Zahn is new making delicious ice
Frank Miller is working In the City
Drug store this week.
Euberg, the jeweler, at the city
drugstore, keep correct railroad time.
Dr. J. 8. Courtney and family and
Mrs. Montaugewere visiting In Al
bany yesterday.
I have 6000 feet of good fencing
lumber in Lebanon which I will trade
for hay or grain
J. W. TuRfitDQB, Lebanon, Or.
Messrs. Pugb and Roberts and fam
ilies, returned home from the mount
ains last Saturday.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me will please oome In and
pay up, as I need my money.
Mrs. Gbo. Rice.
Preaching at the Baptist chureh
every Sunday at 11 a. ru. and 8 p. m.
Sundry school at 10 a . m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m.
C. R. Lamar, Pastor:
Mr. C. H. Ralston spent last Sun
day in Lebanon with his family. He
expects to move to Portland tbe first
of next week.
E. B. Crouch and Chas. Stokes are
building a new kitchen for the St
Charles hotel, the old one having
been torn away. Bud Thompson is
using the kitchen of the City Hotel
while tbe repairing la being dois.
An annular eclipse of tbe sun will
occur October 9th, 1893. The paths of
the annuals being in the Pacific
ocean, and running through Lima and
Peru, It will appear as a partial
eclipse to the western halves of North
and South America. It will begin in
Lebanon at 10:14 a. m. and will con
tinue till 12:45 post meridian. About
four digits wil be covered by the moon
or one-third the entire surface of the
sun will lie hidden from view.
The success of Mrs. Annie M.. Beam,
of McKessport, Pennsylvania, in the
treatment of diarrhoea in her child
ren will undoubtedly be of interest to
many mothers. She says: "I spent
severul weeks ill Johnstown, Pa., after
the great flood, on account of my
hustiand being employed there. We
bad several children with us, two of
whom took the diarrhoea very badly.
I got some of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy from
Rev. Chapman. It cured both of
them. I knew of several other eases
where it was equally successful. I
think it cannot be excelled and cheer
fully recommend '(." 23 and 50 cent
bottles for sale by M. A. Mi Her, Drug
gist .
A Polk county farmer on being inter
viewed about the extra session of the
legislature to puss a law staying execu
tions for a year, bit the nail on the
head: "As soou as it was kiiown that
the legislature was to convene for that
purpose, the merchants thioughout
the state would Immediately refuse to
give credit, and would force collections.
They would be compelled to do this
because Iheir creditors throughout the
East would take fright at the Intention
of parsing such a law and would crowd
them. The result would be ruinous in
the extreme. Governor Pennoycr
knows well enough that no such law
will I passed and lie has done this all
for effect. I think if you could hear
him talk to those whom he does not
preieud to deceive, that you would
hear him chuckle over the matter'"
An International Exposition will tic
held at San Francisco from January
1st to June 30, 18(4. The sight of this
exposition is located In Goldeu Gate
Park and will cover an area of about
100 acres. There will be live princi
pal buildings. Manufacturers' and
Liberal Arts, Agricultural and Horti
cultural Hall, Mechanical Arts,' Fine
Arts and Decorative Art, Admlnis
rratinn Building Applications are
being received daily for seperatc and
special cons' ructions such as state ex
hibits, restaurants, reproductions, side
shows, etc. M. H. de Young, Vice
President of the National Commission,
Columbian Exposition, Chicago, will
act as Director General and President
of the Executive Committee; the other
meinliers of the administration and
officer are: Irwin C Stump, Vice
President; P N Lilientlial, Treasurer;
Col A Andrews, R. B. Mitchell, Hon
KJ Gregory, Sacramento; Jacob H
Neil', Colfax; Fulton G. Berry, Fresno;
J 8 Shiuson, Los Ai.geles; Alexander
Badlain, Secretary; R Corn ley, Assis
tant Director General. Information
formation for mteudiiig exhibitors,
maps of the ground.-', buildings, etc.,
mav lie obtained by applying to the
Department of Publicity and Promc-
lead guilty to Ihe charge and was , eut was reue.vcu win, gn nw Culifrnill ilerutlonal Expo.
finedM and costs. He paid 110. all t Jnoepenncn.e as m, , a JT , rtlo Mllb
i Building, San Francisco,
Fresh bread at Zaha'i
Rev. Q. W. Gllsiney and wile re
turned lo Oregon City Wednesday.
S. . Wallace was visiting; In Al
bany this week.
Kiss Anile Doud, of Portland;, is via
lling friends in Lebanon,
Miss Fannie Griggs returned, to Al
bany Wednesday.
i A. 6. Williams returned last week
from tbe mountains.
T. C. Feebler Is in the mountains on
a hunt and fishing trip.
, W. F. Read and wife on Albany
were to Lebanon yesterday.
. Some of the hop growers around
here will commence picking next
week. ,
C. 6. Rawlings and wife are visit
ing In Albany this week.
Rev. M. M. Norton will hold meet
ing in Waterloo on the second Lord's
Day in September at 3:30 oolock. All
are invited.
Tbe 40th session of the Oregon Con
ference of the M. E. church, is conven
ing in Albany this week.
Mrs. Burnell and Mrsi.Gibbs, of
Puyallup, Wash., are visiting rel
atives in Lebanon this week.
C. C, Hackleman has secured a po
sition in Ban Francisco in the Mason-
lo insurance company. His family
expect to move down in the near
Born, to the wife of C, F. Bigbeel
near Sweet Home, Aug, 22, a sou.
Mother and son both doing well.
Old gold or silver made into new
rings, plus 4c, at Hardy's.
We warrant all work done by us,
at Hardy's.
Mr. Geo. aud Miss. Grace Chenille
are visiting in Lane county this week.
Rev. Lougboiioui. pastor of tbe C
P. church of Albany assisted by Rev.
Wooley, preached iu the Cumberland
I church of this place last Wednesday
Mas. Charlton of Heppner is in the
city visiting her father-in-law, J. K.
G. W. Cruwmaiid wife and A. H.
Cruson are in Southern Oregon on a
pleasure trip.
J. A. Roberts left last Monday for
Springfield, where he has accepted a
position of book keeper in his uncle's
flouring mill.
Dr. Booth and son Willie arc visit
ing in Portland this week. The Dr.
experts to ivturn today.
Misses Minnie and Mima Hamilton
left Monday for Newport to spend a
few days on the coast.
Mr. Jason Wheeler and family of
Albany were visiting relatives in the
city this week.
Mr. Ketehutn and family of Albany
are visiting J. J. Dubruille and family
this week.
Mies Fannie Griggs many friends
are pleased to learn of the success she
had iu her last examination. She re
ceived her state diploma last Satur
Say if you want your watch, clock,
orjewelery repaired aud haven't the
cash, bring us farm produce. "Any
thing goes" except pole oats or badg
ers, at Hardy's.
Mr. E. N. Lee, of Junction City, is
In the city this week visiting relatives.
k He has just recovered from a severe
attack of typhoid fever .
Last Friday fire caught in the roof
in tbe kitchen of the St. Charles hotel.
The fire company was called but a few
buckets of water extinguish
ed the flames More I Is arrival.
One of D. W. Hardin's little babies
died last Friday. It was one of the
little twin boys about 15 months old.
We extend our sympathy to Mr. and
Mm. Hardin.
On Monday evening Hon. Harvey
Slielton, one of Linn county's honored
pioneers and most useful citizens,
died at his homo lu Sclo. He had
beeu building fence by the roadside lu
the uioriiing aud was found in an un
conscious condition about 11 o'clock.
He was taken to his sou's house,
where he resided and medical aiu sum
moned but he did not regain con.
sciousuess and at ( o'clock died.
Suit has been commenced by the
the Frst National Bank of Portland
against the Linn County National
Bank to recover $1000. On June 15
last a draft was drawn by the Linn
Co. Bonk by Instructions of Mr. Cow
an lu favor of Fleischner, Mayer &
Co., which was paid by th First
National of Portland. The draft was
returned lo the bank lu Albany for
collection, but was not paid und the
bank closed its doors, which led to the
Prlnevlll ttewi
(From Ocliono Review.)
Ed Foflner was in The Dalles lost week
tiyiugtoell Ins wool but was unsuceisfnt-'-and
shipped it cast.
About 2S wagon loads of emigrants pass
ed here this week going west. Most f
tbem goine; to webfont.
Dr. Center was called to Shoo Fly Inst
Wednesday to attend Mm. Berry, It is a
long ways to send for a physician JO
miles but the sick lady Is one of the Dr.
former patients.
A valuable volume was added to our
school library this week, . "The History of
Oregon' donated by Prof. A. J. Garland.,
The health of this community is unusu
ally good for this time of year. The
physicians report no serious cases what-
Sheep men say theic flocks are doiatt
extra well in the mountains this summer,
the range being fine, and is holding out
better than common.
The dry. north winds that have prevail
ed hen for the past few days are having
the effect of ripening grain very fast.
8. J. Newsom haB gene to the line of the
Three Sisters ditch, where he has taken a
tract of desert land.. He Intends fencing
and plowing a portion of the land prepara
tory to giving it a thorough testwittt all
kinds of grain next season.
The fruit crop of Urook county is larger
thai year than everbefore, hence very lit
tle will be shipped in from adjoining
counties. This means the keeping at
home of several, thousand dollars that
usually go abroad for w heat.
Last Tuesday morning about break
fast time Billy Palmer and Mr. Giles,
who were camved on M. D. Powell's
place about three miles belaw town
cutting grain, discovered a hu-je,
silver-tipped, bear approaching the
icamp. Billy discharged one barrel of
his shot c.u at him but his hearshlp
still apiioachid aud when at very
s inrt range, Billy let fly with the
other barrel, It did not seem to check
him iu the least. The bear was de- (
termined to take breakfast with them
thinking, perhaps, that free lunch was
a necessnry concomitant of Iree trade,
but lieing u protectionist did not see it
in that light, and taking a stand be
tween grub aud bear, he stood with
gun presented. Meanwhile the tieor
was approaching nearer and nearer
until it was so close that liillv put
the muzzle of the gun In the bear's
mouth. It bit about three Inches off ,
the end of the gun, or so crushed it
that it broke off. Tne bear turned
and went into the brush. Billy is
doing as well as coulif he expected un
der the circumstances. Plineville
Among other mutters, the Long
creek section is now being trented to a
rape case, say those- who have just
relumed from that section. On lust
Monday evening, a young man named
Mel DuBtiu, and very well known In
this county, overtook Miss Lizule
Green just this side of Monument.
Both were on horseback and being
well acquainted chatted along till Miss
Green reached the lane leading to the
residence formerly owned by Jack
Hinton. When Miss Gicun siurinl to
go up the lane, Dustin called to her to
stop, saying he wanted to speak to
her. Jumping off his horse he ran up
to Miss Green and dragged her off the
horse, accomplishing his base designs. .
The young lady then dragged herself
within hailing distance of the house,
when a young man came out and
helped her in. It Is snid that D.islla
bus been arressted and that there Is
much excitement over the affair.
Henpner Gazette.
The West Side, of Independence,
figured it out this way: If there Is
any ma n independent of hard times It
is the farmer who has a good farm and
is out of debt. He produces what
people must have and when tie sells it
he gets just whut kind of money he
wants or else he keeps his goods. He
can Keep tneni, too, tor tuero are
many waj'B he can turn them into
money. Take wheat foil an example:
If the price does not suit hlin, he can
have it ground Into flour, and he and
h - neighbors can eat it. It that will
not work he can feed if to stock of
some kind and drive the slock lo
market, and thus be nble to realize a
a fair price. The merchant, the man
ufacturer and the laboring man Is en
tirely dependent on selling which he
has. A stagnation lu business eflects
them disastrously, but has very little
effect on the farmer from henrsay.
According to an exchange, a young
lady school ma'rm with uu inordluute
lehr of smallpox sent a little girl home
because the hitter remarked that her
mother was sick and had murks or hei
face. Next day the child returned and
suld to the toucher. "We've got u lit
tle buby at our house, but mamma
told mo to tell you it isn't catching."
the money he had, aud went m jail in : ini ,- -- -v
default of the rcmalnder.-llerald. all who knew him. . ., I