The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 11, 1893, Image 1

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One year... 12 00
(ir paid in advance, $1 so per year.)
li mont! 1 00
Three months ,., AO
Ingle copies H HinH H 06
Seoret Sooletles.
LBHANON U)IX1K. NO. 47, I, O. O. F.-Mceta
tverytintrirday evening at odd Follows Hall, at
o'clock p. m.
peaklueue iinoK, no. 47. 1. 0. 0.
Keels at 1. O. O. F Hall fltat and Ithlrd Wcdael--flayoveiilnirA
of eaoh mimth.
' W H. A. N1CKKHBON, N. G,
.DOLUKBAlTMAltall, Heufy
'tun 0 Umax, No, 44 A. F. St A. M.-Moets
Saturday evening, on or before the full nmon In
twh month.
K. E. Hahkack. W. M,
F. . Vuxxn, Hoc.
Hoorlmm, No. 3D, A. 0, II. W.-Hen every
ITueaday evening at (1. A. fi. Hall.
Da. I. A. UmiEnsna, II. W.
J. B. Thomfso , Heo.
Gs'l, HM Cr, So. 10, 1)lvrORnn
'Somol'VlR'li. Meet InU. A. It. Hull, Uliauon,
' Or., every Hatunlay evening, except the third
Haiiinlnvitrinili month, fiumtltur the third Fri
day lnitead. All brothers of theSnns of Vet
eran anil comruiliworibe (l. A. H. are coriuany
Invited to meet with tlie Camp.
C. I). Hot 'udk, Capt.
A.OBAIIAU, FlrstRagt.
Attorney-fit- Law.,
Attorneys at Law.,
e collections given uruiuiit and enrofnl attontton.
Will practice in all the courts of the state.
Lebanon, Oreoon.
UniJertakn,? a Specialty..
Learn Telegraphy.
J. C Hymwr,
Orogooian Building,
St Charles Hotel,
(toraer Main and Sherman Streets.
BUD THOMPSON, Proprietor.
First-Class in all Apartments.
Special attention paid to Com
mercial men.
Board and Lodging, per day. tl to
12; per week $4.50 to $6 ,
Your real name must accompany
every communication or it will cer
tainly go to the "waste baBket." We
do not want your name for publica
tion, but u a guarantee of good faith.
What One Seee and Hears at
Editor Exi'bess: As youT corespondents
from this place seems to huve gone from
public g7.e, or retired from the literary
Hold, I will try to furnish you a few lines
by way of variety.
To brain with the W. I). (',.. have again
started part of their machinery in the fact
ory and will no doubt begin to turn 01 jt
long-legged BocitB Boon, for they have go t a
whole car load of woet and have darned
the fiver bo hard that they made it rut j up
atmm for a little wayB. The people lierc
hope tiiat there will 'be no further delay
with the successful ojieration of the mill or
any himlerunce in tbe matter of the regu
lar issue of coin from the paymasters of
fice. They would, ao boubt, still be will
ing to take oruerfl on the stores instead of
"'free silver" if tire Go. could not pay
Tbe new school bouse seems to have
'come to a bait and now none can tell when
we shall have a thouse in which to train
'young ideas how to shoot."
The new church 1b nearing completion.
It is a very neat building and it will be a
credit to the town and the builder. It
will be reudy far use in another month.
Tbe young people of tbe Sunday school
gave a baskot festival lust Satutduy even
ing at which an excellent literary and
musical program was rendered. Then the
selling of the 'baskets aud eating lunch
created a deal of fun and social pleasure.
Everything wan very pleasantly managed
and the affair realized something like f 20
toward paying for tbe organ and other
necessarios for (the school. The Sunday
school is a very flourishing one and much
interest is beingitaken in it by all.
Kev. Plowman preached last Sunday
afternoon. Tbeaervloe was the funeral of
of Mr. Neuquist son who waa drowned
near here few, (lays ago.
On neit Sunday Rev. Plowman will
preach again. The sermon will be one of a
Tlforo is the usual crowd of campers and
Sunday visitors otxnit tbe town and some
times quite a crowd gathers here.
Lately we have been afflicted with a
number of 3rd rate shows but they are not
very well patronised. Our people seem to
have other use for their money.
For a good quiet reoreution and to have
a good time, come to aterloo.
Crayon Portraits.
The Globe Portrait Go's, agent, of
San Francisco, is in town. Look out
for him, as he will call on you. All of
their work is warranted and their
prices are in accordance wiUi the
You can get better cabinet sloe pict
ure at Crawford & Paxton'e In Alba
ny for $1 60 per dozen than at other
gallries for any price. Our work is
guatanteed. Permanent gallery es
tablished for 88 years. No poor work
allowed to go out, ome and see us.
A Ihaiiv. 1st street. Next dour Mnann.
ic Teniple.
T TheodlyPurcCrtiamofTartarPowder.-NoAmmomajNoAlum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
On south be jhurt across the bav
from Newport lives Geo. Witt, a re-
speotablecitW Many years ago he
lost his wif , mS following tne
ample of p Jmy fl)wr unt0
himself a immd life partner. By his
first wif 4 ,e was farne B gojj name(j
R Larger, .j,0 arrVed at man's es
tate w ithont having anything to ruin
his reputation. Last aummer B.
Ladder returned from a five years
resJdence in Eastern Oregon with his
or.ediUhle reputation still Intact.
'After a residence of three months, or
mereabouta under hit father's roof, lie
suddenly became known to fame by
an elopement with his stepmother.
Toe following telegram throw light
on the antics of the precious pair:
Sacramento, July 25.-Oonstable
Bradley of Vaeaville arrested on a
ranch up the river at daylight this
morning a desperate character named
K. Lander Witt. He had been under
arrest at Vacavillefor cattle stealing
but was released on Bail.
On the 6th of July be got Into a
fight with a man Into a saloon, knock
ed him down and almost kicked the
flead off him. Fearing the man
might die he shipped his household
goods, jumped his bail and skipped
After Witt's capture this morning a
woman with whom he had been liv
Ing with appeared at the jail in Wash
ington across the river, and at her
urging request she was locked up with
the prisoner.
Witt is wanted in Oregon and the
authorities of that state will be noti
fied of his arrest. He is a man about
85 years fo age and is said to have a
very bad name. Constable bradley
had received letters from Oregon say
ing there are two warrants out for
Witt. It appears that Witt made
love to his stepmother, who returned
blB affections and they finally ran
away together and came to California.
W. F. Hamlin who lives on the
Boguefarmln Linn county S miles
this side of Corvallis, accidentally shot
himself In the ai m while out hunting
on Sunday. doctor who atteuded
him thought bis arm would have to be
Administrators Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed Administrator of tbe co-partnership
estate of Barbour & Dalgleish, Wm. M.
Barbour, deceased, has tiled with the UlerR
of the County Couij of Linn County, Ore
gon, his linal account, and the Judge of
said court has fixed upon the 4th day of
September 1883, at the hour of 10 a. m. of
said day for tbe hearing of objections,
if any, to said account, and for settlement
of saib estate. N. 8. Daluliish,
Sab'l M. Gahlakp.
Atty, for the Administrator.
Dated at Lebanon, Or., this 26th day of
July 1883.
Notice of BlssolMtlou.
Notice 1b hereby given that the oo-partnershlp
heretofore existing between the undersigned
under the Arm uame of Fray & Settle, of Leba
non, Or., has been and Is this day dissolved by
mutual consent of the parties. I. F. Settle hav
ing purchased the Interest of J. H. Frey, who re
tires from the busiuess. The business will here
after be earned on by I. F. Settle, the purchasor
uiureui, ai uw um nwiu, wiiu uatvuj mbbiuiiu. ui,
the partanranip debut and whoaloae is authorised
to oollectaud receipt for all debts due the late
arm. J. H. Frby,
Batod this 3rd day of Aug. 1898,
11, 1893.
New Versions,
"Man wants but little here below."
To test the sayings worth,
Go up in a balloon and see
How soon you'U want the earth.
Little Jack Horner sat in a corner,
Eating his birthday pie;
He hod no thumbs to pull out plumbs
They left on the Fourth of July.
Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboarp
To get her poor boarders a lunch ;
When she got there she was combing her
And left in the butter a bunch.
Jack and Gill went up the hill
Their pail to lill-oh, dear!
They both fell down and soiled Gills gown
The pail was filled with beer.
Kansas City Journal.
Life Saddened Seen.
The Pendleton East-Oregonian re
lates one of the sad incidents with
which human life and experience
abounds: Thursday last there arrived
at Adams an old man named Welch
with an unpretentious tented show.
He had a bear, a couple of white owls,
and an attraction that really was a
curiosity, a little womau who weighed
thirty-six pounds, was thirty-two
inches in statute, and had lived thirty
three years. Although a dwarf she
was not deformed in any manner, her
body being proportionately de
veloped. Tbe little woman was a sufferer
from Bickuees. and Frirlav nio-lit
, .B...
hemorbage occurred that caused her
aeatn. A soniewnat sad and painful
story then came to lieht. Her. name
was Miss M.J. Welch, and she was
te old man's daughter. He bad sen
sitively kept her concealed all her life
until within the last two months,
when, being no longer able to earn a
livelihood, he was compelled to exhibit
her. They left Idaho, where they
lived, and have since been traveling.
As the father, who Is seventy years
old, had no funds, the county authori
ties were notified, aud will take in
hand the burial of that unfortunate
little creature.
An Immense Hop Crop.
The prospect for Oregon is as prom
ising as has ever been known by local
dealers, and this year's orop will far
exceed that of 1892. Aoording to care
ful estimaes, based on the reports of
the growers, a prominent dealer of
Portland estimates the yield this year
at 42,000 to 46,000 bbshels. Last year's
crop was 29,000. Theodore Bernheim,
the hop and wool dealer, says that
the grow crop is In a erowinsr eonrll.
Mod. Quotations are 16 and 17 0, and
a large number of contracts are being , 8 day whlch to,F nt in
closed at 10 tents. Hops are not both- , on ln tlme- TbU "aitl ,0 "'v-
.j l ... . . alenf. ii fh ne ann .
ered much with vermin, and verv I It-
tie spraying is going on outside of the
bottom lauds. There is not a single
louse this year where there were
thousands last year.
There will be an interesting entertain
ment at the Afethnriiat Hinmhnnl ThM-
dav evemnfi-. Aiiunin. 17 ifioa v I
. - 01 o - .vuu, uv
PraeitAt,, fJnr. Whil.l r. w . n .
..v. . uov. uiu.r, v. 17. j inrecior
V. M U.. n . n r rt - .
v .... "omw
1 the Willamette University.
TrZ'." "." r. u of
roe Willamette ntvAnattv
Piano Duett Selected ,
Miss Carpenter, Prof. Kruse
Vocal Solo Selected Dr. Parvin
Piano Solo Miss Carpenter
Voiolin Solo Pmf tram.
lecture President Whitaker
Vocal Solo Miss Carpenter
Piono Solo prof. Kruse
Address President Wbitoke
Vocal Duett,
Miss Carpenter, Dr. Parvin
Admission-Adults, 15 cents: children
10 cents.
Pumps and pipe down' to Albany
pnoes. F.C.Aybbs&Co,
There W1W a negro show in JraW
last night. bar keepen and their fhllnwr
NO 24
Women Bav a Row..
Chicago Aug. 6r j,,, t(1
managers of the Wrrid fair ndulgee?
in twother decidedly unpleasant
wrangle today. It lasted nearly two
hours and during that time many un
pleasant things were said and mauy
ladies gave vent to their fellings by
Mrs. Ball, of Delaware, secretary Ht
the committee on awards, made
long complaint against Mrs. Meredith,
chairman of the committee. Among
other things she charged that when
Mrs. Meredith was unable to attend
sessions of the committe she sent her
sister to act as overseer when the sis
ter had no right to a seat In the com
miltee. In the frequent interval
during Mrs. Ball's remarks were ex
clamatious of surprise from the audi
ence, but the sensation came when, In
closing, she characterized Mrs. Mertv
dith as an "arrogant, malicious, un
generous, vindictive, woman.
Before she had finished halt the
women In tbe house were on their
feet, many shreiklng wildly, other
hissing aud stamping their feet Mrs.
Palmer used her gavel vigorously and
called in vain for order, but the excit
ed women paid no attention. "Take
that back," yelled one large one. "Fni
her out," Bcreamed another, and so on
pandemonium reigned supreme. Bar
ing all the uproar Mrs. Ball stood
perfectly calm, smiling se
renely. When at length order was
restored she repeated the sentcnee.
Then tbe uproar was renewed and
continued for some time.
Mrs. Ball finally took her seat and
In ao instant Mrs. Meredith was onf
berfeet. "80 far as any difference
that exists between Mrs. Ball and my
self is concerned," she said "we ear,'
settle it ourselves, but when she says I
sent my sister to preside over the eora
initre she tells that which is absolutely
false. Mrs. Palmer finally succeeded
In restoring order. '
Th. Southern Pa,a. DropT thousands
of Bmplojs.
The Southern Paciflo Company in.
pursuing a policy of retrenchment has)
discharged 1,000 employees which will
have the effect of decreasing Jti
monthly payroll not less tlinn 7K nnn
ThiB wholesale discharge of employee)
ui uuuuion 10 me recent reduction)
of daily hours of labor In varlon. .h.
at Sacramento, Ogden, Frisco, Duns-
uiuir, juoe Angeles and HI Paso. For '
Borne time past nine hours
been the rule In these railroad shops.
me men always being paid by tbe
hour. Now they are work! no- piha.-'
hours a day which is 10 per cent te-
.muHiKv -'I wv uirr ,
Grave Trouble May Follow.
Columbia, h. C. Auir 1. Th
state dispensary is likely to create
more trouble, and in some planes it is
probable that prvine emissariea wllk
not be tolerated- The treatment elvers
them in Sumpter yesterday, where
herttpn nrui anaatta .it.
- ...... wwiu TTlfcU lYMU KICKS'
, . .
une arouaea me ire or Uovernor Tm-
A-pani'idtcmay be. opened au oidt-
nance department for the state
stabulary. He says that he is tired o
1 1 . T
uaviug aiau) omciais insulted, and un-
it is stODDed someone will ocn
Just as tbe newspaper men were
leaving the executive nham .,
Tillman walked over to a cabinet and)
opened a drawer. In it were a lot of
belts. In another drawer were a lot
0 f Colt's army revolvers.
"Thev Wim't. mttun-a. a....
state constables," said the governor
I'm going to issue instructions that
they shall use those when necessary '
Governor Tillman remarked, ptrintiiljr
to a small wooden box. "That's
box of cart.rlHown T'm ... .1
,- s imy ooustaoie to shoot
orders for every constable to shoot
11; -'7