The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 28, 1893, Image 5

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    Lebanon Express.
FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1898.
fWAildltloiiul locals oh first puge.Ml
Come In for )nb work.
Try the new drink, Cream Sodu, at
Attye. Somors and Garland visited
Albany one day this week.
Special Imklug done to order at Mr
May Zahn's,
M. A. Miller carries a complete line
of paints and oils.
Have you examined thoee new
Buuimor HultH at 8, P. Buuh's.
Freeh pie", cakes and bread at
Peebler'B grocery store.
M. A. Miller now bun a complete
line of drugs and stationery.
Pumps and pipe dowu to Albany
prlocs. F. C. Ayehs i, Co,
Call and exumlne my new stock of
spring clothing. 8. P, Bach.
. Atty, Stowe left the Ant of the
week for an outing In the mountains.
J. 8. Courtney M. 0. Physician,
Burgeon and Accoucheur, Lebanon,
There will be no preaching ut the
Baptist church next bunday. Bun
day school at 10 a. m,
All persons know'.ng themselves In
debted Ui M. A. Miller will please cull
and settle at once.
Bom, In Albany, on Saturday morn
' lng, July 22, 181)3 to Mr. and Mrs. Rev.
C. U. Harmon, a nn,
Parties who were to pay their sub
lorlptlou In wood will please haul the
same uow.
Born, to the wife of A. Caven-
der, 111 Brownsville, on Monday, July
17th, 18118, an 8 pound girl.
Last Friday Clint Gordon returned
to Leoanon all right. He suys he
don't know what made bis dog leave
him. Clint bus given up the mining
Miss Head, accompuuied by her
father and mother, left Wednesday
for the mountains. Mr. Peacock has
charge of the store at this place during
her ubseuce.
It will only be a few weeks uow un
til Oregon's bop growers and farmers
will begin to draw money Into Oregon
fro. ii abroad. Then the stringency In
the, money market, already much
easier, will loosen its grip.
C. E. Pugh, J. A. Unbolts and their
famllee and Mrs. Cowan left Tuesday
for the uiounU ins. Messrs. Pugh and
Huberts will leave their fumlies at
Upper Sodu, and go over to the Muto
lus. Duvld Collier, sou of Professor Geo.
Collier, of the Stute University at Eu
gene, Is now holding the position us
draughtsman and designer In Hay
wood's elialr.fuolory in Massachusetts,
He bus been absent from home several
Those indebted to this office would
confer a speclul favor by paying that
little balance duu at once. The uo
couui Is small, only two or three dol
lars, mid Just at this time would great
ly assist us.
A. I,. Dyer, a California detective,
was in tills city Buturduy looking after
Fredericks, wli recently murdered a
brukemun, and Is supposea to have
killed sheriff Puscue, of California.
Ho was seen at Creswell luefl'liursday
by several persons and Is supposed to
have come nortbwurd, Sheriff No
land was not Informed of the mun be
ing seeu until Saturday, or else he now
would probably be iu jail. A heavy
reward is ottered fo the arrest and
conviction of the murderer. Guard.
Lust Huiiday evening Just before
dark a house on Horsehoavon creek
belonging to Wallace Post, which was
used by Mr. Font as a sheep camp, was
destroyed by fire. Frank Post was
near the pluce at the time of the fire,
and claims to have seen a man running
from the building after it wus on fire
and khows who the party wus. If
this is true he should at once have the
party arrested, An incendiary Is the
most contemptible heliig In the hu
man race, and when oue can tie caught
and convicted, no one should hesitate
to enforue the law against him, Ooli
oco Review.
Vice President Stevenson and party
passed through Albany Tuesday morn
ing. They tnude a short stop in
Salem where Governor Ponnoyor
mude a speech of welcome, and then
they went on to Portland where they
spent day, and from there they
Went to Taooniu.
Mrs. Funk is very ill this week,
The Champlsn Mill flour St the best
In the market. Try It,
Frank O'Nell and hit paitner, Mr
Callaghan are In the mountains.
C. H. Ralston spent Sunday with
his family, but returned to Portland
the first of the week. He reports
everything quiet In the city.
Johnny get your gun etc. for next
Tuesday you can shoot birds that is
if you are a good enough marksman.
One of the attraotlant at Waterloo
last' Bunday was dancing both day
and evening.
The street commissioner is calling
for the street and road taxes. He can
be found at the office of Sum'l M.
At the meeting of the stockholders
of the Lebanon & Buntlam Canal Co.
last week, Dr. L. Fqley was re-elected,
president and M. A. Miller seoretary.
The Church of Christ meets in the
Acudomy for regular services every
Lord's Day in the morning at 11
o'clock. Bunday school at 10 o'clock.
All are Invited to attend.
I have 10 acres of garden land ad-
Joining Lebanon, part of It lays on the
inside of the incorporation, for sale at
a bargain. Call and get prices and
see the land. W. C. Peterson.
I am now prepared to furnish sup
plies f all kinds to bop growers cheap
er than they can lie bought in Port
land, quassia wood whale oil soap,
specialty. J. A Lambehbon,
Commission Merchant, Lebanon Or, '
Send your name and address to
Read Peacock & Co., Albany, Oregon,
and mention the Exi'KESf t,ev wjH
mull you a fashion Bkeet' (m my
A 1 0-year old son of Mr. Jester, liv
ing throe miles southwest of Oswego,
was kicked by a horse on Tuesdov
last In the right side, It proved fatal
as be lived out a few miuutea.
A whole army of men and boys
are out hunting a cougar that bus
strayed from the hills and is now
prowling around Dallas, Polk, county.
As yet no casualties have occurred.
In the circuit court Wednesday
morning at Union, the Jury, in the
case of Dan Tarter charged with kill
ing bis brother Robert Tarter in
Eugle Vallej , brought In a verdict of
A. P. Neweuist's ten year old boy
was drowned in the mouth of Hamil
ton creek last Friday evening wnlle In
swimming with some other boys. It
seems that he could not swim and got
In water over his bead, and hie com
panions were Just unable to get him
Every town including Eugene needs
aolub for "setting down" on chronic
growlers, men, who run the town and
everybody in it down. Life is too
short to be wasted on such men. Ev
ery good oitlzen should put his should
er te the wheel and rustle instead of
growling. Both are catching, and
which hud you rather have flamed
into a conflagration. Guard.
Last fall I was taken with a kind of
summer complaint, accompanied with
a wonderful diarrhoea. Boon after my
wife's sister, who lives with us, wus
taken just the same. We used almost
everything without benefit, Then I
said let us try Cliumberlulxs Colic
Choleru and Diarrhoea Remedy,
wliioh we did, and that cured us right
away. I think much of It, as it did
for me what It was recommended to
do. John Hertzler, Bethel, Berks Co.,
Pa. 26 and 50 cent bottles for sale by
M. A. Miller, druggist. .
Oliver Jones, who has been employ
ed by J. L. Parrlsh as coachman, cre
ated excitement In that neighborhood
today. He asked to see Mrs. Parrlsh
and told her that if she did not sign
her check for $250 in lilt favor that he
would immediately kill her, Mrs.
Parrlsh, terrified by his words, com
plied with the demand, but notified
the officers of the affair Jaud they ar
rested blui In the Favorite Cigar
store a few minutes later. He was
examined and committed, to the as
ylum this morning. Jones has been
acting queerly for several days.
Salem Independent.
On lust Wednesday evening ut the
home of the bride's parents iu this city,
Mr. James Burteushuw and Miss
Maud I. Eaton were bound together
in the holy bonds of matrimony In
the presence of both families and a few
invited guests. Mr. Burteiisliuw is
one of Lebanon's .most respected and
promising young men while Miss Eut
ou wus one of our most esteemed nnd
popular young ladies, and Jlninile is
to lie congratulated on winning such a
helpmeet. The Express Joins with a
large circle of Mends In wlshlug them
a happy voyage through life.
Go to Zahn's for milk shakes.
C. A. Zshn is now making delicious Ice
Try the new drink cherry cider, at
Zahn's. It is fine.
Hon. M. A. Miller visited the
county seat this week.
Kelly, Dunne & Go's, pure prepared
house paint for sale by N. W. Smith.
Prof. G. H. Wllks returned to Leb
non Saturday from a visit to his par
ents in Kansas.
The city marshal sold a horse yester
day'whlch was bid in by Bud Thomp
son for $1.60.
C. W, Cobb and family were in
Libunnn this week visiting Mrs.
Cobb's mother.
I have 5000' feet of good fencing
lumber in Lebanon which I will trade
for hay or grain.
J. W. Turning e, Lebanon, Or. ,
Mr. F. L. Carman has rented J. R.
Klrkputrick's residence m Main
street where he will move bis family.
Wm. Reutherford took a load of car
penters and their tools over to Cor
vulils lost monduy, to work for Wil
son & Chase.
A.W. Marks and W. E. Harden
went to Cnrvullis this week to work
on the buildings being built by Wil
son 4 Chase.
Mrs. Warner and family went over
toCorvallis lust Monday where they
will remain during the summer.
Mrs. J. f. Stubblelield bss opened a type
writing oltlce in Pr. Courtney's building,
where she solicits your patronage.
A meeting of the depositors of the
Bank of Lebanon was held at the bank
last Monday. No busluess of import
Aiiott was translated. " ""
K, M, Donaca and family and Miss
Lizzy Donaca, left the first of the
week for the montains.
rl. m. ' Micheiief" left Tuesday
for Eldorado, Kansas to visit his
parents. He intends to be gone nntil
the latter part of September.
Elder 8. S. Beaver, of McAllister
vllle, Juniatta Co', Pa., Bays his wife
is subject to cramp in the stemach.
Last Bummer she tried Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
for it, and was much pleased with the
speedy relief it afforded. Bhe has
since used It whenever necessary and
found that it never falls. For sale by
M. A. Miller druggist.
Two insane putieuts were received at
the asylum Monday. One was Mrs.
Mattie Kenton of Caleb, Grant county
who says she is pursued by two girls
who Intend to destroy her. She is 30
years of aje. Mrs. Sophie Walliue of
Murshfield, aged 74 years, has a desire
to hum everything about her and
threatens to strike and kill her niece.
She has been Insane often for the post
two years. Deputy sheriff William
Morelund of Portland brought to
Salem H. P. Metculf, a resident of
Portland aged 60 years, and placed
him in the asylum for the Insane.
The Dalles Chronicle says: It is in
times like these that the outlay of a
few thousand dollars establishes the
foundation for monumental fortunes.
One requires nerve of course, to buy
property when everybody looks for
blue ruin and chaoth conditio) s, but
on Ihe principle that majorities are
always wrong, those who have the
courage of their convictions, and the
wherewithal to back them, cannot do
better than to pluce their money in
some of the bargains that are now
generally available till over the
Lost Saturday afternoon Esta Hoover
son of G. T. Hoover, was killed by a
horse falling on him at his' borne
at McKay creek four miles from
town. He was riding without a bri
dle, and was going at a rapid gait,
when he attempted to cheek the horse
but Instead he run into the fence. In
at tempting to leap over the fence the
horse fell, turning completely over,
lighting on the young man. Dr. Bel
knap wus immediately called, but was
unable lo reuder any assistance, the
Injuries being beyond medical aid.
Mr. Hoover was 20 years of age the
day of nia death, und was a young
man whom all respected. He was
burled Sunday afternoon in the Priue
vllle cemetery. Ochooo Review.
Dr. Laniberson has completed IiIb
con tract for casacara hark, total a
monnt of bark shipped from Lebanon,
111 tons," He of course has quit buy
ing as the contracting firm iu New
York do not desire any more. The
Dr. thinks he will be able within the
next ten days to handle all the sur
plus bark left. There Is fully a net
surplus of 80 tons. All of these 111 tons
shipped have beeu paid for iu solid
push, total amount of cua'h paid for
same being $8000.00. ; ;
Joe Kelso returned this week from
the montains.
Euherg, the Jeweler, at the city
drug store, keeps correct railroad time.
W. M. Brown and wife and Mr.
Crandall left Monday for the montains
( Say If you want your watch, clock,
or jewelery repaired and haven't the
cash, bring us farm produce. "Any
thing goes" except pole cats or badg
ers, at Hardy's.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted lo me will please come in anf
pay up, as I need my money.
Mrs. Geo. Rick.
Old gold or Silver made into new
rings, pins &c., at Hardy's.
We warrant all work done by us,
at Hardy's.
J. M. Ralston was in the city two
days this week looking after this bank.
One of the trustees informed us that
be had withdrawn his offer of $4000.
And the trustee also added that sev
eral who were at first opposed to tak
ing that amount would like very
much to get it now.
Rev. Bailey fell off of a load of hay
near his house last Wednesday eve
ning and broke his right leg near his
ankle. As Rev. Bailey is quiie an old
gentleman this will likely go real hard
with him. His many friends around
Lebanon will be sorry to hear of his
misfortune. Dr. Booth was called and
set the bones and at present he is do
ing well.
Judge Morelard of Multnomah
county has written a letter to Super
intendent Rowland of the insane
asylum asking his views as to the ad
visability of committing til? forty i
d- - '
tasters to the asylum. Auuerson,
the man who was arrested In Portland
a few days ago on tbis charge, ha not
heeded the warti.l!:; me county
Judge, but continues to live on a nior
sal of bread and a little wine each day.
It is said that the directors of the
Linn County National bank have at
last reached an agreement for a re
organization, and have made applica
tion to the comptroler of the currency,
asking that the bank be taken but of
the hands of the receiver and reopened
for the resumption of business. About
$100,000, it is said, will be put into the
bank to place it on a sound basis again
and It is thought the application will
be granted.
Last week while some of the Leba
non bw were out at Rock Hill,
Walter Miller's attention was attract
ed by hearing a hissing noise close by
bis aide, mid, upon looking, saw a
rattlesnake coiled up ready to strike
within a few feet of him. It Is said
Walter never stopped running until
he got two hiind gd yards aivav. Don
Swan killed the snake, which had
seven rati lee and a button. Rattle
snakes have become very scarce
aiouud here, but hear of one occasion
ally. Work on the new Portland union
depot is progressing at such a rapid
rate that it may be possible to have
the station under roof before the rainy
season comes on. The superstructure
Is rapidly assuming Imposing propor
tions. The floors of the north wing
ha e been laid, and the steel girders
for the next section, the iron pillars
and the sawed sandstone for the
wiudow sills are all on the ground.
The sand has been filled in around
the north half of the foundation al
most to the top. When completed,
which will be about Oct 1, the new
union station will be undoubtedly the
finest statiou west of Chicago.
Mrs. Dr. Patterson-Wallace, arraign
ed at Eugene for practicing medloine
without having registered, was held
in $300 bonds to appear before the
grand jury of Laue county. The
bonds were promptly furnished. Her
husband, Brice Wallace, treasurer of
Linn county, was present at the ex
amination. L. Bilyeu appeared for
the defendant. After the examina
tion Mrs. George Croner, of Eugene,
brought suit against her for $5000
damages, for administering au alleged
overdose of creosote.
The Iiarrlsburg Courier gives an
extended account of bow the wife of
Ed Heurn of that city packed op her
things and left for her former home In.
the East. The Courier says: "The
marriage, which took place at home of
Mr. Hearu's parents iu Mllford, 111.,
August 7th, 1892, was a somewhat ro
mantic attain having never seen each
other before the wedding day. Fam
ily correspondence bad revealed the
existeiioe of the oue to the other,
and a few mouths later they were
murrled Tills is Mr. Heurn's second
matrimonial venture, the first having
ended jUBt as disastrouly as the second
and not altogethei unslmllur, It is
said. If this is not enough to convince
him that marriage is u failure he mils'
be a very tenacious pupil."
Mr. Hiram Baker Is learning to rid
a bicycle.
Mrs. Rawlings spent Sunday In
Albany visiting her parents. 1
' Teams hav begun to pass through
Lebanon loaded with people returning
from the mountains.
Elder if. M. Norton, assisted by F
Brampton and others, will hold meet
It g (D. V.Jin the grove at Waterloo
Lord's Day Aug. 13, at 8:30 p. m. Alt
are cordially invited to attend.
I will hold a grove meeting at
Waterloo over the 6th Sunday of July
commencing at 11 a. in. We expect
asslstanee from Rev. T. L. Meacher,
of Corvallls. We will have good
music. Lt all come and have a
blessed day together. -
C. N. Plowman, Pastor.
Wm. Scott was recently pardoned
from the penitentiary where he had
been sent from Yamhill county for
ten years, convicted of killing bis wire,
on circumstantial evidence, did not
return to his home, as the feeling In
Yamhill county is very.bitter against
him, He will have to find a place
We take following from the Guard:
A pedler went over town recently
selling a patent article. Among the
many who purchased was the wife of
a merihant. One day when he went
home to dinner his wife informed nlm
what a nice thing she' had bought
She then learned that her husband
had them in bis store for sale for a
year, at buif the price she paid for
hers. When told of this she said:
'Well, why don't you advertise then.
Nobody knows t,"
"'. .
-dhU 6f Police H. P. Miato filed a
complaint In the recorder's court
against W. Ellis, Vllliaru Nevels and
Ala Sh.ejih.ard charging each witH
frequenting silwiu, tippling houses
and as parties who have no visible
means of support. They were brought
before Justice Edes who suspended
sentence till 10 a. m. Saturday to allow
the parties to get out of town. This
action was taken in order to clear .the
saloons and streets of the lot of worth
less fellows, who have no other busi.
uess than to loiter around the town a
meadance to society. The Chief ol
Police will see hereafter that ull such
characters leave the town immediate
ly or else engage themselves in some
employment. Statesman.
At a meeting of the bowil
last Monday evening, Prof. Mloheiicr
was re-elected principle tor the coming
year and Miss Fannie Griggs, Mrs.
Funk and Miss Ahbie Fry were elect
ed as assistants. All of the old teach
ers were re-electtd with the exception
of Miss Carothers, who has accepted a
position in the Albany school. A
cording to our opinion the directors
could not have done better in their
selections. This will make the eighth
year Miss Griggs has taught In our
public school, and irs. Funk's third
year and Prof. Michener'e second year,,
and while It Is Miss Fry's first year
here, she has given the best of satis
faction at other places where she has
Herald: For several evenings about
nightfall a young man of this city has
attracted attention by mounting and
walking over the topmost steel string
ers of the big bridge across the Wit
lumette. The name of the acrobatic
gentleman is Carl Bender, arid he
seems to take this fonlhaidy evening
stroll at tliat dizzy height merelv for
pastime. Lost night he not only
walked over as usual, hut stood upon
bis head on the narrow rail on the lop
of the bridge. A few evenings since
lie attempted to stand upon the bail
at the pinnacle uf tbe steel lace work,
but bis foot slipped, when lie caught
himself just in time to prevent drop
ping into the placid waters of the
Willamette nearly 100 feet below.
Some small boys have begun to emu
late his example, and have recently
been learuing to walk the hand rail of
the sidewalk of the bridge.
Herald: Deputy U. fe. Marshal
George Humphrey arrested Lewis
Dyer and J. W. Brown In tills city
yesterday on a charge sworn out by
'Charles Thompson and others at Ni
agara, charging them with perjury in
making false affidavits that there wus
no improvements on certain land
they filed "pon recently in the land
office at Oregon City. It is alleged
they jumped the lauds which are now
being contested, and which had pre
viously been settled upon and bouses
built thereon. Dyer and Brown
wuived examination before Justice
W. E. Curl, acting as U. 8. commis
sioner, and were held under $200 bonds
each, to wait the action of the grand
jury, It Is likely that Sum Brown,
sou of J, W. Brown, will also be ar
rested today ou a similar charge,