The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 21, 1893, Image 1

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0m year ,-S1
(If In advance, BIW per year.)
trmomliH - 1 JJ
Three month. ,...,..... jj
Ingle coplea..... ..............
Seortt looletles.
Hlicbanon Lomm, no. . i, o. ft r.-i ,
very(laturty evening at O4 MlotreHe at
0'oUkp.m. A.A.KBKH.jte.
FKAMRBBWA WORK, SO. 41. 1 , fl 0. T.
afMWati O.O. r Hall lint and;lhi id Wednen-
torsi olm!,!.4 A. A. M.-IHeeta
Saturday ofeuuig, ou or betore the lull moon In
Mcb moul.
K. 7 Hi(. W.. 11,
t. .muni, fee.
HoorlDs, So. . 0, 11. W.-Mmterj
7uenMyavnihal H.A.R. Ilall.
J. .Tanan ,. .
mim Ca, o. M. !tv ofOasoo
oaBoeVsjrtt.-Moot In a. A. . Hall, Latauiov,
Or., every iBatunlay evening. enit lln tMRl
Saturday of each month, meeting the third Krt
Sw InMead. All brother, of the Hn of Vet
mm and mroradesta the U. A. H. are cordially
wiled f meet with the Wmp
Veatherford ft Cbusbeflaia,
Attorney- at - Law,
Attorneys at Law,
Collection, irieenpniim and earetttl attentloa.
Will irrwlice in all the oouru of the state,
mot i oouimnsY'i saxst.
1. R. E1S1SG,
rtaxweeaor to R. L, MuClure.
Shaving Parlor.
In Ilnnejnrd'ea New
' jlulldlu.
First-Claw Artist in attend
anoe. Uot and Cold tt)ui wiih
Shower at all times. ;
YoiiB Pathonaok Sdliuited.
Albany Oi-eir"
Are the leading
Of the Vallej;
When visiting Albany don't
fail to give them a call.
' Mit real name must accompany
' Toryoonuntinlodtlrin or It will eer-
tstfnly go to the "waste basket." We
to m want your name for publics-
tloa, tout as a guarantee of good faith.
Notice) of AOmlnlstrator'a Sal.
Sotloeh herrAy mveti tint by virtureof
an order of lhecotrmy court of Linn Coun
ty, Oregon, ihtlv mude and entered of rec
wrd in ami by said ennrt on the 9th day of
Mbrusry, VM, I will on Hie 29th day of
Jar', M, at tlx liour of one o'clock p. m.
of aaid day , at tire court hounedoorio the
rirty of Albany, Linn Comity, Oregon, mil
to the highest lidilor therefor for cash in
hand, eta following ileM ribed premises be
longing to tlieestate of Peler Wert, de
oeased: Beirjiurirrjr. 88 chain and 36 lints North
fthe Southeast corner of (. W. Kluni'e
denial ion land olaim No. 119. notification
No. 262. Twnshi 12 bkrutii lUnge one
Went of tlio Wllluniette Meridean; thence
West 1! dtp inn; thence North 80 chains
and la links; thence Kant 11 chains;
thence South 84 chains and 18 links to the
place of beginning, containing 37.rtf acres in
Linu County, Oregon.
The interest to tie sold as aforesaid in
aaid aremiees being all the right title and
Interest which win l'eler Welt bail therein
at the time of hit. death. The same being a
fee simple state.
Duled r,hU30th flay of Jrtne, 1898.
Joseph Wai.t,
W E. Ililyeu.
Attorney for Administrator.
Yu oati K t lietter eaUnct. aize plot-
ureeatOrawfonl A Putno't In Alb'
iiy for f 1 SO per tltiu-u than ait other
gal tries for any tiriiw. Our work ie
guarantwil. IVrnmiiciit gallery
tabllahed fur till ycara. No poor work
Unwed to so out. ('"trie am) see tie.
Albany, let aiivrt. Next floor Mawm-
lo Temple.
A mile atianre-
Last Tin-winy evi'iiing Clint (Inr-
dott'e dux, "Jlmm e'1 returned tn Leb-
auon hi a bud J okinir oundltlnii, and
nearly starved, which raiwii eniider.
able uneaidner about (imdon. He
left July Mb alnue with his do(r for
the mountain!) on a prospecting trip,
and aa the Aug wns never known to
leave him, anil Clint raised him In
the mountains. I' wrm ntmnire that
he would leave him mill w tlicw wae
something winne. 'lerk Kimhroufrh
left Wedlrewln.v ft tin- nmuntalna to
search for liini. ('lliil'n many friends
inLebmioti tjiink therein Miuiethlng
bad happened l hint. To h,v the
least It is lil'li ''iip'.
Not!" i'f tJl1nlL'
Notice 1 herehv rie
v,ershil herein!""- e
underslinte.1 un-w -J,,
Lamtlnirit I',,,. lie. I
dissolvufl by ifiuf sil
Jobn Iwnu ln l "
of K. J. Jsinntiiv. '' I.'
after bo earrlnl "
purehasnr then-iW. 'i ' -.partnershiileM'
ised tocolloet ttie, ie.;.
the late rriii.
Bated llnVK iluy :
lie tn rr
fiwett the
.of Iy..-e,
li.JM '0V
l' e .ihrtew,
'.e t teres! !
Hill here
the j
r i ti.i- nil ii.ji is due
lotl IpoW.
V. il. l.AN'Til,
' lely. tun.
my r are vreua of Tartar Powder.-No Ammonia; No Alu.
used m MUlions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
Mas -.-- .. rt - -
The Five per Ceat Faad.
The secretaiy of state baa computed
the urea nf i he several eountleaof the
state aa required by the act of 1893.
and baa apimrtloned the money In the
S per oent. fund arising from the sale
of government land in the state among
the eountlea of the elate according to
area. The amount payable to each
county is aa fallows:
Baker. .t W8t 36
Benton , t
Clackamas 11B6 07
Clatsop mi 81
CohiniWa. .............. .. 61 76
Coos, .' ' 1078 04
Crook 6747 63
Curry......... 1U16 78
Douglas ..,.......,...,.i . 8495 83
OilliaaV. M72 27
Cirant 8616 16
Harney 766S 16
J ackson...M.
Kaiamath ...........
Lincoln .,.............
Una -.
Morrow ...... ...... . .
Muitnomah .....n.v...
Polk .........
Hhernian ........
Wasco .......................
Yamhill. ;
1914 17
1177 86
4193 08
6496 70
1789 67
' 1264 92
1390 72
392 00
464 89
659 89
802 67
2013 66
2022 49
1800 46
2088 99
479 23
48s 68
Total .164300 21
The secretary of state says he will
promptly send warrants to those
counties that have promptly paid the
taxes of 1898, and wll' not haateti to
make the state pay money to certain
counties thut withhold what they
owe U the state. Some of our counties
make a practice of deferring payment
of overdue taxes, thus causing the
state to pay Interest on warrants (or
the lack of funds, This la Unjust to
the other couutiea that pay up prompt
ly, and the authorities propose to re
quire payment of Interest tin unpaid
balances to nffiet the lots caused the
state by such non-payment.
Another National Bank for Albany
A large nuiutier of leading capital
ists of Albany, have lolned together
and have applied for a charter for a
National Bank, wbieb will be organ"
l?,ed Justus soon aa poMiihle. . Ample
cnpltal will lie subkcrllxxl and the
huHineis placed on a sure basis.
Probably the bank of Oregon build
ing will Iv rented until Its building is
placed "ii sale when it will be bought
i) ml lieconie the permanent place of
business for the new banking bud-
The enterprise Is u good one and It
will he solid and secure from the start,
sod Ih nssiiKiS of plenty of business,
fur there i a ileinaml for it. Its or
uanirjitioii .will do much to restore
xifidence ami nitike bettej times
iitre. Hein'it. ,
How are you fl xl for letter-head
DlU-hesds, envelope, note-headss
atatenienta and the like? Don't follow
ihenhl .4yl of using unprinted ata
l lom ry. We print everything at this
orthv end nhnrge a reasonable price
only. We claim t lo aa good work
for us Illtlo money s any oltloe In the
Dodg Sale.
At Dodge farm, on tVia Rrowhlrille
Road, rjattrrday. A'.is. A. iafl.1 o in
o'clock a. m. wIII..'m sold at puMic auc-
uon a uue iutu arivtng, tilting and
work norsei, ' milk cows, beeves and
bulls, aid fine sheep, wagon, plows
and. other farming implimento.
Counoll Prooaadlnga.
Council met last Tuesday evening in
an adjourned meeting.
Roll call and all the members pres
ent except G. M. Westfall.
The assessment made by the city re
corder for street purposes was read,
and by motion was accepted.
The committee previously appoint
ed to examine the condition of all
aide walks and cross walkg made their
report, and by motion the report was
accepted, sod the following persons
were ordered to build walks in front of
their property. J(H Whltebee, Wal
lace, Mrs. W D Mesarvey, D Harte,
Gottshe, J W Bcantland, J C Cald
well, D C Holt, Jos Elkins and J B
Thompson. , .
A large number of persons were
ordered to drive the nails down in
their sidewalks, and that thev be
served with written notice.
On motion the marshal was ordered
to repair all cross walks that need it.
The city treasurer made his annual
report which waa placed on file.
Bill of J A Roberta for $18 was al
lowed, and warrant was drawn on
the treasury for the same.
The Telephone and Telegraph Co.
Bled their acceptance of the franchise
in accordance with the ordinance, and
the same placed on file.
Council then adjourned tn meet on
July 20.
. The Soldiers Home Case.
Attorney General Geo. E. Chamber
lain, who returned yesterday from
Salem, says that in the supreme court
application was made to have the In
junction case of D. C. Sherman vs A.
J. Bellows etaal, placed upon the dock
et for bearing this term. In disposing
of the application the court said In
substance. "There are other cases of
equal public importance being pressed
for bearing at this term In advance of
this case, which are entitled to prece
dence If any are to be advanced. Tak
ing into consideration the undecided
oases already submitted and those now
set for bearing, in all of which opto-
Ions must be written, it Is apparent
that If the case Is now heard It could
not be examined or decided before the
beginning of the October term, and
hence It is thought better to postpone
the hearing and have the case set for
argument on the October docket, when
it can be beard aud determined while
argumeut Is fresh In mind." This Is
the injunction suit brought to restrain
the location of the soldiers home at
Roseburg. Herald.
The Llaa Comity Bank.
' Mr. H. M. Beall, the newly appoint
ed receiver of the Linn County bank,
arrived yesterday and will take charge
of the bank. A notice to depositors
and others interested, signed by the
comptroller of the currency and also
by Mr. Beall, will be found In the
Herald publishing columns.
Mr. Beall was seen by a Herald re
porter and questioned concerning the
policy In clearing up the business of
the tank.
"I reached Albany today and have
not yet fully assumed charge of the
bank," he said, "It will probably be
several days before any business to
ward settling up the. affairs will be
transacted. As to whether or not the
collections of the bank's securities will
1 be rigidly pushed I cannot say. I am
; simply a creature of the government,
; aud must act on instructions from the
treasury department."
i Mr. Beall was formerly cashier in
1 The Dalles bank, and thoroughly un
I derstands the situatiou. It is safe to
I say that the collection of the $200,000
on the banks securities will tot be
pushed so as to create any business
iilafiiKhuiiAa ThsvuA nnxHolnrn,! iii-leli
j uiovuiuKuw, luvag nutjutiiuvcu ifu
I the business sav it will probably re-
...r. , .
quire a year or eignwen monuw w aet-
tie up tne busiuesi. Herald.
WO 2f
Depositors Meeting,
The actual depositors of tlif Banlt of'
Lebanon Is hereby nailed to meet 4a
the hank building on Monday July
24th 1893. at one o'clock p. m. foroo
aultation. None but actual depositors;
or their legal representatives will b
admitted to the meeting.
Many Depositors.
About Hair a Crop.
Reports from grain dealers and mill,
ers, covering six principal wheat-producing
states, producing two-thirds oi
the total crop, Indicate that they will
furnish about lM.OOO.OOO bushels thlf.
year, against 230,000,000 last :year.
Ohio and Oregon are the only stares
which will raise as large a crop a last
year. Indiana promises an average)
crop, Michigan nearly an averagat.
Missouri two-thirds, Illlinois a trifle
less than two-thirds and Kansas otia
half. Tkenev wheat will not mnve aa
early as usual. The sections whlcli
usually ship early have a Door cron.
Over 60 per oent of the farmers say
iney win now or are not disposed ,
sell at the present low prices. "
' V ' Jim Lotaa Arrested.
James Lotan, ex-collector of custom
of the port of Portland, gave himself
up to the United State marshal ai
noon on Monday, to answer the charge
of two Indictment preferred agnms
him by the federal jury1, .
Roberta Paddook, deputy inspect
or of the custom's service, was arrested
before noon, en the same charge as
preferred against Lotan.
The charges against both menTefo
the effect that they were engaged fri
conspiracy against the United (Jtatesi
There are two accusations made
by the grand Jury. One that they de
frauded the government of revenue
duties due on certain quantities of
opium brought Into this port. f1
The 'second allegation Is that they
larfded Chinamen from off steamer
from British Columbia ports on fraud
ulent certificates,
Charles Cardlnell, a deputy In the)
custom house was also arrested on the
same charge. All the men were re
leased on $2000 bonds each. Inflict
ments have also been returned against
several other alleged smugglers, Tho
are not yet under arrest. Bomo of
them, It Is understood, live at Astoria
and other places. Much exoltemen
has been caused by the wholesale ar
rest of prominent officials on so gray
Mr. Lotan declined to make an
statement beyond he was Innocent ot
the tbarge.
notice; toTkeditohb.
Notice is hereby given to all whom it mar
concern that on the 8th day of Murch im.
tne unaersigned was duly appointed by the
County Court of Linn County, OreRnn the
administrator of the estate of John il, J,
Loveall, deceased. All parties liming
claims against the atiove naired estate are
warned to present then., with pronr-r
vouches, within six months from (he iinte
of this notice, to the undersigned ailiniiis
tratorattheotHceof Bam'IM. Garland in
Lebanon, Unn County, Oregon',
Jakes Habvit Loasali,
Administrator of the ertote of J.ilm M- f.
Loveall, deceased.
Sau'l M. Uablasii.
Atty. for the Administrator..
Lebanon, Or., March 17th, 1893,
"My little boy was very bad off for
two months with diarrhoea. We iiwxl
various medicines, also called In two
doctors, but nothing done him any
good until we used Colic, Cholera bih
Diarrhoea Remedy, whieh gave ltu
mediate relief and soon cured him, I
consider It the best medicine iniui,,
niiucau conscientiously recommend it
I ti all m tin nnA - J; i
" uccu n UlUrrOOett OF Ml III
mediclr.e. J. . Hare. Trenton 'IV
fir .. .a a-n .. .. 1
"u ou cent oouieg for sale bv M A
Miller, druggist