The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 14, 1893, Image 1

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NO 20'
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.' Seors iooletles.
IW'IJ Hatunlagi rmutoii t OcW Fetklwiittiall. II
A. A. KKtW X. 0.
" LrftANON lOIW. So. 47r1. i1' O.F Meeti
kick p. lu.
' ' W.C.FETKsWKfteiit'jr
mM,MN( U)nflS,N0.,l-O. O. F.
, at 1. 0. 0. riall Am aa :thrt Wedaaa.
"ay evenliiaan'rttt)i tnoBlh.
Ub fi Imwrt, No. 44 'A. F. M.-Minti,
"BatunUyewiB,, on or beluetUw moon in
atiti biouUl.
l'"'B.'K.Baaus.W. M,
T. : Usuiav, fee.
BiKirljnwx .Do. 1, A, tl. r MlMttVMT
Tnell wuiiua it u. A. BY flail.
Pa. I. A. lunanwx, H. W.
J. B. IBMrtim , Bee.
'. Ffnawa Our. So. iio. 'wv eroittn
SanavVsnia Meat In a A.'KiSltH, Lebanon,
Or., eawy 4Hturtlay eveaBiMi. -.!pt the thmi
IMUurdavofcauih niuMh. auHitinr the ttitrct Fri
day saHttiati All bnM4MMiriteNiHiH of V4'inroleaiN' UVt. AJel. am corriiaAly
iBVUVA UlOfcJCl K'ittl UH'OHimi
K.VMot am. Cast,
A-OmiMix, lit Rqa.
Your mil name mart accompany
every communication r It will cer
tainly go to the "wande basket."" We
do not. want your wsme Tor publica
tion, Imt as npiMTO'irtnemf irmxl faith.
Notice or AiDwnmMrator's Sat.
Notice is iMKrrt rtrni ( Imt by vlrturc o(
an ordcrba cur.ury'rMirt.of Linn tVmn
tOrgmvhiHr,.ade!Aoi entered rfrec.
miiatlirarrHuttm tlmSthitay of
Fehnianp1)l.I .l..n Vmh Aav r
J uly, vm, w Hipi hmit f one o'ckn p. m.
OI FUlMIUV,! lhP1IKTt ItmtW. Amin tl.B
filv.itirw 'l.iiiii liioimv llmnu, u.117
tonteWithM lli4tT ibeicfor Teh ini
iiw,iwiiiiii,aiax lwribl Ke.
loiicmr le (tarMtite of Pew Welt, r-
8K.ML. M. 0'HLAND, .
leatberforf t tobtrliln,
. V.R Bltl'EV,
a.lba, mmo$, ; . -
J. R, vrtTT.:.
Anorney-ait- Law,
Att orneys sat Law,
GoUmUnnK Ktvon minipt And ffnreftil AtUintioll.
Wd.iriuitli:it In All Uk- omru of Lbe Ants,
omen m m mntr&u brick.
Lrbanon, Obbuon.
SBowwior to R. L. Mut'lure.
Shaving Rarlor.
In IInnwnr1M Tiew
First-Glass Artists in attend-
wee, not- ana c out JiatAs with
tolwwer aiau times.
Yol1 P AfHONAGK Stl,l(Jll'.),
f bnSoiit.r,i.tit1)fii,r i.r i w. Kim,!-.
nirlSonlhiul Haini Kn. M. otiflratiui
K.'&!2, TownWiin ISMniiii. L
Wri,f iiw'Witi'uiieti Mmlncii; tl.u
at BrUmns: tlii N.ntli SO rlMiim
and 118 link,: thfti.n Kat 11 l!n..
kii,titli!liiiliiii and M Biiluito'tlie
1r-of:hfiniiin, conuiiiiiit,l actb In
LAnti imuty Wrcgini.
T,hi! irrtorwl to l mM an iifbmiaiil in
oM mnirr-.lH-ii'a all tli rit title and
uMimi whn n,; peter Welt kail therein
a tliriiiiwiriii ilnth. The aam Ming a
aarfaiinjikHitatp. '
i ;K'l'W.K)"M.'iiyfJne);iS8. '
Juaarii traj,!,
Adminintwtor. (
. Attorney for Admiuiatiaaor.
'. , a ',!
Mlrutaiatratrla !. j
Saeitifa.iiei!by ifirwi thai tie tunder-
AUMnd Jlllllll1llit,trutM 4- .1.. ......
GeMBBtB.ftlrKlnii. AM i,.
SmmTrr( ttie Cmmty flwrt for Un
y.,wcion, amy madf aadnxemi of
IwMJieWli dar of Man-h iui l;...
siaf, aulboriiiim and directing 4im A-
anatanararix to r!l th, real eatatetielsng-
Will aw I he 8th ilav of Jnlv iwi
a; a. ru. 01 mud ilav al rtw
dwn flretV)iirt Honwin the t'f Al
baoy, lion county. 0-gn, Ml art fnb-
mi to lli nntliciit Imli vratu f tiu.
rutW, tJtilt and inierwii mid Im.)
at (aw4nac of liia deutli, in nut to Ml-
lullar4acr Kt l rctawfaia-if
Beii'g at IheJCorth Went aamner f
uk b. . 14 ot Section 21 in Townahin It,
8. R. I W. 1 if tli VVillainMlw Mwiiilim
Oreamn, ilirmv Soutli 240 nal; twura
EaatMjwht; liftcv North 1K roalu; tance
GaataVimta to tli'lwrf betciiihaiiyc, .n
taining Xacrca morf nr le, all in Unn
Twnoarf niIpoiif Inilf cash ui kaml ,(d
one half in our year with K iwwi1ia.
ot, Wd imyniciit miiwI hr nutate...
on tlie im niiM'a.
Thta34lidu.vof A.n. 1I8.
1I1,Y Sown K, AilliilniiOatrla;.
Wiumtitroui 4 t'n.i)iiit:Kuis.
nyi. 1'ir Iwtuv.
How is This?
Somttliliia; a-.iilqti,, ,Ven in thw
dayaofinawiwoai rtn-iiiluni nffcra. It
l tlie lltt ..j;, rt ,lf Stafford1,, Ma)?a.
ilni', Hem Ywk mwitlily of hotw
The ! ifCfltl.111 ia In wild the Maga
Elneouo yar fur one dollar liic rorular
niAwirirtiirn prj,v. rt jn ili(m t0
send wk ulHcrilir tlftyo torn
ipletK liowrb. durinir tit
nm-etiiit w-k.
Thiak of (. You ivivlv. a
eoinnlwc uwm by mail, post paid,
Kry wtK ror n fly-two weeks, and In
ddltlan you ifet the niagailn once a
inontli, for twelw moiitha. all for one
dollar. It ia an offer which Uie puu
liBlWniii tHily afford to mafee in the
WHltlileiit expectation of getting a
hundred thnuwiiid new wiliacritiera.
Am.i(t the authon of the coming
n,r, are, tikle Colling, Walter Bea
ant, Mr. Oliphani, Mary (li Hay.i
....en. arryt, Antnouey Trollope,
A.iConu Doyle. Him Braddon, :ap
'tain Marryat, Mian Thackery and
Jule Verne. If vou wlh tn tuk. .a.
vantage of this ummiml opportunity,
end one dollar for KiarT.,ni. u '
ine one year. Your flmt copy of the
"-Kuiiie ana your Hint iiumtwrofthe
flfty-two noveU (aiieewli week) which
you are to imit, during the year will
he sent yon hv return r.,il o..i.
P.O. order, ;r.-Kltered letter or x-
pmai. Aanreaa
H. STAFPOKD, Pubushkr,
Blafford'a Jlagazlne,
P. O. Box 2264,
New York. N. Y.
JSeaae mention thla iaper. ,
Counoil Prooeedlnca.
Council mot. 1... ua iA
r8iiW i M7or Mlller ,nthe hrir.
v.. nuu mi uie -memoera were
The rtHiinivr uuKttu..A ui . a...
ly report nf the fiimnues, whiih waa
flfltUPUl at.
plaUru tine ,,(.,
Iheuialter of the nuxlaiice of Dr
J.aiiinerBoii'i midence waa called up
and uelng read, on motion the same
M Hi nnii-r-(t In lu. u I...I...1 i i
mm. , V "i inouciinianve
with the ordinance in alien casea made
and provided.
Ordinance Vn at -
chiae toTncT:..h:,."l,:i," -
Coinpany for the eoutoruction of the
poles and wires within the Ineorpora
"SSl wf ,read three time nd pwied.
The Chief of the Fire Department
waa present and made a statement In
regard to some repairs needed on the
; ? : ; j wiwu toe cuiei was
ordered to have the same repaired.
By motion a warrant was ordered
fn?S .thJ road Sni ,treet fund
lorjkitt 60 in favor nf innUr.i r.,A .
correct an error.
. I he following bills were read and
Lebanon Electric Co, SdO: P W Mor-
v-w, aiuri x ruen, ai; m 4p
lnd, t6 50; FM Miller, $14 99
July "h" lheU ""ourned unt" ton'ght,
The Hero In Stripes,
Deputy Sheriff BfilcklUy and" fm.
rel, of Douglas county, passed through
Alkny with the self confessed "Hero"
Gen. E. Richardson, the tevernl times
over attempted train wrecker. He
f"elo Salem to' remain as,, ,t,,eB.
....riore,gnt years, and will prh,
ably learn a trade In ihi n.... .
, ""in jtuer
he was turned over to the warden
.iiieiiuary tne shackles which
bound his feet together a
n " xiaviLtUUVW
nd the handcufla taken off his wrists.
Innnrdiately he reachorf ..
ook from u secret pocket In his pants
-a, -urn. me snacKle hud encircled
It, a portion of a case knife ... i.i. -t.
of which had been notched to use as
saw. He said that 1m t.-...
make an attempt to cut the handcuffs
should opportunity nil
on the way to Salem.
Fat Man's Race.
Albany Ofiron
Are the leading
M i 1 1 i ji e r
Of (lie Valley
9tl' f;.
Nod i (hereby ifivfn' t liut the
'.erehlp bmi'tofoir cximiig lair.w. tlav
iiiidcrigiM nn.ii'i tl. ,r a'w,,
UniilngC'o.. lifH I..-1-I-. k. .1 , hfa,
diiolvctl by nrilmil c.n .-ci I nftiie laimi.
John laom harlig..- nMwl t',.. I., .......
ofK. J. Uiming, Tl.f
after be curried on l.y 1,.'i f,,,,, 4.
plircliancr tliercof, l I n I i"d y iism ' wh.i iii-.if.
irad tooollnctaiiil ibk.j tnr all ,i,
the late firm. '
If nil
Itated this la .I,,
li'I'v '.
' I''. J. Laxmu,
Send ten cent (BV(,r) or twe,w
cents in ataiiiDa for . u..j.. n.i .
Ouid to the great exposition; gives n.
formation f value to every visitor
Htreet Guide, Hotel Price., Cab Fares
.---u,h itaiea, ete. Describes the
hidden pitfalls for the unwary, and
hints how to keep out of tltein. This
ooi.pensitiie companion to every t,, ,ht. Mll)y vi
be sent by mail.
o' ten oems silver, or twelve cents In
ajiinpa. AJdreaa
H. STAFFORD, Pitbushkr,
P. 0. Box 22.14, yrw York K. Y.
I'leaae n eiillor. thia parer. '
Notla. I
Lkoanob. Jk., June 21, 189g.
O'Hce of the Ulianon A- Kanii.m r....i
Nulioe ia liereby given to all whom n
may cvrnvrn, that, on the irf A..
July at 7:W p. m. at the nffloe of Peteraon
'S ijurland in Lebanon, Oregun, Tliere will
I held the regular annual meeting of the
stock ho.H.rr the Ix-unoii Bantiam
(.anal Co., a( hieh niecling aeven direct
onof,y vlll lieelnctrd.
I.. Kul KV.
M. A. Miu.iii,
How lire you fixi .l ), lettei-headg
.ll-liiii,a, ei,velo., note-heads
i Mtetiienia and (lie ili(? )ol,.t f,w
: he old style of ualng uii.i hite.i ata
! """'rv- .w Prlt even-thing at this
I on hv mid cltaigH a reasonable price
.lily. Wecliiliiitn it., good work
; Kir as little money n,,nv office In the
. -tale.
When visiting Albany don't
fail to give tlieiw a call.
To brake the monotnnev T,it.
evening, some of our cititizens got up
a fat man's race. The distance run
was one block, or about 260 feet; and
the winner was to leoeive a sack of
flour. J. H. Frey, -Keleey, Jas.
Sharp and P. W. Morgan entered the
race. J. W. fiuyacd Chas. Smith
were appointed Judges. The race was
won by J. H. Frey who got the sack
of flour, but It was very close between
he and Kelsev. Our marah.i
altogether too fat, and consequently
be was net -iD It," he dropped out
about balf way.
" Die,
rrvllls V.a T-iimnn r i .
- !.. ii, jljiiii, eaujner
? r mornig,ji5
j T iV mi. unuKDHT OT WIT.
Ud Mrs. Frank rrviiJt .Ja i.
. - ' I ; IX
world h.
- r ""u tu uiewream or
it1lon'n th Pdieof Immor-
...,. in. remains or little Lona
uju.cuy win m rent in the Ma-
MOniO OemetMrv mi W,l .......I i .. . .
, "wii-wuij in tne
presence of eympathiiing friends of
tile hereaved imm.,,..
One more loved one Bweetly (ieepihg, .
Dear little Lona gone before
And if faithful we will meet her,
Safely on the other shore.
Y,! kno.w h' !- forever
With the blest Redeemer to dwell;
Biit how aad it in to sever
Heart that we have loved so well.
Often In the eve we'll gather
ltoiind Hie iireside dear and lone,
.'!! ."lf. 88 we K' together
or the loved one now gone home.
One more loved one sweetly sleeping.
Our darllng baby gone before. ,
Vet, we Jov at the thought of meeting
Bye and by to part no more.
J. Stlewer, of Jefferson, lost ten One
milch cows a few davs aim h li.,..
some old white lead cutis where they
u.u nc mem. The lead poisoned
them and they died in a abort tim i
spite of all the medical assistance he
oouia give liietn. Old can. tan a
dangerous article to leave arouud.
CaptAd Ghapman, the old Indian
war scout, has made a standing wager
of $1000 that he can with a horse beat
any bicycle from Vancouver to Snleni
and return. This was hri)Ught about
by some bluster made by a fancy blcyo.
Ilt lllllt a blCVcle Waa animal,.
....,IUi iu a
TTvrUt, M-ir v"um'"t" '-NoAmmouiajNoAluni.
Used in MillioM of IW-40 Year5 the Standard
horse. Chapman is a good rider and
iinderalunils a liotse. Hu has silenced
1 lie blusterer of Vancouver. Dispatch.
UI the stiine the bicycle with the
right mini on it wo-lil undoubtedly
Y.ou oan get better cabinet size pict
ures at Crawford & Paxton's in Alba
ny for $1 50 per dozen thau at other
giilhies for auy prim.. Our work is
guaranteed. Permanent gallery es
, laullshed for 3,'i yeaiti. No poor work
allowed to go out. Come and see us
Albany, 1st street Next door Mason-1
1 1 JVmple. I
Captala Hnmphrej'a Con,llrtB.
Captain Humnhro,, .m..j ... ..
- i-".j .'num. wen
after the amnutatlon of hi. t.. t.. . ..
. ..... tin, vteu-
uesday afternoon, says the Pendleton
tiast Oregonian. and hi.
. . - - ...w iTmuveu
on a stretcher from the transfer bouS- .
to his room iu the Golden Rule hotel.
, 'ufered mncb P"' during the
night, but this morning said that he
seemed more like himself than llUny
tlme du.,g the ardent. Although
very encouraging. Even
was In desperate pai wlth hi, f(?
crushed and bleeding, "Can's" n,M
-PlHt prevailed. Jon bX
hta bedside, and remarked thTh
i ZZ:?vmlmmM
--utyou , they de't cutoff th
Wish for his rennv. ....n . .
leesbegraUfied. '
A Slch GoW Fliiifc
' Fresh fuel was added to the gW
rich strike made by the ni,
Brother., who are well "kno'
"Ptlngou anoijp,":
Cerfleldln lb. 1.1,1 .. . F
T - ".i.iiuue a sirhet in
Josephine county, when they
covered a ain . ' nl9
thev ttb v " ,ro"1 ''(
tney took one him .....1,.
nd a larm amnnnt
Hon upon which h, 1... rum
ors have staked tl 2
Ph.ce, bed contain,,,;: hT
chunks of navino,.,.(.. t. ....
, "?" " """0y now of jam miner's
Inches of water can )u. i....... . . " '
. "v "-''HI I Iff II, 'I I) A
etrangestpartofthe find s that it
.... ,,.er ot a placer bed thai w
famous for ila n,.i....... '
n oijyiirti aim
Kold dust was taken f,-, ,,
present w,,c,s will f,,,,,, sM J
Panyat once and ,,, t(, wm,k
ir property ,,,r,,li( wlll
Dr. J. M. Taylor, a Well known ,,,(.
Ing man of Souther,, n
i.l he above ,,.,
that it is the rlche.i, tl,t , . .
Notice is herehv a; .,.,, , ;i .,
concern th,,, .,,,,. ..... """'' may .
unde.ig,;;,;-;;;,;-,, v
County Court of Un ,.! e .,
adnuiilstiatorol ti,,.. eaale , T , !
Uveall. dm,,.,.,, .1 " nM.l.
claims agui,18t ,!.,. ! '1
! warned ,0 present the,. J, '
vouches, -.ftU.'Cu.nK'
f this notice, to the undei-aig , ,,,,
ratorattheofflceof tium'l ? ij, ,
lrbanon, l.i e,y, oren.
. . . , Jlr-6Hveui:Ai,L
Admin strntna nl ,1,. . .
lveali, deceused, ' '" M- J-, ,-
Sam'l M. Gablakd,
Lebanon, Or., March IVth, J8B8. :