The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 07, 1893, Image 3

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-An. . MUcliell in Oliluatfu Newa.
Martin Daly had become disocranured.
Like many another miner in the far
west, be bad made money and loet it,
bad prospected (or mines, found ore and
been cheated ont of hia right, had
grown poor and ill, and hud thrown him
self under a tree, careless whether he
lived or died.
The great anowy monntain peaks and
the rich verdure bad lost their attraction
for hiin. He had hoped and been disan-
porated bo many time that he had come
to believe himself unlucky; that be
uonld never possess a dollar; that there
waa neither happiness nor borne (or him.
He had seen better days. His large
dark eyes, hla broad brow, bis well
baped mouth and chin bespoke refine
ment in the years that were gone. He
baa been well educated, bad tried many
thing and (ailed in them, not from lack
of energy, not from lack of iudmnent
but hia (ate seemed to be an adverse
He had done many good acts, bad al
ways helped bis brother miners, had
tried to look on the bright aide of life.
bad fought manfully and been defeated
in the battle. He bad imagined some
times that tbe clonds had a silver lining.
but the storms always came sooner or
later. He meditated thus as be lay un
der the tree, and finally, more dead than
alive from want and exhaustion, (ell
asleep. :
Two men passed along nnder tbe brow
of the mountain, by the tree. They were
tall and straight and from their dark
hair and skin it was easy to perceive
their Indian blood.
"The white man is dead," said one of
the men aa be bent on his knee beside
the sleeper.
"No, there is a twitching of the eye
lids," said the other. "He is pale and
-sick. 1 will take bitu home and Mimosa
will care for him." ,
Tbe conversation, carried on in a low
tone, awakened tbe miner.
'Come with us and yon shall have
tood and shelter, said the friendly In
dian. Scarcely able to bear his weight Mar
tin leaned upon the arms of the two
men, and soon found himself in the
humble Indian cabin.
"Mimosa, here is a stranger. Take
care of him. Red Cloud never left a hu
man being to die. He will get well, and
then we will send bun back to bis peo
ple." A shy, pale Indian girl came forward
and did as ah was bidden. She did not
speak, but looked very pityingly out of
ber fawnlike dark eyes. When Martin
bad been placed in the simple bed she
prepared food for him and fed him as
though he were a child. Day by day
1 came and went, speaking little, but
doing gently the things which only a
woman's bauds can do.
After a time tbe miner, still a young
man, gained in strength and began once
more to hope for a successful future.
"Mimosa," be said one day, "I owe
my life to yon, and if I am ever rich I
will come back and reward you."
"I shall miss you," said the girl shyly.
"But 1 want no money. I shall be
happy because you are well again and
"1 shall yet find gold. Mimosa. 1 used
to think I should be rich, and then I be
.. -came poor and sick and lost heart Von
wear a ring on your finger and some
times a chain about your neck, both of
beaten gold. Did the metal come from
mines near here?"
"My father gave them to me," she re
plied, and nothing more could be learned
from her on the subject
"Would yon care, Mimosa, if I wore
the riug until I went away? Perhaps I
can find the place where the gold came
from." -
" You may wear it till yon come back
mch," she said smiling.
Days grew into weeks, and tbe time
drew near (or the miner to say goodby
to the girl who had become bis comrade
as well as deliverer. Tears filled her
eyes as they parted. "Von will (orget
Mimosa," she said.
"Mo, I will bring back the rtng, and
yon shall give It to the man who makes
you bis bride. I shall never (orget Rod
Cloud nor bis daughter." .
Btrong and hopeful again, Martin took
tip lite, obtained work and believed onoe
more that he should find gold. 8o sweet
and blessed a thing Is bops, giving luster
to the eyes and quickening tbe flow of
' blood along the veins.
But he missed the Indian girL The
pines on the snowy mountain peaks
whispered of ber. The evenings seemed
longer than formerly; the conversation
-of the miners leas interesting. He was
lonely He was earning a fair living,
but of what use was money to him if he
was to feel desolate in heart? Mimosa
was not of bis race, but she bad a lova
ble nature. He remembered that she
looked sad at his going away. He won
dered if she ever thought about him. If
she had some Indian suitor, wonld she
not wish (or the ring again? He would
like, at least to see the man and his
daughter who had saved his life. He
would carry back the ring. Abl if he
knew where the gold in it came from.
perhaps be could indeed become rich,
and then who could make him so happy
ts Mimosa?
Months only Increased the loneliness In
Martin's heart He was becoming dis
couraged again. He even began to fear
that Mimosa was married, and bis soul
awakened to a sense of loss. He would
go back just once and see her, and on
his journey back he would sit for a half
hour nnder the tree where Red Cloud
had found him.
"What ails Martin?" said one miner to
another. vHe must be in love no fun
in him aa in the old days. Going to
qnit camp, be says."
After Martin had decided to go to tee
Red Clond. his heart seemed lighter. If
Mimosa were married he could at least
show ber his gratitude. And if she were
not? would be very restful to
see her once more!
He started on his journey. Tbe (nil
moon was rising aa he neared the old
tree, where Red Cloud had found him.
As be approached be was startled by a
white figure. He turned aside for a
moment, and then went cautiously opto
tbe great trunk. Two dark eyes f nil of
tears gazed np into his eyes, at first with
a startled look and then with a gleam of
joy and trust
"Mimosa," be exclaimed, and clasped
the Indian girl in his arms.
"Why are yon here, child, at this time
of nightr
"1 came here to think of you, Martin,
and the moonlight is so sweet and com
forting. The green trees and the moun
tains tell me of you."
"1 have brought you back the ring.
"And are you rich yet? Yon were to
keep it till you were rich,"
"No: but I would be rich, perhaps, if
you would tell me where tbe gold in the
ring was found."
"My father gave it to me," she replied
"Mimosa, would you love me if I were
rich?" -
"Perhaps 1 should be afraid of yon if
you were."
"Would you love me if 1 remained
poor as 1 am now?"
"Yes, always."
"And if 1 became sick and could not
care for you, what then?"
"J wonld care for you, Martin."
"1 have brought back the ring, Mi
mosa, that you may give it to the man
who shall make you his bride."
"And wonld you like to keep tbe ring
yourself, Martin?"
"Yea, dearest"
They went back to tbe borne of Red
Cloud, happy because promised to each
other in marriage.
After a quiet wedding Mimosa said
one day, "Come with me, Martin, and 1
will show yon where the gold in thering
and the necklace were found."
Not very far from the tree where the
miner bad lain down discouraged Mi
mosa pointed out the shining ore. tbe
spot known only to the few Indiana.
"Mimosa, there is a mine beret This
gold is tbe ovtcroppiug of the veins I
shall yet be rich, my darling."
"W ould you surely love me as much.
Martin, if you were rich?"
"I would give you everything your
heart desired."
"And not go into an eastern country,
and be great, and forget Mimosa?"
With a happy heart Martin Daly took
bis pick to the mountains. Tbe shining
ore opened under bis touch. His claim
each day showed more value. He had,
indeed, become rich through the ring of
Years have passed. Two thousand dol
lars are taken each day from the mine.
Tbe children of the Indian girl, educated,
gentle as their mother and energetio aa
their father, are in a handsome house.
Love in that home has kept as bright as
the gold in the mountain, Sarah K. Bol
ton in Independent
lnstlnet Id Roots.
There seems to be an orderly In
stinct in roots that cannot be accounted
for. When the seed sprouts and the
stem starts upward to make the trunk,
one bud pushes down into the earth to
form a top root What it is that gives
the order for one to push up and one to
push down is incomprehensible. But,
more than this, while the ton root is de
scending deep into the ground, as if to
anchor tbe tree securely against wind
ana storm, other roots start to grow hori
sontally just beneath the surface of the
ground. These surface roots are at first
but mere fibers. When the autumn ar
rives, and the leaves fall, most of these
fibers die also, leaving only a few to live
over, and these become permanent sur
face roots.
We know why some live to become
permanent roots, as against Abe thou
sands which die. We say they are gifted
with greater vital power. They were
able to get more nutrition than the oth
ers, and nutrition to some extent means
vigorous life but in what way this or
dering of some roots to go down as an
chors, and the others to spread out near
the surface where food is, to act as feed
ers, is just as deep an unsolved problem
as it was hundreds of years ago. Thom
as Meehan in Philadelphia Ledger,
1 lie Mr)int'H Venom.
A physician while talking with a group
of frit'utts remarked: "ll is common to hear
people speak aliotit poiHonous serpents. Ser
pents are never poisonous: they are venom
ous. A poison cannot be taken internally
wimout ono enects: a venom can. Ven
oms to be effective have to be injected di
rectly into the circulation, and this is the
manner in which the snakes kill. Their
venom taken internally is innocuous."
Aew urleans Tunes-Democrat.
Kancy Mltfnon,
After her bath one day, when Mignon
saw that her maid had turned her back, she
began playing with the water. "Take your
bancis out o the water, Mignon. You
know it is forbidden to play with your
bath," said the maid. "If you had paid
attention to what you were doing, you
would not have seen me," answered tbe lit
tle minx. Brooklyu Eagle. .
Millbrae. Ran Mateo oountv. Cal. Ktim.
ber of pupils limited, A tirst-class home
school for boys. Accredited at the Btate
universtiyouneBianiora university, nil
term opens August 1. Catalogue ori appli
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Btate Superintendent of Public Instruc
Poet Yon always say my odes and ballads
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all that time under treatment by a
physician. He finally, after trying
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cease eating solid food. On the rec
ommendation of a friend I procured
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ed to do me good at once. I gained
strengtn and nesli rapidly. I teel
Dow like a new man, and consider
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Jas. E. Dedtrick, Saugerties, N.Y.
1TCHIW0 PILES known by molittrH
lists per pi ration, cauine intona lLuiiiuf
whiD warm, Tni form and BLIND,
wlik'tj tw( directly on prt ttfeatod,
ftbsorb tumor, llye I talons, off eating
fjpernmirntoui'. Pride Boo. IruKglnts
gr imvl. .Uf.i5oQko,Ftiiladiplu,ifc
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who hive wfttk lungi or AatLv
mft.ihuu.duM Ptto'tOuralur
OonBiimptlon. It bat cured
tfaouMAdt. It bM not injur
ed one. It it not bad to tak.
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N. P. N. U, No. 4WM8. F. N. U. No. 676
A trcmhlliifr hnnd. mi muwtnin ton fldimtf.
ncss, indlcilod by miilnt nhifthiK front one
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worn trilihiK, lint the health of men and women
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the vigorous niinht di'fv. To fiirtifvthn tmr.
vmis i ftynU'm general vigor must, through the
ii.r.itum ui minorceu (iigetion atid a renewal
of nn inuifltri'd iwnvpr of nidt.iiiin nt tiio-hi lu.
raised to a healthful mandard. A rim rail tee of
um m iioHieiter d moinrteb Hlttera, whieh re
cstahlfKhes digestion, bile leerctton and the
habit of body on a permanently remular hfluls,
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.rami utility. For kidney complaint, rheuma
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der, th ia medicine in without a peer, Thrice
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"Whftt dfii NrtO M Atwilft i-iiri Fi-ioafa tn ttvsmt
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months my physician
removed a piece ot
bone, I ail the time suf
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leg and was obliged to
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sumption comes, A
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mm m n him tuit ur nun
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10 I oan state lth pleasure that byth. ass of
!, oomiilete witl