The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 07, 1893, Image 1

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Our ywitv. ., ,n m
(If iml'l in aiWiiii!o, (H BO pur yuar.)
fHx mouth ..., , , , ,.,.,. 1 40
Tfcrco montliH. .M ' AO
Stifle coptea 4 h 06
IL- - . 11 1 .
Secret ftocletle.
eron HBturrtrty dvohiiiRat Odd follow Hall, at
.Jack ..,,. .KEKS.N.O.
Mwtnal I. 0. 0. P Hall llrM iilid",Uiu Wciilnen
day ov.ta,Rh "'"SKIfJKWMON. S. (i.
LmiANd IxiMll!. Nil, A. P. -A. M.-Menfc
Aanmliiy evening, on or tniliira the mil miwu it
K. K. HllWACK. W. Jt,
F. M.Mnv.WC, Hco.
Ilnnr Limns. No. SB. A. 0, fl. V.-Mcott vry
Tnclayflntiiij M U. A.R.fhtfl.
Oil. J. A- IrKHltKWiini a, .
J, n. t.nio. Hce.
unf i SiincioH oabp, No. ore ofonwn
ioriiil-'VBr'.-MMl InU. A K. HhII, Lstanim,
6r evsy Haumltiy ewulnic. uxcciit tlicttiilril
Haumln" of uucli niontli. nmaliiK till' third I'rl
day hunt-nil. All IiiiiIIiim nf tin- Hoiih or Vol
niii ami ninirniU'Mil llu- . A. ll.are cnrllully
A. Ck a 0AI.I., First Rent.
" leattiorlord I Chamberlain,
ir.i.' MLYT.l",
J. 11 WTJTT,
Attorney- at-lLa- iv,
Attorney -at - Ia w,
floUMtloroi'lvimnmmW and '''.'" "'llM1'
Will iiracllue iu all llm oouru ol the ui 1c.
St. Charles Hotel
Corner Main anil slmrman dtteote,
W, C. Fai'1-knf.b, lVop.
First-Class in all Apartments.
Siiuuiul ntUMition paid to '"'
nwi'ninl miMi.
Board and LodgiiiK, l" '' '. ?1 "
$2; pet week W-iH) to HI
J. R. EKING, .
HuceesHor to It. L, MeOlure.
Shaving Parlor.
Iu I iHHWiirU'j IV-w
F'mt-Cltw Artists In attend
ance. Hot and CM Bailw with
Slwwer at all times.
Yoint Patbonaoe Solicited.
Sour real uarcra must accompany
everyenmmuriloatlnn or It will rer-
rHiiy go tn 1he "waste basket." we
flo wot want your name frtr public,
tlon, hut as tvguarantee nl pood fnllh.
MlMloscy floolaty Piwiramma.
Tlii- following Is the programme of the
Woman's rflndryterial Missionary Boeiety,
o be. held In'the M . E. Chwreh, South, Wed
mesday, Aprl istli. All the ladies of town
arc cordiattjj invited to attend.
11:30 o'ci,oci a. H.
rj'3VotiontxeroiKes, Ifcd by Mrs J. Hodk
Words of AVelcome, Mrs. i. M. Marks
response, Mrs. Wni. Guy, Mehama
N aide.
Minut4waf lust meeting. Mra. Wallace,
lteportfif llelugates -and oien disuustian.
"Syria,1' paper, Minn Holt, .ftlwgene
'liUd:ii's Work aivd-eiiort, MrK.eatle,
")iirt.'laii8," Mm. MattheWk, Salem
"Kiri;ii," tiaier, Urn. Searu, Alhany
CommitteeR, a, nominating; b. reiutionn.
Btilu, "In Thy Love," MinnKiumtfCrandaU
2 O'flTjCIt, Y.U.
ttie Service, uLed by Mra. 'Wiwcler,
Eirlort of (!oimnilit--iea, Miefe Viola Goan
ilejHirt of Vresidyut and Treanucej.
SniltaUnn, MissA'iola Ooan
Xdie8' Quartette.'"KjH)fcd Awa."
Wt'niiiUHCimiof HiHHion Work in Oregon, '
Mrs. Smiek, Albany
WluitChildrciHlan Do, MieBOraHarkncHB
Hucitation, Mre. Miller, Eugene
were a VohR!." Solo, M is. Keclemon
i'. I". B. C. E. Hour, Conducted by
Miss "iiaae, Eugene
Itlosiing Word fey the,
Mrs. D. H. McOullagh
At Eugene Monday the anuual city
lolectlou was held. Everybody voted,
7H2 ballota beitig polled. 8 H Friend
ly wiib eleetwd Mayor over J H Mc
Clung by 83 mujorlty. Councilmen,
G B Dorrls, Wm Preston, J L Page.
B P Dorrls, recorder, B O Paine, treas
urer. Theaaloon ticket won from top
to bottom.
There will be no services in the
Presbyteriun Sunday, April
Mb. Sunday school and Chrlsllau
Jindi'iivor v. ill meet in the 8. M . E.
church at the usual hours. The 1st
j meeting of the Presbytery will be
held iu the Ptwhyierlau church, Tues
day evening at 7:80 p. in., April 1Kb.
County tiuituol Superintendent G.
F. Russell has issued hia annual re
port of I he condition of the public
schools of Linn county for the year
i- ended March SI, 18118. From It the
following statistics are obtui tied : N u m -'berof
childreu in thecouiity 7702:
vnumber of teauliei's employed 210; oer
'tllicates 122; npplicanls failed to puss
'.28; teaohon ! private eshools 111;
;)upils iu private schools 341; value of
Btiliool houses and gixiundr. I()7,0S0;
value of school furniture !i!l,8M; vul
ue of appuraitK school h.iuses
built (luring the year 1; mnnbor of
ticliool ilisti'ictM 135, iinuiUMt .if mor.ev
received for schuel purpiMca during the
year 58,012 43.
As spring bcgiik; to opeu up it seems
ttat It would be a good idea to have
the Lebanon cemetery tlxed up and
cleaned out. The Zxi'RBsmlliluks that
if this was looked after It could lie
easily done by inibfoHplinu. We
know that tliere are at least 25 per
sons in and arouud Lebanon who
would readily glve$I perauonth for
three months to hire a good unui to go
there and work for itlie next three
months wid get the grave j urd in
llrst-olatm condition. Who will take'
hold of this mutter and see what can
be done. Jit lea shame Uie w:ay the
cemetery has been keptr Xbou are
some who try and Seep up the .pjives
of Uujtr relntides and friends, ImtiDUere
are uuiny whoidou't, We also jicci a
puiup lu the .oBinelery. Wliu
etai'it:!,,. .'. .
Train Uniiarl.
On lastThnrnd.tty lilfrht there wu an
atlem:pto wreck ite Soutliorn Pacific
overhand paaii((l.r train, mar Rioe
Hill, tin Dougla county, 172 miles
Boath of PortJiint, hy removing a rail
on a trestle.
It waad lowered by Geo. E. V&cb
ardson, 'ho 'claimed he liad been
aUbbed mill heateu ly the wosld-be
WTeekem, ait thrown oil' of the trestle,
where he lay unconscious for ever."l
liours, but 't.ecame conscious in time
to crawl p tke track about a half
mllc and Dug the approaching train,
and between gasps said, "For God's
sake, di't go any further they're
there ttie train rolibera they're well
heeliHl nd they'll kill yno they've
done ine up."
After the rail had been replaced
Richardson was taken on board the
train mid taken to Portland, and was
praised by all for his heroic action, and
the passengers passed resolutions of
praise for bun and made up a purse for
hie "hercicaction."
The 8. P. company then offered $3000
reward for the conviction of each one
of the guilty parties and detectives at
once commenced work on It, which
reeulted In Richardson's arrest
They claim that they have evidence
enough for bis conviction, and that lie
did the work expecting to get a big re
ward. Richardson has virtually cot
feaHed to the whole business. ,
W. li O. Social.
On last Balurduy evening April 1, Jobu
T Miller, W. it. . No. 15, o this place
guve a very enjoyable social at the O. A. R.
hall, In which toe following prograhime
was rendered:
Song Choral Society.
ltecitation Clifford Tlllotson. '
BongBessie and Kitten Miller.
ltecitation Bert Wight.
Solo Kev. Eccleston.
Recitation Kitten Milter.
Duet J. B. Marks and Emma Crandall
Recitation Lizzie Keed.
Song Choral Society,
Refreshments of ice cream and cake were
served, after which the remainder of the
evening was spent in social chats etc. The
W. R. C. extend thanks to the friends who
jmsisted in the exercise of the evening.
Sprlug Jacket!.
I have my new spring stock of jack
ets ready for your inspection. The
Assortment Is the largest in Alban;
and all 1898 styles. Prices are right,
Samuel E. Young, ,
- Albany, Oregou.
Elegant Monument.
One of the neatest monuments e er
placed lu Lebauou's oemetery was
set up last Friday at the grave of the
late Prof, Stubblefleld. It is one of
he latest designs iu use iu the east,
made of Ihe beautiful extra dark mot
tled blue marble, with a vase for the
reception of flowers. If you want to
see an entirely -new design Inspect it
and I hen place your order with the
linu who put It up, Si. VV. Acbisou k
Co., Albany, Oregon.
Messrs. Lawrence and Thatcher,
ui imagers of the Oregon Telephone and
Telegraph Co., were to town Thurs
day. Tuey have decided to put iu a
telephone line from Albany to Leba
nou, aud also to Brownsville, In an
other column will be found their ad--vertlsement
for bids on cedar poles.
Hon. M. A. Miller is their agent at
this place.
Bids will be received during the
next twenty days for 900 or 1000 (& few
more or less) round, live green cedar
poles, peeled with knot trimmed close
to pole; same to be delivered at the
Into between Albany aud Browns
ville via Lebanon. The dimensions
utueUieas follows. Twenty-rlve feet
lung, not less than six inches or more
than nine inches across (be top. Bids
must lie addressed to M. A. Miller,
Lelumon, slating price fur poll'
7, 1893.
Council Proceedings.
Council met last Tuesday In regular
meeting. Roll was calk d and all the
members were present.
Minutes of previous meeting were
read and approved.
Councilman Cruson, chairman of
the license committee, repurted that
he had notified the saloon proprietors
and their bondsmen that they had to
comply with the ordinance, aiid they
informed him that they would.
The city treasurer' report for the
first quarter was read, and by motion
was accepted and ordered placed on
The city recorder's report for the
first quarter was read, and by motion
was accepted and ordered placed on
The resignation of Geo. W. Rice as
city recorder was read and by motion
was laid on the table indefinitely.
The resignation of Ed Kellenberger
as councilman was read, and hy mo
tion was accepted.
The council then proceeded to elect
another councilman to fi II the vacancy.
The names of Jas. G. Boyles and M.
A. Miller were placed in nomination,
Mr. Boyles receiving the greatest num
ber of votes.
The request of O'Neil A Myers to run
a water flume down one of the streets,
was referred to the committee on
streets. :
The following bills were allowed.
and an order drawn on the treasurer
for the same: S. E. Mackey, $25; Chas.
Stokes, $10; Eleetric Light Co., $00;
Wm. Reatherferd, $5; Geo. Rice, $14.75.
Rev. C. A. Wooley, of Eugene, was
in Lebanon yeslerday.
Mr. Hardman, deputy tax assessor,
is in Lebanon this week, assessing
Lebanon is to be connected with Al
bany in the near future by telephone.
Score another for Lebanon.
Mr. T. L. Talbert and family left
yesterday for Whittier. California,
where tbey will make their future
Miss Ida Miller, who has been help
ing at the St. Charles, left yesterday
for Nashville, Oregon, where she will
teach a term of school.
A man by the name of Hysom, who
has been living on the Mossholder
place near Hodaville, died Sunday
from consumption. He was buried on
R. Hiatt has sold his bop yard and
young orchard to Joe Buhl for $4000.
Ruff reserves this year's crop. This is a
flue place and Huff has made consider
able money on It.
Dr. Lambsison received a telegram
yesterday from New York, from bis
partner, telling him of securing a con
tract for 100 tons of chittem bark.
Look out for Ad next week.
E. Osborne traded his city proper
ly including the Lebanon machine
shops, to J. H. Whedhee from the
forks of Ihe Snutiiim. Mr. Osborne
traded the properly for a fine farm of
about 200 licit s. Mr. Whedhee has
control of tbenit.chine shop.
Rov. W. P. Holt will give a Stereop
tii on entertainment and lecture in the
Presbyterian church on the 12th of
April, at 7:"0 p. m. Dr. Holt was for
many years a milonary in China,
and it will be a rare treat to hear him
lecture. All are invited to come.
My wife was confined to her bed for
over two months with a very severe
attack of rheumatism. We could get
nothiM; that would afford her any re
lief, and at last resort we gave Cham
berlain's Pain Balm a trial. To our
great surprise beau to improve after
the first application, and by using it
regularly she was soon able tn get up
and attend to her house work. E. H.
Johnson, of C, J. Knutson & Co.,
Kensington, Mlnu. 50 cent bottles
for sale by M. A. Miller.
NO 6.
At last the rush fr Chinese registra
tion has begun. Of course only a frac
tion of those liable to deportation can
get in between now and May otli un
less some extraordinary measures are
taken to facilitate Ihe process, but
there Is still time enough for (uAcfSf
thousand toget through, 'jnce start
ed the rush is likely tt 5row, although
it h not Very blji j'st, h. F. Bulletin.
There will be services in the First
Presbyterian church everv Sunday,
morning and evening. The evening
sermon Is especially intended Tor the
young people. Young People's prayer
meeting at 7 P. M. on Sundays. All
are cordially invited to come and wor
ship with us. Please make yourself
known to the Pastor.
We hear that game warden McGuire
will be in this city in a few days, to in
vestigate the killing of an elk near Mill
City, recently. It is reported that it
was an old doe elk, that annually for
six or eight years has come down In
the fall and raised one or two calves,
following the biiow back in the spring.
This year she was killed by some hun
ters who may have trouble on hand.
Albany Telescope.
Persons who are subject to attacks of
bilious colht can almost invariably tell,
by their fellings, when to expect an
attack. If Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy is taken as
soou as these symptoms appear, they
can ward off disease. Such persons
should always keep the Remedy at
1...,. f- immnt..,A
needed. Two or three doses of it at
the right time will save them much
trouble. Forsale by M. A. Miller.
Last Wednesday Moses Parker
brought to town 22 pairs of Chinese
pheasants and delivered them to E.
W. Langdon, who shipped thorn to a
gentleman In New York, where they
will be turned loose, to multiply, and
replenish the land. The legislature of
that state has passed a stringent law
protecting them, and they should do
wel! there. Mr. Parker was paid the
neat sum of $220 for the birds. Tele
scope, The more Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is used the better it is liked.
We know of no other remedy that al
ways gives satisfaction. It is good
when you first catch cold. It is good
when yonr cough is sealed and your
lungs are sore. It is good in any kind
of a cough, We have fold twenty-five
dozen of It and every bottle has given
satisfaction. Stedman & Friedman,
druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 50
cent bottles for sale by M. A. Miller
Services iu the Methodist church
Sunday, April 9. Sunday school at
1a.m. Junior
League at 3 p. m. Epwnrtb League
at 6:30 p. in. Subject: "Secret Pray
er." Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Subject:
"The crime of compromise." This is
the second sermon iu a series of ser
mons on the llcicor truffle. All are
cordially invited to attend.
Miss Adain, who lives near Si'ver
ton, Marion ei unly, went horseback-,
riding the other day, Her saddle had
bten hanging all winter in the barn,
and she noticed tin, 1 the seat of the
saddle appeared as though a stick
might be under it, but could not be
Removed without ripping the saddle, -j
After riding for several miles the horse
j became suddenly frightened and be
: gaii to rear and plunge. Upon look
ing around she discovered a snake
crawling from the saddle, and with
Its Head began Btriklng at the horse
and then at her. Realizing her situa
tion she jumped to the ground. Hold
ing the horse with one hand she killed,
the snake with a club she held lu the
oth r. It was found to be a blaok rat
tle snake three feet long, aud was en
tirely too much warmed up (obe a
comfortable companion. Ex.