The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 31, 1893, Image 3

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Their In na one like my liuwltt
Ilor brow n Htuiwtlruu Is,
And her linn tlnty are rod oliorriea,
Tliatuyo invito a klm.
There to noo on llkci my lrvwtai
Hor hair Ih mumlilim ourled,
And Itor n'oii nre auriily brlgutor
Thim onlu In the world.
There Ih line one like my ImhIoi
Hor wlott It l hiu) olar
Tlml I HtrnlKlitway dreiim o' angela
Whan IIh alitor tout 1 boar.
There Ih nae ono llkn my Innate,
And Hhe't. kihmI an aha Ik fair)
E'en hnuvon will mum morobolf
When hor spirit enter there,
-fluulo M. Bust In I'hilatlelih Udjret.
It was a dark and stormy night with
out, and 1 drew jny chair doner to the
fire as I sipped my tea and regaled my
self with the news of the local paper.
Aa the sturm and sleet rattled furiously
against the window and pedestrians hur
ried by anxious to reach a place of shel
ter, I felt thankful that 1 was not obliged
to leave my comfortable home for the
"What's this?" Isaid, as my eyealight
ed on a startling paragraph.
"Mysterious murder! Mr. John Ran
dolph, one of our old and' wealthy citi
zens, was this morning found dead in his
room, having'been murdered during the
night by some unknown person, Edgar
Morton, a clerk in his employ, and who,
report says, was soon to he married to
bis daughter, lias been arrested for the
murder, and circumstances are said to
be strongly against him."
Now, although 1 am usually among
the first to hear of criminal news, from
the nature of my business, this was the
first intimation I had received that such
a murder had been done, This seemed
very strange, as 1 was on the very best
of terms with Mr, Randolph and his
whole family.
"And so this is the way that Edgar
Morton repays the benefactor of his
youth and soon to be father! Tet, no,"
I cried, "I will stake my life on that
young man's innocence."
As 1 spoke there came a gentle tap at
-the door, followed almost immediately
by the entrance of a lady deeply veiled,
who at once threw aside her veil, disclos
ing to me the features of my deceased
friend's daughter, Cecil Randolph.
"Excuse me, Mr. Ferguson, for enter
ing uninvited, but nrgent business must
be my only exense."
"Be seated, Miss Randolph," 1 said,
rising and handing her a chair.
"Oh, Mr. Forgusoiil" she sobbed forth,
burying her face in her hands, "that I
.should ever be obliged to come to you on
auch an errand as this!"
I endeavored to quiet her, and partially
succeeded, when I drew from her what
few facts she knew regarding hor father's
"Be retired last night at the nsnal
hour apparently in good spirits, and so
eonnd was heard during the night to
.cause any alarm. In the morning, as he
failed to appear at breakfast, a servant
was dispatched to summon him. Knock
ing at the door and receiving no answer,
he finally ogiened it and advanced into
the room. What a sight did he then
behold! My poor father lay upon his
bed, with his throat out from eur to ear!
Death must have come to him suddenly
so suddenly s to prevent any outcry
and the unknown assassin had no
trouble in making his escape."
"But," I said, "I can't Bee why any
one should ausect Edgar of the mur
der." "That is the most mysterious part of
the sad affair. This morning, when
Edgar was told of the murder, he turned
very palo, reeled, und would have falleu
to the ground hud not support been
given him. Some of the ignorant be
holders of this scene thought his actions
denoted guilt, and an officer was sum
moned, who at once insisted on search
ing his room. A rotor, on which was
several spots of blood, was found con
cealed under the carpet, together with
an old suit of clothes belonging to Ed
gar, which was bespattered with blood.
This was considered sufficient evidence
to warrant his arrest, and he now lies in
jail charged with the awful crime of
murder. Oh, Mr, Ferguson, if you can
do anything to save him, and at the
ame time bring the guilty perpetrator
of the deed to justice, I will amply
reward you."
"Do you know of any enemies of your
father, or of Edgar, who would be likely
to commit such a crime, either for rob
bery or revonger I asked.
"Oh," she replied, "it was not done for
robbery, as everything in the room was
as my father left it the night before.
His watch and pooketbook, the latter
containing a good sum of money, were
found under hiu pillow, where he always
S laced them; so that the crime must
ave been committed to gratify a fiend
ish thirst for revenge."
"JJow, then, who of all your acquaint
ances could do such a thing?"
"I cannot possibly say. My father had
not an enemy in the world, to my knowl
edge, or Edgar cither unless, perhaps,
it might be Conrad bmithers, my father'!
bookkeeper and head clerk. But it would
be iuiK)sslhle for him to do such a deed."
"What reason have you for suspecting
that ho is not Edgar's fneudr
. "Only this: Borne time ago Conrad,
whom we have always regarded as one
of the family, proposed (of my nana,
and I told him it was not mine to give.
I siisuected as much,' he muttered.
And then, while his faoe grew dark u
night and Ins features assumed an ap
pearance perfectly fearful, ho continued,
But yon slum never become the wife
of Edgar Morton while I have life
to prevent it.' He then turned and
abruptly left my presence. I was much
alarmed and thought of speaking td my
father about It, but during the after
noon he returned and begged my forgive
ness for the words he had used, and made
such professions of Borrow in regard to
them that 1 freely forgave mm, and have
since thought no more of the matter."
"The fact in quite olear to me, I said.
"I know this fellow well and the tort of
company he keeps, and I shall not be
surprised to Und that he committed the
murder. Now, then, I want to see the
body of your father and the room in
which the deed was done."
"Well, Mr. Ferguson," she said, rising
and preparing to accompany me, "you
will find everything as it was when first
discovered. The officer decided not to
disturb anything nntil after the inqneet,
which takes place tomorrow forenoon."
Wrapping myself up in my greatcoat
we set ont, and after a brisk walk of ten
minutes reached the handsome residence
of my companion. I was at once shown
to the room of the murdered man, and
then began making snch an examination
as only a detective knows how to make.
Circnmstances of the most trivial char
acter, which would be overlooked by an
ignorant person, are often seized upon
by a skillful detective, and sometimes
constitute the most damaging evidence
of guilt. In this case, however, every
thing had been done in the most skillful
manner, and 1 could not succeed in mak
ing any discovery.
1 was about to leave the room In de
spair when, glancing toward the bed, I
noticed what appeared to be a slight
scratch on the neck of the murdered man
just above the gaping wound which had
so cruelly let out bis life's blood. On ex
amination I found it to be nothing more
than a hair, which had in some manner
probably become loosened from the head
of the assassin and had settled on the
neck of the victim, where it now lay, a
silent yet truthful witness, pointing ont
the guilty wretch to the eye of justice.
The hair was of a deep red color, which
was totally unlike that of any of the
household. It was, indeed, the same color
and shade as that of Conrad Smithers.
I placed it carefully in my pocketbook,
and saying nothing to any one of my
discovery, started for the residence of
Bmithers, intent on doing a little acting.
I found him, as his attendant said, ill in
bed and on no account must he be dis
turbed. "This sickness is but a stratagem," 1
thought, "to divert stiHpiciou."
Telling the woman that I wanted to see
him but for a moment on the most ur
gent business, she finally reluctantly con
sented to my entrance. 1 found him
lying upon a bed, apparently in great
pain. In my youth I bad studied medi
cine and was consequently well informed
in such mutters, and saw at once with a
quick glance that be was only feigning
sickness. He started up somewhat an
grily as 1 entered, but I silenced him
with a motion of my head.
"Conrad Bmithers, this is a desperate
game you are playing, but it will avail
yon nothing."
"What do you mean?' he exclaimed,
springing to his feet, his illness all gone.
"I mean that the game is up and the
murderer of John Randolph is discov
ered." Thrown completely off his guard, as I
had anticipated, he sank into a chair,
aud burying his l.toe in his hands sobbed
out, "Lost! lost?'
Do yon confess the murder, then?"
I do," he answered, "now that con
cealment is no longer of use,"
I took him at once into custody and
soon had the satisfaction of seeing him
change places with Edgar Morton.
Conrad Bmithers was tned for the
murder and. knowing that any defense
would be useless after his confession to
me, he pleaded guilty and threw himself
upon the mercy of the court, which sen
tenced him to imprisonment for life.
It needs scarcely to be explained that
the villain Bmithers had found an oppor
tunity of visiting Edgar Morton's room
in bis abseuce aud possessed himself of
the razor and the articles of clothing.
After the commission of the murder he
had returned to the apartment and de
posited the blood stained evidences of
his crime, thus incriminating Edgar.
About a year after I received an invi
tation to the wedding of Cecil Randolph
and Edgar Morton, who live most hap
pily together and never oeased thanking
me that Edgar was saved by a hair.
New York Evening World.
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thing ready to take their plaoe," he said,
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Ill . nrr
t 1 THt twit