The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 27, 1893, Image 1

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(If paid In irivauoe., 1 M por Jlem.)
Throe moutiis -
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Secret Societies.
' "TTmtiON wiiK so., I.o. o, f.-mm
VMK'Hiiliinby BVMiilill Odd FSiowHll, al
"- A. A. KEE8, N. G.
1( I (1 0 r tUti fir and ,UilM Wln
, DOLUIiSAl.TMAMli, HMt'S ' , J
I,l!Ao IfllW., t;.i, 44 A. -M Mo,1i
.tKhnumil.. TLiMaaux,.. ;
F. M. Miu.fts, fcor.
ll.Kir UMnm.HO. a A. ,1t. W.-MeotK WWf
' Mq evelM al C A. .. M w
C. A. ZAllK.isoc.
Mn Ml" Cuiv. M. M. WV of OKWWIK
SoB?VCT-'.-Ma ln A. H. Hull, 1;;
Or mry Saturday velliR. en-upt "'.t
Itotiirduv i.fu:li wonlh. ouliiiB tlus third
2u In- A" H"" "!'" ";
jmn u.i.1 B.imr.l( M.tij U. A. K. an i.ramlly
tavhod u,laM. witl, U!- ur.t.
A. C AMU, Pirn Bolt.
leathorfori S Chamberlain,
J. 11. WYATT,
. Attorney- at - Law,
Attorney -at - Law,
collections given prompt "id carcM attrnUOB.
Will practice In all the courts of the state.
ni is cocbtsiv's aatca.
St. Charles Hotel,
Conior Maui and Bhermau StnieU, . .
J. B, THOMPSON, Proprietor.
First-Class inall Apartments.
Spscittl atlffiiUoH paid to Com
luerclaJ uieo.
Board and Ijodsini?, pef da.V, tl t
2;perek $4.50 U0
fJuccessor to R. L. .MoClure.
Shaving Parlor.
First-Class Artists in aUend
once. But and CM Baihs with
Stower at aU times.
Yuuk Patiionaqe Solicited.
Your real name must accompany
everv communication or II will cer
tniniv go to the "waste basket." We
dn not want your name for publica
tion, but as a guarantee of (rood filth.
The Knlghta of Maooabeea.
Onlist Monday, obediently to on invita
tion to tlie Unn Tent, No. 7 K. O. T. M., a
party consisting of sis Maccabees of this
nlur. nuroclv. r-ir Knights Dr. Prill, J- P.
TtvAe. 8. B. Coyle, John Moist, lieo. W.
Rice ami Dr. J. A. Lomberson took the i
tNernoon train for Brownsville to witness,
wi !' assist at the installation of llie officer .
fleet of Pacific Tent , No. ft, K. 0. T. M.
Hr. Lauilwreon was invited to act as in
stalling officer tl: Iteing a Deputy Supreme
Organiser and Oeo. W- Kiee as B'iprctne
Master at Arms.
The service commenced at 8 p. m. and
after installatinn -vsa n a beautiful and
splendid repast was spread in their new
Hall, which had been provided by the laily
relatives of the Sir Knights. A better sup
pur and a more enjoyable time could not
have .bun had any where. .After supper
Bliewii nutting was the order of the hour.
Sir Kilight Lamlwrson being called he re
sponded with ft 20 minute speech, which
was listened to by those present with awe
and rajit attention. Short and spicy
speeches weie made by tVjui. A. (1. Frill of
Linn Tent, No. 7, and S. B. Coyle.
Commander Longbottom of Pacific Tent
made a few remarks, thanking the mem
bers of Linn Tent No. 7, for their presence
in answer to their invita.iou.
The order in Brownsville is growing last,
a majority of the leading citizens being
members of the order, The good will and
fraternal feeling existing between the mem
bers of Pacific l ent, No. 9, and Linn Tent,
No. 7. speaks volumes for the order
Two Tiln Collide.
We take the following from the
Portland Dispatch dated January
An accident occurred on the North
ern Pacific at Eagle Gorge, 70 miles
out of Tacoma, which resulted in the
death of brakeman K. Lowe.
It was a collision between a freight
train aud gravel train. Orders were
piven the conductor in charge of the
gavel train to sidetrack In order to
make way for the freight train, but
there was a mistake somewhere and
he did not take it off of the main
track. The freight which was coming
west had been devided into two sec
tions on the Cascade mountains, and
the first one came down the heavy
grades at a tremendous rate. The
gravel traiu was seen, but not lu time.
On came the freight till the two en
gines met, aud a complete smashup
Oblto.rj: -
Mrs. 8. O. Wallace, wife of Mr. S.
0. Wallace, was born in Anderson
county Tennessee, April 8, 1858, and
died January 18, 1818. Age, 89 years,
9 niontlw and 18 days. She was con
verted and joined the Methodist
church January, 1SBS, and was mar
ried to 8. 0. Wallace, March 2U, lKttS.
She moved with iter husband to Miss
ouri about the year 1874 and to Oregon
in 1888. Hhe Joined the Baptist
church ill 1891. Her funeral was
preached" in the Baptist church by
Rev. Geo. W. Hill, of Albany, Oregon.
She leaves a husband and 13 children
and a wide circle of relatives and
friends to mourn her loss.
May God sustain the bereaved ones
aud prepare them to meet her where
there will be no parting. C. R, L.
Another Pioneer Cona.
Mr. H. A. McCartney died at
his home In Sodaville Sunday last -being
nearly years' Old. His re
mains were taken to Harrishurg aud
iwre Interred lu the Masonic ceme
tery at that place. The deceased waa
a native of Tennessee and came lo this
oouuty lu J857, where he has since
lived aud raised . a large family. The
deceased was a ui ucb respected citiieu
mi ills death will be sadly felt lu
Sodaville where bia energies were
.always active in advancing that place.
Hay Ban 'OD . ,k,
Monday t ie d Mtm f the U. 8. Bank-
Inj? Co. 'a bank t,(;efvaia were cioa.d
to business. .
Itlookarint might ben genuine
bank fail" jrv i,ut ihe tiue alate of ftl
fairs con. fa not be learned up to the!
time of going to press, , i .
Sortie time Batunliiy a feeling of un
easi aem tame oveHthe depiisitora in
th'ji bank, and a' number of them
withdrew Uwir deposits. In fact,
nearly everyone of the Gervaia busi
ness men sought protection in this
manner. In the afternoon a $1,000
check could not tie honored. The
bank officers asked until Monday and
then the doors of the bank closed for
the day and week. Monday morning
when the hour for opening the bank
came the street in front of the bunk
was crowded with depositors who
were anxious to withdraw. Then
fears that the worst hafl come was in
creased in Gervais by the presence of
Sheritt Knight. But the bank did
not open at all, and the true state of
affairs is not known.
Jas. Dickinson, the chashier, says
the bank is all right and will be open
ed up in a day or so as soon as a
shipment of com arrives. He says the
bank was not prepared for the big run
made upon it Saturday, but they can
and will pay every cent.
The president of the banking com
pany, Mr. Balridge, ' is now " in the
East. The V. S. Banking Co. has four
badks one each at Gervais, Sheridan,
Linkville and Junction, and It waa
said last night in Gervais that the
bank at Junction was also closed.
Statesmau. "
In 1885 C. 1 H. Carter and Thns. W.
Kelton murdered a man near Mt. Ver
non, Mo., by beating hie brains out
with stones. They were found guilty
of murder in the first degree and sen
tenced to be hanged on July 1st, 1887.
Just before the day for baoging Car
ter escaped, shooting the jailer, Cbas.
Warren, but not fatally. Over five
years passed without any reliable clue
to him until several days ago he was
recognized and arrested at Mt. Tabor,
Portland's suburb, by Marshal Miuto,
of Salem, and Detective Simmons, of
Portland. Carter has been living at
Mt. Tabor under the name ef Rose,
and owns property there. Sheriff
Wilson, and Chas. Warren, the jailer
who was shot, have arrived and will
take Carter back tone hanged. The
men capturing him will receive $400
Later. The requisition for Rose,
alias Carter, not having yet arrived
and the term for which he was re
manded to the county jail having ex
pired. Recorder Edes yesterday ex
tended his order ten days, and so Rose
continues to be held in durance vile as
a fugitive from justice. Quite a sad
scene was enacted in bis cell In the
county (all a few days ago when his
bride came to bid him a last farewell
before his departure for Missouri to
pay the death penalty. The couple
had a few moments conversation to
gether, alone. He threw bis arms
arouuy her and kissed her, then sud
denly relinquished his hold and step
ped in his cell where darkness shield
bis face.
How are you fixed for letter-heads,
olll-heads. envelopes, note-heads,
statements and the like? Don't follow
the old hi.vIm of usinff unnrinted sta
tlouery. We print everything at this
office and charge a reasonable price
onlv. We claim to do as good work
for as little money as any oniue in the
Baptist CiiuBOHPreaching every
Sunday at 11 A. M. and 7:80 p. H. Sun
day School at 10 A. M. Young People's
meeting every Sunday at 6:45 p, M,
Prayar-meetiug every Wednesday at
8 p.m. C. R. Lamab, Pastor.
Cleveland's cook books at Hiram
Art In Monumental Work.
It is pleasing to note the change
taking place in the last few years in
the selection of suitable memorials to
our departed friends. The old inartis
tic slab high and broad with the con
ventional weeping willow, carved on
the face and tiallance covered with in
scription and epitaph, has been rele
gated to the back-ground; and has
been replaced by the neat little mon
ument with brief inscription, that
docs not mar the artistic beauty of the
work. Then, for large work, such us
public, family, monument, etc., Gran
ite as a material, has taken a leading
position in the lead of the world. For
ages it was known to be one of the
must durable of materials but not un
til comparatively recent years, when
the art of bringing out its Inherent
beauty by giving it a high polish, has
taken its place in the front rank for
monumental work. As it is found In
many different colors it supplies the
individual taste of almost everyone
Red Beach (red) and Barre (gray) are
to of the leading granites, and many
beautiful monuments of these have
been placed lu the cemeterieB of Ore
gon. Notable among those in the
former granite is a family monument
placed in the Oakville cemetery Tues
day of this week, which for artistic
design aud beauty of workmanship is
unsurpassed. It was purchased by
Walter McGhee for his parents and
put up by the enterprising firm of E.
W, Achison & Co , of Albany, who are.
always in the lead In their line of
work and anyone desiring monumen
tul work would do well to consult
them before purchasing or anywie tbr
whom they have done work. Albany
A little more than a week ago hold
ups and burglaries were reported al
most by the score in Portlamd; but
for several days past there seems to be
a cessation of hostilities in that line.
Doubtless the thieves and thugs have
been compelled to seek other and more
congenial fields for operation. Just
now Seattle seems to be a sort of local
point for the gathering of this unde
sirable class. According to the papers
holdups and burglaries are very fre
quent over there. Portland has had
her experience in the footpad bus!
uess and is perfectly willing for other
cities to take their turn. Telegram,
The following Is a dispatch from
Lakewood, N, J. dated Jan. 25th
"Cleveland and Bayard sat up late last
night hewing out a cabinet, and n
Sumed the work this morning. Whit
ney had not appeared up to noon
Harrity, It is believed, Is booked for
postmaster-general. He is expected to
visit Cleveland to-day. It is said that
Wall, of Wisconsin, will be tendered
the secretaryship of the interior,"
Frank Landry received Sunday a
draft for $850 drawn upon the treasury
of the United States, This Is in pay
ment of the loss sustained by Mr,
Landry in, the destruction of his
house and other property on Bear creek
durlivi the war of 1878. He was al
lowed $940, but $90 went to his attorn
ey. G. D. Richardson also received
payment of bis claim, about $200.
Pendleton E. .
It Is reported that some mean, con
temptible being, or beings, In human
form, without the fear of God, man, or
the devil, has broken out all the win
dow lights and doors, and otherwise
defaced the new Providence church
building, recently built. If it is true
It is to be hoped that they will be
caught, aud punished to the full extent
of the law.
The bill for extending the incorpo
rate limits of Lebanon has passed both
houses, and now awaits the Governor's
signature. The legislature saw that
the provisions of the bill were just and
proper, aid did not delay to do the city
the justice needed.
J. B. Kclsey left yesterday for his ruin- :;
ing claim.
Get ft cook book free at Pugh
There were several window lights broker!
out yesterday with snow halls. There
ought to be a stop put to this kind of busi
ness. ,
Boys that go to church and misbehave ',
lould be arrested and punished for it and
lie sooner one of our churches makes an
example of one of them the better.
W. J. Turnidge has bought Z. Reynolds'
delivery and express business and wagon,
and will hereafter run both wagons. He .
ill have his brother drive one.
It is reported that some of our citi
zens living in the eastern part of the
ilty had a quarrel on the street a few
evenings ago.
It might be well for a certain person .
rooming on Main street to remember
that school marms are liable to pass
at any time and they had better pull
down the curtains when they go to
The Church of Christ meets In the
Academy lor regular services every
Lord's, Day in the morning at 11
o'clock. Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
All are invited to attend.
You will be surprised
That you were ever satisfied f '
With other brands
When yoa have once used
Cleveland's baking powder.
Rev. J. W. Spangler will occupy the
pulpit in the Methodist church Sun
day morning and evening. The sac
rament will be administered after the
morning sermon. A cordial invita
tion to all.
."Yesterday, .morning (Thursday) the
ground was covered with snow about ?
inches deep a great surprise to nearly
everybody. As we go to press it is still
snowing and is now 8 or 7 inches deep.
From all appearances it has come to stay
awhile and we are likely to have some
sleigh riding before long. ,
Rev. John Parsous, Presiding Elder
of the Salem District, will hold the
2nd Qaarterly Meeting in the Metho
dist church Friday afternoon, Jan. 27,
at 2:30 o'clock. Rev. Parsons will
preach In the evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All are cordially invited.
"Mamma was Dinah Moore au aw
ful good woman and did she go to
Heaven long ago?" Mamma Why,
Georgie, I dont know anything about
her, "Well yon just -night to been to
church this morning and heard them
sing 'I'm going home to Dinah
Moore,1" Ex.
The democratic state executi'
committee meets in Salem Feb. v
to decide upon names to be pre-"
sented to Mr. Cleveland after the
4th of March. Black, of Linn, will
receive the endorsement for collec
tor ot customs at Portland a good
A Bargain,
W. C. Peterson, the rustling retil
estate agent, will sell you a choice 10
aore tract of land for hops, garden or
fruit, adjoining the city on the east, tit
a speolal bargain. Call on him at once
and look the land over and price on
same. Do not miss a flue chance tn
get yourself a fine tract of hind at a
bargain. .
Notice is hereby given that tho
photographic partnership of Dodson &
Ribelin tsthisduy dissolved by mutual
consent, and hereafter the business
will be conducted by W. H. Ribelin.
W. H.,
T. L. Dodson.
Lebanon, Oregon, Jim. 8, 1803.
Pay Up.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to me will please call aud set
tie at once as I am needing my mou , '
Ed Khilenhubo