The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 13, 1891, Image 6

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lwn. down the dark canyons we ride 1b ft
Tbe reilant sweep or In their mystical hurry. !
Atone inlellie wind are the Ituuniurenu worry
l.troe into the wt with the phantom wnon.
' Ha? luere Is the lord of the bills aud the vat
leys: It h. hv that leads in (lie midsunvmereaUiee
xlilfh luto the steep where the gray chapar
ral is:
It V he tlial leads In the font; laenon.
V here the wild mustard splashes the slope
with yellow
.fie has turned at bay. Ob. tiie powerful fee
low! See the mas of his head! hear the breath and
the bellow!
How be tsars the ground with' his Riurpi
Jiow ue breaks a wUd path thro the deeti
plumy rushes:
A hmd bird hmh on a tamarack liasbesr,
Kiplit on thro a aiory of orireson he crushes
tin inio the eioom under leafy roofs.
Oh, the Joy of the wind in our fanes! Vt fol
low The oattle; we shout down the poppy none:
-Sea! out of the cliff we have startled the swal
low, And startled the echoes on rocky fells.
Be.' whst was it passed? were tbey pigeons or
That whispered away like a hurtle of arrows?
"The rose odor thickens, the deep forge nar
rows. Now the herd twines down thro' the coated
fjpesd. spsed! leere the brooks to their pebbles
and prattle;
Sweep on with the thunder and enrge of the
The hurry, the shouting, the wild joy of battle.
The hius, and the wind, and the open light,
rlow on into osmp by the sycamores yonder,
nvf o er the guitar let the light fingers wan
der -Let tnoughb) in the high heart grow passive
and fonder;
Then stars and the dreams of a summar
-r-Charlas E. Marknam in Overland Ssonthlf.
Has Been ta Meeea.
I fancy that it w not general? known
that there is in this town a man who hat
twice made the perilous jtmnwy to
Here. Hadji Brown he is called in the
earn, the "Hadji" meaning pilgrim. Mr.
Brown is an Irishman by birth and a
-traveler and journalist by profession.
Hofhatraveled innch in Perms, Afghani
stan and other oriental countries. He
speaks Arabic like a native, and in
Turkish costume he easily passes (or a
Turk. It was in this character, of
-course, that he visited afecca, for with
out some snch disguise he would have
been murdered long before reaching the
satTrd city. Mir Richard Barton, whose
ample visit to Mecca made him famous,
would have been slain by a fanatic on
the journey but' for the fortunate fact
that Sir Richard was a bit quicker with
his weapons than was the would be as
KuKsin. Brown k taken for a Mussulmao in
tin- east, and be says his prayers in ad
mirable oriental fashion. As a matter
-of fact, it is not a very difficult feat to
ja as a Tnrk. even among Mussulmen,
for Turks are of all complexions, and
.even a blue eyed man who spoke the
language and wore the proper costnme
would not be challenged unless he
aroused auspicion by some no-Moslem
act. Sir Richard Burton's moment of
danger came from a very simple eKglect
to unserve a custom of the people with
whom be journeyed. New York Star.
Bear Hhootlng la Thibet.
As I drew near i saw a large bear
standing hi the river feeding on the car
cass of a yak. Taking a gun from one
-of my men I fired at it, breaking Ha
anoulder. When my men saw what I
had ihot at they turned and beat a hasty
retreai, shouting to me to run, that the
"wild man" might not devour me. An
other shot, better aimed, put au end to
the bear, but not to the fright of my
Mongols, who even then would not ap
proach. Our failure to skin my prize
nearly broke my Tientsin servant's
heart, for by it he lust bis chance to se
cure the gall, a much rained medicine
in China, and worth eight or ten ounces
-of silver in any drug shop. Mongols and
Thibetans attack a bear only when they
are a strong, well armed party, if y hav
ing killed one of these dreaded monsters
alone seemed a feat of great daring, and
the story was told to every Thibetan we
jnet afterward as proof positive of my
dauntless courage. W. WoodvilleBoek
Jull in Century.
Character Cress the Fingers.
As far as the fingers are coucerned.
experts in palmistry divide hands into
three classes. Long, slender, tupering
lingers determine the first, and denote
delicate, trained perceptions. A subject
with such fingers has an innate fondness
for art, poetry, music and the higher
forms of iterator!;, in the second class,
the fingers are snorter, are nearly equal
in length, and hare bloat ends. They
denote a practical, material mind, thor
ough and reliable, rather tban brilliant.
A woman with such fingers would make
4 careful and efficient housekeeper, and
a man with similar ones would be cau
tions and thorough in business. In the
third class, the ringers are snort, thick
and square, ami have short, large nails,
with cushions on each side of the nails.
A subject having these fingers is active,
acbletic, qpiniooated, selnsh, has strong
appetites for the material things of life,
and is liable to form strong prejudices.
I. I. Bidwell in New York Ledger.
, A Kolle Fellow.
Pretty Girl Did yon see the way that
" 'lan looked at me? It was positively in
wuiting, -
Big Brother Did he .ttare?
IVi'y (iirj autre? Why, no. Be
' -n his even over me snd then glanced
T .ft some one !. at as if I wasn't
'ttrir!'' -v'y - ;'fit. Kew Xurk
Remarkable Contrast la the Klteet of
Two Poisons ea the Complexion.
The alow absorption of many poisons
changes in some wore or lens modified
form the complexion, but arsenic and
ammonia show their effect about as
quickly as any. The popular belief that
arsenic clears the complexion has led
many silly women to kill themselves
witn it in small, continued doses.
It produces a waxy, ivory-like appear
ance of the skin during a certain stage
of the poisoning, but its terrible alter
effects have beeome too well known to
make it of common use as a cosmetic
The effects of ammonia upon the com
plexion are directly the opposite to that
of arsenic. The Ural symptoms of am
monia poisoning which appears among
those who work in ammonia factories is
a discoloration of the skin of the nose
and forehead. This gradually extends
over the face until the complexion has a
stained, blotched and unsightly appear
ance. With people who take ammonia ;
into their systems in smaller doses, as
with their water and food, these striking
symptoms do not appear so soon. The
only effect of the poison that is visible
for a time is a general ouwholesomeness
and sallowneas of the complexion.
Many people are slowly absorbing am
monia poison without knowing it The
nae of ammonia in the manufactures has
greatly increased of late, and it is un
questionably used as an adulterant in
certain food' preparations. Official anal
ysis bae plainly shown its use even in
such cheap articles of everyday con
sumption as baking powders. The con
tinned absorption of ammonia in even
minute nnantities as an adulterant in
food is injurious not merely from its el-
led upon tne complexion, nut Because it
destroys the coating of the stomach and
causes dyspepsia and xinarea evils.
Prof. Long of Chicago is authority for
the statement that, if to fifty million
parts of water there is one part of am
monia, the water is dangerous.
It Pays is G nimble Judiciously.
The utility of grumbling is something
to be considered. Perhaps the follow
ing title may set forth some of its ad
vantages. There is a woman over in
Brooklyn who has the bad taste not to
prefer tobacco smoke to fresh air. And
us she is thrown among business men
only when she is outside her home, she
doesn't appreciate the fact that the
brains of business men go by smoke
power in these days, and that to snuff
out the cigar of the ordinary man would
be to snuff out his intellect altogether.
And so a while ago, when she went to
her bank and had to stand in hue to get
to the cashier's desk and found a man
close in front of her holding his lighted
cigar behind him and a man close behind
her holding his lighted cigar in front of
bim, she reached the cashier's desk in a
state of unstable eqtritibrrum as to her
And the first words that passed her
Hps were addressed to the cashier thus.
"Mr. Jones, for years I have transacted
my business with this bank, and I've
been annoyed all these years by men
smoking in my face. Now I ask you
is there no' remedy for this annoyance:
Can nothing be doner And the cashier
answered sadly: "1 m afraid not, Mrs.
Smith. Hen will smoke, yon know."
And she went away. But the next week
when she went back, over all the win
dows were little signs, and tbey all read
alike: "Smoking is not allowed in this
And she went away triumphant All
of which teaches that if you don't like
a thing growl about it once in awhile.
But growl with discretion and don't
growl on principle. New York Evening
Hot to be Kadured.
If the Federal government desires to
stamp out the tottery evil, there will be
little opposition on the part of the peo
ple and the press ; but, if it gives irre
sponsible underlines the power to stamp
out tbe press when it exercises its right
to discuss the law, the result will be not
only opposition, but indignation and
trouble all along tbe line.
Just now the papers are having a good
deal to say about the arrest of a Wiscon
sin editor because be nubliahed a clin-
ping from an exchange questioning the
validity of tbe anti-lottery law. if the
arrest "was made for nothing more than
this, then it is putting it mildly to say
that pur government bag become Rus
sianized so far as its treatment of the
mem is concerned.
This policy will not work. If lotteries
cannot be destroyed without also de
stroying the freedom of the press, tbe
people will be in favor of letting the lot
teries alone. We cannot afford to yield
our rielit to sneak and Dublisb fair criti
cisms of public measures. If we yield
the right in one instance, we may expect
to be forced to keep silence whenever it
suits the government to demand it.
Fortunately it is no easy matter to
bulldoze tbe newspapers of America.
Tbe menace of fine and imprisonment
will intimidate very few. No matter
what Federal officials may bold, tbe
newspaper men of tbe country will not
change their conviction that an honest
criticism or discussion of the provisions
contained in the anti-lottery law cannot
with any show of justice be held to be a
violation of tbat law. If they are mis
taken in this belief, then the law will
have to be repealed or modified. In this
Republic the government cannot array
itaelf against the press and have the
support of the people. Atlanta (Qa.)
Man v of the valuable gems in the col
lection of tbe Hohenzolieroa are to be
utilized in the construction of the new
crowns recently designed by F,mpsror
William for himself and tbe Empress.
Both crowns are to be of gold, that of
the Empress a little the smaller of the
TVs Faaaltj of Prise.
He And so you're really going to marry
that professor! You, the heroine of a thou
sand angagenienta! How did jou ever some
to accept him?
Hu Cousin (from Boston) Why, yon ate,
he proposed in Ureek, and when I refused
him 1 got mixed on my negative and Me.
hercuiet accepted him, and now I'm too
proud to acknowledge my blunder. Oh, I'm
us lor luel tale.
ft Worked.
a. SB ink if n '"-viet;-. 1
Mr. Oldboy Ply (professor of elerrrlrh-
and practical mechanics)- Corns right in, m
lkut be alarmed; It's only a tittle in
ventioa of your poor old lather's You wt
It off when yon opened tbe door. 1 thouziit
yon were mistaken when you said you wen
In the hones every night before 10 o'clock,
and 1 wanted to be sure. life.
ta a Oauaoi salary.
arm a dakcx.
Ha (nimoeetly)!
Not ehios butt year! Bo glad kjtlTi to tlm) yrxr
its often thought of that sweat piaue-and
1 wish 1 dare of your hut words remind you
Has Osngukilj): Yet. most boys dot
Hk (esehedly)t
kAttf Wiadersshen,' ere coprtce bereft me.
"Boy!" aye. m years but firm ta manhood set i
would bare banked on hopes your deep eyes left
fin (oalmtr): Most fooa net!
Hs (renroaehfully):
How cruell I bare marked your erery motion,
Have caught your least light amllaali oitfht. 1
Drank in each glance and grace with fresh dero
Ban (demurely): Yea, most men drink!
Sweetheart, f or one brief moment let me f old yea.
And on your fair, false bps a but kiss set;
and then theaeoyee shsl! never more behold yon
Baa (softly): Don't go-just yet!
-John Moras In lata
Ihe Key ef Death.
The "Key of Death" is apparently
large key which is shown among tbe
weapons at the arsenal at Venioe. It
was invented by Tibaldo, who, disap
pointed In love, designed tub instru
ment for the destruction of his rival
Tbe key is so constructed tbat the han
dle may be turned around, revealing a
small sifnng, which being pressed a very
fine needle is driven with considerable
force from tbe other end. This needle
Is so very fine that the flesh closes over
the wound immediately, leaving no
mark, but tbe death of the victim is ai-
inoet instantaneous. -Detroit Free Press.
A Oroap ef Statuary.
This clever artist can play upon anything
from a piauo to the sympathies of hai ad
inirers. Munsey Weekly.
Only a Brief Slay.
Be was one of those dry old jokers, and as
hs settled bis portly frame Into a Hurray
rotunda rocker for bis after dinner smoke a
dashing, fashionably dressed young man
rushed up, held out his hand and exclaimed:
"Well, 1 declare, judge, when did you get
"Oh, t'other day; when did you oomel" re
turned tbo "judge. "
"Last night, over the Burlington."
"How long are you going to stayf '
"As long asmy money holds out," chuck sled
the young man.
"Horry you're going to leave to toon, ob
served the judge, without cracking a mule.
Omaha Republican,
Exposing Bar ttjnornnea.
Tarmer Yaas, yesso that little enow. f?ai,
the gives more milk than all the others put
atita Urhis-Condeused milk, of
Lawrence American.
There Are Kiorplloos.
Lover May i kue you, Fannief
Sweetheart I make It a rule to allow no
gentleman to kiss toe. (After a wnile) But,
of course, there are exceptionj to every rule.
Yaokae Blade,
Men may say of marriage and women
what they please, they will renounce
neither the one nor the other. Fob-
tenelia. '
TJCa w 4V : frm-lv If vA want til
but the will to forget is not so much at
our disposal.
i It requires a good deal of aptitude to
The Chorea af the Pntara.
The churches of the future will be
founded on the idea of righteousness.
"Other foundation can no man lay."
Any narrower church Is unworthy of
humanity and of God, and will, in the
natural course of events, be swept away.
The gods of ecclesiHSticisni have very
often been devils, but the true God is a
perfectly good Being, and bis church
must therefore be on-extenslve with the
race. In righteousness, and in right
eousnesa alone, we have an idea that
we will unite all men by a common
bond. In righteousness, and in right
exnisnea alone, we have an idea capa
ble of Indefinite expansion, of unoeaa
Ing application to the ever changing,
ever growing necessities of human life.
A church founded on the idea of
righteousness is a church which all wise
men must approve, which all good men
must love, for righteousness is abso
lutely necessary for the well being of
mankind. A church founded on the
Idea of righteousness Is part of thai
eternal and universal church which ex
isted long before the Christian era,
which will continue to exist when every
exxnesiastlcal institution In Christendom
has eoHapsed. Eocltmiaitticinn must be
destroyed before religion can begin.
The churches of men must be revolu
tionized in order that the ohnreh of
God may be saved. Key. Dr. Alfred
Moinerie in Forum.
They Worship a tog
There is a log of yellowish colored
wood standing just outside of Chi Hua
gate. Pekin. This log has remained in
its present position since the fall of the
old Ting dynasty. It is in good preser
vation, and has commanded the respect
of all classes and conditions of people.
Insects in China usually make inroads
on timber in a very short while, but
they are said never to alight upon this
sacred tree trunk, and it is true that
they have not left a single trace of their
work upon It while the timbers In every
direction area perfect honeycomb of
bisect work.
The Chinees people believe tbat the
log is the habitation of some god, and
on that account gather and worship at
its base at least once a year. Among
the higher classes the day for this
unique species of worship is the first of
each succeeding month, unless that day
should happen to be a new moon day.
On Oct. 1 of every year the emperor
comrrtandssthe board of ocremonies to
appoint a committee to pay their re
spects to the deified log. St Louis
Southern Wit In War.
"As we are reminded by the author
of "Four Years in Rebel Capitals," the
south, as well as the north, needed to
'exercise Its sense of bumor, whenever
tbat was possible, to carry It through
the terrible strain of the war. Borne
of the puns, burlesques and repartee of
that dreadful time have become locally
historic. Colonel Tom August, of the
First Virginia, was the Charles Lamb
of Confederate war wits, genial and
ever gay. '
Early in secession days a bombastic
friend approached him with the ques
tion, "Well, sir, I presume your voice
it still for warf '
"Oh, yes," replied the wit, "perfectly
Always to be remembered ft General
Zebulon Vance's apostrophe to the rab
bit, flying by liitu from a heavy rifle
fire: "Go it cottontail I If 1 hadn't 4
reputation I'd be with yon I"
Having OIL
A centrifugal machine is now used in
engineering workshops by means of
which 75 per cent of the oil remaining
in the metal cuttings from drilling and
planing machines can be recovered.
Tbe gain In recovered oil is about forty
to fifty gallons per ton of cuttings.
New i ork Commercial Advertiser.
0990 99 0 e
9bnvnaUtthivirtueoftfM larsuimif a
t:attt lmr aliowu In tlita tamier.
Pacific Medicine Co., 099 Cly W.. Hm rruiclwa.
Plgmbm' if GfrfllflMf' femfrt, Htnt
and .VitMi P urn ft, Irwi -1tt. Ke. Plpt
r9riftg, LBrw.fjtfr, Wat WnlofS, Fmm
And TMrtilatro, Cm Rf isttri, Etn.
Writ for pfloJw,
!rniirrton on hmtltvg nnil vtmiialinc
burlftujpi. Ketiuuslw- fiia-nlfjhad.
Old Crolt. tail ihim Bougtrt: tMid ftw old Ootd
rwul Htlvtv liy mail to the uW mvl ftllavtrk b-.m of A.
ikilviuan. 41 Tliiid rtfwrt. Htm Krncto; I will tmS h
Mwnnt nMtii tttt am. iw-Tdiitg to a; if tbe .wuniat
mm liiiEo m m?x
or wttiiiii. ration, to iMMiiil ttaiNw lWf?m!ttmiViii3
ItiK KrrtfiilJK Ivnr.J. AKHitf- fsmki.uf pt'r wtk.
Chicago, III.
WAS confined to
bed ; could
not i
walk from lame
back ; suffered 5
months: doctors did
not help ; a bottles of J
1 cured me.
No return
1 m S years,
Francis Mauker.
I bio it:
How does ha feel ? He feels
blue, a deep, dark, unfading, dyed-in-the-wool,
eternal blue, and he
makes everybody feel the same way
August Flower tha Remedy.
How does ha feel? He feels 1
headache, generally dull and con
stant, but sometimes excruciating
August Flower the Remedy.
How does he feel? He feels a
violent hiccoughing or jumping of
the stomach after a meal, raising
bitter-tasting matter or what he has
eaten or drank August Flower
the Remedy.
How does he feel 7 He feels
the gradual decay of vital power ;
he feels miserable, melancholy,
hopeless, and longs for death and
peace August Flower the Rem
edy. How does he feel ? tie feels so
full after eating a meal that he can
hardly walk August Flower tha
Remedy. . g
G. G. GREEN, Sole Manufacturer,
Woodbury, New Jane, 0. S. L
Vlrmi'rs, I"1"1-'
A pure Virginia plug cut
smoking tobacco that does not
bite the tongue, and is free from
any foreign mixture. More solid
comfort in one package of
Mastiff than you can get out of
dozen others. Packed in
canvas pouches.
J. B. Fact Tobacoo Co., Richmond, Virginia.
Coal Oil
Give This Oil a Trial,
ifrBTmdt!t3iiii four day sou myWtKrtr)eOtir-t
" unit Ht4rc!t6,ltin. 100 itr mint prom mid cttffii
fttnuse a ciuio, (
N, P, K. U. tio. 4U -8. V. B. U. So. 400
J :