The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 13, 1891, Image 1

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Ooeyrnr ..
(K f'ttid In ndvanoe, $1 60 tier vw.)
Bit mom ti..,1..,M,rt...J,,,
Three iuoiuiw ,...,,.w, ..,..Mt..
&DKl iiIw ..-....-.......,.....,,'
Office up suGrs la uuy's Building.
I-EBAHON. Oregon,
Attorney-at- La w
' Allans, Ona. .
Will prai-Uw lit nit un emir:, of ttij. state.
Oflice, Jrout rijuinflr bunk of Otvsou.
Attorney -at - Law,
rtliuiB eires pnttupt and careful attmioo.
Willaraeuoe tit all tint courn, of tlwrta.
Ames i luxtAtug emcx,
lotarj Pu'olle ud Collcctlsg ient,
JuKltae (if thr Peace, Lebanon FnwbKt
Lebanon, Oregoi
Notary Public.
Real Estate hi all its bramahtt,
Ins. Sq of New York.
few aud mh ttavu of Fruit, Farnilrtg, and
Gnziiii; land. ,
Money t 1 oati'Mi Farms, improved
City Projicrty or trtiilt-edge "ok
Mrs. S.ff, Cowan,
Rn Elegant Sisplay
of MILLINERY f all
Kinds,' : r V ,
Hats trimmed in the
IKron the Of bora Buvtew.l
P" ties are Htm crossing the Cascade
DidutaliM with teams.
' Mrs. Hill bus opened a restaurant in
the old brewery building, .
This week Mrs. Lewis relumed from
Lluu county, whore she spcut tile sum
mer. -
Mr. Chittciiduii, who has been tend
ing sheep near Snow mountaiu ull
summer, bos returned to town.
A person who would complain of the
weather at present would not Ija ssttis
fled with the climate of heaven.
Sanders Logan and family have
moved to town for the winter. They
came in to send their children to
Grant oeunty hue ordered seventy-six
steel booths for her voters to cast tbeir
Australian balluta in uext year,
There li talk of a joint stock ornpa
nylehig incorporated to take hold of
and operate the Elliott mine on Ocho
eo. Elder Holirian has left this plane,
and we understand has resigned bis
position as pastor of the Christian
church here.
.The town of Prlneville was out of
debt on the 1st of October. This is
somethings good many more preten
sions towns cannot boost of.
The seven-tlmes-a-week service on
the PrlnevlIic-IHllcs stage line com
mences to-morrow, and hereafter we
will have n mail every evening.
The new bridge being built across
( rooked river look like . su'jstantia'.
affair, and Is somewhat more orna
mental than the old structure.
Billy Ross, of Heppner, Is here, nd
to matched, to fight Jimmy Woods, of
Prinevllle, on Nov. 2Sch fo,-JUOo aside
The fight to take place. In (blaze's hall.
The advertisement which lha .ir.nn.
tlon City Times publishes for sclf
reaas soniMiung liKe a circus aover
tisement, and would indicate an early
grave was awaltingfiie paper.
Arrangement have been made so
that connection is a-iade on the mall
lines between Pririerilleand Lakevlew,
and letter and tjiassengers leaving
either pufat now j through without
The Willow croea cattle men .iy the
Ma. nig ww urn aneci inetT oalves
that haw tieen marked aud branded,
butaniunlieroftheircows haw been
found without calves, and they atlrib-
l. Lu.. .1 ..m: : ..
wi me .luKpnug w a uiacK-
leg auu l good aws rope. '
A pelition Is being circulated nailing
thep s!a1 department to cltaiie the
mm' oi me rriiieviiie-mties mail line
o as to ran nyitne wav of Cw (,'an
yon. John Cla.vp.l has returned from the
tui'ii-B ,u uaj,j' wuiiiy. Jie yayfi
k.ciw we. tvn (swu cimiiis in ine new
uiltirs, but only a few, and there Is
...... i mB iiihuit piiMjiectors to go
there. Host of the excitement, he
Ktys, lias uoee created t.y the uiisleaii
iugarliclcs published in (he Harney
Times regiiiding the new dlseoveiy.
which he asserts are wide of the truth.
The WRrm Spring Indians are fast
assuming the ways of the whites, and
enjoy comforts of life as well as do
their pale faced brothers.
Joe Cox died at the borne of John
Kti'tsart, at Wowry post-oflicc, M tiS
Holiday evening from the elTuels of
paralysis of the right aide and con.
gestlou of the bruin. The cireum
luueounected with his deulli ate
most sad, ami have cat u gloom over
the neighborhood in which he resided.
Ou Monday evening the A. 0 U. W.
Lislge of this place celebrated the
twenty-third anniversary of the order.
The members and their families were
Bamue! Kennedy and family former
ly lived ou the farm near Park Place.
About two years ago the family moved
to Nestiuxai where they have since
lived. The tw ) boys, Jeremiah and
Jcsr;, were well known here. Last
Saturday llie boys were in tiie woods
hunting a bear. Jeese heard a great
commotion in (he brush in which their
dogs were participating, aud, supposing
it in be caused by I he bear, he shot,
it in-H his brother Jeremiah and the
shot was fatal almost Instantaneously. :
.-Oregon City Enterprise. I
' W '.
Editob ExpaRsa:
I visited your enterprising little
town not long since, and will say I was
agreeably surprised at the extent of Its
growth In the last rive jears. Five
years ago I j bought Tiflew every one's
face that Inhabited your village, but on
my recent visit most ail were strangers,
at least it seemed that way, and I
could scarcely realize it was the old
home of my former davs. It caused
me to regret that I had left it to seek
my fortune in a less prosperous place,
but "such is life;" so as I cannot lirein
your prosperous town I hope you will
accept a few items from my quiet little
town of Howell.
Prof. W. J. Grimes, formerly of Leb
anon, aud his brother-in-law, Mr. L.
E. LaKue, have bought the general
merchandise store of this place, aud
bid fair to do n good business as both
are well and favorably known ill this
phicc, Mr. LaKue having beeh born
aud raised ou the property that now
constitutes our town-site.
Mrs. L. E. LaRue returned last week
from an extended trip to Woodland,
Wash., and Portland.
The continuous rain has caused some
of the farmers to give up all hope of
getting any fall plowing done.
Rev, Corbley, of Wash., is holding
successful meetings at this place.
Mr. Blitt hm partly completed a
building for a drug store.
A doctor aud dentist arc needed in
eur quiet little town but we have no
ieed of lawyers.
What has beeonieofourold friendsf?)
"V. Kilie," "Brick Dust," "Green
neter," etc.? Gone to the mines I
supiHwe. Well old friends I'd like lo
have had a shake of your paw before
and talked over old times aud "spelling
schools," but PI! know vour wrltinirs
anywhere, no matter what your name
iuuy ue.
And now, Mr. Editor, If you would
like to hear from me again, Just
eijueui ami ru come.
Y. E. S., I keard you were In the
photograph business. Why don't you
pick up some items for your barber
Still we hear those gentle droppings from
aoove. .
C. V. Nye, of Opossum Hollow, visited in
Mountain Home on last Thursday.
Several of our young folks attended the
ball at U h. Craig's on last Friday nignt.
ah rejiori a good time.
we learn that Mr. John Bewland, while
crossing (lis Calaoola in a buggy with his
wne, nau tue misfortune to upset tiie buggy
and came very near drowning bis wife.
Iiev. T. A. Yost, of Sweet Home, preached
at Mountain Home, on last Sabbath.
Wo t'flrn tliat an old bear has been trotlb.
ling the people near llolley, by entering
their orchards' ami breaking down their
trutt trees.
Mr. Marion Leach went to Ilarrigbuw on
lant Sunday.
Mrs. Martha Fruit visited Urownsville
ia! Saturday. '
JIm Minnie Hawkan visited on Feni
King, on last Saturday and Sunday.
' I. C. t'so.
Harry saettiemau, a primer, who
worked the "Uoublycrut," act iu this
city a few years ago, tried the same
game In Utah last week, but he'll ur
do It again. His backers shot him
square through the thighs with a 4i
cnlibr Colt's revolver, aud he will
sprint no more. When her he rau a
race with Martin, the son of a Yamhill
farmer, it was "llxed" that the "Jay"
was to win, and the Yaruhiller
mortgaged his farm to bet on his bo,-.
Beveraluf Ills neighbors wagered, large
sums on the country lad, but wheu the
race c.'ime off Kettlcuian shot uhead of
him like a cannon ball, Then he
hopped Into a waiting hack aud hur
ried from the grounds Welcome.
Iu visiting U. A. Miller's store we
were surprised to Dud such a tine stock
of hoi llday goods that ba4 already ar
' - J -w
Editor Exprkss:
As there art quits a number who
read your valuable paper, in this dis
trict, will try and send a few items for
weekly publication.
More ruin, more rest, and lots of it
this week, r
F. Brrwibpton has permanently lo
Snted ou his ranch, for the winter, at
Brambplou Heights.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Gee, of Rose
ranch, are contemplating lue erection
of a cottage ia the near future.
Our neighbor, Mr. Edwards, we tin.
rterstaad has sold his farm, and con
templates moving back East. A young
man In the neighborhood is almost
The health of Elva Prior Is ImprOWig
so much that she will soon tie able to
resume her studies and lie once more in
her accustomed place at school, where
awaits her a hearty welcome from
teacher and playmates.
A little sou of Alec. Fitzwa,ter is
quite ill. .
General health of the community is
very nood. j
Mr. Chas. Cumm.ings is on a deer
hunt in the moun'.ains this week, with
some friends.
Mrs. Floy Cummings is visitiug her
parent ami frieuds on Hamilton
Creek, this. week.
The reads are very muddy and 'tis a
a long way to go to Lebanon for the
mall. We ought to have a post-office.
Mr. W. II. Cummings had quite a
lively run-away one day last week, at
jpritig Farm. (See paragraph below.)
J. W. Gee is laying the foundation
for the stomach of the dwelling that is
to be.
F. A. Gleason, wife and family are
guests at ripring Farm."
W. H. Cummings had quite a lively
run-away the other day. He harnessed
a bunch-grass horse In with a colt, and
went to J . A. Morgan's after his wagon.
On his return, he drove through a gate
into his pasture, put od i!." brake and
as lie thought securely fastened the
mi io me same, ami went to close the
gate, when nil at once, somethimr
IMKul till. ... - I . . P
p.v.. uuutii-gionii nurse, wnictl
jumpcu, musing nie con to take frlirhl
and away thev went, umn ii ?.n
When near the turnip patch they ran
Into and turned the wagon bottom up
on top of the fence, doing a good deal
pf damage. At this Juncture the
noises uroae loose rrotu the wagon and
ran up on the hill, where they were
quietly feeding when the driver came
up. Mr.vumniiugswillbentthe ex
iiense of teu or flftem dollarsin getting
ills wagon repaired, but was also fortu
nate in meetinir with no d.mnu
nimci iiniineit or itorscs.
AIny Xtoss. ourelierwtin school ivda.
iress, is uourainir at E. Bv vester's.
Mrs. J. B. Caldwell Is in poor health,
Have you seen that lovelv varleimlwl
ai mountain viewy
Kbeuld lie pleased lo hear once more
from the pen of a disgusted wife," or
"iiw" Mmy eurrespoiHient,
The acreage sown In Fall grain Is
large, alio loots well, lu tills vicinity.
These gentle showers so warm will
muae goou grass uud fat stock. .
The topic of the week Is goose pick-
mg, uuu wjuuwts are nearu on every
Kelly Gut touml. while ou a hunt In
the Mouutuiu View woods, a pair of
i"i. maa measuring eigut lllelies til
length, supposed to be those of au enor
mous wild hog seeu there a few years
Monday afternoon the pustors of the
sevorul churches In this city met in
itev, Jacka's home, and organized a
"Pastor's Associatlou of Lebanon."
Arrangements were perfected for union
services on Thanksgiving day, The
Services to be held In the Baptist
church. The Sermon to bo preached
by Itev. Huuleiter, at 11 A. M, Let the
united prayer of the laity of this place
rise as inceuse well pleasing to God in
favor of this organization,
NO. 36-
Mr. Commodore Hauler and Miss
Icy Charlton were married Nov. 1st,
at the residence of the bride's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Middlestadt
are the proud parents of a little son,
bom Nov. 1st. .
The little two-year old daughter of
Mr. aud Mrs. John Middlestadt died
Monday morning, of concussion of the
brain, the result of a tall. The sympa
thy of all the people is with our friends
in their sorrow.
G. C. Moon recently sold fifteen
acres of land to Joseph Poindexter.
Fred Crabtree was so fortunate as o
kill a large black bear last week.
The schools are late in beginning
here this Jail, Providence school, un-
r teseuM af tta Jo. Bruce, belj-
thf only Ohe how In session. Sftirettjufc
of teachers is one of the Cni'ses. 'leach-,
ers are lately required to pass a more y .
rigid examination, and manv who. 4 ,
have hitherto been successful are fail
ing to reach the requip'd percentage to .
obtain certificates. Teachers, brighten,
up your intellects a little! ,
The new school house here was pro
gressing tiuely, and in another week
would have been completed, but some
of the residents of the district became"':
dissatisfkd with the location, served
an injunction, and ull building opera
tions fir the present have oeascd.
Mrs. Emma Cyrus. efScio, has dis
missed her clasB in music here, after
having completed a very successful
Mr. WalterGoffhasgreatly improved
the appearance of his premises by (he.
addition of a new picket fence,
Mr. and Mrs. Owei South, of Fern
Ridge, visited the family of J. P. Crab- -tree,
last week.
Mr. and Mrs, Long, of Marlon coun
ty, arc up on a visit t their daughter,
Mrs. L. A. Tusker, and family.
Messrs. Davis, Mundorf, Elliott and
Moon were In Albany last week, as
Jurors In the Ingrain nulrder ease.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Gaines have
gone on a visit to friends lu Qlackamap J
county. -'
Miss Clara and John Crabtree visited'
Lebanon friends last week.
F. M. Smith and wife have leased
their farm, moved inlo tbeir new
house, and expect to devote the re
mainder of their days to rest and good
works. -
Mrs. Frank Crabtree and children
eanie i"own to the farm from Lebanon
on Saturday. '
Mr. Marlon Crabtree nut In some
good work last week, .soliciting sub- '
scrlptlons for the new church at this
Rev. G. 8. Hitnleltcr nreaohed Rn.,.
day, at the school house, to a large
and attentive congregation. His theme,
"Building up the walls of Jerusalem,"
wua timely, aud well bandied.
Auy observing person who has been
in Lebanou any length of time oanuot
but have observed the lack of hitching
posts for horses. Farmers who come
In to do business are often deterred
tliorefroua, because they cannot find
any place to tie their teams fwr a few
minutes, Our business men should
look into the matter and see that suita
ble places are provided. Such a course
would rlchlyrepay for the time and
trouble spent, in the increased amount
of business gathered In thereby.
There will be a union temperance'
meeting at the Cumberland Presbyter
ln church ou next Wcdncday at 7:30
M. this is to be under the ausniees
sf the churches combined, and Revs.
tloyd ami juoka will address the pen.
Ie. Mualowill bo furnished hv'thn
uoirs or me several churches. 1
every one come out and join in the
trcivioea io encourage the people t
UmnA I. ft.. . J
up iu, temperance, nnnio lli.rt
Civility. :
A Ticket given ou the piano will,
every 3. cash purchase at Klein Bn '
H'Kt Shoe Store, Albany, Ore.