The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 06, 1891, Image 8

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    Lebanon Express.-
1 I Ol 1H I!
'III - I I 1 K
...M. A. MILLER.
,Kj. RICK.
....pint .SMITH.
I jos. EtKisa
ritv Conavil uicc-k. on the first and third
Tuesday wntnffi ol each nioirtfi.
specify pMUnitarly the lot or tout r ireini
se adjacent oo whH'h the work wan !.,
tht name or name of tin owner r wners
thereof, aHdthc actual cost iid raneiiatM
of tlx; mm dune on the wrrwn r the
street, alley, (trade, sidewalk, ntwmient,
sewer or drain, adjacent to audi lot wrt
thereof or )remiw, mid the date when such
work wo dons.
Shi. 5. When the work shall have ee
completed, whether hy the street cooiuii-;
suuier, or Iqr a contractor or contrainora,
the iok3 shall audit in a sumaiy way
the actual ots of the improvement or
work. Wbeu,the total actual cost of she
improvement 4r work nan been aiwrtajiied
by .shall uroceed at onee ,in
stmt arcanum with the urovuAina of c
tion 2 and 0 of chapter VH1 of ilie dty
AN OMrA AM E to provide bit awl reg-ntaii-
the mtabUshmemawl alteration
of the ira le of utreet and alleys or j charter, to mm by resolution each h or
any part thereof, and jirariditift lor
the frnuiiitg of streets and alleys or
anv art thereof, and for the.cmiruC
tion, imjirovemimt and repairing of
idewalka. lavements, street, alleys,
sewers, drains, la-Kip's and auuwiucl
within tie limits of the city f Leha
noa when, iii the Judimient of the
eoumion council of said eifcf, such
wrk ik naccwaarv, and to proiyde for
tlte atsensinent and collection .of the
co- and eten1. thevof. awl pro
Tidiiiy for Ilie necniniR and enforce
ment of hens U.m the pnrw adja
cent to uch improvements and ppjiairs.
The Vkocli or ths tm or I.Eaaitas i
- Hr-now 1 It slnill be ttie duty of Ihe
aim t'oimntswimwr to superintend ihe
j:miiiis rrav'llin& iniproviiipaiMl retaining
as' .1 -tr 1 i- a id ail. i i ! to that the
Milne is gruilMl. graveled, repaireil and ia
jmsvci iii accordance with the ordinances
-aii .ir'ief of tlie couw li providing tjierefor
atui lo "tertutend the conMructKin of all
sid'i..'i.s, cnallt-. undo a'ld culverts
andaitaiiiHlmt,i, nruius and sewers aim ; otl,cnriw.
a!! n jHii thereof ordered by tlie council,
and to see thai they are constructed and re- I
pn"-f'l iu'trict accordance with Ilie orders
of the council and the ordinances id the I
ei'v ji 'wiime the con-lructnin and rejiaiT
of such crosswalks, sidewalks, culverts, I
hri.k', 1. a iHduel. drains -.trecm, uUeys !
jind sd'wers. . :
jtaB. 1 When, in the judimient of the
council, ft iieconias necessary to establish or ;
alter the erudc of anv street or part thereof, .
or of any alky or pan. thereof, or to jrrjMie i
uiiy s'TOt oraileT or fin lhmi(. ortn
sifin t or improve any sidewalk oriventeiil
or isirt thereof, or to improve or repair any ,
siree or ailey or anv part thereof, or to con
,tr : or reir am uruin or sewer within
the -it-cts or alleys of said city at the cost
and rcMiur "Ij""' liroiwrty own
ers the mint ii shall br an order or resolo
tl 'u dul; a.adi hi .! ewcntl on its journal,
sea:y a follows'.
rtasT With oiiiveiuent (Wrtainty, the
stn et nr part tin nsif prolkiscd to ! im
proved, or of which the snide is proposed
to lie eslahlished or altered, or tlie sidewak,
pavemeiit, street or alley or rt thereof
y.hnswel Ki lie imprrweil, constructed or re
fiaired and the kind of improvement, con
st u. wn or rt pair linn is propjsed to be
parcel of ground with its prosirtioii of sunk
costs, and ever' rovisioii cotituiued in saud
sections (B and fS! in regard to such asses
meirt ahall lie sBtictly pursued,
Sue. 6. As siwn as the ismucil shall haw
asi-ertained and determined what pnierty
of land as aforesaid, the niarshall shall Rive
notice of tlie time and place of sale of such
premises in strict conformity with Section
70 of the charter of the city and shall slate
in such tiotfce tiatt sudi premises will be
sold at public ancliun to the highest bidder
for cash in hand iu sold coin of the Vnited
States of America. When the hour for the
sale shall have come the sale shall be made
by the niarshull in strict conformity with
all the provisions and reouircmonis of Hue.
tion 71 ot tlie charter. lmnJediately alter
such sale the marsliflll shall aiake and ex
ecute a deed to tlie purchaser for such
premises In conformity to Section T2 of said
charter and shall state thorein that the
premises described ill and conveyed by such
deed are subject to macmption at any time
within three years in accordance villi the
provisions or Chapter Hi of the t jiartet.
Sm-rnw 11. If at in time duriiijt the
period of nslcniitiini mentioned in tins
ordinance, tlie city treasurer shall sell and
transfer all rigid title sud interest of the
city of liCbanon, aiiiuinsl at niarsliaH's
shall lie liable fur .the mists and expenses of; under the provisions of this ordinance or
such improvement or rejiair or work, the
proportion thereof as lie siid by the owner :
jf each lot or moti of KTound, and' shall
have assessed uim A-aeh tanwl of ground
its projiortioiuite al of such costs, by reso
lutkui, as required by sections t and GS of
the charter, tlie Kecorder shall inuuediately
and without doluy eider a statement in the
book of city liens, ef such asseesnmnt, in
strict conformity with tke provisions of see
ti.uis iti and of tlie charter of said city,
and from the dote of sock assessment uism
any trwt of land, the sum so assessed and
entered shall he a ta& levied and a lien
thereon wlietlicr assessed to the true owner
or not, to the extent and effect inciitioiieu
in section 66 iif said city charter. And said
bonk of liens shall at ail times lie kept by
the Recorder in a sale and secure place so
as to be safe from destruction by fire or
pt.ixD. A time when the council will
car a.ii deb ninue all objections or rciuon--inoices
which may be made by any adja-
, , m hohier or tal-iier thereto.
- i i' inteenii.F ls-tecn til date uf ;
Ui n ak.iiKoiKuchonleruiidthctimespeei
U d tucteui l"r swh 1 m.g haU I of
-fliewnt ienfSh w allow not k than seven
I? 1 i.n- l.o.i e hi piven Jl.ertmf. By the
sauL-oaicrthe-eoulldUhiiU direct the Ke-vir...-!
u five of ti. time s;iheo
i.,r.iub heaniiK. At iit seven
davs notice of the time of suiji hearing sliall
It a een by the 'js order l;h notIt'f
sl,.i; .s. l!i',i in me n.a ou r, and contain
all tlie matter ami thi'lp reuii'iwl by
' and Ihetiinrtcrof th !1V
raii llu lo-tlsiKi-Uureor Oie state )
ofliwmii.criwfating said dry. When
! tnu - lii s"-11 ''.aril
mid it pi:irs to the sa.wmc.tion of tlie
- .un' U that due uotice has liecn given as
J.r, , n.piP-1 a'. I frouoisl, tlie connpil
.! Hi. '. pns "i mil. u' h hmrine stnef
j, vn.,.lniirvitb hcpro.niionsof -tnKif-l,3i.terTin.ofBaulact.
and de-
tcrpdne whether -,sl,c1' l"1!""" ira
' ,r. . . no "I "F itu-r.ition or Maulishinetit of ..r .mpr"vciM..t or snleuulk, altera
tion or repair siss'ihcd in wl b"
be mail or not
i. .. . . after the licatWK nrentioned in
i) of this onin.i-ii "li."1
.... i. -hull determine by nssulutiun
be proposed improvement or alleration
wiuent f 'aJ r ' 1OTolk '"
m iiicO in such ootiee be made, it
wide by resoiution or onli
ne and manner of domu the
thus ordered and for letting -
. i In case the
. ........lil, waiter the irnnle of any
or a'ler or wrt thereof, or to (rwfe I
..ret "t I"''-? r l'att t,,em "r "' j
,,,r,iin sirect r alley
v ai tbe coat an e..pen (h i
n.jK-rty holders or owners, all j
bH be uirnlonauui"i'."
StEc. 7. If the council shonld at any time
amkorixe the owiht or owners of any proj.
ertv abutting on any street, the grade" of
which is already established, to cut down or
till Bp any streei in front of such projterty j
according to the established grade thereof
at the expense and cost of such owner or
owners, such work shall lie done under the
susirvision of tlie street commissioner and
the committee of streets and public pros?r
tv, and said enmnus'dntier shall fee that
such work is done in accordance with tlie
enter and direction ol' tlie council in regard '
Sec. . When in Ihe judgment of the
street commissioner and the committee ou
streets and public property, any street, alley,
sidewalk, sewer pr any part thereof shal be
so out of rejwir as to endanger ilw life ur
limb of man orlieast. tiie commissioner ot
streets umier the direction of the committee
on streets and public jironcriy shall Imme
diately repair the same and if tlie cost Ik
nut paid on demand by tut street commis
sioner by the owner or owners of the abutt
ing or adjacent property, the street commis
sioner skoll present tlas bill therelor to the
coumiil, sncli bill shall sisniiy tlie lot, loss
! or fiart of lots adjacent to the repairs so
! made, the name or name of tin owner or
1 owners thereof and the acttial costs of the
! reisiirs made on that atrt of the siroet or
alley or sidewalk and the date when such
reiiairs were made and the costs of such re
pairs shall lie paid by the city out of the
general fund.
Sectios 9. If the owner or owners of any
tract or panl of land situated within tlie
limitscirsaid city aftaitist which any state
ment, assessment or delinquent tax shall be
entered in tlie Issiks of city liens under the
provisions of this ordinance or uf thecharter
of said city shall pay to die treasurer of the
city, within tlie lime provided by said char
ter tbereliir, the sum of such assessment or
tax so entered or docketed against or um
anv such land, together with the costs or
fees of she liM-urder for docketing tlie same
and then present to tlie llccurder the treas
urer's receipt therefor, tlie Kecunlnr shall
at once cancel such lien iniou the diset
by entering thereon full satisfaction of ,hii h
assessment tir tax, signed by him in Ins
otficial eoisieity. Hilt, if any such owner or
owners shall fail or refuse to pay to the city
treasurer any such assessment or delinquent
tax together with the costs or fees of docket
ing the same in tlie lien docket of the city
within the time provided by said charter
thewuilril shall iinmediately after the ex
piration of such tin order a warrant for the
collection of such assessment or delinquent
tax to issue and forthwith thereuftcrthe
recorder shall issue a warrant directe I lo
the niarshall of the city, commanding linn
the city charter, tin; e.xtnses irf the cxecu
lion of the deed thereto shall be paid by the
jmrcliaser, but in no ea' shall the treasurer
of smd city make execution deliver, any
stilier than a quit-claim deed for any prem
ises sold by said trensurer under the provis
aions of this ordinance or of tlie charter of
said ortjynur shall the city of Lelsinon I
held liable in any way for the failure of the
title to any tract of land sold as Herein pro
vided. .
Samoa-12. - If the projwrty where sold as
in this ordinance provided shall bring more
than is required to pay such assessment and
tlie interest and aecriiingeosteandexiw-'iises
of suek sale, the surplus shall lie paid by
the niarshall or (sirson making such sale to
the treasurer of the city and the treasurer
shall execute to the niarshall or person
making such sale a-receipt therefor.
Sectiox 13. When the niarshall has in
all tilings completed anysaleof lands umlcr
the provisions of this ordinance he shall
immediately jay the proceeds of such sale
to the city treasurer and the worraiit by
virtue of which such sale was made together
with the treasurer's receipt for tlie prweds
thereorhe shall atouce return to the recorder
with all his doings m the premises endorsed
on said warrant. -..,.'
m:ai,kii8 is
We carry a Full Line of SHELF HARDWARE
The Fim-st Line of t'AK'.'ETS AN'D WALL-PAPER Evrr
r.riiiiL'lit to Lblmnon. i
lAioany uoiieg
SirioKl4. Tlie freuxuaT shall kel ftll
rttunk jmkl over l him Uy tliu misruhnU
under tlie iirovisitmtt of Seetiuti Uol tlnt!
iinUiiamw tM)iurute frtin. ull other nHKy
tliut may me mtu lim hmu from my
otitnT trimnu Hint sliull imv uvur the mw i
h tlif HrtKu ur (MrrrHiiiK eti titled ttivritv
uin-n the prtW!iitatii.n 10 luni if a wurmitt
drutvn hy the mionlff urnipr aiumlcr uf. tw
vMmv. Tti treuniiriT nhuli tw kw t a
book lit whit'li hewhnU etitor kum of
money m mid him, the hit or unrei uf iunii
Iron) tlie mivof which the nann anme ur
icon tvaimtl with the number and Iwanun
of the hhxjk iu whmh inch iweijiiw are
Mituaufl and the flame of the owner, if
known. ,
Hkc. & Thin shall be in full
force aiMl vlh-rt froiu and after its aprova
by th Mnyor.
Apvnv(I thi 2lnt day of U., 191.
M. A. Mii.LtR, Mayor.
Auest: V,ia. W. KirE, Oty Kwjurder.
ttl 4 p.
AH piirtk know'Ufg tl.eniw-lvin iu
dvbt ti us six fccri.-y tj:tifld to settle
up t miLT an we bn-ve git lo luive our
I i I
mie instuuie
September 9, IMl tliine 10, 1892,
A Full Corps of Experienced Tcacliers.
Four lh'partuienK of fitudy Cpllt'tfiuti', Nnriiml, Business, Primary.
Typo-Writing and Kluirl-haml are luiij;lil. for colalojtue nililress,
Rev. ELBEKTX. COXWT .V M.. frcsitot
H. R. HYDE, Proprietor.
We make a specialty of UNDERTAKING. CallH ans
wered niglit or day. . i
lmi offlew at Urtftni fit)-, '.nrpnn. t
.'rtce H h'ifbvirivtnltist the ..l.uwltitwiimt
seiiiet tins lii.rtl "iie f ht iutei-ttun im mak
tiu) liUi-iitmi, ;md tai wid
pr-!ir will iiKt'lv lieftm: the Kcqwlr awl K
viwrol Hn-t h liitKKiflictu'i'i'iJi.iMJi), Ur-
FtvraiMioti !. T- Sn. TSA, ftir the RF h H-.
M, T U - H I K. He iiante the folluWiiiK wil
lU'f t" iKuvt- lifc1 'mlntMwrwilii'T iim (!
ffliHtvaEl"n if wMl lm. vU; H, P. r'uritKnui,
Ariimr ';rrin, M. i. ("ionnii mid 4.r Ciukc U
1tf LMtlM, UllJl WtHHr Onilf-iU.
Wn are. .wtrry to niort tliut If.
Du-'kctl 111 iiml unable to uttt-ml li!
offW. ,
An itriTiunt wuft trn a few tiny K0
..'".'.:'."'; . .uKUMtlH.ttllllK'HWIII.IMIIIIlH :
I have a LARGE STOCK f RRICK, (or Kale at my
Yard, in the ulurbg of Lelianon, For Sale-at Roas inable
Half. A! kiinl of mafi
n'c wmk done 1 with neatnt'
-s and
-n.-i ur im
... r.rt4i.u.ifi lew (imin nucn iraci in ihmu
uikmi which sucli aiowomeut nr (lcliniiiicut 0f WO Dicn being arrested liy Wii-rifT
taiitUl.mi.aul. Kucli j (.fnl of n,,,,,,, f(r u,ylug wnm
tain all tla: liiatlcr and tlnnpi rciiiirwl l.y I
Ui.,i, i.,f tlie cliartcr of .aid city a,,l In to "
alsoacoi'ToftacHtatemcuteiitOTwl in tlx hod two riu. On Friday Mr. T'pwn
i I. .,f Unitu nf tti& citT crcatinfir Much lieu ! . . ... . ...... d ...A..i...,i :
,mril uliall under-! -"" " , , , had a liucK aim n " wo I
(rtllllll I1H uiiut. , . - r 0r j.,.,,1 ,
' ,. . , M i a 8.-I nf Imrni Ihi iilno, Hie tlcic ,
Bwrrilif 10- Within l . from tlie i " " ' " !
racei uftlw warrant proriilwl formal iiiiiii- eripll0 of Wliioll M IllilUif tlicoulllt j
tiraiwl i rl1im V licrcf the wamliall j iJr (J.W W1.nt HtWm to (n If
miuitJcvy Ujwli a.Kl mm tin- IfaM or rwi
f.r laud aeaiiiiit which Biich warrant Ik m-
i thev wt-n their'.
sued, T'. Kvy siiiii!! bff mailt Uy teHwriiiR
to trm owner r owhcts mrrwti
dft ner f owners a rstf-y uf
jr.! I by the iatha
slijill ai'ier tiue 4mii
tjrovritcr of i'l iaf 1
, wr who ha w
A bruiid new uoou in Utun!
Mr, Ed. Ktrllei.lji'tgwr to in J'nrtlftnd
3 . . ' a .... 1 -.,.. .-arrant, iwtlfir.! I by the malmll, ...,L-
ItiHL wi('JiV (in:r H"W luilflntJiOt't-
t J J LuJI luJl WJ U L-J Li Wat a. .... ..I
Imc un atrccta ami , an" . ,
.,. ..- all n-.luti.m ia una 1 ' ;a"
. . .1 . i nl.V MWCTlt l HHCl
' . .1. .11 I,- the out. ! nun or cut' l tl . r- u". Hun tm limit, ul
n-r ,1 taiuae audi , the
i .i i.v and if Uw ' thcrwu
cj of USam, If -t.l . mg" '"!
r.M hv iwtlnr n'r 4 "'t! rrnt : Mm. Mc.-saii utnt
.-.,. ,.i.u-.n .la. m J -Jl .u. fil)(. ,B, ,
Cv.MEOSi?, Ct)MJi ALL. I'LAMXU .VILL running in full
pa-titv. L:.Nu.l. BIAkLNU ixpwialty. '
fur ini'f me MA;r-i STfECT,