The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 06, 1891, Image 3

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    TODAY :- . ,
B Bift 1o love ynnr own, &mr
Your own who nwd yon so;
Say to the aptwtlng hour, dean,
! will nut let tltee go
Excwpt tbon Kiwi blessing;'1 :
Forre it to bide and at&y.
Love hM no mire tomorrow,
it only baa today.
Oh, hiwton to be Mtid, dean,
before tbv time shall come
Vi ben yon are left behind, dwra,
in an all-lonely home;
Before In late contrition
Vainly yon weep and pray.
Love Iim do wire tomorrow, ' . , ,
it only baa today.
Swifter than sun and anade, dean, ,
Move the fleet winfra of pain;
The chuuee we have today, dean, ,
May uerer com acaln.
Joy la a tickle rurer.
He brooketb not delay.
Love hut, no aure tomorrow,
It only haa today.
Too late to plead or rrieva, dean.
Too late to kiwi or sifth.
When death baa laid bia seaXdean,
On the cold lip and eye.
Ton lalo our gift to lavish
I'tKia the burial clay.
Love baa no aure tomorrow.
It only baa today. ,
At first, when she came out of ber house,
she walked quickly, with flushed cheeks
and eyes sparkling with an unaccustomed
light. A slight breathlesanesa made her
delicate chest pant a little, aud ber pale
lips, which thediatressof an aneurism kept
habitually compressed, mnraiured strange,
interrupted words.
"Will this story takeF" she muttered.
"I have put Into it so much soul, so much
pasHionl I cried over It as 1 wrote, 1 re
member, and when 1 came to the place
where Lea dies In ber grandmother's arms,
the sobs choked my throat as if it had been
a question of a real fact! But" and be
girl's step became slower "but will it
please him? They say he Is so stiff, so
severe in the way of art! There, why
should it not please hira! The professor hns
read it and is delighted with it. A pro
fesMor as strict as he ttd
"Ob, if they would take it, if they would
put it in the newnimuert ifthe cheeks
of the younit girl flamed "if they would
jtay me well! How muchf Fifty Href
That would be too much. Let us say forty,
or thirty. Poor mammal Obliged to go
out with nothing over ber draw waist in
this cold weather! I wouldn't even take
home the money. 1 would go at once to
Forti's, in the Piuzza del la Signoria, to
buy a ne market ready made. There are
pretty ones for twenty five lire! Imagine
mamma in it" ,
The young girl smiled with a knowing
air. But she soon became anxious again.
She had arsjved.
Bbe must enter without loss of time, for
at 11 o'clock tlie lemon tu Italian literature
began at the high school of the Majistero,
and woe to whoever was absent!
The great door, with its haudaome plates
of shining metal, was open, as if it ex
pected her.
Over the top was the famous sign at
which she had so many times looked with
infinite longing:
She entered, mounting the stain slowly
and looking doubtfully ahead. What
should she say when slue weut inf In the
first room, the profesKor had told her, wen
the edihfej, all men, all young! And in a
little separate parlor he, the chief editor,
the hstndHome man with the short auburn
buard, the mocking smile, that she bad
looked at so many times, furtively, through
the window blinds. Bhe uiurtt take cour
age, turn the door handle with a firm hand,
aud enter enter with reserved maunen,
as became an honest girl, but frank and
natural. Then, after all, she was not go
ing into tbiwe rooms from a bad motive,
from vanity or coquetry.
fcbe wan going to sell her work, to give a
proof of her love for her dear little old
woman. Oh, for shame! She had been ca
pable of hesitating ao mucbl She could
think so much of herself, of her sensitive
ueas of a timid child! She turned the door
handle and entered with a firm step, saying,
"Good morning." At first, near sighted
as she was, aud blinded by the smoke of
the cigarettes, she only perceived at the
end of the room a large table, with several
men seated around it writing.
They all raised tltt-ir beads, aud one of
them, a very young man with large, weary
eyes, went attentively forward to meet her,
"The chief editor?" asked Annina, with
A thread of voice:
The editorial staff began to write again,
disaimuJaMug an equivocal smile, fortu
nately Ounoticed by t he girl.
'He will be here fo a moment," replied
the young man. "If you will wait for
. And as Anniualooked around her, fright
ened, he added hurriedly, preceding hen
"Come into the chief editor's room; it
will not be so oolU there." And he opened
the door of a little parlor, richly f urniahed,
where in the fireplace was crackling a
I beautiful, lively iiauie.
The young mau matte a low bow, tfcen re
turned to his task of cleaning up the corre
spondence, saying to hi owe if:
"Where theUeuce have I seen that little
face and those pleading eyes?" .
No one permitted himself the slightest
comment in regard to the morning visitor.
They had seen others very unlike her.
Theyouuggirl meanwhile whose breath
had ooustautly grown shorter looked
round her with ingenuous admiratiou.
ilow warm one felt iu that beautiful little
room, with a carpet on tbe floor and heavy
plush curtains at the wiudowl Aud to
think that all those furnishings, all those
expensive trifles, out) could earn them by
work with the pen, inventing beautiful ro
mances, writing poems, making critical
, articles upon hue books, foreign and Ital
ian. Oh, if she could succeed in ail that!
Then mamma
The door opened softly, and Anderni,
with a glass Ui his left eye, entered with a
fret movement, placing ojj the writing
table great packet of letters and Dews
paper. "hi what can I be of use to youf he then
asked the young girl, who had risen pre
cipitately at his entrance. r
"I came the said, trembling and grow
ing still paler, "I came by the ml vice of my
teacher of Italian literature, I'.iiwaHer Val
tani. 1 have written a story tu it might, if
you think best, find a place tu your beauti
ful newspaper -in the appendix, of course."
Anderni was not bad hearted, but that
morning he lelt 111 disposed aud Irritated.
His uncle had refused htm the two thou
sand lire which he could not do without,
considering the severe necessity of his trip
to Berlin.
The trirl who tood before him was rather
plain, pate as a Rhot, and badly dressed;!
so doubt she belonged to the inhuman i
nha anx of women who writ romanr nrl ,
wear mourning a to their finger naiL Auffl
AH her bones must be crushed at once, and
at one blow.
"I am sorry," he answered slowly, tear
ing open nervously theenvelopesof the let-
ten and wrapper and newspapen. "I am , Have at some time been called bigots, fa
sorry, my dear young lady, but The Cre- natics, renegades. And a people have
puscolo has pigeonholes fu,ll of stories '
which perhaps it will never publish. Yonn
excuse me. what is it aboutf How is It
The young gtrt felt her throat com
pressed as if by a hand of iron, and blamed
a hundred times over the hour and the mo
ment In which the idea had come to her of
presenting herself to that discourteous
mau; yet, since now there la no turning
"It is a moral story," she stammered; "a
lory where it is shown"
"That virtue is its own rewardf" asked
tbe journalist, laughing, while he began to
make botes in regard to the letters which
he was arranging in an elegant letter file.
"Tbe theme could not be more amusing.
And tbe title, please?"
"'The Last Love,'" murralured the un
happy girl, in a spent voice. "Believe,
signor, that I have written it with soul
witb feeling. There are none of the usual
u,.... . I
M' , uuucti di(1 uol tWnk it nereMwrv hHVe BU,,iped taking
much the fashion nowadays; but yon will the treatment now, and 1 believe 1 am entirely
see that in my story there is truth from Your medicines have done what yon told
the firnt tf tint lnat niiu i ' j up they would do they bare made a new woman
me nrst to tbtf last page, and of me. j now feel Uke mvwH after Hllf.
I am perfectly convinced of what you ferlng for eight yearn with catarrh of the head
tell me, dear young lady," aaid Anderni, 1 aid bronchi, aud that very painful thing uen
ebseut mindedly, without noticing the vis- i nlK.oi f ,itmuHl'fa- J t,,,l ,tnrte ,mol,b8'
n u r.1,.. i i .. ft i i l a L medicine. lt"th my huahaud and myself feel ua
ible physical sufferings thatchauged her I though we cannot be thankful enough to vou for
pure little face. " 15a t, you see, yours is 1 what you have done for me. I hope that every
just the sort of story that does not suit a " bo is suffering as I was will hear of Dr.
" Jordan and his most valuable medicines. Youra
"Then you take away every hope from
f iB1 t in- Dr. Jordan's office is at the residence of
stinctively her hand upon her heart. !ei-Mayor Yesler. Third and Jainea streets,
"i-or pity's sake, don't talk in thatsen- Seattle, Wash. -tlmcntal
wayl We will see It some other 1 Consultations and prescriptions absolute
time. These young ladies! All with the jfre.
mania to write, while so many hands are I "d for book explaining the Histo
ueeded in trades-in woman's work! More- j genetic system
over"- He could not enntirm- Tim Ctior. The Histogeiietic Medicines
J t J r i C0DUDa l are sold in but one agency in each town,
joung g.rl stretchcKi her arms toward The label around the Lottie bears the fol
himasif in search of aid, stammered one lowing inscription: " Dr. J. Kugene Jor
word only one tbe first t hat we learn as dan, Histogenetic Medicine." Every other
babies: Mammal And turning quickly, she device is a fraud.
fell stiff upon the same divau where, a few I
minutea before, she had dreamed of com- . "I don't like nuhnrbs," writes a lady-like sd
fort for her Door old woman. ! to .' c,K'k"f' " " H Vm w.,Je Iiear
Anderui gave a stifled cry, and rushed to
her.1 The noor irirl breathed no more: her i
eyes were wide open, glazed, and her lips
"Quick!" he houtfl opening the door.
"Quick, a pliysicmul" All the staff luu-
tened Into the little sanctum, aud the
young man with the weary eyes ran to the
(sfrL-raising her poor lifeless head upon hit
"J1"- , , - , ,
She is dead." said Adolph Levi, after
havioK felt her pulse. "At any rate, 1 will
run for the doctor"
"She Is dead! she Is dead!" they all ex-
young man with the tired eyes did not
speak, but busied himself with composing
decently the dress aud damp hair of An-
u" "
Come!" cried Audemi, turning to Fablo
Ijmul the nnortr of Tim ('rnnuvlo
7? V Pp"1' or ine repuscoio.
'Don't stand there spell bound before the
girL Take this manuscript and send it to
the composing room. It would be better
that you should take it t lie re yourself.
Have it set up at ouce, with a paragraph
about it. Tell the facts briefly."
And as Fabio Ijeoul remained dazed,
looking at the girl:
''Look here!" cried the chief editor, atd-
tated, convulsed,
"Thin f'ir) Iixjk Urnnirlit.
; me a work of hers. The Last Love,' and
has died while handing it to me. Do you
take in the importance of this fact? It is '.
a solemn, mysterious thing. We must get lHIH Iy w while eheap, and sell at a big
out a double liti,,n nl tdo nn.r Vnti l'n when the booiu couies. tut partleulan ad
out a double edition of the paper, iou !j(livmi (onkkkvahvk ksal Kktatk i Trckt to.,
cau autiouuue the story atonceaea refined,
honest thing, deatiued to interest our fair
readers but make baste the deuce I Ah,
here is the physician! Doctor!"
All gathered again around the corpse,
aud the word aneurism passed from one
mouth AoauoMier.
"It is necessary to inform the coroner
and the Misericordia at once," said the doc
tor, beginning to write.
Ail returned, wore or less affected, Into
the editorial room to prepare tbe number
which was to come out at noon. Only the
weary eyed young mau staid, unobserved,
to contemplate the dead girl. Oh tat last
he recollected. The little waxen face that
was before him resembled that of his only
sister, dead of consumption a year before,
when he had gone on The Crepusoolo at
fifty lire a month.
The brethren of the Misericordia came,
in midst of a crowd of idlers who wished
to learn what the facts were. But no one
knew, not even a poor little old woman In
Via Panlca, who had heard the three
strokes of the bell, of the charitable com
pany, aud had crossed herself with devo
tion, praying for the peace of whoever, at
that moment, was dying, perhaps alone,
on tbe Btreet, mi ki.iwd, Translated by &
Cavazza for Short Stories. .
To Mult All TaatM.
Passenger (arriving iu the ution)Can
have a coupe all to myselff
"I suppose the geutltmxan want to
"No, but I am a misanthroDiat,"
"Oh. sol Thcu just step into this eattle
car." ITliegendtf Blatter. '
-A Tovtai) IiiaiuuatioisV
Crusty (to his nephew) Well, here's an
other check, but re mem tier to take care of
tt. A fool and bin money aya aooo parted.
Hill -icitptraceside) 'ATini'sso; itouly
too): tm ha.f an hour to ooai this out of
vguiV-iiUiirtCvV Wteikir.
Threetenii every niflii, women or child Itvtnjr In
a region of wmiitry where (ever and nunc In prev
alent, ntnYe the sienna af malaria) diwaw are in
haled from the air and are from the
WhWt of surli a rt'pion. Medicinal mi (eg mini la
absolutely riemtnry to nullify thin (iniiner. Ana
meana or f..rtlfiiiK and Hcdliutntitie the aywtem
n an Ui te able to redm the inn
iniuu in n
i) imlitoii, Mou
tetter a Stomach BitUTh ih Iiicohi Dumbly the Wat
and the inoxt popular, IrrvmiiirltlcB of the
HtnniHch. liver and rmwela encouraire malartA!
but these are speedily recti Bed by the Bitten.
The fiinctlona of diKcatlon Hud necreliona are unlit-tod
by it nne, and a vlgorou as well as regu
lar condition of the system promoted by it. Cmi
ititutloti and physique are tnna defended KKiiinat
the hintmiii of maliirta by this matchleaa pre
ventive, which la alao a certain and thorough
remedy in the worst caaes of intermittent and
remittent fevers,
Small Boy-Paiw.whnt makea you to bald?
P On. that's beoauw my mother used to put
wv ",uv" ""u KWU
Vorld Hegaa
stone, a prophet to whose memory the
next generation has raised a monument for
the greatness of his deeds.
SxonoMiBH. Wash., Aug. 19,18ftt.
Dr.J. Euaeiif Jorntin, Seattle, Wank. Dear
Poctob: Will have to write yon that I am
surprised to find myself so greatly improved
in so little time, and am pleased tosuy that
I could not give your medicines too great
praise. My health was gone. I felt that
medicines could do me no good. 1 was
hopeless of ever recovering. I thought too
late to try your medicines, but with deuth
staring me iu the face I determined to do
so. I am pleased that I did it, for at this
date 1 have received tenfold the price of
the medicines. If I should say one hun
dred fold, it would not be overvaluing the
difference in my health. I feci like another
mau. Yours respectfully,
James H. Htsom.
' Eiin torro, Wash., Aug. 13, IMtl.
Dr. 3. Enatnt Junian.SenMe. MVmlDeak rim:
Ithna been some time since I have written to
yon, but 1 have been getting alouiruo well that 1
wont rejeetfully,
iim. C. AhMjstboko.
at ail, give me the city proper or improper."
"Hnnrn's Bronchial Troches" are excellent
for the relief of HoaraeneHB or Bore Throat.
'l'hey are exceedinely effective. Sorf nitty
in buza. Price, 25 cents.
The railwity uool aud nltuen bull pool flre
'""" h"1 "like; the man who pockets the most
j "lc"".-
It is suid that the scales used by the
' manufacturers of Star Plug for weighing
the tobocco for , , of gUr are
. , , ., , r . , . , ,, . ,
istructed that, if anything less than sixteen
J"".1 P"1.'"10 "H"
Btar Hug, it Iwing the beat.
inordertoimrwiuce the family gazette,
th brhjnieBt periodica) In America, we oiler the
following prlw 10 any person wiidine ua a cenw'
Oliver; tor three months' auiwriptlon: fi.iuoto
the piwjo makliiR the riowrt guit u th nnmlwr
f quliia in aircupin: t5otoam.iKi ( wid
t- to the third A-idrew, familv tiAKTT
i VV-co-' tat,
From California, Utah, Montana, Idaho,
Washington aud Oregon to Portland.
We will furniiih free round-trlji traaaportation
liHUH'il KhitH uhn rtininm ti nii'n.hnui UnrrTiint
uf w- This utter will hold gMd for siaty
(lrlVti. CIHlIlTliMK'itltf NovPlllllr t. IK'll
Remember iw will the boom vear fi
n nw f ai ouce anu gei laentincatton papers.
No. 44 blark meet, Portland, Or.
Both the method and results when
(Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
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constipation permanently. For sals
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(.outsviui. nr. vtw fim t.
lmve all th virtues of t lie Hu-r't mm t
tituKllr nwiWe pursvlr Vftable. V
Jr.xut size tdiowii in tlila border.
Following Is an in teres ting letter from
W. S. CasHetl, one of the managers of the
Western Union Telegraph Co.:
" Bloominoton, lud., Jan. 12, 1H80.
11 1 have been In the telegraph business
for more than twenty years, and for the
pant live years have been troubled with
what is called Writer's Cramp, or Telegra
pher's Paralysis. At times my arm became
so weak that I could not ue It fn sending
dispatches, and tiad to use my left. Have
spent many restless nights, the pain reach
ing from my hand up Into my shoulder.
Tried everything I could hear of, but with
scarcely any relief. Having strained my
left side a lew weeks ago, I got one of All
cock'b Piasters, as I usually do in such
cases, and accidentally happened to see
where some one had cured a weak wrist by
using one of these Plasters. I got another
at once, and cut it in two and put one-half
around my wrist. In leas than two days
after the pain had entirely left my wrist
and arm, and in two weeks 1 could send
nearly as well an ever. I write this hoping
it will reach the eyes of others who may be
afflicted as I was, as I know there are scores
of them."
Judge How old are you, madam? Witness
I've seen eighteen Hummers. Judge Aud eigh
teen winters thirty-alx, Mr. Clerk.
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nai 1. 1 tn We want the name and id
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SO per oenL
01 the
Wire Hits
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n that vour mat has onwa itu; niiuutimi iBiped Hi
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C 7
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1 r- '
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B. ADAMS, Perry, Mo.
"all right!
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id Comparison 1
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1 Kr y
l Must rut wl uuiiIoitiip
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olhttr kind. Rttutt Suit tit Mew and Imitations
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