The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 10, 1891, Image 1

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    VOL. V.
NO. 18
One ywr 9 00
fit' (uid In nJvmietf, $1 o0 pot jwnr.)
Mx nimuttr, ..,... l on
Tim1 months - iW)
Silicic Cupit m M 0
Alt W1V lU'lil.KJ,
Albany, Oregon.
Will itnu'lf-e lit nil tlie f mire nf tnh State.
Oiulu, loon wunmovur bunk of ureaim.
l'hysiciaii and Surgeon.
finulnnte nf Rnyal'College of Lotiiliin mid Bull
' vw S'cilirnl Cnll'fie. Mrt.
UimiiiiPl'tt-w-t it seecially. ' .
Cancers removed wltlimu sstn or the kntfe.
Or'FU'B-Klrkitrick' building, U'banon. Or
A. F. 8TOWE.
Attorney -at - Law,
Colteftioiiw irivn prompt awl direful altcntion.
. . Will jiracllee in all ho courts uf Hie mate.
Mary Public and Collflcting Agent,
Juwiee t)f Hie Peace, Lab&wn Product.
Lebanon, Oregon.
Notary Public.
INB. Co., o'New York.
Real Estate ill all iti branches.
! arw .iinl raull Iracls of Fruit, Farming, and
(inuiMK Ittiid.
$50 OOO to loan on good real estate
Transacts a Gensral Banting Easiness.
Kxi'linnire mM m Now Yurk.Hon Francis
co, and Portland and Albany, Oregon.
Collections made on favorable terms.
Base hall.
Porsonal notes taken at random :
F. M. Smith looks like a fort)'- ninor,
jovial and pleaBaut.
L, A. Tueker will move to Salem in a few
dayti. We are sorry to have him go,
D. F. Crubtrec is an spry as n cricket.
Mr, and Mrs. Moon is one of the blessings
of our community.
Mr. Jaspor Cralitree's baby is quite ill.
Mr, J. P. Cmbtree has a new girl at his
house to comfort hisoldugc. ,:
Mr. James Crabirue left Wednesday, for
California on business.
F. M. Smith's now house Ufa beauty; it
will be cumpli'ted shortly. '
J, K. P. Tate has the finest garden we
have scon. ;
Marion Cubtree is the best Judgoof a
horse in tlie forks of the Santtam.
Mr. Paul lias a petrified tree on his ranch
also a fine pain! mine. .
Frank Grabtnc was out looking ovor his
much, Wednesday, ,
A strange way indeed, to put it but
base ball is the rage, Himilay hall being the
role and weekday the exception country
hoys must keep up witli the city boys.
Mothers and mthcra need concienro on
this question, it is degrading to violate
the Sabbath. 'l
' Sunshine The farmers are delighted and
cxtectto begin harvesting buy in a few
days. Crops are very promising, the forks
of the Santtam can't lie excelL-d, for number-one
producing land. Mr. Tucker set,
lust fall, ten acres in prunes which look
very line. :
Church liev, G. 8, Ilunlciier has been
ci inducting a scries of meetings at (Jrubtree
school house. Last Sunday was au all-day
niwting, banket dinner. They came from
"Dan to Hursheba," big, little and indiffer
ent. There was an excellent clnss-mecting
at 8:9) a. a. ; at U o'clock liev. I, C. Mc
1'arutiKl J'. K.r preached ime of the most
forcible and scriptural sermons we have
ever listen to, on justification by faith,
2:9) p. K. Itev. U. rJ, Hauleiter preached to
the young people; 8 km. closed the day's
services. '
Don't send your money uhrnnd, but
patronize Louie Industry, by having
j our printing done at the Exi-rems
job office.
A Witterlntry girl, who wutt unenn
eiousfnr sixteen days during an at
tack of the giipop, stoutly maintains
Unit she went to heavnn in the inter
vui. The average citi.-'ii who lilts
expericno :d the grip will just ussloutly
tnuinliiiu tltut the Watertmry young
wotnuu in tlio plauo slit
visited.-Htolun. .,
At a regular meeting of the board of
directors of Lebanon A Hantlaiu Canal
Co.licld Tuesday evetiing,Juiie30,lKl,
a levy uf 1!0 per cent. uwicHsiiitiit was
made on capital stock to be paid by
July ldtft, same to be paid to the geo
reUiry it. A. Miller at bis office In the
City Drug store.
L. Fotxv, Pres.
M. A.' Milleb, Sec.
A few days ago Mr. Thomas Large
was engaged in riving hoards from a
large tree. In one of the board bolts
that come from near the eenter of the
tree he found a nail Imbedded. Mr.
Large's curiositv was aroused by
bis discovery, and upon counting the
growth from the nail lo the circumfer
ence nf tlie tree he found tlietn to num
ber 125. When watt It done and who
did it? Will somebody mlvimco a
theory us to how this occurs? -fido
Press. , ' . .
All partievi knowing themselves In
debted to John Unger will now take
notice Mint nil weotmts unpaid by
Aug. 1st., itfftl, will be sued upon nt
(but date. This is the lust notice to be
given, I Iiu.'b wailed long enough.
Pay all aceour.ts lo (Samuel M. Gar
land. July 2, Io.ll.
, JtiH.v Unokk.
M. A. Miller will cln.emit bis stock
of Went Virgiuiuund China nut oil
nt cost.
&ut gxrljastsf STntilc.
Kir Charles Russel, counsel for de
fniKlants in the baccarat case has a
sister in Bnn Francisco who Is mother
superior of the urder of Bisters of
Mercy at the Ht. Mary's hospital In
that City. Eugene Guard.
Since Jos. Gill, formerly of this city,
ceased publishing the Kansas Tom Cat,
the Daily Pig, published at Bessemer,
Ala., is the muat singular named news
paper in the United States. Ex.
A Philadelphia paper states that a
phouoprapb lias twen employed lo
cateh the utterances of monkeys lu
the belief that they have some sort of
langnnge that may be developed and
Interpeted. When the phonograph
repeutcd It, they clustered around and
looked for the inch key that was talk
ing. II Is expected to truce .the lan
guage up through the dudes and
dudlnes to rational speech,
At a spiritual seaucee held in Link-
vllle the other night, Iluruce Greeley
was culled upon to talk about the
principle on which our sugar-raisers
arc allowed 2 per cent. For a dead
man be was pretty warm. With
cheeks and eyes Dglow he thundered:
"If you plant that principle you'll
raise cane!" Ho then vanished amid
great applause. Klamath County
Star. .
A Newhurg j:lrl . within Fthree
mouths has marrh d a farmer, burned
down bis house and bum, incidentally
roosting his son, Hole a livery team
and eloped with a young man. As she
did Hall while clad In the ordinary
hubilumeiits of womankind, it doesn't
seem that the need for a business
woman's dress is very great. fierce
County Review: ;
fnUtical parties are In (he minds of
some people like firmed revolutions; if
successful they are right, if unsuccess
ful they arc wrong. Kuch ieople are
never worried about the priue'ples
of either parties or individuals.
Cheney Heutinel.
Tlie new people's parly held a meet
ing behind closed doors nt 8t. Louis
Sutiirdr.y. It will not materially
affect the welfare or the illfitre of the
nation if tbey hold their elections the
I same way. Astoria Bulletin.
A Sure Cars tat fUn.
Itching Piles are known by moisture
like porspirutlou causing Intense Hell
ing when warm. This form, ss well
as blind, bleeding and protruding,
yield at one to Dr. Jtnsunko's Pile
itemed?, which acts directly on the
narta affected, alworlw tumors, allays
itouiuer and effects a permanent cure,
oik:. Druggists or mail; treatise free.
Dr. Bosankti, 112S Arch street, Pliiladel
phlu, Pa. (Sold by M. A. Miller.
fill cream rHr.ESE.
Notice Is hereby given to the cheese
putrons of the Lebanon factory, and to
the general public, that we have se
cured the services of Mr. M. P. Taylor,
an old and experienced cheese-maker.
The skill and despatch with which he
conducts the business, give evidence o
a thorough knowledge of what be Is
doing. Ry June 20 we expect to have
ou hand a quality of cheese unexcelled
by any made elsewhere In the Btute.
We hope (o extend our trade lo every
tjwr. and city iu Oregon, nnd to fur
nish an article which will be appreci
ated by ooutinued patronage. All or
ders, large and small, will lie promptly
With many thanks to our patrons of
Lebanon, Albany, Solo and Corvallls,
we cordially await all orders.
J. M. Marks.
The ExrRKSS is prepared to com
pete with Portland or San Francisco
In matter of style and finish lu busi
ness and visiting curds. ,!
Mr. W. C. Peterson went to Albany
Wednesday evening, to participate In
some lodge work of the I. 0. 0: F.
Since the Incorporation of Lebanohf
Messrs. C B Mnntugne, J L Cowan, C
H Ralston, U WCruson, S. Andrews,
M A Miller, L Elkins, W B Dnuaca,
G W Crusen and J A Beard have been
chosen President of the Board of Coun
cil. By act of the last legislature the
title of this effloer Is changed to that
ot "Mayor." Members of the council
have been A Erwin, A A Kces, J M
Ralston, J W Uusic, J W Burkhart, J
Settle, J E Elkins, J Bllck, J Bilyeu,
A Parish, A F Conn, E E Montugue,
II C Harkness, B M Donaca, F H Ros
ooe, C C Huckleman J V Kocbler, G T
Cotton, C H Harman, T C Feebler, J 8
Courtney, J J Swan, M Westfall, Jas,
Matohott and several of the gentlemen
named in list of presidents. As recor
der: W Smith, 8 II Claughton, F M
Miller, G W Cruson, J H P Hope, J A
Roberts, R S Roberts, G W Rice and
W C Peterson. The marshals have
lieen JTsHlman, A Reed, Z T Bryant,
Jos Nixon, G W Rice, F M Miller, Jos
Mayors, N 8 Foil is, G D Feebler, Geo
W Cheshlse, Phil Smith and S B Coyle
$100 Reward. $100. .
The readers sf the ExfRftsg will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
dineuse that science litis been able to core in
all its stages, and that is Catitrrli. Hall's
Catarrh Cure ie the only pnsrtivecure now
known to tlie medical fraternity. Catarrh
isiiiig a constitutional disease." reduires a
constitutional treatment. ' Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
itsii the blood and mucous suriccc of the
systutn, thereby destroying the tbundiition
ol tlie disease, and giving the patient
trengtb hv building up the eonstit utiou
Slid assisting nature In doing its work. The
aroprictors have so much ioitli in its etiru
pive (sowers that tbey ofier One Hundred
llollurs for any cse that it fails to cure.
tNend for Hst of testimonials. Address K. J
Cheney V Co., Toledo, 0' Sold by Dmggis
Dr. Laniboreon shipped on Tuesday,
" tons of cascara burk. to four dif
ferent firms, one shipment going to
Windsor, Ontario. He has a contract
on bauds of 79 tons of this bark, ami
bus it over one-half filled and be In
forms us that he will have no trouble
in tilling bis contract Credit is due
the Dr. fur working up this industry
as it brings iu foreign capital and dis
tributes it amotigthe needy people. He
employs S men to handle the bark and
pays Ibetn liberal wages and deals
on the square wllh the people who
gather tlie bark.
A few days ago J. C. Gordon was
arrested at Lebanon, charged with
carrying coticealed wenpons. He was
tried before Justice Hyde, attorneys
Miller oud Garland appeared for the
defense, and J. R. Wyatt, deputy dis
trict attorney, for the prosecution.
The defense took the ground that the
law was uneiiiistltuliotiul, as it was in
conflict with the provisions, of the
statutes providing fur carrying aruiB In
ease of war, mid the justice declared'
the law unconstitutional and discharg
ed the prisioner. This bents the Justice,
who granted the .divorce, and places
the Lebanon court above even Boise's
court, for Judge Boise rarely pretends
to declare a luw unconstitutional, that
being the province of the nupreme
court. Albany men wlio are arrested
for carrying concealed weapons sb juld
always appeal their eases, in case of
conviction, to Justice Hyde's court, at
Lebanon. Albany Democrat.
Our neighbor dios Judge Hyde a
gnat injustice In the above, ,".
The luw reporter for the Democrat Is
in error. The grounds for dismissing
t!ii ease against Gordon were, that the
slate hud failed to establish the fact
that the defendant bad a weapon con
cealed about his iwrsoii, though the
evidence showed that defendant bad a
weapon In his hand. It was claimed
by the defense that to secure a convic
tion it aiust be proven, as alleged, that
the'defendan t had aooreeeaZetiweapou.
Remember the Express Job office.
Get your spectacles at G. E. Hardy's
2"icU. to $1.00 per pair.
Rev. C. A. McElroy will preach at
the Academy Sabbtttb at 11 a. M.
,Mr; Sam Mackcy is moving Into the
Andrew bouse. , ,
We are glad to report Mr.' Alvln
Williams better.
DiB-HtcAs-In Florida, Missouri,
June 0, 1891. Jitsopb H,' Hickman, aged
about &1 years. We need not culogiic the
character, or speak of the moral or mental
worth of the deceased, for Prof. Hickman
was well known to the pooplci of Lebanon
and those who were intimately connected
with him can truly testify to bis ohnstian
sincerity, his stnet honesty and intellectual
ability, As one who profited by his in
struction, we can say that he. accomplished
much, and did it well although he worked
tinder the greatest disabilities. He was to
ns and many others, In tact all who met
him, a kind and sympathizing friend, and
always ready to vindicate and act on the
right side, and we shall look back to the
days when we wcro associated together as
teacher and pupil, as the happiest and best
spent days of all our sehool-hfc. .
Omt orllis Pupils.
Spring Frver. '
A t this season of the year the rorist,"
vigorous and hearty people often have .
a feeling of weariness, tired and worn
out, without ambition to do anything,
and many breuk out in pimples and
bolls. What you require is a mild
tonic medicine that will act gently on
the liver and blond, and for this, noth
rng equals Dr. Gun's Improved Liver
Pills. They give an activity to the
liver, purify the blood and by their
mild tonic action, new vitalitv and
streglh to the entire system. Sold at
25 cents a box by M. A. Miller.
Following is a comnlele list of all the
nost-ohloes in tins county; Albany,
isrowneviiie, vruwiornsviiie, f ox val
ley, Halscy, Harrlsliurg, riolley, Jor
dan, jjacoiuti, jjeuannn, i,voim, Millers
Ottkville, Peoria, Plalnview, Hock J
( reek. Rowland. Siiiiliaiu. Relo. ShediL
Hbeldburn, Kpiecr, Sweet Home, Tall-
moil, Tangent, Waterloo, hitcomb.
Since the Southern Pacific Compi- ':
tiy lias taken charge of Ihe Oregoniuri
railroad it has been uintle a standard
guage. Quite a lnre force of hands
have been engaged putting road bed iu
repair -now camping near Talluian,
We are Informed that about August
1st, thsy will begin runninp one p us
seuger and one freight tram daily each
way between Portlautand Sjirlngfii-Jd, -It
will take iibotil thut lonj before iho
new part of tlietoiui is ballasted and '
leveled..' :V; j
"r Work dune nt (i. E. H.inly's at po .
par cttit below Eastern prion." .
' ?-llr. . t
All pofwm. kBowIng tb"mvelves to ;
be In debted, to me will please cnt.V.:
fowerd and settle tip. I can't run :
business without money. On and
after August first I will sell for cash
on the block (no credit.) , ,
T-i'Mt. 1 0. T, C'TTiv:, .
l r Kale. -
The Albany Ice Co. have filled our.
lee liouse, and nil parlim .trh-hliig' ke '
ran g"t It by enllinft on ns at 1 cent per i
pound, : li,'y & Mav&'k. k -
C. E, TTardy will mend jewelry at ; , ji
eo, i of mMorinl. . .. . . . s.
In almost every neiplvfioi hood there
is some one or more jp sum vvhoss ;,i
lives have been saved hv Coamber- :
Iain's Colic, Cheleric and Diarrlnvij ,'
Remedy, or who have been eurwl of ,
crhoulc diarrhott by It. Huch persons
take epecinl pleasure in reeommew!-." .
Ing the remedy to others. The prci.
that follows the Iiitrwliietion unci use .
makes it very nojittlar, 29 and f4 ocni, , :,.
bottlcB for sale hy . M.A.Willtr. '( ;
Call and examine new good at C. K,. I
Hunly's jewelry stire: ;, ,
Notice. ; I
Notice Is hereby given to all parties
indebted to Harlxtur Bros, or to l!n,r
bour & Dalglciah, of Lebciion, Oicjott. .
tbotall deblsdue eithei of said' lirm
must lie paid ai once, or satist'iietory ..
srratigemenls made thesefor..' Oiiicr-;
wise the undersigned will he foroed to
institute suit for the collections of :iid
debts.. Lebanon, Or., Juue R, Itwlt-
.' N.S. DAj,iii,u;Kn, . -i
- 1 1. .Aduiinisli'iilor. '-.
Samuel. M. Oakland,' ";
Rev. N. U New wait iu town one
day this week visiting. He iM'jm.'j
us that he will leave Monday, .Tori
Tenn., hie old home. He has iunji;j'
friends stilus place who deeply reg'ot
seeing him leave.