The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, June 05, 1891, Image 2

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    Lebanon Express.
Editor - and - Proprietor.
On. r-Ar - 92 00
!l jrtutl ill d'RiK-?. SI tw:rvr.)
Six ?noi!hi..:....:. .. . 1 00
Thr.e mw:hrf ....... . o1
4:liiU: ?pic?............ . or
Tin-Kent! lo Lttkv 8M're A Easteru
?faiilw:iy Iims Imm'ti transferred to the
Spokane has just completed
liish school buildir.R at . est of
tll)2 000.
Chas B. Belcher, asred 18 yer,
was drowned ill the McKinzie river
last week.
Kentucky proposes to celebrate
its centennial ns a state, and is
now m kmc; preparation therefor.
The famous case of the state of
"Washington v.s. Angus McLean, for
burning lintel at Shelton, that
wtate. has been brought to an end
hv the discharge of the defendant.
A Philadelphia paper in describ
ing a New York preacher, says:"He
is like an auger; he takes hold
right away, cuts nil the time and
quits when he is through."
If Estee of California, should
nueceed Noble as secretary- of the
interior, as is indicated by the des
patches he will, the Pacific coast
would regard him as comprehend
ing her needs and sympathizing
with her aspirations. He is one of
the best men of his party ou this
Von Moltke's cheif bsoks were
iho Bible, Shakespeare, Goethe
aind Scott. He seldom read any
other but technical works on war.
Here is a moral for the man who
nibbles at a thousand books and
digests none. He will never Jive
to be ninety and have a monument
when he dies.
An adventurous young gentle
man of Eimmclaw intends to scale
hc heights of Mt. Rainier, and if
jssible, on the ronrth ot July
next, plaut upon its sky-cutting
31 pex the starry finer. The banner
f liberty is to be 15x20 feet in size
and will wave a greeting to Puget
sound and the Pacific ocean from a
eeetional pole about thirty feet in
There are many good principles,
embodied in the platform of the
new party, such as the abolition of
national banks, prohibition of
alien ownership of lands, the re
turn to the government of all rail
road lands not "needed" by the rail
roads, the election of the president
-1v a direct vote of the people, the
luafrtnission of universal suffrage to
the people of the several states.
The vote upon the question ef
the consolidation of the cities of
Portland, East Portland and Albi
na resulted in about ten to one in
tivor of consolidation. It is a
matter of eongratulstion to the
eople of the new Portland, as well
as all citizens of this state. With
its combined population Portland
etands head and shoulders above
any citv of the Pacific north-west.
- fAs e rule in life there is but lit
tle of what is called "luck;" and if
the eases of individual success or
failure in life are carfully studied
' it will be foundjn meetof them
that neither good nor bad luck had
anything to do with them, utthat
. intelligence, ambition, energy ap
plication and courage made the
successful man, and the lack of all
or of some of these things was res
onsible for the failure of the un
successful one.
An exchaore says that the aver
age man prefers the society of a
pure woman to thpt of a social out
cast, but when the former is denied
"he takes the latter rather than be
deprived of any society." This is
putting a very low estimate on the
average man. Aside from that it
is nonsensical; No average man
.-need be deprived of the society of
pnre women. The man who, wish
.iig the acquaintance of pure wo
men of his own position in life, can
not obtain it, is not up to the aver
age. - He is a chump.
The government having secured
a consignment of 500 lb. smokeless
!owder of the brand now used by
some of the armies of Europe, the
board of army officers appointed to
select a magazine symtem for rifles
and carbines and a test and report
for adoption of snch smokeless
powder as is deemed most available
to ns, will be able to further prose- j
cute its investigations. The tests
will be made at Springfield, Mass., j
where American inventors will
have art opportunity to submit
v capons whose qualities will com
pare with the Schmidt rifle Swit
zerland, capable of firing thirty
shots a minute, the French Lelel
rifle, which can send J a bullet
through over fifteen inches of oak
at 220 yards, and others with death
dealing records.
Oiir neighbor, the Albany Dem
ocrat, says:
Some people do not loose much
sleep studying about how to make
themselves pleasant' and agreable
to their neighbors.South Bethlehem
Pa. has a citizen in this class. His
next-door neighbor wished to put
new weather-boards on his house,
which was built on the line of the
lot. The citizen whose lot joined
objected to the use of his ground
for the necessary scaffolding. 1 he
other is now moving his house four
' feet for this purpose, and when tiic
ejl wetfrt-h er-boa rdin g is on it will be
moved back to the line. AVM:h
proves that surliness does not ai
i. wars win and that there is me
tim i uuc n.iytu clap-board a h we
The Pineville News says: Thous
ands of acres of the best agricultu
ral lands iu the web-foot country
that have been tilled are lying idle
and growing lip in weeds. They
were mortgaged lands. Their or
iginal owners mortgaged them, and
b:-ing unable to meet the indebted
ness thus incurred by the produc
tion and sale of cereal crops, they
suHered the inevitable Kansas re
suit- a foreclosure. And then
they came to eastern Oregon, where
they have since prospered. The
Willamette valley is doubtless one
of the agricultural regions on the
face of the earth, but it is heavily
mortgaged all the same, and iu
that respect its situation is very
much akin to the best agricultural
districts in the middle west.
In writing the above the News
editor cither didn't dnow what he
was talking about or else was de
liberately misrepresenting the mat
ter. In the first place the land is
not "lying idle and growing up in
weeds," and this region shows up as
light an indebtedness ns any other
part of Oregon. In Linn county
a few years ago five loan companies
held mortgages ou farms amount
ing to about"900 (KM. Now they
only carry about $100 000 in that
county. That don't look much as
though the farmers were becoming
bankrupt. -Union City Pilot.
The last session of the state
grauge, held at Hillsboro, is said to
have been a very interesting one
and largely attended. A commit
tee consisting of R. P. Boise, of
Salem, J. Voorheese, if Woodbunij
and R. A. Irvine, of Albany, to for
mulate a bill en assestment and
taxation, and to report by Sept. 1,
to the state exeevtive committee,
which is instructed to have same
printed and send copies to each sub
grange in the state for its consider
ation ; and their action to reported
to the next annual session, which
will be held at Albany. Sugges
tions from farmers and others who
are interested are asked for.
The Slem Journal announces that
Rev. Doctor Van Seoy has tendered
the trustees his resignation as presi
dent of the Willamette university.
The future engagements of the gentle
man are supposed to embrace a year of
travel and study and then the accept
ance of the chancellorship of the new
Portland university of the M. E
church. The Corvalis Times says:
The next annual session if the Pres
byterian genera! assembly will meet in
Portland, Origon. The delegates from
this coast to Detroit, are to be cetigrat
ulated on this achievement. It is one
of the largest ecclesiastic assemblies in
the world and their meeting here will
redown to our benefit -
Sir John Macdonald is tough as
a pine knot. The old statesman,
at last reports, was resting eomfor
tnbl, and may live yet to disar
range some people's plans.
The Kansas Alliance men are
down on Mr. Sockless J. Himpson
because he opposed the creation of
th third party at Cincinnati,, and
some of them go so far as to say
that Jerry's political sun is set.
If we would study life with the
pleasures thereof with the same
assiduity that we do the faults of
neighbors there would be much
more pleasure in living.
The country editor without the
Oregonian in his business, reminds
one very much of a theatrical
troupe playing Hamlet and leav-,
ing Hamlet out.
Tf wa could man a ere our own
business w ith the same ease that
we suggest to others how to man
age theirs success would be easy.
Spring- Fever.
At this season of the year the most
vigorous and hearty people often have
a feeling .-f weariness, tired and worn
tiit without am hit ion to do fin vthine-.
and many breakout iu pimpfes and
von rwni i in is e mild
tonic medicine that will act gently on
the liver and blood, and for this, noth
ing equals Dr. Hun's Improved Liver
Pills. They give an activity to the
liver, purify the blood and by their
mild toi t tc act ion , new vi t a 1 i t y a ltd
streeth to the en lire system, fciold at
2o cent.-, a box by M. A. Miller.
Changed Every Week.
Wheat &5c
Oats 50c.
Hav 15 per ton.
Flour $1 400t l SO per sack.
Chop $1 5 per cwt
Bran 90e per cwt.
Middlings -$1 50 per cwt.
Potati es 35c.
Apples Dried, 8c per lb.
Plums Dried, 7c.
Onions 5c.
Boo Dressed, 6S-7c
Veal 6Wc
Pork Dressed, ofrGc.
Lard 1214. '
Hams 3 '2 . 15c per lb.
Sides 10M24c per lb.
f-Seese ?U(fvvI2 per doa.
Ducks 7 50 per do.
C hickens 4 00(5 K.
Turkeys 13cti per lb.
Ergs 18c per doz.
Butter 20c per lb.
Hides Cireeu, 2(.4c; dry, 6c.
I have been troubled many years with
disease of the kidneys and nave tried
many different remedies and have
sought aid from different physician
without relief. About the 15th of April
I was suffering from a very violent
attack that almost prostrated me in
sue tt a manner nuu a was tjcni uvn.
When I sat down it was almost impossible for rae
to get up alone, or to put on my clothes, when
kind Providence sent Dr. Henley, with the
hotel. I immediately commenced
using the tea. It had an almost
miraculous effect, and to the aston
ishment of all the ucs at the hotel,
in a tew days,X am happy to state,
that I was a new man. I will
recommend the tea to aH ftfilicl
as I have been.
A Sure Co
( for PII.
Itching Piles are known by moisture
like iKrsmrtf( ion ciiusit ie intense itch
ing when warm. This form. a well t
4 1 a
a mum, bifx-aiiipr ini prfiLruuniff, ; horBe and Rn wim op with them will
vield at once to Ir. Bosun ko's Pilei, 4 . . . rr, !
n.-uicdv, which nets directly on the ! weU treated iuhI w.eli ittstied. TIw ,
pnrts iiff'wtcd, nlmnrlw tuiiKint, alhivs I two houses stund opposite each other,
itchinir utiri enVntB a pcrrtKinont euro. I and their tables arc ulwwys supplied :
r(la lrutrtristK or mail: tre&ttue free, with i he hv ;t. j
ir. jiortfinko, A roll bti ett, i'hiluacl- I
i)lu, fix. bold by M. A. JMiUcr.
Art vert Ifement)
BodaviUe Is I catcd twenty miles
southeast of Albany, five wiles south
of Lebanon and twelve miles west of
Sweet Home, In the foot hills of the
Cascades where shade trees, gr;iss and
dower llourish In abu admire. Di
rectly on the east, the timbered hilts
rear their heads fur above the village,
affording jpime of many kinds 111
abundance and shady walks for tour
ists and health seekers through
pleasatu woods, while on the west.,
lies the -broad expanse of the great
Willamette valley, u a broken by any
rise of land for more than forty miles,
with Albany dimly outlined twenty
miles away. Boduville eati be classed
as a mountain or a valley town, as her
limits are tu both.
Sodaville is the most accessible
health resort in the state, being only
Ave miles from the .Lebanon terminus
of the 8. P. it. H- and in less than
twenty -four months, will have direct
communication with said road by rail
road or mnter line. The road from
Lebanon to Sodaville is level and tirst
class, passing between finely cultivat
ed grain and fruit farms and the
tourists and health seeker enjoys a
pleasant ride of 43 minutes on the
fcodaville Hack." which meets every
iu-coming train. A long and tedious
juuruey or seeking a health resort is
thus avoided and one can leave his
home at most any point in the Willam
ette valley and reach his destination
the same dy. Invalids rind this
much pleasanter than to be driven over
long and rough mountain roads.
ttodaville consists of about twenty
five dwellidg houses, one general mer
chandise store, one drug store, one
butcher,brksmih,two bote Is, one livery
stable and one well furnished school
house. In addition to this, there art
under construction, two busiuess
houses on I he principal street, v uew
church house, a large wing to the
school house and several dwellings.
Thc are no saloons and bittard halls
in this toicn, and as the town has a
charter and city officers it is a quiet
and peaceful health re-sort, and fully
meets the want" of those who, by the
excessive work aud care of the year,
seek a quiet aud healthful retreat for a
tew weeks outing.
The Sodaville Mineral Springs.
were discovered by Reuben CYiyle iur
the summer of 1843 white riding on
the range for cattle. Becoming thirsty
lie alighted at a spring that showed
itself above the ground rnd where
stock, for many miles around had
been coming for water, as was after
ward ascertained. "When Mr. Co3le
first drank of the water, he thought
himself poiseued, as the water tasted
very q'j-ijr." bat J :clArcd it t bs a
verv wholesome beverage. The des
cription of the "curious spring" dis
covered by Mr. Coyle, at ouce, created
universal interest, and many people
flocked to the new fabled fountain of
immortal youth," only to find that his
words were true. He had dicovered
instead of 'a poison spring," a water
that has since proven it-elf to be the
best on the Pacific slope for health
giving properties.
But Utile was done for many years.
in the way of permanent imprmtMnent
but suffice to say thai now, It finds
itself in the center of a block wholy
dedicated to its purpose, which is
located exactly iu the center of the
town of Sodaville. The block has
been improved at an expense of several
hundred dollars. The spring is now
under a roof, in a well aud solidly
built cemented brick tank, surround
ed by a brick wall and well supplied
with floor, steps, pipes, faucets etc
There are many fir and maple trees in
the park which furnish leatiliful
" the thousauds of health and
recreation seekers who are daily arriv
ing at these springs. Provisions can
be had cheap here aud fine camping
grounds are always open to the public,
free of charge, as is also the water.
The Wmtf r
is a clear, cold, sparkling fluid strong
and extremely pleasant to the taste,
drink of it, that "you cuntiot drink
enough to hurt you." The benefit,
especially derived by the use of this
water is the absolute ciye of stomach
and kidney troubles. It is indeed
Xture's own remedy. The citizens
of Sodaville are mainly made up of
) people who once came here with badly
disorganized stomach or kid:ieyst aud
who, having been completely restored,
will not now leave the springs. People
from nearly every state in the union,
can testify to the superiority of the
water, while all the Pacific states
furnish hundred of visitors to these
wonderful springs.
A volume might be written in des
cribing this water, but want of space
piohibits fuller details. In conclusion
we would say, if you afflicted with
kidney, stomach or liver troubles, let
us cordially invite you to come aud
see for your self, and you will add one
to the thousands of living witnesses
that are now ready with their hearty
testimony in its favor.
Hardmm Hotel
In 1890, Mr. W. II. Hard man built a
fine large hotel for the accommodation
of the public, which furnishes a pleas
ant home for fifty guests. This build
ing is large, neat, new, and commo
dious, aud Mr. and Mrs. Hard man ;
make ail, whose good luck it is to stop !
with them, to feel at home. This hotel !
was built and" furnished at a cost of
7000 It was built because the numer
ous people, who' throng here, imper
atively demanded it. Being situated
near the spring, it is very convenient
for those whose health does not permit
them to walk far to visit the springs
as often as is desired. The distance is
about ninety yards. Mr. Hard man
will in the near future put in some
baths for mineral water bathing. The
price of boar-1 nni lodging in this house
per week, r.uijros fr-un $4.JS0 to $12
Although it vi' nt ilnilml until
late last summer it was at tiiue crowd
ed to its fulU-t e:iuaety.
K '-n Hutel
is managed by H. D. Klum and lady,
which, although mnHi smaller thnii
the former, Is a V'-ry iifat antl pitvtsuHt
usually fuLtua in the markeia will be j
furnished by H. M. Perry and Wm
81111th, at lowest rates.
Jumes Found
does alt kinds of blncksmlthlng and
wood-work, and in nil cases guarantees
satisfaction. :
Tl Urns Store
Is under the management of G.Robcrts,
w Ik keeps constantly ou hand all
articles usually found in a first-class
drug store; : -
: A Grocery Store-
will soon be in running order, with
Thus. MelJullocfc as manager, who
will keep a full line of groceries.
A tlcnertil MercliandUe St.r r
Is being conducted by Frank Duvls,
who Is u'so post-master, ns well as
agent for the Wells Fargo Kxpress Co.
In this store will always be found a
complete stock of goods, and Mr Davis
will politely and quickly attend to all
your wants.
Peerjr Bt Tvrhume ;
arc the gentlemen who own and lo
the -livery busiuess of the town. Their
'Sodaville hack" meets every in-own
ing train at Lebanon and foe the
moderate fee of fifty cents, will convey
you to the springs at Sodaville. All
bagt;age left to their care wilt quickly
aud surely reach Its destination.
School Honae
is a large new frame bulldij; (large
for one room) and well furnished with
iron desks, a geographical school chart
worth $75 and many other school fix
tures which are Iiidistnsau1e "to a
good live school. During the past
year, the building was found to be in
adequate in capacity, hi consequence
of which a lnrge and commodious
wing will be built during the present
summer (1891) thus making the entire
house to seat and provide for about
125 pupils. Prof Bansee who has had
charge of the school during the past
year, has had six years of actual
experience in his profession, has
thoroughly graded the school aud has
It based on a written set of rules and
regulation, approved of and adopted
by the board. Prof. Rarzee has been
employed as principal for this coming
school year, and be in co-operation
with the school board, invites parties
from elsewhere to send their childeu
to this place of heath to attend school.
Board and tuition rates will be made
as cheap as any other place in the val
ley. Special attention will be given to
any children, young men or young
women who may come from a distane
to attend this school. For any further
information euquiie of or addess the
A New CUnreh Hoose
Is to be built soon, on a beautiful rise f
ground, in the edge of the village.
Sodaville now has a good live Sunday
school In good running order, and
preaching nearly every Sabbath.
Do Ton Want at Home
at or uear this watering place? There
are some good lauds for fruits and
grain raising purposes that can be had
at reasonable rates near these springs.
Tracts of 10 acres are being sold for
small homes or fruit and gardeu rais
ing. There are also some Very
beautiful aud desireable lots inside the
incorporation, the prices of which
range from $10 to 60 on easy terms.
For any aud all information regarding
these landT Inquire of or abdress
Louis Barzee, real estate & iusurance
agent, Sodaville, Oregon.
Another Soda Sprfnc "
has ieen discovered ot - the farm of
W. W. Parrish near the present spring
and inside the city limits. Mr. Parrish
Is having the spring developed, aud
with all present indications it seems to
be a good one. A part of bis farm will
be divided In 5, 10 or 20 acre tracts
aud sold for fruit farms.
Supplementary Kemarlis.
Sodaville, although a small village,
is incorporated under the laws of
Oregon. This was done that authority
might be given the town to control the
springs and maintain ordes and peace.
The city officers are; W. W. Parrish,
mayor; H.J A. McCartney, Fnnnk
Davis, II. M. Perry stid M. F- Ter
hnme, councilmen; C K. Eicbler,
recorder; H. V. Peery, treasure and
H. D. Klum, marshal. It has a daily
mail, a telegraph line which connects
it with the main line, express office
and a notary public. The peoplf of
Sodaville are always kind and obliging
to any aud all who come among them,
and extend a hearty and cordial i avi
ation to all who may wish to come. Come
and see us for yourself. You will be
pleased with our people, our town, our
springs and our healthful locality.
When you have read this circular, will
you kindly hand It to anv one who is
in need of lost health, or to any neigh
bors who is dissatisfied with his
present condition, or who wants to
find n suitable place to send hischildreu
away to school. Any and all commu
nications relative to any matter men
tioned In this circular, will be quickly
aud willingly answered fey
Louis Barzee
$iOO Reward. $100.
The readers f the Expbkhr will beplcasefl
o learn that there is at least otic dreaded
disease that Bcieiiec has been able to cure in
all its stasres, and that is fatarrli." Hall's
Catarrh Cure ie the only rvosrtive cftreiiow
known to the mcutcai iratvrmty. - t. ruarrn
betne a constitutional disease, rcriuircs a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the biooa ana miivms furiaec oi i-nc
systutn, thereby ditroyinp the foundation
of the diseafje, and "giving the patient
atrenjrth by building up the constitution
and nsist-inir nature in doing its work. The
proprietors nave so much faith in it cura
tive powers that they ofler One Hundred
Hollars for any ease that it fails to euro.
Send for list of testimonials. Address V, J.
Cheney $1 Co., Toledo, O Sold by Druggist
The fullest store we have ever seen
in Linn county, the finest assortment
of goods in the valley, outside of Port
land, is to be seen at the Golden Rule
Bazar. Children never tire looking at
the immense stock and uniquedisplay
of toys; the stock of crockery, ghissware
and eh in aware is the wonder and admi
ration of all who see it; the six hundred
pounds of tea of the choicest brand
and best flavor, which the proprietor
huK sold within tii' last year, has cre
ated a thirst for more of this excelllent
htivt-rasre. Whilt Dr. Price and other
t-MetnistK are wmti::iiiff over the purity
of their hakiny; p wders, the Golden
Jtulo v.-7A pakinj? powder sells and no
questions are usied and no fault is
found as to its; merits. A complete
line tf shelf hrtrwwure, lumps, tricycles,
baby carriages, ete. ait; to be seen at
this' hnt.-se. Don't, spend $10 gorng to
Portland when-, you can see all
the above si g h t fo r th e simple
t-ost of a lk. - When it) Albany spend
au hour in this .'rent curiosity store
and you will always nc jrlad that you
visited Gradwohi s -jodeu lime Ba
zaar. Aiiwny, Oregon.
I The Bead to Wealth ;
Cannot b successfully traveled with
out good health. To reach wealth or any
coveted position In life requires the full
possession and operation of all the fac
ulties kind natar has endowed us with.
These conditions cannot exist unless the
physical bslna Is In perfect working
order, and this It Impossible when the
liver and spleen are torpid, thus obstruct
ing the secretions, causing Indigestion
and dyspepsia, wtth all off their aoeoat
panylnf horrors.
English Dandelion Tonic
xerts a specific Influence ever the liver,
ascites H to healthy action, resolves its
chronic engorgements, and promotes the
secretions; cures Indigestion and consti
pation, sharpens the appetite, tones ap
the entire system, and atakes life worth
MKTTTOIflSr EriffCOl'AL fllflUil Thomas
! lloyd, pastor jsorvlres everr Satilj&th at II A.
M. and 7 P.M. Sabbath school at 10 A, M. Mi-tit-i
injro!" tliw Epworth league at 3 1 M. Piuvit
mferJnjE Tlmrsday evenin" o'clock. All arc
invited to a; tend then; services.
tor. Service every 11 A. M" and f-:t0
P. M. Sitbbnth school t 10 .. M. Pruvur utcet
lnii WcdueKlii? evening at 7:30 o'clock." All wel
E. K. Tlinmtison, pastor. Prctienlna- services each
Sabtwith lit 11 A. M. and 7:l P. M. Praver meet
ing Wednesday evening at 7:3a Suiulny School
every Sabbath at 10 A. M.
M. H. CHPIM'H, SOUTH G. Itnnleiter,
tnr. PrcitrhiiiK iirt Sabbath t 11 A. M. and ench
Sahhnlli evening at Sunday School at 3 P, M.
CoKavf pmycr nieetinir each Friday evening.
Everybody welcome.
tor. Services held In the Academy. lrencli!ne
Attor ney-at- Law
Albany, Oregon.
Will practice in all the courts of tnl State.
Oflice, front rooms over bank of Oregon.
W. H. BOOTH, M. D.,
Office In Guv's New Bufldlns;.
Residence at Mrs. Ambler's.
Physician and Surgeon.
Graduate of Royal College of London and Bcll
vne Medical Collesv. Mask,
Chronic eajfes speehtttr.
Cancers renmved wtihont pnht or the tiifc.
OFFICE Kirk pa trick" a building. Lchmntfi, Or-
Emporium. of Fashion
Is replete vUlt the Latest Siyle of Hflt, Bonnets
and every vnH-ry nf henVl ciir known to
the. fusitionable world.
A FlfM ct-ss Prcuflkine Shop In connection,
tvlilcit it pre-jded over by n bo make
cisfiing and Fitting a Specie! ty.
Onk Poor South op tite - Express" Office.
Dress Suit. XVnh Snl'?. Wnr. and Plain Sowing
eaur anti i-rumpuy iHine.
Cnttinsr And FIJI ins a Specialty. Chrsi- reason
able. A fair snare ot scTiiig aouciiu.
Laxk OrFirs xt Oregon Ci)y. Ore-iron,
MayJI.lWd. f
Notice i hcrcbv-ircTi that the itiliowing-nsuied
settler ha died lio ice of hit in"o:i;itn to make
r?nnl proof in ynpixrt of hi- eliiirn. aud llmt Miid
prMf will be mude Iwfre the County Clerk ot
Linn Countv, at Albany, Oregon, on July 13. IP31,
P. X. MIU-P.D.
Homestead Entrr Xo. 55W. for the K- & of X. M
and Irfs 1. 2. 3 and 4. Sec. 6, Tp. 1H. S. it. 1 W.
He names the following: wiinesws to prove
hi" continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of. naid bind, via: tieorse Diver. Ocorsre Wil-
tn. lieorse Klntn and Jamr Vtindcri'tL "H of
HtNtaviiie i. u.. Linn founiy. jin.
J. T. APPKKlaON, Resteer.
Land Office at Oregon flfr. Orcein, l
May 21. 1Sfl. f
Not Ire fs herehvpiven that the followiii-nometl
settlct hiiB tilfd notice nf hi? intention tu make
flnal nmof in Ftifijfjrt of hU claim, and that fahl
nnuv uiil 1m t.oi.Io !r,tri the ( nnntr IMprt fil
Lnin County, at Albany, refill, ou July 14, 18i.ll, I
(JEOKGE Oinilf.
Pre-emntion P. S. No. 7401 for the E. Jof N. E.J
and E. of s. E. i. See. T). 12 S.. tt. 1 lv.
Me nntue the fulTuwiitfr witnesep to prove hi
eontlnnouf rt'siilcnee njun and eiiltivMtfott t- switl
Imid. viz: thrar W. Mnrrili, (iren Marshal t, V.
Punkins and L. Crowd lev, all of t'lmnou. 1 Inn
County. Orogm. J. T. AIU'EKSON, Register.
Land Office at Oregon City. Oregon. 1
May 21. Il. f
Xotiee Ik hereby piven that (he followins- name1
settler has tiled notiee of his intention, to make
(inwl priMif in support of his claim, and that said
Knwf will be made before the funnty t'lerk of
inn Cmntv, at Albany, Oregon, on July 14, 181,
Pre-cnintlon T. 8. No. 7445, for the N. E. i Sec.
30, Ip. 128., R.2 E.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
contimmuit residence upon and cultivation of. said
land. vi: Oren C Marshall, (it'onte tiihhs and
William Hale, of Lebanon. I,tnn f?ounty, Oreson,
and Andrew Vail of Waterloo, Linn Comity. Ore
gon. J. X. Al'l'EltisON, Register.
Has on hand a large stock of
Call And Secure Prices.
To Make Room for My
Kntlre Stock of
Boots & Shoes
Now is the Time to
I Propose to Have
Leading Dry Goods Store
1 In the Valley.
Promptly attended.
Albany, Oregon.
The Yaquina Route.
T. E. Hogg, Receiver,
Oregon DeYelopscnt Cc' s Steamslip Line
225 Mlltts Shorter! 20 Hoars Less Tlmel
Than by any other Route.
From Portland and all points in the Willamette
Valley to aud from ian Francioo. VL
TIME ScHKIU'LE (xpt Pundayi..)
Lv Yx'fuins A M I I.v Al!anv 1 P M
Lv tonalHjltt ;li A M Lv CorvaJtls. IflSPM
Ar AIUkt tlH A M 1 At Yauina P M
O. & C. trains connect ai Albany and Conralli.
Tl a!-ove trains connect at YaTirsa with the
Ore iron lteveloin:i;t Comtttnr" li;ie ol Steam
ships between Yaiuiua and Saa FrauciscA.
S. S. Willamette Valley
From Yaqiiina June 4, June ts. Jnne22-
From Snn Fmwiit'jo 3Iy-L " U. W i
Thi eompany reserve the ritfltt to rhatigu sailing-
dstes withonl notice.
WM. M. nOAO.
C. C J ton PR ficwrai Managi-r.
G. F. i P. Asont. Corral!, Or.
Omaba, Kansas City, -Chicago,
East, North & South,
C. G. RAWLINCS, Agent,
Albany, : : Obeoox.
Sure Cure for Sunt Hcapwe,
a ail cronotea snsmf iron.
Iruusation or Oonstipatiein.
w Improves the Oornpifiiott
hv Pnridina lm Rlrvxl.
The Aom ran b nloelr ndjnsted to suit the com, mm
mm pill can npt-er be too large a dose. Knsr to tke
as so moch suitBf. 43 pi Is pat Tip inn Mrotut vial
whiob enn bernrrlefl in wit pocket. A 8rMUmn.
Iraee la TraTVlvra Rutam -. Kbb G fob in w Hh.
at "Crw"t"Trd(iSrk. Sold F Tfry wbr.5r bI.
SASFLr. DOSK and HKEAH BOOK for- 3m. tm tmmfm,
rTTRiriFatho Bl.OOl); RRi! UL.ATKS theLiVTTTlB
ties for GeDtfenien,
Indian. etr . fira war
ranted, and no stnmped on bottom. A
W. L. UUIULAS, ISroeUtan Mb
ranted, and no stnmped on bottom. Address
Land Office at Orejron City, Oregon,
May 21,
Kotice is herehv given that the following-named
settler has lilod notice of liia intention to make
final proof in support of his claim, and that paid
proof will be made before the County Clerk of
Linn Couuty, at Albany, Oregon, on July 14, 1S91,
Pre-cmntlon D. S. No. 7444. for the E. of S. W.
Jtf. and Lots 3 and 4. Pec. SO. Tp. V2 S., K. 2 K.
He uanmsthe following witnesses to prove his
continuous rosldence upon and cultivation of. said
land, vix; George Glbbs, Oscar W. Worrish, An
drew Vail and William Hale, all of Lebanon. Linn
County, Oregon. J. T. APfERSO:, Keprister.
mwJtmMm ow. gals
If you want to sec the best assort-
mentof General Merchandise in town, !
and get the best values for your rnoneyy i
3'ou cannot do better than call on me j
at my old stand, where the latest nov- I
elfies in Spring Goods are to be had j
at way-down prices. J
Call and examine my stock of Fur
nishing Goods. Ties, Collars and Cuffs,
Kid Gloves, Fine Balbriggan Under
wear, Etc.
I have the latest novelties in Dress
Goods, Kibbons, . Kuchings, Silks,
Plushes, and Trimmings of all kinds.
I keep the celebiated 1 N. and S. K.
Corsets, which give elegance of shape
and perfection of lit.
Full lines of CLOTHING, BOOTS
and S1IOKS and GROCERIES con
stantly on hand.
Produce of all kinds taken in ex
change for goods.
Your patronage is respectfully in
vited. C1IAS. B. MONTAGUE,
Ixibanon, Or.
Mens, Youths and Boy's Clothing,
Furnishing Goods, Etc.
Also Keep on Second floor a fvdl line of
In which I will not be'undersold. Come and see me and
I will treat you well.
Lebanon Planing Mill
Refitted, Enlarged and Improved.
I manufacture and deal ill Doors, Blinds, all etrles of Window
Frames, Door Frames, Mouldines,
nfactured and kept on hand in a first-class planer.
In connection with the above, I also have on hand a well-assorted
lumber yard in which is to be found rsugh and dressed Lumber, Rustic,
Bevel, Weather Boarding, Flooring, and all kinds of Finishing Lumber
for Cornices, Etc.
Nichols, Westfall & Co.,
rTs it rn ah n
Reasonable Rates.
Livery, leed mid Sfilo Stables.
Special attention shown Commercial Travelers.
TraHsient stock carefully eared for.
for Bargains
Brackets, Etc., in fact anything man-
yZ: JShort Notice.