The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 13, 1891, Image 2

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.jbanoii Express.
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U." 'L'JJ'iUJiJ 1 -I",
- The following from the National
Alliance, the orpnn of the Colored
Alliance, published at Dallas, Texas,
will, if read carefully, brush the
cobwebs from the eyes of some who
hold erroneous views of that organ
ization. The Colored Alliance num
bers about 1,000,000 members in the
Southern States, and they are ready
at the drop of the hat to unite with
a. new party that shall represent
the interests of the great industrial
organizations, North and South.
It says:
"Perhaps nothing could be viler
than the effort of some white peo
ple, and some colored people, too,
to make the people believe that the
Colored Alliance ia a Democratic
organization, or in any way con
nected with the Democratic party
... JNow the Alliance - leaves every
man free to do as he pleases. If
he wants to, he may vote the Dem
ocratic ticket; if he wants to, he
may vote a Republican ticket, or,
if he prefers, he need not vote at
alL Members of the Alliance, if
they know anything, ought to
lenow tnat before they took the ob
ligation they were distinctly told
that the Alliance wouldinno.wav
interfere with their religious or po
litical opinions.
"The Alliance is a non-partisan
organization. If, however, the ex
isting political parties will not fur
nish the relief we need, if they will
make no effort to save us and our
families from the clutches of mort
jjage and starvation, we may be
compelled to organize a new polit
ical party that will take hold of
he affairs of this government and
lo justice to the people.
"We must not forget that the
Republican party has given away
. ur lands to the railroads. They
2ave given the railroads land
eaxrogh to make eleven States as
large as South Carolina, and leave
a block aa big as Georgia. They
3iave given the railroads land
enough to .have furnished a home
Ifor eveey "homeless family in the
eantitry. But why should the peo
ple be impoverished in this way
jand their property given to a few
yich railroad men?
" -"Then, too, we have tried the
T)emocratic party, and they did no
Hwtter, perhaps even a little werse.
5t ned, therefore, surprise no one
- 5f l"he Alliance people should drop
"2x"Ch the Republican and Demo
cratic parties and enter into an or
ganization without party, and for
Jth bneSt of Ihe whole people.
." "After all, why should we keep
"np'the party business? It anybody
lenefitted by political parties out
side of those few who can hold
The late Indian trouble suggests
some reflections on the average
Tnan's want of sens. Some say
-the only good Indian is the dead
Indian. It is true with gone In
dians as with some white men
the best thing to d in an emer
gency is to kill them. The average
Indian, after all, differs but little
Sri his leading traits from the aver
age white man; both are smart,
selfish, sullen, and not too fond of
-lai work, not .entirely devoid of
conscience, nor indisposed to be
decent, when he finds that it pays
to be so. Accordingly he should
be governed a good deal like the
white man is governed he should
be given a chance and held to it.
Failure on his part should meet
with prompt punishment, and
when he behaves "he should be
treated decently. Indeed the In
dian is not so much of a phenom
enon as the average white man
Two magnificent cars containing
an exhibit of California's products
have ,oomTleted a tour of some of
the Southern, Middle and Northern
states. Onr $ "jO,000 turtle with a
mouthful of grain, looks insignifi
cant in comparison, but, like the
tortoise in the fable, she will get
there just the same.
Very little grain comes to Port
land from Eastern Oregon and
Washington, but on the contrary
train loads of graii are shipped
daily to the East. The cost of
vslvipping this way is so great that
farmers have naturally concluded
to ship where they can do best.
Whenever you hear Christians
claiming to dc converts to l aui or
Apollos, this evangelist or thai
"rain doctor," please remember
that all such credentials amount
to little unless they bear the seal
of the IIolv Spirit.
The failure to divide the countv
to as to create the new countv of
Santiam will be a sore disappoint
ment to a few aspiring, "f orked,"
individuals, otherwise the petMile
will regard the political abortion
with composure.
vTlic hardest word in the English
language t speak, has but two let-
ters, it is no. Young men, and old
nen too. would do well to practice
on it until they can speak it flu-'
.The New York World prediets
-iflb'dt before the clotie of the year
1891, all -the railroads of the North-;
west will be operated under a sin
gle management. j
The teaso there are bo many
bmken merchants all over the
" -ovrntry it?. that men of this class are
i Lrash. .-.
It may not be generally known
that F. II. Snow, Professor of Nat
ural Science in the Kansas State
Universitv, and also State Ento
mologist, Vas almost if not ciuite
exterminated the pestiferous chinch
bug in two States already, and the
same will be true of that insect in
Kansas in a few years. Prof.
Snow's plan is simplj' to communi
cate to great numbers of the bugs
a fatal disease, which is communi
cated by thern to others, and in
this, way the infection spreads, and
in process of time the whole army
of grain-destroyers becomes extinct.
If Prof. Snow does for Kansas what
he has already accomplished in two
States, he will have done the far
mers of that country a great ser
vice, and the oflice of State Ento
mologist will be deservedly popu
Man ia free to elect his jwn des
tiny. Every man begins life with
a spiritual dower, a moral sense,
which if rightly used will lead up
to salvation, and ultimately te an
inheritance in a higher Kingdom
To every man is given the awful
power of deciding whether he will
be & temple of the Holy Ghost or
a synagogue of Satan. As to the
mere fact of your manhood yeu are
not responsible, but as to the way
vou treat your manhood you will
have to give an account at the
great, final assize.
Thers is nothing in the nature of
things to hinder Oregon from be
coming the richest State in the
Union, but there is much in the
present constitution of things to
hinder wealth from coming to Ore
gon. We need not insult the read
er's common sense bv telling him
what are the barriers to the iuflux
of capital and the introduction of
an era of general prosperity.
It begins to look as though the
annexation of Canada to the United
States will be brought about in the
course of time. Our relations here
tofore with Her Majesty's subjects
aa cousins have not been altogether
amicable, and whether the relations
growing out of a closer affinity
would add strength to existing lig
aments of kinship is questionable.
Hereafter Oregon will have two
congressmen. The legislature hu
divided the state into two congres
sional districts. Eastern Ort-gtm
and the Columbia river counties
comprise one, and the Willamette
Valley, Southern Oregon and
Klamath Lake counties the second
The lower house of the Nebraska
legislature passed the Australian
ballot bill. This looks verv much
like the Alliance M would "rather be
right than president."
Hirsch's bill asking for an appro
priation of f 80.000 for the comple
tion of the State capital, passed the
house on the 11th.
They sav that Lieut. Schwatka
can stand the rigors of an Arctic
winter, but that he goes down be
fore Iowa whiskey.
The poor Indian doesn't stand a
"ghost" of a chance in- some parts
of our country.
Ihe legislature has voted an
appropriation of $50,000 for the
World's Fair.
Gen. W.T.Sherman was reported
to be in a dying condition Feb. 11th
Merit Wins.
We desire to twj- to our cltlzena, that
for yenr we have Iwn soiling Dr.
Kinjr'a New Disooverv for (!ttinip
tion. Dr. King' New Life Pill, liuck-
leu's ArnicalMlve ii1 Klectric Bitters,
and have never handled remedies that
ell km well, or that have given such
unlveraal n:itifaction. We do not hes
itate to guarantee them everj time,
and we Hand ready to refund the pur
trhase price, if satisfactory results d
not follow their use. These remedies
have -oti their great popularity purely
m tueir merits. J. A. Hkakd,
Hew to Vreak a evr Cold.
From the Vircltiia Oty, Mont., Madixmian.
When we find a niedieine we know
to poe.-H-Si genuine merit, we cotiKider
itaduty.and welMkeploasurein tellin
the public what it i. tSuch a nxilicinr
we found Chamberlain's Couch item
edy. Bv the use of thin syrup we have
rvr.eveo, in a r w noun, severe eold.s,
tnd in the (i-urxe of twit or three davn.
entirely broken them u;, as haft aev--ralofour
friend to w hom we have
roeoimiieiMit d it. It i ail it ia rep
resented by the manufacturer. If you
have a cough and want to atop" it,
t 'b:imlierlaiii' Cough Kemedy will do
the work. For aale by M. A. Miller.
Hi. rat
That alwaya look ao plcapant, aaya go
to Matthew.-. & WY.shljtirn, Albany, Or.,
to buy Move and range, lecauae they
nly keep the U-t and always do bh
they au;rce to.
Tb above bright and benevolent f aoe. Is Dr.
A- W. Acker, of England, disooverer of the
celebrated Acker's Engltah Bemedr for Con.
nmption and other popular preparations. Dr.
Acker practised in bis younger fays among the
middle rlaesM of London, and was the means of
doing great good, but his health failed and be
found himself m the grasp of consumption, with
a wife and child depending upon him for support.
While in this condition, he discovered the eels.
brated English Bemedy, saved his awn life and
baa siaoe saved the lives of thousands who were
on tbe sure road to death. Any man or woman
who feels a tickling in the throat, who eongfas,
especi&llT In the morning, who rmJaea or has e.
tigrbt feeling across the chest, who has sharp
shooting pains through the lungs or difficulty ia
breathing, should realise that these are the jlnt
tvmptamt of eonwmptto which, if neglected,
are sure to result fatally. Dr. Acker's English
Remedy has cured more than one thousand per
sons who unquestionably had oonsumpboa and
who were given up by their friends. It merits
Its popularity and is sold by reputable druggists
is every city sad town in America. You can't
uffard re b without it.
tiffl A .
i ... .--Hi?;
i ..v ' . .;:-:-
Is still at his old
stand with
My stock is complete in every particular. Clothing, Boots
and Shoes, Hats, Caps, Dress Goods, Silks, Velvet3, Rib
bons, Flannels, Collars, Cuffs, Ties, Gloves, Braid,
Plushes, Lace, Embroidery, Etc., Etc.
Boots & Shoes.
My stock of Boots and Shoes
but the standard brands, which have been tried and;
not found wanting. . .
I make a Specialty of this line
gon, California and Eastern Goods. Men's Suits from
$Gto$25; Youth's Suits, f 5 to $20; Boys' Suits,
4 to $12; Children's Suits, $2 to $8.
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
I have just received a large bill, and have the latest styles
in Collars, Cuffs, Ties, Gloves, and in fact everything
that goes to make the line complete.
Spring Will Soon Be Here,
And every article of Winter Goods in my Mammoth Store
will be sold at prices that cannot be equaled. My
Spring orders will be in early, and
I Must Have Room,
And the only way te make room is to sell the goods in their
season. To do this, all I ask is for you to bring me Cash
or Produce and I will do the rest.
tMTrt Rttfs T..xn Orrtca, 1
Oregon City, Oregon, li-e. IS, 1!D.)'
Notice ij hereby given that in inipliai!ce
.vitli the vrovisions of the act of Congress of
lui:e 3, 1871, entitled "An art for the sale of
iiiila-r lands in the States of California, t re
jtm, Nevada, and Washington Territory,'
lirrre le llovle, of San l nii iro, coiiiity
.f San Francisco, State of California, lias
this day filed in this office his sworn atate
nent N'o. TZrl. for the imn-hase of t!ie S. K.
of Sec. No. 2, in Tp. No. 11 S., It. No. 2 j
M anil will oiler irof to show thnt the !
land sought is more valuable for its timber
r stone than for agricultural tur;scs. and
to establish his claim to said land: lieforc the
itegiKfer and Ke-eiver of this office at Ore
mi Citv, Oregon, on Thursday, the ltxli
lav of April, 1SD1.
lie names as witnesses: A. Aniirien, 1
Vgiiatii, Havum and 11. Iehman, allot
a!i Fran-ii, California.
Anv and all Jri:is clain.i. p adversely
he arvc-lesTitxHl lsnds are riHiiiested to
tiic their ilainis in this ofliie on or Iffore
ail lfith dav of April, 101.
" J. T. AITKUSON, IU-Kister.
rnfied States Land Office.
Oregon 'ily, Oregon. Nov. IV. If0. .
Notice is hereby given that In wwnriliance with
he rvi-in of the act of xaijm-na of June
1T. etitiilel "An act for the sale of limber lauds
:n the Staten of t'aliforola. tsnn, Nevada, and
Washington Territorv." John K. Wtiml. of Hun r ran
eh, county of Han l"ran'i.-o, slate of C'aliftniia.
haft iM day tiltl in thi oftice his swtrn ;tatt:nn.'iit
No. :til"2. for the pnn-hae f the X. W. i of 1S.-C.
N". l . iu Ti. N-. 13 S.. K. So. 4 K-, and v. ill offer
rNif fo show that the land srmght it iiiv vahi
bl? foi its timber or stone than for agricultural
iiror4. ami to etnhlili Ills claim to .akl land
before the rt-gisler and receiver of this o!t:ce at
OreffOH t.'ity, ttregon, on Friday, the 27th uay of
He names as witnesses: F. I.ate, J. R flrant. J.
F. Teranle and V. Frey, all of San FraiiciMio, Cl
lfonila. Any ami all persons claiming adverndy the
tlsve-cecrlbed lands are renestil to tile their
claims in this oflice n or befmr said "J7th day of
March, J. T. Al"l'KKft;X, itegistcr.
l"nied S'ates land Oftice,
Oregon City., Nov. , 1S;.
Notice I hereby given (hat In compliance with
rle provisions of tin art of Crtigrcss of Juliet,
IH7S. entitleil "An art fta- the sale of timber lands
in the Mate of alifornia. On-ijnn, Nevada, and
Wahington Teritrt-y Ktank Ijike.of lhiywanls.
county .f AlamcOa. State of California, lias this
day fli.'d in this oflice his sworn statement No.
ZMt. for the purehaM! of the X. K. i of .St:. No.
12, In Tp. No. 13 K. No. 4 K, and will offer
proof to show that the land sought Is more valu
able for it timber or stone than for agricultural
Kirposes. and to establish his claim to said land
:lore the reirisfcr and receiver of this olHeo at
Oreron City, Oregon, ou Irklay, the 27th day of
March. 1KWI.
He name as l'nes-s's: J. F. Wood, J. K ";rant,
J. K. T-in'le and C Frey, all of 'Sau Francisco,
Any and all persons claiming adversity the
ali-e-di.crirrd lands are nsjneMed in file tlicir
claims in this ouicc on or before said '7h dav of
March, 1S1. J. T. ArPKISSON, Keglster.
MCawkl TMt Ait
llhwumtatl. DeacHpnva aut Pricaw
! For 1 391 will ha mailed r KLL i
tee all applicaau. ad te tsstscaaoa'af
l cunomcn. it ta osiirr man ever. I
Every person usine GaraVSy
Flnntr e fit id ixtdt.
ihould send for it. Addresi
L Larjei bcedsmca ia the world j
the largest
in the city.
stock of General
is complex. I carry nothing
and can fit the fittest. Ore
- 11GU3 lC.llgll,
T"aiTr.n States 1ab Ornii. I
Oregon City, Oregon, Dec. 15, lHM.i
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
mm inr proviaioos oi ine in oi origrcas
of June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale
of timber lands in the States of Caufornii
Oregon, Nevada, anil Washington Terri
tory, Charles A. Jones, of San Francisco,
county of San Francisco, State of alifomia,
has tills dav tiled in this oftice his sworn
statement No. 23iQ, for the purchase of the
N. W. H of Sec No. 20, in Tp. No. 13 8., It.
.. 2 i-.., and will oner proof to show that
J the land sought is more valuable for its tint
tier or stone than tor agricultural purposes.
and to establish his claim to said land be
fore the Kegister and Receiver of this otllce
st Oregon ity, Oregon, on Wednesday, the
uiii uay oi -April. i,sh
He names as witnesses: F. Brandt and
eo. ilayunt ami A. Andrews, of 8an t'raii-
ci, i aiitornia.
Any and all ersons claiming adverselv
the nlsivc-k'soribed lands arc requested t
tile their claims in this office on or before
said 15th day or April.
J. T. AITEHSON, llefrister.
Tnited Ptate Ijind OOlee,
Oregon City, Oregon, Nov. , I.S90.
Notice Is herebv given that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Coneresi of June .
1S7N entitleil "An act for the sale of limber lands
in the States of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
WashlnictfHi TerriUiry," Krelyn K. Hahjnhn, of
Han r"rancico. county f Kan rYancbeo, Htate of
t-auiornsa, naa tuts oay nu-d In this oltice her
sworn statement No. -jx. for the purchase of the
H. K. . of See. No. 2, iu Tp. No. 13 K. No. 4 K ,
and will offer posif toshow that the land tooght
is more va'ualik1 for p tindtcr or stone than for
agriculnnal pvir.-s, and to e-tnbllMi her claim
to said laml before the n rUcr and nt elver of this
omce aton-gnii city, Oregon, oa Thursday, the
Jtithdayor March,
Mie names aa witnesses: j. Klehards, A. Frey
J. M. Temple. C. 1". chamber, all of San Fran
cimo. California.
Any and all iierson elaimins adverselv the
alove-dci riU-l lands are rco.wtcd to file their
claims m oils omce on r ocTore saiii wtti nay of
Marcn, van. j. t. APPEIMION, Register.
t uilt-d Rates I.atid Offlee,
Oreg.n 'l!y. Oregon, Nov. It), 1K80.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with
the orovisions nl ihe ael of Coiu-ress of June S.
1STS. entitled "An act for the sale of timber land..
in tne males or caittonita. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory, John M. Temple, of San
rrancisco, county of San Francisco, Slate of
calilomla, has this day tiled in this office
his sworn statement No. 2:!S, for the purchase of
tne 8. W. V. of See. No. in Tn. No. IS S.. H. No
K..and will oHerproiif to slmw that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber or atone
than for agricultural mirnoses. and to establish hi
claim to said laud before the register and reoetver
ortniaotncc at Oregon Citv, Oregon, on Thursday
the 20th day wf March, latil.
He names aa witnesses; J. E. Grant, F. lake
J. F. W.ssl and K. K. Kabjohu, all of San Fran
Cisco, California.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are n-ouested tn tile their
claims In this office on or before said 2ith day of
uarcn, isi. j. i. AlrhKbU.N , Kcgutcr.
Laxo OrnCE at Oregon City, Oregon, 1
January 7. 11. (
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his intention to make
final proof In support of his claim, and that said
pnsif will be niadu before the County Clerk of
J.inn ruiity, at Albany, Oregon, on March 2d,
Pre-emption 1). S. No. 6940, for the 8. W. i of Sec.
14. Tp. 10 H., R. S Fast.
He names the following witnesses tn prove bis
continuous residence uism and cultivation of, said
land, vis: tK'orge A. apemvr, T. J. McClcary,
Amly Koilmanand Mary Myers, all of Rock Creek
1. O.. binn counts-, Oregon.
J. T. A1TER30N, Reenter,
I sCwh
Ukitfp fiTAtw Las OrrioK, I
OrcRon I'ity, Oregon, Dec. 15, 10.
XotU-e In hereby given that In compliance
with the fmivisiona of the :t of Congress of
.Tune 8, 1878, entitled "An net for the attic of
timber luntla in the Htafa-sof California, Ore
pm, Neviula, mid Washington Territory,"
Oeorpe Havum, of San r'ranelsx-o, county of
Situ Fram'fseo, Butte of California, ha thin
ilay flletl In this oflice bin sworn stntcment
No. 238, for tlie tiureliUMe of the 8. E. of
See. No. 24, in Tp. No. 13 8.. K. No. 2 K..
and will otter proof to nhow that the land
(ought is more valuable for its timlier or
stone tlinn for agricultural purposes, nod to
establish bis claim to siiiil land before the
Register ami Receiver of this office at Ore
gon City, Oregon, on Wedmiwlav, the 15th
dnv of April, 1801.
He name uk witnesses: A. Andrlen, 1.
Aclianl, P. Dc Hoyle and I l)e Lange, all
of Han rranciaco, California.
Any and all tiersons claiming adversely
the ahove-decrhed lands are requested to
tile their claims In this office on or before
said 15th dav of April, l)t.
' J. T. APPEKSON', IlegNter.
ITaiTsa States Laud Orrter, i
Oregon City, Oregon, Dec. 15, 1890. f
Notice is hereby given that In romnlianee
with the trovlton of the art of Consresa
of June 3, 1H78, entitled "An act for the aale
or timber liuula in the Matea of California,
Oregon, Nevada, and WaMliington Terri
tory," Alfred Alidrien. of Han Fratu'iM.i.
comity of Han FrancUco, State of California,
t .1.1-. .1 M1I-..M .1 ! - . f 1
iih iiih ui mm in linn omoe ill sworn
statement No, 23S9, for the inm-haoe of the
N. K H of Sec No. 28, in Tp. No. 13 S., It.
No. 2 E., aad will offer roof to ahow that
the land sought in more valuable for il tim
ber or utone than for agricultural urOHr,
and to establish hia claim to auid land be
fore the Itegixter and Hcceiver of thia oftice
at Oregon City, Oregon, on Thurwdnv, the
10th day of, lll.
He names aa witneaacs : ' Oeorpe Hnrtun,
P. IVe Ifciyle, 11. Lehman and T. Agliaiii, all
of 8nn Krant-L.'tco, California.
Any and all nerxma rlniming adverselv
tbe ahove-dcarrnjeil lands are roue!t-l to
file their rlainia in this i if lire on or before
aid 16th day ol April, 1KH.
J. T. AlTElbSOX, negistcr.
t'MTicn States Lash Orrtre, I
Oregon City, Oregon, Iec. 15, 1J0.
Notice ia herehv given that in comidianre
with the rviioiia of the art of Congress
of June 3, 1878, entitled "An a-t for the aale
of timber lands in the 8tatf of California,
Oregon.Nevaila.and Washington Tcrriuiry,"
Agliant Amedee, of Sn Krancisrat, omiitv
of San Kranciaco. 8tate of California, has
this dar tiled in this oflicc his sworn atate
nient No. 28)1, for the twrrliaae of the N.
V. H or Sec No. 24, in Ti. No. 11 S.. R.Xo.
2 K., and will offer proof to ahow that the
land sought is more valuable for its timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish hia claim to said land before the
ltegixter and Keceiver of this oftice at Ore
gon Citv, Oregon, on Thursday, the l'Jth day
oi .iprii, idi.
He names aa witnesses: A. Andrien. I.
Agliuni. il. Havum and H. Ixrliiiian. all of
San Kranriaen, Caiifornia.
Any aim all persons claimnig adversely
the atavc-le?-ritiel lands are requested to
tile their claims in this oftice on or before
said loth day of April. IU.
J. 1. AITfcUSU.N, Hegister.
l'nltel states 1-ind OInee.
Oregon City. Oregon, Ue 19, 1SS0.
Notice Is hereby riven that In compliance with
be provisions of the act ttf Congress of June X
ST, entitled "An act fur the sale ut timber land
111 the States of California, Oregtm, Nevada, ami
nanington Territory, imo Koioed. of pin laud,
-otintv of Multnomah. State of orrrun. has this
dy filed In this oflicc his sworn statement No.
4. for tbe nurcliase of the N. W. M of Sec. No.
li, InTp. No. IS 8., R. No. S E-, and will offer
prone to show ihat the land sought is more valu
able for Its timlwr or stone than for agricultural
purrsxr. and to establish iiis claim to said land
hefore the register aod receiver of tills otllce at
trreon Citv. Ore eon. on Wediiesdav. the M dar
of Ajsil. 11.
Me names as witnesses- i.. A. Bennett, J. h.
Lewis ami F. Kanamner. of iortlad, Oregon, and
F. Brain let. of Fresno. California.
Any and all persons elaiuiiiis aovcrselr the
abore dest ribed lands are n-fiiHrsted lo Idc their
-latma in this oflicc on or Peforr said 2--M day of
ii. j. T. APPtBSON. JU-gister.
Fnited States Land OJtlre.
Oregon City, Oregon. Dec. 15, 1SS0.
Wotire Is hereby riven that in compliance with
he trnvisions ol the act of t'cmrmw of June ;i.
tsl. entitled "An act fiw the sale of tlmla-r lands
:nth states of t allfornia. On-con. Nevaila. and
Washlnrtnn Terrlna-v." Henlsmin lrhman. tif
san Francisco, countv of San Francisco, state of
aummia. nas tins onr rthsi in tint nnice his
Mrora statement No. 230. the pun-l a e of the
. W. ! of Sec. No. 24. in Tn. Na 13 t.. II- No 9
r and will ofler nrraif to slmw that Ihe land
aiglit ia more valuable for iu timber or stone
ban for arlctihural purposes, and to e--tablih
lis elai;n to aid land before the register and re-
elver or tuts orrtce at firegon City, Oregon,
Phunslav. the IMh dav of April, tatil.
He r.aines as witnesses: L. De Ijitice. P. De
Hoyle. U. Hayuin and A. Andrews, all of San Fran
cisco. California.
Any and all person claiming adversely ihe
ibove-desrribed lands are reuiicsted to file their
claims In this office on or before said ISth day of
Vpril. 1HS1. J. T. APi'KKSON. Register.
Fnlte.1 sutes I .ami OfTlce,
Oregn City. Oregon, lice. IkSO.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with
the urovtsions if the act of Cmirrcs of Junes.
ISTS, entitled "An a-t for the sale of timber lands
In the States of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
WashiiiKton Territorv. Chris fl. Ijtiblin. of Pi.rt
land, eiainly of Multmtniah, State of tirrguti, has
this day filed In this office bis swum stan incut
So. for the tmrchase of the S. W. f m-c.
So. 22. ill Tp. No. 13 8, It. No. 2 .. and Kill offer
nnsif ios!mw that the land amurht is more valu-
tble tr its timber or stoue than for agricuhnrMl
pnnsaea, and to establish his claim to said land
lienwe the register and receiver of this oftice at
' iregon City, Orcgou, on Wednesday, the loth day
h April, l'Jl.
He names as witnesses: F. Brandt, of Portland
Oregon; C A. Jones, o. Havum ami A. Alldrten,
rf San Franclwo, California.
Any and all persona claiming adverselv the
above-dc-srilied lainls are reouested totilethi lr
claims in this oftice on or before said 1Mb day of
tpnl. iwn. . T. Afl'ElUjON, Kegister,
Fnited States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon. December lfi, 1S90.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with
rhe provisions of the act of Congress of June!,
;S7S. entitled "An act for the sale of timlier lands
n the States of California. ire-.-on, Nevada, and
Washington Territory, fred Itrandt. of Portland
taintv of Mullnoiniih. Hlate of Oregon, has this
lay tiled In this office his sworn statement No,
wr.. for the piitcha.-x; of the S. K. H of . No. i
in Tn. N. 13 .. K. No. 2 K. and Mill olfer proi
o (hour thai the lund soukIiI Is more valuable for
.ts timber tr atone than fir airrieultuml Mirnose.
and locsiablUh bis claim to said land before the
register and receiver ot this oilu-e at Oregon City
h-cron.on Wednesday, the l-'xlidayof Aiail. W
He names as witnesses: C. II. Iiiblin. of Port
land, Oregon: C. A. Jones. l. llayuui and A. Au-
drien. of San rrancisco, Califirnio.
Any and nil iier.-ons claiming ailverscly the
thovoleseribed lands are reuesled to tile their
"laims In thisotlice on or lietorc said l."dhdayof
April, 1W1. J. T. Ai-l'KusoN, lUgistir.
Fnited states land om-e,
Oregon City. Oregon, Dec. IV. 1H90.
Notice is hereby given thai In Compliance with
he provisions of the act of Congress of Juno a,
!.", ectillcd "An act for the sale of timlier lands
in the Stales of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Frank Ununlet, of Fresno,
countv of Frotin, State of California, has this diiy
Mlcil iii this otlicc his sworn statement No.
Tor the purchase of the S. K. J4 of See. No. 12, in
Tp. No. 13 S.. K. No. 3 K. and will offer pnxf to
.how that the laml sought is more valuable for its
timla-r or stone than for airrl'-uliural purposes, and
to establish Ills elulni to sum land ocluro tne tvg
istcr and receiver or tnts omco at tiregon t:ity
OrcBon. on Weilnesciny. tne 22i nay of April, is;m
lit; names aa witnesses: G. A. Hennett. F. Kan
-oincr. J. 11. Lewis and O. Kofoed, all of Portland,
Anv and all persons claiming adversely the
alsive-duscribcd lauds are reouested to tile their
claims in this oflice 011 or la-fore said 22d day of
April, lS'Jl. J. T. AI'PUtSON, Register.
United states Land Offlee,
Oregon City, Oregon, Dec. 1ft, 1890.
Notice Is hereby given that tn compliance with
(he urovislons of the act of Cmigresa of June it.
1K7M, entitled "An act for tbe sale of timlier lands
in the bUiios of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Wufhtngton Terriuay,' lmls IH Lange, of Siui
Francisco, county tif san Francisco, State of Cali
fornia, has this day tiled in thia office his sworn
statement No. 23SM, for the purchase of the 8. W.
of Sec. No. 26, in Tp. No. 13 8., K. No. 2 E., and
will offer proof toshow that tbe land sought ia
more valuable for its timber or stone than for ag
ricultural purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land twiore the rexister and receiver of this
oflice at Oregon City. Oregon, on Friday, the 17th
dav of April, 1891.
He names as witnesses, A. Andrlen, T. Agllam,
P. Dc Boyle aud O. Hayum, ail of Saa Francisco,
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to hie. their
claims in this oflice on or before said 17th day of
April, 1891. i. T. ArrERSOX, Register.
To Make Room for My
Fall & Winter Stock
Entire Stock of
Boots & Shoes
jSSJD oost.
Now ia the Tim to
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In Cmrkerr. Fancy Goods. Tors. Rogers Bros,'
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and other aneeta
uea for Oeuanm.
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tsulsA. rd an asmstd aa Iwiliim Acktfaaa
V. liUlUIAH, Bneklsa, Maaa. aelakv
flMTMINIUlIM IN. 17lrtPll
HBt ot Appetite, Ind itt too.
stvck or HtronirtB mn Tirod
tiing iim-wy uric Vodm,
form. KbUtmh Mitwl
ftod ntipllM Hrin Povar.
6iffHni from complaint
I r Wm I tTvsS rocui.artotbirexwi)t find
tby Mttti'o. Fro-ioont attempt t oonnterfoik
u bbIi mdd to th oooalarttr of the erivinl.
PflBM MMnir"n-rnintwiiiii.i nan.
Cur OonMipatlon. Livor Cvmpiaim aod
United State Land Oflice,
Orestm City, Orejton, SeT. , IS90.
Nollee is hereby gtTen that in compliance with
the iirovisions of the aet of f?on-ree of June 3.
18TR. enUilol "An act for the sale ol timber lands
in the Slntcs nf California. Oregon. Nevada, and
Waslitneton Territory," Jeremiah E. Grant, of San
Kranelseo, county of San Kraneiseo. Slate of Cali
fornia, has this day lilwd in this otllce his sworn
statement No. iEHSI, for the fairehase of the S. E.
of Kee. No. 12. in I'D. No. 13 S.. K. No. 4 R.. and will
ofler proof to show that the land sought l more val-
tisie lor its iimucr or stone tnan lor atmeuiinrai
Kinses, and to establish his claim to said land
fore the reclster and reeeirwr of this olnee at
Oregon City, Oregon, on Thursday, the 26th day of
.Miireu, issi.
He names as witnesses: J. f. Temple. J. F. Wood,
K. E. Kabjohn and F. Lake, all oi San Francisco,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
abovu-descrllied lands era requested to Die their
claims In this office en or before said 26th day of
March. 18l. J. '1. ArrtHiKJ.N, Kegister.
t'nited States Land Offiee.
Oregon City, Oregon. Nor. 21, 1800.
Totle Is hereby frlren that in eompllanee with
Ihe provisions of the aet of Congress of June 8,
l.7s, entitled "An aet for the sale of timber lands
in the states of California, Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Anna M. Frey. of San
Kranetseo, county of San Kranciseo. State of Cal
ifornia, has this day filed in this offlee her sworn
statement No. SKA for the purchase or the 8.
of N. K. 4 and IxHs 1 and 2 of Bee. No. 2. in Tp.
No. 13 S.. K. No. 4 F... and will offer proof to show
that the land sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish her claim to said land before tbe reirister
aud receiver of this office at OrcRon Citv, Oregon,
on Thursday, the '3th day of March, isvl.
Hne names as witnesses: E. E. Rabjohn, C. P.
Chambers, J. F. Wood and J. M. Temple, all of
San Francisco. California.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to hie their
claims in this oftice on or before said SGlh day of
March, 18yi. J. T. APPERSOX, Kegister.
Tr-ni v. .
' v -x. v m
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I'nited States Land Office.
Oregon City, Oregon, January 12, 191.
Notice ia hereby riven that in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June 3,
1H78, entitled "An act for tbe sale of timber lands
In the States of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," William J. Ramas-e, of
Hay wards, county of Alameda, State of California,
has this day filed in thisotlice his sworn statement
No. 2424. for the purchase of tbe N. K. J of See.
No. s, in Tp. No. IS 8.. R. No. S E., and will offer
praof to show that the land sought is more val
uable for its timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish hia claim to said land
betore the Register and Receiver of this office at
Oregon Citv, Oregon, on Wednesday, the 6ih day
of May, 1891.
lie names as witnesses: J. A. Collins, F. H.
Gates, H. P. Preston and T. . Norrts, all of Hay
wards, California.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to hie their
claims in this ofbee on or before said 6th day of
Uay, 1891, J. T. Al'FERSON, Register.
we have disposed of $4,450
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J Job Work done on Short JTottceX
W. T. Burnet. L. T. Bajux.
J. W. lHtarCk.
Twenty years experience aa Register of thf-?
H. Land Oftice at Oregon City, Oregon, and in -Land
Office practice, recommends ns la-
soeeialt v of all kinds of business before the X T
Oflice. or the Courts, and lnvoivw praotic
the General Land Ofhce. f "
r "" 1
i ' -