The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 28, 1890, Image 3

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Lebanon Express.
A fewMreer lamp have lnvn placed
lit position lately.
When In Albany call on l M.
French, tbe jeweler.
Oregon U havln some growing
Four ear-bmds of machinery arrived
for the paper mill hist wtek.
Mr. tJatts took possession of Kirk
jatrlek8 store building Monday.
Wheat la worth 01 eents and oats 45
eents jn-r bushel at the Lebanon wait
house. Clint Gordon Bold to I. A. lbnneit
on Wednesday a lot north of the rail
road for f ISO.
The In-st and mit substantial ln-d-ateadsever
In Lebanon, at bed-rock
prices, at K. Uoau'a.
John lianta sold bin cottage and one
lot In the Park addition to Lebanon
this veeh to Mr. Case.
R M. Garland Is undecided whether
to iret a set of teeth or a wet nurse for
tuts dog, 'Unele Tom."
Itev. V. A. Mellrov had a thumb
badly emsln-d while handling heavy
tiujoers at lle pa er mill.
GotoE. Goan for window shades.
oil paintings wire brtls, wool bed a,
sofa bed and feather pillows.
Union Thanksgiving services Were
held" at the First Presbyterian church.
Itev. N. li. Kew delivered the sermon
J. J. Bwan i havinsr material laid on
liis lot adjoining the public school
grounds, and contemplates building
At a meeting of the members of the
Baptist church last Saturday, they de
rided to enjraire llov. Uimar one-half
liia time.
The rain of Hnmtav nijrht threw a
damper over farm and mendow. ir-otnc-
t lines cold water is a lenetit in more
ways than one.
Postmaster Hoims intends erecting a
brick building next season on the
ground now partly occupied by the
jHJetofHee building.
The drug firm of Beard fc Holt have
dissolved partnership by mutual con
sent; Mr. Holt retiring from the firm
on account of HI health.
Buy your watches, clocks and jew
elry of F. M. French, Albany, and get
chances In the drawing. See list of
the presents to be given nway.
The cltizena of Sodaville school dis
trict held a meeting last Saturday, at
which it whs voted to levy a tax of
t?25d for the purpose of carrying on the
school. The vote stood 'J.A to 17.
The S. P. Co. beenn the work of re
construction at the Lebanon depot this
week by constructing a new driveway.
Other improvement-, will follow.
The G. A. U. and W. H. C. passed
Monday evening very pleasantly, at
which "time the W. It. C tendered a
reception to their oflU-Sal inspeeiorB.
V. N. Tut hill, who b ft Lebanon last
March, has been In different part a of
this State and WashinKton, and ho
says the Willamette valley cannot K
The new ieluol building at thlnpiacc
i nearlv eotnjdeted. There remains
little to be done beyond placing the
seats. A new walk bus la-en laid trn
the street to the building, and the
ci'ound Is enclosed wlthaitood fence
which has I teen painted, giving to the j
premises a neat and attractive appear-:
a nee.
Imperfect dlneslbm and asslinilatlon '
nroduc disordered conditions of the
spat em which grow and are confirmed
lv nettled. 1M'. J. ii. iMci.cans
Strengthening fmditil and Itlood Puri
fier, by Its tonic properties, cures Indi
gestion and gives tone to the stomach.
$1.00 per bottle. For sale by Heard ,V
I loll.
The ladles of the ('. P. church, think
ing that President Harrison and Gov.
Pennover were tardv in Issuing tlietr
Thanksgiving prclaniations, an
nounced to i ho membership and their
friends that a Thanksgiving service
would be held in the ( P. church even
if they had to saerlllee Turkey to hold
said service.
The old proverb, " As the twig is bent
the tr-e's inclined." is contradicted in
our expcticYiee; many a lime have we
been hent across niotiicrs Knee until
our hodv formed a right allele with our
lower extremities, and yet we grew to
manhood straight as an arrow, and are
no way inclined to return to the twig
iH'iiding habit.
We are told that some uncivilized
destruetiouists oil last Saturday niuht
broke every pane of glass in a building
belonging to J. willicr, near town
We had hoped that ticnernl Allies
would keep the fanatical red men
cooimhI up east of the Itocklcs, but the
depredation of Saturday night points
to the arrival of a number ol tmrbarl
(!. H. Grows attributes the failure of
the Waterloo soda, spring not t a blast
of giant powder, as was tlrst. reported.
but to the unusual IV dry weal tier
Should the water fail to rise at the old
fountain, he hopes to find the same
water vein on the north bank of the
at ream, which would be much easier
of access and altogether a more desira
ble place than the former location.
We don't want to appear otlkiotts
and dictatorial, but we venture to soir
gest tl-nt if the shp from the kilt-Inn
were applied as a fertilizer to diri-uut,
gooseberries and other small fruits. In
stead of forming disease breeding ccs
pools near the door, your bushes and
briars would show a marked exuber
ance nnd your family would probably
esenpe the dreaded" attacks ef scarlet
fever, diphtheria and kindred dlsea os.
A noisy ('?) altercation occurred this
week at Sweet Home between two
deaf mutes, in which the sign lan
guage was carried a little too far for
the safety and comfort of one of the
combatants. The parties were given
hearing before Justice W'atkins, who
sent Mr. Krope to j.iil to await the
action of the grand jury. Mr. Krokc
gave ball and was released on Wednes
day. A g!d deal of Interest Is manifested
in the revival services now in progress
at the M. K. and V. P. churches. The
Hon. John H. Finch said in speaking
of revivals: 'lt has leen my experi
ence as a lawyer that you can collect
debts after a revival that were not
worth ten cents on the dollar iefore.
The religion of Jesus Christ does make
men honest. A town could aft"rd, for
the sake of business alone, to run a re
vival once a year."
The alsenoe of lightniner rods in th;s
fr;ttN.t.l ru s.
Onrson Hwlt visited Albany Wednesday.
Miss tlrlsj.'- visited Albany Wedties-
Win. White returned from Seattle
last week.
1". Keebb r went to Albany the first
of I lie week.
Miss Hellroio Klrkpatrlck was in Al
bany this Week.
J. L. Hansard of llrownsvllle was in
Lebanon Monday.
Win, Otiv and fnmllv relumed from
the Sound Tut wlay.
Al. Cru-ion returned last "week from
a tour on the Sound.
Mr. llames returned from Portland
the tlrst of the week.
Mrs. K. G. fair visited nt Salem and
Wood burn a few days last week.
Mrs. H. K. Parrlsh was visiting In
the Hock Hill tn-ip;hloi'htod this week.
M. A. Miller, has been unwell of late,
but so lar has been able to keep on his
imovi is ii.i.k it niu:i.s.
Diiiiaca returned last w'ek
few weeks' sojourn on the
from a
Samuel Case went to 1 ndcpeiidciu-e
to spend thanksgiving with obi
Have t Sentry made Ins appearance
on our streets last week after n severe
Miss A rni.e I loud was suffering from
her tlrst and she hopes the bed at
tack of rheumatism last week.
Miss Mattie Nixon returned from
California this week after an absence
of several months.
F.dwnrd Nib s of Portland Is. visiting
bis mother, Mit. Dr. Ni'gus of this
place. We are sorry to learn that Mr.
Nib s is su.ii ring from an attack of
fever and ni;ite.
Prof. H. K. Mi.hener, pri.ic!p:ilv.of
the Hab-'ey public s.hsdn was In town
Wednesday. llehaslHS'ti given a va
cation 1-eeaiise vf the prevaletiee "f
diphtberia, hieb, happily, is of A mild
svi;i:r no.ut:.
Nov. 21, I MM.
Not a house in town.
Klder Shea says the onion market is
Mr. tSsrland, of Lebanon, was in
tow u this week.
Measles are all over town, but none
are dangerously ill.
The expert on gas has not made his
appearance yet. He has all he can at
tend to at Lebanon Js-rbaps.
Mr. Preston has moved into the
building on Main street that was built
for a butcher shop, and is tlxing up for
Stewart Kvaus has his dwelling
nearly completed. 1 understand it
will be occupied as a milliner and
drcasmuLing shop.
Mr. She's son, who was sick with
fever. Is convalescing at present. Dr.
Prill of this place attended him
through bis illness.
tin the arrival of the mail from
Whiteomb we learned that Mrs. W'lilt -comb,
the only lady resident of lUg
Hotioni, was seiiou-lv Hi, and then-
was some t:dk of bringing her mil tn
Sweet Home for treatment.
The p.n tv who went up to work the
Should sirne of our lx-a!s appear a
little crochet y, don't In- too rieid in
your criticisms, but bear in mind that
the editor has been suffering with neu
ralgia of late.
Are you in love? If so, marry the
idol of 'your affections and then go to
Matthews fe Washburn's, at Albany,
buy a stove or range, raise a large fam
ily and be happy."
We received a correspondence from
Hamilton creek for tius issue. Send
in the news from the several neighbor
hoods that we may know just what
our neighbors are doing.
We are sorry to hear that Mrs. O. H.
CSross i3 not improving in health. We
deeply sympathize with the afflicted
in thfs case inasmuch as she has been
a constant sufferer for years.
We acknowledge a pleasant call
from Mr. Upton, of "aciuina. Mr.
XJnton was formerly a citizen of Iowa,
Wt he thinks Oro'gon superior to hi
native State in many respects.
The Iebanon Cornet Pand Is profit
ing by its weekly meetings for prac
tice. "Gentlemen, the muie is good,
but we Pbnld the better appreciate it if
you would play with open doors.
Those desiring thorough instruction
. in music will please call on me at the
home of Mrs. IS. Carol hers, and make
themselves acquainted with my terms.
Blanche F.okxkr.
We read a U tter from a Texas Crm
this week in w hich inquiry was made
about Oregon oafs. We venture to say
that after the World's Fair in
more than one State will inquire after
Oregon cereal.
Do you want the earth? If so, call
on M'atthews & Washburn, Albany,
Or., and they will take pleasure in
showing you the largest and most com
plete line of hardware, stoves and
ranges in the valley.
We expect before many j-ears pass to
liave an abundance of fish to meet the
home demand, and within the town
limits, tt is the intention of J. II.
Kirkpatrick tostockapoud in Isabella
Park with tJerman carp. s
The deaf mute who waS sent to jail
from Sweet Home this week owes his
hasty deliverance from prison to the
alacrity of S. M. Garland. Mr. Gar
land is fast tuiilding a reputation as an
attorney, on merit alone.
Joseph, the two-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Brown If ansa rd died Friday.
Our sympathies are w ith the bereaved,
and we cnerish the hope that the sep
aration is but for a season. Rev. Mar
cellus officiated at the funeral.
The Lebanon Literary Society met
and adjourned last Monday evening,
as several of the leading members were
absent, some on business, some sick,
and others were at the revival services.
Liet ail attend the nest meeting.
Beeinnins with the new year, the
ecuutry is an argument in favor of our
elmifde WHICH even me .tillo-sl ot otner ; trAtt , ni!n. nre cno imoed mi ime
dimes cannot but appreciate. We ,,iL.ilt tni;,.s aUoe l!ig ri. Uoiu, and ex
know from experience that a few sea- , p,. to nuch Uk- mine this week. Mr.
sons spent Hi it.Migmg ngiiining mm Donaea and omo others staffed to-dav
burrowing in the earth to escape the
ravages of the cyclone is followed by a
process of wear and tear that is unfa
vorable to longevity. Long life and an
abundance of the 'g'Hl tbin-js i f this
world are the inheritance ef these vhn
settle vn the Pacific eoat.
We take pleasure in referring inter
ested parties to the card of Metr.
Burney, Barin A Draper, in another
column. This firm has had twer.ty
year of experience in active praotii-c
Vicfore the registers and n-f-ivers of
laud ctnees, the general land ollice and
the courts. They make a specialty of
all contests Is fore the land efliees, and
rsre the lst equipjMii firm in the State
for purposes nnmiii. Any business
intrust-i'I in their banib will receive
prompt r.nd careful attention.
We ai-e in pivsse?sion of informatiom
which compels the belief that a species
of petit luieenyis Ining practiced in
ur town, yet so adroitly as to evade
the law. We will pay S-"i for tle arrest
and convict ion of tin vono found rend
ing the Kxvhkss N-aring any other
than the reader's own name end ad
dress. There nre but three ways in
which you can come into possession of
anything; make it, steal it, or have it
given to you. What will vou do alnut
Montague must bo preparing for a
boom, Judging by the way he is stick
ing up his Mammoth and One-Price
Cash Stores. By purchasing hi- goods
in such large quantities he naturally
gets much lower prices. He. guaran
tees good goods in all the departments
of his extensive establishments at
prices that absolutely astonish other
merchants in the valley, some of them
going so far as to sav that Montague
retails his gesKis as low as they buy
them at wholesale. The careful buyer
invariably goes to Montague's.
The furnace of the Oregon Iron and
Steel Company of Oswego, turned oiit
last month 1421 tons of iron. Just
think of it. only one furnace in the
State of Oregon! A State like our own,
with mountains of ere, dependent
upon the Fast for our supply of this
ore, which ranks perhaps above gold
in point of utility. We would, not le
surprised to see some of our enterpris
ing citizens importing fuel and railriMid
ties iustead of drawing from our own
forests; it seems to be fashionable now
adays to use nothing but impoited
We ho-M4o see not a few brick blocks
built in ljcbanon next year. We have
certainly passed the ''slc.b town" era,
and if as all are agreed Lebanon is
to be a city, let a more substantial style
of buildings take the place of box and
batten, ami then people will see that
we have some faith in our town. A
careless, homely and inexpensive style
of buildings erected in an apologizing
sort of wav, will never is-get confi
dence in the stability and future
for th. ir camp to a-sist on the trail.
John Atkinson and Charley Foster
were In toun getting supplies for win
ter and the early spring trade, as the
roads ie very good now. Mr. Atkin
son re-ddes nt the Walboi ranch and
Mr. F'-stcr caters to the wants of the
travelling public at t'pper Soda.
There was a very quiet lawsuit in
town last Saisn d iv. A deaf and diuul-
per m by the name of Koi-per was ar
! re-ted for !-.;s u'.t with a deadly
weapon, and was sent to Albany t-
await the action of the grand jury.
As the prisoner and ail the witnesses
on lth sides were deaf and dumb and
no lawyers to quarrel, it was a very
quiet affair. Gas Mctkk.
Pursuant to announcement made one
week previous, a nuinU r of our citi
zens met t;t the C. 1. church on Sun
day bint at 3 r. M. S. O. Wallace was
elected ehuirnia 'i, Prof. K. N. Wright
secretary. A Coiiimitb-e of live were
appointed to draft some resolutions set
ting foill the object of the imvlimr
and out-lining a course of action to lc
puiMicd by the chin. The following
resolutions were read and unanimously
K. Fit't Timt we orvrtiu?.- mn-!vi-
in;e lau orter eiul IW lit-.- fti!-i"-e oi' a
riiri.1 eii!-Tvuul! ttC muviv.pttl law a:il i!r- e'u'l'
ti.n fi iv.en i.
Sv- tiiu t ii:-t rW-iniiyor toul j'n-s-iii Ixvat ni
-uue. iisi-ii ;--vn - rh.: i haTik" i.i oitr riUt !i lr
ilicti CHni-'.i e;l';i'? e'Oii.-ii ijiicni-'ion' ti iIh
1i ami Tor liio h.'nUl.y at!te,:i-ivao.u u( ei;y
n.v r.'ineiii.
511'hir.l Tlmt in 111' (vMii) eiiv rU-itimi wo
U-ave to itie 'OM'iviioU
".nesiicn i lut-h or low
lU'ra(v ol" tin- vhw
l"-'ur;ii Tlal thi-- iue,-liitur
L ni"u hull at ihv eall el tin-
i lat- v.rtiuH! ei--'t the
JU-eiist. inn! all oilier
jjteuco, j.Hy al
Ijourii to meet at
Xo t'pcertalnty.
That the railroad will le extended
' . . l. . . ... : -. : . ... ! . . i. . ... . . ,
j to iiie .T-aoLi.titi iiiiui.' m o iiie mc.-ihh
of that region is made known, there
can be little doubt. 1 lovelopment work
lu.s progressed so far that contingen
cies consequent on mining weivh but
little in this case. gifted
with common sense knows that there
is no business without an element of
risk, not even farming. Agriculture
is regarded as a comparatively safe
business, and yet the farmer is placed
wholly at tiie mercy of climatic
changes in the growing of his crops,
and if fortunate enough to have a good
harvest he has still to content against
the depreciation of prices and the con
stant fluctuation of the markets. Min
ing, if conducted in an intelligent,
economical way, is less precarious; and
whereas in all other pursuits t lie re
turns are governed by the market, in
the latter calling the product is money
subscription price of the Express will j growth of a town however high its
beH 50 per year, cash in advance; if j aspirations.
The One-rriee Cash Store has be
come one of the features of Lebanon.
As everything is new and fresh, and the
prices are so much Ih Iow t nut charged
in credit-giving establishments, peo
ple who desire to buy their goods
for cash naturally go to the corner,
where thav do net have to make up to
j the storekeeper for the non-paying cus
tomers who, when they can io so, ntiy
.- ! on credit, and who are'eonsf itutionally
swarming j j (0 payinr t-r an Vfhing. Get
the one-rnce v a-sn More ana
not oaid in advance, ?2 per year. No
deviation from these prices. Settle up
and take advantage of the reduction.
Old people suffer much from disor
ders of the urinary organs, and are al
ways gratified at the wonderful effects
ot jDr. J. H. McLean's Liver and Kid
ney Balm in bauishing their troubles,
f 1.00 per bottle. For sale by Beard fe
Our town was literally
with people Saturday. Lebanon is a
, .,. r ti : . . l . . , f
gS)ll umrhi-i iw an muus "i "u jf tdero
Of'fS. lUC litllJiei Miuwn llifil' nr
rati buv what ho wants at reasonable
Tirices.'and therefore he comes here to j
Santiikni Academy.
The friends of Santium Academy
will lie gratified to learn that this grand
institution was never in a more flour
ishing condition than at present.. Fol
lowing is a very brief report forlhe
fall term:
No. on roll fall tenn 41
No. in Alwbra S
Xii. in riiysiologj' VI
Si. in litt'lier Arithtpotic - - 7
Nn. in 1". S. llisterj- 19
This is a satisfactory showing Tor the
first term, but we hope, may we not
expect the enrollment to bo doubled
next term?
Frosty nights.
Look out for diphtheria.
Get your winter's wood.
Kd Shea Is quite slclt with a cold.
Tramps are getting quite numerous.
The water In the Cnlapnnla Is very
The mall Is very Irregular on the
N. G.
Five ear-loads of freight arrived Sat
urday night.
George Cnshoxv has had n' relapse.
He Is very toc'.
We want Hie iiantes of candldalcs
for city ollicers.
Died, In Brownsville, Nov. 2d, Mrs.
Henry Maekey.
Thomas I'henev Is employed at pres
ent on the N. G.'lt. It.
W. L. Met cat Ms In Brownsville can
vassing for the llalsey News.
Charles Howe Is Improving his prop
erty in the Galhralth addition.
The eldest daughter of Thus. Thomp
son Is down with scarlet fevur.
The household goods oT John Howe
are advertised to be sold at auction.
luirnev 1 lowc Is iitille slcu ami con-
tin vd to ills room u iih a billons attack.
Tin-re has la-en a ehoM s.-eii three
times In the last week In Liberal hall
Henry F. Myers, lute of Iowa, ar
rived in Brownsville Saturday night.
Harry Jackson, son of Minor Jack
son, has been sick for the hist two
It Is Impossible for the woolen mill
company to Si 1 1 present orders for
The met battles have arrived from
Portland who will place the eleetrl
lights In ponition In the woolen milh
Jl.-tllanl I veer Is sutb ring troni an
attack of oiiiu.v. Dr. Iteese i-rl'ormed
t surgical operation on his throat Mon
A t- legrani to Al. Howlaud from
Chb.-o, Cal., announces I hat his lather,
Dr. W. 11. Ivonlainl, It very sick at
Ihut place.
Died, at the homo of her parents lit
llrownsvllle, Nov. U.'t. of e-n!let fever
Mish M vrlle Mi Kinley. 'I be fimerat
tonk pliiee Monday at I o'clock.
A pnvati letter from Mls Liti
Monte to Miss l.lla Lt master stub s
Ihat Ml j Moore is j cMVclly delbjliteu
with her present home on the Sound.
Winter Is fa-t approaching. Our
meiehants me displaying tlieir rnblwr
goods. This Is a sure sign; It Is more
reliable than Old rrolmbiiities or the
time-honored predict ions of the ground
We are requested by several ladles
to state that the troop of rough lxvs
who nightly cotigiegate rtrouud tie
town pump and block up t he side walk,
are getting to be an unbearable nui
sance. If the young man who stole our um
brella Friday night and used it In es
cort his girl home, will return it. we
wilt forgive and pnseiit him wiih .-i
chromo. We hae slept In that um
brella for the la-t six mouths, and it is
devilish Imi it t g- I nloiij; without it.
The Ituptint Association held a im-ct-ing
Bt the church Saturday afternoon
for the ptirp. se f lecling a pastor,
but owing to some mysterious reason
which Me failed to learn, no di ii-ion
was nrrlved at. The As.s.M-ie.tion will
mei I again next Saturday for the sann-
purpose, win n it is nofM-ti lliey will ie
m iv successful.
It is ruuioied t li-i t the stela pptieg nt
We.teibvi has dried tip and that the
wells are drying up. The Calapeoia
river at Brownsville is fust drying i:p,
and tie-re is a let of people in ths
State w bo want to dry up tiie saloon.
Now we would like toted:, iti the liati.e
of common sense and reason, where a
thirsty man shall go to j-et a drink.
For heaven's safe, will someone tell Us
where this tbitg is going to stop?
Friday evening rd the City hall a
grand literary entct t linment was given
by the teachers' iusliiiue, then ns-cin-bb
d in 1 Irowusxllle. First on the pro
gramme Wits 4 vocal duiite, followed
by a recitation by Mws Lillian Bruce;
entitled "Mono's Vat rs," which w;,s j
rendered with much feelirg and hie'
dramatic effect. No higher compli
ment colli. 1 have bet n paid to lie
young lady than the perfect silence
oliserveil by the h-.rge aiidi.'iiee. "S inj.
Low, Sweet Chariot," by the select
choir, was next on the progmni. Mrs.
(larland then recited, ".My Husband
Studies l-;iH-ution'' in a manner that
marked her as n fine elocutionist. A
song that reached m v In art was then
sung by Miss Grace Itiley in a manner
that brought down tli. house and for
liieh site received many compliments.
I'rof. Bronse.n, piesideitt of MeMinii
ville Cllegc, was then inti-iMhiced and
delivered a lecture on the work of
school teachers. He dwelt upon the
influence of teachers in tin' social and
political world and the great possibili
ties of their profession, end as rtrotiglv
condemned the too common practice
of men and women in all pt-of-ssiou..
who take up their work when the
should ho attending school. He dwelt
at some length upon the qualification,
both natural and acquired, for n sue-
ce-sltil teaclier, and gave, ntil' li vain- i
able iuforuuition on the details of'
school management. To those al.otit j
to adopt the profession, his advice will
prove particularly valuable. Afler the j
loctuie another piece of music was j
given by the choir. Prof, tiartand j
then took the fi-or and made a few j
well-chosen remarks. He was fob j
lowed by Profs Baib-y and Micheucr, j
and others. A m cling of the teachers j
to lake place at the school house Sa'- j
urdav alt cmooii was onnotmeeil and a
very iHteresting program was givin
out. The choir sang "Home, Swell
Home" as a gentle hint to the waiting j
audience, who did not seem to realise i
that the entertainment was over.
How's This?
We oiler One Hundred Hollars re
ward for any care of catarrh that can
not tie cured by taking Hall's Catarrh
Cure. F. J. Cukxkv '& Co.,
Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 10 years, and 1
lieve him h rfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their thin. Wuvr & Titi'Ax,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Wamuxo, Kixnax & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly upon the bl.xsl
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price ."c. per
bottle. Sold by nil druggists.
HINTS OK '! ItTSlIlt'.
The critical point In every courtship
l w hat Is called In common parlance,
"popping the question." As It lentil
nates the courtship and Involves the
happiness or misery of tit least two
liettils, It is regarded by the aggressive
patty us Ihf! most momentous period
of his life. It Is somewhat remark
able thai a young man will conduct
himself for a score or more years as
though In; was prep trcd for any event
and could acquit himself creditably
In any business, tninsuelloii, only to
how hhi wttihitcss nud puerility nt
the last moment. The bare thought
of that ou short sentence w ill choke
the young man with emotions as bulky
as a bale of hay.
Stand up to the ruck and take your
Ashler like a man, Instead of strad
dling about on your knees. The latter
attitude Is not only ridiculous. It Is de
structive of trousers. Take her bv Un
hand and talk to her in a btislue-s-like
way; If slut says yes, you do not need
any further instruct Ion, the whole
business lso li'iiiniti. If she happens
to say Ito which she probably will do
afler yon have made such a fool of
yourself don't promise yourself that
you will commit suicide and thus ter
minate the uithttppv iitl'uir. No girl
w as ever wort hy of such u .saei lllce,
and besides you may have a chance' to
try again with l-tter success. There
Is no last chance In love, the ease only
prows hopeless when the jlrl diex.
W'e once heard of a young man w ho
broached the subject eighteen limes to
the wanie girl iiinl In got lu-r.
i'lnb r no circumstances, write a pro
posJl to ti go !. There Is room for sev
eral undesit fdle results from such ti
mad course. Written language Is more
ditilenlt of interpretation than spoken
language. 'l ite w ol Id has probably
dili'-rcd more over Its writing limit
over anything else. Ju-t think what
might l'e tin- outcome of your written
proposal should you make tiie mi.stnUe
of addressing yotir b-Uer to on old-r
sist.-r. Tins iit maid would otilv Im-
ln jfled to nccepi .vmi by return mull,
and if you lu-.-onttvd to iioirry Iter, tin
way is i.M-u lt bii-noh-of-prontlse unit
and for the lU-litliitr man of the house
hold. Lttci rub d nib eiiun Is t-xpt n.-lve
tis well at lorluititH,
Hut yott mil-1 ti 't consider yourself
ait-epfed because she i Joels you twice;
two iietr ttii cs make an atllrmalive in
iir.iiiuifir, but not In courtsbqi. 15'
snles, you are not exjievteil toilotliK
sort of bti-ln-ss ur.iitililhtleiillv, the
well-wtllten bivert'iry to the (sail rary
notwithstanding. Piliueo, Harvey
and a host of ol her authors may give
valuable rules for conjugating ll- verb
love, but in the conjugal relat ion w Idell
mostly iMiteerns you their advice
weighs not a i-oppi r.
11 A ! iji.i I AM.
mM. .1 Tjc.iwi'ii-.-t'gftMJBB'ji'tl'''iW'riwii''iiii i mwtmi " m n jfPnawwum' m$imv
If AMI I, TOM On RICK, Nov. 24.
We nre glad to hear that Miss Pet
Johnson !m recovering from her bite
I'nele Chfirlev Williams bud his log-
rollimr. but bis barrel of elder had i
tuructl to "bun Juice."
We understand that Mr. Maine, of
Nebraska, who 11 v. d at Soduvllle nhoitl
a year before returning to his former
home, Is rclrai'big' his s(cts to this fu
voreil laud. lie now speaks very
hb'hly of Oregon, Brltig along your
cash and stop til l'btilion; It beats Ho
davllle. Wn rise to say that Sweet Home
can't bent this part of the world In the
way of lieu 1 1, iv s. We had a wedding
bet week in which the contra"! lot:
parlies were Mr. D. Vinson and Mrs.
King; the bridegroom had attained his
majority neat ly four times over, being
years old; the bride had Just passed
the levities of youth ntnl hail entered
Upon her Holli year. The Swiss bell-
lilim is plnyed ton full house III the
evening and were lilcrally rewarded.
Nolhinir stroinrcr than cider was
tltirnk on I Ids oecnslon. Miss Todd
and Thus. HroiiL'h also passed around
Some us dell'-ioiis enkc as mi editor ever
set eves on. We wish the couple a
htippv lotirnev Hirctlgh life, but can't
help thinking It uiifortunnte flint they
did not net thus sensibly twi-Mcrire
years ego. Oni: ok i UK BoVS.
Tlir-f I nuillli-ii Arrmteil on tlio Strrrl
ff Albany, by the mngulflccnt display
of hard were, stoves and ranges nt Mat
thews A Washburn's, who carry the
largest a-sortmettt In the valley.
Our t'ongrc'sintm hava with mucti worry ami fiiss
Ami firl tti jir, and cut-sing, ami something fitill wu
With what they call love for the tlcur lahoring limn
'J 'ho tatifT fixctl tij
On tlry gtxxl?, Inxt anl ;hoo r-t holuii's aro rai.e'!,
On foroign goods the tnriir ootnpk'tt ly is razed,
Ami all things thuv'vo tinkcrctl fo much as they caii;
iNtnv nriftfl oi up, . , .
Hut Hacklonian will prevent with' the best of his aid
The result from -n"octing his customer's traley
The juices stay dwn ami never a twan s
Can say they go up.
Office In Oiiv'a New Bulldlnar.
Peslilenoe at Mra. Ambler'.
Fat l.vli
!.s i-o ph-aseii
licit nlwnvs b..!,s -;i plea.ieir, says go
to Matthews A. iflibitrn, Albany, Or.
t buv ftnVf titnl ran j' s, bciHtirfi- ihey
only keep the be-t ttnd iilways do a.-,
thev I'.gtee to.
DR. W.
and Siirtrt'on.
Orn'l'iii4'' ft it'ivn! I'oltfirt- lit Jltl'tlltl U1 II.-1 ! -Vli'-
M. -ill.-ivl l -.ill. Vi: Hp.
t'lilo-tt.- i jvm It it lill'y. t ..
(;:. nillti' i-.l tlliillt I'Ull) HTjbe kfliflB. "
ill I'T.-Kiik) iitri' k' l uM l!tis. Ielinii, (r
Office with ''Lebanon Exprosa.
The Very Best School Shoes
In tlio IVlarUet. .
All Solid.. Call and See How They Are Made,
h . I-s&s ka .II nr n iraMirrp
n r n n t. i r
U l ..' M A.J i I .i J ;J
K-4 .T " 7 Ii tFA(rr-tli
RbcumiMlstri, ra-K! Corns
TV? rHfrnla Pe! ib Jf j;MIt
PeH ry a'J Prw.-j'.u. Eclt 2Pe, A tl
Cr ilnr S (.to , Pt op', lot Angiiloi, Onl,
iii:aici v holt,
.Ccji it for Lcfljntion, Or.
-irf" OH, TVV BKCKi
1 het-im ImiihW mny ttt with
diiriv of the kiilne- nnij haTe tricrl
man ditTirrrnt rrmcdiM ud he
iiivjlit aid fnjra iliticrit tiTk-aia
wu!i.,ut rrlief. AtoHt the tsih of April
1 irai urrin; from a err itiletil
uttnclt Hint atm.t pnjatrntrd me In
nfh a ninnncr luat lrll tietll liver.
When I at ilonro it w almiirt imil!e for me
: to art un al'ine, or m 1 en mr nuin, wncu
i kin 1 T-i OTMlem iw-nl lr. lleulry,
iuKK'jUN KIDNICY TliA. to my
i li'HrL I inimeiiintely cnuroenced
umuh the tea. It had an almost
miraculous effect, ami to the aston
' ishmenl of all tiie rhcs at the hotel,
i i,i fw .lav I am bfiimv to Mate.
I that I mi a new
! reoitnmi-od the tta to
aa 1 lucre been.
with the
IV. T. I'riisft. I.. T. J. W. !it.irKB.
ttithi.uN .HY, it;f.i.v.
T iti-ttbr vtni i rii ttii- ax ft' cl-ti-r f the t".
s I in l i: -e t i in kii!i I tn, itiroii, mi 1 III ll: l i men i mii M' i'. rM i:(,i!ii-t:-!' ui In "tr
MM-iiitty "t ill IiIihI- if t;iiiMtA l-tTe ih Iaii'I
iicih .-. . r tin- i ut i . ntnl Involving .racttet- in
tin- !. ii. ib! I mid OIIW.
Eureka Heat Market,
fin:iiM v.v PTiurrr,
L. M. WHEELER, Pro'p.
Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage.
A flnvri' of the public patronage eo-
Kvcry parcnt knows bow hard children arc on shoe. Wig
lave made it' a study to find tho h'.-pt School Shoe in thtf
market, ami think wo can give it to you when we give? the
AVo you to call and let us show you how the shoe is?
made. There is nothing like Solid Leather to wear Fop
ular prices.
man. I wil!
to all afflicted!
G. A. ti:
rroprirtor CVfidenlat Hotel,
1125,000 Brick:
At ley junl In tli fi ntl.. iJ Ilmnim -
For Sale at Reasonable Rates.
All Kln l of
Willi Neat new and Pevjoilch.
, 1 rn m'A vr'i rfevi i K
nntvs a
any reisson in von ttnxi isine
I nlace where VOU Will purchase your I A Creat Livrr Medicine.
iupp!;ti. I I'r. tiunn s linproven j.tver l itis are
...ipn ,a n. . intinnf rnf T'ipr inni one: vun. i.'i civi. ..i,. ...... ... , ."i.v"
1 11... t i n.n,.t, tt.A ta iii I oomvlaints. dvs-'iM n;iia. indiircstion. cos-
Married, in Albany, ov. V ni. t,lrj ,ln,. , i,n 1 . tivcness. tnrpi.l bvor, etc. Hit-sc pills
Barlwur of Lf -ban on and Mi. Minnie t on h.;ve v,rt.,iieU-iV a dist-eti r on this i insure perftt-t . digt-sthm, corre.-t the
Beall of Toronto, taantlti. We con- ; rw, ,ople' tinio it Jias the un.,a. ! liver and stoniath, regulate thebowola,
gratulte the happy 'pair awl wis-h ' ,.oev'rei".utntion'f 1-circ the ron-'ht-t ptirify and enrich the blood aiid make
thewi all the happioefis which belong ; 'jj cl jn aJ, t'iu. 011;,..trv7 lnl!- kin eb-Hf. Tiny also prolt:co a
to the new relation vvbieb. they l':vM 'vr-.t p,'.r the above wo want it iiid.-r- i f-'o'-d apix-tiie, ami invi.rorate and
just assrumed. " i std''hat the sK:tion ft;ix-ni:inV in rtn jfttx-nirthf'ii the entire system bv their
I carry a full line of pills, powdered ; sense to blame fur the bad condition of : tonio tiori.. old at 2o cents a box by
drass elixirs, tablets, capsules. The! the mad. Mr. Skclly does his work i -l- A. slider.
on'y dealer in Frederick Prearns & Co's ! ami dtn-s it well, but no four men can! -
popular non-secret remedies. Buying t keep thirteen miles of mid in jrood For siek lieadat-ho. female troublen,
mv ffiis- at tt-P T f-n.-thWl : Tlii frest uniribiT of rotten t iieuraiuic lmins ill the head take Dr. J.
tosell nt reduced prices. OfTlce and i ties on this line should be replaced j IT. McL;a:i's Little
salesroom corner Miiiu and Oak s'reets, ! wilh good ones, and that bef"re any 1 Fillets. 5 eenSs a
jLebapon. Bs. J. A. LiMiiEEv. . serio'is neci-letst oceors. IlcltV.
Only First-Class Hotel in Lebanon.
Ten fine and iit-eful presents to be
given away f.V worth at F. M.
French's jewelry store, Albany. Coiii
moncinjr Nov. 1, I will present every
one a ticket for each dollar's worth of
trouls purchased, entitling; the holder
to a chance tr draw one of the follow-
injj beatitif'.il presents: 1st, larire din
ner Citntor, worth $1(1; 2d, fanev fruit
dish, J; Sd, silver cake basket, $8; 4th,
Milver cake stand, $7; 5th, set silver
knives and forks, $(!; 6th, double pickel
castor, fo; 7th, silver butter dish, 4;
8th, single pickel castor; $3; 0th, SSeth
Thomas clock', 2; lOih, sil'ver enp, H
Drawiag to take place New Year's day.
Tho comer jewelry store.
A Sure Cure for Ml.
Ttchintr Piles are known by moisture
like nn sniratioti eattsinti intense itch-
itt when warm. This form, asMelij
aning Mi
I- '
r V i
5- ' . , . . j
ri f is 'i V 4 ; t : 1
15 lhs Extra C Sugar ,.,....:.,,,.. $1 00
13 lbs Granulated Sugar. 1 00
4 lbs Iiest Kio Oofll-e 1 00
14 lbs Kice 1 00
20 lbs Ik-ans 1 00
i lbs Soda 25
10 lbs Lard . ,.. 1 20
We have the largest as well as the best select stock of
Crockery and Glassware,
Furnisliiug Goods, Gents' Neckwear,
Wo pay cash for all kinds of Produce
We invite co.iparison.
ReMecV Enlarged and Improved.
f.ivc-r nnn Kidney
vial, nt I?eard &
OtiliO i ts
. T r.if-p.ufacture ami
h rames. i.'oor r rames,
elonl in Doors. Blinds, all ptvles of Windw
Mould incrf, P-raeket?. Etc., iu fact anything man
lis biiml, bli-t-tiin
. 1 .5 . I ... I
ieiu til lime iu ti. it.i umj i nr: - - . . - , , , i
i.i,iv wiii..i n. a !ir.v.i!i7 n-.t tii lifneturea ana keiit m haou in a tirt-euvss jnanei.
i.arts aileeted. ftLsmbs tumors. al!ri! In c.uiieetion with tho above. 1 aiso l:;ne on hand a und ei'ieeb; ti perjnnnent en re. in.,i,l.r vtrl in which i-? to' bo found rouiih nnd dressed Lumber, Rustit
0(k. l)rusir.f.s or rutai: treatise tree. ,, . , ..i t i: vi .,,..! 1l I-;.-.,la xf' Finishing I.-nmiv i
Itr 1((w..L-n s-)Q -.-.h trf.. PMlndel. I J'fVel, eauiei wauutig, i """a
i phiti, ra. c5old by M. A. MiUer. ! for Cornices, Et
Cigars, Tobacco, Furnishing Goods, Etc.
First-Class Goods
Country Produce Taken in Exchange'
for Goods.
Give Me a Trial and Be Corivicea
i Shingles, Posts. Boa r I and Pickets,