The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 29, 1890, Image 2

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Ljbnnnii lixpress.
A, Jack a;.v.:,, okik l. alkxanpkk.
The intcr Ioret;tlcnc! of the hu-
m;ui family must be apparent to
everyone who is in the slightest
decree given to observation and iv
iioction. "No man liveth to him
yi'lf " is a truth so clearly tan? lit
tfc&t no sumo man would deny it in
theory, however unwilling he may
be to admit it in practice. From
tltis admission there results a grave
feeling of responsibility in regard
to our actions and their influence
upon succeeding arnorat ions. All
actions are iniluential. What is
done in a moment may affect soci
ety through many generations.
Jiong after the pbble is at the bot
tom of the lake, the circles uuiiti
j. ly and expand on the surface.
1 -he lifting of a hand sends a vi
lratiou toth stors.
There is something solemn and
awful in lh thought that there is
.u.t an act -nor thought in the life
of a human being but carries with
it a train of consequences, the end
of which we may never trace. The
food deed or thought will live, even
though we may not see it fructify,
and so with .the. bad; and no -person
is so insignificant as to be sure
that his example will not do good
m one hand nor evil on the other.
1 litre is, indeed, an essence of im
snoit&lity in the life of man, even
in this world. No in
1 1 i uiii ri i-ifii. vie. . 1. 1 - . i iv. a v
wmiponent part , of a VFtem of
several acts, he either increases or
ftiminishes the sum of human good
iow and Torever. -No man's acts
lic utterly, but his good or. his bad
deeds will be bringing forth fruit
-sifter their kind and influencing
generations of men Tor all time to
-come. When we "reflect "that our
very action is scrutinized and is
likely to be perpetuated in unborn
generations, and that we cannot
twalk the street wiihout impressing
someone f arArabiy or otherwise, we
free the necessity of circumspection
in our daily intercourse with the
-world. Character painters we are,
sind not until the final wreck and
crash of worlds will the canvas be
enrolled and our life work be re
How often is it the casj that the
-proprietor of a Email farm, and with
perhaps but two children, will
miake an effort toward those adorn-
.mem-. 01 tne town -wmcn re
wholly unsuited to his habits and
surroundings, hy building a house
13 large as a church, and perch a
cupola upon it, from which he
may review the flat country for
rmiles, while he contents himself
with occupancy of one or tw back !
iMms. lt contented witn small
;?pace, why not, in the name of
.1 :on.e,6ty, -declare it boldly, instead
ni covering the truth under such
Numbering falsehood? What for
"Hds giving to the country home a
simple propriety of its own with
:its own wealth of rural decoration
its shrubbery, its vines, its ar
'lor3j instead of challenging unfa
vorable comparison with an entirely
different class of homes?
If a man is disposed to advertise
Ihimself An accidental farmer by
Jlaming architecture and appoint
ments, there is little hope that he
'""will fiver do am-thing to the credit
of farming interests, or contribute
-verv larsrelv to the -charms of our
Tural landscape and the fashtomftg
if -our wayside home?; aud when
tb&r-shall take pride, as a body, in
giving "grse tn these homes, the
country will have taken a long
tcj forward toward "the refine
ments of civilization. You can
?SEate your home, however email it
be, 0 cojnplete in its simplicity,
o Utted to its oQioe?, so governed
iry Eeatries, eo -embowered by
Trealth of leaf and flower, that no
'YtwK an the w rld could add to it
withe tit damaging its grace aud
Leant f,
AVe can call to mind a small
away, that had- neither, wealth of
timber nor fertility of soil to rec-
maaeivi it. but the buildiner. the
yard, the homo adornments, were
a to cover defects of eoil and
timber and make a meet desirable
Jjome. Indeed, the surroundings
rere such as to cause it to change
proprietors three times within even
years, the writer being one of that !
number. Adjoining tarms, far bet
ter in many respects th?n the one
to which we allude, failed to att ract
jwehasecs simply because they
were lacking in the matter of home
rfler.OTatior And in a scrumilons re
gard for illness and taste m beauti
fying the fireani1.
Too rnanv farmers are wholly
bent on raising wheat, 33 if man j selves, and pours it into the ears of
can live lv bread alone. We are , perhaps your best friends,
convinced that a little more atien- and after fueceeding in get
tion to tho miuor details of farm i ting them to say something
life would prove an innovation of j harsh, returns to you laden with
great value, relieve the tedium 2nd j the precious burden of strife and
monotony of the good wife's labors adds fuel to the already increasing
and prolong her life not a littl.
The effect which KmroleT'f
execution has had upon society in
c-Aners! haz ben vsripd. It is t-
garded by some as cruel beyond
fflrrir.tion flnrl a disrrar.ft tn t
. " ... c . .
civilization like ours. Death bv . out uui.n, m
electricity i considered bv others;' of discord and hate? If so. tn
as next to painle, and, therefore,
nre fpral.lp ta hr-r,cnrF Others
professedly' more humane than
thaf th aboyc classes, would
-i; - .,w7.on a..
r,Thnr A 11 en rMr, nTldill Aril i - V
saily be settled inthe light cf thej
Jfct. J m pn.n meEjt lor lite doee ;. euefj AXXi fciirichtd bears life and j of ftathersjmd a horrible squawk, aud
Tioteter raenfroraintTUing their Icnerc-to every portion of tlie bxly; wheu the emoke had cleared away
handf in h-CTnanblcK-dto the extent appetite returns; the hour-of rett brings, the roof-ter was completely bald. His
hateaivial r,unibment will and?wifhit sound rcpojie. This can be j voice, which used to be a-keen saw-file
tuat capmai puuisnment wuu ana!w,ured bvtakinsDr J n McLean's soprano, is now a deep uuder-grouud
murder are more trequent under i SarpariiU. For sale by Beard & Nalto with a dreamy, melancholy accent.
Jis humane treatment. ! Ult. i nemo.
i ii mkt:ii:! of teaching.
Jesati ChrUt gav His disciples
a new method of reading the land
scape and all natural objects. lie
turned nature into a great book of
iliat lration and made it preach the
doctrine of trust in the divine
Fatherhood. He ppoke of the
lilies as pledges cf God's care, and
pointed to the fowls as an illustra
tion of God's watchfulness over all
life. He bade His disciples con
sider these things and lay them to
heart us defenses against distrust
or -apprehension. Who knows how
much life there is in alilj'? Who
can measure the distance between
God and a flower of the field ? W hat
connection there is between the
lily and the man we .have not yet
been sufficiently educated to dis
cern, but Christ' lesson i abso
lutely pointless if there is not a
line common to all kinds of life
running through and binding all.
Lt would be useless to "consider
the lilies" if they and thw consid
erers had no '-point -in common,
though in the present state of our
faculties it may be inappreciable.
The explanation is that the Tini
verse is a series, aud that He who
cares for the least cares for the
greatest. Christ taught us to be
gin with the lily and reason upward
to the absolute, and then descend
and preach lessons of loviog trust
in God to anxious men, who are
foolishly carrying all the weight of
to-morrow on shoulders already
pressed with the burdeisof to-day.
But can the consc ious learn from
the unconseions? Can the man
learn anything from the lily?
Enough to know thut the lily and
the mau eat at the same table aud
quench their thirst at a common
Lt. n 2 -'i " t u ..u
- - 1
1 there is mystery in life of the
1 west kind?, and we are taught the
solemn yet gladsome truth that the
whole earth is sacred with the pres
ence of God.
Persecution in its various forms is
only the development of a principle
which most unavoidably exist umil
either Christianity or human nature
be altered. There is a neccessary re
pugnance between Christianity and
human nature. One must be changed
before it will combine with the other.
We fear that Ibis is, in a degree, an
overlooked truth, and that men are
disposed to assign persetulion to
local or temporary causes. Hut we
wiali you to nnderatand that "tlie
offence of the cross" has not ceased,
and 'cannot eease. We are willing
to allow that the form under which
the ha'red manifests itself will be
semiUy affected by the civilization
and intelligence of the age. Ia days
of an iiperh?ct rtHsnenient and a
sscaaty literature, you will find this
hatred unsheathing the sword and
lighting the pile; but whn human
society is at a high point of polish
and knowledge, and the principles of
religious toleration are well under
stood, there is, perhaps, comparativcly
sms.ll likelihood that savag violence
will be the engine emploved against
godliness. Yet there are a hundred
which may, and will be
opened epon the righteous. The fol
lowers of Christ must calculate on
mauy sneers and much reviling. He
must expeet to meet often with cold
ness avd- contempt, harder of endur
ance than many forms of martyrdom;
for the courage which could march to
the staler may be daunted by a laugh.
Frequently the opposition assumes a
more decided shape. The parent will
aet harehly towards the child; the
superior will wi hdi a.v hisooun tenanee
from the dependent ; and all because
of a giving heed to the direction of
Scripture. Religion, as though it
were rebellion, alienate the affections
and alters the wills of fathers and
guardians. So we tell the individual
that he Minds himself to plain mat-
ters of fact, if he suppose that
i aixtstle's words applied only to
first ages of Christianity, "All that
will live godly in Christ Jesus must
sutler ne":ecntion." To live eonly in
i,, ,.,,. a-i,.- - ? ,i, "r!
oetneen youiseives anu tne seeu ol
. . . , I
tne serneut: and vou may be assured!
, ,
ioai uniess te enmuy oe nominal on '
your side, it will manifest iiself by
acts on the other.
the eeat:ti:ies.
The bea;itudes constitute a com
plete delinea'.ion of Jesns Christ
himself : he wa poor in spirit; he
moomed; he was meek, merciful,
pure in heart and peaceful ; his meat
and bis drink were todo his Father's
will; and he was 'pre-eminent among
those who were persecuted lor
righteousness sake. Hia power was
thus derived from nis own enjoyment
ot messing, so mat ne couht, in
! deepest sense, say, "The words that
! I "Peak unto you, they are spirit, and
tney are ine. ine blessed man
Mmsfrlf told how ether luen might be.
He preached, not a sermon that he
had learned, but a sermon that he
had lived. What would be the effect
if BOciety wersooiprisedof such men
as are described in tfee beatitudes?
What-is a tattler? A vile leach
sapping the life blood of human
happiness. A busy body who lis
tens cleei'ully to what one may
say, either in a joke or pettishly, of
a neighbor, ar.d then carries it
magnified and f xed up to suitthem-
! flame. Thus, little by little,
the ghoul of human 6ocity filches
i happiness of friendship and dc
'veiopes between the neighbors and
; friends a feeling of hatted which
1 &bcu!d only
; Ot demons.
be known tothe bosoms
4 ri a tatW D.m
! - ,-l.l iV.
y 1 m v a s
i tnc f.8" ftnman"y resist. ye
! are Jianlc to err, but deep is the
wn ol them who, taking our weak-
! ncss tor their capital, destroy
v -
; happiness cl our neighbor by tat-
1 tliilf.
The bojr xo i)uWk tn j'rk h! etiat
Hl ruwr tnis'lit to run B joko.
Goods at eoHtsit Waters ilros.
K. of IMotlge every Thursday night.
Jim WHlson went to Albany .Mon
day. Pete Ncttleton' went to Albaiu Jon
day. A fine lot of melons came Into town
Dr. lhidt?ey went home to HUIsboro
last week.
V. E. Rockwell went to Portland
F M Jack wants seventy-five white
VenaOibbler is able to lie on the
streets again.
W It Bishop returned home to Port
land Thursday.
II B Mover has shut down his mill
for a few weeks.
John LonK came home from Sweet
Home Monday.
Geo Smith went to the mountains on
a hunt Monday.
J B Moreloek went to Lebanon on
business Saturday.
Miss Millie Glatteu went home to
Portland Saturday.
H P Burger went to Halsey ou busi-i
ness last Saturday.
Ed Starr was over from Halsey Sat
urday on business.
Jake Bilyeu lias bui!t a private offlee
in his lively stable.
Born, to the wife or W. S. Towell,
Aug 23. a 12-pound hoy.
Billy Wilkinson arrived Saturday
evening from Pendleton.
"Wm. Is'agl, of PrlneviUe, is in town
for & few daya ou husincs.
Doe fiaroutt makes more noise than
any other ten men in town.
Brownsville has no justice tf the
lieaee. ;mui oe a civil place.
Jiss Jiuuie Bpra-ue In nor quite
eick, and her rtxjovery ia doubtful.
Jim Smith ami J D Irvine wnt to
the mountains last wevk for a hunt.
Waters Bros. Is the place for vou to
get your goods for the next 30 days.
James Smith and Ballard Tycer eame
in Thursday w ith a fine lot of bird.
Sum Goble eame home from lill
City Motiday and n turned Tuesday.
I)r Starr la improving his rug atre,
making more room aud a private oWee.
Born, to the wife of Wm Bradler,
Aug 24, a girl that weigh eight poundV.
Jim Wilson has lieen ciHupIaining
for a few days -with an aching under
W W Haiijcsof Eucene was in town
Saturday looking after the inte:-vsts of
hU farm.
Rev A LeRoy ns'gied as pastor of
the Baptist church. Mr LeRoj- will
su it x.a (.iranae.
Be comfortably fiatisfied with a few
dollars and do not worry tteeause 3-ou
have int a fortune.
R. V. Warner. R. P. Bnrger, Sam
l'eretiun, frea MeKirey, itft luesday
morning rorine mines.
If all Dronertv-owners in town were J
like Jake BHv u. we would have inuat !
waiks and graded streets.
Stephen A.Unbleeame up from Port
land Mouay will rusticate a few days
and theu return to his home.
AVm. Rplie came down a few days
ago from the mine. Monday he re
turned witn a Uiacl of provisions.
We read a loiter from wbieh we learn
that our ;5d friend Mat FarUy w ill Tali
heir to a handsome sum of money.
AH accouuts of Waters & Moreloek,
J M Waters and Waters Bros ate in
the hands of orlietrs for collection.
"We do not blame our farmers for put
ting up trespass not lees on their farms,
for they have so much stock killed.
The beautiful song sans by a vounp
mau Sunday afternoon should lie re
membered; t-iiUtk-d "Sailor's Return."
II It Moyer put In a hard day's work
this wefk renairinir the traction enfine
U-loiiging to the l'earl threshing com
Pome good Christian will pet his
neck broken one of these days n the
bad sidewalks, and then who will ny
the bill.
When you pee J. B. It. Moreloek and
J. A. Waters come toward you, you
may know they are after their old
Mrs. R. L. Blanchard returnHl home
from Oregon City Snturdav eveninsr,
bringing her sister, Elleu Blauchanl,
with her.
Married, at tho residence of the
bride's parents, Mr. John New-land
and Misft.Viva, Banta, both of Craw
fordsville. Saturday H. B. .Vnyer was busy lay
imr water pijie to the residence of J
White. The waterworks are a great
J. II. Waters and W. 8. Powell w ere
elect d delegates, ao
, w L
ana It. L. JJIanchara
i ..,i r i.- i
d W. C. C'oloev
proxii, to the
ianu twite ui IV
of P.. to be held in
Portland November next.
Dave Hull eauie into town Saturday
even'mg with a fine string of trout. We
do not believe that it was owing to his
S'-ienee- or bait it was, more than
likely, his winning ways.
T. S. Plllsbury says the uan that
built his jewelry shop, forjrot to put
slecpera under the floor, and when you
wrlk over the floor you will almost
shake down the stovepipe.
People in our town should be careful
and not let their lamps burn all night
through neglect of blowing them out.
We have known this to occur several
times in some of the business houses.
Wm Bassett came to the sawmill
Monday after lumber, and his team
became frightened and backed off" into
the river. Had it not been for help
from the mill boys he would have lost
his team.
Prof Thos Crawford and his eister,
Mrs. Smith, came up from Portland
Monday. The body of Mr. Crawford
was removed from Portland cemetery
and buried in the cemetery at Browns
ville Tuesday evening. Scur.
Uobert Blanchard has accepted a po
sition in the Albany woolen mills.
Douglas JeFeron has been quite
eick for a few days, but is now improv
ing. Eruil Koppe is driving his shawl fac
tory to its full capacity to fill present
Bernie Howe has returned from Al
bany and is nnce more at his post in
the woolen mills.
We are pleased to notice so many
new sidewalks being laid. The im
provement was much needed.
Ped Ross has been promoted to th
position left vacant tn the woolen mills
by the departure of Robt. Blauehard.
The water supply for the factory pat
riot been quite sufficient nwins to the
dry weather, thus compelling the eotn-
I pauy to run the engine for a few days.
' We learn from a man who has just
arrived from th Blue Kiver mines that
"Queen Sheba" has got the "Lucky
Boy" down and is knsckiug the stuff-
i ing out of him.
jar Scud, in regard to the feathers
, m our room, we wish to say that we
j pave been experimcm ng
with elec-
tricity, and selected for a subject a large
. ... .1 . 1 J 1 1- . 1 c
i rooster iiiai uao ut-eu ilimkiiik oiaiseii
altogether too rresn around our roonis.
We fastened his off kg to the north
pole of the dynamo and pulled the
Real Estate Brokers,
Including Fire nnd I.U'e Iasurawo.
Choice Bargains
In Both City Property and
Farm Lands.
Collections Attended
STATE IS5CRA3CCE CO.. of RaScm, Orefon.
of Salem.
So said Bul
wer, that
preatest of
Novelists, and he
never spoke more
trolv. and he mieht
LiKe success
hare added with equal force, that met it
is me essence oi success, wisaoin s
Robert ine is the synonym of merit, and
its history is success. The magical ef
fects of this preparation ha-ce been attest
ed by thousands of the leading ladies of
society and the stage. It is the only arti
cle erer discovered which jrfves a Nair-
I al and Beautiful tint to the complexion.
at the same time removing all rouehr.esa
of the face and arms and leaving the
skin soft, smooth and velvety, lt has
long been the stndy of chemists to pro
duce an article that while it would beau
tify the complexion would also have the
merit of being harmless, but these two
important qvalilies were never brought
together nnf.i combined ia
Yo can luy ay of the
Cheap, r-f
Ufanden and
na LUais, also
t r
BQ"" Job W"ork rione on Short Xoi iff .
Will Iry ik MW, rrcmtatoth
Witnt of ApptitA,, iDdifrttstlon,
t iinm Hono
new rorro. kalixii3 Mind
and aop,4ie Brnia Power.
la-l ! DR. IRON
TONIC wfo na4 w 'ly e re. Oir a ciear, bnl.
thromplax:oa. Frftrpient attmtt at eoontorfat
iusoulradd to the popuUrity of th orictnf!.
Oo oot wjTriment et thGKIHINAI. aa4 BKT.
Cm 0nt)atli, Llrar Uompiaiat and Sick
Qa-1arhfl. S:.nilfl Ooae and Dream Booh
mnilfn) on rcnt of two wnti in poataKw. W
lias on hand a large stork of
Call And Secure Prices.
W. H. BOOTH, M. D.,
Graduate of Cnlvemltv of Iowa; also gra4ut
of pccla!tle In the Bellruo Hospital Jledical Col
lege, Kow York. '
Office t residence oa Main street.
CiJri-1 s;-- : ; t . - ? ...V
uaaaaaaaaBaaaaUI A tt
f""" I 1 1 1. 1 "'"l
L jaaw M
v A
To Mttk ftoom fur My
Spring and Summer Stock
Boots 8z Slnoes
Now is the Time to
I Propose to Have
Leading Dry Goods Store
In the Valley.
Promptly attended.
Allui-, Oreiroit.
Ladies & Gents Furnish
Sole Agency for Ludlow's Tin Shoes.
Prices Always the Lowest.
Albaiir, On gon, : : B!umberg's Block.
t'nited States I aaJ Office,
Orcgiui City, Oregon, June 4. 1S90.
Votiw ii hvbv elTen that in eompllanee with
the ro-i-l-u of the act of Congress of June S
17 entitled "An mi-t for the sale of timber lands
Wa-hiiisin Territory," Charlea t. rVireue, of Ja-
coma. F.-wntjr ' r-iert-e. Mate or wa-liuietou. aa
tliU 1uy tiled In nils orttre Ha a-irorn tateni-nt
Nn. fur the iurrbav of the S. V ii of See
So. . in Tp. No. 11 H. Na 1 E.. iwl will ofl'er
jnoi t nnv tnar tne una soi?m w Kir? vam
ai.le for it t:mfer r stone than for ajrricttltuml
piirim. and to etahith bin elMiui Ut mid Uuid
tieforetiie ri'ifWer and rvn-tver ot" the, otlice a
Oregon City, tuegou. ou Frfalay, the sd day of Oc
tolfr, 1--.SI.
He names w itnesses: J. I. MawirtneT,
Rn-iinan. A. l lii-hulia and J. Gil'.espu;, all of Ta
mini. W ahisisftoli.
Any an-i a'l tx-rson elalmins adversely the
nljove-dt'riVied fandx are requested to tile their
Ctaiiux i l I hia oftiee on or Ix-fore Raid Sd da; of
.K-toler. lssni. J. T. Ar-r-KKJiOJi. Ktgi-ter.
t'nited State Land OfSer,
Oregon City. Oregon. Jane 2. l.a.
Kiti-e is hereby giren thai in compliance with
the rrviluf the aet of Congrewof Jane 3.
l8Tt, entiMcd "Aa at'! for the sale of timber lands
Ir. the S'ateiof Caiitoriiia. treeon. Nevada, and
WahininHi Territ'irr," John L. Marartney.of Ta-
etiraa. connty of fierce. State of Wahing1on. has
thia iay nleil in tiitst omce nls sworn f-tateluen!
N-. for the purchase of the 8. E. i of tc.
.V. St. In 1r. No. II 8.. R. No. 1 K.. and will off-i
lnxf to show that the land sought I more vaht
Atle for it k timber or tone than for agricultural
pnipoM". and tn e4ab'.ii hi riajia ta "aid land
before the rtgb4er and receiver af this entice at
tn-gni ity, Oregon, on Friday, the 3d day of Oc-
utM.-r. t-f.
He names as wituessea: C. O. Borene. J. Bren
nan. A. f hi.liuim aud J. UiUepie, alt of Xacoma.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
almve-leTibed Uinds are reijucVtcd to file their
ciniui- in tnit omce on or uctore sam .hi nay ot tc
tobcr. J. T. APfERSOX. Register.
t'nited Slater Land Ofliee.
Oregon City, Orcgou, June 4, 1W.
Notice h hereby given that in compliance with
'he provi-ioni of the t of Congress of June S,
!TH. emitted "An act for the sole of timber lauds
in the state nf California. Oregon. Nevada, and
WHshliiittiiii Territory." H'illiatu J. Hagedorn, of
TMContM. i-otm1vtr rsrre. f.tntf of Witshiiiffton
has th:s dav tiled In thlsofiice hissworn statement
.Na -Hi'i. for tiie (lurcliase of the N. W. J4 of See
-Nil. ;m, 111 i p. o. 12 s.. K. o. 2 r. tun iu one
proof t allow titat the laud Kought ia more vain
able for iut limber or stone than for agricultural
purps. and to CKtablLsli hfa claim to said land
before the register and receiver of this office at
Orea-on t liy. Oregon, on Tuesday. I be 7th day of
He mime as witnesses: C. V. G. Rowland. C. M
Piwnun. F. Van Cise aud John West, all of Ta
eomn. Kieree count v. ttasntnston.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described buids are reauested to file thei
claims i this outce ou or l.e!ore ?aid 7th dv of
October. IM J. T. Af f ERSON, Register.
United States Land Office,
Oregon City. Oregon, June 4. 1990.
Notice is hereby giveu that in compliance with
the i.rovl-ioiis of the act of Congresa of June 3.
1X7. entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the Slates of California. Oregon. Nevada, and
Washington Territorj-," Charles U. U. Rowland, of
I Kinna. county or fierce, btate ot Ttasnington,
has this day filed tn thianittce his sworn statement
No. 3U76. for the Diirchase of the N. R M of See.
No. !M. in Tp. No. 12 8.. R. Ha t E., and wUlJ offer
pmoi 10 smminiiuie lana sangnt is more vatu
able foi its timlier or stone than for agricultural
tmrposes. ana 10 emaousa tits eiaim 10 sara tana
telore the register ami reeciver of this olfice at
Oregon City, Orcgno, oat Tuesday, Uie 7th day of
October, 1!HU-
He names as witnesses: W. J. rtftgetlont. C. M.
IVistman. F. Van else and John West, all of Ta
coma, fierce county, Washington.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
ftlHive-th'scribcd lands are reouestcd to rile" their
claims in this office 011 or bef'.ve said .th davof
October, 1HSSX J. T. Af PERSON, Register.
United States I,and Ofliee,
Oregon City, Oregon, June 11, 1S90.
Notice is hereby given thfit in compliance with
the provisions of the act of Omgress of June
1H7S. entitled '-An act for the sale of Umber lands
In the Ht ntcs of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory, Willys Ulrge, of Suinntr,
county of Fierce, Mate of Washington, has this
day tiled in this ofliee his sworn statement No.
2109, for the purchase or the 8. V. of See. No.
8f, in Tp. No. U 8.. B. No. 2 E., and will offer
pnwf to show that the land sought Ls more ralu
able for its timber or stone than for agricultural
ii rposes. and to establish Ms claim tn said land
cfore the register and receiver of this olfice at
Oregon City. Orvgou, on Thursday, the Vth day of
October. ISyO.
He names as witnesses: John West, F. Livesey.
A. W. Kichey and P. Liscomb, all of Tacoma,
Pierce county Washington.
Any and all person claiming adversely the
above-dccri)ied lands are requested to file their
c lainiK in this oil ire on or before said 9th day of
October, 1H!. J. T. APPEKSON, Kcgister.
United States Land Office.
Oregon City, Oregon. June 11, iKl.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with
the provisions of the act of Congress of June 3,
1N7H, entitled "An act for the sate of timber lands
in the Urate of California. Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Francis Liscomb, of Port
land, county of Multnomah, State af Oregon, has
thin dav tiled in tills office his sworn statement
No. 2110. for the purchase of the S. E. of Sec.
No. 31, In Tp. No. 12 S., K. No. 2 E., and will offer
proof to show that the land sought is more valu
able for its timber or stone than for agricultural
fiurpoKen, and to establish his claim to said land
cforo the register and receiver of this office at
Oregon Ciy, Oregon, on Thursday, the SKh day of
October, 1K.
He names as witnesses: John West, F. Livesey,
M. Birge and A. W. Richer, all of Tacoma, Pierce
county, Washington.
Any and ail persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested tolilc llieir
claims in this office on or beiore said tth day of
October, IKKi. J. T. API'ERSON, Register.
Latin, Greek, IvTatlTemEJiticsj, Sciences
and History Taught.
nuuv juu vu nuiit iiiu mi
For terms, -call on or address
Men's, Youth's and Bov's Clotrtirrg?
Furnishing Goods, Etc.
Also Keep on Second floor a full line of
Boots tc Shoes,
In which I will not be undersold. Come and see nie and
I will treat you well.
New Corner Store
The public school house on the south,
The paper mill on the north,
The big planer 011 the east,
And the depot on the west,
Makes the Corner Store the 1 Inlr
Oil Or CiLt AVITV.
Keep a full line of Men's and Boys Clothing of Brown Se
ville manufacture, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Groceries and
Proxisions; in fact every thing necessary to keep soul and
body together.
Nobody complains of Bach's goods or quarrels with his
At Our New Quarters.
We Are Too Busy to Write an
Lebanon Planing Mill
Refitted, Enlarged and Improved.
I manufacture and deal in Doors, Blinds, all styles of Windew
Frames, Door Frames, Mouldings, Brackets, Etc., in fact anything m&n
nfactured and kept on hand in a first-class planer.
In connection with the above, I also have on hand a well-assorted
lumber yard in which is to be found rough and dressed Lumber, Rustic,
Bevel, Weather Boarding, Flooring, and all kinds of Finishing Lumber
for Cornices, Etc.
: Unitort States lnd Ofliee.
Oregon city, Oregon, May 28, 180l
Notice is hereby g-ivon that ta compliance with
Hie provisions of the act of Compressor Junes,
lf.7H. entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon, Xerad. and
WaahinRtnn Territory," Kred L liner, of Tacoma,
rountv of Pierce, State of Washinfrton, has this
day nkd in this office his sworn atateiaatit Ko.
i6l, f the purchase or the 3. W. H of Sec No. 4.
in Tp. !o. 11 S.. E. Kx 1 E , and will offer proof lo
"how that the land aought is more valuable for ita
timber or atone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before the
rOKistur and receiver of this omce at Orejron Cltv.
Ore iron, oa Friday, the 26ih day of September, 1S0O.
He names ax wilnesaes: H. Metzger, J. N. Lake,
J. llreunan and J. Squires, all of Tacoma, Wash,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-descrlticd lands are requested to nie their
' iaims in thisoifice on or before said 2rtia day of
8 plemb r. lWXi. J. T. AFPKRMN,JuKiter.
vviaMvn uunuvtiuijt
Principal, Lebanon, Or.
for Bargains
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, May 2.
Xotiee is hereby sivon that in compliance wit It
the provisions of the act of Congnaas of June S.
1873, entitled '-An act for the Sale ot timber lantrs
in the Stale of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Henry Metzeer. of Taco
ma. comity of Pierce, State of WasiuncTon, ha
this day tiid in this office his sworn statement
No. 20S3. for the curt hne of the S. E. of Sec.
Na 4. la Tp. Na U S.. R. Na t E., and' will offer
proof to show that the land sought is more valu
able for Its Umber or stone than ft agricultural
purpose, and to establish hia claim to said land
before the register end receiver of this othee at
Oregon City. tregor-, on Friday, the i'Sth day of
September. ISM).
He names as witce&en: T. Chner. J. S. Lfifce, J,
BrwncMi and J. Squiies. ail of TaCutna. Wah.
.Any and all persona Ci.jnin? adVeraly the
alMve-dtvicr.bed letsds rn.reqvletd to tl their
elatms la this n or betire saia day f
September. Uw. J. 'i. APKRSO.S. Keef.