The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, August 08, 1890, Image 2

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Lebanon Express.
Ptrm.snKim and riuipRiKToua.
Whut sMgnifkunoe there is in that
tvord nf five letter?. One-half the
world st-indin gunrJ, while the
other half flepps. Millions ofpmi
Ofiliwl a ridier watching the in
ter'ft? of state and nation.
Crowned he-.ids wntehhig the actions
rf some wily pretender. The wall
street broker watehin the r'e
find fall of llttctiwtinsc stock?. The
clergyman watching hia floek, nd
the sheep keeping strict vigil over
the minister lest he overstep the
Ijoundaries of his profession. The
lva?h:indman WHtehing the growth
of fctem and lenf in his farm pro
lnets that he may pauge his ex
penditure accordingly. The wmht
stnd the wooed in mutnl watch for
a glance or tone, that can d tnore
than all syntax toward expressing
vhat is uppermost in tie heart.
iwaeyesnpon the pwitcn l; see
that no harm befall the pleeping.
I't'crc? in Pullman car?. It takes
the steady, determined gaze of half
the world's population to guide the
helm of church md state, to guard
its educational interests and to ma
nipulate its merchandise. To close
your eyes, is to sleep at our own
peril. To unbuckle the armor is
invite invasion. To falter is to
feel the tread of the ruthless op
pressor. To fold vour arms is but
to advertise your folly. To know
that you have been placed nt a
)xst of honor is the first step
toward n realization of the purpose
f vour creation. To guard with
jealous care the interests com
mitted to your rare, is the highest
ty you owe to Church "ml state.
To the man fully awake to the re
sponsibilities implied in these five
letters, the word watch is pregnant
vuh meaning:.
The pranks of religious conjurors
nnd fire-eaters, havt comparatively
lied before the piercings of the in
tellectual ray. Witches no longer
Vntie the winds to capsize church
steeples. Beelzebub himself, is
reldom seen above the bottom of
the bottomless pit. Ghosts and
apparitions never materialize, and
swim only in the etheral regions of
a distorted imagination; demons of
tpvery caste and color are hopelessly
spellbound, and legends are con-
igned to the chimney corner of
long winter nights. The pretended
miracles of the nimble-fingered con
juror are discredited, and holy
relics hav been banished to the
rosary of the bigot. Amulets and
charms have lost their influence;
saints have been uncanonized and
are found to be lleeh and blood
laith ourselves; the hermit re
turns unsolicited from the solitude
of Ms hiding-place; and the pilgrim
"tsys oide his stall', and leaves the
Holy Land to its legitimate pos
sessor. Quacks and mountebanks
begin to cuper within a narrower
sphere, and worldly occupations
kave superseded ultramundane
speculations. Astrologers them
fives, who once rulcil the phys
ical world, harc long ince felt the
reins slip through their fingers.
Floods and storms are found to bo
henomena jerfectly consist n
with the natural world. We a"i.K
know that the sun does not reolve
around nr little world, and that
the moou i not made of green
cheese. Certainly the "world do
Yc'IV.,? J'c-op f Lttcere )-.cop!e.
imp. H'v- ptopltj aofl iiretkVfct!v
peo.I't. liaceali a common ct.tngor
that of being led astray by false
lights. Of these false lights there
are many kinds some bewildering
the intellect, others entangling the
aiSbctions in hotieless morasses,
rttK- r; milMmir th
paithiess the imagination, the beliet
Jiut they ail end in the same
'"'""thing mischief, mistake and a lost
way. To the young and the sin--w
cere and the young are generally
sineereupta certain point or
ganized craft and falsehood are arts
of which they do not know the for
mula, foreign language of which
they do not understand the alpha
bet. The influence which a knowl
edge of the world has over the
young is- all but supreme. They
are eonecious of a wide field of
learning of which they are at
present ignorant; and they ere lit
the experienced with almost supcr-
natural powers of discernment.
We are often led astray by these
conditions; eople, influence and
circumstances; but there are fals :
lights, too, which are false opinions
and fake philosophies, mainly
lxm of discontent and egotism.
When we see voune men of over
weening vanity, more ambition
tuan xwer, and ot supreme con-
tempt for their superiors in every
respect when we hear them rail
ing at progress, change, public
taste, public feeling, and all that
makes the pent moment, finding
all bad and barren, distorted and
worthless, then we have a ri,;ht to
resent and denv. These shining
characters, proud of themp-! .?
nd dirfeontented with all elsi,
not see and will not understand.
Hence thev ticker their false lights '
in the eyes of the world; and a few
of the younger and less experienced
believe in them and follow after the
-.'"""""sihine which. leads to eventual
shipwreck. " You would better learn
to detect the many false lights that
glimmer by the way.
Brother Jonathan and John Bull
re enjoying' a fishing match in Beh
rinv ea; Uncle Bam furnishes the
Wit and Her Majesty striiifrs the
f'sh. V fail to see anything knotty
about this problem.
The penston rienditures for year
ending June 31) amounted to f 109,35",-
A more lliotwigh - uiuleralnmlinp: oT
Mm io'incoce of ihe body on thoiniixl
would i-mi'ify tlu tearfulness of many
honest spin s, umt create a tenderer
charity in all eocial jmltnents. He
liijon in ..ttfln::etl by '.eiiiiveniment.
It i not etinallv eiisy for all men to
pray; nor is it equally easy for nil
hit u to live, l ife i one thiiiR to the
jr.ti.ti v. ho never had an hour's pain,
ami another tliinj? to the man who;
never knew the joy of health. The
sanguine ten!tcrauient ami the bil
ious temperament will express relig
ions convictions m two almost totally
dittercut lanuaifes. The one will
have lonif sunny days of gladness, ami
the other will wsilk through life
overeij with clouds ami oppressed
with bimUns, and jxtnihly the one
might be to the other a timptation
and an wilt-urn because of the. want of
a common lanRiiiiue of interpretation
and sympatl--. Bummer must be a
great mystery tottin'cr; anil the fern,
thriving in the moisture and shadow
of its cool grot, must wonder how the
rose can bear the, but sun on its face
alt thw day long. It should be
pointed out that the dillrrenee which
is seen so conspicuously under the
ati'n of religious sentiment is after all
not a religious but a natural character
istie; th;it is to say, relignn tloea not
cnangn i'mieraments. tut works
through them, and takes its tone and
color from their distuic'ivr nes. The
mn whose siiitual life is gloomy,
will he humd to le gloomy also in
business. Hmh relteeiioits it these
arising out of the most obvious facts,
should lead to the exercise of a
nobler judgment of lite. We may
ivc the loud songster credit for
religion w hich ought to he given id i o
small degree to the healthiness of
his lungs ami the redness of his
Pt. Vaul atlirms that Christ is the
image of the in visible It seems
to us that the sense in which Ch it
is tli image is akin to that in which
he is the word of the Almighty.
What speech is to thought, that is
the incarnate Son to the invisible
Father. Thought is a viewless thing.
It can traverse space, ami run to nnd
fr through creation, and pass instan
taneously from one extreme of the
scale ot ocir.g to the otlier; and all
the while, there is no power in man
to disc rn the canvring of this mys
terioua ag'Mit. 15ut speech i mani
fested thought. It it thought em
tHKliel; made censible, and palpable
t those who could not apprehend it
in its secret and silent expat iati ns.
And precisely what spetndi thuseH'e.,
in regard to thought, the incarnate
Son etlected in regard to the inii -i-ble
Father. The Son is the mani
fested Father aad, therefore, fitlv
ternieil "the Word." The relation
between the incarnate" Sou and the
Father being accurately that between
speech and thought ; the one exhihi
ting and setting forth the other.
Can anyone inform us w hat would
have Wen the condition of mankitxl
if Jesus Christ ha.l never appeare.l
on the earth? Has Christianity done
nothing to promote the intellectual
culture of maukind? Has the voice
of Chrigtijnily never leen heard,
pleading for liberty, defending weak
ness, ami assauinp; tlesjiotisnij Is
Christ isnity altogether dumb mor
ality? Is it mere deelan.ation that
has represented, that her tnnnjiet
rang the clearest nnd loudest blast in
every call to war for truth and virtue;
that her hand was the strongest and
Steadiest in all conflicts; and that
white banner was never borne oil the
field in shame? Is there any truth
m ail tins, or is it out a Irenzuxl nii-j
alining on the part of Christ a uui-esr
Kev. H. Ij. Chnpman p:istr of the
M. K. Church Johnstown, Pa., says:
"Soon nltes the greet flcMHl, ut a tiint
when diarrhoea was quit prevalent, 1
received a box of six di?.cn Chamler
lain's Cholie, Cholera and Diarrhoe
KemtHty. Aaaoon as it hceutue know n
that I had the medicine for Tree distri
bution, there bejmn a preat run on
it, which eontlnued until il was about
all gone. Every otto, so fur ns I heard
from tluni, testified to its virtues de
claring 1. the liest tnedieiite for the pur-l--se
they had ever ued Those w ho
;i4 it sliaivtl H around with the:r
.:i?'iiiji.s: ,o tii: t I sin eonfldent it
v...-.- ev;;;otive cf rftxat jrood. We
t-nc-d .-one f it ourx:-!v s and found it
not 011,'v sn cxi ! cit n.dieilif fm
diarrhoon, but f.r a'l kiinit. of r.ain and
I uneasiness in the stomach and
It has been regarded ns Ihe
Iest medicine known here fir the
seases it i reeotutuenUed. or stile hv
II. A. Milk.
A Cut for Selt Ifotutnch.
Tliisdistrvpsliigcimitdaint fcduetoan
inactive or slupgih liver with consti
pated liowels, whieh deranges tbeBtnm
aeh and isturl the nervoua system,
c-auijes dizziness atnl an oppressive dull
j :tin in the head, often an severe as to
j revet. i. a. I re.t or sleep. One of Dr.
tjtiiiu's lniprovetl Liver Pills will
relieve you of all the pain and misery
and a few more doses will correct th
liver and stotnach and regulate the
ttowlew. While these pilla are Kinall.
F-iy taken, and mild and pontic in I
their actiofi, ttire in no meilicine mailt
that rill so t-ifcetuaf Jy cure sick head
ache. S3 cents a box. .Sold by M. A.
Tk Experience ef Conrlnttoa Va
mtn. Chicago, Nov. 13.
Mr. Wisdom Dear .Sir: I tiej? to
ttiank you for the delightful anl re-fr-shiug
" liobertinei" yoi eo kindly
sent mc. I have used the toilet prepa
rations of the most ce:fhi'a!ed insNti
f;t"ttirers of London ami Par!, out cti
tit'.er your " Itolx-rtina'' their sttp.-ri .
in Mint of runty r id i'xor".v.;v.
V ishni voit ihe
i.UiUeVl s
. M v AV...'
lttu oeeerve, i iei
. To ri.?:.iur"-Se?k.ei-.
llarinjr pabaseil the Findley projr
erty s4 Ijower Soda ppringa, we will
o iijpriv it as to make it a tuo de-sin-.Me
place to be visited . by thof-e
tciXi.-)!! he?!'h or pK;-sure. Will di
cui best to make it pleasant for thcjse
visiting this well-known resort.
Wm. Elpkkp,
A Sir Cnr for nien.
! Itchinjr Piles are known bv moisture
like pprpiration causing inteoe itch
ing when warm. This form, an well
blind, bh?elii) and protmdinjr,
yield at once to Dr. Bosanko's Pile
Remedy, which acts directly on the
parts affected, absotbs tmnors, allaxs
itching and effects a permanent c.ure.
50c. Druggists or mail; treatise free.
Dr. Bosanko, Piqua, O. Sold by M. A.
Families not already supplied should
lose no time in procuring a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cholie, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. It is the only
remedy that can alwavs be depended
upon for bowel complaint in all its
forms. 35 and 50 cent bottjes for sale
tly M. A.. MUltx
Moi:i or TIM i tu t:i 11 Ttu.i-ui.i .
flIY lit l.lf.lMIN -UK: '
111 ymiv : r i. 4 I . ' .m iiriii to .nun Mi.
Uim. Kt'.' mi I'.ir i-.leiirvlii'iil i lm.i'li irnut't ,
W Slcll to Jour ivili 't nil;) Hit tnt fl" niiiti i
wltli tin-ilitlnilly i mi.-h'tIUi:t; Hin-i I., e
Mntitt mo a ftw llmv nf c.tilitimt:i'..
?'r. I'n y rys "both vvnlcrs. Mr-. .VcKlmj' nth
s, K. .NuililiiKer, Ktiui.l In for Jtr-il! !i.i lu-nmin.
! &., ' mi l ttmt "ltt-.tiup llmvnm li mi liu1 In-t if
t'-rm with the lu';i"nUAi'ti r of nvir i-'.u to
&r." I l Inie MtT". Mrrtliity Hint f,. i. N.-i OImk'
hUiihI Iti ItW Itoivmiin, Iii-:iiiq theywl h
Hl-hnp lUiwmnii kikI tho Kn tt miijorlty of tlu
mtiilstry Hint mi'inlx-i-Hlilp of our hmm Imton av
loyiil to lUo clnm-li, nml rtuiul lu lirr itfm e
snlllt It wll ktnt Mh HIiiii In llm I'lmrrti. I. t
me ntve a few fart. Tlic K.-imsi'th-ul A-ooiiulu.
tnl-hof2l nnmiitl ronA-ivar-s nvirliliisf iron
tho Atlmitli! to llH' ISniili- fhim m.j Norilu-r:
Uikrf to the Unlf, tout nto tulo thw lmhiltn o
t?AiiAti nittl Sultn.Hiiul niitl Ot'rnmiiy, nlili t
MtN! nii nii.Moii n Juaii. Tin miuiil tu
fervin': M ini dtli-Riilen to thu hviii'MI t'oiiivii'm -which
hhtIs t-Very four ycur, S.ilil Rt tnTul run
fTom In this htyhu-it court of our chili uh, n'it ill
U ilix lvloii t tinnt. TIks HI. liu;., itiiil nt)
xitilWIiins hoiw tticcru Im lmlln the crtitorn o
our chun-li isr, am vvkv !' th mmri('
cioiYtvtifs noil hfitce ;tif uij uuu to tlit
Kviieral ronft ri'iii-e nml mv In li.ty ImhiikI lo
enrry int the itiii cti niof the muhp, nml t n ly
bT.ui; the iri in ri'l confen lice nl l w.on.
h'-ii il" Iiijs iiHin tin' iiu s'lo.i hirh In IW cu
' Oil V-4Mt thlllclllty, lU'cMct HL-Ai'lH
"nll:iorll f he oolitu-t ,v tinutliiiiK li im
sovcoica ly r-tn It-! hi;hIiim itw ifrn
erl conicri'iicc inul .lutcMl .til Ht'lt' iT,
flC. IS Mtl ol lllC il nillllllll CiMll'iMVIHV. Ktilllll h
lh lii'lion of the rcti'Tiil couti-rciire. ail t "Mnuu
In ' Willi Kihho Kl r n'l liovtitian, nml nl-o
hh Uw -ilnom nii-l all oth-r e'lhlMliinu lni-t
otlitvrs. Vtur a rihkI hioiii.v, ai it noif 1 ims-1 I
thiMHlirr eoiiii!rfvn' liitvc I e -u livltil ti
lunoonl of llil. clilUcnlty, llii' nn-Koii conti-ic e
Iwtiii oat-of I tint ilimv ni-r ihu liu
lu Itic tnifi-nMitv lliat divuh-il w ho MiiikI hy ill
ih'dsioo of loo t-iifml otihin-iMt lli IUlnp
K-hcr nml lo man, rv r ii;iil-il ly ihe clain I
an. I l-j tin- p"ii'rul riHifrreiico oilavrt.
Il I. the rtiaVlvtirr at n hleh lll-him limvnik
pnhltit III Attrnny. Orvoii, May i-t lul. Unit I
r fR liwl hy the clmivh. Il !- iliU eotiiV'Tvue
thill I iin-.vluij 1 ml Moo iry tuoiicy un.
ih vetirra! hiIkmimi iry Inn.nrii . i rhw ulo i-otm
from hi'luii;rter.f It win- tlnil hcnihimrtT
mI a "Mim ill" w ith tlil wi-loivsr ni conii rt'iiiv
itl lwn-r aluo with Ikui her iil sUti r McKlm,.
mid 8. H. X. at w iloiiii-. Muce lS oiiu r Mr
Klroy ntvlvr m JHiri o the lov-.miiitd iui
FioiiHry nioiicy, or tnther liu- cliort h nt S.-
H..nir lo a-Wt llo'iii In (.hviiik Uitf mlnry o
Ihrlr rwMor, Mr. Mrhiroy, lil ikS n liutt xtraniri
(hat ilxr rhon-li al Sut-ct II.Hilv i.IhmiI.1 ignore ih
mull whom th rve;tili oiitcrt'iiro tin no
aililtNl o t hem alter l cnli n ln - ha-, im.lei
Ihe illtvcttou ol the i-luin II tliM'itnu aixl tin
hoant of tutoitttiN, a;inrirtirl a ci-rtnlii niiiinm
of mllonnry monry lo nwlxt (arm la omtic
ilicir tui-tor, and follow mtu vi ho l.uvc ivl vlli-l
asitit Hie emm-h:
isow Mr, r ri-y ennor ipnomioiy r-r n uioiny
tvrv'iii mnttt'r. rtoeniinjf ihr itWIntji li.m'
ni:iii an I K-her. Ikh he not know Hint all liu
-ili.irtcnnii' m-cti.u lona inn U' t ttie-4- M-li-
oiw rame irom Ihe rerv men ln were UU'lrhit
1 -r vnemie? And doc he not know id ; nun
t;n ecu;iUoin cauio Ijom nt h a soiinv, Uin v
rider In fill natnliu.diiiier--l'd ymnio, imm
l r o 'mil n-iri u itire dlttcnm tm K
encct. and nil tlitee o: Uivni ntMit merle! w t
llie .o. ItiweMrni Otllecenl Numivillc. II'.. Itm
e-iy exiimhteil t!ie tw.i named Li-hoi ntiinliii,-
'.o i le 'ine oi me r.vainwuem .irimiii:
.mo h.iln ! ne ?o. tu:iy exi.n.-r.iu-tl iht-io.' Ann
lit v lie iit know tm t af ter mi-l exti:n ra'imi ii- i
enviniv of Mini hihojv iiu-ti w !io had 1 v.e.l Hit
""..nority" ':i:ty ii our church- nutUr.o.k l
h ill an ' ll ImfMiuulion. In.-ti'.n'nl n ( n
ctiM- ti trial i'tn:i'ieiii-' and ".eiiiird 1 P.oo.
jt "-! .il't lt::d K!H i ." -lld d-H K he . l k'.l.oi tti. l
n!' r B H:i; !!.!- i jtn.t I n Ihua tried a id i y
'hj. j n'.-U'tt-'l Ii .hI coi';i Tei iv "MI- eTldt d" .V
-' ! ';!i: ;y ti.-oo i rs-i d ! 1 lie cHun h lliion. li
V ' -tmm.. .'I -::: t. o ii-'.iii o -nsi ol Ihe
eil'o, !i. 1 t;a:
il . '.ee a;iiiel th-hoo tiiiw
itle-d nti 1 i:t of onlrr. IvH. tu no
limn ierc
rliinee witii t It- I'.Lrelit.iiie tiv ohmvh. an
Ifinr noil nml !"' e. thi- did I'e do hy !
'itiio-riry tivrn iiiin i n i.!-1no, ewn K-'otv
.hu "mnu-riiy" fneiii.ti loot :lien t-ti. nyiiti!
rial n. I'icy hrt'l ill llie e.i-e oi Iti-ho; 1U man
ai. 1 ntlerwartU at o with l'.l-l;j K h.-rf lvt
Fivy not know llie1 tiiinjr'
Aiid he, Mr. I' rev, not k:iov ttint cHliltn n
riniunl rtmferetiri' out of tin I ictity four d mi
: B these two 1 l-tioiw, nil I k ive hyunain
hiiioejt iieelin-tt the m--elln::3 im ihe -atl oi
ihe 'inliitKHiv njrun-l Uiem ill' Rid and inn 1 1
onier, and die he not know that in the time
coiKerciH'c that havi livhlel, enly ih; rial- o
the riaid three eonti-renei- that reiiiaini.d v If
th " church and were trollel over l-y thiM o
ra'-led) "VKOcitded" l.Hioji. are Ix-tns n'
hvthe other eighteen an.l nlo "Mniid In n It b
"he .hiwirtcTs," an I the v t irve e:wifercni'C
hr.-- imi ntwisr i'-dii' hn In favor o
lh"ho How nian and K-h.T-. hencv there are -out
ol the 21 eon eivie that Metain the I I h n .
Ami now let me b; jr.-al to the vnii-rol tie
I Xfl:t.-. In the fai-e of thi-w fad's mvl Ihe fact
Unit the next krnenil ronfrrenrv In l l'l w 111 nm-st-t
of teti-a.i- ete :crl irotn tile Stih aunnnl.
it of e h eh ).n-iaiii Ihe hr-hot and r loyal lo
j me rniven. wii:i in vonr jiMimen', oenr r-a'i r.
i i-i;e r-iiir; xton or the m xt K-netii eon
icreiitf t an there 1 any iloni hot that the
action of fi.hop ltomna 1 and K-h-r in thi
matter will be MMaiiud. and that, ton, lr an
ovcrn heticime' mnjority The matter IIkii l vir
tually seltled, meo these conft'P'niH- J'nve
alreatly ken in philn teim in tlw matter. Whe,
then. fc the lecal .1.r f llie Sueet lhn,t
church Mr. MeKlrov or lr. Yo-t? la It not 1 Uio Mr. Metrirtty i the man?
t'ii!ortiina'.ety, Ir. Yi wontutT with tho mi
nority" faction, and ten ihedrcon c.e.h-0 tie ,
Mtitl t, nor.. iiil,l lie I It. "!',,.. fnj
ivhH-U hn an 'aodini in llie I vinpi li.nd A fe
aiioit. A-a n-Mill oi i l hoUiine ttiih the 1, J
nwity faeim and e'-nlni" from tlieoijrii con
Vrence. !r. V.t hn 1-t n iMa'iit-tl bv iheio i-f-reiret
an i no.v ueiier wi-tten-ion' heotx I-'
not av Ka'nn-Iic,il pixni her. lvr-oir.y, I i m
"crry ror Mr. a ne liate lct"i n,inn irieo-t-.
t'vl I tni- hetvill io n have lo Im tlnvn in
the lo Moim-s cotifi t-'ni-e who had 'rt eon oil
lth Ihe iiiinitrin anv In that eonfVrcmv. Imt
have hot tnhliffv. thriMiyh 10 chno 11 (wocr.
a-kiMl to be tt-iiKtiited afor hatii-; rtim-iJu-nwlve
in ol i:n i.hiioi..-rv f,.r il.e r action.
The chiirc"! will ileal Ifindiy uilh lii-n il ! v v it
it Im -t, retenf, and a.k foiveiies;.
Aott to Mr. F,vy I woni.l any. if ite wl.-h! : o s
it It li tin "tnlnon'ttr" pirtv a id n i-t th-.m in or
eanixinz tlie new tt- noniiimtion," that i. hi-, nnd
.every niAn't rivi',tixe. W liace to ol.i.-etiou
Tl e KvaiiKtlioil A-oeiatl n will Kve mid t-ro :c
Itetferfhrtii -he ha ia- year, tmee tve are rid . f
lhi "imooHty'' faeii.n. w Im h.iveheen ili-mrt-a
Ih? tiert'-e in tair chnteh for a imm!er of vear
I am a tt .4V.-a li.-r of ll.ccbuae',. V,.itr. r. 11 Iro'li
and risk. t. It. t't-liiit.
raptor nva!ie!tMl v'.tntt h. A9.-.uv.
ntr eville ricKi ai
From thf Oehoco '!cv' w.'
ITarvtt is'' full hlast, and numers
are penerallv jiidilant over the returns
; they are getting fr their ycar'9 w rk.
i Flour in Prim-viHe is w. rtii 7 rr
iwirrt-i: iiar-on, Jtets inr x unit; n-w
Mit;ttHfi, il.'J.'t j,e- l-n-licl; vwiP. -5 ets
nrr du-.ieii, and I utter i.0 ct jht m:uikI.
Ahiwt I i.Vtx'U hi t M inday af er
n ion thn-e stacks of hay. eoiitainiii
aUmt fifty t'tn, wt-r- ditltrtvHl 01 8
R. hsIayton'B plaei', three iniktj aliove
The reex nt eounl made hy the eenntis
numerator tlmud tln H)piil.-itioii of
Prineville to lie .fill, and Hint of the pre
cinct to le H'23. I'riin villo has no kick
to make, as her pcnuhition ia fully ai
xtx'ut as anybedy h :.d otlnitiled it to
Wood: Woofll
I have a lnrjre qtialitity of wood on
hand which will lo li-livoriMl In any
part of town at llie following pric-:
fir womI, pT eord, $2; maple wooil.
jxr cord lit'iive orders at Kx-
rKEssoiliee. J. It. Kikkpathkk.
We wt.h to say lo our old customers,
ami also ika om, that we are prepai
el to furnish well onnod luiiiWr,
made from tnitt utountaiil llr, at the
following prices:
Ke'ornl eler....
f lenr
f.-iictns. K.:'.
At :r.:
14 0(1
. :.m I
r .cut tot: r-r . 7.00
I :;i V,r:',l.iirnr, TJnn Co.,
jxus & Co.
.'-r r:;; -'due oils to
r - -. - vl tor fish oils;
II.i on luiul lure tfUK-k of
Call And Secure Prices.
I hrvr t)rrn tr.intlrd manv yenmwlih
dlnaxr -f the ki.lnrya and have tried
mnnv duieiciil temedira and hav
'.nirnt ri.l from dlllerent phyaician
without relief. Atioiil the 15th of April
I ten iilterlnt from a very violent
itttnck that alinnut inoHtrated me in
am li a tnnnner tnni 1 wa oent over.
When I nt itown it atmoat innalhle for me
to pet lp alone, or to pet on my clothra, when
kind lrovidrni-e aent Ih. Ileuler, with the
hotel, I Itnmcilintcty commenced
ustinff the ten. It had an almoat
miinciitnua etl'ect, and to the aUm
lahir.rnt of all the Kneat at the hotel,
in a few ilny, I am happy lo Mate,
that I mil n new man. I tvilt'
reeommend the tea tu alt allliclctl
a I have been.
rrtiirietor Oerldentnt Hotel,
buul Hoaa, Cat.
ft T'
Bo said rtuh
wer, that
Rrentest of
Novelists, n
nevef stKikc
truly, ami he? tnit-Ii
have Bildtnl with cittnl force, that merit
is the esseitre vf success. Witnlom't
Robert ine is the synonvm of merit, and
its history is success. The magical ef.
fifts of this prvparntion have len attcst
ed lv thousamls of the lending ladies of
society nnd the stae. It is the only arti
cle ever licovrrel which (fives a ffatur
al mid lit-autiul tint to the complexion.
ai me wuiie lime rvmovinjj ait iun)tiinrn
of the face and arms ami leaving the
rkin soft, smooth and velvety. It has
long hex n the study of chrattnts to pro
riuce an srticle that "while it would beau
tify the complexion would also have the
merit ot ik-ihk Harmless, out tnese two
important tnialities were never brought
together until combined in
Real Estate Brokers
liii ln.liiiK Fine and Ufe InHnmnee.
Choice Bargains
In Both City Property and
Farm Lands.
Collections Attended to
AOn.NTS Foil
ANt'K 0:
OfAItOIAN ASStrtASCK IfX.i.r Um.tou
STATE IN-rRASCK CO.. or SaV.a. O c".
of Snlvm.
You can buy any of the
Cheap, of
Ulanden and
Liare, also
8? Job Work done oh Short Xoficc.
Land Ofkick at Orcgun rit v, Orcctm, I
July s, l'.n). J
Notice Ik lierpbvpivcn Hint t!ie l .1 1 tnjj ninm il
sett Icr hs tlUil notice of IiIk Intonii.m in make
UiihI prif in Mirinoi'l if Ills claim, ami tlmt Mii.l
prw.1 will tie niiwle liefore tlio cmiiilv JihIkv or in
his utiM'iice iH-fort! the comiiy clerk of l.iim cniiii
ly al Atluuiy, Oresrou, oil TucmIuv, Augut -.Hi, lM'.H).
lIometcii.l Entry No. bl2&, fr the 8. W. U of Sec.
2, T. 12 It. 1 K.
He immeH the fotlmvlai; itneHn to prove hi
ctMiiinuoni reNi.leiiee um)ii anil cult irat ion of. wilii
laml. vln: Allien KVRire. James K. harltoii. John
Siniona anal Alol).h l.iii.llev. att of LeLnlioii. 1 Jnu
canity, Oreirmi. J. T. A I'l'ElSOX, Uct;biter.
HouserSign & Carriage Painter,
Contract Taken for Any Kind of
Houe Work, such as
Plain : on Fancy : Painting,
Frescoing and House Decoration
Kvery Description., .
Orders Wft 'at the Express office will
Tt'ctivc prompt attention, '
1 I ft
T" llll I IMWI 1
ni1'tAril -
,,i nii"rT"ir" .si'.- - mm
Ppw"f- tlM . 1 1 "'""SM
MUiLi: ll;il I'Ui.UCATIO.V.
fnlle.l flftien Ijiti.l oir.ce.
Orenou t'lly, lririi, Way Ift.
Xolk-c l lierel.y jjlvell ttnif In iiii!illim' with
llie irn li-nii. ol Hit? aet of t'liiinrcm of June 8,
l;, t ntltlf.l "An net lor the Milci.f tlmta-r IbihI
In die H'litmuf t'liliT'iriilu. On oii. NcvatlH, ami Terriloiy." John lln-lilinll, of Ta
eoiiia. enmity of 1'lcrce. Hlnte of Waulf
I:::. !. lot tlilit liny filett hi I lit ottti-c
ln Mirn KtutciiiPiit No. '.ti-7. fur llm irclme of
the K. K. ' of I-. So. .. In Tji. No. 1 1 (v. It. Nit. 1
nii't Hill "Her priMif to kImiw tlmt llie Inml
miiikIiI l itiiire tar it llintier or rliinc
thitii loriiiti iiiiIIihhI irrm-nn-1 to ckIiiIiIKIi hi
claim liiMii.l liuiit K'tiirc Ihe rcllcr on. I n cctnr
of IIiih ottlce nt t(rt'K"ii t tiy, Oiecon, on i'l-iluy,
the :M ilnv l Oelolu-r,
lie iijtni. n wlliicM-o: 1". K. Van i, I', il.
Piwtn.ail, K. l o.tiiinn, I.. A. Heiuirtl. all nf
cotiia, Wiiwhliitim. 1
Any nml nil croiii clulinliiK ailcrnciy I In
i ivrJcwrilicit !ill;ilf H'i' rnjuc . ti il tu lile I h-'r,
fiiilni" In lhi ot'icc on or l"fi.rc i;i'l S.1 ilay of IH'-
K.lK'i. I. Oil. J T. AflKK.-iON, IU-Kltr.
I iilled S:nttni I.aii-1 olllce,
I rc"ii t lly. Oregon, June i.
Notice l In retir given tlmt tn eotnplliiiice uilh
the liroi-W.iim ol 'the act of fouirre of June 3
l-T.H, .lilltl.'.l "An act fur the mli; of lluiU-r lmt
in t tu- iiiiiei of 4'nliforuln. rtt;oii, Nevniln, mut
V it-hlntf Territory," t'hnrle it. liorene. of Ta
coiiin. ciiinty of rierce. Mine of WaMiliiplim. hn
thin iliry lil.-il In Ihli ultlee IiIr -.vorn rtatcinetit
N. for llie pun ln of llie 8. W. i of hcc.
No. :o. In l i. So. II It. N. 1 K.. niil III ottct
jiruot t.i li.i.v that Ihe laml MHigtit In more vatu
al.le tor iu flintier tr stone than for agricultural
lurnw. an. I loetiililt-li lil claim lo Mhl laud
In t. ire the rcclHer an.t rii-eiver of thl illlee al
tin-Jim i itv, oiecou, on t rl.lay, the l "lay of Oe
tol.i r. li'.m.
He iiiiiii.M nil witncsKc": J. L. Macartner. J.
Un Mimii. a. t 'liiliiilui ami T. tiilu'iiie, all of Ta
coma. inlilntrtuti.
Any nul all icrm -liilminir ailverm-ty the
nleivc-ile j-rilieil (amis arc n .iu -t. .l ! tile tlicli
r .iim I i Ihi u!:ice on or before ai.l Sil ilay tti
iK L.U-r. ls;i. J. f. .'l'KU8iN. Kctcr.
t'iiiteit Htntea IjiiiJ IllHif,
Onrii!i City, OreKim. June 2, ltW.
Niilice I lierel.y flvetl that III e..lii.l!nnr-c ulth
Ihe ir'iv'.i.totiN til in- acf .( I 'oiien-n if iuiir S
ft'", ciil'th .1 '-Aii n l in the Kale iH llutt-r himh
n 11m Male of I 'uliti.riiia. in-ffiai. Nevuita. ntel
tVil.'.i.etoii Tenltory." J.ilm I.. MiteartiM- .( Ti -rouia.
I-..UHIC of !i-ff-, Siate of M avhiiivl'in. hi
l!il ilnv lilfl lu toil oHJ'-r w vworu T-lu!erieit
No. '.ii'.m, for .the itrticee if the E. 14 tif I.--.
No. "I in 'In. No. II H.. It. Nit. I K , ate! will ntf-i
t.rM.f 1.1 how that the html mht hi monr va-.i .
nl.le lor In llmli'-r or :, than lor arlei!!tiiral
imrtMiM-i.. ami loctttth Ha hi1 clittm lo .aet laii'l
iw-t.e the reirii.ier ami n-ecirer of Ihis ollii-.- al
1 in-eiHi -It jr. iremm. tm Frl'lay, the 31 tiny f Oe-
tolM-r, li.
He name a w1lnewii: C. ft. IWirene. i. Isren-
itnu. A. I hl-hulm and J. (illleie, all of l acuna,
Any awl nil l-r-!in rUimlug alvcr--lr the
iMnr ni'M iiwi iiin.i arv rei.n-r.t. ti i.itiiv inru
cIhIiiim in thin olltce on or la-i'ore mhI'I ".1.1 ility of
UiU-r, Ik'.hJ. J. T. At'l'CltrtoN, Itegbtcr.
fulled States Land Office.
On-ifou City. Wesii, June 4, 10.
Kotlee hrnitr Riven that In rompllatice with
the m-Motm of the act of '"oiiire of June 8.
I a; a, entlilc'l "An ad for the wilt of timber lamb
In the Mutes of t'tiltfoniia. Ort-Kini. Nevaila. ami
W ii-lilnt!toti Territorv." Willinni J. Hneel-ii. l
Ta.-oiita. fainiyirf" li.-ree. Htate if 1ft ahlm;lim,
has Hit" 'lavl'l-il tu ihtiotliee tilorn 1atciiiein
So. 2n!. lir the .iirctia uf Ihe N. W. j of Fee.
N . 31. lu Tp. No. li S., It. No. 2 K.. ami will utter
(.root to utioii tlmt Ihe bum nougu la more ram ll tlmN r or .ti.iie than for arrtcultura!
IHiri-M-, aii'l tt eitatill.h hli rlaltii to aai'l laml
-f..rv lle rrjtlnler ami rei-civi r of Ihia othee at
Orecm Itv, Orvsf'Ui. H Tucthlay. the lh (lay uf
O.-t.a-r. tvjo.
He iiniiii". a-i wltneie: C. I. 1. Rrnrland, I.'. M.
I'lHnnu. F. Van t in? ami John U'e--4, all of To
e ana. IM.-n-e e-Kinrr. Wahin'jt.m.
Any ami all r.ixiu claiming adversely the
alMi, lamia are- rv.iu.-led to tile their
rlninin In Ihin oltlee on or beliai .d 7lh day ol
ietolx-r. Ij. J. T. Al'l'I.KPOJii, lteyter.
l'nlhl Sutea IjurH Office.
Orcffim City. Oregtai, June t. lfWO.
Nillee l hcn.-tiv (riven that In mmpllanee with
the inivl-iotM of the iw-t irf OMnrrrea of June 8,
viitnled "An act Fa- llie wle of timber laml
in the si nle t-f t aiiiiH-tiia. Ortirun. Nevada, ami
Wa-liiiiition Territory.' Charb-nl.fS. Rowland, of
Taeoma. etanitv of I'ieree, Wale w a.liinirli
haa tin- dav lid in tliU.alice hia pwurn Watt melit
No. Jir;. fur Hie loircluLne taT the . K. of Set-
No. .".1. In Tv No. i.' H.. It. Sti. ami wil JiiIR i
pro. i 10 iuw 1 nai itie larni nnngni more vaiu
able f.a It timber "V Mone tliau for airrieulliira
i.uriNe. and to hu claim lu wild laud
before Ihe n iri-tcr and r -eclver of lhia olliee a:
on fin rtr.Orejc.MS cni 1 uesdar, the lh day of
tN-toucr. 1S51
He nami-a a wltneMi: W.J. Hajrelorn. C. M
fu-tmtin, K. Vaatte ami JiJin West, all af Ta
exHua. I'ieree colllitv. Waallineton.
Ativ ami all neri-m riamiliia iKlvervetT tm
aive-le-rilHt lamia are re.iM-tel to hie iheh
claim- lu tt.n uolce on or ix-:ia-e mm iin uairo
Oct iK-r, 1 -.i. J. T. Ari'Klt.aX.-X. Kciihter.
rnltct Rate Ijitvl flffir. '
Orepoii city, Oreeou, Way -ja. 100-
Notlce l heretic plrew (bat in emnplianre with
he r.rt i-ion of ihe act if t'iniin-.itif June 3.
l7a. eiilltletl "An act for the -ilef fliolx-r land..
lu th? state? o I'aiJforuia. fir-5nn. Nevada, and
Wafhiucton lerrliorv. ree.1 I liner, of Taeoma
ciaintr of ll.-rce. ji a'e ff Vi a.-hiiu;ton. Iia thi
ilnv iiUh! in ihW olftee hU ewurn uttement No
li ihe iMtrc!wc f tiie 1. W. i of No. 4
In "I p. No. II I;. No. 1 K.a'id w ill inter proof !
now Dial ine lan-i faaiant 1 more vaiiiai.- n- ii
timber or atone than for aBrk-tiltnral irio,
and lo e-tatill.h hi claim to Ntid laml la-fore the
reenter and ret-eivernf till olliee al tnvewn fit v.
Oregon, tm Kriilay. t a? ifitliday of S-rtemla-r. l-i.
He name aa w lineage: tl. Jlclwcr. J. j. late.
J. Itreiiiiaii and J. Sipiirea, all ot Taeoma. Wash.
Any ami all pen-ou claimiiiK wlreraely the lands are rejiH-teil lo rile their
cllni in llil-oillet; tm or aald .tli day ol
M jilcniher, l0. J. T. APt'EKS -lN. tlegisler.
rihl twtes Ijiml fffiee,
Oreirou f try. Oreuu. Nay 2K, IKK).
Notice l hon lie lven that in compliance with
Ihe pmvlio!ia 01 Hie act of fonirres f June 3,
ia;a. ciitithil "An aet f.aj- ihe sak- ol tlmlwr land
In Ihe Slale.a of fnlifoniln. Orcpou. Nevada, and
Vii..hinton Territory," Henry Metievr, of Taeo
11m. eoutiiy of I'ieree, " State of Waahiaelim. has
Jiib. dav lihl in this olliee his wwti i-tiileiiieiil
No. -Jusl. ..r the latrchaia? of the . K. 't of
No. 1. ill T. No. 11 S.. It. No. I K , ami a illotlt r
ppaif to how that the laml eonght rBHre vain
utile lor ita timlwrr anaie tliau tr aumiHnral
.ir. i--. ami t etab!t.h hia claim to nil laml
lieturM the repMer ami receiver f thia othce at
tire:-i.ii 1 ily. iirigou, on r rtday, Ihe :tb day ol
&ej.ienilr, lirJ.
lie iiamca aa wltneea: F. rimer. J. Vi lake, J.
lircmiuii antl J. HUiieA, all of Tacomn. Wah.
Any and all la-raotis claimiiiK advervly the
BKive-lenTild Iniuls are rcpKteil to rile llieir
elaiina in thia ntllcc en or 1-ef.ire Maid 2ali day of
Beptemla-r, law). J. t. AITE1WJX, ReirLUcr.
rutted Slate I .and Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, Juue It, 1890.
Notice l hcrehv civen lhat in compliance with
Ihe provMoiis ol the act of Coniirta ot June ft.
ls"s. entitled "An net lor the sale of ilinlr laml
in the (Hatea of f aliloniia, Oreunn, Nevada, and
Walilin(ion TerriUiry," Willy Hii. of Summ r,
eotintv ol l'ltrce, 8tute of Wa.hiiirtr n, haa thin
rinv tiled in thia ofliee hia aworn amtement No.
illtki. for Ihe purchase of the W". i of See. No.
:M. in Tp. No. i'2 M., K. No. 2 .. and will c.fler
priMif lo nhuw that tiie land nought ia more valu
able for ll tuler ttr kIimic than for atrriculltirn!
jHtnawes. aiel Ut eMablih hia claim tn Raid land
before tiie eifiaT juxI receiver of thia office at
Orciron It v. otvpun, ai Thsrwlay, the Mil alay of
Uelola-r. IWA).
He iinriies wllnewes! Jnhn Weat, F. Llveaej',
A. W. lin hcy nntl K. IJsconib, all of Taooma,
I'ieree rouiity, Vliini;toii.
Any nnd all persona clatminfr adversely the
abuve-deHcrtlied lands arc reiieted to lile their
tl.ilinsln this oftice tin or la-fore fuiid tab day of
October, 1M. J. T. API'EUSON", UctrUUT.
I'nltod Platoa Iaih! Oftlce,
0-i'Kni City, Orugon. June 11, 1SV0.
Notice Is 1'ercby fri"i that In nplhuice with
the pniviiona of the .'et of Cmiirreaa of June a,
IM, entitled "An act for the Nte of timber bind
in Ihe Hlateaof f nlifornia, (:- nai. Nevada, and
WaihliiKlon Territory," Kra "! -" b.c- ort
IkwIL -11 lit v of Miilla.imutl. b.f..j e. . vt -, lias
llUs flirt tiled In thia wince Ma imura atutcment
No. a Ml, fur Hie purchase or the 8. K. H f c'f.
No. !M, tn Tp. No. i'2 S., It. No. 3 E.. and will offer
pnHif tuahow that the land anuht la morw valu
able for ila timla-r or vtone than for agricultural
pnr)aiea. ami to establish hia claim to aald land
tH'lore the reiriater and receiver of thia office at
Onvon C'Hv, Oregon, on Thur-aday, the 9th4ay of
OCtolMT. 1WHI.
He namnaa w ltneasea: John Wert. F. Ltveaey,
M. lllrKe and A. W. Kiehey, all of Tarawa, Fierce
county, War.hiuejwn.
Any and all person clalmln wdveraely the
alMive-deacrihed landa are requested to tile their
cliilma in this oftice on 01 before aid Wh tJay f
OctoU-r, J. T. AJ'l'KKSOX, Regi.ater.
Ladies' & Gents' Furnish
ings. Sole Agency Tor I-udlow's Fine Shoe.
Prices Always the' Lowest.
Alliauy, Oregon, ; ; Blumbergs r.Juck. .
Men's, Youth's and
rurnishing Goods, Etc.
Alo Keep on Second lltxir a full line of '
Boots & Shoes,
In which I will not he undersell!. Come and see me and
I will treat
Knapp, Iiurrell & Company,
most complete line of Farm Implements in the Willamette
Valley, coiuisling of Buggies and Phaetons of all kinds,
Bain Wagons, Monitor Seeders and Drills, Deering and
McConnick Binders and Mowers, the Celehrated Oliver Steel
and Chilled Plows, the only Chilled Plow3 ever sold in Ore
gon that give entire satisfaction in all kinds of ground.
We keep a full lino of extras of all goods sold.
Call and examine our goods before you buy; and do not
forget to buy the Lightning Full-Circle Hay Press.
S. l- BACH'S
New Corner Store
The public school house on th south,
The paper mill on the north,
The big planer on the eapt,
And the depot on the west, .
Makes the Corner Store the Hub
Keep a full line of Men's and Boys' Clothing 67 Browns
ville manufacture, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Groceries and
Provisions; in fact everything necessary to keep soul and
Itody together. "
Nobody complains of Bach's goods or quarrels with his
And I Am Now Prepared to FuirnislTi
and Keep in Stocl
ANI I'lN I W 1 1
Sl.'ngles, Boards, Pickets, Doors, Windows,
Blinds, and Builders' Hardware
All First-Class, at Lowest Prices.
Cull and See 3Xc.
125,000 Briclc
At my yard in the suburbs ot Lebanon
For Sale at Reasonable Bates.
. AU Kinds of ,
With Keatnessandi Despatch.- '
' D. W. H ARDIN.
for Bargains
Boy's Clothing'
you well.
of Alhany, Oregon, carry the
Land Oftick at Ocaeox Crrr, Okbgok, I
July 8. lwa I
Notiee b hereby given that the iuIlowinMiained
stttW has tiled notice of his intention to make
final proof in napnort of hiK riaim, and that aid
proof will be made before the cotintr ptuge or i
his absence before the eonnty efcrk of Linn comi
ty, at Albany, Oregon, on Wednesday. Aukus 27.
IsaO, viz:
Homestead Kntrv No. 53S7, -ftir the N. w.Vcf
Sec. 11 Swth, Range 1 West. .
" He names the followins witnesses to prove his
cominnwis residence upon and eulrlration of, said
laml, viz: John O. Boyd. James T. Downing, John
Cox d torge V. Clark, all of Lebanon. Linn
eonnty,Tregon. J. T. APPEKSOX. Renter.