The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, June 20, 1890, Express Supplement, Image 5

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    Express Supplement
LKI AKOX, OJt., JUNK 20, lS'.O,
1MK (FlVltm TBttllil.a.
S'.VKHr IIoMK, Juir14t?l.
K:mt Eif.:
ri'e permit ne s;-ee in the
eelumnif the Eim! tot-all the at
tention mt the puolie to n few rird of
truth concerning our ehurt-h trutihle.
T am ery sor y to Imv to do this, lut
the time has cocae when I 'ball defend
tini's cause. I will aj if we re true
l God t will be true to ur church
We were jut!y .nt to Sweet
Hniw by onr worthy hisdiop, T. It.
Ilowruan, of the f angelical associa
tion. We wt re not pent litre to take
the bread out of Itro, Ynft'ti children's
nsr uths, r. I'm. llowt rox Mild in his
statement, but we were Bent to Fweet
Hme to work for Ood fir the solva
tion of proetru immortal mhiIs, neither
are we hereto try to train the iufiuem-e
of the people by unde rmlcltig oth r
r?mirr. We too have U vnt at Rweet
Home and are ttn prt-at Mrnnirers here.
We hail the n'eas-ure of ticeominjr ae
nnaintod with a treat many w:rm
heart-d friend. Fnrther, I "will say
t It-it there are ?Hd pcotile in Sweet
Home wh have knnv n Mr. McElroy
und tnvself ever since we were child
ren. Ii reply to lirorher Yxt, wo
fcnov there were only tlve ordatw-d
ministers on the riht aide, while
fin-re wert' eleven on the rebellious
!le. Yp if any Monger there whs
such a ft belli-u oomnrtny when they
dcie-ndtri on their elders to hud tht-tii?
iVi.trht h-r U where J he mi-take wa9
made. Th'fe ministers frh'-uld have
lut-n redip our eh or -h efl.tirs and
prnvicp or Gol to direet them orijrht
in this iiftViir. If they hnd done this they would ti'ot have broujrht
sm-h a disgraceful eh:;rge on our be
loved chervh.
It has s'irviv lien remarked hy wm
of the rebellions ministers that" when
they went, t conference thev did not
know which side they would lon for !
they wore ipnorant tf the ehiireh trou
h!e. They hud read hot very little
nltout it. and ols n eertuin niinistT
iiid thf when h went home nl
would tel! wife about the affair it
would ju"f be a lream to her, fr
oh" knew no'iiinjr aliout it.
Xv. I would d vise fiiinister's wives
to read for themselves, an I have done.
I have rend loth rides anil nm fully
eonvineed wliieh side is for Ood atid
the t ru' h. Furth rmnre. it w as remark
et thrit when Ur. Itowersnx left, thev
thou eh t that was the able. Hr.rther
ITowersox is a human nein and we
fhnuM lok to one that i hieber then
man to direct and save v.s, and when I
sweep thrnaeh the entes of the new
Jertif-nh-m. I won't exelatm that Bow
fios or Polling has redeemed tne, but
it will be our Iord and Savior Jesus
ChriM. I am that we are com
manded not to I carried around by
every wn d of doctrine, and that we
have such a Kreat friend that will help
us iu every time of need.
Now let me s-iy. Brother Yost need
not think so much harm of our side
in tryine to hold the old Kvanpelieal
property. The church whs built, and
dedicated to that purpose. The peo
ple's money built the church. It is
true Brother Yot did the mot of the
work, but he had ltter lieen preach
ing and saving souls and let the people
milt the cbim-h. True, Kro. Yost
agreed to let Mr. McElroy preoch in
the chun-h, previ lin be would not
say anything against Ids side or up
h i!d hi.Hon n ltr'v, but an srwn as he
id one won I jtin.t iiis Kble or spoke
in fhvnrof the itowman b!de, he could
not have the church to pn-ach In any
lonjrer. and Ms elder, nor Brother
Fisher, nor any of our party could
not preach in the church, and said if it
wasn't for the friend that McKlroy
had in 8weet Home he could mt have
the privilege of preaching in the church.
Itowerxox could make his ct:it riwnt
amtitiKt the ev!iuircieal church one
h ur or inort and say hard tiling
ncainst u, but we must k-ep mir
mou t tut el a tl and tit t def.-nd the
truth. The time has now come when
jHHiple mustlieur bnb sidt. We are
not here lomy harl things about the
eiher party but it Is rijrht for tin to con
tend f t the faith th:it wss one deliv
ered to the saint., and to work earnest
ly fertile upbuilding of Uod's church.
d lfliiHl l e for us Iiuchii Im nimiiiMt
us? We will not fenr, for Ood end one
re the rnnjority. We must remt niler
that we ar- working for eternity and
much deend!oii the life we live.
The lust uijtht th:it Bro. Bowersox
preached at Kweet Htune tr. McKlroy
a-ked Bro. Yst if he and Buwerso'x
were eiiie to let our eld- rs in the
e iurh. Hes:tid if we would oen our
church In Albany for hi elder, he
would then apeti fur our elder. He
knew it was not in our power to do
that, eo Mr. McElroy secured the hall
for worship, for if the church wiia too
tine for ur elder it was too fine for
him. He offered to help Brother Yst,
In a protracted meeliuir and sav noth
ing of our trr uide, but work 'for the
sulvut ion of the people if lie would let
htm preach in the c hurch, hut Brother
Yst tdainly toiil Mm lie did not want
him for he was nothi::r( and Inm very
willing to e called nothing fur the
fwtke f Christ.
If they are th church whv did they
not send their bishop to Europe. It.
Dubs declared that split would take in the church, but he added, 'we
shall not go out empty handed," and
why any ("bri-tiwii man or Wfm:in
tn uphold such a man is more than I
can tell. It is silly for anv one to
think that a aupcnrfed bishop, which
they cbifm B:sh-p Bowman is, would
come to the const to hold eonfereno-.
The bishop Is too smart a man for that,
and then why did the elders of the
Orogn conference give out appoint
ment for the bishop to pi each at cer
tain places, for Midi thimts won't work
Iar loyal ones, let us be true to
Gd and true f our In-loved Zion and
everything will lie all richt. God wnnto
a pure church and I have thought late
ly that he has taken this plan to
clennse it. May God bless all the true
ones, and whea we are done with the
turmoils of lire and have fought the
good fiht we may meet asrain.
Yours Fraternally,
Mrs. Ella McEijviv.
The One-Price Cash Htore has lie
come one of the features of Lebanon.
As everything is new and fresh, and the
firloes are so much below that charged
n credit-giving establishments, peo
ple who desire to buy their goods
for cash naturally go to the corner,
where they do not hnve to make up to
the storekeeper for the non-paying cus
tomers who. when they can do so, buy
en credit, and who are'constil utionally
opposed to pavine for anything. Get
firieee at the One-Price Cash Store and
f there Is any reason in you that la the
place where you will purchase your
A. W. Moses has removed his store
to Kirkpatrick's new building1, two
doors north of Exphkss ofilce.
The frmln over here In hrsllng out very short.
Hiiy lisrvrst tin commenced.
fsiwls' tx In !! her glory now. It h boonl
to K-ramr place nf nc yet. 1 he new town of
I sroiult, Unit hn brer, lapt In oioltli to
I.tiin, lul li'K Ctirly snrt c-omtaaiius jul!e a
cn-t.l-ru!.lr sraount i Uadc.
!t hwi uvi romp in our ran tlist Mr. Anion W.t
d!e hs. mi11 ht.- :ru to Jr. Cathen snl n coins
Ik muvn u )iui- 4n fern tiKlxe. Were:l
irry l o-e Mr. W sHle' folk aa neighbor and
the ilillr. n fr tn our wbl.
The 1I T Home ntliool will clone In two
s ee an.
The picnic at the f?alt Ijikc whoot wa well at-t4r:ule-l,
flow iittf the :ntut' interest iu the
vauw of et'K-atin."
We were all cheered op last work hy a call from
M Manila t low.U r. of "OiicUto -n," Tcur.,
Tlie enf In theehii-k. r, rKie, l'ick and hirki J
l:ne sre Very irvnt!n'. and will j.obabW b
headed (U hru'lel) alioul the 41 ii of next month.
Jiuxib Kitr-TBUT. a mblent of Happy Home,
ncrer tr.i .c tMirxw, but a friend vt nla trades
laree a week.
Orn1nia Irtineiin l eonrnlewent araln. She la
Hn Trnr i I I and eaunot Unnd ui any more bard
1nU ut iUln-m.
M. TayUir w 111 hare to procure gtmX wateh-dt-oii'e
tiiat U1 au h tlie front (rate Suutiay
Canada l haTlrjr a boom. In the last two
we-lc iwn tie brti have been buiMitif: In the Home n lirlih.r' Kd. vhn.-. tv-ott built a
new 'mm nml pot an B'l I'.ci"n to his hou?e iih a
boy wiikinw In I;. Hi nelirhlmra are catehlna;
l lie t!Mpl-atVtn. It l hxtx-d thvy wiil eonlinne
the twKm. llnf iy Ilotue will tare a new
K-hoot hotie soon.
Ut week a rTe!lnir Iwlfmtn went throtinh
this vicinity. He ftopcd i the home of seteral
well-known eitiaen here and displayed his eootls.
Immtoiicely the Uwty of the hMle elected her a
drex ileris and sevend o:her artiele!". when to
their sMttthmL-nt he informed them they wonid
have to take all hi and fwty him the miall
sum nf $ut it they look aty. eme of w women
would ml hair. k ali 'eddler had better keep
elenr of untbta. Nor li-rr
. - i'. 111 J 1 . ' I I
The Bultdlnsr Has Been Overhauled,
Renovated and Refurnished.
Mew Furniture, Clean Beds, Good Meals,
Cental Proprietors.
No Mutter Whether You Stop One Iae or Abide
wi-.h l f..r a Year. Yon Will Find at the
Esehaiur All the Comforu of Home.
House, Sign & Carriage Painter,
' Contracts Taken for Any Kind of
House Work, such as
Plain : or : Fancy : Painting,
Frescoing and House Decoration of
Every Description.
Orders left At the Express office will
receive prompt attention.