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Lebanon Express.
JUNK 20, t8!K.
Ko itkbrstlon nt Soln UIu.
Anroit SprinjnT ! I'tiHilitijr a lnrn.
At via Mark went to Cotinrirfuiulrty.
ClvirWy" proud f his base 'mil
nirlynls evrry i1;iy in t!wsi
Civile Knnpp was in Itlmiton M
tay last.
Who mvs "Hackleman's kkls" vtxn't
play Imll?
Tt lixl;s vrry much liko mill. Thorp,
tt did rain. " ;
iunrnnt-pil madiiiic oils nt Crusn
& Monzics'.
Mrs J. A. Bonn) la visiting friends in
Junction city.
Scrrr-n doors and windows at Ctu
n A Meir.h's'.
JinJjre Miller wants to know how
much wis us got.
Mr. and Mrs. Holt are visiting rela
tives iu llarrisburg.
Strawterriis have given plaeo to
cherries in this section.
W. T. Cochran rf Brownsville wa?
on our streets Wednesday.
"All roads lead to Borne" said the
ancients ditto of Lebanon.
J. R. Kirkptriek took a car load of
horses to Portland this week.
J. Wavsom has recovered from his
lute illness and is srouiid nyiin.
13. W. Wheetler has all kinds of
lumber at his saw mill in Lebanon.
Win. Brimley started to the Cnla
looia and Blue River mines Monday.
The "C. C. If." base ball club stood
bravely before WiK'Ox's camera Friday.
V. A. Milhr and J. II. Ki-.kpatriek
went to Portland Wednesday morning.
Ascent Hearn and wif were nnm-liert-j
with the excursionists toCoburar.
My! did yon sh that ivrvtty silver
cornet that Willis Calder got last
Henry Parrish !s hauling lumber f ir
new lar; lie will also build a dwell
ing soon.
Be it known that Podaville will not
celebrate. Everylnx'y is coui'ng to
Do you hear the tramn of the mull
tude eon l ig to the Fourth of July
Miss Bellroie Kirk pat riek lias strain
entered the art studioof Prof. A.LeRoy
at Brownsville,
W. P. Kirk, pre-ident of E. W. M.
Co., tells tis that he wants no more
wool at present.
For sale, n penile new milch eow,
iix years old. with heifer calf. Apply
to A. R. Ansorge.
IlcmemVr you n tret a hot or cold
bath any day itt the week at I. R. Bo-J
rum a barber shop.
Dr. DnekPtt and T. C. Ptehler have
laid a new walk in front of their prop
erty on Park street.
Rheumatism downed Charley Mon
tague this wet-k. We hope to eee him
around again soon.
The machine shop ha3 a gond deal
of work ahead. This way with your
crippled machinery.
A. Did9 boueht a lot in ft suburb of
Lebanon caiitnl Kansas City, this week, J
for which he paid ?2)t). j
Mr. Eastliam bought two lots in I
Kirkpatriek's seooad addition this
week and will build soon.
Mr. Smith, one of Tailnian's worthy i
citizens and business men, was over to
our town a few days since.
Jared Michael, formerly a e3tizen of
Brownsville precinct, but now of La
Ccnib, was in town this week.
Say, the bridge across the Santam
at this place is iu a damreftnis condi
tion. What are you going to do?
Pennovcr is elected and I
must have I
mv monev.
i -lT! 1 ftf l- T". I . ;1 1 .- .-II I"! i
at once. E. Goan
Rosd Supervisor Blodgettis building
some eood bridsres in his district. We
hope h 13 fifjurhig on a second terra.
John's wife has been vis5tin? only
three weeks, and yet he has a face oh
long enough to eat oats out of a churn.
Miss Lottie Rose, whom suspicion
points out as the cause of the Auns
paugh tragedy, went to Portland Satur
day. J. M. Jsiehols, the Plainview merch
ant, w-as with the excursionists Sun
day, but he doesn't know that we saw
Mrs. Buckley and Mias Miller of Sc io
bought twenty acres of land in the
suburbs recently and intend to build
on it.
The Academy grounds are now en
closed with a new fence. It is the in
tention of the trustees to repaint the
Mr. arner, who recently embarked ;
in tne upnoisier
and furniture trade
in Brownsville, visited our town Fri
day last.
J. G. Gross and two daughters, from
Waterloo, called at our office lately.
They left a jug with us. No snakes in
our boots.
The American eagle at the bead of j
our Fourth of July coulmn is not an
imported bird, he is Ame-iean bred j
and born. I
Misses Clara and Irene Ansorge, of
Shelton, Washinton, are visiting t heir
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ansorge,
at Waterloo.
We inadvertently carried away with
tts last week an interesting communi
cation from Waterloo. We promise to
do bo no more.
Glow worms are entirely too numer
ous for the public safety. A third at
tempt was made to burn Scio last
Thursday night.
Why pay 10 per cent, interest when
you can get a loan at 8 per cent, from
j. M. Somcrs, ofiice with F. M. Miller,
Lebanon, Oregon.
D. W. Hardin has burned a kiln of
good brick and admonishes the people
to build flues and basements while the
brick lasts. See ad.
The C. C. Haekleman base ball club
of Lebanon and the Juveniles of Albany
did not play Tuesday. Perhaps you
can guess the reason.
The peonle of Brownsville have jaws
resembling a pair of passive bagpipes.
We mean no disrespect to our neighbors
they have the mumps.
Rev. Mcllroy will hold services in
the Academy chapel at two o'clock
.-Saturday and also on Sunday at the
game place. Come, everybody.
The dentle rains lust now 1if il.
The when and oats hoein to fill.
The poMen eges roll info tho till.
And every man can mrclv pay hi hill
If where there Is a way there is only a will.
Samples of small fruits s'?nt to Cali
fornia from this state have turned the
eyes of a few fruit growers in the di
rection of the best state in the union.
Since work has begun on the paper
mill, skepticism has lcen set at defiance
and we presume that everybody is now
;'-isQed that we will have a paper mill.
L. C. Bice, who lives In the vicinity
of Liu'ouib, telU us that a recent bht
In the eoul mine at that place revealed
a vein of good coal three feet in thick
m ss.
Parties knowing themsclvoo Indebted
to t'rusoil A Menii''H since ISSil, please :
call and S'ttle, as all of our old accounts
will soon bo put In tho hands of a col
lector. Dr. Barker, Ben Barker ami some
Kaxfern men went up t be Slant hnu lust
1'Yida.v and returneil Miimtny. We
t!spvet they are on the heels of sonie
lliing rl;:h.
Br. B'oth and faniily. of Altona,
towa, have located in Lebanon. The
dwtor is a graduate of the lown State
University and the Bellvue Medical
CotU jre, . Y. .
Bo not trout new-comers aslntruders,
but treat them as men, who, like vour
self are in search of an honest subsist
ence and believe this ta bo the best
place to earn it
A card from Rev. Hsinleiter, who re v'sibsl Rev. J. M. Price at the
asylum, states that he Is no better and
that very slight hopes are entertained
for his recovery.
Peterson & Wallace have done a good
business in real estate this week. We
si iv told that they sold some line farm
hisr land to some li.Tiiiuiis rewntly
from Milwaukee.
We not ieed a fewLehanon men aboard
the excursion train to Cohurg. John
Bonaea fjot ol" the train at Browns
ville Ion enough to stretch ami shake
the foitls out of his coat.
Buildings spring up lxtviH?n tw
suns in this town. W e left Saturday
and returned Monday to find that a
met.t market liad In en erected mean
while on Shei man street.
Thf Lebanon cheese factory, owned
anil operated by L. R. t'beadle, is no
trUing industry. Mr. Cheadle owns
forty cows which make the milk supply
practically inexhaustible.
The jjooil min this week did a prosit
deal of harm. Items penned early in
the week, bewailing the dry weather,
were not readable, and our copy had a
horrible, mutilated appearance.
A large force of men filed out toward
tho Hour mill Wednesday morning.
If you think no work is heimj done on
the paper mill, walk to the end f
Main street and open yvureyes.
The rains Hi is week eausml a squirm
ing in our potato patch; the little
potatoes were nil crowded out by the
larger ones. Such wldi spread spoli
ation is rarely seen in so short a time.
R. W. Moses visited Lebanon for the
first time Friday. Mr. Mioses attended
the dru i-.'its' convention in Portland
and stopped at lA-tmtmn to see his
nephews and get a copy of the Kx-
The drsma bv the Lebanon Cornet
Band wes a suroiisj to evewbodv.
Tho boys don't play like amateur ,
do they? Do it rTibi and we will
guarantee a io'l hojse and a hat full of
Me Kan lass trouoe playel to a full
house in Lebanon Thursday. Prof.
McKmlass will vis:l our town on the
Fourth, at which lime he will give us
an exhibition of his wo.idtnul musi
cal powers.
Work was begun on the new school
house tliis week. The bui'tliiiK will In?
70x;)i, two stories hsh, with an ei'-ht-fxit
triek Iwement. We a'e told that
it will be the t'ue-t sctiool bui'd'ng in
the county.
The latest prcpoi't'ou by the stock
holders in Chevt'le Ditch Co. is to take
the water Von the r'ver at Wareloo.
In the event til's is done the duch will
ie six miles !oi" instead of four, as at
first contemplated.
V. wish s.-mi. nn en-ibl ho r mml in
introduce ol.l pioneers to the scores of
strangers who (h-onir our streets
Thev an ve-y mw h in the condition
of s-aogrs in a strang la id. And
-h tbey come.
Walk down the county road three
huiiM'-'nl yard and examine the new
l.i d ie which Sunervisor Biodwit has
ju-t b'.rit. It is a good one; but don't
vote for him next line c-r you will
have a sfti'eiiieat to make.
For fw-'ine tbne we have leen exreet
ig Sw'et Home to take a 1huu. and it
now seeai likely that our exeiaiiotss
9 e t Iw re;i'.'-.ed. 3Iei! w ho have an
j ':'!
into the future are i-ivesting
'win Iti'e iilase.
HI lil.S
J. A. Varney, stv-te inspector of fm't
p-tsts, is an en:mologist of no mean
ability.- He paid Lebanon a visit Sat
urday for the avowed purpose of in
sjveetinur fruit pests anil suggesting
means for their extermination.
Bert Wight wps drivintr the sprink
'er down ti&in strtet last Fridav even
mtt, when the team took friglit and
started on the run. However, liert
brought them to a halt near the rcsi of II. C. Klepper. 2so damage.
C C. Hacklemai bought a bi stock
of g.ois in Poiland this wvk.
Chat ley sr ys Poriland 13 growing,
but uot so rapidly rs Lebanon. C..U
some time aisd spend the week walk
ing arou id llaekleman'a boots and
Mis. P. E. Reed p-r-scnied this office
with a boquet that is rich hi color and
fra jianc?. Mrs. Reed has rare taste
for the beautiful in natine, which is
displryed in a yard ail 1 of flowers and
ornamental februboctv. Aiu'u we saw
thank you
Walton, Wiley & Co. have re-en-foreed
the working capacity of their
planer by the addition of new ma
chinery. More machinery is on the
road and when it is all planted they
wili be prepared to turn out all kinds
of lumber in first-class style.
Mr. Millard, a thorough mill man, late
of California, has gone into the planer
withWaltonJiv Wik -, and their patrons
may expect first-class work. We keep
on hand a full assortment of dressed
luml-erof eyeiy description. We arc
prepared to turn out all kinds of wood
work. A lank, lean, cadaverous, individual
took dinner at the Exchange this week
and departed without paying a cent.
You see it was this way: The meal
he got was so good ami the quantity
wras so large that it disfigured him be
yond recognition. If you are hungry
you see the point.
J. A. Lamberson informs us that he
bought and shipped thirty-four tons of
chitem bark. This now industry has
given employment to scores of people
and scattered hundreds of dollars
through the country. "Verily the
hand of the diligent mak th rich."
We visited the band hall this week to
note the improvements which have
been recently made. The building has
been repainted inside and looks, well
in its new dress. Benches have been
replaced with chairs and the stage is
adorned with lieautiful scenic curtains.
Dr. Hope is just) v proud of his build
It has been suggested by someone
Mith an eye to buslnes, that ihe town
or a company of men buy the public
school building and convert it into an
opera house. Since the building can
be bought cheap we incline to the be
lief tnat it would be a paying invest
ment. The annual conference of the M. E.
church, South, will convene in Leba
non August 20, Bishop Fitzgerald
presiding. It is expected that thirty
five ministers will tie present at this
annual conclave. There doubtless will
be a large gathering ot the laity on
that occasion, all of whom will lie en
tertained by its hospitable a class of
people as can be found anywhere.
The new bridge, a sixty foot span,!
which Mas recently built across the
ctinal at this place,' parted under Hit;
weight of an ox team, precipitating
threu yoke of oxen to the bottom of
the stream, n distance of perhaps
twenty-llvo feet. The water ut this
point beiinr several feet deep It was
with dillicuHy that sonic of the oxen
escaped drowning.
Oat ins alls fast becoming n neces
sary art iele .f diet. Since it wa- lli-sl
manufactured it has been to a law ex
tent the product of eastern mills; but
our people have learned that the Im
portation of oils to a state that surpasses
all otherstntes In the yield of this cereal
is not profitable. There Is some talk of
building an oat meal mill In Lebanon.
In t the work go on.
J. R. Thompson, one of the staunch
farmers m ar Talhnan, called Monday
ami gave us the following items: Rev.
Carpus Sperry M ill preach the funeral
sermon of James Storev and Mrs. Eva
Mills at the Oak I'reek Bapt 1st church
on the Hah Sunday of this month.
Miss Ellen Thompson came up from
Salem and spent Sunday with her
parents.. Mrs Lyin- of Uoldendale,
is visiting relatives and friends In and
about Talhnan.
The drama "Xevnda," or "The Lost
Mine." was played by the I'hanon
Cornet Band t a large and apprei-intlve
audience Wednesday night. There is
some of going to Brownsville, and
If they go we lcspeak for them a good
house. Considering the short drill
which they have had, both ladies ind
genttemeu play well. We hoto this
will nt be the last appearance on the
state ofn company w hose Initial play
uivt wilh round after round of applause.
Montague must 1 preparing for a
boom, judging by the war he Is stock
ing up his Mammoth and One-Price
(,'ash Stores. By purchasing his goods
in such large quantities he naturally
gets much lower prices. He iruaran
toos pood troods In all the departments
of his extensive establishments nt
priivs that absolutely astonish other
merchants in the valley, some of them
sroimj so far as to my that. Montague
retails his poods as low as they buy
them at wholesale. The careful buyer
Invariably goes to Montague's.
Several months nrro, Mr. Henry
Plummer, of Clements, Cal., who is
subji ct to cramps, was taken with a se
vere attack. He had been accustomc d
to get relief by dosing with morphine,
hut the disagreeable etteetthat fol lowed
would make him miserable for hours
after tln cramp had been relieved. I
persuaded him to try ChamtH-rlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
He was mui h pleased with it, as its ef
fect was almost Instantaneous, and no
disagreeable after etlects accompanied
its use. ('HAS. llAMKRT, Mam jrer,
Farmers' Trade Union, Clements, Cal.
For sale by M. A. Miller.
Mirscs Lulu, Ida and Lelia West f: 11
had a rather serious runawav accident
last Friday evening. They weie dilv
insr out to SKlaville, and were just
going down the hill Into that town
when they nut the stace. They were
driving at a pretty rapid rate, aiul the
road bring rather narrow, their horse
quickly veered to one side and ran
over a log, lipping the buggy over onto
the occupants. The horse the.i tun a
short distance, but the ycung ladies
were not injured, which was very for
tunate, as it was a narrow escape.
The buvrgy had to have a new top and
other rejia'rs made.
Frank O'JCeil, who has spent several
mouths in the East inspecting and
purchasing machinery for the pper
mill, returned Sat unlay. Mr. O'Neil
has bought nothing "but the best
machinery, has entplr-ed the fon nost
architect of the country to draft the
structure, and says there will not be a
better straw paper mill, and but one as
pond, in the I 'lilted States. Thne car
load of machinery are on th road,
and four car lo:tds will arrive almut the
first of OctoU r. The main building
will I e 120x!)fcet. Twortherstru-iures
huge in their proportions will also be
built. He will probably employ o0 men
the cojnlng week. It is expected that
the mill will be iu operation by Decem
ber 1st.
An Or,r Soi.pikis's Story: In the
late war I was a soldier in the First
Maryland Volunteers, Company O.
During my term of servb-e 1 contracted
chronic diarrhoea, since then I have
used a gent amount of medicine, but
when I found any that would give me
relief they would injure my stomach,
until Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Ramody was brought
to my notice. I used it and will say it
is theonly remedy that gave permanent
relit f and no bad results follow. 1
take pleasure in recommending tins
preparation to all of my old comrades,
who, while giving their services to
their country, contracted this dreadful
disease as I did, from eating unwhole
some and uncooked food. Vours truly,
A. E. Bk.vpino, Halsev, Ore. For
sale by M. A. Miller.
The C C. Haekleman club of Leba
non and the Juveniles of Albany
played the first game of a series of
three games at tips place last Saturday.
Following is the result:
Ft- her
Irvine ...
FM.. r. H
O. B. c. c. H.
. o s Kl-mr...
2 a
.. 2 3 r.ikmx. W
3 Mrtl-M'lle?-
3 i Hl i.-r
3 kl.-!.m...,
J S -lilllitUil.
5 stciih
1 r.ikini, G.
1 llrtBlj
... s
... s
... 1
... 6
... 4
27 'J6.
1 2 S
... 2 r 2
...u i o
R 9
r. c. H
bANTiAM, June 11, 1800.
o he (nl fo'i-s of LetMtnon:
nt'eate amo'i ihe Stinair
We have hait 'o rv.Vesh'us:
I h!i fa e well .
thou: t I wm4
Ii'l'sAjra w'"le.
tshowetf oTuHi he ws-t week. All ia'r-e ii gay our hea la a e M-ht ni t hi'.wnie. I have
Wii iu ibc wnrnftoli nii'l Lei 's rmo'13 the uiy
; f"s o" w'Hl lUiwr -s have ra heivl llie flowe
r.-.-. 'I't-iift1 ihe wi'u it?s. bl.ipkl rryini
w vll yosiM lie hee t'.i'ii t'nr ytxi itr folk tv'll
he r-oi '5 a bliokl.n-.'(r a'ni I'ave nlentv of fua
I ;. I ilon 1 I-.vv ol any.l'iiift '.)al ohI1 ne
''.e' iO up e iHffe. liii'es '.e yo'.-ipr men
m Voe , mw' of ln,ixien.i")f trink w,i'h
m?e-em ae. I'te Phi's anl lik '-'"e i(i(t!.
Wee have i.w yp .jih .he mml stam'ea o le
me. in eve v . e of wont inl not -are'sh
their mie;KHXt h- l.iV;;, o.- hv liefiu a,yihi.i(f
th.H m'-.-.i, b eei:'eaa.,t "x-l'"s 'a" yea
to co-re?
T"-aip, Immn, . gr.t, tohe diuafcanl'g doom.
Out o-'a Vvho(l in' tf ami r(r.
Over thotlioirjiii of love ajd home.
I'11-t .he ehi'.'k Oi a in''tr' prayer;
(ii)i' a'ti swift 10 a inindta-d's cr -ue.
Over ihe olea of wife anl chU!,
Ov-r the .Its of ...
neaMn Oe-hmneit icul grone wil.l.
G.i .'eos have hee.i imich Smprovct 'a this vi-c-
' y by Jie ;ece.i.' ra;j.
Ale Li-itl'ev. - he henl ear,ister at nowrioi?
Hros . raw m: .L paid Cetlur Fiat a 3io;-t viit on
Sfiad.iy 1 is.
The (;' Kt r.inl is now at t. best, and '
t'.tc we:i.!ie coiii'nees .avorahie for a few weeks
te Mi'ojle 1ij!jo '-lCa-ia 'a will vjon be a ii:n
of the a: :.
Ii'ai'kwics Intve been sl'phtly liijri-'l by the
la;o iniKij); bal e ioa;r".i reinaiu to cxtile ihe
wil.lesi l eiMiis of tiie Ucr.y-oieker.
Ashore iime n-o .lie resiiUnee of Ed Crosby
nairo!y oet'perl beinir rtest by lire. I Rness
"Ki:'' w ill be more can. ions about herring brush
in the dry H'..t)it, heituiuer.
The frei';M we-,ons known r.s "T.y Weekly"
and "Weekly lioai's e." ii.i in their aj.ea. r.iire
oees-onal'y ai '.tit Souili G-Y.tie for thinjjles.
Co;je asai'i, "I.Sfie ' ami Ned.
William AUpbi'.ie is s.ill engineer at V-nHra'
fihi'.i'r'.e mill, lii" ' .akes to Lin work ao he does
to the best Havana ciR.-ir.
Isaac Eanie, of the Kxehanire hotirl at lAfhanon,
j;Od u a visit h'st week. It is his first a pj eaip nee
at t'eonrF'at in live yenrs. lie is the siime "Ike,"
and coxs a thoimli be would enjoy a bear hunt
.ully as well a-i In loruter days.
Kaoi.s-EvKQ Zkxe.
Money to loan at 8 per cent, interest,
on long time, in sums of $51)0 00 and
upward. Inquire of John M. So:ncrs,
Lebanon, Oregon.
l.t-hnntin Klatil 0-r Itic I'roapprt
A not In-r Stnixlartl-On tiitv Itoa.l. I
A meethisfof the representative busi
ness men of this place was held lust
Friday evening. The meeting wits or
ganized by tho flection of J)r. Foley as
cliiiiiutun and Judge Miller ei-cretary. J
Sufficient 1 11 format Ion was gleaned
from various Miiircea (o jusiify the l;
lief that theOregoulan Uailway would
be built through Lelmnon upon a
proper presentation of facts and llir
ures. With this cud iu view, u com
mittee of three, F. M. Miller, J. It.
Kirkputilck and M. A. Miller were
appointed to apprise the officials or the
S. Co. or the interest which
ur people imtnlfest In the matter and
of their anxiety to Ik- on tho main line, i
Messrs. Miller and Kirkpatrick went
to Portland and had a conference
with Manager Kochlcr. They sub-'
milled u lett r in support of the people's
ishe us follows:
'We assure you that the distance will
be shortened four miU by making said
clritige In the route f the ml I road; that
Lebanon is a thriving and prosperous
town and that we, hi conjunction with
citizens of lA-banon, .will aid 3-oti in
securing the rip lit or way of the rout I
from Scio to Lebanon ami from there
to ltrownsvilli", and ho far as Is Iu our
power we will endeavor to liiivo ttaid
light of way obtained without cost lo
you; that the mule set forth in this
petition Is a nat ural route of a railroad
and so located originally; that a proper
place fort-rims) up: I lie raiitium by bridire
Is at Lebanon instead of ut the present
place, ami as proof of this fact they cite
that the county bridge across the
Sauliain at Lelsmou hasKbsnl the past
111 years. We nmst ctinlially Invite you
to visit Lebanon and examine in jn-r
f the matter set forth l:i this peti
llou." For yenis the matter of building a
rai!roal through L-.-baiion was dis
cussed, but all proceeding were balked
and matters came suddenly to a halt
when the narrow gaue was located
four miles west cf tow 11.
The present narrow pauio has now
ix-en in oK-ratlon a number of years,
and with what profit evt rybody knows.
Ilt'M-Htei fit sht ts, which have at dif
ferent times swept away miles of track,
and in some Instances bridtres, and en
taUiii! heavy losses, have Inutrht the
impractinibility of tliat route and the
instability of bridges as at present lo
cated. The slluht diffl-reiicv in the cost of
the two lines will lie more than com-
K'iiss!ted by a shorter route, nigU
ground, permanent bridge sites, and
additional trafile. These are ft few of
the advantages offered by the new
Kitsos Sritisca, June J5.
Euitob t-KBASos Fxi-rhw:
I- f arter. Ru.T Itia't au.l Ma.:er Willie Ponaro
".ell ll'n oil the cTriil.iR of tlic 7ih of June
eii'iMwU ut h etvrv-hl'tpt !u '.e way oT fixhii7
Im-kle nl Whsc'.ie.-r.i for rami'.o? nrnt tiuat
iin; s'avm oil Uie heaiitra.en r .he W'lam-I.e.
nut alo to !m c li..le )n .he Ki.wn hot Mri:ta.
The first ir.y crvr) .Mas; moved nioiss very
muoo,My a;il we mivl-' tl'e eros:r5 of ihe Mo
Ketizle river at CotnuTf, w U a lovely camming
rlitf-.-. Master Willie eiii;hl a liiv- rtit ft
I n nk.'sM :i:e thi- !-nt helo. an.l I'arktr a.Tal'se.l
tile rjuup f..r (lie tii ;o-.
in ...v i-.h ..' to hnTe .he rxr-e; ient of
rt'nih'-v wri it.-i t. hartr .akt-n whn. tnrni
as ,.,- M.i'inry rtn r, w:t::.i is .lie rou ;!.-s i.vl
I e-r .niiflr-l: hot e mail.- L, Ijciu. y hinij.,
.'II hi the ui-eroisio, wteu we ! nl a j'e'-.k.-own,
w th uiai-e ;'!: iik a nukjr, be'.i
fo. "yiii'ie: om inkers, but we tnaie
roiR- a.snei' a!t jn:rr"-e vlll we foeou a .'-ker,
w 10 isik an old ;i...m-,1h, e.Oetl It oj. ami
made h- IneaLi all .t ii , ue wee. im our
way n.ju'riii.
0.1 ;-e S.h'we lan.l.-st at he faiRotm hot k-
whir.t rn .,ea.e.l o. Sw i.t ererk. ar5 a.e o
the l'oe:H 1m -t i,'.--s n ,.e c-n.i e' -.. 1 o m-is-j
e e fa. I'JI. I.i iotir fin-, of .be UvU Hrrn
h e i an iw-)H soi'i.-.. w.'I-! uuikk- it a ci;
thl iiv 't i.f I.. e. t 's aS.avery ;.i:-n';
i 'hi e i linty t: ; ,tC:'s ,ioe.;.! :. 1 : t
Ui't r ioe it'e'-'s in.-, w a eoit'i'ir e v, tt k I J
ihe way or a .t e.-.poa . t u. o -e v. ,ini sl? o' a
inernla!. 't. f 1 on I . T.e .-".'e ln',.a! ce I-i-;iy
to look a : J. -rle ei i.rts as nr .e as a
'-siy,i ...w-ie ar.l .si.te -.eesail in a .M-.tik. 1-uJ I'rti.- fco:-eii a e n. a ht h.!s- a-i'J
W;outi's t-.i..te .i re a.u e!a-t:t .i-eli Ih- '-i1.s. 1
xo:'i.l --ro:i.tril r;l I-1 ei- o i-e riH'Vi.i:- ic
'oute lien-; ft i t. t ;.a.e 1 o,i k'-ikst'i a
roan ;r a tl e-i t'.-js. I. i j,oo.; i".t- a trie.n
".H.iv t. Iter co.t .r1.-v x'ou ra t -ee r-4.;.i-f.oiu
rll -..s o' I'e t-wt i.-e.n a'n-oii. ai-ti a"
t-'.is - is-ire oll v.t t-.-s. is.nle ti.i ait a.-tl
;-,... I wffl't. eo. e..' . .oe..e
lie -e. fr :.e-ee i a I . ;e a-ee uUl'ta h v.e iae
ve'so.t r!Ht U-a- ixk- . K is a Jisl -ce or
nt Ins i-- -ekf-is "r eve 1 i. is t l-s wh: st!,e.
f ee ln i-i " iKve t ". I evet . I'l'i
a:ni. Ps - r . e '.hiVj Va.t. . ti ye.. -" !.
!i: .1 o; e f ir;r,ls i't.e .--re.y. It i.s 'or.l
wi n ;'.h's. mjfl h-ip n 1. i.i rvti f '1 .-c va'Vy
1 0 yor s, ttf 1.. v itioiii- j '.s.
! v-i,! j.-.. ,-i-v in t-oiM' .ba;. S!r. 1'arl er.
Mas. , 'jie nij.t rit--K aie .n h1.i. ei-e
ti-s to. w Jl er s he l-o-s. I.t rr. H: 1 rt.
On Reading "A 6odaitia Lover' Farewell."
Oh tli'l Mo. Invoke the mne
tr 1M he siirrly torn he .-rank?
ISt1 Iu- ni.iph ui-rve an! Iiain-sn-er Wise
In mkii:; verse so very blank?
The expense.! In llio e lines
Will Jiirvly .lo ai'l as t-ttteh shkI,
As if lie'.! l.iki n .to-; 11 liis saw
Ar.l !:ve!! thereivHh a eortl ef n-ood.
Or ti! he nrl'i f.H- trlori.-vs fttrne.
0".li'! 1-e write f!r w.-mI.Ii.
Kow he h 1 ui-iV Uli wei'th awl name
He'd Iw.ter take eare of bis heullli.
M". ake eare. siieh bra'ri" a rnrn
Will not en-line thisroM wniM;;
I" vmi iloa't Iry iim- tnie fail It eitres
ou U sink ex-lin i!i your ius.
Take It Urrikfant.
The xrreat appetizer, tonie anl liver n-prulator.
In tise for mortj than 5tl years l:t Posi
tive pe.'ifle for liver smj!ni!it. Iia-l tuste tn the
m'Miih 011 nrt-it"? in the iimnilne. tlnll pa!n in
Ihe hea-1 nnl hack of the eyes, tire.l leeliiie- I i 7.
ziness li;j.-'i ir syiiinhms of liver eotui.lnliil.
ltnise'ty It. Itenley'a Knuli-h t'anrtelloit Tonie.
Hi'liftes eonsi ijitit.ii, hrtii-ns the uotfte ami
tones v.p th- eitire sv.-t.-m. v-l theeMiiine from
your tlroei't for Jl.ti aii.l take aeeording to tli
rvelioiiTi." We wish tosay to our old customers,
and also iicv cm?, that we are prepar
ed to furnish well seasoned lumiM-r,
made from soft mountain fir, at the
following prices:
Second clear yin.or
( l.'iir 1 li
t'li-nrlxl 1:1
Feiu iiiK, boxini; mid timlH'rs 7.00
Atour mill in Wlrtshurg, Linn t'o.,
Oregon. jF.xisiNt s & Co.
We guarantee our machine oils to
contain no cotton Becd nor fish oiH;
but pure machine oil.
riu sox & Mknzies.
I am ns'i-nt fur Real KMate in
Cowan's :-: Addition
TO Li:itA'.
Ctoic8 Residence tU Ecsiaess Lets
Very Desirable Portion
the City
Cheap for the Next Sixty Days.
Land O.Tk-e nt Oregon Ci!v, Orrjoii,
June II. IX! 0.
low itic nnvtol Hrttli-r hiiH fllml nolico of hia
iiid-iition l tnako tinal .nif in Miprt of his
Wnini. n.l Hint mill prixif ill he nnulr. I.tfure llie
Omiii'v Clerk of l.inu emimy, ut Albany, Oregon,
on Tui'sltiy, July 2tf, lf-'f), vU:
I'riM rnt.tiiin D. P. No. R0(). for the Mn 3, 4 anfl 5
ami S. K. of . W. yA of Hw. 6, T. Yi. S.. K. J F.
lie names ihe following witucvos to rovc liis
'continuous resiikwe ii)ti ami culllvaiiou of Niirt
lu:i'l. i.: J. W. Hi-iiop, Henry H. Vrooiu, J0I111
M. Simons, Henry K. Croby, all of lx-bmum 1. O.,
Linn comity. Oix'iou. J. I'.-Ari'HltoOX.
imCAKEltl AIIKA1).
RcetiC, Main street, Lebanon. Place,
ofllce. of "8pilre lVlcrson," Time, 8
A. M. Klderly female, laboring under
great mentul excitement, enters olllee
and accosts "his honor :"
'Morning. Is this tho nlll-e of the
, "Yes mum."
"I wish to mako a consplidut, f have
have been Insulted and I demand full
satisfaction, when I married hint he
proml-ed to love ami proleet me, ami,
and "
"Hi Si-ntcd, madam, ami pi ease make
a statement of the facts and I will issue
the nceersiiry papers. Who has 111
treattsl you'."'
"Ill-treated in -? It's n shame! I'm
erudied! My rights have Ik-cii tram
pled on, my feeling have been h bused,
aini the brutr, tat tlnwn on my lfl Sirn
tiaif honnrt! If I could onlv get my
haixlson hl.-n! tij-h! unit!-I'll I'd'"
''Madam, control yourself; this Is an
aggravated case; please maUc il plain
statement and Justice shall Us done.''
"Plain statement, Is it? I'll tell you
all itliout it, vou b-c wo were catliif,;
breakfast and I remarked that If I were
a man I'd voten conservative ticket ns
the hijrh tat lir duties on the prohibi
tion ticket was so much like free woe!
that woman's rights should Iv supreme
on the Hepublleuii platform mid no
mocracy will never flourish until the
freedom of the press Is established on
the New Koiindland banks and nil sa
loons should rlve pink tea parties and
I want damages eiimmh to buy a new
bonnet and I thoroughly understand
what 1 am saying In rt-Rurd lo this bite
election that it's a t-liame a lone female
Iims no rights and If Susan 11. Anthony
wants to join n kuse'-ull club or Mrs.
1- lullu I't ttiltone wants to run wilh the
lire engine compttuy O the brute, as 1
wes tt telling yu it was a new b tlinet,
and I've got as much right to my opin
ion as hm "
".Ah, yes, madam, I thoroughly un
derstand what you say; there's" only
one way to adjust this case purchase
a lot in some addition to Lebanon,
which will double In value In less tlm:i
a month, buy a new Imtmet, is- friends
with your husband, aud 3'our troubles
will end."
Lnd3" takts advice, purchases lot and
goes home happy.
All parties knowing Ihemselvea in
debted to lato firm tf Un-r Was-
si;m are hereby iiotinist to tsmie for
ward and settle I he same wit bin thirty
days and save costs. Jts. Vas.som.
Music by the land..
Vocal inu?ic.
Iusic h the IVnul.
A .dress by A. Jaok Atlam?.
Music by the Band.
Dinner "to 1:50 p. m.
Muic by the Band.
Address by Dr. J. A. Lamberson.
Other exercises.
Music by the Band.
Foot-racirg for prizes.
Wheelbarrow races.
Sack races, etc.
Music by the Band.
Cirand Ball in the evening.
Gloves, Hosiery,
Ladies' & Children's
rushing- Goods.
First Street, :-: Froman Block,
Curiosity Shop.
lOl l$A.ltGVIIVK
Notions, : Novelties,
And Gents' Famishing Goods,
A. : W. : MOSES.
This title of 1'oithnnl for Variety Mild
First door south of Exchange lintel.
irnrn k
arm er"
nKtniinicttirfMi i ' '
ami tlm first eii.KHof all
pxnrra. In uitMlire 3
ns A4 IUL HhiKio or
Uoulilr Bi'tion. tinfeiy Hom
iiitrlus and Taivtit miKlolft.
Unit nualiir wrouulit
.(..I. i-i4 r.'f u 1 1 . 1 1 w 1 ,.' L('1
UiT vKorltniiUisli'n anil Mock. Vumaled for!
r,..l.t-.Iti .nl.ilit v nn.l iiiViirRrr. (.
liov be .It-celvetl by chenu tnaUrabie irvn imitations
olU'U aul.1 for the genuine arilrle. Tlii'T arv ilur
ll il.le and duiKeroug. The Smith ft Wekdom lla
volykhs ars uinil upou the barrel with linn's
name, addrcfta uuUUnudof patents, and are Kitr
nnleeil IHrfeiTt. Iuslst Qioa 'riavlitK theni. al.u 11
your .lealer cannot gupiify yon, an order ?tit lo cd
dress tM!ow wlit receive proinijt attention. Decjlp
tiv cabalo(nie and ri.-UToti anplieatiou.
fc vriuiiUcS)!, AXkm.
W I :
John F. Miller Post of the O. A. IJ.
and Itelief t'orpH were greatly cheered
and encourajcd by sin unexH-cted visit
ni Baturday and Suiuluy last from our
beloved Mild honored lX'partiiientC'oin
m uidcr, (J. m ild Variiey.of the Italic.
Comhig altogether unexjMctnlIy, he
was iiit so largely welcomed as he
woiiltl otherwise have been, but nevcr
IheieHsa jjissliy iiumlK-r of the mem-la-ix
of the Post and of the Corps gath
ered In the Post room on Baturday
evening and gave liiui a very pleasant
reception. V'e had some excellent
mu-h Mrs.F. M. Miller lcinir well as
sisted by Mrs. Marselles and oth-rs,
Mrs. Crtmon g.'tve a very pleasant rccl
tntion, shoit addresses were made by
tliilerent metnU-rs of tho Post, niwl a
most able and edifying address whs
given bv Commander Varney. IIU
lepoi't of the condition of the O. A. it.
throiiKhout the department was nutt
cneouragtinr, anil his earnest wonls
should encourage and qtiieken us in
all our work. The meeting was closed,
we might say crowned, by a spread of
delightful and bountiful rcfrcshuic-nla
by the lashes of the Cors.
The Cornet Hand, anxious to hoiw r
K distill;ulshct visitor, played "Hail
to tha Chief" and other patriotic
piecis. Ve assuie the batnJ boys that
wr appreciate their kindness, and take
this occasion to thank them for their
timely appearance.
The next morning Comrade fiwan,
our worthy Post Commander, took the
(Jetieral to visit our mineral springs nt
Kolavi!le and Wntcrlon, where he met
Coiiirmle Montairue and made many
other actpinintancts. We trust he m.-iy
return soon ami cultivate a taste for
mineral waters.
We t-hould mention that with his
honor.-d ofllee of Iv-partment Ctitn
mandert.f the (I. A. It. he joins that
of lusjiector of our Htate Board f Hor
ticulture, in Ihe discharge of the duties
if which he is niotit diligent and ef
ficient. Xhe Eiprrlroce of a Conactentloaa Be
CltlCAOo, Nov. 13.
Mn. Wlsthim Dftr Sir: I leir to
thank 3011 f ir the delightful and re-fr-shing
" Ibilx rtlue" you o kindly
sent tuc. I have used tlie toilet prepa
rations of the most ce'ehrnted manu
facturers of Ijondou and Paris, but con
sider your " Hobertiiie' their superior
In jsiiiit of rurity and excellence.
Wishing you the unlsMindetl success
you deserve, I remain, fuithfuHv yours,
Emma Acbjtt.
No flsh oil in our machine oils.
Crcso.v & Mexzies.
Ths Gelcurated French Gure,
l ti rr u
r.-:ii:i 1L
1 Sl.O ; 4
l f lire u t
'.mi nf iH-ri .tw
?r.c;;-if. r !.jr
lfH..r.i'r .f the
trem-ntiiTe rr
fan of ill.rr
.1 - r. 1 1 .-1 ! 1 . r m r.
iiii fn.ia the Ar I EH
t i use of S'iinutaiit. Tolw.i o tir oi.ittm.
r Itiniiigh ruirhtiil iii licr'li.n. over in-i'i!);-tli'i.
A-.. fcllch US I j Kl Drain I'nirr. Wakeful.
ih-. Itt-nrhi j il.itrn I'nins is ih :.-k, Seininai
"k". If v.j.ria. N?rYim rr.trn! 'r-tijrii-
hi K.ti--.t..!i. l-jM!r;rTHr. JiaKim. W rak Mcra-
r-r, I f I'riMoraticl ImtM.tmi-r. wliifh If
!t?t-U'. ifi.ti IraH to trvniRitrf.).f asrafi A itisan-
-ii v fi.m n 'jot. e boxt lur k.00 s. i.t i,t
inaii.'ti p.-f.rrT ! T-r-rc
. WIIITtKN lit A It ANTKR fm-eTcrrfSfJO
mrlcr. to reininl tlio ii.n-r i( a l-rtin n
l ine m m.t piTW-ir.1. Tlwnsiiiiiiii t ipMim. ai "I.! ail.! tbiiiik. l lnih t.x, i-riiiiici.t:--cumlbr
AMrt.iTiNlt. Clrnlnr fr.. il.Mreac
K11 b.vM. V.3IIllei
Note Airpntfor Ijbnnoii, Or.
Smooth Shave and
Shampooing; and Spanish Lus
ter Cures the Scalp of
ncntlemcn and
ladles May
Indulge in the
Nt-xt Door to ftetcrmn Wallace's Real Estate
1. it. noituar.
Land OFFiee at Oueuow City. Oimjon, 1
May 9, sj.
Nol lee la hereliy jrtven that tLe follow ina-nameO
(M'tllcr litis liled iiullfc of hl Intention l inaVe
Mnul nroof in taiptxirt of Ills claim, an.l II1.1t raid
proof be made before the comity elerk of Linn
i-oiinlv, at Albany, Oregon, on Monday, Jimeo,
J.s'.h, vlr:
Honieslead Kntrv Ko. RIS, fur the N. W. i of
See. '.'ft. T. 12 ioutli. L'nnpe I Knst.
II" tinmen the fol!oivinj u itnee to prove 1.1.
eoii'itmons residence ntnin and cultivation of sav'
lund, .villi B vie to commnHni; said -ntr wil..
ra-h i-innat under Sea. iidl H. 3.: J. W. l!Wv;..
K. M. Waldeu. W. Vail and H. tJcHxlrich, ail '
Lebanon, Llaa;ty. Oree'nt.
IU j. X. Al i'LIlSOX. E-.sUter.
On and after July 1st, 18'JO, I will commence selling
Goods for Cash or Produce.
I have conducted a business here on the credit system
fur five years, and it is not satisfactory, and I propose to
seil Goods for Cash or Produce, f Khali eell Goods cheaper
tlian they have ever been sold before, but they must be paid
for. I do not propose to keep a book-keeper to keep account
of all bills, and shall make no losses from bad debts, and
thereby be able to undersell all
sell for cash, shall be my'plan,
it. Nearly everything in the
except such articles as the Douglas shoes, which must be
sold at the regular prices I mean business, but no more
credit business for me, thankyou. You can get goods cheap
of me, but they must be paid for. Be ready for the change.
And a word to all those
up, as I cannot do business without mone3'.
I shall give you some prices soon that will astonish you.
Cigars, Tobacco, Furnishing Goods, Etc.
FirstClass Goods
Country Produce Talcen in Exchange
for Goods.
Give Me a Trial and Be Convin
Shingles, Posts, Boards and Pickets,
New Corner Storey -
Tho public school
The paper mill on
The big planer on
And the depot on
Makes the Corner Store the Ikib
Keep a full line of Men's and Bojs Clothing of Browns
ville manufacture, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Groceries and
Provisions; in fact everything necessary to keep soul and
body together. . . .
Nobody complains of Bach's goods or quarrels with hi
1 prices. .
On or About July 1st,
We Will Remove to tlie Store Now
Occupied by Gr. T. Cotton.
Please Call and Examine Goods &, Prices.
my competitors. Bay and
and I will not deviate from
store will be reduced in price
who owe me: You must pay
house on thq south,
the north,
the east,
the west,