The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 18, 1890, Image 3

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H?a Lcbaqoi? Express.
Aim i. IB, 1690.
Now school house.
Ureal big paper mill.
Tw here for that ditch.
Wheat 19 Cli cents in Alliany.
J. F. Hyde visited llrownsvillc this
Prof. J. A. "Wilson called on ua Bat
u nifty.
Mr. Saltmarsh moved to his farm last
Clean towel to every customer at I. R
Salmon will soon begin to ran up the
McMahom'a circus will be in Albany
this month.
J. R. Kirkpatriek went to Corvallis
We had a light fall of mow last Fri
day. Uth Inst.
Mr. T. F. Kirk came back to Leba
non this week.
S. Umstead has hern Appointed post
ninxtei at Halsey.
E. E- Montajrue, county clerk, came
in on Wednesday.
I.umlier is iH'lr.jj hauled for Q. T.
Cotton's new store.
Rev. Lynch was the guest of II. E.
Fairish last Friday.
Wm. Noble, a citizen of Liberty pre
cinct, died last week.
Mr. J. M. Cowan of Albany was in
Lebanon this week.
An iron bridge is to span the Cala
pooia at Brownsville.
IT. E. Tarri-h will build a residence
In Iialston's addition.
Read Reed's Readable Reliable Re
ductions in another column.
J. F. Hyde has sold his interest in
the chopper to Mr. Crabtree.
Charley Mille went to Portland last
week and returned Tuesday.
Examine the fine stck of books of
all kinds at Beard and Holt's.
Married, Mr. O. W. Pngh and Mrs.
Ellen Foster of Crawfordsville.
"Early birds catch the worms," but
y gardens eaten tne "iticKens."
Mr. C. H. Ralston is repainting the
fence around his residence property.
Charley Montague has been suffer
ing of late with an exerutiating tooth
ache. Mr. Hardin is building a commodi
ous dwelling in the eastern part of
What have you done about building
telephone line from Lebanon to Sweet
T. C. Feebler has sold Geo. Buhl a
half block in Raiston's third addition
for f550.
Call at the restaurant one door north
of the Express office, for good meals
at all hours.
Charles Elklns, well known here, is
the Republican nominee for clerk of
CYook county.
Young man, walk cireumieetly if
ou wish to keep out of the "Eyt-s and
Ears" column.
Beautiful Bargains,
and Better thau ever
Bieger, BrigMi-r
at the Farmers'
etore. See ad.
We grt quite a list of sutwriVrs tli's
week, all of them without any solicita
tion on our part.
A washboard given stay with every
tub bomrht of Cruson & Menzics in the
next thirty days.
We are glad to lenrn that Mr. Har
din will operate a brick-yard in Leba
non this summer.
Mr. MacKay, of Junction City, is
to about to conclude to open r. furniture
store in Lebanon.
The Lebanon flour mill w hoos-ht
Vy O'Neil Bros., who will make of it a
first-class roller mill.
Rnember ou get a wsshtoard froe
with every tub purehns-pd of Cruson
Menzics in the next thirty days.
Mr. Alvis Gentry sold his farm of
37J acres near Ij.b.uon to Mr. bimonds
of Nebraska, last week.
' J. M. Ralston last w eek sold to T. C.
Feebler a block in ltalstn's third ad
dition to Iebanon for f 7-50.
Moses Bros., of , A Isea, are now citi
zens of Lebanon. They will soon open
a bakery And grocery store.
Prof. Hickman "has gone to Califor
nia. Prof. R. N. Wright took charge
of the public school Monday.
Get onto our "Express" train (head
of first page). Annual ticket only $ 2.
Only train that "gets theie."
If anyone should ask, What mean
these lumber piles in Lebanon? just
tell them our town is growing.
The men who report fcr the "Eyes
and Ears" columns mut makeoi) their
minds to wear out shoe leather.
Among all the pictures 'taken byWil-
cox last weeK, that or "his satamc
majesty" attracts most attention.
If you are a mechanic and contractor
and really want work, respond totlu-
want expressed in another place.
Miss Lizzie Foot, of Brownsville,
passed through Lebanon Friday en
route to Sodaville, her former home.
Mrs. Calder and her son Willis went
to Brownsville Monday. Mrs. Calder
is visiting old friends, aud so is Willis.
Miss Beuna Kirkpatriek hastened the
publication of the Express this week
by her deft manner of manipulating
There is an increased attendance at
the public school this week, there bcifg
49 pupils enrolled in Prof. Wright's
Sweet Home wants a railroad. Rest
easy, fcl low-citizens, it will not be long
until we shall have a railroad up the
Mrs. R. J. Moses opened a restaurant
In Lebanon this week. We never saw
so many hungry people as frequent
this place.
Anyone desiring lodging can be ac
commodated by calling on Mrs. H. E.
Parris5, one door, north of The Ex
press office,
Frank Malone, who lives near Sweet
Home, is afflicted with a complication
of ills. We learn that he is in a very
critical condition.
We chanced to be in Brownsville at
the opening of the "Red Front." Mr.
Pillsbury has a very neat and well-
atocked jewelry store.
Mr. T. A. Swan is fencing a lot ju
north of C. H. Balaton's dwelling and
-will build a re-ideuce just as soon as
he can tet the lumber.
No. 1 cedar tub f 1 00
4 O CfQ
' " 80
At Cruson & Menzics.
Miners are arriving in Salem daily, all
bound for the Santiam mining country.
Mostly down to tied rock the boys are,
you bet. Salem Journal.
The Council has ordained the death
of every tlog in the city limits, unless
"- -4$, -iid on the same, and that
' i ...
"Mr. Smith, I understand you are
going to Seattle l live. Is it true?''
"Certainly; I would I a fool to go StH)
miles from home to die."
It is highly nrobable that the pres
ent nnriitw gauge lino w ill be cou verted
into a standard gauge and that it Will
le built through Lebanon.
Petewon A Walhice this Week sold
for Ed Huston two lots in Cowan's ad
dition for f375: and one lot for Jos.
Buhl to James Boyle for $140.
Quito a number of people from the
adjoining state of California have re-c-ntlv
come to our town aud have
found it a most desirable place to
Miss Uillerman, who resides near
Tiillnian. and who has liecn unde the
treatment of Dr. Foley for nearly time
moi:ths, Is so far recovered as to he
The dwelllngowned by Dr. Courtney
on the corner of Second and Bherman
treets, is undergoing repairs and will
soon rank among the desirable homes
in mat locality.
Rend the Interesting correspondence
from the new town of Laeomb. La-
comb is situ at ed on the Santiam east
of Lebanon and is rich in promises of
a bright future.
H. Y. Kirkpatriek and Dan Sltaw
left for Scnttltf Tuesduj". We were
sorry to see them leave, but there is
consolation in the fact thnt they will
not be gone long.
Mr. Niikerson, who owns and oper
ate a planer near the Lebanon hour
mill, is adding more machinery to bis
establishment and expects to be kept
very busy this year.
Urv. Lynch, of the Baptist church,
is announced to preach at the C. P.
church next Sunday morning. All
memler of that denomination are re
quested to be present.
J. B. P. rh, who lives two miles
west of Lebanon, reports the farmers
behind with their work. He tells us
helms 'e-shay in bis barn than he has
had for a number of years, ow ing to
the lng, severe winter.
The Lebanon Cornet Band has six
teen instruments, meets twice a week,
and can play letter music for the
amount of practice they have had than
any band we ever heard.
Conductor Edward Huston, in step
ping from a car in Albany on Monday,
slipped upon a cobblestone and sprained
his ankle, on account of which he took
a vacation for a couple of days.
We revived a letter from a company
of Salem architects this wwk. These
gentlemen ask if the new school house
will be built. The public school build
ing is to be completed by Sept. 1.
Wm.O. Bradlev of Albany committ
ed suicide in thelltel Poitland on the
16th inst. Mr. Bradley has been in the
employ of E. G. Beardsley at Albany.
His family are in Washington, Ind,
Two cows died in Lebanon one night
recently. They lay down upon the
green sward in apparent good health,
but the grass under I hem grew so fat
that it tickled them to death before
A Californian who has spent a few
days in Lebanon is so favorably im
pressed with our town that he wilt ex
change his home in the ''land of the
f rape" for a permanent residence in
The school larl have been tendered
two very desirable blocks on wnieli to
loeate the school house. Either block
is va'ued ct fl. 5ueh large-hearted
generosity is seldom seen in towns of
Lei aiion's size.
Rev. G. A. Blair, pastor of the C. P.
church ct Eugene, spi-nt a few days in
Lebanon this week soliciting money
for the new church edifice in Eugene.
He preached in the C. P. church three
evenings while here.
We inadvertently stated in our lust
ii-sue that the narrow gautre sold for
SI 1. "nn,0i .O, whereas we should have
said it sold for J-1,000.000. However
the mistake is so slight that it is hardly
worth while to correct it.
At the school meeting held Inst Mon
day the new public school huildiiur
was voted with comparatively little
opposition. Ijebanon v ili yet lo noted
not only for its numlTles industries
but as an educational center.
A private letter received by Mr. C. B.
Montague from Frank O'Neil assures
us that' work will le begun on the pa
per mill in about two weeks. We ex
pect a fruit-t-amiing establishment to
be built in the same quiet way.
Messrs. Klepper, Boone and Cadwal
ader, who went up the Santiam last
week in search of homes, returned Fri
day. Two of the party took claims,
and all three of the men expres them
selves as well satisfied with the coun
try. The paper mill which is soon to be
built at tliis place will empioy not less
than Bixty operatives; the monthly nay
roll, including material, will not be less
than $4000, and the daily output of the
mill will not be less than five tons of
It is stated that the men who are
ononinir a coal mine near Scio have
struck a vein of cool ten feet thick
at !
the end of a thirty-foot tunnel
i propose to develop the mine thoroughly
and expect to prove that they have a
valuable coal deposit-.
Mr. Gunard auel Dr. Barker return-
- .., hr,.ht Kftok with them
1A- ,i 'fnin. o, i,ii.
j S
j inens of the ore were left on exhibiton
at the Fxpkkss oflice.
Elder B. F. Kittinger of Gettysburg,
Pennsylvania, says he had Iteen suite
ing with a cold and cough, also his
wife, that they took to using Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and received
great benefit from it. Yet he says,
"It was so pleasant to take." For sale
by M. A. Miller.
Chas. L. Miller, of Brownsville, is a
breeder of thoroughbred chickens. He
has the Silver-Lacod Wyandottes,
White Wyandottes, Plymouth Rocks,
Brown leghorns, Houdans, Black Mi
norcas and other breeds ot the purest
strain. Farmers will find it much
cheaper and safer to buy of him than
to send East.
As we passed down Main St. we s:iw
an oth rwise good-nat r -d man weal
ing an expression of sadness on bis
face, while in his brawny arms were 40
yards of carpet, more or less, and lying
inside the gate weresome 10 or 12 joints
ot stove nipe of various sizes. We in
voluntarily attributed the changed
visage to extraneous circumstancje.
A great deal of improvement is goirg
on in the country aronnd town. Par
lies who have Itought small tracts of
land are clearing the land up and set
ting out fruit trees, berries, Ac The
next few years will show much greater
advancement in this valk-y than we
have seen in the past. Small farms
well tilled is what we want, for there
is nothing that makes a country show
1111 to better advantace than moderate-
j sized well-kept homes.
The One-Price Cash Store has become
one of the features of Lebanon. As
everything is new and fresh, and the
prices are o much lu'low that charged
111 credit-giving e&tablisbrueuts, people
who deHire to buy their goods for cash
naturally go to the corner, where they
do not have to make up to the store
keeper for the non-paying customers
S,ho, when they can do so, buy on
credit, and who are constitutionally
opposed to paying for anything. Get
prices at the One-Price Cash fctore and
if there is auv reason in you that is
t he rl:ice where vou will purchase vour
Pprlng house-cleaning is now the or
der of the h 3'. Now above all other
times the busy housewife is monarch
of all she surveys, or In modern par
lauee, "hos of the ranch," and the In
dustrious hnMlmnd finds It very con
venient to xpend his time at his ahp
or at the hack side of the farm us I lie
ctiso may Is-, unlil the clouds roll by.
Very few men like to be utilized as a
carpet-'treteher or floor-mop. It Is
fdeasant to take a vacation until peace
s declared and the tempest isHtilleel.
Fellow-townsmen, hoini-seeki-rs and
speculators, if you want a bargain In
town lots I have It. On account of 111
health I will sell nineteen choice lots
which are of extra size, ranging from
Mixl4 feet to 67x237 feet. Will sell
from one to nineteen lots at a bargain,
one-third cash, balance on time, one
year or les. These lots I must and
will sell w ithin the next thirty days,
oa account of wanting to travel for my
health. Call on It. Hiatt.
Or Peterson A Wallace.
Montague must be preparing for a
boom, Judging by the way ho is stock
ing up his Mammoth and One-Price
Cash Stores. By purchasing his goods
In such large quantities he naturully
gets much lower prices. He guaran
tees gsMl goods In all the departments
of his extensive establishments at
prices that absolutely astonish other
merchants in the valley. some of them
going so far as to sav that Montague
retails his goods as low as they buy
them at wholesale. The careful buyer
invariably goes to Montague's.
At a miners' meeting in Brownsville
Monday evening twenty mining claims
were poold and articles of lncorsira
tlon drawn. The company was organ
ized under the name of " The Cufopoola
aod Blue River Mill and Mining Co."
with a capital stock of $HH),0in. The
claims that were pooled were selected
from all parts of the district, and are
considered representative clairn. It
U expected that this company will ef
fect what individuals have hitherto
been unable to accomplish a practical
test of the mineral wealth of the two
districts. Reports of a subsequent
meeting have not yet reached us, but
we are ussuretl that steps will lie taken
to develop these claims.
The Trinity Mill and Mining Co. of
Brownsville own three vnJu;.blee!nl:iis
in the Calapoola district. The Gold
Dust Is 19 feet wide and assays on the
surface letween $10 and ?il, mostly
irold. The Zanonl is a weil-dcllm d
1-ad 6 feet in width, with granite ai d
p M-phyrv walls, and has la-en located
f r a" distance or two miles. The
Jenny Lind, the last of the Trinity
group, lies parallel with and at a di
tunee of 100 fret from theZanoni. It
is a wide lead, and, like the Zanoni,
assays well. These mines are owned
by J. A. Winter of Jefferson, A. Jack
Adams tf I-baiton, Cant. E. 1). Von
Ilngan, Wm. McLeoel and Peter Hume
(l-ankerl of Brownsville, asd H. W.
Qjddard of Portland. The company
w.ll make developments on their
claims thi coming season that will
s'.artle the "natives."
Last Saturday avenlng a number of
invited friends attended a piirty given
in honoi of Mr. H. Y. Kirkpatriek be
fore hi departure for his r.ew place of
resilience at Seattle. It was called an
"apron party," which turned out to be
only a scheme of the young Indies to
get their aprons nicely hemmed by the
unsuss'ct"mg young men. But the
scheme worked surprisingly well the
gentlemen hemmed the aprons in short
order, and the l.idies were made ac
quainted with S'ime new methods
and drsigrs in ti e h; mining
line. The young men of Lebanon
deserve credit for the skill th-y
have acpiired in sewing. (By the
way, some of them sr. asxious
to have a "patching party," o as to
get even.) ilr. KoU-rt Montos:tii' was
awardeti an appropriate prixe for iloing
the nt-Atest job of hemming; nntl a
prize was alo given t the one doing
the worst job. This prize was awarded
to a timid young man who couldn't
se-w worth a cent under the circum
stances. Out of resjs-ct to his feelings
we forbear giving his name.
But a uits-t disii-ult task was given
the gentlemen when they were called
upon to decide by hallet as to who was
the prettiest young lad v present. At
first the votes were very scattering
couldn t agree at all, hut they finally
compromised and made a selection.
We will not give her name, as several
of the defeated candidates are kicking
vigorously against the decision. The
ludii s had a similar dilhcult undertak
ing in voting as to who was the ugliest
young man present; but thev finally
agreed on our friend Kirkpatriek. The
defeated candidates in this instance
mle no objection to the decision.
"Kirk," we extend our sympathy,
believing you would not have Iteen
elected were you still the editor of Thk
All then repaired to the dining room
to partake 01 refreshments. 1 ins was
not the least enjoyable pirt of the
evening's entertainment. Just as lunch
was finished delicious strains of music
reached the ears of thu happy crowd
the Lehnnon hornet Band had come to
1'loyjAftftr rendering a couple of selections
111 an excellent manner, the band toys
were invited in. They accepted the
invitation and did full justice to the
deliciite rcpuM set before them, after
which thev discoursed some more sweet
music. By this tiuie the hour for ad
journment had arrived, and it was
unanimously voted a most pleasant
and eventful evening s entertainment.
Lacomb is booming.
We are setou to have a lcU for the
school house.
Farming is moving along at a nice
rate in the vicinity of Lacomb.
Mr. H. Jenkins has built himself a
new residence near Lacomb, aud has I
now moved in. j
Mr. F. M. Vanhorn has moved in j
the Glrard house. He has licen quite j
ill since he came to his new home. j
A party of ladies and gentlemen vis- !
ited the Downing Bros.' Haw-mill last
Sunday, and we presume they had
quite a" pleasant trip.
There was a school meeting at the
Lacomb school house last Saturday.
Not much business whs transacted.
Everybody wanted to do business, but
did not know where to begin.
The Downing Bros, have got Iheir
new steam saw-mill in running order
and are now prepared to saw an im
mense amount of lumber. We hope
they will succeed in iloing a good busi
ness. Mr. Myers' folks have found good
coal oil prospects near Downing's saw
mill, and we understand they have
sent lo the Standard Oil Co. for an ex
pert to come and examine the pros
pect. We understand that Messrs. C.J. and
M. L. Tucker have got their black
smith built and a wooden horse tied up
waiting to be shod. If they do not
shoe him pretty soon he will starve to
death, as he has been tied up for three
The coal mines are proving good, the
men having struck a ten-foot bed of
coal. They expect to run abont thirty
or forty teams all summer hauling coal
to the railroad, which will be good for
teamsters. In a short time they ex
pect to work day and night in the coal
bank, working two sets of hands.
A. B. C.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted tn mc will pleahe call and frettle,
I as I need my inoney.
There lies on our table, aud also on
every other table in Ibis country, an
annual, the popularity of w hich is a
standing menace to the small country
newspajH-r. A glance at Its contents
will reveal the secret of Its popularity.
It Is nothing ls than an encyclope
dia of science, literature, art, pills und
spavin cure. To avoid mistakes, lil
months are consumed In Its prcp-ira-tloii
like the dog fentn-1 It matures
annually. It would ! Impossible
(without writing to Dr. J. C. Ajcr k
Bon for statistics) to compute the
ntnntar of languages Into which It has
been translated. We, onrsrlves, have
seen translations In the language of
"Bristol," "Jayne," "Hood" and
"Aver," with some choice selections
in the classic language of Bill Nye.
The lack of a p vfaee, so conspicious
In work's of merit, Is supplied w ith a
Iwautiful frontispiece an anatomical
plate, which doubtless suggested to
Gray the preparation of that little
book of his that Is so universally read
by doctors. Surrounding this picture
are suie valuable hints to the medical
profession; written In hieroglyphics
and of little value to any hut the initi
ated. We have no doubt that your
curiosity has excited desire to read
more aiul we haw not yt turned the
first page of this wonderful volume.
Very early in ths body of the work we
find a circular picture called the
.odiac, enclosing some rare specimen
of natural history. This picture re-semble-s
in Its outlines the modern
corral anil was a device used anciently
by Texas cowboys lor capturing billy
goats for secret societies. In this
museum of antiquity called the zodiac,
may also be seen the Siamese twins,
who were called gemini by the Ro
mans, some Coluiubia river salmon, a
lolister from Yaqulna lay aud a fine
sjtechiien of Latinixod Itcef called
Ta-irus. This book Is likewise invalu
able to the tailoring classes Inasmuch
as it tells them when the sun sets and
is as effectual in quelling strikes as a
regiment of militia you seldom hear
the mechanic strike after the sun takif
his seat. It also tells when the sun
rises, a fact which very few people
care to know. Coder t he head of tes
timonials (one of the very Interesting
chapters of the book) we "get the news
of recovered friends and relatives and
for another twelve months our solici
tude for suffering humanity is relieved
and we involuntarily exclaim. "Lone
live the author."
The above are some of the reasons
why js-ople read the almauac in pref
erence to the newspaper. W e have
but one objection to raise to this com
pendium of know lodge, the-so books
are printed in the east. We do most
heartily protest agai list the in) Dona
tion by eastern weatl-r bureaus jf all
the alsHiiinable dim. C features of 40
-tntesand territories. Any man who
undertakes to manufacture n western
weather reirt in an eastern climate,
twelve months in advance ha entered
upon a most perilous course; a course
that must inevitably break down
onewheie. W.-nther tnaii:if.tctun d
in the east spoils in shipping, l'lease
bear tliU in mind.
A R!f t oonlry.
We gather from parth-s recently re
turned from up the Santiam that there
are thousands of acres of fine agricul
tural and timlter land ou this stream
yet unsurveyed. Here Is a va't stretch
of territory unequalled in Cie fertiiltv
of its soil and in Its dense fore ts of
pine and fir, which w ill lie utilized by
the present aud succeeding generations
in building up the grande-t empire
this world has yet known. A prelimi
nary survey has ls-eii mad through
this conutiy, aud la-fore many years
pass a railroad will transport the pro
ducts of this section and give its in
habitants communication with the
outlying worm. ,- lew tamiiies neve
located in the Ixittoni-', and it is the In
tention ot lr. v hitcomh to put 111 u
snw-mlll and other Improvement
New-comers in" search of homes and
who nave not the money to buy Im
proved farms, might do wnnw thnn to
locste in this section of country.
-Shall XVm Mar More C hurrliro r
Emms l.EAien F.xprkss;
lliix Ik iji-sdim thnt sm-prn every rltin-n of
lA'litttion. We ee no rvisn why u-e ahotiM tiH
hare more Chun-h otjnmUnlions; there rertnioly
l preat tMM-exaitjr Tor them. It i-cvui lo 1 the
eonclu-'ton of me otie t lit one-fourth of otir
people mtn ne-esrlly po direet to hell ami oue
fis.irth g hrtllins between two opinions. In onler
to keep tip the finance of the church itml to keep
our eitlzi-iishlp t-nipc-rty rlirMed into Christian?,
haU-C'hrltiii!t-t and sinners.
There I no reon why every citizen of Ix-ha-tnn
should not Ihj a ehureh-jmer and a Christian,
llosidei this e exxs-t people to come from the
E:it and South to live with u. Thry a? coining-.
We pteet them conlinUy, and want them to have
all the chun-h privtlenoi iosille.
More church onrnnlzalhino do not necessarily
make i-pintual division. If It doe, woe unto
fhristlanity! An lo two MethiKli.-ni, they have
existed in America for nearly tiny years with
Stealer uhww thnn before. Citxl in hia prrvi
deuee lia so onlcn-d it, and man xhould not
rebet. Tlicre need be no spiritual division or ani
mosityif there Is ntch you may look for the
The term South amount to nothing; It t only a
mark of distinction irfreii at the division ia 1MI.
Why need vdc hate that word any more than
any other word "in liiewe ilnysof eace?" The
term South has nothing to do with the war, hav
itiK been (liven to 11s yearn before It, in separating
Into two bodies.
The Methoilist Eplejl church South has
property here, and ha had it for years; they have
member and friends here, and a financial
board In Nashville, Tenn., to btck them, and by
the help of God they expect to ortninixu and
build soon.
Let tin consider this matter prayerfully Hitd
come up to the help of tin- lri, without prcju-dii-e
or sectarian bisotry. If we do thin in a
Christian spirtt, tod will bless all churches with
an outpouring of divine love, and we will see a
higher standard of Chrislianily ill our low u and
vicinity. Business will also prosper.
A Lover or Tne CAi sr..
Itrport of Ilntrlcl fio. 81.
Spring and summer term nnnincnrcd Slnri'h
10th. No. of pnpilK enrolled, 27.
Those who werw neither ahsent nor tnnly lnr
liiB the month were Frel Joiitry. John lUtn,
Cfporg Tlllotson, Melvcrn Stewart and Nellie
Thoxe who reeeived per cent. In nritlmietic.
In the Gniinmur M-hool prude, in eliiss A, were
Etna hcttle. Myrtle Keebler, Ellen Uentry. Annie
Eavenis; in class n were Nancy tiontry and Cath
arine Hanwird.
The one who received the moM headmnrkK In
claw X In Primary prode if (ieorpe Tilloton.
The one who 1 the neiiteKl work in Primary
grade was Mary Mcfunnick.
Mks. II. Tit.uTsoN, Teacher.
Changed Every Week.
Ejrgs 15c per doz. .
Sprinp; chickens $4 00 per doz.
Old chicket)9 $5 00 per doz.
Uroilcra ?S 75 per doz.
TJuekfi $S 00 per doz.
Geese 9 00 per doz.
Turkeys 12Jc per lb.
Side 10c per lb.
Shoulders -8o per lb.
Hani ll'cperlb.
Butter 25o per '
Lard lit paila ?1 J5 pt-r can.
" " bulk Ro per lb.
"Kold Kash Kounts" at the
fcgiv "gtore. t-iec ad.
Giving Away Kid Gloves !
IFackleman lias been over-run with applications for tho
gift, and wants it understood that he has not a pair to give
away. The misunderstanding probably originated from the
remark of some customer that they were literally giving
giving away (Jloves at llacklrma.'s. Of course the5' pimply
meant that the prices asked were next to a gift, which is
true enough, llackleman sells the
Every pair warranted or yeur money refunded. Come and
take a look.
You Could Buy Cheaper !
Cast Your Eye on
Best Table Peaches, per can
Plums, " " ;
5-1 b Can San Diego Honey
4-11 1 Package (Sermea
4-lb " Monarch Rolled Oats ...
I-Cia1. Can Vermont Maple .Syrup
2 lbs Black Boneless Cod Fish
3 Cans Concentrated Lye
1 Packages Bird Seed
:$ " Corn Starch
" Gloss Starch
Best Young Hyson Tea per lb
Our Regular 00c Uneolored Japan Tea
50c Japan Tea
In bulk or papers.
9 Cans Tomatoes 1
9 41 Peas
9 " Corn
15. lbs Golden C Sugar.
' Extra C "
' Dry Granulated Sugar
' Rice
4 Costa Rica Coilee
' Best Rio "
Roasted "
Frazer's Axle Grease, per can
3,400 California Matches for
Hats Cats, (h:x kkky A Ui.asswake
At Greatly Reduced Prices
TO O L O !- 1Z OUT.
We mean business, and if you wer Clothes or use Gro
ceries you can get them very cheap from us for a short time.
We need more room, as we contemplate adding a fine stock
of Drv Goods, Fancy Goods, c, to our stclr.
Don't be deceived by those who claim that there is noth
ing worth having except the goods that they may have for
sale. An inspection of our goods will convince 3011 that
you have been mi-lead. Don't go to some other town to
spend your cash and then ak credit of your home mer
chants. .T O XI TV O . 3R, H2 HI I ,
CPitircPiill & Nlontit4i's Old Stand.
To Make Kooui for !y
Spring and Summer Stock
Entire Stoek of
Boots 8c Shoes
Now Is the Tim to
I Propose to Have
Leading Dry Goods Store
In the Valley.
rviviL, ORDERS
Promptly attended.
Albany, Oregon..
Our Cash Prices:
Smooth Shave and
Shampooing; and Spanish Lus
ter Cures the Scalp of
Gentlemen and
Larliea May
Indulge in the
Next Door to I'ctcrson A Wallace's Real Estate
I. It. 1IOHTJM, - - Prop.
Money! Money!
Good Farm Property
8 Per Cent.
I examine my own security, write
my own papers, and if title is perfecl
can cIobc business up in ehort order.
Call on or write me.
With E. O. Beardsley,
Mighty growth, last ten years, into one of the WrV
lireat Cities is without a parallel No pen can now poi.;,
her resources or the continued prosperity that the year?? cf
he future will pour into her
World Renowned
And her SCENIC shore lines on Lakes and Sou: d?
Never has the hand of Nature been so lavish in her gifi -
make the WORLD'S LAST GREAT CITY! Roim f
her seven hills was as Hothing to Seattle's snow-crow d .;
Olympias on the North and West; Cascades on the East n d
Sjuth, and from these mighty bulwarks of health en?-.
inspiration-giving, there rises the mighty .
Mount anier
Above every competitor
one of SEATTLE, the
Citv at her base, which in another score of vearsxnli- rrs f--in
POPULATION every city on the Pacifie;' the wm.tTT
birrest ocean! !
Lots $200 Each
Every lot in full view of Mount Ranier and Lake Washington: n
railroad; at depot; adjoining Ravenna Park; an electric railway a.- -
as can be completed to it; half tlozen fine residences already under
tract on Addition; t2nXAH) Female
Is the place where men and women f Money
ment will make their homea and why?
:b :e o
The College, the Mineral Spring?, Itavenna Tark, the view of y -r
Ranier (which ia grander here than any where else on PugetSt ;
which, if for no other reason, would make it most desirable.
In Seattle a mighty City is building. Take hold of the best "
vou have a chance at Lowest Prices. ,. ,
TO THE PIONEER A WORD: Why did you cross the pis.-.?
Why did you take your life and that of others in your hands tocv . s
this Coast? What pen can write the histery? Vou have Con' -i
tins land, made the growth of great cities imperative, and the am-jl?,.-..-
of great fortunes, almost in a day, possible. Now; by the investm- " f
a few thousands, or hundreds, you may reap the harvest that belr ' x ' I
you. Will you do it? 1 he greatest corporations, the ablest nnar !'- f
of Europe and America, are investing thousands nay, miUiou-. "'-,.
Seattle. Will vou not invest? Your chance is NOW. Seize r. t '
have a 60-acre tract, an 80 and two 40-acre tracts. Only a few I
cheap; ripe for platting, any one of which will make you your fi r it. !..
in a shert time. Buy quick, I can't duplicate them.
Rev. J. R. Kirkpatriek is among you and Sole Agent for
.- ' - - I '
In Oregon. Call on Him at Once- 1;
I will be in Albanv in a few days and will remain only a d-. I
would be glad to meet you personally and urge you to join us i:
material upbuilding of Seattle, the Queen City of the Paeifie. ,
in Seattle be sure and call at Room 348 Seattle Block, wheie I wi..
genuine pleasure in showing you the city.
on the Pacific, remind'rg
and Upwards
i:V 30 I.A3f
College to be opened .Vptewber,
and Sense and P.-;
u s is
supplies. i M. A. Millkr.
" r . - . . - cr--