The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 07, 1890, Image 6

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    "" ' ' " f .f t ,r w." - -' i!V . :v-.-. ',, .v .....v. . -', ' .
He Iciaijoij Express.
H. Y.
on; mission.
No man can lonp; roneun in i
strumcd or unnatural position.
Sivmer or later lie will lot the mask
tdi aido nml tlUidose hirt true
t'hiu-aoter ami standing The tnoHt
piti.iLlc ami unenviaUo siijht im;ur
iualilo ia that of the mim who
aspire to a position for which
ru'.turo novcr intoikled him. Thin
is vliat hurft thf iwz us the fuhlo
poo.?, and I,' for one, never RBjiiml
lt martyrdom. In conversation
with it I'crtain man, not lon.a mm),
hi' ti.Id mo that hi ohjoction to
T'.ik KxV-kkss was that it hud no
j'oliti'.-!. Wr j'.iv nci'.hir an in-;-U'ii
-tor in liovcrnmertta! n flairs
r.or i Urtaior iu politico. Ye an
iv-iitc st in . i no humble Pphcro of
w-':: thoror for Lebanon and'.iiri;:
country. -All our readers
rr !!;- pditimiis; many of them
t.'le- i Viioro intorost in political
i c-As hui ia un uiuyvtukerV ad-
. : .-v.:i-ni. Tin' :':;! hi.v--; of
'.-.- .no cairn -.v. d v. Uh l-i:-;;-
i-.c.v :'.v! r-.vrial r'-'l.itioas to tlu
,'xriu.-itii of j'oiitii'.s. An
. .) r. reftm for not puhlh-hir.? ft
.: .! .... ..... 1 r.
t'.o. . ,i; iii"fKij:i i iii'-u irv ii.i..
'lr:::ay ::uny iie'.v)'a;,r of tid;
i l.o-. " nr. rcpreixnlirir tin; dif
k politic-til cono li-sion3 of oi:r
ii.t-.;,.-, fa'..h out of riiirh h larki-d
hy j-wly j:-.:roiiai.'.. Htill smother
fr v.ot Ci!o..:irkiji,i,' on the
rro'ahloci F.c:. f JkjIUW i that poli
tiw i in.? n.:thiu Li:rhcr to oll'or th
pa'di.ihfi" oj a tshtjet of our uimcn
i;i.i? than u farl;::::!. We are not
naming thin p?p;.T f tr ;:lory hut
f !' I'm.' in.iny t'iH'ro it? in H. Last
ly, v,v prefer a 'neutral cour?:o
bvcanse it U far safer for a li;.:ht
v.;ihi. who known .nothing of
Quoen'vury ru!v. Y& havo cur
convict ion?,
ivoi-. n;r! nro ttft n!!-d io avr.1V
tie :.! us a private citizen, or viue
:!,' h at every election. V.'e never
m rotated a-mor.opoiy of talnt,lmt
on the other hand believe that
tlo.. re 'are , about ten millions of
.tuts Li th'-e United States with
I;:-.; in power equal to our own, and
.r : C(tv.potent to v,ei,"h and de
elde jraliers ef puhlt'i moment as?
the editor of any hx-ai hov.njmj'C?.
Nv, fellow citizens, we presume j:ot
to -olifihi';n Aincricm voters, ami
vrouid a soon think of boi.qbavdmff
Gl-br-iitar v. ith boiled )vd,o, or
I'ht-iiir iiji l'i:get r'otmd by iloatinr
o (,n; on its ruri'iee. li" we .ait
.Induce a Vk proj.-ortion of our Ln
m It' .'!. '43 to f:'tt!e znutng mvup 'ly
!:i" j'atrona with local and poneral
ueviV, ;.;nd jjive an impetu.-- to bvsi-'-r:.
by pkeing b;fi;rf our readers
;Le i!'ii'arli.mcut8 of a ccei.erou;
i-uh'ie. our ambition a ill
L:i; 1 ten realized.
..'.)(iei? Is'llercl'y given that rdl er
oiii tire forbidden to buy or purchase
iiole of WuvM ajjainst .rdweli
'ark l-y Geo. M. (.lark, no'A nete
cf'i.ab.-it tliey, ,,r Imt:, which said
'.. ; . ,'f. Ciurk claimed, inet ecii Io.t,
..! J, the iini!e)i!.'!!i, CVinp.vell
t-'iuvU, gave' a new note which Ju:
; paid in full.
AVo a Dae liil! of $22? for lmiik-r,
Whieivhiw ij:en paid io full, naiij
iU" ''i'- trivet; about Murcli firt, hSTS liiif t h JiiUi tiny of February,
' ' ' . .if Y ...l.'itw.ii 1... ......
C'AHOWKf.;, (Jf.AItli.
(m1 priee anil eosli at tho muv nth
"ton; but ov.trytl!in;r f.(J!il cheap uhtl !
OiJivt'O'i'. to any purl of (he city, j
t . i
i jo lree iiiiv f.iso m tn,uh i
veu can tfottiiOH'spbiulHl Hm-kiiihaiu. j
& I'ieeht ipotU at .ilontiiguo's I;mi-i
..,..!. 1 .. I. ... . . . . ... i
v 1.15 iyi;v i 4,;v j
''t'-h ftere.
Pooing is heliovinf;, wo have been
told; hut what is mndng? No two
mon oo exactly alike. Not only
do no two mv.n wo alike, but ovory
man is oompollod to correct bin
own vision m ho prowH in judg
jnont, or changes his point of obser
vation, Viidou in affected by at
mofiphorii'al conditions, hy educa
tion, by tato and skill; and must
nocoHsarily como to erroneous con
cUiaionH . l'Oripectinp tho objects of
it: oi Horvation. Tho oyo i prob.i
bly'tho least roliablo of the fumsM,
Tho hand in too quick for the oyo.
The skilled jut'idor! make a fool
of uny man who insitftd tluit Moehig
is believia:,'. The not unfroipiont
illusion known as the mira;o
(which it? duo to cor tain atmospher
ical conditions), teaches us the un
reliability of the eye an an infalli
ble .tuide uo.der all circuaistaneeH.
Any do;;; can look at a painted
esuivaw. but ho cannot ho paid to
Fee anything, utrictly pjieakiii'; but
the artist who:;o eye has, been edu
cated by u losur asid n,;u di'iiilinc
v ill be ravi.du d by tho gi'ht. Ank
two individuals to describe a. por
ts;:! if tcrriiorv thr;;uih v.'hlfli
have tVi-'S"
; CM'
you '.viii
ne ea.:. ti--' : l
with .v:e'.r.ioy a:;d j;i .i t,'.! liie
i'..:ii!:.nn'.;'lo;i f the country,
fan.:;;, th" crop!?, the eharccii;:"
cf tho :- :;!, 'te., tho other, wi:cr-e
Yi-don i: e.-ua!ly pood, ban even
little or absolutely nothing of all
these thhip-1. Every obji cl .'':c'": by
his cunpaoi ; may have heyii pic
tured on bio visual nryaiv?, but i
the o..L'c ivrve fail in fr to trani-j-oit
the iiaapo to tho brain, h- par."
notltivip ' ()".r ever? were jjiveii V.?.
for c. puf.,,e, and if licy fa:! of
their pur noe it U berau-'e
've !-. r.nt UK'! then! do
not keep them open. There in
mere involved in feeim than nm:'t
pooj h arc aceu.'te.meu to think.
In tho early clays of California,
when every man -was in search of
gold, Fcorcis of men stumbled over
a ma:-:.-; of rock that Lay in tho line
of ti'i'vcl, but thoy St opped only
lon;r euouh to vent their profan
ity. One day a man eaine iuf
v!e did net (dumbly over thh
'"rei k of olb.iiee," in; aw it l;efore
bo came to it, on reaching it broke
off a idcce, 'v::ikcd" a claim and
found himself the ovav".-r .of one of
tlie riek-j.-t mines in the state.
The dl.'fereueo l.-etwcea Ihi.-i man
i.i. d others v. us he had Li oyes
ot n.
He'iiom u day paj.-;e- but tiiat
i-ome. ooc v.ho sfccf i'arrher into the
future than other.-., Heixes an oppor
tunity that lead:-' to f-:ueeeHS, mid
retires with a competency. -The
opportunity was to nil, but only
this man had hi eye open. Hi
competitor:, cimse their fate, and
uttrihuto iiiri .;.,, fortune to lu.-k
tto Know;: he-tu.r. i i!'re WiU he j
blind men to tiie end of lime, and j
tie-re will never be a, period in our
hbtory when the declaration of the
Worlds preat Teneh;i" will red ho
applicable to a majority of our race
"Kyca ye have but yc hoc not."
One of the foremost literary
women in America in El Li Jlippin
bou, who:-:e jioctry and fiction hat;
been pujdi'died widely in the Pad
inp perivdiviUs?. bhe 1 an oripimd
thinker and an -inciivo writer in
)ro--e ,'ui well as a po't,ai:d her pen
always commanda tin' attention of
thfuphtfnl people. Mrs. lfip'pjnKon
Imh ie'oi!,i -1 editorial charpe f a
Woman's; Department in the Went
Jioro and will make that, excellent
illu-Hrafed weekly doubly intcrcet
hlg to the ivoinei) of tie; went.
Children Enjo'
Th pienwutt rhvor, ;;;eiitl action nnd
Koat'r.iiijf fi'-ftt efriyriip of FiM, u h n
in wed of j Jj'xntiveiuid if tin: ,fn! her
or mother ln. eustive or Utiuus the
mo-l ,';ratifyin;,-n."ultH rollow in. mat.
m tliiil it i.s 'he hf.Ht finiilv veiiK'dv
known said tverj- family sJioiiiil luive a
ho ;t!i, 1
Montague's fall stock ia
now complete in vvcry do
ptxrtmoMt. Tho Mammoth
storo 'is filled with as choioo
uoods, adapted to this mar
ket, as money will buy.
Our all wool Aldino suit
ings, a full yard wide, which
we are ndling at 50 cents per
yard, is without doubt the
bed value for tho money over
olVeved to the ladies of Leba
non. Our Ftot'k of Henrietta
cloths, etmhmores, tric'48,
camel hair ponds, waterproofs,
and advance stylus of every
thing woanble is t--itnply im
metiH'.'. Tho ladic' are invit
ed o call tiud take a look
throuph the .uood.-. Tltey were
houd at very low prices and
will bo sold corresponditiply
Montntr.teV Flock of fancy
work iiuUcrialri, as zephyrs,
wool.-: and yarns, embroidery
Hiiks, in fact everything that
;:ooh! to nrnke up a complete
line f material tor fancy work
can be found at Montague's.
Our slock of boots and
shoes vitK made expressly for
us and every pair we tu-11 is
fully warranted. "When yu
wantan vihs nt: in the foot wear
line look over Montague's
stuck and fr;et his prices. If
you want to ret good goods at
living prices you will necessa
rily buy your bootu and shoes
of .Montague.
Montague is opening -tip th
Uriest and best selected stock
of ken's, Boys' rmd Chil
dren' n Clothing ever opened
at this place. VVe can iil any
Htie both in size and price.
Montague carries Oregon City
Clothing, California Cassi
niere Clothing, Eastern
ViVe-sleds, ;-s well as a great
variety .f servieealilc, low
price.! gooils.
Tho One I'rico Cash Store
will continue to deliver Gro
ceries, and (jenoral Mcrchan-di.-u
to the citizens of this
place and vicinity tit a mere
nominal advance over the
original cord.
Persons .who owe me HOST
I flo not propose to vasto
much 'time in dunning. In
fact there are some who imag
ine they should not be dunn
ed tit all, but it takes money
to de .business. Do not be
surprised if you hud the note
or account you may .happen
to owe me in the hands of an
otiicer ,
The .Ions-, wearv credit bus
iness is a thing of the past in
Sept, 2Q, 188fl.;
FOll MF , w V.All.
This shoe is made of h ines turnery calf, has solid bee
and soles, and is the fl l sb n. for, $o.OO. ever pioduccd
Manufactured, by .
Cabn. Hiciclsburt 4 Co,, - ... San' Francisco
Druggist and - Apothecary?
r.I) IN
Pure Diukss, Mkdiuink
Paints, Oils nnd G la;
Fine I 'crfumcryjnislics c: O.-inbs
CHiAltS AND J'A.M.'V Tdf.FT A;;T: : :.
Proccnptlons Accurately Compourc'5:J.
Iii:iin JStTu-ut, Lcbruiuti, Oivj-oi i,
Golden Rule Bazaar,
ThO Lending Crockery, Kii ney Good
.aid Toy store of Albany, Orison,
Rogers Bros. 1847 Silverware,
Boy s Mgoss, Ba!)j
General Assortmcnl of Fancy Goods. A
HMf'aU.v In tin' J'"ititwt 'IjiM unci '?;!'
lie Ijuvs direct fori ml ca?h and carrios iha lafclj
' siiK-k m the valley. ' vy
'vzsr Xvfr ,7- T?ir CT "'srSHr. z&fr
p i j i I ;.U s i t,.:,.
All parii" eei'.ter.'plitin.i ImiKbii, or desiring lumber
any oilier j)iirpos;; v'b at c-ver would do well to call on
At bis lumber yard at ihh place or at tbe f;aviuiU.
We liavo on band a utoek of
Koug'h and Clear Lumber. '
Bills of all kinds filled on' short notii
Give. me n call
Before PurcliasiBg' Elsewhere.
iimi3)Iirey & Taylor
Why l5ay
Tan par cent Interest on Hones
AVlion Vu t'aiti -t It
Oregon Land Company
Albany, Oregon.
Asl.iby& Dickinson,
B, Montague
feci China and Glassware
.em jo1i Carnages.
Hurt linen opened at
In the now Htorci-onm of W. J. tii
next iloiii- to The Kxpn-HH, vIkmv
Jiositiis u am stoi'K of
Embroidery Material
May bo oMuineil All kltidfl J
Liuio on
Ami in jC' . J
OlviMi.'i.a Cull.
1 - -