The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, January 10, 1890, Image 6

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Lebanon should start lt" the now
your with tliedi-termlnatlon J lirm
io.solve that Iwfore tho yenr 1)0 rolls
t;ito oblivion she will buvo ti wnti-r
ditch llowhig through town. It h'.I
x.oukl only juuko ouo vkMpoi-atc otl'm't
-and pull toguthor wo would have It In
lis than six mom Int. Now is tlu Uinu
for us to jvel in and take up thin project;
nilior towns are wlioopiug up thir
railroad entorprisi's, or aouicthliijj of
t!atort, and the one thut oilers tin:
Ivst i ml uovii tents to vorkiiu;nu'ii is the
oiuflthat will go uhcud every time. We
know thut our citizen have done well
oa the ai)Lr mill. 1UU we dun'l wuit
t' stop, 'livery dollar pjniit toward;
Hitch enterprises will brintf Ivuk two In
this long run. It if a matter of in ,'est
ment and should be looked on us ue!,
mi let us mako the start delay Is
It is earnestly hoped that en; another
New Year day arrive the people of
Lebanon can look upon a water ditch
funking through our thriving eity,and
;tW t e a good Hyvttiiu of sewerage and
.Uer works fn operation.
As was announced lat week, the
r.oardef Trade met Monday evening,
and considerable Interest was muni
iVftted. After the reading of the min
utes the president appointed the fol
lowing standing committees for the
ensuing year:
On advertising S. O. Wallace, II.
Y. Kirkpatriek, M. A. Miller.
On linaiKe il. A. Miller, C. C.
On manufacturing J. 3. Swan,
Jusph Elkins, W. IJ. Donaea, Clias.
I). Montague, G. T. Cottan.
We believe the above-named com
mittees will accomplish much during
the year 131)0. "
It has been reported during the past
week that the law protecting Chinese
pheasants oxpired with the obi year,
iiut it will liot be well to heed such
an vice, for Hill's Code, Section l!Ul.
uiys the law was enacted and approved j
'Nov. 21, ISSo.and protected these bird
for six years from the parage of the
a:t,Hit it will be seen that the time will
not expire until Nov. 21st, li!)l nearly
two years honce.
An exchange very aptiy remarks
Ail burglars are hereny noth'l.'d not to
pay us any nocturnal visits with the
expectation of getting money. Ifthey
v. ant our money they must call on our
delinquent subserikeas, a lit of whom
w ill bo furnished on application to this
Owing to tl.o IncrcKU'd Imtdncsw In
tho .real catnto trau '-iotioitft In and
n;:;iud T'.rl,".noii, cce:v!o.ijd by the
natural faisi;' " v" 51 e Ihocrecthm
of tho paper niih uiivi dhwontorprlsc1,
the bushier In real cstat;' has grown to
BUch proportions that VY. C. l'oteinon,
onlv real white man, bus found It nce
csMiry and imperative to lake. In an
other member In order to answer the
culls umde upon him.
After due consideration he hfi en
tered Into piirtnon.hlp with S. (). Wat
lace, a mnn of ludu-try mid eliterpr!s,
who will he associated with Mr. l'cter
su in the real i slate buslms in l'tm
non, Oregon. They arc prepared In
evt ry way to make the bent burtftihiw in
ill! fiirm and town property for those
dfslrinirtoi:-.!!.". The tonus will bo as
rei'sonrhle, if not more so, than tiny
other real t state nam In the county or
state. They are prepared to advertise
all property phurd in their hauds;and
will snare no efl'urt, or expense In nun
insr inirehaA'is. The great Kast is
sending forth many men, owing to our
favorable climate and fertile so.i, who honirs and farms. They must
be satisfied. Wc are prepared to thow
all the advantages of the country. To
those desiring to sell we oiler g'eat In-
1i,ir...iiciitH. To tin man who desires t
make quick sales aud large protlts in
real estate In this part of Linn county,
put your property in our bauds. If
necessary we can furnish all proof of
business integrity and will take gnat
pleasure in tnswering all correspond
ence, as well as showing any and nil
desiring to purchase homes hi K pros
perous town and country the many
g.od barg-iins which we will oiler
Our ofllec is always open.
I'ktemkon & Wallah:.
W. C. retersou. S. O. Wallace.
Mor.tar'ue's fall ntor-I: it;
now comploto in every de
partment. Tho Mammoth
Btoro ia filled with as choice
pooils," adapted to tin mar:
kot, as money will buy.
Our nil wool Aldino puit-imr-i.
a full vard wide, which
wo arc wiling at 50 cents per
viii'd. is without dut)t liu
licBt value for the money ever
offered to tho ladies oi Jxsba
Our stock of I Ion riot tn
cloths, cashmeres, tricots
camel hair goods, waterproofs
and advance styles of every
thing wearwble is simply im
mense. The ladies are invit
fl tn mil nnd take a look
hrough the goods. They were
imi'dit at verv low prices and
wilt be sold eorrespondingh
l:,-coni'ou.T!U l&Vl.
' Mt'iulontM may CfUef nt tiny time,
Thorough and Practical in Instruction, , , , ,
Tuition, lows Board nnd Rooms, Bimoomnk,- .
Term of 10 wo oka beqan -Tuesday, November 13,
The floademii Building hns been repnirpd,
'.; Now School Hppliances novo been McuM, ;
The Curriculum of Study has been Keuicnu, ,
Send at Once for particulars.
K. N. Wright, B- SM Principal.
100 Acre fur UllOO.
This is oil rich land and capable of
hiqh cultivation, good springs near
house, small orchard bearing plenty of
fruit, aud an abundance of good oak
;:ml fir wood and pole timber, l-'irst-iriass
for Fruit or Dairy Farm. Situa
ted three miles from Lebanon. For
full particulars call on E. U. JSEAliDS
LllY, Ileal Instate Agt-ni, IlroiidalOln
i; treu't near First, AHrfthy. Oregon.
Sidle Tax Lnvy jtauu.
The state executive board, consisting
4,f (Jor, Penuoyer, Secretary of State
Mcllride, and Treasurer Webb met in
liie ol'.icc of the latter Monday and
made a levy of taxes for state purposes
lor the year ISOOus fvllows: For gen
eral expense fund, live and tvventy-il.ree-uiirty-liftlis
mills; university
tax, "ue-xcvciitb mill; military tax,
one-fifth mill, making six mills in all.
The net valuation of the state is J10I,
"y. '5,472, a six mill tax upon wliich will
r;.i-- a revenue of W!),518 !J3, or
(ih.'i 19 for general expenses, 14,512 ,T;
for university and 20,317 29r mili
tary. ialem KUites;nan.
mmi . ..
Ice skating mid.!eigh riding was all
"the rage the first of the wtnk, but it
fc.'cms to be njlittle quiet now.
To lie Given Away.
Within the next si;ty days two h.ts
on Main street will l,o civen away to
any party or parties who will build on
each lot and curry on it good legitimate
business for three years. Inquire. of
. I'eterson & Wallace, real estate
Female Hp . -cialist. II us practiced on
the Pad He Coast for tbo pat twenty
Ji ve years. A life tune devoted to the
study of female troubles, their cnino
and cures. I luwo thousands of tesli
nmniols of permanent cims from the
ts.-st people on this coRst. A positive
gaar.tnteeto perinunently cure any ccsc
of female weakness, no matter how
long standing or what the stage may
bu. Charges retisonal.irt nnd within
the reach ef all. For the isMicfit of the
very poor of my ecx who are sufferinj
from any of the great muliiiudo of ail
ments that follow in the train of that
terrible disease known as female weak
lit s, and who uro not able to pay ior
treatment, I will treat frea of charge;.
Consultation by mail, free, Alt corres
Donilciice strictly confidential. Medi
cines packed, boxctl and ;-nt ly ex
press with charges pre-pai imr
"home" treatment, with hprcitie ilirLf
tions for use. If you are sufi'eriugfroin
any female trouble, pcrlndically or con
stantly, Address,
Olyju'ia K. Muhiiay, JL 1).,
Eastrortbmd, O recoil
One price and cash at the new ensh
;dore, but cvirything Fold cheap and
delivered to any part of tho city.
For any information regarding rate;
or fair to Eastern cities and other in
formation call on
M. E. IIeac.n, Agt. S. P. Co.,
Lelmnon, Or.
We call the attention of the farmers
to tho fact that wo are running our
chopper on Thursday, Friday and Hat-
unlay of each week. Our prices are-
reasonable and work guaranteed.
Cross & llYUE.
linsliiesH location cu west side (
Main street, in Lebanon, at a bargain,
for the next few days. For particulars
inquire at this olliee.
Montairue's stock of fanc
work materials, as zephyrs
wool: and yarns, embroidery
Bilks, m lact evcrvtltmL' ma
crocs to make up a complete
lino of material lor lancv worK
can bo found at Moniaguc s.
Our stock of boots am
shoes was made expressly for
us raid every pair we Fell is
fuliv warranted. When yu
wantanvthinfj; hi the loot wear
line look over Montue s
jftf-V nnd fot. his tiricC'S. If
. - . ' V - V ..... r-.-.
vou want to rot good poods at
livins: nrices vou will neces.-a
..." . ,
nly buy your boots and snoe
of Alontasue.
Montacrue is onenin" up the
hiTest and best selected stock
of Men's. Boys' and ChU
drcn s ClotWin'' ever openot
at litis place- We can lit any
one both in size and price
Aioniapruc carries Oregon City
Clothing, California Cassi
lnore "'Clothing, Eastern
V'orstcds, as wcl as a great
variety f serviceable, low
priced goods.
r.MAt"rrrn.T,r T.:;
ri?Iac Oronlcwt' Shoo IvM' Knowi
FOU Ml' , NVEAlh
ThJa 1ir. ! rnndo of h t ltt- 1 1 ! 1 ( 1, 1 ! f tic
and Holes, and is the li. i A sh u ) S, ;. S I c ui 1 : 1
Mamifacfired by
Calin, KiokeUburg & Co,, - - . " Sin Fraw
For Sale.
J. Wassom oilers a rare bargain in
some fine registered short horn cattle,
IVJigrce shown on application. Call
early and avail yourself of this oppor
tunity to getsome fineciittle.
Hedrock price, now goods nnd iitanr
d:ird brands at both the Mammoth arid
On Trice Cash Stores of C. JJ. Mouta-tagtic.
James Keyden,
Graduate of . E:inl)ur;;h, Scotland.
Can be found at J. T. Harbin's
JliaekHUiith Hhop, Lebanon, Oregon.
AH Diseases of Horse
T XI 33 -A. T 33 I,
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Tag One Erica Cash Store
will continue to deliver Gro
ceries and General Merchan
dise to the citizens of this
place and vicinity at a mere
nominal advance over the
original cost.
Persons who owe me MOST
T do not propose to waste
much time in dunning. In
fact there are some who imag
ine they should not be dunn
ed at all, but it takes money
to do business. Do not be
surprised if you find the note
or account you may happen
in the hands ot an
Verv Piiiir
to owe mo
oflicer i'
The long, weary credit bus
iness is a thing of the past in
Sept. 20, 1889.
C. B, Montague
Druggist and Apothecary,
Pure DitucH; M emcjks,
Fr i i n t s , O i i s an (1 O J a ,
Fine Perfumery, Brushes 8: Combs
Prescriptions Accurately Compounded.
Mulri Street, Lebanon. Oregon. "t
lias Sriiolis':!-
Golden Rule Bazaar.
The leading Crockery and Faiu
Goods house oi Albany, uregon?
Roger Bros, silverware,
Prpnrh f!hin.i and Crvstalware.
Eoys' Wagons, Baby and Doll Carriages
Fancy Goods and a
General Assortment of Crockery and Toys. t
lie buy direct nml carrl'.fi tho largcBt stock In the Wllhinvttc vullryf
ZZf Icl on parle Francals. filer v.ird deatcii gs:r roulioa. J I
Veliicles, Implements, H
Light a nd Heavy Machine
Call in, Gentlemen, and we will Make
' i