The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 06, 1889, Image 3

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    Sunday Column.
Have you met with trouble? Arc
you tuVouratfcil and wid nl heart!
I)o n good deed ( awn one you can
help; upenk a wftrc! of KludncHii tOHome
cum yon on make glild. Thernrc for
ymir wn aorrow i to 'Mop drooiling
Over it anil ro to work to comfort ami
help your neighbor, or At least to go
to work to cure the trouble yon grievn
mer. Work U lir lawt remedy or
henrl-acho, '
If your church not filled with in
tere'ed ml earni-nt worshippers Ihe
pew n rt well m the pulpit la to blame
lor it. If every heart jit the audience
ix alow wiili tltc love of hu1 the de
fect of the preacher will not keep the
jHVtple away. We aliould cultivate
whnt the Chriiiiftn Ilegiater e.alU
"tlj drawing power of the pew."
'fits enrf of nil ill,)," any (oorgu
Mncdonnld, "'n neither more nor lcua
than more life." The true elixir of
li.'e 14 the imparling of new life. To
have the divine hreath inbreathed, to
he horn into the new spiritual ihu
hight-M bleMhi;,'. f thin dixinc and
Stalking breath cohhh to un afresh
i very day our hoiiIh shall never die.
"It i the etnse, and not the death,
that make the lmirtyr." A t.iartyri-t
a witness, The thing we wi'nesa fwr
imparts value to our witnessing.
The Evangelical Alliance for the
United State will hold a national
meeting iu Treiuoitt Temple, Iioston,
the 4th, Silt and fith of December
nest. A moat attractive programme
iun hecn prepared, including the
tutmw of many prominent clergymen
arid laymen. The nuking li expect
n 1 to e-ptitl i:i intefcrit an 1 i:iH iti:tco
the great Washington Conference of
"The uoitlion U fairly misted," Bays
the Iioston Chrislimi Heeler,
"whether u chtireh that i oiien an
hour or two ou tfunday, and closed
the rent of the week ii doing it duty
to cither (Jo.l or man. But, on the
other hand, the fptestioti may also he
raised whether the tendency in not ex
treme in the other direction wheth
er a feverish, excitable activity, a re
ligion htiHtle, a confuted whirr of cog
and wheels, the noise of cm-aping
Meant, ha not taken the place of the
old-f aahii ined aeni in ilence.."
The whole world is beginning to nn
derstaiul that the imc ret of Christian
power is the indwelling spirit which
Clirist Mt-ut at Jii.H going asav into the
Lea vena, r-'ay the Christian World:
"Argument drawn from miracle,
prophecy, analogy, and what not,
would utterly fail to keep Christianity
from being rccKoued among the. dead
faith of the world were there not
men and women whose integrity, pur
ity, licnilieence, aud aeU-deuial show
that Christ is atill living in them."
Call In und ace Miller' divphty of
holiday goods liefore you luy.
H). Montague wuignltleent NKW
at(H-k of Jitiekiughtitrt Ai llecht'a boot a
ami ahovs iManufuctcd expiifbly lor
A Good Cough Syrup.
There la not liIngpareutH aliould be ho
careful about na selecting n cough syrup.
Jegg'a Cherry Cough Kyrup coat no
more than the cheap aud inferior nos
trums thrown upon the market. The
taut la none too good, lie sure and get
Begg'a Cherry Cough Syrup, WV keep
It on hand ut utl tUuea. M. A. Miller,
What a Fortune
la u good healthy, pearly akin. Few
are aware of t he abort time it take for
udlaordered liver to cnus hlotchca on
the face, and a dark grainy akin. One
bottle of Begg'a Blood Purifier ami
Blood Maker will reatore thia organ to
ita natural and healthy Mate, and
cleanse the blood of utl Impurities, It
la meeting with wonderful tsueeess.
Wo guarantee every bottle. M. A.
Milter, Druggist.
Ja the place where you cwn get tiny
Myleorklnd of picture that you may
wmh. Old pictures copied anil en hug
ff any alze, coloivt,' in oil, wuter color
oNludlti Ink, crayona and poMle pwr
trafta uuule to order. No pleturea aet
away; all woik done at my atudio.
J"i'ieen the loweat. Cull and examine
lireiiiieiiH. All work guaranteed.)
rsolleillng a aluire of your putroiCige.
few f
hie it ft
lug here, i,
Kd. Jlolfe
the mountftjt
hunt.' lie rti
plenty ut gaii
('lift.,!! Hr.l.l-
catlon from the I
wher ho haa la.
The Mlsaea l)a4
front Monmouth.
Uentil Weal dep ,
nlghfa train, for 1
Intctida to niaka ft li
among relativea and fr(
' Mr, t'an, one of our
jHiHeneeil a rather palnfit
Friday by the falling of il
Mruck hliu lit the face. I,
that It did not prcve fata
rather low at prcaeiit.
K. flecker kaa hia hlaf-ksii
nearly coniphted. When 11
will give credit to Mr. lieeket
priae, and Ih an ornament to th
Meaara. Crawford aud Cmii
fitting the Furwcll hall, and wil
a dwelling out of it.
W. II. Wright In biiaily mi
erecting a tower for bla wiiidmilU
The party at Mr. Troutiimii'a
Thuraday evening waa a very pleas,
att'idr. All prem nt rejatrt h pmul tii"
Mr. 11 A. Walton will take char.
of the prlinarj' dcpartuieiit of oUi
Bchool on DeeemlKT !.
II. V. Ferry haa moved Into UU new
The young men of Hie-ld have or
ganized a literary club, the object U ing
el(K:utionary benefits. More anon.
A newpap'r man, noted for hU
proweaa, w-Ma awakeneil hint flight by
hia wife, with the announcement,
"lXnr, tlare'a aotnelxHly in the hoaae."
"Oh don't ahtot tht old chentnut at
nie! Of couise there' aouieone lu the
house. I'm hee and o are you."
Don't try to make youravlfu bigger
idiot (nan nature intended. There are
atrange ineli down alalia, and I know
It." "Poor devlla.I don't blame 'ern much
for getting under cover audi tt night a
"You aleepy head, cun't you get it
through your thick akull? there are
'burglar lu the houae."
"FoorfoolM, what hard work they'l
have and what little rewnd."
"For plty'a aak go and frighten
them away."
The weary Journalist th.n crawled
to the head of the Mainland know ing
well enough no thieve were about
called out oyer the baluster, ".Say, Mr.
Burglar, if you take a trick Ut thi
houae don't forget I'm in' on it. Re
member if you find anything worth
tarrying away I'm 'halver,' " W'ttcii
the brave man returned to hia couch
hi disgusted wifo had turned her
head to the wall and was Miorlng like
a Meant wood Bnw.--Sund;iy Welcome.
Mr. K. I. Lovejoy, a huge dealer in
general merchandise at Wabuaku, Ne
vada, tay: "I have tried Kt. Fatrick'
l'illauud onn truthfully ay they are
the beat I have wver takn or Known
ued." A u pleaaant phynie or for dis
order of the liver they will al way give
perfect mitUfurtion. For Male by M. A.
For a huue back try aaturating a
piece of flannel with Chamla'iialn'
Pain balm and blurting it on to the ef
fected parta, This troatment will eure
any ordinary case iu one or two days.
Fain iiahu nlao curea rheuuictiani,
apraltiH, Hwelliiigs and lanvenex. 60
will boltle for wileby M. A. MUW-r.
Wovd Wantril
At tNinilam Academy. Apply to or
addrea It. X. Wright, Principal.
Sloufj To Loan.
Money tolonnnl a low rate rate of
Interest, on good farm property In
Linn County, or on beat city property
in Albany. Apply to Black btufir and
Wright, AlUktiy, Oregon.
Family to move Into rcHldentv
wvx of iSaiitiam Academy and look
ter reointi and hoard for atuilent. C
on or tiUdrert Jt. X. M'wyjiT,
V ki
tradiwith C. E.Tirownell, Arti.-iiiy.
Tu r,i.v..i-1 r l fr...
i hu tsicuiiiiua nuiui; uurc,
Hoi.t) s K
in I'll ro n li v
Joa til iim tMiu
il iM'iiM. tr UU i'
if..ii.l. r ( iii..
r'nvlalh r-
h.x wli..i.r H..
i-ine (m.iii u. AFTER
tXivn lie nw ( Hlililllhllll". I..I.U. I-.I ur Ol.illlll.
rt limited vai)ilnl rrr iii'luli;.
eui-i', Ac... urn ,.i rimiii 'un.M'. Wnkfliil.
iiii, Ivaiiiis il.isvn I hIiikIh tin, liMi k. iSMiiiiml
!!, wi..M Mvrriiii l'i..-lcnli..ii y,Hnrll.
Ml lfi,-,nrliiiii. iizin.. Wt-n!; Mt-ni.
nry. 4mi (Vwit mul lnit.irncv. hirli if n.
tUi Ifl otliMi l.'H'l Iii ).r,'inntiiici.l.t nj.'iii lna..
iir. I'liit! l.fa Ik.v.Ii ,,r to.vo jjciit li
liinll ti l''.i.t nf (riv
A K I TT K. M i I A K X TV. V for ororv r. Oft
rilcr, Hi ivfiinH Hie in.inrv ji ra rniniK'ut
'liri- l llt infm. TiinlViM.l t.-tillliili:ll
(nun iM mi'l yoifiis. ( lu.iii icr, (H-rmaiicii! v
fim-U lv Ai-iimniTtNt!. Clii'niiir fi.'c 1-trt-a
W0 SJ V01.TI.ASD. or.
rSoll t.vM. A.3I illor.
Nolo AiK-iit fttv Iltiiiii, Or.
Flnit bihuII
Anna avp
iitiniirwMuiHi bar
unit th ttrxtviioicvot u ill
-xuik, lu calioiv iu.
IM mid 44-lnU ba.ulo ur
.j u i n. i i'i i . t in i' v ...... -
uiorluu anil TarKrt diimWIh,
Hunt iiUHlltr wrouclit
leiL omtafuMv lusixtrttHl
lor iMwknvaiwhlu KiiJunx-k. t'urlvuUd f ol 1
UnUh, duriibilOr mid iixarnci. l)o
nut bdtxluu tiy rlH'iii maittHbie iiuniinlttotiott
fU'( uia (or ihtt ki'uuIiia article. Tlii'v Die unre
lluble Kud UaiiKorouK. The Smith & Wkkson Ht
oi,vns r DUimiMHl ihh.ii the Iwrrcli wltli arm'
hume, uJilrnKii nuUdalMof nutciiu, tuul are Kiinr
HtPl pprfiivt. Insist llwui buvliiK ihoni, m.d It
yriur U-aUirnnuOt supply you, aminlcr sent tund
a ma Im-Iow WIH ivci'I pnmpt atutnllon. icrl
It oatak-tme and prtwaupou applli'atluu.
bpriugfluliU JIniw.
fnlti'd Htoti'K I.ait Oftici-, i
)roou t'lly, orvgim, Nov. h, OWO.i
VTOTK'I! li lu-rt-Hy jrlvea Hint in miilliiiie
l' wllli lliif )iriivlsinii:)of the act of CuiiitiVMi ity
Jmn,is:,s. wrfttl'Ml "An hi" for l!i sail- of tint
tier Utadii la Ills Sliktvn of Cnlit'orniu, Oregon
Nev.tailJ Kj.)i1iikIoii Territory,"
of Seiittle, ruiidty iif Kiiiff, territory of Wushinjr,
tun, lnw Dil." ttuy llU'd lu tills ollim: UU wuni
Btivtemciit Xu. I8-W, for tlw lili:elnu' of the H. W.
l-l of jtet-tlou So. 4, tit TuwrwIiJi) S i. i:i Moulli,
IniKt Nu. 2 Dwl. ah) wilt oiKsr pnxif to kIiou
tliat (lie IiimJ hoiikIU U unite viuSwtJile fur ll tim
tier or kIoiw I bun fvx crleultui tvl virMiM'M, uml to
eMalillsh 111 ok.Ua to U luiul Uifixvtlw KejfWer
nml Kocetveruf tbls olllee, ut Oregon C'ily, (Jr.((
on Krliliiy, tliv UlU iluy or Mun-li, lMiit).
He iimiu: wi teirneiiMw (i. M. Siimrt, A. liu-wl),,
Wm. MeAilmu ttiuU. 8Uxiart, ull of SaUU-,Klug.
county, V. T.
Any mul all vmrso'i n'uiliiiltig nrtvertn'ly the
I jilioveV.ei'eriU'Cl InniU lire ri'olieed to lllo tlielr
4inn In tli; "oSiee ju ur before sajil
is crowtiod mil oiTir,.,rfU.s.
uim luuiiuiucutrtTs ior uio present iaii ami winter trade,,
which affords a stock of new ami fresh designs largo enW;h
to supply any want, and. which will be sold as low as first
class full weight goods can be lought anywhere iu Oregon..
Specialties in Ladies Fine Dress Goods an
Also in Ladies Misses' and Cliildrens' Shoes. " f
The public is resiiectfully invited to call and inspect out
magnificently stocked display rooms.
1889. 1889
AVe have a complete line of ladies' and gents' Kubher, (Jood,
Rubber Coats, Kaglans, Circulars, 5cwmarkds.and Silk aiuf
Oingham Umbrellas. Prices to suit the trade. Uubber J5ootsf,
Sandals and Men's Kubher Overalls. Wo sell. M. I). Wclbnt
Co's. celebrated custom made Hoots aid HhoeV&iascaiTV tlm
latest styles-. These .'owds are uurtlused direct fW)ni tb.v,
manufacturers in Chicago
slioes, m women s, misses and
We invite your patronage.
Knd Okfh-k ATOrvyon City. On-eon, ,
Voili-e U liereliy civen that tlie follow iii(.wiiimeil
A' wilier linn tileil mitlee of bfrliitviitlmi toiuiike
Html inif In Miiort of hi elulin. iimt tnut wiil
jirnof will be iiniilr before tlie eoimty Jiul?i). or In
hfcittfcteiK'v before the eoiinty clerk of ..Inn wnin
ty, mi Allmuv, Oivuon, on TiiOMlrty, er. 17, IHS.
v'Ik. Cut! lieiiiliiirt. luiiiienteiiil enlry .Miti. for tlie
m-' U m' v xw'i nf lie1.;, Iieji ofl uw of tvi
of-e tLrl3Horrle.
Ke nnie rfi following wltne-wi'f to.Miv III"
coiilliiiioii.. re4cleni'C iioii mul culllvHtiouof sulil
inui. vu. S Uwls T Lewis M WoIiImt mi't K
Weuoer, utti ovt Home. I.lnn eoiiiily.Oredon.
J. T. AI'I'KUHON', Iiealxter.
L.s.i' K ax On Kims City, Ohiwin, 1
tH'lolKT-.'!), JUKI,-
yoTR-K ls tiwf f1'" Itiefollowinif-iiiim.
iV c, .vi t hr ?i" liti'irnofteC of lit- i'lteiitlon to
itinke tlnnl tinMif in snjijjitrt of hlneliilin. u:i 1 Hint
wiiil nroof will lie liiinle liefore III county iuilte.
or In lit't iilwneo In-fore the eouiiiy clerk of Mini
eountv. i Alunnj, wrepm, on rrwliiy, Jlee. t,
lKstl, viz: Tlimniis To.M, lioiiiei-leiel eiiti r-'U f.,r
tin- ne'j of mm-. iiO. tp 12 wntli. K 1 eK-t.
He inline tin! follo'.vlnst witnewt(
"t'oiMn'n! ri-H-l""'" ,,-'i iukIchI''
........ ,r)ArMn TTMKT? r
of general morchandiso. : Um
.iinni uinv uiiu dUlHIU TIV1
bouglit tlirect from inubr.tors.
.ja -
Agents for te celebrated Ludlow;
chiluen goads.
J 111 ' ' ' .1'
Notice For Pi
, IaihI Wire til (lKr'H
kminx iinnii4utllr.liui H
tntenilon tuiuitktMlintl proitf U.
rialiu, uml tlmt mill iimuKwill I
fiHliity jVKl(U oitli lw tAmetw t
I .In it eouiiiy, Ht AUituty. tkn(
Nov. 11, lKK'.Vvixv Ww. .Ili-ittlilu,
try N". i'J'i'J, lot .the i-Vj irf v'j ut
vol. I
He mimeii the follow liiff wlitien-i-oiiiIiiiihI
rotilfiH-e iiti Hint en,
liinil, viz: .1 Y MHttiiily. V T Martini
mi'l (' J Newliiml, all of ('riuviln
county, Ort'con. J. T. AI'l'KKSO?
1 UiieqiitU-dv tii
ttK, Hipx'rkrH4l)i
' l Ull OHCUci
rvtuiuis t klu;
. tbnaa wilt mil
I liiOl
-following m gtvw Hir r
' V :
y. on..