The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, November 22, 1889, Image 5

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Of trr, Ana ilmnid V elertririt is. like
man othr (rood thiuura in rnwin-irte. bo".
new, but it r-rfncipie of action ia so ltttl
tmderatood t M. in employment at ttt
present day makes it practically a new
discovery. : 't, "be medical profession at
large, not po tminif the true secret of
the proper ., tnedws to ose, are still
Munaerinir In the dark, and throwing
discredit throtvn their icnorancwPB one
of the greatest iiedkal "adrances of the
present day. t :
tor the benefit ot those to whom this
plan of cure is new, and who may be
ecKing aid, thougn distrustful, after
many failures of everybody and every
thing, the Drs. Dnrrin desire to explain
nimply and logically the theory of electro
therapeutics, and leave them as men of
oomnion ena and judgment to take or
refuse the aid offered, as their argu
ments and examples are hasd on known
physiological (acts and experiments.
They ask nothing beyond a fair hearing
and a fair trial.
Iteafsteas arrd In Tea Mlnatea.
Mb. Emtok For some time I have
been troubled with partial deafness, and
lately could scarcely bear in one ear,
with a constant nnmnir noise. I con
suited a doctor in Portland which did
me no good. I finally went to Dr. Damn
&nd in Teas than ten minutes be cured
ine with electricity. I am engineer on
the steamer City of Tocio, mnninu from
Astoria to Jvalama. U. KUHMITH.
Jee fie Had tMmpIrs a Ills raee.
Mb. Emtor For ten yews pact I have
teen troubled w ith nervous debility and
turn pies on my lace and body, as linn
dreds of other vounjr men are afflicted
with, ilave been under Ir. Damn's
electric treatment for six months and
now find mvself restored to health, and
the pimples have alsiut disappeared.
Ilefer to me at Mulino, Clackamas
county, Or. C. E. kOTTS.
Drs. Darrln'a Piaca of Business.
Drs. Darrin can be consulted free at 23
Fifth street, corner of Main, Portland
Office hours, from 10 to 4 o'clock dailv :
evenings, 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 12. All
curable chronic diseases, loss ol man
hood, blood taint, srphilis. sleet, gon
orrlm-a, stricture, speimatorrhira, semi
nal weakness, or loss of desire of sexual
ower, in man or woman, catarrh and
deafness, are confidentially and success
fully treated. Cures of private diseases
guaranteed, and ntver published in the
papers. Most cases can receive home
treatment after a visit to the doctor's
office. ' Inquiries answered and circulars
sent tree, (fames wnunx wm piease
mention the name of the paper you saw
this notice in.)
A torch of silver, from which iawi flames
of fold, is an oddity in scarf pirn.
A wild duck with widespread wings of
enamel on silver is a unique idea in brooches.
A pretty idea in scarf pins is a crab in
green enamel, with claws and an edging of
. ,A Roman ax of gold, in the center of
which is set an ancient Koruan eoiu, is an
odd brooch recently seen.
A pretty mutra box' recently awn repre
sented a half burned cigar iu gold. Tbe ashes
were o oxidized silver.
Calile iinLs of corrupted gold wire make
a fash i mat le bracelet largely sought after
by lovers of sohd jewelry.
A unique idea in rarf pins is a Ashing rod
of g'iid wilb susjiended line. On tb end of
tbe hue is a small diamond.
Two fUbias rods of gold, rrosaM and tup
porting in tbe center a flub and fish hag of
tbe same mutenal, are an attractive brooch.
An owl's bead of Roman gold, connected by
means of two links to a tree bough of the
same, does service as a cuff button.
Id watches a pleasing; style rooently seen
was a silver case shaped as a bonwiibuo and
topped witb a large bit of tbe same material.
A desk weight recently seen wasa four-incb
boar's tusk set a,':iiut a large oak leaf of ox
idized copper and topped by a boar's bead in
gilt bronze.
An acorn's busk of Etruscan gold, set In
tbe center with a lurge jearl surrounded by
a circle of small diamonds, i an unique idea
in ear drops.
A huntsman's large horn of gold, In the
center of which is tbe bead of a fox beld iu
place by a large bunting whip, is a neat idea
ia broocb design.
A beautiful brooch recently seen was e
large golden arrow, tbe barb of which was a
mass of small diamond while tbe feather
tijft were set witb rubies and sapphires.
Two horseshoes of platinum, held together
at tbe center with a golden riding w hip, over
which lies a jockey cap of opai aud dia
monds, is a pretty brooch recently seen.
A series of flexible links, half of each liuli
being made of enameled Etruscan gold and
the other half of the plain material, is a de
sign iu bracelets that attracts favorable at
tention. An elaborate design in paper cutters is ono
witb a broad, heavy handle of handsomely
etched oxidized silver and blade of mother
of iarl, studded at different portions wiii
mall silver knobs.
The Don Quixote lend pencil is a pleasing
little affair. It consists of allong golden
tube, at tbe top of which is a miniature sil
ver figure of the knight of the rueful coun
tenance in full armor.
The figure of a female of silver gilt bronze,
dressed iu the old German style, witb long,
wide bottomed skirts, is the shape of a drink
ing cup which is being introduced as a re
vival of mediaeval fasbiop.
In ear drops a uulque design recently seen
consisted of hollowed balls of f.oman gold
ornamented with spall flower designs to red ,
and LiuVeufciiUI, and set in a network of
gold wire,' which partially covered with
diamond the openings at tbe sides.
Anextravagat Idea in drinking horns, or
wassail cups, is a fish of bronze, the whole
body of which is covered with a series of
enameled pictures representing various
toast. The flub is held aloft by a mermaid
of bronze, who supports herself on tbe back
of a large turtle by her tuil of voricolorod
reen euuiuiL Jeweler s YVoeklv.
riiRet Round cannerj. ara stror.R'y
protesting ftpninst Fntwi cum pet it Ion,
claiming that from si itt. ten steamers
will lull crews obtained tiieir lull supply
from I'oint Uolierts last summer, aud
have virtaallv driven Amentias out of
their own waters.
fcesU e's relief committee has made
public that their total receipts have been
$10.1,278.55 ; amount expended, f (Ml
bUYOfl ; leaving a balance of f U,5fr.' OA
.Some of this it is thought will be necde
for its" original object durinn the wintefV
the remainder will le disposed, of
the people shall think best.
Cannot he cured by local applications. It Is s
constttntlonal riiscsso sud requires s coustltu
tlonul remedy like Hood's farsararllla, which,
work Ins through Die blood, eradicates the
Impurity which cadses snd promotes the dls
esse, snd soon clftels s permanent cure. At the
sine time Hood's Harsspsrllla builds tip the
whole sy-tem, snd niskes you feel renewed In
strength and health. lie sure to Rot Hood's.
"I snfl'ered severely from chronic catarrh,
srNlnc -om Imnure blood. It txrstne ery bd.
ca mliifl snreneM n the bronchial tubes snd a
t'oiihieiioine eolith, which sve sreet snxlety to
my friends and myself, as iwo nroiners men
from hroni'liisl consumption. I tried innny
medicines, tint received no benefit. I was St Ut
Induced to try Hood's Mamnparllla. and I am
uot the same man In health or feeling. My
catarrh s cured, my thmat Is entirely well, sa '
s dyspepsls tronble. with sick headache, have
alldlaapucared." E. M.Lincoln, sCbsmbers
tit., tloklou.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
ftldy all drnreMs. II: six forl Prepared only
by C.I. HlXJlia:CU.,AMithecaries.Lwell,Masa
100 Doses One Dollar.
After spending Ten Winter South,
was Curod by Soott's Emulsion.
Hi Oatra M.. Sew Tork 1
JuuelMh, J8SS,
The Winter after the great fire
In Chicago I contracted Bronchial
affections, and elnce then have
been obliged to epend nearly every
Winter South. Last November waa
advised to try Scott' emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphltes
and to my turprlse was relieved at
once, and by continuing Its use
three months was ontire'y cured,
gained flesh and strength and
waa able to stand even the Bliz
zard and attend to business every
Bold by all Druggist.
Haviar for the mat four or five years been troubled
with pim;4es and blotches on my face and body, and
tlndiuc bo relief ia any of the chemically preowM
(pa aad madidnes pnscribr d fur me by phvtMvif,
1 concluded to try your 8. 8, H. remedv, and bave
found treat relief la tbe same, four bottles clearing
ary ekia entirely. 1 cheerfully recommend your
mMirina to all who are in the position that 1 bars
Wo la. You eaa use this letter and my name as a
testimonial to the merits of the 8. S. 8. remedy.
ery truly yoors, Altskd p. Kosissok,
820 Baasioie St, Kan Frandnco. Cal
Mr Head fir our hnok on Mood and teklu Ills.
and eivice ti miwiw, mailed rree.
titk bwirr seKctFio CO.
1 (rawer a, Atlanta. Ua.
rll ramrn PrwrlptioM of
the BrtdiMM MMMal If tada
Is tM verm, a ttieo or um ia
the Honritah el Lsooge tacit,
Berua ana , icuok.
Ho. J Cures Catarrh, Uay b ever.lioes
Cold, Catarrhal Uealuess. . .
tf o. a -CooKha, Colds, Bronchitis, Ath
nia,ConHtuiipuon. Al'eerleesiiemedy.
Wo. a Khenmstisra, Ooot. . .
Bo. 4Idver Kidnaya , DypTlA,Ia.
digestion. Constiauoa, iirifjbta Disease.
No. S revev and &gx,Vuuiii Acae,
alalaria, Nenraiyia.
Ho. e-rsmais) Wsalcneaa, Irregulari
ties, White. A GoKlea Itemed y.
Ho. 7 A Perfect Tonlo, which tdret
HealtK Form and i ullneHS. Clear Com-
Wplciioo, Good blood and lots of it.
o. a-HerroasDsbUityXossof Power
tnpntem'e.aa iuconi;araiieremeiy.
Kvitrv iMtlie ewu-HTucd to oura
its fiocUi diMM U CV KSHI.B and
to (iTe nerswonit relief ALWAts.
lie7rt'tia Ctrtulart aeat free vn
llUratlaa. Uunl'lTAL FtMJUjt
Cuall'ASr, turonto, Canada.
t r i f i m
The Celebrated French Gure,
Is B'li.B om a
to cure stir
loi m ol uervous
dlsvaKe, or any
disiirder of the
generative, or
gans of either
... v .Lull...
BDfORE tains from the AFTER
exceMiveuseolbllmulaiits, '1'obaceo or 0lnm.
vi lurvuio juucimu luuisereuoii, over induig
euce, Ac., such ss Ixws oi Uralu bovver, Wakeful,
ness, earlnir down I'shis In tbe Back, Nemlun.
Weak uesa, Hysteria, NervoHS Hrostratlou Noetnni
al Kinisslous. Iuxrrh(ea, illssiuess, Weak Mem
ory, I Am of Power and hnnoteiier. which If n.
sleeted often lead to premature old axe and limaii-
iiy rnce si.uu a dox. iwxes lor is.uo Beat by
mail on reeelnl of price.
Order, to refund the money if a Permanent
com Is not effected. Tbousands of testimonials
from old and youog.of both sexes, permanently
eared byArnRnmri nr. Circular free Address
wisrraM brasch,
Bold by Btjreiblf A Laae, Dnurgists, ;ooi. 8eo
end Wsabinston Hta.. Portland, Or.
cMicHcarcR's English
mu vnvsisi uKit(;nu svsjHrfiy,
tSttfeaitfl alwajrs rwitsttle. Iadl:sa, k
h Uruirfisl for hiamund Mrund, ia Jl
rvA, rofiAilid boRtns, stitiwd ;ith blu Jr
rli.wm, I ho oth r. All P''l W
iu t.sfKhMint uxm, pink Tpn, am
(atmitif") for (lariluulars. MsttmontaU and
liHf fur t.tU-n im Uur, by ntura
1 ukhesirr t Ueas i Co Katko Ht niU
jjPBBW5HJWWIR BawsPlffflssilvMMsQHBlBiflKPfM sVMaWsMlMsVVMsalMMBaV
EnK'lfort. Rr&komen, Firemen, Grip
metv, and ail that ride continually, take
notlre. That pain In my Iwckt Caution!
VYhaiiAoea this meant Ask yourselves the
qucnuon. .Wa will answer tt for you.
Your kidneys are fast becoming diseased
and If you neglect them there . Is one re
sult -Curtain Death. Wo have had many
cases,- and hold tOhtlmonials of railroad
men that havt taken their trouble In time
aud by the use of The Great Sierra Kidney
and IJvcr Cure, the most wonderful rem
edy that has ever been Introduced In .this
world, have been cured and their kidneys
strengthened to such an extent that they
con Id pursue their vocation without fear.
This valuable remedv Is becoming daily
the most pooulnr of any kidney and liver
cure that ever exited. ' Give It one trial
and you will send us a testimonial to add
to our fast iifreaitlnK lift. Sold by all
drugRlxts. Take no other.
A hundred times mors trouble is caused by
man who can art work but won't work than by
the men who want we k but cannot get It.
You may sins; of the bounty of springtime
That slows on the check of the young,
But I slmr of a beauty that's rarer
Than any of wblcb you hare sung
The beauty that's sten In tne faces
Of women whose summer is o'er.
The auturou-like beauty that charms tM
Fa- more than the bcanty of yore.' ,. . ,
But tills beantv is seen loo rarelv. 'Tbe hees
of most women lose the beamy of youth too
soon. Ft male disorders are like frusta which
come to nip tbe flowers which betoken Rood
health, without which tnere can no no real
beauty. If our American women would fortify
themselves against the approach of the terrible
disorders so prevalent among them, by using
Dr. i'leree's Favorite Prescription, their good
lonka would be retained to a "sweet old aa-e."
This remedy Is a guarantftd cure for all tbe dis
tressing weaknesses ana aerangemeuu peculiar
to women.
T lilawA, Pa!!.,, nna m HiUk fllpn
scbe, constipation atid indigestion.
Sufferers are not eenerallr aware that these dis
eases are contagious, or that they are due to. the
presence of living parasites In the lining membrane
of the nrae and eutaiiiiaa tabes. Microaoopio re
search, however, has proved this to be a fart, and tbe
rsult is that a simple remedy baa been formulated
vherebr Uieae distressing diaeaacs are rapidly and
wrmanentlr cured In fro one to three simple ap-
pneauons mace at noma oy we jaiient once m i
weeks A pamphlet rcp'aining thia new trea'jnent
la Mint I M on annliratiun bv A. H. KilOO Hon.
SS7 and H Wast King St, Toreuto, Canada. Scien
tiit American.
A courageous foe is better than s cowardly
Piiresan Is white.'1 Brown sops are
adulterated with rosin. Perfume is only
iUt In to hide the presence of pvtrxd fat.
DobbinV Kh?rric rxiap Is pure, white, and
unseen ted. Has been sola since loo. lry
The richest man. wbsterer bis lot is, is he
t bo is content with what he has got.
Holidays am Coming.
Rare novelties, shapes and artistic im
ported oleoprsphlc and chromatic cards.
A lartre and beautiful collection sent by
mall to anyone who wl'l do this: Buy a
b x of the genuine Dr. C. McLane's Cele
brated Liver Mils, price 25 cents, and mail
us the outaide wrapper with your address.
nlainlr written, ana 4 cents in stamps
We will then mail you the above list with
sn elesrant package or oieograpnic caraa.
Fleming liros., Kttaburgn, fa.
I. nliaHAta. In H.nnn. In .ti'ta In all
things tbe supreme excellency is ln'ilmpllclty.
Dr. William's Indian Pile Ointment is the only
sure enre for Blind, Bleeding or Itching Piles
ever discovered. It never falls to care bid
Chronic eases of long standing.
J edge Coffinbary, Cleveland, 0., Bsys:
"f hve fonnd rr exnerlence that Dr. Wil
Ham's Indian Pile Olnuneat gives immediate
Iw nof at, (Tit an instant loneer. Bold bvWU
llsmson's ManBfactaringCo.,Prups.,Clsveland,
Obla. 60c and IL . .
Hold by L. Blumaaer A Co., Wholesals Dreg'
gists, Portland. Or.
It is not strange that fast living should some
times bring starvation.
'straw m'a Rranrblal Trerhes' will
relieve Bronchitis, Asihms, sud Throat
Clonds are a good deal like men; they are
bs in less when alone, bat they make trouble
wfcen tney gettogetner. .,
It has been observed that the man who has
tbe fewest fallings Is tbe most loleraut of those
of bis neighbors.
Hare rare for blind, bleeding snd Itching Piles.
One box bss cured the worst cases of ten years'
standing. No one need suffer ten minutes after
nsing Kirk's Germsn Pile Ointment. It absorbs
tumors, allays tbe itching, acts as s poultice.
gives relief. Dr. Kirk's (ierman Pile Ointment
is prepared only for Mrs snd Itching of the
private parts, sud nothing else, Kvery box is
bold by Druggists and sent by mall on receipt
of price, $1.00 per box. 1. J. Mack A Co., Whole
sale Agents, ban Francisco.
It Is s great misfortune not to have enough
wit to speak well or uot enough Judgment to
keep silent.
Many imitate "TanslUe Punch" 6c,
TBTlGuusca tor breakfast.
WILL oivs tocr
Thorongli and Practical Instruction
- IK ALL m
Business and Academic Subjects
Bend tor Circular to
Y 3i5EQpN Blogd Purifie
T 4 haiuber mt Terlar !
Is trie avnrtment to which tho unhappy safttTrr
from InUiinimHtory rtwumafiam lsennnned. If,
ere the crisis of pain reached, that fins pro
veKtmlve, HoatetterVi I'imai'.h Bltturs, is seed
by prsoiis of s rheniimtlo tendency, much su-nrm-sssry
sunVrlng Is avoided. Nervines, ano
dyai's snd sedatlvosi while havlnir sxnie but a
a siiecllle cirtx't. sre yet very dealrabin at times.
Ye) they rai prolines- no luatln-g e cl upon
itieamatlsm,' 1h anne Miey have no power to
eliminate from the blsod to rheumatic, vires.
Hotelier's Hromsch Bitters does this, and checks
at th outset a disease, which. If allnwed to gain
i eailway, It Is next to Impoaalhle to dlslixlge or
to do more than relieve. Rheumatism, H should
be remembered, is a. disease with a fatal ten
dcacy from lis pronuia'as to attack tbe heart. A
resort to the Hitlers prompt.
Dyspepsia, kidney complaint, malaria and norv
pueui' are rul loved by it. ; . .
Justice raises s na'hm, but sin makes a people
0. C. rsrt'iolomew, Kalksska, Mich., says; "I
ixstod iu this place Ire years ago, having for
merly resided In Troy, N. Y. I bave been a great
sufferer from what tha nlivalelananf Tntv called
Bright'! disease. I naed Dr. David Kennedy
Favorite Kcmedy, of Rondout, N. Y. All th'
terrible symptoms of the disease ate gone. I
have no traces of any disorder of the kidneys,
liver or bladder. Who would begrudge the cost
of this medicine (one dollar a bottle) for snch a
blessing or refuse this simple though sincere
token of gratlttte for Hcing wrfectly cured? I
owe everything o Dr. Keniiedy'a Kavorilc Rem
edy, and hope this will ludaee others to use the
medicine who suiter from any kidney, liver or
blood dlsordiiT.!'
Ds. Kkknsot'S Favosits Rsmrdv, msde at
Readout. S. Y. i ; 6 for SA.
bTnd for iKx.k, now to cure Kidney, Liver sua
Blood disorders. ;
A good nsme keeps Its luster iu the dark.
al' i
.V. "5k,. 'i, if .' - - i
AA3 I rl I a 1 AA A trial bottle sent Free to
anyone afflicted. Da. TAFT BKO., Rochester, N Y.
;. '100M Third St, Portland, Oregon,
CnnVI?17rDIr. ArUhmettr, PtnmantMp, Ban
DUULLl'u o Bwrineu and Legal Formt,
SHORTHAND Contrpondtnct, xUtngand o4
Sfiy l,P.ft5-7f. Kngluk Branch,. .Send ol
1 1 ft" W tUl lit '.Catalogue and UMege journal.
for Cni
stssaaSSV w - r
bathc-thc brtif
fezted freely With
Terry J) aviS;
fu n sugar and Water
3limis a day and
you ll bet relief Qt
once andkC.
after fa1hf use of
Batlsfactlon Guaranteed or Money Eefunded.
fu supolor sioellMio proven In nilllloiis of homes fos
tore tbau a quarter of a eaotarr. It Is used by tha
t'Dltad t-tatea OoTernment. KudorM by the beada of
tbe Oreat Unlmr'tlas as tbe Btmsmt, Puraat aod moi S
Uealtblul. Dr. Prim's Oteam Baking Powder does not
contain Anxnonla, Lime or Alum. Hold only la sans.
Should M eet the Eye
of any person he would
be forcibly reminded that
he "Seal of North Caro
ina" Plug Cut is the Best
Smoking Tobacco on
the Pacific Coast.'
One Doze a Assorted Handkerchiefs at
60c, 76c, $1.00 or $1.60, postage
paid for Men, Ladies and Childron.
oraer snytnmg sna everytnmg yo want u
use, to wear, to eator to sum?e yourself or others,
snd it will be furnished at lowest price. Or
der a sample copy of the Hone Circle, containing
price list of over 8,000 articles used in families
and. It will be sent you free: of cost. Order a few
samples of dry goods to compare price and qual
ity with orders. Orper at once it will pay yoa.
Boaton Block. Heattle, Washington.
Actual Business, Shorthand, plain and Orna-
mental renraausnip ana practical s.nguauuir
fsjr-HiK'elmens of penmanship! and Was-trau.-l
catalogue sent free.
bcuderus Admitted at anyTlme,
l prescribe and fully en.
dorse Big as the only
specific for tbe certain curs
of tHIs disease.
Amsterdam, N. Y.
We have sold Big O for
many years, and A has
Even we Dest oi saus
ctlon. D. B. DYCHE CO.,
Cblcaao. 11L
fl.OO, SJold by Druggists.
t0Ja IU OAJU.. working for us. Agenta
prel&rted who can furnish a horse and give their
whole time to the business. Hnare moments may be
profitably employed aluo. A few vuoamies In towns
Hid cltlt B. 2. J O H NMON A CO., 101W Main BU,
aichmonit, Va.
H. B.- Pleant itate age and bvMnai experience,
Never mind about lending stomp for reply, B,F,
J. A Co.
OICIillVHI. A HKACH.6abIer.Uoe-
nish Pianos; Burdett organs. I land Instruments.
Largest stock of Sheet Sluste and Hooks. Hands
aupplled at Kastern l'riocs. MATTHIAS
Gil AY CO. 200 Poet Street, Sun Francisco.
Try Kelly's Guaranteed Corn Cure.
Harmless. Thousands of testimonials
from the cured. 25c bottle. No cure,
money refunded. Sent by mail or ex
press to any address, city or Htate. F.
S. KELLY, Chemist, 1(W Eddy street,
San Francisco.
Plso's Remedy for Catarrh Is the
Best, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest.
N. P. N. U. No. 311-8. F N.U.No.388
Roller - Organ.
This very novelliistriimant
cinproytino. paper, but its
music Is obtained from a Rol
ler similar to a Musio Box.
playing a flno selection of
Bacred Popular Sonas
aiid Oannn Musto or .
Over 300 Tuuea.
Agents wsnted In every town
ou the FaolHu Coast, f innos
and Organs ou easy terms.
Musical Instruments ol every
description, also sheet musiu.
Circulars free ou application
JMusic Htore.
Oeu'l Agt's I'aclflc Coast,
2357 Mission Ht S. F
Jr jTOmm la I
l TO D.TeV
S SaafatS at
14 saaiaBirialaia.
"J Mrlaalrtrtts
I'llttu Oasaksl Os.
V OsfllaBattJarl
USold by druggists or sent by mall, i 1
60a K.T. ilttseltlne, Warren, Fa, 1