The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, October 25, 1889, Image 7

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    VUXDAV, OCTOBER 25, 1R80.
UCAL aw general'
Jnvm uw ,ow Billing from the trees
wjr fust.
8. A. jrir.kmoii left far Portland nn
A grout ipimy hops sjivu In-cti honied
to otttv!tlil Wfiitt.
'fho grtint Exposition. t Portland
clou to-morrow night.
There was quite n lively Mine In town
in Tuesday, caused by Uw trial.
A. R. Cyrus anJ wife loft for Twt
hitjd Wodumdny'to sttoud tbo Exposi
tion. A yet the directors f the iwiKk-Kiy
have not nurtured n tmclk?r,so fur an wc
Mn, S. W. Jllndinau Ih now In La
Orswidu visiting hor daughter, Mrs. 8.
K. Howd.
We ore Sorry to my that Miss JcmIo
MnCaulley I no better, but Ih still dan
gerously HI.
Normau Smith itrid Orv Thompson
left Tuesday to attend the Exposition
vl Portland. .
Mr. 0; II. lUlston and little daugh
ter, Jcsie, Hj)nt Sunduy In Albuny
visiting frlouis. '
Mlw Fnnk (Ir'.gpi visited Portland
nud the Expdtiou Saturday, return
ing home Monday.
lU'v. J. R. Klrkpatrlek will fill his
ivgukir Mpptlntmont at the C. P.
church nt tliis lacc Sunday.
J. C. llilycu linn bin honse painted
and flwd up in nice shupe, and made
It ati attraction to tho town.
Some of our boys would consider It a
personal fnvor If th weather clerk
would not let It rulu for a week or bo
There are more of nr citizens at
tending the Exposition this nwk than
at any time previous wince the Exposi
tion started.
The limn who mind his own buvi
ihsr i never mtt of work, nevt r out of
money, never out on a strike and never
out of his head.
Ifr.ny oiw in or near town Iir a
house to reiit thov will do well to drop
in and let tm know.HB we have n chance
ti rent n house nearly every d:iy.
Wc see by tho Brownsville Times
llmtW. T. Ellis hiiH left that place.
Wonder what the editor of the Time
will find to write about, since his
friend hn left.
On Wednesday nil of the old ntock of
good tf Peebler & Buhl was boxd up
and shipped away, nd thoHtoreis now
vacant. We uuderNtniid there will be
a new stock of goods put into it before
Mr.Uen. M. Wheeler and wife nnd
Mr. J. T. Britt and wife, of Portland,
ro visiting friends here this week.
The gentlemen are ngeuts for two vul
uable hooks "Child's Life of Christ"
and "Child's Bible."
Mrs. Mellnrgue, of Brownsville, and
her mother, Mrs. Moore, of Hacrnnien
to, wiw in town this week. Mrs. Moore
Is a sister of Mrs. Woodwnrd, who set
tled In this place nt nn early day. Mrs.
Moore was up to look ut iho old honia
if her sister.
One of the series of Monster Music
Festivals taking place throughout the
land this year, in celebration of .the
twentieth anniversary of Boston's
!rcnt Pence Jubilee, will he held in
Exposition Music Hall, Portland.Nov.
4th and Glh, conducted in person by P.
H. tlihnore, assisted by his finest band
in the world.
Here is the language of an exchange,
hut we don't agree with it: "We ore
having Just what wc need rain. Wa
hr in Oregon Is as essential as brim
stone in some other placet, so don't
nhusp fho weather clerk over a few
stermy duyn. The ami) fhf.t wild
kick about Oregon weather ought to be
sent where the rain never falls."
(!eo. M. Wheeler and J. T. Britt, of
Portland, are in the city cnnvussing for
"Child's Life of Christ" and "Child's
Bible," two neat nud Interesting vol
umes, finely illustrated with wood en
gravings, nnd written in the best lan
guage. Mr. Wheeler is tv son of 0. W.
Wheeler, of this place. Rev. Ciiboney,
paator of the First Presbyterian church
gives the following recomend tor the
"Child's Bible:"
It gives hie great plcnsuro to recom
mend such a hook us tho "Child's
Bible." Evory bonis where there arc
t'hlldreu- sliouM have this valuable
book upon tho center table.
Oct. 21, 1881), Cilio. W. Giuonev,
Mors rainy jmlhcr.
Mr. J. L. pwAn was In town a few
days this week.
J. W. Cusi3k,of Albany, was In tswn
a few dayn this yseek.
We are glad to state that Mr. Ruff
Hiatt Is convalescent. '
W. C. Peterson and wife returned
from Miclr bridal tour Tuesday,
Mrs. Jeminaah Rafsttyr retnrnel
home from her trip to Portland this
Mr. Boyle is htrtldlng a honso on
the lots war the planer M liieh he pui'
chusi'd lost week.
Mr. If estor Bland has moved Into his
house in town tho ono occuf i! for
merly by J. D. Walton.
ait. 0. C. Ilackleman's llttlo boy.l
Lnuor, hw been quite sick during the
wekT but Is now some belter.
Mr. J. D. Walton has movod Into
his houw near the planer. Iti not
quite flnluhod, but will be an ornament
to the town when it is.
Mr. Phil Biuith took charge of tho
Ht. Charles hotel Tuesday, aHd is now
getting it fixed up in first-cluHS style.
J. Jlouk and family and 8. 8. Prln
glo and wife on Tuesday morning
sturted for Prlnevillo, where they wiM
In the future reside
Mr. W. W. Stalker will leave soon
for Baker City, where ho will spend
some time visiting, and go from there
to Ftanklin, Idaho.
There hns been considerable sidewalk
fixed up this week, but there Is still
some more which needs repairing,
Come, now, Ret it fixed up and lcte
make things look ns inviting as possi
ble. A farewell party was given at the
residence of J. J. (swan to Miss Maggie
Honk by her many 3'oung friends nt
this place, all of whom regret her de
parture, and hope she may return to
this place again.
Mis"f5idin K dly left this morning
for Portland, at which place she will
:.pend u lew days, and then po to her
home at Sprlngville, Utah Ty. Mies
Hndie has made numy friends at this
place w ho regret her departure very
Jack Cook, a horse trainer of Albany,
on Wednesday evening, while un
hitching a young and spirited home of
A. Ili.cklemtin, at. Albany, was kicked
and 'ffiitnly injured, his skull being
oia -kod uud his brains oozing from a
frigktful gush behind his left tar. He
cannot recover, although at last ac
eountu he was still alive
Mr. I). 1). Hhaw returned homo kst
evening' from across the mountalus.
lie reports having had a pretty tough
time, having been in a runaway scrape
which laid him up for two weeks, and
several other accidents. Tbo survey
ing outfit stop at twer t Home, where
they will spend several weeks hunting
lines of old surveys.
F. M. French, Jeweler, Albany, Ore.
Eight cords of hard wood for sale by
M. E. Ileum. ' .
Tho best watches in the world at F.
M. French's, Albany.
G. W. Wheeler will pay cash for
sawlogs delivered at his mill.
Correct railroad time at F. M.
Fiench's Jewelry store, Albany.
D. W. Odell, M. I)., Physician and
Burgeon, Bodayllle, Oregon.
First-class work at McClurt's barber
Bring your butter and eggs to C. E.
Brownell, Albany, Oregon,aud get the
highest market price.
Cruson & Menziesare prepared to fur
nish you with doors and windows
cheaper than anyone else iu Lebanon.
Thompson & Overman of Albany
invites the public to come into their
atorc and look at their fine line of har
ness Thompson & Overman, of Albany
have the largest stock of harness nud
saddles iu the valley aouth of Port
laud. Bedrock prices, new goods and stan
dard brands at both the Mammoth and
Ono Price Cash titores of C. B. Montn
tague. A bargain in a line Jersey cow, gen
tle in all particulars, with tho best of
recommendations. For particulars m
quire of this office.
Tho largest stock of watches and
clock In Linn county, and tho lowest
prices, at F. M. French's (the Corner
Jewelry Store), Albany.
Do not buy any eastern trash When
von can tret those spk'iid id Buckingham
& llecht goods at Montague's Man
moth store and alt) at his One Price
Ctwih Btoa
On lnt Friday night Soma person at
tempted to again set fire to the sawmifl
of Jennings & Co. Whoever it was
slipped aronndnnd crawled up a little
ditch that runs undtT the Will, which
Is used to wash away the sawdust, aurl
started fire in the sawdust wth some,
straw and shavings, but as a young
man, Frank Jennings, was watshlog
tho nilll, the fire was discovered and
immediately jmt out, anil two shots
fired at the Incendiary as he retreated
from the mill. Jennings then called a
yonug man who was close by.and they
gsvo tho alaroi to a dancing party
about three miles away, which causod
considerable of a crowd to gather at the
mill, and on investigation tho track of
a man with only his wks on was
found loading from the mill, ami was
tracked to the door of N B. Fry, when
Rail trace of It was lost. Other eviden
ces of guilt pointed to Mr. Fry. A
warrant was swwn out for him, and A.
R. Cyrus served It oh Mm Tuesday.
He was given a preliminary examina
tion before Justice of the Peace p. An
drews, of this place.' After hvariugthe
evidence of botk sides, lie ordered Fry
held over in f500 ismds to await the
actin of the grand jury, but by some
misnndenitandilig he wos turned loose
without giving H.
Why Is it that somo people seem toH
think that the sole aim and object of a
newspaper man's life is to boom his
fellow men and live upon the ktowl
odge that he is doing good in the
world? An editor's space is his stock
iu trad., it is worth so much and is
generally sold for a very small percent
of its actual value." A hanker makes
a living by the use of his money. How
would it look for any well-to-do busi
ness man to run iuto the bank occas
i nally and ask for a quarter? Curious
feelings would promenade through the
brain of the average man were one of
his wealthy neighbors to come into bis
store and ask fur a sack of flour na a
personal favor. 1'et tlie average news
paper mau takes pleasure in giving his
patrons an occasional puff. It lswhen
he is censured for not blowing up some
man who says that money spent in ad
vertising is money threwn away, that
patience ceases to to be a virtue, and
his habitual raserve and modesty fulls
from him like chaff before the whirl
wind an it Mere.
Mr. Harvey .Scott has retired osten
sibly from the editorship of the Orc
goniaii for the purpose, it is generally
supposed, of becoming a candidate for
the United States Hcnate nest year
against Henator Mitchell. Mr. Bcolt
has fairly "earned" tho promotion. He
hns abandoned tlie principles of a life
time; In has "supported" candidates
from president down to constable,
whom he bad denounced as dishonest,
incompetent and dangerous; ho has
bowed his head and bent his journal
istic course abjectly for a year and a
half now to the dictates of the Simon-
Dolph ring; hns forsaken honest and
independent journalism ond become
the sycophant servant and tool of every
scheme of plunder and corruption; he
has also made a great deal of nis-ncy.
Why snould he not be Hcmitor. Pen
dleton K. O.
Electricity is not entirely tamed yet.
It is the "sitting Bull" of forces, and
no one is etirc of it when all think it iu
the tamest and best trained condition.
It has taken to cutting capers as a motor
for street cars. Many recent runaways
have occurred on eastern roads where
it has substituted horsee. At Alleghe
ny City, Pa., recently, a car containing
forty passengers on an electric road de
fied all attempts to conlrol it and ran
off at a speed of fifty miles an hour.
The fluid seemed to interfere with the
brakes, which refused to work. When
theendjof the road wasreached.thecar
kept on, ran through a kouse aud began
to dig a bole in the ground, and just
laid there and kicked and snapped like
an army mule ou a tear. Ex.
The strange disappearance of several
young girls between the ages of 17 and
lSi-nthe past two weeks is creating
i f.tite a sensation In Tacotua. No trace
whatever has .been found of any of
thorn, and iu each case they have dis
appeared without taking any clothing
except what they were wearing at the
time. Kidnaping is suspected, as the
girls are handsome aud lntelligent,and
it is thought they were abducted for
purposes of prostitution.
One price and cash at the new
store, but everything sold cheap and
delivered to any part of the city.
In London lately fourteen police
men were put oil' duty in two days by
bites, kicks, knweks and punches ad
ministered at tho the hands, feet and
teeth of the unruly eiiimig.
I-I-A.B "T03V for ua tho. respect t)T the towijnnli
It has got to be an understood tiling that we dort't change
our price, because wo can't go lower and re won't go higher. 1
Wo fix our price just on the inside of cost, allowing ua the
fair profit we need to live, and r& don't budge From that.
Why should wet If we can't make something w waste time
in eelling. But the something wo make k always something
lower than the price rnado elsewhere.
Us a largo trade. Folks don't like to haggle. It's a relief to
know, at tho word go, just what you have got to pay. ' You
don't go away kicking yourself at tho thought that if you had
hung on a little longer you might have got the goods for a
dollar less. .
One price pleases everybody in the long run and leayi
no doubt in tho buyer's mind about his own shrewdness or
the merchant's honesty. ; -
Us friends, for every custoaner is a friend. Buyers appreci
ate the fact that wo could notmako a fixed, rock-rooted price
unless we made it at figures that would meet any and all
If they make a lower price they lose money, and that
makes it only a question of time when they shut up their
shop and leave the field to us. We are here to stay, and on
tho one price plan to all.
Our gales of DRESS GOODS have beon unusually large
and our stock is complete. We have a line of tho celebrated
Broadhead goods now in transit. '
Our BOOT and SHOE stock is complete, and our un
precedented large sales go to prove that our customers appre
ciate a good thing when they see it. y
Bedrock crices, new good9 and stan
dard brands at both the Mammoth aud
One Price Cash Stores of C. B. Mouta- !
gue. a ;
Money T Loa.
Money to loan at a low rate rate of
interest, on good farm property In
Linn County, or on best city property
in Albany. Apply to Blackburn and
"Wrkjht, Albany, Oregon.
Baji's Ciiarr Cj3rj;
Is giving splendid satisfaction to the
trade aud the sales ere positively mar
velous, which can be accounted for in
no other way except that it is without
doubt the best la the market. Ask for
and be sure you get the genuine. We
btoep it. M. A. Miller, Druggist.
Cruson & Menzics will furnish your
windows nnd doors cheap.
Mr. E. P. Lovejoy, a large dealer in
general merchandise at Wabuska, Ne
vada, says: "I have tried St. Patrick's
Pills and can truthfully say they are
the best I have ever takeu or ktiown
used." As a pleasant physic or for dis
orders of the liver they will always give
perfect satisfaction. or sale ty M. A.
The populai house of O. W. Simp
son, or Albany, nas recenuy oeen re
modeled and fitted up in elegant style.
Farmers, mechanics and everybody
will find It to their interest to call aud
examine his goods before going else
where in Albany.
If you want to adoru your home,
make your wife happy and feel real
good yourself, Just go to Fortmiller &
Irving, of Albany, and make a selec
tion from their immense stock of furnt
ture. All classes, styles and variety of
tsuitce. or separate pieces. No troublo
to show come and see.
Do not buy any eastern trash when
you can get those splendid Bucking
ham & llecht goods at Montague's
Mammoth store and also at bis One
Price Cash Store.
They talk alxmt self-made men as if
there were any other kind. No man
who has ever amounted to a hill of
beans in the affairs of this World was
anything else but self-made. Some
have better chances than others, that's
all, but to be something or somebody
depends upon the man himself. All
the schooling in the world can't make
a mau unless the boy has a high ambl-
tiou to be a man. A teacher cannot
give a boy brains. He must leain to
think and act for himself, of ever re
maiu' a knot on a log,
pcblic school jfotks.
Editor ExprEbs:
Sir:- Itememberlng that you had
a space reserved for Academy notes
in your valuable paper lust year, and
thinking that some from the public
school would be acceptable, thought I
would write some and try you.
We nw have 130 scholars enrolled.
The Professor took the suggestion of
last week's Exprbts, and now forbid-j
- 1 . ! 11. . A 1 . II
me Bcnoiars going io uie ir.mi, anu uu
think it is a good rule.
Miss Fannie Griggs was absent Miyir
day.os she had not returned ftwfQ'orti .
land, and Miss Maud itaiston taught
in her place on that day.
We had five new acholars on Monday
Lust week four new desks and two
new recitation benches were placed in
Prof. Hickman's room. Some wer;
also put in tho other room, but I don't
know bow many.
Ourroom is now ornamented with a
new Webster's dictionary and stand.
We now have a new clock. I lt!l
you it Is a daisy.
Misses Bellroie Kirkpatricl; and Adu
Miller made the school a visit Friday. '
Call again, ladies.
Next Friday we are to have so:iu ;
choice speaking andrecitations stYon-; .
test between two sides and I think it '
will Ue real good. Say, Mr. Editer, if
you can get off, come around ;Vo u i!l
treat you well.
Ogirls,hov about parties and school?
Which one do you think you j!1
We hear thre is some talk of pt'.Uwvft
an addition to the school room, tut
don't know whether the report is true
or not, but think it would be u j.
help, as it would give us more num.
The party seemed not to h.nv r,v
good effect on Bone of tho girls hrt
Saturday night.
Say, girls, who do you think will r.t
to go with Charlie, since hl3 t. (
baa left again?
ire all like the Professor, Mr, J-htk-man,
very much, and think he is tho
lhtiu" t.ittnltnt
Miss Mamie Swan was ab&mt from
school the first part of the week Oil uc
count of the sickness of her mother.
Well, I will stop for this thm, a. J .f
you print this I will write ajjain.',
See Montuguea magnificent
stock of Buckingham & llecl.t's f'.
and shoes manufacted express! A . (
him. 3' ,
When you are tired of paying tl ;
prices' for groceries take a rest uu .
trade with C. E. Brownell. Alb.ii-. ' '