The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, July 19, 1889, Image 3

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A. I', t'yiusnmdc Hnkm n business
vVit yct.rd.iy.
'S I:o Sun hern Pacific took enarge of
(iie'Xtu'rMv Ginigo July V..
Ten in v su.iserlbers cine':' otir last
i'f!i i : :'!;!! Tjik Ethi i wanted.
Yia can bet your lire wr have heard
tho smud ;,f i!w hammer and saw this
llrv. C A. JIoDenaM ta;d wife, of
!ii.r:!.-l.-!!-, nr.- in town Sunday to
attend ttit? vcdJir.g.
Tin p: , r;i Incroiss-' iii population !:i
Oiegoii imd Washington is estimated
tn le l i '0 j'i'r'tl. y.
Y. F. Ji. u)miiki hau retired from th
li ;-x uif I'inliiJi ale r, end iSKUccieded
by .'. Y. I: 'jijuiniii.
, 'rr. K-i.vf? and Frank Harris, of Al
bany, ; i:i t-nvn .rfa unlay ami
.il:lile US a pleasant call.
Mr.. J. HTfciai:?-liter, Mrnrgie,
w'lm have Ivii :m!ping at Waterloo,
i lunu'-l It ;.. Monday.
Mr. i.'lu-!'. !. Montague returned lust
'i'in'fuLiy l.'cm Portland.
v Kir.- l.'.i return.
At'.lrtr ;i .r.'.y, tho by who rv.
i.f .rii. !i : i"i to gvt cut , k
;.:: .;!!,'.', -ini .-.-cent.
:;.''. -.. ?.I(.i,:i.-,M' tdwifelcrtl-c-t
I'i.llV for ;;. moil'! t a! ;:?, Whel'C !.CV
: v:!K lintc ruidk-at
I j
If your !".'snr!r.iu-!e;u;!! hx- not your
if''r.'.od to if, H will Ih- nrc to
:-:ich i:.e wnttf, j. lease bear in
! s- "i i I f 1 .
The nt w v.nrt l.w"-? at V.rva!!i will
eift tin- ci,:!y i;.r!y and the
city Ia i-AKivt'$.lJfi'.0 for a new tehwd
There f;iil v. jrvent many jilea-nre
fT'.l.oi - ;'''i"! 1 1 li'.e mountain, but it
i.-a two way tt.tvel now- they cirjie
Mr. T. r. IWiIer, wife and e!ii!d,
and Mr, Heed TUum-d fr-ni the
HionnuuiiH I:i4 Monday, and re port a
;i!e;;fant trip.
Mr. Ja. I!ti!'.sim and Dr. Courtney
ind their wiv.'n burled fur tie moiin
!:t l;. Vv"edned:iy." They inte nd ,'"':
over (u f ir an the Mat-dou.
Jiuue- Dannid Ml 1 frvirii' a HeafloM
while Wrtrkinj; en the roideiice of".
Ji. (Jniham near Albany Saturday, in
liicitd severe though uot dangerous
l'rjf.t'. S. Hiiit li lis rfeepied the
I ritn'i;al"h!i) of th-i jrrtiiU-d tehool at
Oakland, iue l'rofHsor hn many
Mil ,'? friend here who will be borry to
ie Mat leave
Will Morrow went to Urownrrilk
on Thursday, b) be alnent two or 'J):ve
weeks. Jfe will take a jiiti.'i' ir.
(t'o. Dyson ' tinvlreeuipriun:.' (Jood
luck to Wid.-Bcio I'res.
Harry Lane, fuperi; t'tidcnt of the
irsane a'-yluui id Haleiu, and George
Downing, KUpeiinteiident of the
teutlary, were in Lebanon 'WedtKM
day. Tii"y will rusticate in the moun
tains for-.v few dyn.
T. O. Hendricks jwrddent of the
J'iawt National I!:iuk, Hint F. M. Wil
kius, drupgift, of Hugone, n!ent
Thursday in Lelmnon. Thiy have
!i?e. 'pm3ing wveral days lit S kla
vih. ; rith their fandlie.
Mr. J.'C. ri!yi;u ha our thankn for
n unc nice trout that he caught on the
Matolotin lust year, and they were very
nice. Juke i.i the jhtwhi we like to see
gj to the mountains and we' are glad
to (say that he 1m g'dng to htarf again
H ion, and in no.v biwy ixuking all ar
rangementa to get off.
If o-oa wifh (;i hoc how Lebanon Is
Improving Just watch the ne'build
ings going up all around in Urn way of
bushier iiouws dwellingx, barns; tli,n
look at the new feiio iH-ing bulk; the
new Mde walks and nl'reot erodings,
and ak jf Lebanon k on the grow ! 1 ! 1
No Ixk.u, but n steady growth!
Tiik J'lxi'tif.JS conlem plates making
jniproveiiK via in the future provided
the tn'-rchanis'keep i'p tlie patiomuro
in advert irting, um we believe they will,
and ail back siibwriplionH paid in.
Give uh u consilatit llc.v of advertising
and we will be ab!ot' make 'fun F.x
I'HMin potent factor in the advanee
tneiit of lije city and mirrntindlngrouu
trv. L'-'nnou bhould havea hwg:; and
iniiuential pi.pi rona that the city
1'iel county would be pnnid of 'and de
light t' sopport. SVc couteuipliiU;
' making The lixriimi u six column
quarto when businofs o)K'Ti!5 up a little
better, (iive u your patronage, your
yourjrood will, p.nd soo-Tub Kxjf.HiiK
; iiic:id Helf
kkws nuns.
Haying tools at Cruson & Miller's.
Men's shoes 00c ut Feebler & Buhl's,
First-elatA work at McClure' barber
If your buggy tires neel setting take
them to Joseph Harbin. Hi!' guaran
tees satisfaction. '
Garden tool at bed-rock 'prices nt
CYusoii A Menzics'.
Joe Harbin sets.wngon tiros' without
cutting or welding.
Jo Harbin sets wagon or bMggy tires
without dishing the. wheels.-
Call on -,'ruson fc Mruziis for screen
doors and wire screens.
Cru.Miin A: Mimics will futnkh your
windows and doors cheap.
Dr. Frank 11. Italian, Physician and
Hurgeon. Oliiee at residence.
Farm;?!' can save mney by buyi'J
their iiaiehine oils of J5enrd A Holt.
One ju ice and eah at the new cash
Kt:iv. but everything fcold' cheap and
deij ve ed to any jart of the city.
Cnwoii k ?.!e!i?.k' are irej.irel to far
tiish yuii v.'iih dimM aiul windoWM
elu'iijA-r than anyone tl.w in Lebanon.
Go ; Heard & Holt f r nurhiiu 4.11;
they Jsitve th'j largiet Ktocfc'
brought ' tii Jid.aiion. They do not
make the h-dtictioiis in !.e oils, but
make the reduction in the jiricts to
1 f-uit' the t i nil s.
J. A. Vjnh r, rhot r'tjihcr, v.'itl In
j in lU'iivnsviii" :i Mdiiday, May U7, to
! I'";r::i tiie M:::;i.n r ea!tiii'4i:rn. No
j i'.u.'','.A v, ill bo t ;.:.rui to pi'.turos
wiUi tie hiu!
-t !
'p.e vf exeeileiiee.
i I It'tUU; 1 11 i'.J r
! The marnui"!!! furniture cMabIinh
I merit of Fort miller A: Irving is one of
the bigg. st ihing in Albany. Tliey
w'Hi six m m've into the large new Ma
j sonic building where tle.y 111 1e
1 p'.i-.isod to show their gooits and give
j prices that will simply defy all compe-
j The Golden link- IJazaar, of AUany,
j U the greatest variety store in Oregon.
Fveryih'mg y6u can inisgine and a
thousand thimrf: you never thought of
can be seen here. Jfdius Gradwohl is
i the man that deals honestly and
j truly by his customers and sntiofy you
i in price und qualities of all goods In
iit line. Don't fail to give the Golden
Ilule l-ifraar a call.
Some of our new 'correspondents
have lxvn sending in tLeir communi
cations without their resd'imme signed
to them. Now it is a rule thst all com
munications must have your' real name
as well as 'your mini de plume.
Specftal sala.
The balance of c'tr Straw Hais,
Clinmbriiys. Lawn;;, 'fH-t-rsuckers, Sat
tcrns, will be closed nt f'r cost, as we
don't want to carry anything over at
t ft, for cash.
C. C. Hackmcmax.
Mr. Guy has erected a neat buildixg
next toor to our cilice.
MrsC. II. Kalston and her little
dauIiUr, Jessie, left for Junction ('jty
Tuesday morning to vkit her sister.
The trial of W. II. Hawkins, charged
with the mbrJer of F.' II. Ogle, who
was shot down in the streets of Salem
last spring, has leen in progress dur
ing the week, but ut last account the
jury had not brought In their verdict.
Ogle was a young man and was well
known in ibanou, having resided
here for a number of years.
There was considerable eve-itennnt
in town last Monday mormr.r caused
by the team o; W. 1. Donaca rufming
oil'. No damage was done except to
demolish the wagon '''which they
were hitched.
The council ntfheir last meeting or
dered the marshal to mc that the side
walk' which had been ordered put up
by property holders, moKtly on JJack
str'.ijt, was put up at once.
At the council meeting last Tuesday
evening J. M. Hai'-fon and John lh.u k
hnrt scut in their. resignations which
we're accepted, and A. P. Klackburn
and J. J. sjwau were elected in their
A corps of men will begin thes'jfvey
of the Hiuslaw fc llast'irn railway to
day or to-morrow. " The advance parly
who went out a week or two ago ascer
tained that a siiti-d'actory route 6xists,
and the inteiUiOii of the company is to
d o c v c ry t u i 1 1 g i . i its po wer t o sec u re
the building of the rem! in the near rs
'turo. Ocr'ciiizejij Iiavo contribu'.ed
about ?o00 to assist in the preliminary
survey, and as the cost w!l! ho frot i
Sd'JtK) to $lrAw they should esf?nd their
'snb.'W'i'iptiuiis, ns ft u an t-.i'tcrni-iso in
'which every vwnir cf -.ojv.'ry-l iu
tcM t'lf.d.-Jlnijeiie Kfgk'er.
Hen Donacalind wlfo returned from
the mountulnsAVednesday.
Lllo l'arker and wlfo returned homo
from the Mountains Monday.
Kev, I. Carlton will fill the pulpit of
the First Presbyterian church next
Sunday morning.
Hoy. (. W. Giboney and wS left for
Waterloo, yesterday, where they will
sp.:nd tonic time camping out.
The Hist new wheat of the season
wii.i delivered nt the Lebanon mills by
Unfold pioneer wdieat grower, J. Was-
We received a handsome catalogue
c.t fanning impU'iuents, vehicles, etc.,
from Stawr ii Walker, of Portland,
There is to lo & race in Albany next
Sunday between II. II. Odell of Soda
ville, and Cameron of Corvallis, we
understand, lor $100 aside.
T. If. Jiarnes and wite, of Ilasfings,
Neb., are in town this week visiting
the family cf F. .M. Miller. Mr.
Hamci is favorably impressed with
this part of the valley, and will
probably ieeate here.
The quarterly conference of the M.
F. church of this place last Friday
evening. Kev. S. I'. Wilson, the pre-,
siiling elder, Was present and pro-ached
Friday evening,' but left next day, as
be had another apoointmeat for Sun
day. . The new and elegant roJdeiice of
Mr. J. Wmhii, just north of aur city
limits, it Hearing completion. It
m mild f an ornnmeiit to any city, and
we ton- nituiiUe this a;:ed couple on
so charming a place to spend Ike even
ing of their days.
Kev. Charle.3 Fillingham, of Tulare,
Cab, was is town last week, aud is just
convalescing from a severe attack of
malaria. He rejiorts all southern Cal
ifornia as subject to iViiilariu and no
crops without irrigation. The booty
lias collapsed, property of every de
scription declined, and many families
ruined by the! tremendous crash in real
estate. I to says tint hundreds and
thousands f ould come to this valley if
they could only get away.
"One by one the roses fall'' and two
1 by two the youth and beauty of this
valley are joining hands and setting
fortli on the br;ud and busy highway
of life as man and wife. This time it is
Mr. 1). L. Amfdcr and Mi.-,s Welch.
They were married at the residence of
the bride's mot her by Kev. Crosier, of
Portland, on Sunday, June 1!, ''1SS9.
Mr. Ambler is well known in Lebanon
as a ri.-i'ng and energetic young man,
and has the confidence and respect of
all who know him. The bride is a
charming and accomplished young la
dy; and they have our best wishes for
a long and happy wedded life.
We take the following from the Ak
ba.iy Democrat, written' by a conca
pont'ent of that paper who signed the
Initials A. F., which is u;ry gcxnl, and
sets forth some good ideas which we
would like to see followed out. He
should have put the population 1200
instead of GOO:
Lebanon Is a neat, pleasant, prosper
ous town of about six ljundred inhabi
tants, situated near the heart of Linn
county at the terminus of a branch of
tho Southern Pacific, about thirteen
miles from Albany, the present county
seat of Linn county, Lebanon, al
though only a small place, at present
has the control of all of the trade in tho
eastern part of the county on the South
fork oftke Hflntiarn.'a country which
w ill, in a very idiort time, have a hand
some population, as immigrants are
sure to come in (and are now. coming
inland take homc:st"ids in this nature
favor. d section of Linn comity, but one
which is least favored by the county
authoriti.s. About 4! miles south of
here Is Hod'aville, where is one of the
finest soda springs in the State, and
six miles south of here, just east of S;i
daville, over :i high hllf, is Waterloo,'
which also has a tine soda spring.
The places are destined to become the
great summer resorts of the State But
to Lebanon. There is nothing more
apparent than that this will some day
be a much more prosperous place than
it now is, and will be the mort.and is
now the most prosperous town in coun
ty leaving out thecouniy scat, Albany.
Lebanon is a nice pbee for the immi
grants to come, for the people are gen-
rous to ' a fault, and nhvayn try to
make toe stranger fool at Ids oaf e, and
j encourage, and help him s; 71 they can.
It -ot'ld be well for I he residents of
j this thriving and prosperous town to
i endeavor to advertise ami. ot lierwisu
fbring tho' good qualities of their btju
j tiftil city ' before tho public, and. we
; think they are, each and all, ready end
v Ul'r'g iw oo tketr part; v
Tfte Finger
Beckon? to vo 'alid directs vou'lo'
Till: STOCK- '
that will moro than any other help you to lay the fuiiinhitiot '
of a fortune in money saved. i
HACKLEM AN Is the Man '
Of whom' every one says that ho HAS NO EQUAL' for prices ; ;
relating to value of goods. Tt is a fact. V ; ;
And ret upon and you will find that you "never got such ';
Hi?h Grade Good's and so nukh Cliangb' 'ji
ou'tofvour dollar' r;
If yi;u ever bo to nuvs I think t!:at you'll n(.rrte
In tht following philo.'-ephy which oft warn to 'ih;.
i:ui)ie horn-i start otMi.-wly, mrl others niuke tho pucp,
Kut tho i!rt hor-w ut tliu wire Is the hone that wins the rare.
It riwsii't tihvuys mDltcr which jos'Key hos yourmutiat, . .
Whi'ii they ally lown the henvjlruteh, nio thhu: nlonc will count,
loi'k oftt-n r.'.vu," ir.'Tit, and f-,rls-tter or for worn;,
Tlie roar Iium; tU tft- la.shing iuul thu fnmt horso gets (he ptnru.
When iWHn; n.r In okcr you liuhtti to II ml
Tliut two )m!r m-luoSi rank as lil.h as three ennlH of s tjin J. '
Tin' kiae curd i. n high curd, hat it t'.o."n't lient the we,
The first horse nt tli wire U the one that wlus the rua-.
.... e lw i. tae rvonrds over, and you'll sy with ine 1 (tucss
That rially, f(,r Kucueedlnjr, tliereV nothini; like new; . .
The world will surely Juile you hy tho thia-s that you Imvi- Coin"
You'll ouly tret Its pity for viur buttlvs aeurly won.
I'.fpiiiiition i n't nln-nyt what U'k latwled up to be.
The nl.iiflow hrooki ure rmhiest, down flowlrg'to dnj'sea;
(iri'Ht (jenian soaietliat's hides itself within u coajiaon.fuu',
1'iuk horse Uut the fuvoriiea ia ninny a Kitlluat ruec.
Ilndeavor to Le nl le, hat the world don't, circ a plu'
Fur an o"un of endi.i vorn, unlest they ehunec to win. , ,
J'mHi what you've undertaken, if you w ant to niakepniacr
Succesi has tilled the alehes in the tin)'o wall of FuvW!
Tlie nient rjwsffi'.t doctor h the on Unit wwt Is i!W,
Tin.' ax fehnat who most jtiwpcr is fc'icf thtt getn the trade,
Tbe Kueeessful law yer Is the one thai wins the oh,
';he first hore at the wire Is the one that wins the race.
t fcfVn think If 8 fretiy tivr 1, that tliiatrn shonld he Just fo,
,Mi .'ou have to huy your ticket it' you wnrtt to see Die nhow,
I!' the front of (heprocwvijou where you always l.eur the hand;
A:id the huy who tcets hot iunutA U the tlrt one at tlie stand,
Ko make your taldeta ready, and Jot thiy"; AVfivivr.;' ,
It it the iieu -lint does the lmstlln?,'t'hekj,ng that ' efos t'lc'erown.
The mint who xels the fox' bruii U foremost In il.e cha-,
And li'.e fi'st litrs at the wire is tlw hor. tlwt wluVthe riu'f-.
Th Way of the Trtnniti'v'iiiiiir is Hard.
A Jackson vllle dispatch says: At5:3Q
o'clock Friday morniiig a tire was dis-cow-red
in the county jail which hud
made considerable headway -md filled
the whole front room with flame and
smoke. From ;!o'me eauiMt the doors' of
the cells could not be readily opened,
and it was necessary to open h'em
with n sledge. Three prisoncers were
confined In the'jail, to:wit: F. Warren
for robbery in Ulount's grocery store In
Ashland; Newt Cook for stealing an
overcoat in the F. H. Hotel, Jackson
ville, and Ileury Hoover for robbing a
blind woman at Talent of in mon
ey. Ik fore tho prisoners could bo lib
erated they 'were suffocated and wero
all lln'oe brought out dead, "
JIfw the lire orig'n'at'ed is a mystery
at present', but it is evident that, the
jaii was not set on lire by the prisoners
a- it caught in t. portion of the jail in
acce'ssible to llicui.
If you go to Albany 'to buy a stove
call on V, Jriiiitli, who has thelarg
est" and t;est stock of stoves and tin
ware and sella evaper thn.h'iiiiyone hv
Albany. "
You Cannot Afford
At this season of the? year to be withe-ti'
a good reliable diarrhoea bnlsam :e tb
house, as t ramps, :olic, diariluvu :u.
all Intluinniation of the stomach n:r!
bowels tire excei'ilingly danger. -in it'
not attended at once. One bo'tir of
iUit.l'M DIAUl'IKEA lUi .; AM
will '.V more good in eases of this V:tK
than any other i iedlcliUKon i rji"
We yaarantee it. M. A. .Miller, dnt;:! -
U there is on" Ubing 'above timdk. r 1
that a young mail s.ho ild be ns!.'u.t it ,1
of doing, It i'i loadng without aim, j u . '
pose or profit, on i ho street or I n 'b-. ,
stores, day after day, week tift-r w f.
I f you have no'.ifinj' to do and cm ' t,
nothing to do stay a koine, a p:ut"vr,
the time nt any rati", Mo youwg ioh:;
with any sclf-respoit will content l.inv,
self with 'tu piikig to no higher
tion tiiith that id' u chronic loafer i -v
Ktore-box tiiagnut'. Nothing wll ',
blunt the higher faculties as InnetO"
and no liiactjvity is so baneful
malevolent in its eli'ect us that v,;
tary idleiiesk, termed loeting,
, Get yntir nails at (.'rwiou
$!1T)0 r fce'g.""