The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, May 03, 1889, Image 4

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Incease of Pensions-Admiral Klmber
ly'a Report to the Department
Easter Monday t the
' ",.',. ' " Whlte House, .
Zach Montgomery will practice law at
Alex 11. Morrison, of Mexico, will be
appointed timber agent.
Secretary Blaine is suffering from a
alight attack of lunibagu.
The Chinese minister at Washington
is soon to give a farewell ball.
E. W. Carson, of SjHikane Falls, W. T.,
has been granted a pension.
John T. Lobaugh has been appointed
postmaster at Pullman, W. T.
Ex-Congressman B. J. Ellis, of Louis
iana, died suddenly last Thursday.
Julia A. L. Castro has been commis
sioned postmistress at Ne w Era, Or. ,
Easter Monday is always children's
day at the White" House and grounds.
The president was overwhelmed with
office-seekers and other callers last week.
The appointment of W. C. Hunt has
been recommended as statistical expert.
First Comptroller Durham severe.! his
connection with the treasury department
on the 22 inst
The senate committee on our relations
with Canaday, will start for the Pacific
Coast in a few days.
Prominent republicans think an extra
seion of confess will le convened by
the president in Octolier.
Tlie president has appointed Willis
Sweet, of Idaho, attorney for the United
States for that territory.
President- and Mrs. Harrison enter
tained vice-President and Mrs. Morton
at dinner, last Wednesday.
Charles J. doff has been appointed
special agent of the treasury department
for the fur sea islands in Alaska.
At Rigbv, Bingham county, blaho, a
new io8tofh-e has been .established, and
John Parks appointed postmaster.
J. L. Stoddard, peaent disbursing of
ficer of the deartment of lalwr, has lieen
recommended as disbursing officer of the
No apprehension is felt at the navy
department respecting the non-arrival of
tlie Monongahela and Brooklyn at their
Too president has appointed the fol
lowing iwHtmasters : Edward Anger, at
Haiiev, Idaho, and George P. Cook, at
' Flagstaff, Arizona.
Second Assistant Postmaster General
Whitford lias under consideration the
establishment of several Btar mail routes
through Oklahoma.
On the 21st inst.. President Harrison
received a delegation of Southern repub
licans, among the number being severs!
welt known colored taec.
The secrptarv of state is informed that
Russia will send delegates to tlie Marine
Conference, which meets at Washington
-on the lath of October next..
Commissioner of Pensions Tanner last
week rendered a decision by which the
pension of Henry Demlietz will be in
creased from $30 to $72 per month.
The resignation of Nicholas M. Bell,
miperintendentof the foreign mail service
ot the iKwtomee department, na ikxu
accepted by the postmaster-general.
Admiral Kimlerly Las forwarded to
the navv department a report from Chief
Kterstedt, suiting that the engine of the
Nipsic lias lieen tried and worked well.
The naval board appointed to select a
site for a navy yard on the Northwest
coast, having completed its labors, have
returned to their respective former duties.
The president has appointed as the
committee to negotiate with tlie Sioux
Indians, Dakota, Hon. William Warner,
-of Kansas City, and Hon. Charles Foster,
of Oiiia.
The acting comptroller of the currency
has authorized the Washington National
lUnk, of Tacoma, Washington territory,
to lieain business with a capital of
The secretary of w ar has ordered the
-commanding officers at all the military
jiosts to lire a national salute oi imrty
eiu'ht guns April 30, the Centenary of
Consul General Walter, at London, in
'his his report to the department of state,
savs tiiere has been a general revival of
tni'ie and commerce throughout the
United Kingdom.
The following residents of the Pacific
Coast have been granted pensions : Wash
ington Territory Joel Bradley, La Cen
ter. Idaho filexu-an survivor, John
Green, Boise Barracks.
Secretary Rusk has appointed Dr. G.
E. Morrow, of Campaign, III., to repre
sent the Agricultural Department at the
.Jubilee show of the Royal Agricultural
S'x-h'ty to be held in England this sum
mer. Commissioner Klocksluger, of the gen
eral land office, says that from present
indications the contests over lund claims
in Oklahoma would ultimately involve
nearly every quarter section of land in
tint teTitery.
Corporal Tanner, commissioner of pen
sions, rendered an important decision on
tin- 2-J inst., in pausing upon the appli
cution of John Webb late private of Com
pany i), Indiana cavalry, for an increase
ul pension from $24 to $10 per month. I
Hundreds of Boomers to th Oklahoma
District Reurntng Hevy Hail
storm in Georgia-Notes.
Albert M. Frey the pool champion,
died last week.
Tho sanitary commission has reached
Jacksonville, Fla.
Tim Michigan legislator has passed the
anti-dressed beef bill. ,
The old board of directors of the Union
Pacific has been re-elected.
Four murderers escaped from the
Wichita, Kan., jail, last week.
Hundreds or disappointed Oklahoma
boomers are on the back track.
The sleeping car interests ore to be
united in one enormouB concern.
Jackson, Miss., after being dry nearly
two pd a half years, is again a wet town.
For tlie fourth time in English history
the title of the Duke of Buckingham has
become extinct.
The nionastry of Melk, in Austria, has
just celebrated the 800th anniversary of
its foundation.
Signs of effort to establish a Whisky
Trust have become manifest in tlie
United Kingdom.
The City of Mexico proposes to follow
New York's example and clear the streets
of wires and poles.
Otto Falke has started in a small boat
frem Bangor to New Orleans. The trip
is made on a wager.
The heaviest hail and rainstorm ever
known in that section of country, fell in
Atlanta, Ga., on the 24th.
The fellows who crowd the White
House to keep certain other fellows from
getting office are called "spikers."
Claim-junipers in Oklahoma are creat
ing considerable trouble, and several of
them have been killed in consequence.
The Russian Czar is suffering from ex
treme nervousness and excitement, being
in constant dread of attempts on his life.
A Swedish laborer who landed in New
York a few days ago, was Bhipped back
to Sweden under the contract iialior law.
' A remonstrance from leading property
owners against an elevated - road in Bos
ton, is published in the papers of that
Lord Brownlow denies that be lias ac
cepted the viireroyship of Ireland. He
says that he lias never been otierva tne
C. J. Smith has been appointed general
manager of the Oregon Railway & Navi
gation Company, with headquarters at
It is officially announced that Prince
Ferdinand, nephew of King Charles, has
I teen selected a& heir to the throne of
The Farmer's Alliance of Miss'sBippi
has obtained room in the peuitentiary
building to operate a bagging factory of a
capacity of doOU yards a day.
A bill is pressed in the legislature of
Michigan to establish the business of
twine manufacturing in the state prisons.
These movements are hostile to trusts.
BoHlanger says he fled from Paris lie
cause the government had formed a plot,
to assassinate him, and failing in that, to
sentence him to death by a one-sided
The French Ambassador at Rome has
just discovered there a famous portrait of
Voltaire that has been missing for more
than half a century. It represents him
in his youth.
TojKika, Kan., lias the largest electric
railway system in the world. There are
sixteen and a half miles of track in okt
ation, and a speed of fifteen miles an hour
can be attained.
The Mammoth hotel at Rockaway
beach, which was built by the Rockaway
Beach Improvement Company in 187i),
lias lieen sold for $29,000. The building
will be torn down.
There were more than 17,000 saloons
in Ohio. Under the policy of taxation by
regulation this number has been reduced
one-half and the revenue amounts to
$-',500,000 a year to the btate. .
The debtor who does not pay in Siam
must become tlie slave of his creditor,
who charges him from 15 to 30 tier cent a
year, puts him in chains and takes his
work as the interest of his debt.
' Applicants for country postoftlces are
now sending their photographs to Wash
ington to be filed with their paiiers of in
dorsement. It is noticed that nearly all
phote represent very good looking men.
The Connecticut State Board of Chari
ties has investigated charges made
against officers of the state prison of
Weathersneld, and a shameful state of
immorality and lack of discipline was
The Texas Spring Palace at Fort Worth,
Texas, will be opened on the 2l)th of May.
Its object is to exhibit Texas to the peo
ple from other states, and to induce men
and women to see the South for them
selves. Grand Old Man Gladstone is to lie hon
ored with a great natural monument.
The highest peak of the Finisterro range
in New Guinea is to be christened Mount
Gladstone. It is said no white man lias
yet reached its summit.
Count Papenheim, formerly adjutant
to the late King Ludwig of Bavaria, is
reported to have absconded to America
with the funds he obtained by the sale of
estates, leaving a large number of credi
tors to bewail his flight.
Governor Taylor, of Tennessee, has
vetoed the bill providing for the removal
of the state penitentiary. The measure
was regarded as the first step toward the
alnjlition of the convict lease system and
the governor has raised a storm oi popu
lar indignation, 1
Government Land Thrown Open Tor Set
tlement Steamar SunkRailway
NotesDisastrous Collision
Items of Interest.
Petroleum has been struck at Ukiah.
Fresno has organized a Tally-ho club.
San Diego complains of the price paid
for ice.
Pneumonia is plentiful In Hawthorne,
The plant for the creosote works at San
Pedro has arrived.
It has been so far a bad year for bar
racouda in southern waters.
The hackmen of Portland are to or
ganize a protective association.
The cutworms has appeared in some
some of tlie California vineyards.
Many Santa Rosa Indies have lieen vic
tims of endowment associations.
Konrad Frederick Wiemeyor, editor of
the Sacramento Journal, died last week.
San Diego county bee men say the
prospects were never bettor than this
There is a report that the oil wells at
Sespe are not yielding as much oil as for
merly. The mayor of Portland and city council
are at outs respecting the location of a
city hall.
William Hamilton, a prominent ranch
er of tirub Gulch, Fresno county, died
recently. ,
Yoseniite was connected by telegraph
with the outside world last week for tlie
first time.
Santa Cruz has fixed the liquor license
at $200 per annum, and tlie circus license
at $250 a day.
Tan frmmlii trnmnR. who CBrTV their
blankets and sleep in barns, are doing
X oio county.
Mulkv'e Tom Daly, Little Dock and
Butcher Boy were the winners of tho races
at Fresno on the 18th iust.
Franks Joesink, a 10-year-old liov; fell
under a moving freight train at Sacra
mento, receutly, and was killed.
Los Angeles last year shiped away
8005 tons of citrus fruits and imported
from the East 7021 tons of beer. ,
Mrs. George Lovelock was drowned
while fishing in a slough near her resi
dence, on Humlwldt river, Nev., last
The commission to fix a Bite for the
insane asylum for Southern California
voted for a locality last week, but as each
voted for his own county, no result was
At Victoria. B. C, on the 23d, the cor
ner stone of the Provincial Royal Jubilee
hospital was laid by Mrs. Nelson, wife of
Lieutenant-Governor Nelson.
Austin A. Bell, a prominent and very
wealthy citizen of Seattle, W. T., com
mitted suicide on the 24th inst., by shoot
ing himself through the head.
Corbett and Choynski, San Francisco
Tin.riiuta have mum! articles to meet in
a furht to a finish for a purse of $1000 a
side, ijueensiHirry ruios w govern.
A diHastrous collesion occurred at
Thompson Falls, on the Northern Pacific
on Monday last, in which the engineer,
fireman and brakeman were injured.
Charles Mint, an Italian fisherman at
Seattle, W. T., was arrested last Tusiday
for attempting to rape Mabel Giffbrd, the
o-year-olu daughter oi a iaunurmau oi
that city.
Hon. John F. Swift, the newly ap
pointed minister to Japan, accompanied
l,v Ilia witi left San Francisco on the
steamer Oceanic, last week, for his new
field ot labor.
rinvarnnr fttAvoiionn' cull for ft consti
tutional convention, to lie held at Boise
City, July 4, nas wen unanimously en
dorsed by the republican territorial cen
tral committee.
Allsirt J. Cody, who bit oft a portion
of Joseph Morin's lower lip, in a fight
last month at J'ortiana, nas ien con
victed of mayhem. The penalty is next
to that for murder.
N. Cooper was cut to pieces recently by
a California hallhreed Indian named nen
Jones, at Colony ranch, Harvy county,
Or. They were apparently very friendly
a few, minutes before the killing.
The Oregon Railway & Navigation
company is pushing its line through the
the Cceur d'Alene reservation and CVeur
d'Alene mountains to Mullen. About
two thousand men are employed.
, The steamer Alliance, owned by the
Portland & Const Steamsliip Company,
had a collision with the steamer Danube
on Thursday last, near the Willamette
slough, in which the Alliance was sunk.
Frank Sanford who killed himself at
San Rafael last week, was a son of Hon.
Stephen Sanford, and a cousin of Con
gressman Sanford of Amsterdam, N. Y.,
which place he left to avoid divorce pro
ceedings. A now Tii!lrfi:id cnninfin v. known as the
Rockford & Spikane Falls, has been or
ganized to build from Rockford, twenty-
five miles, to Sjwkane Falls. When com
pleted it will ojen a new line to Portland
via Farmington and Pendleton.
At Seattle, W. T., on the 23d inst., the
government authorities advertised two
townships of valuable timber land to be
thrown open for settlement. The rush
for the land office almost equalled the
frantic rush of the land-seekers to Okla
iiomk ax rAitn.
The !Uurl Tollet-The Oar of Poultry
-The Pruning Season-Farm
Tlants require their food in a soluable
condition. No matter bow much manure
is added to tho soil, onlv the soluable jtor
tioas are used. The solids can not Ik of
benefit until they decompose and are dis
solved by the moisture.
Knitting silk has lieen found to wash
bettor than embroidery silk, and so
makes more serviceable outliningon dam
ask cloths for the figure. Monograms on
doylies are worked with yellow silk, in
large letters, at the middle.
Pnnltrv need a irood. dry dusting place.
They like it better on a level with the
floor of the poultry-house than to climb
into a Ikix. Over-leeding or keeping on
corn Bnd other fattening ood is quite as
frequent a cause for hens failing to lay as
lack of food.
Farmers havo a much greater Hpbore
of inttumice on the flavor of milk pro
duced than they suppose, or they are
willing to admit. The reason why a cer
tain numlior of consumers in all large
cities are willing to pay what, to a farmer
or an average conBumer, may seem ex
traordinarv prices is liecause they Ret
butters of lilgh flavors which are always
uniform. The makers of these butters
nearly all use clover or meadow hay and
corn meal, in varying proimrtiens with
other coarse louder and meais.
Lemon Shortcako: Make a shortcake
dough exactly like a strawberry short
cake. While that is linking grate the
jieel of a lemon and squeeze every drop
of juice from it into the lswl, then take
half a cun of sugar and half a cup of mo
lasses, a teueupful of water, a little lump
of Initter and a taiilespoontui oi four.
Let this Isiil until it is justalHitit as thick
as a boiled custard. When the shortcake
is Uised cut it in two parts, and pour the
mixture over the lower one, then lay tl
iiiK'rjMirt on this, Ixittnm side up, and
cover that also wnn cusuiru.
Brown bread, which msv lie also served
as a pudding, is made by taking one cup
of molasses, one teiiRpoonful of wxla dis
solved in a half cuplul ol lioiiing water ;
stir this in the molasses until it is thor
oughly mixed with it, then add three
parts of graham flour to one of corn meal
in sufficient qtuintity to make a liatter, to
this add a tablespoonful of melted lard.
Steam this four hours. It yon wish to eat
it hot in place of bread, dry it in the oven
for fifteen minutes; if for puddingy servo
it fresh from the steamer with a sour
sauce. .
Fresh salads: Fresh salads might to
lie long in water; the withered only long
enough to crisp them. The outside leaves
are thrown away, the inner ones parted,
well rinsed and examined, and, if neces
sary, plunged into salt and water for a
few' minutes, which will quickly free the
leaves of nny insects that may cling
to them. They may le thrown into a
colander or salad basket to drain, and
thence into a napkin held by its four
corners and shakeu lightly until it ab
sorbs the water hanging about the leaves.
Handle the salad as little as iiotwible in
cutting. Do not mix it with dressing
until the moment of serving, ami then it
is usual to put the liquids at the bottom
of the bowl and stir it up just before serv
ing. Salads of fish, meat or potatoes
are lietter made half an hour la-fore they
are used, except such as are mixed with
leaf salad. Let chives or onions 1
bandied apart when used, not mixed in,
as so many objttct to the flavor.
The Nursery Toilet : Some one should
make a protest against the sopping of
children s hair wun water, or using a
wet. brush in dressing their hair, to save
the nurse or mother some trouble in ar
ranging it. Water constantly evajiornt
ing from tho surfj afb-eta the natural
circulation, the color and oil of the hair;
it should Is? used on the scalp only, to
cleanse it, or at fixed times to wash the
hair, and this preferably at night, when
the head caa lie well covered up to avoid
hiking wild. It will le found quite dry
in the morning. The use of hot water,
instead of cold, for cleansing the scalp
and hair may be recommended. Hot
water is a stimulant and should give the
hair a good color. It is known that sul
phur is a component twrtof the natural
color of the hair, and some of the hot
water hair dressrs avow that they can
distinctly smell the sulphur deveiosd by
this process in the hair with the hand
rubbing that accompanies its use. Hair
dries moro quickly also, after the hot
water application than the cold.. But be
sure to pin the bead up after rubbing
in a towel, which can le removed and
replaced, if it becomes wet. If salt le
applied, it should lie in this way. Occa
sionally this application will give a sound
sleep to restless or fatigued heads. .
The best and the shortest w ay to im
prove a farm is to reduce the stock, plow
your fallows in winter so that the soil
will he warm and dry and the subnoil de
eonqiosed early in the spring. Harrow
wsll and then sow ten or twelve quarts of
grass seed to the acre when you put in
vour oats. If all take, your chance is
good for obtaining from five to ten acres
of oats and a field of grass. Then pre
pare as many acres for rye-sowiig, pro
vided your land is not good enough for
wheat, ami tne two crops win give you
all the straw you need, and the corn field,
with usual good luck, will produce enough
to futten stock. At the end of tho sea
son you will have the produce from fif
teen to twenty acres of land, represented
in oats, corn and potatoes, and as many
acres sown with rye and wheat. Keep just
stock enough to eat up the produce in grain
and hay, and after gathering your next
year s crop ot hay and grain, covering say
fifty acres of your farm of one hundred
acres, you may think of adding as many
head of cattle as your farm will sustain
without purchasing neavuy oi ioreign
supplies. By the end of tho fourth year
you are ready to put in a crop of wheat
and save plowing up your bottom
meadow, you have ro-seaded your whole
farm and are now ready to enlarge your
dairyand at the end of ten years your
land ouaht to Is) in a condition to double
your crops and the number of your cuttle.
This is in rotation.
Fresh Fruits ana Vegetables In Good
" Demand-Sugars Have Advanced
Wools In the Interior
are Higher, :
( The condition of the local'merchandiso
market continues to bo active, nnd shows
that Portland is potting its fair share of
the expanding trade of tho country trili
utary to it, while the favorable spring
weather gives every indication of another
bountiful barvcHt. Sugars have advanced
tB'c alljround. lVovisions are steady at
former quotations.! Fresh fruits u'nd veg
etables of all kinds find ready salo. Dried
fruits are selling fairly well, Oregon
prunes especially. In dairy produce and
jioultry the market Is aliout steady, while
wools in the interior are held too high by
3 or 4 cents kt pound. Tho grain mark
et is rather quiet, but flour remains steady
and in demand at quotations for standard
brands. We quote :
Sugars, Golden C 7,'ic, extra 0 7c,
dry granulated 8?4c, eulie, crushed and
powdered IK t8'. Coffee: Costa Rica 21
(?22Hi Rib 22a23c, Java 25a27c, Mocha
28i3lc, Arlmckle's rousted 2.r?4c.
Oregon ham V2f4(a.1'.ki, breakfast ba
con 12hjC, sides lOalO'tfC, shoulders 8,Sj (S
(tc. Eastern ham li.'lS'y:, break
fast bacon li''e. sides lOlOc, Lard
10s ,'sc,
Navel oranges N-"5, Riversides $3.25,
California lemons $.1.50(8 4 per Ikix,
Potatoes 30(-l0c,Kinions l?4u2c per
rhcuburb 10c, tomatoes $2.50 js-r IkiX.
Apples 5(k!, sliced Ce, apricots 13tf$
14c, jieaches 8(4 10c, jiears fie, Italian, Ho,
silver 7c, German tiigtic, plums 6(7c.
California figs 8c.
DMHr FROmif .
Butter. Oregon fancy 25o, medium 20c,
Eastern 22c, California I820c.
Eggs I4c.
Chickens $-i(W.50, ducks $10311 per
doz., geeae $10(g 12, turkeys are 3c higher
at 20 per B.
Valley MalTc, Eastern Oregon 1015o.
Hops 10815c.
Wheat, Valley $l.25al.27, Eastern
$1.15ul.l7.','. Oats :Wte31c.
Standard $4.25, other brands $3.1)0.
Hay $1.1(314 per ton, bran $14al5,
shorts $15alll, barley $22.5024, mill
chop $18a20.
BHtf, live. Jt.'v.e, dressed 7c, mutton,
live, 3'a;, dressed 7c, lambs $2.50 each,
hogs live tic, dressed 77)jc, veal G&c.
A new sort of coursing is com
plained of in the English journals, be
inff a regular hunt, by well-to-do younjf
men. of cats with bull-dogs lu the met
ropolitan streets.
The temperature of Siberia was
once much mildor than at prosout
This change of climate is said to ac
count fop the conversion of what were
once secondary birds there into birds
that migrate to South Africa and else
where. Tho Emperor of China, a boy of
seventeen, has a serious hesitation
in his speech, and be speaks ith con
siderable difficulty. lie is quiet in
disposition, but Vory obstinate when
once he has formed an opinion.
Tlie nitrate Industry of Chili is
rapidly developing; large wealth. An
EnglisL company, organized In 1883,
has re .irned $125 for every (100 paid
in. Since that dute new companies
have been organized, with an aggre
gate capital of $10,550,000.
At Cayenno when a convict dies
the body Is borne to the sea and a grout
bell Is tolled. And then is the vlsoous,
glaucous sea surface furrowed i sutl
donly by fins innumerable, swart,
Bharp, triangular the legions of the
sharks mulling to the hideous fuuoral
They kno- the boll! Harper's.
An ' Emperor William clock" has
been m ide In Berlin. The ease repre
sents t ie ol 1 Emperor's palace. When
the hour strikes tho palace guard
marches past, and William I. with his
first great-grandson, now the little
Crown Prince, appears at the historic
corner window whore ho so often
ehowea himself to his people
A monumont is to be erected on
the spot in the Forest Eplnuuse, where
stood the oak treo in which Gambetta
and M. Spullor alighted from thoir
balloon, In tholr escape from Faris to
Tours during tho Fninco-Germun war.
The treo Itself was recently cut .down
by Iho o vnor, who has no regard for
In 8 report made by a committee
of the British Assooiation, It Is stated
that the physique of the inhabitants of
Great Britain "varies considerably ac
cording to social standing and en
vironments," tho profoHidonul classes
being the highest in the scale, the
artisans In the towns the lewest, while
the intermediate position Is occupied
by the country laborers, farmors, etci