The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, March 15, 1889, Image 4

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red HwlVt Robbed
ttf - St Hi I'TKf.
n -X in a small ca
aumrou3 tributaries
i looking for ducks
Orth shooting, when
behind me a fearful
lashuig in the water,
ser prevented ma seo-
but thinking- it was
t vpinchoa bathing, I
' n order to get a shot
w a ftu-'ft snake hang---with
his bodycurled
. Inaes round an -ftnfovt-
i water around them
every now aol then
Ve part of t'e snake
elow tl3 surface
t foi--veral sec
mtn .the, snake
into a sort of
'ft the seal right
, ney would re-
air, only sup
a tail. ' At one
seal jump out of
ath nold of the snake,
"emained in the air, roar
f 'e&rfully for some
.v,.. "sy -dtopped Into
Q, the snake never loa
the tree.
e com bat ants seemed to
I affected by my ajv
v eauoe within some
ds of them, so as to
tjt at the snke nest
W. and I bad scarcely
Idle and caught up
c""me up again. I
iMtko where he had
the seal, and gave
The effect could
S-The aiiiike let
tth. the whole
into the water,
, and then again
After about a
up on the other
in? at ne and
the same way
V come out of
e breasts, and
m was bleed
TinV ho neck, but
r ft.: from a bite of
.?'kei L
t enak-e , w. r- crawled up
barranca" out of the water, as if
g was the matter with him, so I
him one shot more, "which made
disappear in the bushes, where I,
X alone In the canoe, thought it
-; prudent not to follow him. He
a very biff one, for from the branch
lich he had his tail attached down
lie water was a distance of some
eefeet, agd when he fell his tail
s' v. Idonotun
' ""jiild have
;als, each
. ; an ordi-
. , t tandard.
; nj- gnil If Ton A b-. tain from
I Rnnnlnc; Bill,
there are things about
"topping trade of ours that
now. Let me explain
have two kinds of
Vid credit. For the
'" '- no risks and
credit cus
and every
fv eSort to
.me houses
ases are sent,
Wldress ap
fTUi'cs write the
jut her
.JSUko to force th&v
wait until such a lady asks
ft a day's or a week's accom
.a to pay for a heavy purchase,
comes and asks in plain terms
'owed to run a bill here. Then,
does tiot know how eager
j '"jump to accommodate her.
. who has a bill at our store
11 ttway from 50 per cent to
ms. more than If she hadn't,
y does she buy every thing- Bhe
at this store where she has a
sing all the rest every day, but
'-JrSTS she does not always
.njsrxi ' not laugh; men
. .We are glad to
ills here as well as
yesterday that
at he had never
essed until we
with U3. He
m with money for
sibly do without,
iressing gowns.
cria-a plenty.
what. He says
;eta our bill once a
-&ys pushed into doing
se of work he is an
to get extra money to
JnsTv He is different
4 because he says this
y causevhim to make
be is driven to earn a
Ja than he spends each
ir bill comes in. But the
lo that, you say. -2fo;
ht it out or coax it out
da- N. Y. Herald.
3rs around Elberton, Ga.,
rth of persimmons, and
it t point' never to
tfee. In places
ybeen left standing
if like orchards; and
persimmon orchards,
h bear fine crops of
-"valuable as corn for
, The farmers say that-l
K-f-cl r a wjjbut JAtle
m rom tie soihland
- e fjroirn even bo-
of Jiis life, it is
was iccustomec
-i-"uoasi to a sece-
m, suiting
In "Love
jcurs in the
jtoAoii you:
atist gave the
o3 with sue!
t gesture that hi
-ived. Ht
I, the
iry v
lor del
ook ir
Prescription of on F.ntertainineut Given lJ
I'lirHee MobleitMn.
Perhaps no race of people is less
known or more interesting to thevtu
dent and traveler than the Pnrseos or
Fire-Worshipers of India. Thoy are
delightful hosts, aud. as it was my
good fortune to form the acquaintance
of Sir Framgeo Domshaw Petit, who
was knighted for a gift of $."00,000 to
an edncational institution, I will en
deavor to describe an entertainment I
attended at his palace. Sir Framge
lives in patriarchal magnificence, and
when his whole family is seated at ta
ble they number fifty-five. We were
received in the gmnd drawing-room,
as largo as a fair-sized church, and
presented to the ladies. We found them
pretty, intelligent and vivacious, and
it la no exaggeration to say that they
compared quite favorably with thei.
American sisters. The ladles were at
tired i'i graceful native costumes. The
dreis consisted of a waist, such
s is worn by Europeans, with a long
carf of embroidered silk, or crape,
called a sarre, wrapied several time
around the waist and falling in broad
folds about the limbs in lieu of a skirt.
One end of the sarre was brought over
the head and dropped gracefully in
front, constituting a very effective
head dress. Their jewels were mag
nificent. No crowned head of Europe
possesses their equal, and suh an ar
my of diamonds, pearls, sapphires,
and emeralds can scarcely be imag
ined. One of the guests wore eight
strings of pearls, which far esceled the
celebrated necklace of Queen Mar
guerite of Italy. The state costume
of the men is white, but on ordinary
occasions they appeal- attired In the
conventional evening dress. One pe
culiarity of their costume is not, how
ever, to be met in a London drawing
room. They never uncover their
heads, and a high, conical Persian
hat, or, at meals, a skull cap, always
completes their dress.
On the occasion I am describing an
orchestra played selections from
Italian operas, and. after conversing
awhile upon topics or universal inter
est, our host made a sign to the serv
ants, who brought lu baskets filled
with large bouquets of Eastern Bowers.
Each lady selected one, sprinkled it
with rose-water from a tall silver vase,
presented it to the gentleman who was
to escort her to dinner, and then, tak
ing his arm, she led the way to when
a table was spread, overlooking the
There we were regaled with tea,
coffee, cakes, fruiu and twenty-two
kinds of delicious native sweets, which
had beea collected in honor of our
coming. It was an event not to be
forgotten. The waving palms and
tropical flowers, the splash tof the
waves, mingling with the soft strains
of music, the beautiful women with
their flashing jewels and graceful
dress, were typical of the languid,
dreamy East, and carried one uncon
sciously back to the days of Haroun
When tea was over we were taken
for a delightful drive in handsome
European turnouts, and then to dine at
another Parsee house. The ceremony
was long and stately, all the dishes
were native, but the wines were Euro
pean, and this dinner, with that excep
tion, was representative of native
j manners before they had received the
rrjpean touch. The ladies whom we
esoorteu 5 a a U3 ",-"'4ut"-a a" x-
afternoon, ai! tne nost nung cnaplets
of white jasaSpinea about our necks
and wrists. The meuu cards bore
gilded crests, and thjy gave us bon
bons -"-VTed in gold leaf to carry
away it was a areain or the tast, but
e perfectly-appointed tble, sur
rounded by Intelligent men and grace
furwomen, made it hard to believe
that the members of this reSned so
ciety were the Fire-Worshipers we had
been brought up to despise as heathen.
W. B. Chatfleld, In America.
An Ample Apoiogy.
Through some, unaccountable care
lessness in the composing-room of a
rural journal, the obituary of one of
the town's livest citizens crept into the
paper one morning. It was not many
hours after the issue of the edition
that the "lamented" himself crept into
the sanctum, and vigorously demanded
a correction in the next morning's pa
per. It appeared as follows:
"Our yesterday's edition contained
the announcement of the death of our
esteemed fellow-townsman, Colonel
Jones. It is with profound regret that
we state that our announcement was
premr-ture. The Colonel Btill lives,
and we beg to assure him not only of
our distinguished consideration, but
that it shall be our constant effort to
see that he shall not be annoyed in this
manner again until the last dread hour
has in very truth arrived. To this end
we have ordered the standing obitu
ary of Colonel Jones to be distributed.
Harper's Magazine.
Last year there were 5.315 di
vorces granted in Franco. The de
mands were largely made by the wives.
ihose who bad been'married from
tve to ten years were the most numer-
bus in seeking release from matrimo
nial bonds. There were two divorces
granted of couples who had celebrated
their golden weddings.
In England the proper ratio of
doctors to population is said to be ono
to 1,200, but by this rule there are 1,
943 too many doctors in London, and
wane tw aie every year, l.sou new
ones are turned out. Competition is so
great that in some parts of the city
doctors will see a patient, prescribe
and supply medicine far sixpence a
To test cake inlhe oven never in
sert a broom 6plinter, but draw it gen
lly forward and put the car close to the
loaf; if it be not done there will be a
little spluttering sound. When it is
thoroughly baked there will be no
Malaria i due to microbes, which
reach their victims either from the air,
by inhalation, or from drinking water
which has absorbed them. Boil the
water, avoid the night air, sleep in the
higher rooms of the house, and guard
aiinst all excesses.
A few pence will buy an ounce of
saturated solutb m of permanganate of
notash at a chemist's. If when a drop
of this solution is added to a tumbler
of water its color changes brown, it is
:mfit to drink; if it remains clear, or
slightly rose-colored after
an hour, Uri
p -Tcel ent remedy for a cough is
seed tea, ,ade ss follows:
i ounce of whole flaxseed a
v - let the tea stand
, 'ortwent- .- '
A Few With I'nuauully Long Teetb
Ititvn lli-rn Newljr Sharprnnl.
"I love you for yourself alone," as
the blaekbli-d said when he swallowed
the gooseberry.
This is the commonplace expression
of false friimds, who, while they make
the utmost use of us, even to abuse,
profess the most unbounded admiration
of and regard for us.
"That's neither here nor there," as
the crow said when an egg fell out of
her nest.
How many of us have to lament the
spoiled life, the wasted opportunity for
good, the lost time, the possibility that
was In our life and went out of it, the
wreck of this image God made!
"I'll never do that again," as the
monkey said when he fell from the top
of the mango tree and broke his back
in the fall.
There are many people who take
credit to themselves for abstention from
evil when they are not able to commit
the evil they renounce. The sick man
says: "I tear myself away from the
world;" the poor man, "I deny myself
tho luxuries of life;" the old man, "I
abstain from the follies of youth;" the
blind man, "I take no pleasure in riot
ous living;" the deaf man, "I make a
point of nevor listening to the whis
pers of scandal."
"Oh, you swindler, you've a stone in
side you!" as tha wasp said when he
ale into the plum.
Few people are more virtuously in
dignant that the cheat when he finds
him. If outw ittcd.
"This is a thing that ought not to
be permitted,' as the fox said when he
found the henroost empty.
The assumption of virtue ia common
to mankind, but none assume it so
lou-.lly as those who have the least
r ght to it. By such people any short
coming on the part of others is made a
subji-ct of complaint.,
'You've got a bee in your bonnet,"
is the hivo f aid when the old lady came
to look at the honey.
While it ia an Inherent weakness of
human nature to love to find fault with
out reason, in none is that weakness so
fully developed as in those who arc
most guilty of "little sins." Quiver.
The Knormom Brquwt of an Italian
DucbnM to Vnrloiu CharlUe.
The late lhiches.e de Galliera yr& as
large-hearted and a ojien-handed as
tho late Mine. Iloueicault, though per
haps less judicious in the use she made
of one of the largest fortunes of this
aare. The late Duke of Galliera was
one of the Continental railway klns
and a keen and venturesome specula
tor- He died leaving personalty in
France alone amounting to t"5,000.0X,
and in Italy over $15,000,000. The
Unlvers gives tho following list of her
well-known deeds of generosity: Two
thousand dollars a year to the poor of
the Seventh Arondissement; t-t-000 a
year to the poor of Paris; for the Brig
nole Galliera Museum, near the Troca-
delo, $ 1,000,000; for the creation of an
orphanage at Mendon. t"2,800,OiO; for
the support of that institution, t2,000.
1J00; for the building of three working
clas lodging-houses in Paris, f4-000.
To deepen the port of Genoa she gave
tLTOO.OOO. to the present Pope foOO.-
000. to build two hospitals $1,800,000.
Besidt-s the above donations she gave
Genoa the palace called the Palazzo
Ross a, with its art furniture and pic
tures, comprising a collection of ances
tral portraits by Kit bens and Vandyke.
The gift of a palace and state at Bo
logna to the Hue de Montpenslor can
hardly be called a charity. Her last
great benefactions were the founding of
two asylums, ono for 2"0 old men and
100 old women, and another for Chris
tian Brothers too old or broken down in
health to teach. ' It was Bt the opening
of the former at which she caught cold.
which, degenerating into Inflammation
of the lungs, killed her. How she dis
posed of the remnant of her vast for
tune is not yet known. The Duchei
had hn idea she was insulting the poor
to ask them to live in meanly-construct
ed alms-houses, khe therefore created
palaces for them. Paris Letter.
The Charge of the Ewes.
I was sheep-herding then in North
west Texas, and hnd about five hundred
ewes and lambs tinder n.y care. Th
day was warm, though the wind was
blowing strongly, and when noon ap
proach' d the flock traveled but s.owly
toward the place where I wished them
to make tneir midday camp, lo urge
them on I took my long bandana hand
kerchief and flicked the nearest to me
with it as I walked behind. As I did so
the wind blow it strongly, and it sud.-
ienly occurred to mo to make a sort
:lag of it in order to see If it would
frighten them, i tooK hold of two
corners and held it over her head so
that it might blow out to Its full extent.
Sow, whether it was due to the glaring
color, or the 6trange attitude, or to the
snapping of tho outer edge of the hand
kerchief in the wind and I think it
was this last I can not say, but the
hindmost ewes suddenly stopped, turned
round, eyed me wildly, and then half a
dozen made a desierato charge, struck
me on the legs, threw mo over, and fled
precipitately as I foil. It w:is a rever
sal of experience too unexpected! I lay
a while and looked at things,- expecting
to see the sun blue at the very least,
and then I gathered myself togethei
slowly. In all seriousness I was never
so taken aback in all my life, and I was
almost prepared for a ewe's biting me.
Corahill Magazine
An American may suffer from a
lack of do'l:irs, but no Calcutta man
ever went to the poor-house because ol
a lack of rupees X. Y. Sun,
It is faith In something and enthusi
asm for something that make a life
"rorth looking at.
The evening of age is largely con
ditioned upon the nights of youth.
Washington Post.
Good looks should not be despised.
There have beea few heroes with turn
up noses and bow legs. "
There is in effect no virtue proper
ly so-ca led, without victory over our
lelves; and that which costs nothing is
worth nothing.
When a man's coat is threadbare,
it is easy to pick a hole In it
The existence of life is sometimes
measured by the memory of its bur
dens. you anluse a man he'n te kelv
to fofgive you for cheating him after
ward, -v
WealthJiajmade more men covet
ous than covetev'esi hasmade
wealthy. Jt" " .
we did bu' '- V "
Thry Makf the C.rrat Unlltllng nil Itrtriff
Half tli Country Over. .
As long as there are post-offices.
custom houses, big bridges and the like
to, build, the State of Maine is sure to
come in for a generous share of the
money expended In their construction,
for there la enough granite down here
to build a bridge to Ireland, and it is of
tliA very finest kind, too. Sections of
Maine's geological makeup aro dis
tributed all over the country In tho
form of magnificent public and private
edllloes, and many a ml!o of metropol
itan pavement, as far west as St. Louis,
is composed of granite blocks from the
qi.arries of this State. lix Islnnd,
Vinul Haven. Blue Hill, ML Waldo.
Gouldi-loro and Sullivan, on the east
ern coast, have long been f:imous for
their quarries, and now Hollowell, on
tho Kennebec, is Incoming a great
p'aco for the Iv.ights of tho hammer
and drill. Four hundred men are at
work there now, and business Is boom
ing. Grnnlto is lieing taken out for
tha Metropolitan Museum of Art and
American Bank building, New York,
and for the ten-story Bank of Com
merce building in Pittsburgh, Pa., and
the contracts for monumental and tomb
work now on hnnd amount to 1 100,000.
The shaft of tho John Wentworth
monument la Chicago was quarried
and cut at Hollowell and shipped last
week. The shaft is fiftv-two feet long.
weighs sixty-live tons, and was shipped
to Chicago on two cars fpecially built
for the purpose. Some very creditable
auilpturing is done at Hollowell, a
lare building being devoted specially
to such work. The sculptors are now
at work upon eighteen life-sized figures
for the Bible buildi ig in New lork
City, and the last of the figures for the
Plymouth monument has just been ex
pressed. A life-sized plaster bust of
the lato Governor Bod well has recently
been completed, and Is pronounced a
work of genuine art. It will be copied
In marble, aud the reproduction placed
on exhibition In tho State House this
winter. A big granite quarry Is a
handy thing to have around a town, for
the quarrymen get good wages, and
there are so manv of them that their
patronage brings joy to the hearts of
the shopkeepers. Bangor (Me.) Letter.
Tha Strait to Whl h a Toting Married
Man at Hoaton Wm Pvt.
I henrd th other day an authentic
story of something that hapened here
in Boston, which recalls an Incident in
one of Balzac's novcU and tends to sup
port the old saying about truth and fic
tion. It seems that the wife of a young
man who has a little house of bis own
some here ia the outlying districts, lut
whose salary is very small, fell ill, and
was unable to leave her room for sev
eral months. The doctor, aa often
happens, prescribed a great many rem
edies, tonics and beverages, such as
AKllinaris water and champagne.
which, being very expensive, were far
beyond the young hus'iand's means.
What could be done? He was bound
that his wife should have everything
which the doctor ordered, and. his purse
having beon emptied. h stole out one
evening with the parlor clock tinder his
arm and returned with a five-dollar bliL
A large easy-chair was expended two
days later for a few bottles of port wine.
and, to cut the story short, by the time
the young woman was able to go down
stairs, the rooms on tho first floor had
been stripped of their contents to pay
the grocer and the ajwthecary.
It must have been a bitter moment
for tho poor young wife when she first
saw what havoc had been wrought in
her drawing-room, and I dare say that
for a few minutes at least her good man
felt that he had been too clever by half.
Ik must bo acknowledged, however, that
he acted prett wisely. Health Is more
important than furniture, and in time
the nousenoia goous win oo replaced.
The plan which this enterprising fel
low pursued was surely better than
helping himself out of his master's
cash-box. and perhaps it was preferable
to the ordinary course of running in
debt; certainly it was more original.
Boston PosL
Separate Municipal Election.
Without venturing to decido which
plan is the more desirable, we think
there is no longer any doubt In any im
partial mind as to the need of the pro
posed separation. There can be no Im
provement in our municipal govern
ment no rciief from the extravagant
and oftentimes corrupt expenditures
which mnko life In our cities so enor
mously expensive, until wo bring the
mass qI voters to the comprehension of
two points; First, that it is playing into
tho hands of the men who make their
living out of politics to allow National
and State political considerations to
enter into the choice of municipal offi
cers; secondly, that the burden of taxa
tion is not borne by the rich alone, but
largely by the poor. The voters must
think when they are deciding how they
will vote, not as to what the effect of
their ballot will bo on a candidate for
Governor or President, but upon mu
nicipal taxation, schools, police, pav
ing, lighting, street-cleaning, sewerage.
docks. Century.
m m
During the trial of a case in Kings
ton, a Kiugstonian was examined aa a
witness. After the lawyers hnd asked
him all tho questions they could think
of about the case one of them facetious
ly inquired about the dry goods busi
ness. "They are soiling oST at cost
promptly answered tno witness; "yes.
for less than cost. Then, i s he real'
ized that he was still on the witness
stand, he earnestly added: "But I want
you to understand fm not under oath
now!" Kingston 1 reeman. ,
"Hadn't you better wash tho
dishes before we goP" said a man who
vas taking a hired girl out for a walk
"your missis will be sure to see them
and scold you. "Ho, she 11 not," re
plied the girl; "as soon as she learns I
am going out for tho evening she'll
spend all the time looking through
my trunk. Puck.
Young man (to servant) "Is Miss
Clara eneaared?" Servant "Hiven
rlst your sowl, orr, I hope she is.
She s in the parlor now w id a young
man's arm twict around her waist"
v Very Unobtrusive Piety.
"Spotcash, who is that gentleman
that went out of the store just now?'
Kev. Mr. Goodman. I thought
you knew mm, Uneprice. lie is our
pastor." v
"Your pastor, Spotcash? Are you
a member of a church?".
" Of course I am. I've been a mem
ber for twenty years." y
' Aud 1 have bw v. ., . - '
ft. line men eem never to grow old.
Always aolivo In thought always ready
to adopt, new Ideas, they are never
chargeable with fogyism. Satisfied yet
ever dissatisfied, settled yet ever un
settled, thoy always enjoy the best ol
what Is and are the first to find the best
of what will be. Phlladelphla In
quirer. Did you ever stop lo realize how
hard It Is to down a mnn who has pluck,
pride, enterprise and a modicum of
common sense? You may get him un
der the wheels and you may dance on
his neck in fiendish glee, and think you
have done him forever, but at tho first
opportunity he will "bob up serenely,"
and live to make you ashamed of your
cowardly conduct
Ella Wheeler Wilcox says: "If I
were asked to define tho meaning of a
successful man, I should say a man who
has made a happy home for h!8 wife
and children. No matter what he has
done In the way of achieving wealth or
honor, if ho hits done that he is a grand
success. If he has not done that and
it Is his own fault though he is the
highest In the land, he Is a most pitiful
We are apt to forget our duty
toward our Immediate relatives and
friends. Dean Stanley says that each
one of us is bound to make the little cir
cle In which we live better and
happier; each of us is bound tc
ee that out of that small cir
cle the widest good may flow; each ol
us may have fixed in bis mind the
thought that out of a single household
may flow influences that shall stimulate
tho whole commonwealth and the whole
civilized world.
"Brother Dumley, do you suppose
I can get your wife to give our loung
Ladies' Domestic Economy Association
an address on housekeeping or some
thing of that sort? Her books and
mairazine articles are so much ad
mired that I think she must talk de
lightfully." "Oh. laws! my wi'e can't
talk." "Why, what's the matter with
her?" "She's all write." Springfield
"Did any one in this car drop any
money?"' called the conductor, as he
opened the door. There was a painful
silence for half a minute, and then
man held tip his hand. "How much
was it?'" asked the conductor. . "I
dropped forty-five dollars at faro last
night but I can't expect to get it all
back. Give me thirty-five dollars and
let the rest go to experience." De
troit Free Press.
" Have you done any thing for
me?" asked the condemned man. In
pitiful tones, as his lawyer entered
the celL " Yes. Indeed." said the le
gal gentleman, gleefully. "Oh. what
Is It?" demanded the murderer, "a
pardon?" "No." "A commutation
of sentence?" "No." "Then, in
meiHy's name, what?" " I have suc
ceeded." said the lawyer, " in having
the day of your execution changed
from Friday to Monday. Friday is
an unlucky day. you know."-
An a ft the Kravett beast, the owl 1 tba
grarrnt bird.
Their Only TOealcltae Cheat.
William W. 11. Miller, Deerlodgd, Mon
tana, writes:
"I have been lifting IlRAXDaETn's PlLU
for the la-tt thirteen jeara, and though I
have had nine children, I have never bad
a doctor iu the house, escept three times
when we had an euidemir of scarlet fever,
which we soon haulslied by a vijrt rous
use of Hhaxuketh's I iiav used
them fur myself two or three a night for
a mouth, for liver complaint, dyspeoxia,
and constipation. Ia diarrlned, cramps,
wlud colic, indigestion one or two I1H4N
Iircth s Pitxs tiled the children at once.
A box cf pills Is alt (he meiliclue chest we
require in the house. We ue them for
rheumatism, colds, catirrn, billiousnes
and impure blood. They never have failed
to cure all the above complaints in a very
few days." '
An old bachelor I only the half of i
scissor. lien Franklin.
pair of
An old physician, retired from practice, hav
Inif had pl ed In his hands by au Ksl India
missionary the forainla nf a simple Testable
remedy fr the speedy and permanent cure of
Consumption, Bronchitis, I'atarth, Asthma,
and all Throat and Lnnv; Affectiuu. also a posi
tive and radical cure for Nervous I'ebllitv and
all Nervous Complaints, after having tested its
wonderful earatlve powers in thtmsands of
cases, has felt it his dtity to make it known to
his snlTeriiiK fellows. Actuated by this motive
and a desire to relieve hmnnn unVriuK, I will
send frc of chanre, to all who desirv ft. this re
cipe. In German, French or English, with full
directions for preparing and ulnir. rVnt by
mail by addressing w ith stamp, naming; this
paper, W. A. Noyes, lUt lwer Mock, Jiochet
ter, A. r.
There lives more fslth in honest donbt,
believe me, than lu half the cruida.
Pnbllshera vlsiUuit Potlland should call
and aee the new quarter and immense stock of
Type, Presses aud Material carried by I'almer
Hey, corner Alder aud Front street.
The short-etit does not always pay, and nn
chewed food may bring a night of repeutauee.
Consumption Nurely Cured.
To thr Editob: Please inform your readers
that I have a positive remedy for the above
named disease, lly its timely ose thousands
of hopeless cases have been permanently cured.
I shall be clad to send two bottles of my reme
dy FRRB to any of yonr readers who have con
sumption if they will send me their express
aud postofflce address. Respect fully,
T. A. bLOCUM, M. C, 1S1 Pearl st., New York.
Po good and throw it into the sea If the fish
doe not know it, Uod doea. Turkish Suyojirs.
Palmer A Hey, Type Founders, who have
bailt np an immense, trade by fair dealing, best
good and lowest price, have moved to corner
Front and Alder streets.
There is not much future for a yonng man
who has learned how to spend a fortuue before
he kuow bow to make one.
Lnni Troubles and Wasting
Disease can be enred. If properly treated in
time, as shown by the following statement from
I). I". Fkkrmsn, Sydney : " Having been a great
sufferer from pulmonary attaeks, aud gradually
wanting away for the past two
me pleasure to testify that Scott'a t iuul.
slnn of Cod Liver Oil with Lime and hoda has
glvca tne great relief, aud I cheerfully recom
mend it to all suffering in a slmllnr way to my
elf. lu addition 1 would say that it is very
plcusaut to tuke."
The great art of llfo is to play for much and
stake little. Johnxm.
We notice that Palmer & Roy, tho only
printers' warehouse, have moved iuto their clc
Kant three-story building, corner Alder aud
Front streets, Portland.
lie that is much nattered soon learns to flatter
Cure for Cougti or Cold. As soon as
there is the (lightest uneasiness of the chest,
with difficulty of urcntuitiK, or indication of
t'onirh. take durlnir the d.v a fiw "lirmua't
Bronchial Trnchrt. ' ' 25 cts. a 'box.
Asthma," Congha, Colds," Cronp, lata
fluenza, Bronebitls, Catarrh, Whoop.
ls;Coagt, Jess of Volee, Incipient
Consumption, andjf all Throat and
- -.onbleav
A Terrible Ifllalartanc.
It it a ralamltT of the dfrt-st kind to (eel that
one'n ph 1 energies are falling in the prime
of life lo li-el more DerreJesn, more dfipirlted,
weaker every day. Yet this it the anbappylot
of BBndred wbo snrronnd at. A aource of re
newed Btrenirth which pcleuce approve, in be
half of which multitude of the debilitated
hare and are every day teitlfyiug, and which,
In cnunth-f limlHuce, has built up comlltB
tlon tapped by weakue and iunrmlty and
Ioiik nnlienelltted bv other mean, (arelv eom-
mends llwlf to all who ni-ed a tonic. Hontet
ter' stomach Bitter la uch a medlrine pare,
botanlr, aouthiue; to the nerve, pr-motlveof
dlKeatiou and a fertilizer of the blood. I)y-
tx pla and nerToiiRiieaa the first a t-auM. the
act-ond a nmnvnun of lack of atatnlna de
part when a rotinwof the bitter 1 tried. All
. ..I ... 1 .. I I . ... .1..... LM...
and bladder trouble, conatlpatlon and bill
uea are annihilated by till atandard family
The hardect work that an Atheist bai to do if
to keep himself convinced of hi own honeaty.
f afflicted with Bora Erea. tuia Dr. laaaa
Thompson's Eye Water, tlrnmiata Bell it 36c
Printer I oka are sold at CS percent
off by Palmer cV Rey eor. Front a ad
Alder. Send for circular.
Tut QKWarKA for hreakfas.
W- ih T 1 it g I W
I'm npertur grcHtenoc proci tb militoaa of bumm tm
ia asd by fce
Coiled 8tab Unrfrnawut Endorsed b U
tvT U.a quarter of ft oaotnry. it
the Urea Voiers::it as ths Strrmca, Panataad kot
Healthful. Dr. Price s Orsan Bfcm Powder Boss a
eoafiaia Awm't, umc or Aiam. ryla octy lu
Having for the past fonr or Bre years been troubled
with pimple and blotches ss my faca and body, and
fcnaiog no relter in any or tea cnemicauy prepared
fmp and msdkfaea prescribed for ana by pbraician,
I concluded to trr yrmr 8. 8. S. remedy, and bare
found great relief In tba same, four boUiee clearing
my skin entirely. I cheerfully recommend ya
median to all who are In the rwattioai that I have
beea In. Ton can na this letter and my nam aa a
testimonial to to merua or t h. b. h. remeoy.
t cry tmy yoors, alfkis p. Konaaoa,
t JO Sanson St. Baa Francisco. Cat
AT" Fiend fur oar boot on Blond and Skin Bts-
sanns and advice l-t snm-rers. mailer Ire.
Prsrr t, Atlanta. Ot
Sw t a day. Ban
ril'HKR. Line not
" W rite Hrewstrr
Samples worth
nnaer norses ieex
safety Rein
llaltV. Hick.
The Bui hHB" OTJTTJI !
leaned March and See
Ieaeta year. Ik ia an ear
etopodis of naefot info.
mation for ail who jroxw
chase the taxnriee or the
neeeaaltiee of life. Wi
an clothe Too end fnrniah 70a vita
all the neeeaaary and tmaeueaaai y
applianoea to ride, walk, danee, aleep
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to oharcfa,
or atay at home, and In various aiaea,
atyle and quantities, Joat He-ore out
what 1 required io do aU tbae thinge
COMFORTABLY, end you can make a fair
estimate of the value of the BUTXBS
GUIDE, which will be eent upon
receipt of 10 eenta to pay poetace,
W-U4 Miohicaa Avenue, Cbloao,ZU.
vies, in use ia no other
1st Premimna xs,ooo m wsa,
90 vear F.Kahlwhed. Sew
1 catentad Steel Tuning D.
tij,r PiaaoL bv which cats Ptaaae
aland In ton SO yeara, good for loo ; bo a0ecee
by climate. No wood to split, break, swell, shrink.
rmr. riecaT. or wasr out : we cuarante tt. Ele
gant Rosewood Cases, S string, doable re resting
Z. ik km- tha Famoaa AUTlrl T.
Call er write for Catalogue, free. T. H. ANTlSKUi
PIANO CO., Manufacturers, Odd Feltow' Ball, Mas.
kst and Seventh Streets, Saa rraaaeco.
T do ik4 mema mBTei to atop tbfB for ft times sad
theu hftTf thrm return ft -rain I irtetui ft radicftl ovare.
I bT Di. tl.e of FITS, RJilfT or rLt
iHii Hlt K N MM lif-kMka? mIimIv. twmrrftiit tnT rwfwdy
io cure the vont awrt. HeeitUM others he fftiiettft
bo reft! for not nur receiving s curt?, fterol ftt ono
fur s tr-fttiice nd free KtU of mj IiifftllibAe ranedj.
U U. KiXT, M J.. lS3Perl St.. Kew York.
Help Wanted.
AVe offer GOOD PAT to WOMKJf tar me-
Hal work up to J I7ItT next. Beeidee good pay
tor work CI tS afma will be given as an
performed, DOUU EXTRA present to
the agent doing the host work ; OO to the
second, and so on. Men, boy and Kir Is can
make hundreds of dollars between Dow end
July 189. This Is a SPECIAL, chance, and
holds good only until July. Addreea
You will Save 25 per cent
Aud oonisideravblo Time by plsvclngr your
Ordere for Typo. Presesoe, Ma tor 1.1, liika.
Corner Front and Alder, fort. and.
Northern Pacific
The ONLY LINE Pullman Palace
Sleeping Care, Magnificent Day Coaches,
aud Klegant Kniitrrant Bleeping
Car (with berth free of
St. Paul and Minneapolis.
rnuiscotitinn a. Uue
Tbe Only
Vastest Time Ever Made from tha
Coast ever tbe '
R. R.
, V i v v-i-Aotm
feiVSi rv-ViTi? iU
01. jue.rri,
And all polnta throaghout the East and South
east, via bu Paul and Minneapolis.
Through Emigrant Sleeping Cars
And hauled on regular Express Trains ever the
Kutire Length of the Northern
Pacifio Kailroad.
A. D. CHA RLTON. Gen. West n Pasa.AgU
No. 2 WaahinKton street. P rtland.
Dr.. Weatherby's Antiilotes, in ase 17 year.
Special Morphine Habit Cure also. Corres-
nondence Connaentiai.
.:aii on or auuiess J
J. AIKEN, Manaser, Room 28,
lug, San Francisco.
St. Ann' Balld-
rsni tf'. " J MIRK
r s r. j
is If ..
Ity Stablemen and Stockmen.
a, Byrtrat. esnt. ftrsia.
I i IttSnMs, Cnk4l lali, craufcM,
CoatrsstUS. TM Vhi4j. ItriBfBalt, or
Thrt, DtStPr, CoUs. Whitlow, roll Evil,
rissala, Tsktphau, King boa as Sps.'rie
a las sarly Btsssrjsaeaa wtta sa txnti.
At CaoouiaiBAaS CAALxas. -'
IM CtURLfJ A. V00ELES C0 laiutfertj.
Diamond Vera-Cura
A lata. ii 1 1 ma raa nrDtaarrioe aa Att
aaaaak fimia Artaiaa ttasMs.
IW Brmcfm ar aarai iMcUrwOt. flra
vAr fssa f mat ararf a Mark, ar at wa M
awat swasoa aa rsersac ott eM. if naaj H.00j a
bwl ssaiani ana sa rsmps 1-saM
i mi ma a. nutu eo.i
for eyeit ninth
Sold on Trial !
iHTastawiil araaA, eroflta
tsnr. Send SSe for auuti
lares tllostratMl Cataiosroa
nth roll paruoalara. atka
atmccared by
GOULDS s austih,
1T A lie Xatk Bt,
. M. riMAL.Aaoairrr ewol AaaiiieaJ
Ckeailat. laboratory, KH Fi-st sL. Partlaad.
Or. Anal j sea made of all rahetaaonst.
5 1 tiriTf at. irr,-H. ok:
Tilira s
stoaa of Bbeat
at'nie aaa Jtooaa. Baads sorrli
'.. so
ii rrvv
BmtiA "I know lis a sin to,
Bat I'm bent on the notion,
ni throw myself Into
The deep, "brinjr ocean."
Brown u Tie, fle, my good friend, don't give way to your ailments so easily,
and settle down Into such gloom and despondency. There's no excuse for su h
conduct, when It's a well-known fact that all your bad feelings, terrible head
aches, poor appetite, senee of fatigue, and lassitude, low-pirits, and hypochon
driacal condition are due to torpid liver and consequent indigestion, and'dcbilitv,
which will all give way and disappear, as the dew before the morning son, if you
but make use of that world-famed anti-bilious, tonic medicine known a Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It U gnaraatee to benefit or cure in all -diseases
for which it is recommended, or money paid for it will be refunded. It
cared me when I was in a mnch worse condition than you are, and if yon will
only try it, you will soon be singing
t ' "Bat my spirit shall wander
Through gay coral bowers,
'And frisk with the mermaids
It shall, by the Powers 1"
Copyright. 1388. by WobidI DrsrEvsABT MzniCAi. Association, Propriotcrs.
manently eared by OR. SAGE'S CATARRH
A Perfect Laxative
anoDJd be mDd, prompt,
and pleasant, with no
griping or purgative ef
fects. It should also In
cite toe liver to action,
aid digestion, and re
lieve tbe- kidneys. Like
nothing else.
Paine's Celery
Compound is a
perfect laxative,
and enres consti
pation where all
other remedies
"As a gentle laxative," Paine's Celery Com
pound is surely wltlioiit a peer. Ithlnkloagat
to know, since I have tried remedy after reme
dy for about five or six years and have found
bothl njr tbat eqnals tt In my ease of ooetlTeneffS. "
J. B. JzNKUta, Teacher. Cloy el's Creek. Tenn.
For Men
m V rw alje) ft-.
I 'l tomake
) I DbIIcIubs Biseolt
I ) C "" ' ,J Ask your Grocer for
(if rv j " - t jTCOW BRAND
" f i-ai x - 'V; ' , w-iTmm .
,,a.vv' "' F " '-5t-y&sa
Lick House Block, Saji FrancLjaaiLU"1
i-6r 0,000,000 gJZiZZ'
id ITia lamil " tnurt Kit-"- &msa,iMi ur
Fcrrt'c Seeds
D. M, FERRY iCO.ns
ackiKwwcwsea to d torn
fjirgest Seedsmen
In the aorid.
?D M Fkkev Co s
Olnstrated. liesenp.
! I tira and IhnMd
i For I89
'WD1 be mailed Tttt
to ail snoiicanta, szid
So last rear's enstoaxwa
dthnot nrderhw it. MJ.
XarUsst CaaHaawsr
Osrdea. Field or fiomw Kmls
nil F.wrr fMnwai osrna
shoo Id send for It. Address
O.H.FERBTV CO., Detroit. Mich.
MOS. 133 and 134 THIRD STKrJET. I
Portland. Oregon. -
the onlr Prlwte
pnuary id t-oruarai er
the orth wmv t
ra;:y trearea tittxiu
a?ed hx!yshi.V
-yoou or ojti. kus.i
tnair;. mwn aa
ycrtow d. tiiitj, ui.nal
fcwa, f tni suery,
fcyj-tiiirtic eruutftoos, ef-
fn ta ttS m:cxirv I 'dneT
(tiZ fi, a-jd WM.-r tru'i-s. rn
w orrh-a. gl-et. sirietnreeta.
taki so cHAircyav
Cores Cats. Sore;. Sail Kh-nm, Boi!,
Pimples, Felon. Skin IH-eaaea, and li
ailments lor wnicn s s 1 ve v swiisox. r or
taking oot aoreness a id beaiirK. it sfi
like nuMEie. 25 cents box. a all dmtrartvth.
sal satisfaction la the
car of Qonorrtxga aad
Gleet. I prescribe Haae
feel safe la reeemmencV
teC It to an anffercTS.
a-J. 8T)sta, sjj
Deestar, tU.
Sold br Vtumx'-I
no matter of bow kmar standing. Is per
REMEDY. SO cents, by 'Truer fe.'.
"Paine's Celery Compound is prompt and
pleasant. As a laxative tt leaves little tone de
stred. I have great confidence in Its merits.
AUKBT Lbohabo, Associate Editor,
Journal of Pedagogy, Athens, Ohio.
"For two or three years I suffered intensely
every night with severe pains In my bowels,
which were habitually constipated. My bowels
are now regular, and I have had no return of
thoee pains since ustng one bottle of
Celery Compound
F. O. Sncnrrr, Drngglst, Havana, Ala,
If oral: Vas Paine's Celery Compound and stop
ruining the intestinal t ract with harsh purga
ttre pills. A1.00. six for Druggists.
Wnxs, Richakdsoh A Co Burlington, Tt
and Boys at
.; k IS
1 wm
f .ershljV I
, t mm 1 sjaijH
1 wrra