The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, February 15, 1889, Image 4

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.' th Dear-
." -! .. -..Hit.
.ort Hamilton,
r Inquiry to the
. ev i ortc, Ia H
a cimt-of-arrus
Ifneostor, there
lino?' mid
ior tlia replyi
coat-of-arms of
ou do not bear.'
,s are surprised
I wrlto to a New
'.mtion ujoa any
alaliou. No, tha
1 V
i'or'tc pa-ior fo . 4!
i-.1 Vet t-xoort iti l;n
answer is not correct, lou can use
nay coHt-of-arms that your royal star-
candle! American prida has set Us
- Vourt'i of July heart upon. It you
fancy the Queen's. you can and may
u? that, just as fi-eely and indepeud
enfty as though you sold soap for a
living. If you prefer that of the Ira-
I ptn-ial family of Germany, have it en
graved on your stationery, painted on
your panels and embroidered on your
hi-i! ivhinkt-it-s. and If mt editor la
. New York tells you that you can't do
it, pin his sealo to the seam of your
losing. If you can find no ready
Ci.'ule to suit your fancy,
any good stationer will have one
flesigrnod for you. Can't wear any
coat-of-arms you want to, indeed!
That's a sweet idea to introduce in
this free land! Why, lota of our
society people wear clothes that
beknijj to other people, eat food
they haven't paid for, live in
houses belonging to other men, and
ia some instances subsist entirely on a
v "female ancestor whose name they do
ot bear,'1 and yet we are told that wa
iaoot wear her coat-of-arma? Coma
off. Ve can (and will) wear any thin
we can gut Cra. And, Indeed, every
American citizen should maintain a
good three-ply coat-of-arms. It coats
nothing:, and Is within the legitimate
reach of the humblest. In a demo
cratic nation it is a choice boon. It
will keep a man warm, when his other
coat t hoc sijno tri&alis. It will lend
him dignity when his trouaera are
fringed at the hem. It will keep last
year's collar from chafing' his neck.
To the wan who wants a ooat-of-erms
it win oe sweet to tne soui ana oeaun
cine to his brains, Jtie had any. Any
" man in this country who can a3ord to
f. . , . a
oorrow a ounasy paper anu siuuy iu
illustrated patent medicine advertise
ments, and then goes hungTy for a coat-of-arms.
wishing one, would perish of
thirst if he fell into L-tke Michigan.
Still, that's the kind of a man. usually.
who pines for a coat-of-arms and hasn't
the originality or courage to invent or
teal one. Bless you, simple ones.
thej-e's no copyright on a coat-of-arms,
unless it s a soap trade mark or some-
, thing of that sort. Ia that case, hands
off. But if it only belongs to some
Queen or Emperior, or that sort of
I person, why take it and use it; it's
yours. . .
, "Who steals my eost-ot-arma, steals trash; lis
something, nothing-,
Ttm mine as much as it Is h!sn.
Tint he Tht. av his tl.iA7.nn el&ws nnoa
' The trade mark ot my Prime Leaf Lard,
f Which cost me twenty dollars to design.
And two to copyright.
Will smart tor it if there be any law tn all this
land." , BurJetie. in Brooklyn EagU.
Bos They Have Been Swept Away by
the Destroying Hand of Man.
'"" Fifty years ago every farm In tha
Eastern. Middle and Southern States
had from five to twenty acres of wood'
land. These lands not only served
5 many other good purposes, but were
uaiaral resting places for birds, and
: served them aa safe shelter during the
lie t of the dav. These rimitive for
ests were the homec--niany eeclferNj
birds. The wTur well remembers therV
vSht &yrieiiced in going to tha
fa the spring ot tho year and
jing to the songs of the native
-lers as they returned from their
quarters at the South. Tha
, whistle of the quail was as fa
r ta the ears of the farmer as
I hold words. The scream ot the
ay rang through the forest clear
. i many species ot woodpecker
'"were watched with intense Interest aa
t'aev fi-lided up and down tho trunks ol
the trees, ever and anon rapping with
' irresistible force with their powerful
beaks, and frequently drawing forth
some hvge grub that had been sapping
s the lite of some monarch ol tne loresx.
While &. -'-'"'IndustHous
,-h tftanagerjike
Vi other bright
jnf M are Sty and beautif uL
ami k r' i woodman's axe
t-s and gun can tell the
a "ds have gone no
,'piace. no safety any-
tr at this sad picture.
IS"-4axciaim. with the
l! Curse on thy barbarons art,
x thy murder-aiming eye ;
ty soothe the with a sigh,
asure glad thy cruel heart.
Is that were so common fifty
i were mostly insect-eating
1 destroyed millions of nox
rts, and were of inestimable
the farmer and tiller of the
en the grain-eating birds con-
ifge number of larvae. The
t hirii., supposed by 2iany to
sist wholly upon honey, consume
aiy small beetles and thrips, and
areby confer a benefit to the florist.
Fici'a Magazine,
A lawsuit in New York has de-
'.oped the fact that 'after the owner
a lot in Cypress Hills cemetery has
ied a deceased-member of his own
yftily in it he is absolutely forbidden.
a law under which the cemetery is
' ora to ever transfer or sell
- ide of his family."
"TiSen's Pudding. fill
appleswit up small; add
its rt pudding one cup of eu-
.-cr,'i!vi'ater, a pinch of salt, and
ts jx r sonful of either cinnamon
spt u srs,' Make a crust as for bis-
cr.' ovfof the usual rule being
- 11 it to the size of the pud-
which should be buttere'
1 hake half an hour, or more
This pudding
of baked, and
of one cup of
itter, a table-
vinegar, all
tea CJifia
id dry on
w drops of
rjair ?
- f.A. '
Bow One of Then (Spoiled a Fair Lady
and a Reporter's Appetite.
Speaking of restaurrnts, bow they
hold the mirror up to tha nature of
one's breeding! Let a man be lifted
never so high by the most skillful and
artlstlo of tailors, he will find his level
at the table. The failure of our res
taurant keepers to provide a number
vf small tables for two compels the
troubling, and frequently the quadru
pling up process, bo that oue has an ex
cellent though ofttlmes uuoomfortabla
opportunity ot studying hlf dining
neighbor. I sat in such a position last
night. Being in haste to reach tha
theater, my lady and I entered the
first restaurant we came to and It is
called a good one for supper. Thero
were no vacant tables, so I selected a
table at which was seated a very nlee
appearlng mortal, well dressed, and
who gave the impression of being a gen
tleman ot taste. Ills order was served
sa we took our seats, and aa wa wait
ed for ours wo were regaled by aa won
derful an exhibition of gastronomic
gymnastics as t had ever seen. This
gentleman of taste began with soup.
He evidently Is fond of soup. 1th one
hand clasping the plate, to tilt
it as tho compound grew less, and
the other the spoon as Anson holds his
bat when two men are out and three
on bases, he got on the outside of that
soup in five breaths, and with such a
noise as comes from the waste-pipe of
a nearly emptied bath-tub. He then
gave his attention to his fish, and but
for his opportune coughing would have
certainly proved the worth of our fears
that some of the bones would be the
death of him. The fish dispatched, he
devoted his energies to a nice-looking
sirloin, some potatoes and turnips.
am sure he likes bash, especially when
prepared by himself; for, after care
fully cutting the meat from the bone.
he cut it in small pieces, dumped the
potatoes and turnip on top, and, by
deft manipulation, had in the twinkling
of an eye tha three ingredients mixed
with a thoroughness worthy of a better
cause, lie has little use tor a fork
when he eata hash, lie prefers, as he
showed last evening, to get his knife
nicely heaped, using a crust of bread
for a pusher, llow be got through the
dessert I dou't know. My companion
complained of a sudden faiutnes, and
I took her out in the air and wa went
to the theater without supper. Chi
ta go Journal.
m a
Instructive Session of the Pompklo Hoi
low Ladles' Literary Club.
In a town not far from Detroit the
ladies have organized a "Literary
Club." There are eight members in
the society, and by way of diversity
they give a 'high tea" to eight favor
ite gentlemen once a fortnight.
The other night "Robert Elsmere'
was brought up for discussion. No
one had read the book, but each indi
vidual had seen fragmentary reviews
and all felt armed for the discussion.
"Let me see." ventured Miss Wise,
who is the author of 'Robert Els
mere? I never can think."
Nor I."
I have forgotten
"So have!-"
"I never can remember a new
author's name two minutes. "
"Nor L"
"Here comes Mrs. Almons; she will
Mrs. Almons was the president
one of those self-sufflcient people who
know how to poise the head and look
"Yes. Mrs. Almons ia a walking
cyclopaedia," offered young Mr. Bib
lings. "Pray, tell us, madame presl
dent, do, who wrote 'Robert Els
mere r
Why, Margaret Deland. of
esourse, said the walking cyclopaedia.
wfcta prompt decision.
Of coUscse," echoes e fburtb voice.
"lhero nave been three of these re
ligious novtiis within a year, 'John
VV ard. lTeaher, written by "
Mrs. HjUmphrey W ard."
They av she named John after
her father." prompted Mr. Billings.
" O, br6w romantic."
"SoT English."
Iidedly,' continued Miss Wise,
aad 'Love and Theology.' Who
wrote that, Mrs. Almons? I never can
Mrs. Cardinal Woolsey," answered
the president. -
Then all fanned themselves and took
sip of tea, while Mr. Billings as
sured Miss Wise that he never knew a
woman equal to Mrs. Almons to re
member names. Ditroit Free Press.
Marriage Not a Failure.
' Marriage a failure! I should say
no" remarked an Oregon farmer,
whose opinion was desired on one of
tho great questions of the day.
Why, the:-e's Lucindy gits up in
the mornin, milks six cows, gits break
fas', starts four children to skewl,
Uxks arter the otLer three, feeds the
hens, likewise the hogs, likewise some
motherless sheep, skims twenty pans o'
milk, washes the clothes, gits dinner,
et cetery. et cetery.
Think I could hire anybody to do
it fur what she gits? Not much! Mar
riage, sir, is a success, sir; a gret suc
eas!" Yovth'1 Cmnvnnion.
The electric liguts in Willows, Cah,
can be seen by the naked eye from tha
town of Orland eighteen miles distant.
t irst dame "1 had four teeth ex
tracted yesterday." Second dame
"Indeed, I did not know you had so
many left." Detroit Free Press.
Gum chewers should take warning
from the fate of a Newton, Conn., girl.
aged sixteen. A piece of gum slipped
down her throat, and, lodging at the
entrance to the stomach, caused a fatal
Two citizens of Washington, Ga.,
started out in the early morn toward
the outskirts of the town, where they
were to fight a bloody duel. The way
was long, and when they arrived at
their destination one proposed a rest
before they commenced hostilities.
Wbile they rested their rage cooled off.
and at last accounts they were still
Beets. Cut three or four
boiled beets into pieces the size of a
grain of corn. Place in stew pan; to
one pint cut beets add one teacupful
rich, sweet milk, piece of butter size of
a butternut, or small egg. Salt and
netroer to season. Stew ten minutes
and serve hot.
To whiten and preserve the teeth
take one ounce of borax, and put it in
h4 three pints of boiling water; before it is
uite cold add to a teaspoon ml ol
f spirits of camphor. When cold put in
1 a bottle, and cork tightly. A table-
Bamorons Terk Telts ltow 11 Got
Ills Work- at Ilia KspriMis
Almost every dally paper of any pro-
tensions to greatness or enterprls
maintains a "humorist" on its staff, a
funny fellow whose business it is tc
make the readers laugh "ha! hal" The
following item was written by one ol
those alleged humorists!
"Peoli, of rck't Sun, won M.OIX) on the eleo
Von, but hU conse enee will not permit him tc
krtp IU He proposes to dlspnnse it to need
idows In sums of tx earn. Every widow It
sera of cash thould rut In her claim at once.'
U he laughable item was started the
Lord only knows where, but it 1
going tho rounds, and I am be
ginning to get tho benefit Of course
if I knew who the fellow was that
wrote the item I could kill him, and
that would break him of sucking eggs,
but he Is "incog." lie is like the fel
low who wiltes an anonymous letter.
One would think such an item could
not do any harm. It does no harm to
me, except to make my heart bleed
about twice a day. Tho fellow who
wrote it probably thought I would re
ceive lots of letters from pretty widows.
and that I would have a plcnlo answer
ing them. The facta are that 1 never
bet a cent on election, and never won
a dollar, and while I may occasionally
give a little money to the deserving
poor, I have no thousands of dollars
laid away for tha purpose ot aiding
widows or any other deserving class.
ish the fellow who wrote that item
to be cunning could read soma of the
letters 1 receive. It ho could sit here
beside me, I could make him so
ashamed of himself that ha would an
swer these letters I am receiving, and
acknowledge that ha was not only a
star liar but a foolish ass. These let
ters are not from beautiful and " fly "
widows, with pearly teeth, red lips,
beautiful complexion, soulful eyes, and
fat little hands, but they come from
old ladies seventy and eighty years of
age, who have been left alone, and
who are so poor and needy. They
never knew any thing about news
paper liars, and take it for granted
that the above item ia God's truth, and
they picture to me their sufferings
and poverty and despair in such
terms that it makes me feel as though,
if I was able, I would support them all
in luxury aa long aa tha precious
old souls live. They tell ma
how to send tha money, and
how much good it will do them
this winter. One poor, loving old
creature, ignorant of tha ways of the
wicked world, shivering from insuf
ficient clothing, has bought some
underclothes of warm wool from a
kind merchant, to be paid for when
she gets her twenty dollars from me.
and she writes such a glad letter of
thanks, and tells me that she believes
I must be a perfect image of her dear
boy who was so kind to her, but who
was killed at Antletam, or at least she
supposes he was, for she never heard
fom him after that battle, and she
says I am bo good she knows I will go
to Heaven, and she will pray for me
every day. What opinion will the in
nocent old lady have of me when I tell
her the story ia all a lie, and what
opinion will she have of the liar who
wrote it to bo funny. 1 think I will
pay for those underclothes for luck.
any way. Another letter comes from
a woman eighty-four years old, who
has been a widow for forty years, and
supported herself for thirty years knit
ting socks, until she became paralyzed.
and tor ten years she has been in a
poor-house, bed-ridden. She tells me
what she is going to do with her
twenty dollars. With ten dollars of it
she is going to buy a blanket shawl
and some warm underclothing, and
some crab apple jelly, and a chicken
to make some soup, and a little china
concern which is used to pour liquid
nourishment into the mouths of those
who can not raise their heads, live
dollars of it she is going to use to pay
a debt, money she borrowed nine years
ago to buy medicine, and with the rest
she is going to buy a crutch for a poor
girl whose limb is shriveled, and the
rest she is going to put under her pil
low to be used when she is dead, to
paint tho poor-house coffin in which
she will be buried, and buy a Bhroud
and bouquet of flowers for that occa
sion. ell, 1 can see that poor old
woman cry when I write her that tha
item is not true. I can see the tears
run down her wasted, wrinkled cheek.
and I wish the fellow that wrote that
item, and thought he was smart, could
see her as I do. But I guess I will
send her the binkot shawl, and the
china affair, and have the poor-house
folks inform her that her coffin shall
be painted all right, and that she shall
have a good send-oft, with flowers.
But, O. wouldn't I like to catch the
fellow who wrote that smart Aleck lie
about me. If he had a heart I could
show him some of the results ot his
work, and make him cry at a mark.
How much trouble can be caused in
nocent people by such a fellow, who
draws a salary for being "funny."
Peak's Sun.
Mr. Ram bo's Mistake.
TJ1 door of Mr. Ratnbo's office
opened and a lady stood irresolutely on
the threshold.
"Thunder and lightning, Nancy!
Shut the door!" exclaimed Mr. Ram bo,
glancing hastily up from his account
book. " Were you raised in a barn?
Do you suppose 1 want to freeze to
death on account of your confounded
I beg your pardon, madam. I thought
it was my wife. 1 was expecting her
at the office about this time. Certain
ly, certainly, madam. I'll Subscribe
for the magazine with pleasure. Put
me down for two copies." Chicago
A party of prospectors headed by
McDonald, the half-breed, who Induced
the Flathead Indians to divulge a long
kept secret as to the location of some
remarkably rich mines in the Blackfoot
country, while clambering aver the
deep mountain sides were horrified tc
find the skeletons of two white men.
One had a bullet hole through his fore
head, and both had evidently been
killed by hostile Indians. Beside the
skeletons toy a small pile of quartz. It
is supposed they were the first pros
pectors and pioneers of the Blackfoot
Hills, and for years had lain on the hills.
Fissure of the lip, or chapped lips.
is an annoying trouble, and unless it is
properly treated is generally somewhat
obstinate. Journal of Health advises.
as the quickest way to cure it, to draw
a stick of lunar caustio over the wound,
slightly burning the same. The opera
tion is painful only for a moment, and
improvement commences at once. Af
ter cauterizing, "camphor-ice" 6hould
be frequently applied, and, as a rule,
the wound will heal in three or four
Unfavorable rireumttaneea Under Vfhlcl
He Started In Lite.
Few boys ever started In life undei
tnora unfavorable circumstances, and
with less prospect of fame and fortune,
than Meyer Anslein, the founder of the
great banking-bouse ot Rothschild,
and the man of whom Wilhelm, Land
grave of Hesse, exclaimed in his en
thusiasm, "Such honesty never hal
been known in this worldt" Not only
was Meyer Anslem poor, but ha be
longed to the then despised and per
secuted race, the Jews. Living In thlt
later day, when much of tho hatred
and prejudice felt against the Jews hal
given way to more just and liberal sen-
tlmenls, we enn hardly understand with
what extreme contempt and loathlnp,
they were treated In young Anselm'i
day. As a specimen of it, however,
we read that, in rraukfort-on-the-Maln,
the city where he was born, tha Jewi
were so detested by the other inhabit
ants that they were compelled to live
in a certain quarter which was shut in
by gates. During the day they mlghl
go about, but at night they must all re
tire to their own quarter, and there the
gates were looked, so that they should
not venture out agnln until morning.
If by any chnnce a Jew was found out
side the "Judengasse" after a certain
hour he was put to death. Think what
chanco a poor little lad Ilka this had
of becoming one of tho wealthiest and
most distinguished personages of hlf
age! Yet ha did it, and that too by nc
other moans than behaving with the
utmost uprightness and honesty.
To add to his other misfortunes.
young Anselra found himself at tho age
of eleven an orphan. Now his pros
pect was darker than ever, for tht
Jews are nearly always kind to theli
children, and do all that they can tc
give them a start In the world. In somt
way or other, however, he secured
some little education, and as a young
man wn find him employed in a bank
ing-house in the town of Hanover, lit
was in no hurry to go into business foi
himself, as so many young men are, at
It ia not until ho la in his thirtieth
year that we find him back in Hanover.
established as a broker and a money
lender, with a rod shield (Rothschild)
as a sign hung over his shop. Hera hi
did an excellent bodiless, establishing
the reputation for honesty that led t
his good fortune.
So enormous Is the amount of bust
ness done and the influence exerted bj
the Rothschilds that it is currentlt
said ol them that on two or three oc
casions they have successfully exertec
themselves to preserve the peace o
Europe. Their house now has its estab
lishments in London, Paris, Vienna and
Frankfort, and its agencies in New
York and other great cities in boll'
hemispheres. Their name is a syn
onym for wealth as in earlier days li
stood and still stands for fair dealing.
Uarper's Young lo(tle.
m m
It Can bo Avoided by System tilling
Itoiase and Kltehen Dutle.
The amount of unnecessary exertior
given in this country to the accom
plishment of nny task has long boen a
subject of comment among wise men.
Individuals so seldom choose the quiet,
systematic way, allowing each detail
of their task to follow the other In
regular order till every thing is done.
In no place is want of system so sorely
felt as in the household. The erratic
housekeeper is responsible for more
than half the ills usu t'ly attributed to
untrained servants. The fact that serv
ants in this cj.tntry are sally un
trained la a reflection against thcli
mistresses. It requires a large amount
of patience to take a green girl and
train her to the work, of a refined
household. The reason so many girls
give up their work in anger
aa a hop;le3 taV.t ia thai
they are taught without system U
go from one thing to another,
and can never feel that the tasks oi
the day have li.'oa rounded each to
completeness. Tha worker who doot
not feel soino pleasure In a success
ful accomplishment of well-done
work must have a low, brutish na
ture. It is the unnecessary steps the
girl tit'ces weary her. and
these the careful housekeeper alway
seeks to save her from. Uneducated
people are often very obstinate, but il
they are once shown or made to com
prchend a system by which all theli
work can be done in order and titm
saved for themselves, they will usually
preterit. It is certain that vt method
ical households the servants usualij
remain longer and there Is less com
plaint than in easy-going homes where
rules and hours are scorned. In one
house the servant knows every hour ol
the day what is expected of her. There
is but slight variation in tho work
from week to week. Ihe servant'
time to herself may bo limited, but she
is always sure of that time. It is not
taken from her on trivial pretexts,
while she in her turn knows too well
that any appeal to set aside the allotted
tasks will be of no avail. 1 here are
few honsakejpers who c;in not remem
ber kitohens whsrs no largo amount of
work was done, yet every one was for
ever in a hurry, rushing "thither and
yon," and the tasks of the day seemed
to be forever undone; nnd others where
an immense i amount of work was ac
complished by the same number of
hands, yet the kitchen was cleanly,
and the quiet manners ot the workers
hardly pavo sign of what was being
done. If there was extra work, it was
carefully planned out and ordered by
the kitchen clock. Is there any reason
that a girl trained to the easy way of a
systematic household should not pretei
it to the disorder and drudgery ot "go-
easy homes. js. l. irtounc
-In Kentucky " First Citizen
'No, sir; we can not account for tha
sudden death of Colonel Gore. Sec
ond Citizen Had he been drinking
any thing?" First Citizen" Nothing
to hurt. Let's see! I believe he did
take a glass of milk yesterday." Sec
ond Citizen "That explains It! Tha
water in it killed him." Dr'k?s Maga
-"Well. William," said Mr. Hard
head to his new confidential clerk.
you are in a first-class position now
at a good salary. I shall expect you
to be faithful and diligent.; in fact, to
make all my interests your own. It
won't be necessary, however, for you
to make love to the type-writer. I ll
attend to her myself. -
A much traveled goat ia aboard
the United States sloop of war Galena.
It is a pet of the sailors, and as such
has journeyed up and down tha Atlantio
coast and among the West Indies. It
eats with the men, and goes around
among the mess chests and mess tables
as independently as would any officer,
it unaerstanus the Doatswain s pipe as
well as the sailors, and whether sway
ing or squaring the yards, making sail
or at drill, "Billy" is at the head.
-Ilany plants have been nipped by
frost, water very sparingly until fresh
leaves have unfolded.
Hoarseness may be relieved by eat
ing freely of fresh raw egg beaten
thick with flue white sugar.
Grained woods should be washed
with cold ten, and then, after being
wiped dry, rubbed with linseed olL
An egg for an invalid, to be pala
table and digestible, should bo beaten
very light, and then steamed two min
utes. Whether a lamp explodes or la over
turned, the only rational attempt to ex
tinguish tho fire is by smothering.
Water only spreads the oil and thus In-
era ises the evil.
Pried Preserves Any fruit which
has been preserved in sirup may be
drained from the sirup, dried slowly,
sprinkled with powdered sugar, and
packed neatly in boxes.
For colic, a cold, a fever, convul
sions Indeed, at the outsot of an at
tack of most any infantile derange
ment, a bath is Invaluable, and not In
frequently the only remedy required.
(heap Dinner Dish. To each
pound ot beef minced fine add one-half
pound of grated bread, season to taste,
and mix with two beaten eggs. Put
In a greased mold and steam two
hours; serve turned out with mashed
Do not take either very hot or vory
cold foods or drinks, they crack tha
enamel of the teeth, and thus destroy
them; they also weaken the salivary
glands, enfeeble tha stomach, and Im
pair digestion.
Five cents worth of Tasellne, which
Is tasteless and odorless, will cure all
tha chapped bands, sunburned faces and
cracked lips, heal all tha sores, burns
and abrasions with which a family would
ordinarily be afflicted.
When the cork is taken from a full
bottle ot ink, if you don't know where
to put it, just stick a pin in the lower
end and bend it into a hook, then hang
the cork on the bottle. Bend the hook
so as not to Interfere with using Ink,
and then you have it always handy.
Tk Chill Hlant
That sets the naked brem-h'-s a oTilrerlnir, ia
not frit by the wealthy vah-lt.dlnarian Indoors,
but not all the rovrrlnr. thai ran be pllrd on his
warm ln-d, nor all Ihe furnace hrat tnat anttire
rlte ran furnish, will warm bts marrow wh-n
rh Ills and lever runs lis Icy tiuevrs alone: his
spinal column. Honlctler's rHomarh HiUcrs Is
the thin to Infuse new warmth Into his rhllleil
and aucuith frame, to remedy tha fierce fever
and exhmi.tlos sweats which alternate with the
cli 111. liHinhaKHe, ague rake, billions remit
tent In short, every known form of malarial
disease is sul)iieatetl by thlt potent, ami at Ihe
pnme time, wnoiesome aui irenini menicuie.
IIIUIoiianes.ronstliatlon, dvunensla. sick head
aches, loss of appetite and sleep, kidney trou
ble, rtienmatUni and debility are aloo remedied
by it. I'm it with persistence to e fleet a thor-
uku enre.
He that sareth bis dinner will bare the more
White Elephant of Siam. Lion of Ens-
land, Drajron of China, frees of Swltser,
land, lianner of Perxla, Crettcent of Efrypt-
Douhle Kettle of Itueida, Star of Chili. The
Circle of Japan, Harp of Erin.
la tret these boy a box cl the genuine
Dr. C. Mt Lane's Cki.krratbu Liter
IMi.l.s. price U.1 rent, and mail ua the out
side wrapper with your address, plainly
written, ana rente in stamp. a will
nen mall you the atvove list witn an ele-
frant package of oleofrraphic and chro
matic tartls.
Flesh wo Bros., Pittsbcro, Ta.
Never bas-nle about the basket If you set the
COtBl'MPriO!t HHEIl.
An old physician, retired from prartiee. hav-
lue had Placed in his hands by au East India
missionary the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy fer tbe speedy and permanent euro of
Consumption, Hronchitls, t Starr h. Asthma,
and all Throat and l.nni Affections, also a posi
tive and radical rure for Nervous Iiebillty and
all Nervous Complaints, after havlne tested its
wonderfHl rnrative powers In thousands of
esses, has ti lt It bis duty to make It known to
bis sutTV-riiiK fellows. Actuated by this motive
and a (leslre to relieve human tuncrlnc, I will
send free of rharre, to all who desire ft, this re
cipe. In iit-rman, r'rvurh or English, with fall
oirections lor preparing ana us ins. Hent by
mall by .!irvln with stamp, naminr this
paper, W. A. .ovt,JW .fitter s Bluet, Koc bet
ter, A. 1 .
There Is winter euonuh for the snipe and the
rouucuri too
Hit Hint ef That n Taste.
when vou wake nn In the moraine with a
bad tent e In your mouth, with yaur throat and
tonirne dry and a yellow roatius: on your teeth
anu (ami, oon t imnvme it all eeusea tiy
what you ale the nlulil before. f course every
body does that and everybody "swears off" from
atfsln eatiii-r such food. The trouble Is thai
tour liver Is rloeired, roar kidneys are over
worked ami your bowels are not dolus; their
iuty. Take .from three lo'tcn of Rsskukkth's
I'll.l.s and note the sudden and wonderful
change In your system.
Souceie not the oranire too bard, lest vots have
a oilier juice.
Why l.aairai Last Her neaat.
Laura onee had an aflluent bean
V bo called twice a fortnight, or so.
Now she sits, Sunday eve.
All louety to irrleve.
Oh, where Is her recreant beau.
And why did he leave Laura so?
Why be saw that Laura was a lanraUhtm
delicate irlrl, subject to sick headaches, sens:
tlve nerves and uncertain tempers; and know-
Ins; what a Hfe-loiiK trial Is a fretful, sickly
wife, be transferred bis attectlons to her cheer
ful healthy cousin, Elloo. The secret is that
Laura s health and strvsnth are samied b
chronic weaknesses, peculiar to her sex, whirl
ciien averts auu avoios py tne use ol Dr.
I'lerce's Favorite Prescription. This Is the only
remedy, for womeu's peculiar weaknesses and
ailments, sold by drumcii-ts, under a positive
iruarantec from the manufacturers, that it will
Kive satisfaction in every case or money will
be refunded. Hee guarantee on b-ttle wrapper.
They who have little butter must be content
to spread tulu their bread.
Children Mart ina; te Death
On account of their Inability todl-rest food, will
find a most msrvelous food and remedy In
Meats' Kntulnlon of Pure i'od Liver OH
with Hypophosphites. Very palatable and
easily digested. Hr. 8. W. Oohicn, of Waco,
Texas, says: "I have used your Kruulslon In In
fantile wastlns: with rood results. It not only
restores wasted tissues, but rives ttrvneth aud
increases the appetite. I am glad to use such a
rename article.
Many a good dish Is spoiled by an IU sauce.
Kor the Care of a t'tsth ar More
Throat, "Brown's Bronchial Trochtt" are a Sim
pie remedy.
When the stomach chimes
wait not for the clock.
the dinner hour
If afflicted with Sore Ryes, nae Dr. Isaao
Thompson's Eye Water. DruKgista ell It. S60.
TRY Orrmba tor breakfast.
f f UUU VIEIQtjr
Its enpartor exoellenos proven In millions of homes fot
more than a quarter of a century. It used by the
United States Government Endorsed by the heads of
the Ores Universities, ss tha 8troorest, Purest and most
Healthful. Br. Price a Oreem Bakliia Powder doss not
nontsia Ammonia, Lime or AJnm. Bold only in sans.
nw Toms. o-uoaoo. a-s. tools
For IVoiifn.ltjto..
ar Tears. rltlo., on., JTm tT, tll.
SMrtMtlf lot mtotiI ymn wits bo
tolgt: U mutui IkiiM; ri4 St. JiM U
W . Mara U men tht.
s. s. rrmuwur, f . at
ever Apeln. at. biwtt, IU , suy it, it.
sir ( u vita ! ii, u4 iAe
km hctue el St. .'.iwb. oil w. mmf
RiMsr asuuaimrsa.
After Alt. Btlu4, 111., May SI, IMS.
avs fcanra mm mi b..,.!(1. (Iran a by
eaMateat mm ky St oil,
I. at. taW, Brafftas,
THI CHARLES L VOOCLEt CO., lattlatrs, !
Diamond Vera-Cura
Am tu svoMsoa vsooblu seoa Alt
hUlMtn, Sw-tteaw., twUni, lliw, .
simms, tniDuiln. IiiUm tiut mui, fo4
tat siosia ana iiufrtHW tests Biter mm
eat lw-tirtta.
Jt DrueaUl find Vrn rrt or ami ty maO am
tit e ao ett. (5 6am f I oil) as staatpa, Sasay II
enat en mipi a km Seme.
On wHjit of )Ofttiis itnmitu w will fits
vy man tiie miiowttin imini urticiei :
On Horn of lur Nrlln, - - 10rti.
On liott ff VM4I!ti 4 ttmphnr I, 15 rftst.
On Ho of Viatsllttft 4 ot(t 4Jrm( 15 vtn,
N Vwllne In neitultm mil- our uame I nu
the label, nkHitBtf(iH MiMUr u Co., 24 Htte
I., new Torn.
a a day. Hatntili-s worth SUC.IS
RICK. I.lnrs not nti'li-r horses' fwt
rllo Hrrnslrr atafelv Ht-ln
elder .. Halls-. Mirk.
navlnf tor the past fnor er Sre years been treubletl
with ptmiJoe snd blotches en m tare and body, en-t
flntllnr no rrllrf In any ol the rhcmlcallr prepared
sia and nwdirines proscribe!! fr ms or physicians.
i mnnuun so i r t our n. n. n. remear, ana Ol
found Rieat relirl la the same, four boiuee clear
tny sain entirely. I thaertullr recommend sour
meaietne so ail who are in the position that I bave
been In. Ton eaa w this letter and ray name as a
testimonial to the merits ot the a & a remedy.
sry truiy years, altsid r. Kosrssos,
B20 Huisome PL. Han rranrisoe. 11,
tr Send f ir our hnnks en Blood and fikla Ltts-
eases and advice to so irvrirs, mailed free.
Drawer . Atlanta, l i.
roa .
Aatnaut, t'aagha, t'wlda, " Crsss, Ia
flaeaaav, Braarttltla, Catarrh, Wfaaaa-
sct'satli, Eaa mt Tleet laelplea
Coaawanptloa, aasl-all Threat lit
Liif Traablea.
' J. R. CATES & CO,' PROP'S.
Sit ftaauwate Street. Saa Fraarlsee, Cat.
Pat. Oct. ll.'T)care all
VrvnnRtltn(h route lltae
ea-Mwnf both seies. Price'rV
aa and upward. 4enl tn w,.
I'T sealed t-aniphiet Nn. x. ' .
IS--TIBK f rnintnrd 1
riLKM- new invention, i-tena so VM-, stamp
ft. K. T. ,,T4rTmriieiitoit,,ian Francisee, rial.
1 am pn let -o. s. in :rww r
-sV-lV'as,V',W,- Fertbad, Ore.
IVilet-t ei'tiipinent. Iin-iou-ill InM ruction, estab
lished reput-tilon. growing popularltr. 0sesa,
SAortAaec, Cestmee SrSee'ass fitnumuMlm Depart
ment. Htudents admitted at any time, lata
logue snd specimens ot penmnhtn sent free.
J. A. KfclH O.Mee'i
s. i.r. iHS-tlHUSN.rits.
Positively Cared with Veeetable Remedies.
ffavseered msny thoeimed esses. Cere patients
pronounced nteles by the bent physicians. ITro-n
first dose ITmiiUiml rmptdly dtMftpesr, and In ten
Say. at lesM twtvtbtrd. of atl .rmplonis are remov
ed. Seed fitr fres bv.k of leattniontslsof ulrsealo-as
enres. Ten dsrs treatment foml.hed f ree by nelL
If yoa order trial, t-rd Hi rents In stamps to pay
oatasa. DH. II. U.UHKRN A SONS. Atlanta. s.
If yua order trial return tha edverUsemeBs lo aa
1st Premlurna. SS.OOO ta lata,
O years EstaUisbed. MW
a t-atented Steel TuAina De
nse la no uver Piano, by whleh our pianos
stand In tune SO years, -rood tor toe ; no affected
by climate. Mo wood to split, break, swell, aorhia.
crack, decay, or wsar out ; we guarantee U. Be
gan Rosewood CasMa, S strings, double repeating
action: Snest Ivory ken: the Famoas ANT1SELU
Call er write Tor iaui-ue, ire. i.s.-iiisiu,
PIANOCO., Msnutartniw, Old Fellows' lisll. Mar.
as and Bevntli Streets, 8aa rrancstc.
Cores Ctitt. Sores. Salt Rheum. Boila.
Ptmplea, Felons. Skin lilwMei, and all
ailments for which a salve is suitable. Fot
takirm out sorvneaa and healinK it acta
like niafric. 2A cent 1 box. at all rtrufzjitst"-.
Sold on Trial 1
nT. rVntl 0d fur BlsaJlInc
'vi-k lltustrmUKl Cmt4vi -ftu
srith full pAiAimlavnk Mauiv
ItTAIM Lmk.a
M Kt 1 l II, PKAaK as
IsAt II. Oahler, Koeniai
rtanos; Bnrdett
band Instrnmeaav
at Isim
i euppllea a
.. r.m
took ot Sheet Music snd Hooks Rsnda
aitsra Prkws. MATTHIAS ORAV
SAraet, Saa Pianna-ei
of SefU of North
Carolina Ping
Cut will convince
any Smoker that it is the finest Smok
ing Tobacco ever sold on this Coast
Don't be fooled bj cheap imita
tions. Always ask for "Seal," and
see that yen get the genuine.
Bif a na riven anivay
sal aatlafacUoa la tha
cur of OonorrhGra tat
Gleet. I prescribe It ana
feel safe In -recommend.
tng It to all snfferaia.
I strlsarykylas
I arts QksalAtl 0.
"Lssvy PRICK Sl.ool
Oscatur, III.
-- ii'T" Ti )T Sold hy Drassiata
leaned. March and Bept-
(each. wear. It la an ency.
olopedia of tiseftU tnfoxw
mation for all who par.
aha) tha loxnriea or the
neoeiaitiei of life. Wa
e&n olotha you and fnrniih you with
aU tha necessary and unnecessary
applianoes to rido, walk, danoa. Bleep,
eat, flab, hunt, work, go to chaxofa,
or stay at homo, and In various aiaea,
tylaa and qnantitiea. Jnst Ugarm out
what is required to do all these thing-
COMFORTABLY, and yon can makes fair
estimate of the value of the BDXEB8
GUIDE, which will be aent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay poataga,
lil-lla Miohigan Avenue, Ohio ago, HI.
We wish a tew men to
sell our KOods by sample
to the wholsale and re
tail tnulft- iATtmS mui.
rrslaourllne. Enclose t-cent stamp. Wagesfctper
Day. Permanent position. Ha postals answered.
Money advancedfor wafres, advertising, etc On.
teaalal MaaafSctarlaa Co., t'larlaaatl.Ohla.
T. H. PIMR. Aaaayer aad Analytical
Ck-eatlst, Laboratory, 104 First St., Portland,
Or. Analyse made of all mbatsncea.
x$ XX
- bDQ
. i rr-!-- I jrm
1 a
a, f
3s '
N. P. N. U. No. 271-S. F. N. TJ. No. 848
tar uvica t),OuG, OUU et .- -'-i
i?"7Ti7' pl lx t ttir bm&
ef the isnya-at &i BiAMt nU-Uin boaas, and Uk turn
Ferry o Goods
rf-vD. sf. fekkT m srs
1 scklloeleimed tu b tB
-J Jargest Seedsmen
in tn wonci.
P M FrRsrACo's
lilo.trnti-d. flesrlp.
tire and Prised
ror test
Will hm m-id mrc
it all eniiltrnnlsL tifid
Hthiut tirfltnHnaT A. limit.
tarlM ett I i'MmSSt
- --- sQMiia ei.a i. r it Aimraes
D. M. FER2fTeV CO., Dotrolt. Mich.
i ' v v UJ? itaN'
-.- - ... --"Wee. - S-
Old moneybair mopes tn his office all day.
As snappish and cross as a bear ;
Tho clerks know enotif h to keep out of his
Lest the merchant should (Tumble and
Even Tabby, tbe cat, is in fear of a cuff.
fir a kick. If are ventures too near;
Tbey all know tne master is spt to be roua-h.
Anil bis freaks unespected and queer.
To correct a sliiggfctf or disordered liver, and to cleanse and purify tbe
blood and thereby sweeten the temper, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
has no equal. It Improves digestion, builds up the flesh, Invigorates the
system, dispells melancholy, and makes life worth living.
IT IS GUARANTEED t0 beneftt or cure- lf taken in time and given a
awaawaaaaSBawaaawaawaaeasasaawaaaBSB fair trial. In all (Usea.-eS for which it IS reCOHl-
tnended, or the money paid for It will be refunded.
Copyright, 1888, by World's Dupes-baby
ta at at " no mattr of bow long standing, is per
Bianently mired by DR. SAGE'S CATARRH REMEDY. SO rent, bv driieriiwa.
DviGims Govz-Drand Soda-Saleratus.
sar that thar I s ptctttr of s dm oa jvar pacUc and -m :U hare
ihe bast Soda Bade. -raj ooW EBjLm
Walla Walla.
Moore Mfg. Co., Seattle, W.T.
GtMitlen.en : Dating my 15 years
experience in the drug bueiness 1
never handled a medicine that sold so
re-ulily cr gave such universal tatia
f act ion as
Moore's Revealed Remedy.
Never heard a complaint from those
using it. H. E. Holmes.
Purely Veeetahle; Contains no Alcohol;
Rerniat-'S the Bowels; Aids Pises
tiou: "'imnlates the Liver;
P vveuis
Paine's Celery Compound
Purifies the Blood,
Strengthens the Nerves,
Stimulates the Liver, t
Regulates the Kidneys and Bowels, "V
Gives Life and Vigor to every organ.
There's nothing like it
"Last spTin-r, being very much ran down and
debilitated. I procured some of Paine's Celery
Compound. The use of two bottles made me
feel like a new man. As a general tonic and
spring medicine, I do not know its equal."
W. L. Giimmp.
Brigadier General V. N. G-, Burlington, Vt.
ti.oo. six for $5.00. At Druggists.
Iiick House Block, San Francisco,
27 Years In
KOS. 133 and 134 THIRD STIit ET, V
Portland, Oregon.
Is the only Pirte Ms
pniary in I'nrf laf.'l or on
th Worth sert ,
when- fitM-nt r mir.-.,-!.
fully rrt-st-1 vnM hll V
'1 M, iliUKM" AMI
v fonttt r -t'l, tni or
f msrrud. cneh ss
' imht MAXHnnn.
Jforyotis llblllfcy, strmisl
mmm-s, isiuns mei-aery.
rphilitlc emtitinfu,, ef
fect of marc-iry. bulirf
and M-Mirirr ItouMmi, gon-orriK-a,
sleet, stttctun ate.
t.ttl.l ATION rKICK.
What makes the old fellow so surly and srftn.
And behave so confoundedly mean 7
There' certainly aometbina; the matter with
Is It stomach, or liver, or gplwnf
We've guessed it hi liver fa sluggish and
His blood is disordered sod for i.
It's enough to make auy one hopeioasly mad.
And greet bis bust friend with a growL
Medical Association, Proprietors.
Money in It.
W. T . June. 1888
Use It Now!
"Having used your Paine's Celery Compound
Una spring. I can safely recommend It as tbe
most powerful and at tbe same time most
gentle regulator. It is a splendid nerve tonic,
and since taking It I have felt like a new man."
K. . Knokb, Watertovm, Dakota.
I wnxs. Richakdson & On. Props. BuMin-rton, i
Wnxs. KiCHAKneoN A Co. Props. Burttngton, Vt.
Present Leoatlon.
T) -A
n i