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tljw to Eitrrmtnau thli Destructive and
fiiimfronii I'araslte.
There seems to bs no doubt whatever
but what the plum fcurculio (Gvn
Irachchis nenuphar) cau be well nljih
extt-rniiuiUed ererywhero and regular
crops of the stone fruits grown by sim
ply spraying the trws with arsenical
poisons (Paris green and London pur
ple) in water; (1) so soon as the buds
bog-in to swell in the spring; (2) two
weeks after the petals fall; (3) then
after three weeks again, and (4) for
perfection, so soon as through blossom
ing, with a weak kerosene and soap
emulsion. This (4) will kill the leaf lice
(V.phidie) and plant bugs (hemiptera)
that puncture the young fruit and cause
It eventually to rot, A Michigan gen
tleman told me that he had two large,
thrifty European plums. "They bloomed
freely each year, but the enrculio laid
her eggs in nearly every plum, and all
the fruit that was not wormy rotted be
fore ripening. Spring before last I
sprayed the trees thoroughly once with
London purple in water about two
weeks after the blossoms fell. That
season they matured so great a crop of
the finest fruit that I was obliged to
prop up all the branches. Bat to my
soitow this large crop so weakened the
vitality of my trees that the uext
spring both were dead, lhe spraying
seemed to kill nearly every curcuhi.
scarcely a fruit showed her ovipositing
work, and the plums all ripened with
out rot." This shows two valuable les
sons: (1) Spraying has proven a sh
cess, and (2) an overburdensome crop
is deathly, especially to a plum.
These sentiments are exactly in lim
with sense, reason and experience, and
especially w nil onr native plums; for
these fruits are the natural food plant
and breeding place of the plum curculio.
This beetle passes the winter ia the
beetle state, "holed np" like a- wood-
chuck, and emerges in the spring hun
pry. She at once seeks her natural
food plant these plums on which to
feed, seemingly m preference to all
other trees. She nsnally reaches them
before they bloom; therefore just before
the blassoms opn is the time to spray
the trees. But for some reason many
of the beetles do not lay their eggs in
the fruit until June; hence the necessity
of late spraying, for it is possible that
these late egg-laying beetles reach the
trees late. If the native plums are not
within her reach the beetle is forced to
accept allied plants of the almond family
to which the plain belongs, such as the
oherry, peach, apricot, etc, and lay her
eggs in their fruits. It is of course
. possible that the cherrh, being so close
akin to the plums, they aay be as ac
ceptable to her for food as the plums.
but it is hardly probable. Therefore it
is entirely reasonable that, if we have
plenty of native plums in and around
our orchards of other' fruits, by
spraying the plums we will destroy
this curculio sufficiently for all prac
tical pnrooses, and so protect all the
other fruits from her destructive work.
D. B. Wicr, in American Garden.
Brainless Individuals Who Talk Without
i;xprcslor Thooehts.
Conversation among persons who are
very intimate should be the best con
versation, si no one need speak unless
he feels impelled so to do by the stir
ring of thought within; but the ir.
retei-ate small-talker has lost the power
?f distinguishing between the talk that
expresses thoughts and the talk that
merely articulates sounds. His idea of
talking is confined to the practice of
"making conversation; even in argu
ment he passes much time in repeating
what lias been said m slightly different
words; and. when no subject is under
discussion, and when he is not gifted
with high talents, the grotesque artifices
to which he is someti jaes reduced woald
be absurd if they were not so irritating.
If he only talked, and said nothing
that insisted on answers, he might
more easily be forgiven; hut this is
rarely his way. An irritating small
talker. who, though ia reality
neither deaf nor absent-minded, eked
out his speech by insisting on. having
everything that was said to him re
peated twice, sometimes thrice. I have
known to repeat his "What was that
von said?" after he ha I answered the
remark that had been made, and when
this was pointed ont to him he only
smiled the satisfied smile of the small
talker, who thinks hi3 sins merits, and
docs not blush to own them. Sach a
Baialt talker calls tnese atrocious ae
linqnencies conversational talent, and
because it is sometimes necessary to
ppeak idly think3 it is a good deed to
do so at all times rather than main
tain a wholesome silence. But, indeed,
others beside these obvious criminals
Ein in speaking idly.
Small talk has its nses in expressing
indefinite friendliness, though even this
would probably be better expressed by
some inarticulate sound, if we could
only agree on one; but it should never
be forgotten that small talk or talk of
no consequence is in itself of less
than no value, and that if on all occa
sions, except those of necessity, we put
onr energies to improving our ideas
rather than to ottering words; in short,
if we talked less and thought more, we
and our friends would in all ases be
much the better for It London Queen.
Climbing the Ladder.
Gentleman (to tramp) Why do yon
ask for oniy a penny, my man? Most
of you people want nickels and dimes?
Tramp Yes, sir, but I'm a new hand
at the business, an' I want to begin
Female Witness Convinces it lawyer
Almost Against His Will.
"You know the defendant in this
- i r .
case, ao your asiien a ivansas awjor
of a female native"bf the soil.
Know which?'' she asked.
"The defendant, Jake Lynch.'
Do I know Jake Lynch?"
-Yes." .
"You want to know if I know Jake
Lynch well, if that ain't a good one.
Why, mister, the Lynch family an' "
"Can t yon say yes or no?
"Why. Jako Lynch's mother an' my
step-dad's father was ouce lirst cous
ins, an'"
Then you know him?"
Who, Jake Lynch? Me know Jako
Lynch. You're a stranger ia these
parts, ain't you?"
That has nothing to do with the
case. H you Kritrw jaKO "-.yneu, say
If I know him! Lemmo tell yon
that Jake Lynch's birthday and my
brother Hiram's is on the same day.
'You know him of course, then?"
"Who Jake Lynch? Ask Jake if I
know him? Ask him if ho was ever
introduced to Betty Skelton?"
I don t care to ask him any-tlnng. I
simply want to ask you if Jake Lynch
is known to you personally.
'Tussonly? U'll, I don't know
what you mean by 'pussoiily,' but if
you want to know if J know Jake an'
if he knows me, I can tell you in
migaty few words. Jake Lynch s
father an my father
'.Sow, I want you to say 'yes or
Thought you wanted me to say if 1
knew Jake Lynch."
That s just what I do want.
'Well, then, lemmo alone an' I'll
tell you all about it. Jake Lynch was
born in Injeeany an I was bora in the
same county an
"And of course 3ou know him?
"Who Jake Lvnch? Da I know
Jake Lynch, when the very hoss he
rid here on was one he traded my
m4n sn'tn nF vnnn r ctApri f , i 1-
Why, man, Jake's wife was Ann E:uy
Skiff, an her an mo is the same age
to nday, an'
"That will do.
know him."
"Know him?
"That will do."
Why, I was married
I see that you do
Jake? Why,
on a Chews-
day an Jako was married the next
day. an' his oldest boy an' my oldest
girl is most tae same age. an
"That will do." Detroit Free Press.
ConragreotM Man who Couldn't
Krti Ont of a Horse Trad-.
right; make it a dime,
like. A. Y. Sun.
though, if you
A Georgia man, while standing in
front of a blacksmith's shop, was bitten
by a dog, " Gracious alive! ex
claimed the blacksmith, ' run home
and pray for the salvation of your soul
for vonr bodv is lost.
How so?" the old fellow asked as
he rubbed the place where the dog had
bitten him.
" Whv, that dog is mad.' Look how-
he foams at the month. That's the dog
the neighbors have been looking for!"
A pud'of smoke came from the bushes
near by, the "Dang or a gun was
heard and the dog fell dead in the
Neighbors been lookin fnr him.
eh!" said the old fellow who had been
bitten. "AY all. I ain't been lookin far
him, bnt it 'pears sorter like he's been
lookin fir me."
Run to a doctor, nffin."
No, I kain't afford it- I hired one
last spring to cure the chills on my
daughter Nan, an' I thought it wouid
break me bodatiously np agin I got
him paid. Nan, you know, married
Abe Slater shortly afterwards, an 1
says to Ale, s'L 'Abe, yon o lighter
pav a part of that chill bill?' 'Wl.ut
chill bill?' says he. -Wy Nan's.' s'L
Oh, says he. 'I didn't marry the chills
too. I only married Nan, an I nach
ully expected the chills not to cut no
figger in the transaction. A:. sir,
Abe he never would pay a cent on
that chill bill, but putty soon 'long
come the b?g yaller ager, creepin'
down . the birr road. all, sure, it
hopped a-straddle nv ole Abe an
rid him putty nigh ter death."
"But that tiin't got nothing to do with
that mad dog. Yon'll be a dead man
in less'n nine days.""
"Wall, I'll wait an see. an' ef what
you say comes true, w'y I'll own m.
I ain't no han' ter dispute alter the
facks have dun gone agin me. 'Taint
thater way with Abe. though. He'll
argy when fie knows lie ain t got no
show. Ilikelersce a man stick up
fur whut he believes, but then when
a feller finds he's wrong, w'y he jest
nacLnlly ought ter cave. Wall, good
mawnin'. I've got a hoss trade on
han over yander cross the branch,
an' I b'l'eve I'll fix it upbefo' the feller
gits outen the notion." Arkansaw
There is no doubt that the light
Brahma is the best fowl for jrcfitaole
rearing of market chickens, as it will
make the largest weight from a certain
quantity of food in the shortest time.
Spring chickens of this breed will easily
weigh two and a half pounds at three
months old, and eight or nine pounds in
eight months. The eggs of this breed
are more valuable for food and for pas
try than any other kind, but there are
other fowls that will lay more eggs. It
is not the number which counts foi
profit always. .
Ilovr It ltebaves Itself When Sharing It
lied with Fellow-Traveler.
The hotel register lay hospitably
open, and I took up. a stuttering pen
with which to splatter my autograph
over the list of lato arrivals.
"I'm afraid wo'ro full," Interrupted
the night clerk; "that is if you want a
room to yourself you can have a bed
in cither 27 or 52."
My jaw fell 11 ! 11 !
"What kind of follows aro they," I
Inquired, feebly.
"Nice gentlemen tall, slim man in
27; short, fleshy man in 62."
"Tall, slim man," I mused; "I'll try
in No. 27."
I'm rather long and slendor myself,
still there's nothing like economy in
space when it comes to a hotel bod-Btoad.
I followed the boll-boy up to No. 27,
and in response to his rat-tat -tat at the
door. I heard emphatic guttural inter
jections mufUcd under the bed-clothes.
I didn't try to understand them; I had
reason to believe they wero not at all
complimentary to me. Howevor, the
tall man opetied the door, gingerly,
and trot back into bed, where he
assumed the shape of .a gigantic let
ter V.
Ho was snoring loudly by the timo I
had undressed, and I cherished serious
intentions of blowing out the gas and
leaving him to his fate. I crawled
timidly in on the oft side, and grasped
the covers with a death grip. But I
was tired, and soon, with a half-conscious
sense of insecurity, I felt my
grasp weaken, and I dozed off into a
gentle slumber.
A movement on tho part of my bed
fellow awoke me, and horrors! The
covers were slipping away! Is there
any thing to compare to tho utter help
lessness with which a man, on a cold
night, realizes this awful sensation?
I caught at them, frantically, and my
eyes bulged out in a mad despair as a
Korean draught wailed along the ser-t
rated edflre of my spinal column. Thus
I lay, for hours, in a half torpul state.
keenly alive" to his every move, yet
unable to retrieve an inch of vantage.
The clock on the customs-house struck
twelve, and 1 was sinking Into a chilly
nightmare, when the fiend rolled over
against me with a restful sigh born of
warmth and comfort.
I couldn't stand it. -1 shipped out
onto the floor, crept round to the foot
of the bed, and crawled in on the side
next the wall. Wrapping myself in
the voluminous folds of the blankets, 1 1
lay down, sincerely hoping he'd roll j
on into the next county.
But he didn't. I hadn't been asleep
more than an hour, when I awoke with
a sense of oppression in my left side,
and a sharp elbow, at an acute angle,
lay imbedded in my complaining ribs.
I shoved it away savagely, and he
floundered over like a porpoise in
shoal water, taking the covers with
At that moment I heard the bell-boy,
with a bell-boy's exaggerated attempt
at caution, blunder past ' the door and
rap at No. 28.
"It's four o'clock, sir; bus'll be round
in forty minutes."
. I got up, too, lighted the gas and
glared at my persecutor. He was lying
west by nor'west of the bed, smiling as
if he dreamed nature had made him In
a circle. And he continued to smile,
all unconsciously, as I washed in a
lavish quantity of water and poured
the remainder into the slop basin! And
I think I had the towel as limp and
wet as any towel ever need be outside
the wash-tub? And when I left the
room the gas-meter was humping it
self, the door was wide open, and I'm
pretty certain that some body else than
No. 2$ got to see how a hog slept!
Detroit Free Press.
Historical Fact Concerning Pennsylvania'!
I'rliu'lnnt Heat of .earning.
The University of Pennsylvania bear
tho distinction of being the only Amer
ica educational Institution that wn
ever s-tolen. A uniitio distinction, in
deed. It liaopeued rather oddly, in
this way: The English nobility, hav
ing contributed most of tho funds
upon which the school wa founded,
asked King Georgo 111 1 1 see to it that
the institution in the new country did
not fall into the hands of any religious
sect. The King complied and sent
over word that, if any more money was
expected from England, a guaranty
must be given that Dissonters. Quakers,
nor anylwxly e'sc, should ever exclude
from it Church of England communi
cants, but that the school should
fore- er le for the general
good of all classes. The resolution
was passed and Franklin saw it safely
entered upon the records. Nevcrthe
less, a few years later tho Legislature
of Pennsylvania, taking this resolution
as a text, declared that the purposes of
the institution had been narrowed, and
in order that such a thing should not
occur again, they confiscated all tho
titles and endowment funds given by
England. They named tho school the
University of Pennsylvania. In this
way was the institution stolen and put
into its present- Governmental condi
tion. Its important dates, therefore,
nre: Founded by Franklin . In 1748;
stolen bv the Legislature of Pennsyl
vania In 1779; restored and set up in
present shape in 175)1.
In internal structure the University
of Pennsylvani t is nearer like the Eng
lish univeisities than any othor in this
country. It more nearly embodies the
university idea as represented by such
schools as Oxford, Cambridge, Berlin
and Strasbnrg. Its most famous de
partment is the medical, which is the
oldest college of medicine in America.
Connected closely with it is the Biolog
ical School, which is one of tho newest
departments, yet about the first school
in this line to be founded on this side
of the Atlantic. It is a school for tin
study of both plant and animal life in
every form and is intendoi to supple
ment th strnV js of the medical man,
the scientist and the naturalist. Then
there is the Veterinary College, which
is fast revolutionizing the study of the
horse and his medieal treatment; the
School in Dentistry, and the Wharton
School of Finance and Economy, In
which is the first and only chair in
American history in this country. In
all of tha departments are about four
teen hundred pupils.
The social side of university life is
almost wholly confined to the time
spent inside the college walls. This is
quite finlike most other Eastern col
leges, and is so chiefly because there
are no dormitories connected with the
institution. The pupTi lose themselves
from each other in the city, and are
only able to meet r,' the grand ball on
"Ivy Day," and the junior ball and at
the one concert given every spring by
the University Glee Club. There.are
a few secret fraternities, but they are
not strong, nor do they seem to enter
into the existence cf the ftudent as
they do in most other colleges. Phila
dclphia Cor. San Francisco Chronicle.
Halt a pound ot Uynamtte placed
upon tho top of a large 'hard-head"
or bowlder weighing anywhere from
ten to one hundred tons will have a
great effect. The rock directly under
the cartridge will bo as fine as meal,
and tho remainder so broken that it
can usually bo removed with a bar, or
u raw n out ny norses, ua put into a
wall or otherwise disposed of. A rock
that would cost ten dollars to remove
in tho old way can with dynamite bo
broken up for fifty cento. American
Lou Cams are fast go
ing t of style as f.-ishioii-altle
iexidences. I. nx Cabins
will, how-eve , always have
a place in American his
tory, as they were the most
pro n i no lit feature of our
country' early social life.
The pioneers were istrons-,
riicsred. healthy. Warnei's
LogCahln Tough ami rnnauinption ltemedy
is a r.'inouuct n ot one tr tlie r id time
r. ots ond herb remedies, lrc'i kept them
well. IOveiylMHly prai ea "Xipiecaiioe'' an
a fct nmch toirc.
A French engineer hM conferred a MesJ-ing
on all pltiyers of Hli-inxed iiiHtriiinents by in
venting a ieg which will uot klip.
White Elephant of Siim, Lion of Eng
land, Diaton of China, Cro-8 of Switzer
land, Banner of t'crwi j, CreHcentof Kvpt,
Double Kajrle of K-issir , Strof Chili, The
Circle of ,l.i)inii. Harp of Krin.
To get these buy a box of the genuine
11I.L8, price cents, and mall us the out
side wrapper wbh your address, plainly
written, and 4 cents In stamps. We will
then mail jou the above list with an ele
pant package of oieographtc and chro
matic cards.
Flemin-q Bnos., Pittsbcko, Pa.
Study pedigrees aiid he are of boK'.is one.
Kine-ionthu ot the blumieri made in breeding
are umdc by breeding to luteri jr stock.
rion't hawk, and blow, and spit, but use Dr.
Sace Catarrh Kerue1y.
lorne ItrlllUut Minds That Dwelled In De
formed Uod!c.
Hunchbacks form a tolerable numer
ous list. There is that brilliant sol
dier, tho Mt'.rochal do Luxemburg, of
whom Maciutlay writes in one of his
most finished passages: 'Highly
descended and gifted as he was, he had
with difficulty surmounted the ob
stacles which impeded him in the road
to fame. If ho owed much to the
bounty of nature and fortune, he suf
fered still more from their spite. IHs
features were frightfully harsh; his
stature was diminutive; a huge and
pointed lump rose on his back." The
reader knows the hunchbacked Rich
ard of Shakespeare's powerful drama;
but historical research seems to
have delivered the King from
his burden, and to have sworn that he
was only high shouldered. Lord Lyt
ton, in his "Last of the Barons," haa
adopted the modern view. "Though
the back was not curved," he says,
"yet one shoulder was slightly higher
than the other, which was the more
observable from the evident pains that
he took to disguise it, and the gorgeous
splendor, savoring of personal cox
combry from which no Plantagonet
was ever free that he exhibited in his
dress." Tho preat Minister of Queen
Elizabeth, William Cecil, Lord Bur
leigh; tho learned German theologian.
Eber; our "glorious deliver," William
HI., tho famous General of Spain,
the Duke of Parma, these were all
"crooii-Dueiis." lti& poet fope boa a
protuberance both on the back and in
front, and oue of his sides was con
tracted. Gentleman's Magazine.
A Rood draft horse i the most valuable of all
hol'-M-s. It j ou have nuch a home keep him
and Lake euro of lurii.
Theodore Tilton Is living hi n-niote quarter
of 1'dr 8 in by uo aicauski:iucutcircunutat.cs.
A Wonderful Food and Medicine.
Known and vised !y ptivf-ieians nil over tho
orld. Hrotl'n Kmulxloii iiot only Rives
rl' hh and atrcntttb by virtue of fl own nutri
tious proix-rttoH. but cteatra an appetite for
food Itiat builds op tho asted body. "I have
been using bcott'a Kniulsion for sev-ral years,
and am pleased ith i n action. My pattaii'-s
say it is pleasant and p&.latbl. and all prew
RToinjt-r and tfain iVfli fmm the us of it. I
use it in all ca..-s of Waiting in -a, and it is
specially ugeful for iliiUircn when nutrient
iih dicatioi. ia needed, ue in .Marasmus." T. V.
I'lfcitcK, M.D.. Know. lie. Ala.
aui?ht else, pru.lenee
The Prlneesji of AValea and her rfanffhtcr
ponn-tiniea sing to the iiuiutea of lmlou hoe
"What a coward that Major Pmlth said
Jones to Hobin-on. why. the very sitrht of powdj- would make him ill. How did he
ever manage to bcH.iin.-ar. olti-w in the aim r
"lion't aay anyihinif atratiiHt miih." aiunrred
Kobitt.vm, "he once aaved my life." aved
jour life! Nonwense, impoasitklc! Whatdoyou
mean I "I mean 1 aa in the h-M stages
of consumption; I m lo.-ing ftrengih and vi
tality every cay with the terrible i;Lw. hn
mivh advised me to take lr. Tierce's Golden
Medical licovery. 1 had tried all kinds of
medicines without cure e?. ana my
had given me no hpe: j tt here lam, a well
as ever a mun was. an-1 1 oe my life to S nub,
and lo the wonderful remedy he rtcom
nu nded."
The battle "of Hut a VWa was fought and
won by tivueral Ttioron Vta?h:iiou s birth
day. 1SI7.
The unequal su-cc-n of Ali.cock's Tor
ous Pi.ASTEita a an externa! remedy ha
s'imnlated uucrup ihr.'s panic to put
forth inii atioiis which they endeavor to
ell oa the reputation of AI!cock". It is
an alwurdity ta pink of them In the a-in:e
tat p'ry as the fi-iiuiiie and original p r
oui plaster. 'their t.reiens"ona are un
founded, their vamiird merit unsupported
by facia, their a!hTrd superiori y to or
ttjua! ty with All -wKh fa'sn pretence.
Ihlaatmst merttcai prac ltionets anil
ir A I.l.i'H-K s t'OKOfS
PI-asteks the 1 stextern-U remidy known.
- Ia medication, rs In
should be our km te. Yet thousands cast it to
the winds. Kvc-y new nostrum tlnds iis pat
rons, the medl'-al entiri-s of everv false achool
hnve tin ir k u!1. Kvery change in the ramut
of humbug it runs mece-fl fully for a time at
leant the notes Ik inn furnished by the credu
lous. In happy contrast to the many adver
tised IniiKw-uixs .f the day stands Hoste.tter's
fctoinach Hitters, no w in its third d -cace of
popularity, appiored and recommended by
physielaus. indored by the pres- of many
lauds, sought and priz d by invalids every
wuere. It is an ascertained specific for and
preventive of malaria diseases, chronic indi
gestinn. liver complaint and consti nation,
checks the Krowth of -heumatim and neural
gia fe; a peerless in rvt rant and useful diuretic
Ner' ous people bnelit by it.
For Stablemen Stockmen,
lot uutbt imisr isovit roi uoiim
Cats, Swellings, Braises, Sprains, Galls,
Strains, Lameness, Stiffness, Cracked
Heels, Scratches, Contractions, Flesh
Wound!, btringhaJt, Sore Throat,
Distemper, Colic. Whitlow, Poll
KyII, Fistula, Tumors, Splints, King
bones and Hparia In Its early stages.
Apply St. Jacob Oil in accordance
with the directions with each bottle.
Sold by Druggitts and Dtalert Everywhere.
Tb riiarUs A. Togaler Co., Balto.
Diamond Vera-Cura
Ialstloa, low-ltuk, BUartbara, tum, elA
etaM, Comrtlpatioa. ?iln.M aflr Mtlag. Fool
Klslaf la tk. stoat aaa diiasTMsfeU last tfta
la. IinwniM aaa Low-Spirits.
At Vnwl$tt and Vea'ert or tent 6y vuxU on re
eeipt qflictt.(b Itnet ft .00) in Xampt. Samp!
tad m receipt qf 3-etnt Stamp. .
Uenaaa Astb ran L are neveruti to ki e uo-a
Hi jie sleep; enectseares-w acres i o-oerw raj. j
lXX,otUnw!rit8orbv-nilL SampiAfr-ftEEl
for Si snip. I'a It. SCHIITMAS. KCJ-anl. Mid
vice, hi uw is u'loii'i-r
t Premium. 83,000
2D rein,..H f -
years fcataUisbed. k
stand In tuna i9 y GUTS, gmtfj tt 10O tktii. -M;d
by climate.. Jfowuod to split, breafc, sneli, . .j:nk,
crack, decay, or near out ; we guarantee it. l.lo
gant Rosewood Cases, 3 strings, double rei-mtirig
action; finest ivory keys; the Famous JNT1PJ,L.
Call er write fct Catalogue, free. T- M. ANT1SKLL
PIANO CO., HajiufAeturers, O-M" Hall, Mar.
ket and Seventh Streets, Sail francist-n.
Sold on Trial I
f Investment small, profits
Jlftrsra. Send tOe for mailing
i .rie Illustrated Cataionie
-Ith full particulars. IUb
1 utactured by
IT A I6 lake St.,
HK.ilill'H, rEAMK t
BACH. Gablar. Roenial
Ptanoa; Bsrdsts Orsana, band InstrumeoBL Irgss
stock of Sheet Malic and Books. Bands supplied a
Bassara Pri&a. alATTHXAB OSAI OO.. Sfi Pol
Bsnw. 8aa rraodaon
In Probably Sr. Isaac Tkompson'i J
Tftit artl-le Is a carefully prer.ared phy-lc!ai's pre
icriptloa, and bas Ikd la eo&sLut ue f .r ae-..r-- a
A.-ntuT7, alii not.itl..ULHilns Ut&nf her pr-p&n-tirms
that bae been Inernduced into the utisi.t, the
sale of this article Is e-nstantiy bicreaiHijff. If the di
r eUuns are foUi.ired It aiil never We pjiaica
Urly invito tbt aateotkm of phvaicians lo lt wcr-. s.
foha L. Thoici sou. Sons A Co.. TltoV. Iv. V.
Big O Has riven anrrsr
sal satisfaction In the
cure of Gonorrhree and
Gleet. I prescribe II and .
feel safe In recommend,
log It to all sufferers.
A.J. 6Tm.O, M.P..
Decatur, lib
PRICE Si.oO. .
Bold br Drug: lata. '
, i-er the Cheapest
JVii -:t .-rpupm-ut , i-iw.j-,11 instruction, etitb
t!htt reputJtiiin,prow:rs tojiu!arity. Business.
Shorthand. Common School twet Penmanship Detnrt
menii. btuitents adiiiiitt-d :t any time. Cata
logue and si-ec.imens of penm indtip wnt free.
J. A. HKS( (i. Sec'y. A. P. ASasTKOiti. Prig.
f JCmrtn t i
f tO DATB.
I . sstnoP'"""
1; j MTaoaljeyB
a 1 w Imbi fVMlMl fls.
V V Ctmtnnarl.gV"pg
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ni. Cninnov A fn 183 First St Cell or
wis wptiiiib v foiUaiid, i
N FOVflllS BeDility, tosof Tijwr. Spinel
IWIIVMO Losses. Weak: Slemory, itpou
dency, tc due to excesses or aij use, cure J.
cretiott slionla arail fhezmselvc c onr trrarrriect.
A poitiTe ciire j?uarantoel in every cans. Kyi'liilia,
L r;narj and Veaereal IHfap all uiuiax&rjLL disV
charges, promptij auil &lsif Cuid.
ease of Eidners or Bladder, 'Weak" Back. Kervocs
IcbiJity, V. atiii( of beiaI fetrecgUi, etc-cared
and restored to healthr vitfor.
N. B. Persons unable to visit as may be treated
at their bonus, bT correspondence, jaedicixies ant?
jnstracttons sent by mail or express. Consaitatioa
free. Send A cents ia stamps for rxbe Young Alaa'i
Vriead or Oulde tu Tt sdlock.
It is a matter of econony. as well aa mercy
to properly mate horses that have to worlc side
by si le through the sei)fe of bard wort dur
ing the spring and tuiiinicr.
Ail Artlrle of Troe Merit.- ""BVotrn's
Broncftinl Trocfirtf are the most popular article
in this country rr Karope for Throat INseases
and C'ciikIj?. and this popularity ia based upon
real menu ii onijr ih boxe.
J. II. FINR. Asstyrr and AaalytleaJ
ChcsnlMt.Labore.tory, tui rirst C Fortlaad.
Or. Anal) sea made of ail lubttucea.
Trt Oermka for breakfast.
Cheap roof gardens in New ork
are made by running- a latticed railing
around an ordinary tinned roof, covering-
the deck with common matting,
bordering the roof with plants and
vines and spreading over all an adjust
able awning. The house-top is recog
nized as an unequaled sanitarium, and
all New York dreams of hanging
The area of dry land of the world
is estimated at 55,000,000 square miles,
the area of the ocean 137,200,000 square
miles. The bulk of the dry land above
the level of the sea is 23,450,000 cubic
miles, and the volume of the waters of
the ocean is 823,800,000 cubic miles.
The mean height of the land is 2.250
feet. The mean depth of the whole
ocean is 12.480 feet.
Mistress "Bridget, where is that
picture of Psyche that belongs in tho
front parlor?" Bridget "Och, it's
mesilf, mum, that forgot to bring it
back. I was fijein' me hair fer church
this marnin', an1 I left it in me own
room." Time.
A most remarkable coincidence in
connection with a Berks County (Penn.)
. family, Shilling by name, is that both
parents were born on February 22,
their marriage took place on February
22, and all ot their six children (which
includes two sets of twins) were born
A wife must learn how to form her
husband's happiness; in what direction
the secret of his comfort lies; she must
not cherish his weaknesses by working
upon them, she must not rashly run
counter to his prejudices. Her motto
must be never to irritate. She must
study never to draw largely upon the
small stock of patience in man's na
ture; nor to increase his obstinacy by
trj-ing to drive him; never, if possible,
to have scenes. I doubt very much if
a real quarrel, even if made up, does
not loosen the bond between man and
wife, and some times, unless the affec
tion of both be very sincere, lastingly.
If irritation does occur, a woman must
expect to hear from most men even a
strength and vehemence of language
far more than the occasion requires.
Mild as well as stern men are prone to
this exaggeration of language; let not
a woman be tempted ever to say any
thing sarcastic or violent in retalia
tion. The bitterest repentance must
needs follow such an indulgence if she
do. Men frequently forget what they
have themselves said, but seldom what
Is uttered by their wives. They are
grateful, too, for forbearance in such
cases; for, whilst asserting most loudly
that they are right, they are often
conscious that they are wrong(!) Give
a little time, as the greatest boon you
can bestow, to the irritated feeling of
your husband. 2f. T. Ledger.
Species That Awakened to Renewed
After 'lnety-ve Weeks. -
The power of tho mosses to endure
repeated desiccation has recently been
experimentally treated by G. Schroder,
who obtained the interesting result
that many of these plants can not only
resist months of dryness without, any
harm, but also that they do not perish
even under the strongest desiccation
carried on in a drier with the aid of
sulphuric acid. Plants of Barbula
muralis, which were exposed for eight
een months in the drier, after a few
wettings resumed growth in all their
parts. Other species of Barbula be
haved similarly. A curious experi
ment was performed with Onwrnu
pulvinata, in which a stock which
had been cultivated for some
time in a moist atmosphere
under a bell glass was suddenly ex
posed to warm and perfectly dry cur
rent of s-ir. It became so ary in a snort
time, that it could be pulverized. Then
it lay in a drier for ninety -five weeks.
But the quickening moisture was still
competent to awake it to renewed life.
The most rapid drying which could be
performed in the laboratory could not
destroy the plant. It even shorred
greater power of resistance than would
correspond with its real necessities,
for so speedy and complete a drying
out as was effected in the experiments
never occurs in Matur. - The fact that
a property acquired by adaptation is
so plainly manifested in excess is some
times otherwise demonstrable, and is a
hard problem for the theory of selec
tion. Popular Science Monthly.
A recent issue of the I.os Angeles
Tribune says: Mr. Cawston, of the
Norwalk Ostrich Farm, sold yesterday
eighteen ostrich oluc!c3, hatched from
one trio of birds, for ?4;55. This sale
gives Mr. Cawston a return of over
1,000 from this trio of birds inside of
a year. The breeders wero imported
eighteen months ago. The cost of the
birds i3 nominal, as the birds graze
over three acres of alfalfa."
"The left foot, please," said a
shoe dealer, as a customer was about
to test the size of a pair of shoes by
trying one upon his right foot. "You
see," explained the dealer, "the left
foot is larger than the right. Every
body to whom I make that statement
is surprised, for people believe that in
case of the feet as well as the hands
lhe right is the larger. Observation
has convinced me, however, that while
i.he right hand is larger than the left,
'.ho left foot is larger than the right."
I- 1 -"
They were seated at tho supper
table and speaking about tho different
sorts of fruit; each one had a prefer
ence. Little Ruth, who was the last to
speak, said: "I like all kinds of fruit
but hash." Detroit Free Press.
Mrs. Guzzler "Will you be home
to dinner, dear?" Guzzler "No; im
portant business; down-town late."
Mrs. G. "What a pity! and we are go
ing to have such a nice rum omelet."
Guzzler "I'll be home." Town Top.
Gire horses clean. ulwtantiitl food, so pre-1
pared that you would be willing to taste it
yourseX J
at seeing her cUarm of face and form depart-
lii(f. and her h-lth imperiled by functional I
irrt-frtilaritii-s, at h-r critical period of life, waa j
turned to joy and gratitude after a brief self-!
treatment with lr. H-rcr s Fa write l'rescrip- j
tion. J'. purified arul enriched her blood, Kve i
a healthr activity to the kidtieyf. stomach.
bowels, and other organs, and her return to i
robust he ilth si-e di'.y followed, it is the r nly j
medicine for women, sold bf drusrisls. sm'-r a j
f:.xf rre ptarnn:.e from the manufacturers, that i
t will gice satisfaction in erery c-se, or tin ney I
will be refunded. Ibis iruaractee has ben
printed on the bottlo-wrapper, and faithfully j
carried out for many years. :
should take a great hammer because he
saw a flv on a friend's forehead.
.. . ., - i chemists grateful pule
Kestauraara on the Top Floora of Tali , .(e Jh AetlarirK AlAftK KS UKt
oirucinm in v itiefl.
In order to economize space, and get
the gre atest returns from the ground
occupied, there have been erected ;
down town in New York a number of
very tall structures. In these immense
buildings rooms nre set apart in the
upiHir stories for restaurants. The
cooking is all done in a kitchen situated j
on the very top story, and the cook j
instead of being itumured In an under-
ground basement, can look out of the
window upon the roof of the houses of
the greater part of the city. It is be
lieved that in all the tall houses where
families live,, it would be found bet er
to hare the cooking on top of the build
ing rather than down below, so as to
get rid of the odors which usually come
when food is being prepared in the
kitchen. In the Union League Club of
New York the cooking is done on the
top story for this reason. In all the
leading commercial and banking
houses of Nw York lunch is served at
midday in a room set ap irt for the
purpose, and the book-keepers, clerks
and other employes are not expected
to leave the building for their meals.
This practice dates from n
very sensiblo observation. of
Lady Burdett Coutts, now
Mr.. Bartlett She Is the richest wo
man in the wotld, and the owner of a
great private bank. She noticed that
when the clerks left for their midday
lunch, that sonic of them spent more
time out-doors than was necessary,
while others came back evidently undci
the influence of iiquor. So she induced
her business agents to provide a lunch
in the bank building. The experiment
proved so satisfactory that the Bank of
England made the same provision, and
since then the practice has been adopt
ed in most of tl:s large banking and"
mercantile houses of the woild. Of
course, it is not so much for the good
habits of their clerks and employes
that the managers of these institutions
care, but for tho more interested rea
son that they get ni're work out of
them, and ayjid possiblj errors, due to
the indulgence of their clerks and
bookkeepers in strong drinks. But the
practice 13 a good one, for eating devel
ops good fellowship the world over,
and directors, cashiers, clerks and of
fice bo3"s meet on an equality at the
lunch table, Christian at Work.
issued March and Sept-
i each year. It ia aa ency.
jelopedia of useful infor
mation for all who par
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. We
ean clothe you and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hant, work, go to church,
cr stay at home, and in various eiiea,
atyles and quantities. Just figure oat
what is required to do all these" things
CQMFORTASIY, and yon can makes fair
estimate of the value of the BUTTEBS'
GUIDE, which will be Bent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, HI.
If You Are Sick
With Headache, Neuralgia, Eh nmatiEm Dyspep
sia, Biliousness, Blood Humors, Kidney Disease,
Constipation, Female Troubles, Fever and Agar,
Sleeplessnesr, Partial Paralysis, or Nervous Prc
tration, use Maine's Celery Compound and be
cured. In each of these the cause is mental or
physical overwork, anxiety, exposure or malaria,
the effect of which Is to weaken the nervous sys
tem, resulting hi one of these diseases. Remove
the cacsk with that great Nerve Tonic, and the
BETCXT will disappear.
Paine's Celery Compound
Jas L. Bowes. Pprinsfield, Mess., writes:
Faille's Celery compound cannot be exf"t'lU-:. as
a Nerve 1 onic. In my case a siiple bot: le
wrought a great ehimse My nerv. .usness entirety
disappeared, and with it the rMUirinp affects n
of the stomach, heart and liver, and the whole
tone of the py.e:n won-lenu ly mvijjonitcd.
I tell my, if sick 1 have been, I'aine's
Celery Compound
Will Cure You!
fold by drujrrisrs. $1 ; six for 3 iTepsred oaly
by fftus, liiCHAiuisos j. Co., Burlington,- Vfc
Far the Aged. Rarvacs, Debilitated.
Warranted to color more gtxvls than any other
dyes ever made, and to give more brilliant aDd
durable colors. Ak for the litamoud, and take
no other.
A Coat Cchted
.nemo gci:cKiSU j CES1TS.
A Child can use them !
UnecMiafled for all Fs.-wry end Art Work.
At druspfets fjid 5IoT!har.ts. Irro Book free,
ttfci-e n-.,- - . - . f.-Bmrte. yt,
V it n rt I ! hH i',l i', I zj z 1 1 1 reiH
Iotlicle r I'otass.
It cures Rbstjiatis. Nr.raLOIl. Boils. Plmalea.
Bcrnfuts. Goat, tatsrrh. Tumors. 8s!t Bheam. mod
MurcurLd pain. It Pirinf-a the Blood, Besiore the
Lirersnd Ki.lws to heslthf actioo. and makes the
To reprove smr-U faults with undue 1 Tmr J"
vehemence is as nbsurd as If it man
R. CATES A CO., Proprietors
4 17 Kastaense Kt Man Francises.
ly.v ens.
. - v
The Bum of $100, which was de
posited in a Hartford bank in 1824, haa
grown to $'2,621, and tho person who
placed it there has been dead for sev
eral yearn, while the rightful heirs only
learned their good luck a fow weeks
More than three hundred Italian
laborers Bailed from New York for
home the other day, being- unable to
obtain employment. Two brigands,
who had been confined ever since their
arrival, were Bont back by tho same
Which are of rcfrnlsr or fir queue occurrence,
are nearly always caused by eme derange
ment of the digestive or-gnns, either temporary
or habitnal, like constipation. Nothing more
ttlicacieus than
Csn be found to regulate this derangement.
Hamburg Figs are prepared in lozenge form,
and are delightful to the tasf. it is not,
therefore, nee- ssary to take nnu com medi
cines when jou can obtain the compressed
pulp of fruits and vegetables which compose
Hamburg r'igs. Where once tried the Kiirs be
come a household remedy. Sold by druggiits
at 25 cenU a box.
For paralysis, and nervous disease gener
ally, Duiuara's Life Essence is the true remedy.
Hundreds of cases oi paralysis have been pre
vented by timely use of this lie-gMng emteuee.
A physician in Oregon writes: "i have pre
scribed the Ijfe Keence in several eases of
sexual debility, and am surprised at the results.
I thank ;on for placing such a remedy in ray
reach." fnce, fi.Su a bottle. All or umlaut,
all comparable to the CfTicrRA Kkmeimes
in their marvellous properties of cleansing,
purifying attd beautifying the skin and in
curing torturing, disllguring, itching, scaly and
pimuly diseases of the skiu. scalp and blood,
with loss of hair.
C'trricl'RA. the great Ektv II-ris, and CtTl
ctra fOiP an exquisite Skin B"autit)er, pre
pared from It, externally, an.l ClTicCHi ltlt
solvbvnt. the new Blood Purirler. internally,
cure every form of skin and blood disease, from
pimples to scrofula,
Boldeveryahere. Price: CrTicntA, 50c: Rb
bolvkst, $1;, 2.JC Prepared by the Pot-
TKR llRt'8 AVO I'HEMH'll Co., llofHON, MASS.
H-tiH for " How to Cure Pkin liiseeses."
fuiiplea. Ma ktiwtdx. i-happcd and oily tfa
tr kin nrevent-d by CVtici-ra Soap. Ji
liull Ache-, I'ttin and Wdtkiieases in
stantly relieved by the I't'TteVBA ANTI-
3st I'" 1'1-Ahtek. t!i t.nlj palo kUlti:f iJster. SSo.
' irsnrt jl
' f
SOl0 more Words and nearly 9000 more Illus
trations than any other American Kcrionary.
An Invaluable Companion
in evry School and at everv Fireside.
Sold by all Booksellers. Illustrated Pamphlet
sent free.
G. aC. MERRIAM a CO., rubra, Springfield, Mass.
mu. bo
133 and 134 Third
1'oi-tlaud. OrrKOH,
I tie on!y Trt nte
in P rtlauu or
p.-liprr i
the NrxtiiweAt tat,
fiillr tr itl toraUNl'KV
young or iild, aiiigle ur
lnarrlt'tl, such as
V4 ' V.-'rfl,-f LOST MANHOOD,
vTrfca f
IV (J TIMBKtt or
BTUUP3. Wilt pall
la 1H miAuiM.
-A- Ssa1'
UsiM K CtekB nCD Of 19 MTV tt ft srlrUU.
.. ,1 a,.au m It Ka Kmt ohiaina n rw a Us t tnill
f The crop n ft frw cr th flrat yf will pj ter tha Usvcbk.
It will ol HMt y Mml cri to smd ror an riioiitrmtc
ralAlociif, tidc price, terms and teUaMai&la. Adoran Ut
. JAMiS 9IL5E SOX, Scotch flreve, Iowa.
Cures Ctit. Soroa, Salt llh'um, B.i"s,
FitntiUa. Kclons. Skin Diseas a. and all
ftilinetit-i f rr which a salve is suitable. For
takh fr out soreness and healing it nets
like nmgir. as rents a box. at all druggist.
m r-
aJ?5-T Cf Ne,T,.u .lel.ilitr. sfmlnal.- ihil
'7t.J Zs Jt faiH nifiuory. I w
' r1ii3S'V WhilMIe e:rflwa effect
I ,55T-lfjJ ?. l -er" trout.... V.i. IZl
To H a rny. Samples worth $1.50, FREE.
Lines not unuer me norsesteeT. write hrfw
srra's a.rrrr Hrm HoLDsa Co."Holljr,M Ich.
ifc3SrSi Iib ittf-efc, stricture, etc.
j w
N. P N. U. No. 95: r. N. IT. N X9
A-y' A a si -I rrj
iS. X
aasa rsw.aBMassssaWMHMI
V M . !. j tr . VL
n a - r i : i m
r l i iir uii'
. V
It is im
formers. It is impor.
taat that tha Soda or
Balerstosyon ase should
fea Whits and Fare sama
as ail similar substance
aasdfbrtood. Tolnsore
obtaining only the "Ana
as Hammer brand Soda
er Saleratua. b-y ft to
poimd or ha!f ponad
eartoonavhica bearota
taame and trade-mark, as
taferior goods are eame
ttmeasiibatitated ftiti
"Arm k Hammer'- brand
rhea boogbt ia bulk.
Parties sains; Bakiiuf
Fovder should remen.
ber that its sola rising
"property consists ef b
carbonate of aoda. On
teaspoon fill of the 'ana
$t Hammer brand ot
odaor Salaratas mixed
vita sour milk equals
four teasp oon tola o f tha
beat Baking fowderaT
tn twenty times its
cost. beside being
taueh healthier, beeana
it does not eon tain mxty
injariooa sabetaBeea,
such as slum, terra alba,
etc. of which many BJt
tng Powders are made.
rrmen and Farmer,
should use only the" Ana..
k Hammer brand for
cleanreg and keeping;
Milk; fas Street ani
CAtmorc. See tnatr
very pound package of
Arm sad Hammer
Brand contains foil
1 enneea net, and th
S pound packages as
smisl 1. 1 set. Boda or .
Baleratss aama aa speein
Bed oaaach pactmga.
Packed in Card Board Boxes. Always keeps Soft.
Dwighps Cow-Brand SobaSaleratu
Be rare that there la a picture of a One oa year packmrs tal yo3 21 fcav
v beat Boda mada.
A singed cat dreads the fire. I p'ead guilty. I am selllnf? a "new-fangled" machine
I guarantee the Si ew- ane;led Adttaee Mepnratar to be tae best Krain-savina- fast
Thresher and most durable Separator ever mada. Bat, rraira-her. it is notau jJri
i, tal machine, as the Old fmy machine are. Yon are well aware of the me WtTrK.
satt-ii mi macnine, as ine r eay nutctunee are. Yon are well aware of the time kwt una
Tkreaker lead, the way. The rowlintr and kicking of the Old Vote? aarente isSnlvoualol
by the amount of (train kicked ont In the straw by the 4 Fary machinea" Of or7rLf '
wish a cheap machine. Old Fotriee wiU supply you at yonr own price; bnt their machines ari
dear at any price. 'ou cannot afford to buy a thresher without examimrur tha AIfVt
!o not be talked nto buyitur a machine because it is cheap and Oit 1'sivi.k At tiT .2T
-'ty eM if they will t btside the ew-faaleal machine and lft yu see whicb b th
exLritintal machine, and sold on its ,er.ta. 1 have never yet bad tocallon any conn tS
jhelp decide the merits of the new-fangled machine. Please exai..ine the court reoSrdVi.2
r.nre to tho Old roale" j.lHn. Many years atro a man bin 1 1 a e w -r i a iTd ni h
called a steam engine. Old I- aiclf- then, as now, stood back and said they would ratia
coantry. ou net want ta te i slued In the sane wi T.? "
Tangled machine is pavt aU experiment inc. whUe Old machinea are hpJrT 7Z
penmeniea wiin au uie ume. ana at y ear eipease.
your Brain is iroinK to at ante.
nrnemorr tae aew-raniira an ae nine la Mid
Uo not fool with them any longer, whit.
member, your whole dependence is upon yonr crop proceeds, and if you allow Old Voi'v ma
chines to waat yonr a rain, yon are just that much ont of pockot To rrevant this, ga
as they are constructed seas to save .your Brain, and have a hotter record than any oIUoct
machine U rite 'or further particulars. I am prepared to prove all my strmenia-k V 'ff.L
AJ) AVt K narhine will d isr ana setter work than any otker
1 ""rrhy rhalirnrr any nld rc" ateat n&Me A V .um
A.. K anavebine a failja t. d n rese.ted 7
n thin Ceaat, Hbaw n d or Khot n n. .umwiita
Kemember that old fory agents saying the contrary doe not make It so.
investiirate. I eaa Brave all 1 Mr.
I aUo sell the well known 1I1.EE WOODBIRY POKER. number of maun
facturers make them on a royalty but I do not know of any imitation, bnt art alwavsin
clinod to look out for those that talk of imitations. I also deal in Lanndrv and o
Machtnery Farm. Church and School Bella. General Machinery. Swift Oilers, Orme "f etr
V alves. Miller Pumps, Hancock In&pirators. Fark tc Kennedy lniewtora. Acme and i iiit,Z
Wrenches, Blacksmith UriUa Bolf-HeaUng Bath Tubs, the Veetoo Knei thn
:i?"".hJ. . afdtcot for
itllshta. uuik iw aiertrie a.ixhtias &
It will pay von to
Your -village cannot do without one. Ton must bare one for your milla. You cannot afford ta
be without a small one ia your house. f'oz particulars, addroea
Z. T. WR1CHT. Foat of Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon