The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, April 06, 1888, Image 4

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Aa Epitsie of the Principal Events Sow
AtSrajfeg P&LIie Interest
The steamer Cannonburgr, wrecked
at Nantucket, valued at $150,000, is a
total loss. .. -
The French government has de
clined to accept Italy's proposal for a
commercial treaty.
Willie Jack, aged 12 years, was ac
cidentally shot and killed at Butte,
Montane, by a playmate.
The C. B. & Q. R. R. paint shop
buildinsr at Aurora, Illinois, was de
stroyed by fire. Loss, f 200,000.
Ex-Lieutenant Governor Wm. Dor
fheimer, of New York, publisher of the
New York Star, died at Savannah,
Albert Murrish, a farmer living near
Kearney, Neb., shot his wife dead and I
fatally wounded Thomas Patterson,!
who was employed about the farm.
A terrible explesion occurred in a
coal mine at Rich Hill, Mo., imprison
ing thirty-five miners. Thoee not
killed outright were So badly injured
that they will die.
Tho statement of the Philadelphia A
Reading Railroad rnd Iron Compani s
for three months ending February 29,
18S8, compared with the same period
in 1S87, shows a decrease in gross
earnings of f 2,222,140.
E. F. Willman, formerly local editor
of the Leadville Herald, and at one
time connected with the Denver Time,
suicided at Salt Lake City. He left
a note stating that he was tired of life.
He was thirty years of age.
The British ship Dolbadern Castle
has arrived in San Francisco, 143 days
from Swansea. On the trip out ihe
vessel lost her third mate. He fell
from the main-topmast rigging, and
striking on his head was killed.
Twenty-five convicts mutinied at
theJBirniingham, Ala., prison. Officers
, attempted to suppress them and two
of the negro convicts were killed. The
Coroner's jury returned a verdict that
the shooting was done in the perform
ance of ihe pnson omcers duty.
Capt. Charles R. Barnett has been
relieved from duty at Los Angeles and
ordered to Baltimore, Md.t relieving
Mai. Gilbert C. Smith, who has been
ordered to Helena, Mont., to relieve
Capt. Charles Bird. The latter has
been ordered to Washington, D. C.
A dispatch from Gila Bend, Arizona
says that one of the Mexicans who
assassinated Supt. Gribble, of the
Vulture mine, and two companions
was shot and killed while resisting ar
rest at the Gila River Irrigation Com
pany's camp. The 47,000 bar of
bullion was recovered.
A mob of women in Constantinople
sought to obtain arrears of pensions
due their husbands trom the govern
ment, and besieged the office of the
Minister of Finance. The minister
was secreted to escape the fury of the
wtrtVh TfiA ivt.K lrt 1 1-Ja"l aa mr-vwv wh -
was sSvising them to make their de
mands quietly.
1 he lumperor ot uermany receives
daily reports concerninz the floods.
The damages are estimated at 50,
000,000. The towns of Betzenbure
Domitz and Damenbursr are still
flooded. Twenty-nine lives have been
lost and 10,000 head of cattle hive
perished. Thiity thousand people are
homeless on account of the flood.
Denver had a grand six-days cele
bration on the opening of the Pan
handle route. It is estimated that
75,000 people witnessed the parade.
T. he streets were a wilderness of flag?
bunting and banners, while the pave
ments for miles were one mass of
i"smariity, so closely packed that all
travel had to be suspended for several
M. DeLesseps writes to the financial
correspondents' rf the Panama Canal
Company that 108,236 new obligations
have been subscribed for placing 50,
Oj0,009 francs in the hands of the
company. He regards this as satis
factory ; but authorizes correspondents
to continue to receive subscriptions.
He hoped that the government would
now authorize a lottery.
A severe explosion was felt through
out Westchester county, New York.
a-v -i -a
uoors ana windows in nouses were
rattled, and people thought they had
experienced a shock of earthquake.
A large quantity of powder exploded
in the Styckney powder works, near
Ashford. At the spot where the mille
stood there is a hole big enough to
bury a house. Two workmen were
blown to atoms. They were the only
men in or near the works.
The French court of appeals haE
reversed the decision of the lower
court in the case of M. Wilson, who
wascharged with complicity in the
-t!oration scandals, and acquits Wil
son of the charges against him. His
comrades in the same case were also
acquitted. The judgment of the court
severely condemns acts imputed to
Wilson and others, but declares that
existing laws do not apply to the of
fenses charged against them.
A terrible wind storm struck the
little town of Ninaescah, Mo. It de
stroyed everything in its path, leaving
only three houses standing in the
whole place. Two churches, five
stores and fifteen dwelling houses
were absolutely torn to pieces, and the
Hying timbers caused the death o!
three and the maiming of seventeen
citizens. The dead are Mrs. J. C
VTilliams, her infant and Georee Har-
desty. Those jmcet severely hurt are
J amey-TlKiam8,ttoth legs broken and
severely bruised, and will probably die.
Charles Gordon, injured in the back,
it is supposed fatally.
With the exception of the mouth,
man's anatomy ceases to grow at about
the age of twenty.
An English land owner is so op
posed to poaching that he will not eat
a poached egg. N. O. Picayune.
-De Smith "Well, Travis, how are
you?" Travis "Oh, Tm robust. How
are you?" De Smith "Plain bust"
Burlington Free Press.
Kentucky has a rooster with three
throats, and every time a Kentackian
tikes his Bourbon he wishes he was
that rooster. Fort Worth Tex.) Qa
zette. Customer (in the restaurant)
"The last time I was here, waiter, I
found a hair in my soup. Are you sure
this is all right?" Waiter (confident
ially) "Yes, sah; I dona took 'em all
The time for a man to exercise his
will-power is when he finds himself
likely to go down on the icy pavement
If it can hold him up it is a success
and should be encouraged. Detroit
Free Press.
Devoted Principally to 'WashingtoD'
Territory and California.
Palouse, W. T., has incorporated.
Rufus Ford shot and killed himself
at Silver City, Nevada.
A Christian Church Society has been
organized at Colfax, W. T.
About 3,000 tons of wheat are stored
in the Colton, W. T., warehouse.
A large barn, its contents and nine
horses, burned at Vacaville, Cal. Loss
A rabbit drive near Selma, Cal , re
sulted in the slaughter of 12,230
The Booth-Barrett engagement of
three weeks realized f 68,000 at Sau
The east bound train was detained
at Stampede, W. T., about four hours
by a landslide.
T. J. Abbott, aged 55 years, a rest
dent of SantA An, Cal., was thrown
horn his buggy and killed.
A Mexican attempted to steal a ride
on a freight train at Beaumont, Cal.,
and was run over and killed.
David Wilcox, of New York, has
been appointed Receiver of Public
Moneys at Walla Walla, W. T.
L. B. Cornell, of New York, has
been appointed Receiver of Publi
Moneys at Spokane Falls, W. T.
H. W. McNair, about 50 years old
committed suicide at a hotel in Ta
coma, W. T., by taking morphine.
Twenty-five logging camps and
seven canneries will be in operation
in Pacific county, W . T., this season
Efforts are being made to secure the
funds necessary to brush up the col
lege at Colfax, W. T., for use thi
Samuel Stewart, a well known resi
dent of Colton, W. T., committed
suicide near that town by drowning
himself in the lake.
A young man about 24 years old
named Joseph Greer, committed sui
cide at Snohomish, W. T., by shooting
himself in the head.
The list of salmon canneries on this
coast now number 103, a considerable
increase over the number Lu-t year
when 997,000 cases were packed.
The town ol Blacks Cal., was par
tially burned. Ihe charred remains
of a man were found in the debiis.
The origin of the fire is not known.
In a saloon row at San Bernardino,
Cal., Henry Wilson and Oliver Grif
fith were f.itally shot. Officer Codoria
and a Mexican were also badly hurt.
Julius Shocken, a stranger in Spo
kane Falls, W. T., died rather suddenly
fion a knife wound accidentally in
flitted whi'e in a state of intoxication
! v hue a gang ot Chinamen were
working in a large gravel bank near
Los Olives, Cal., the bank gave way
killing two and breaking the ! g ol
In the superior court at Sacramento,
Cal , Qeorge A. Turley and Frank
Abbott were sentenced to three years
each at Folsom for voting illegally at
a recent city election.
The roundhouse at Stampede, W.T
with two engines, were burned. Th
ironwork will be taken to Tacoma fo
repairs. Only one man was present
when the tire started, and he could do
The ship J. D. Walker reports that
daring a gale on her tr'p from Seattle
to ban i rancisco, she lost two men
overboard namtd Denis Nagle ami
Thomas Kane. The men were swept
from the jibboom.
At Chico, Cal., a 2 yoar-old child of
Wm. Mare was drowned m a wash
boiler containing three inches of water.
The mother left the clri i for a few
moments, placing her near the boiler,
and when ehe returned she found her
According to the report of the com
missioner of navigation, the tonnage
of the Pacific Coast, on June 30. 1887
was as follows : State of California
Number of vessels, 864 ; tonnage, 254,-
oaz. Oregon Vessels, 18a; tonnage
52.62L Wac-hington Territory Ves
sels, 16a ; tonnage, 49,460. Alaska
Vc-Btels, 19; tonntge, 630. Total
number of vessels, 1,236 : total ton
nage, 357,445.
Con'racts were signed by pirties in
Fresno, Cal., and a man has gone to
.North Carolina to ship to that county
300 negro families. Most of these will
replace Chinese in the orchards and
vineyards. It is said that the women
and children in vineyards do better
than chinamen, while the men in the
sweat aod drying bouses learn the
business of curing raisins much better
and faster than the Chinese.
ira nummei, iormeriy a waiter in
a restaurant at Seattle, W. T., shot
an! dangerously wouudHi John Mi
chielson, a laborer. The two ha-l
been drinking hevily, and Humme
took Michaelson out on the street t
show him some real estate which hi
owned, and to buy which Michnelson
had previously said he had rufli -ieni
money. It was evidently to obtain
this that Hummel shot his companion
The weunded man was taken to the
Dr. J. B. Z mgerle, of Virginia Citv
Nov., was arretted for concealing seven
'ases of smallpox. The President of
the Board of Health discovered th.
cases. Z mgerle violated an ordinance
which requires physicians to renori
all caes of contagious disra e to the
Board of Health. The ordinance lm
poses a fine of $500 and imprisonment
tor sixtv days for a violation of it
provisions. It is probable that the
extreme penalty will be imposed in
Zangerle's case as the diecovtry of the
concealed cases has caused a general
sentiment of intense indignation.
.During mid-summer In .Northern
Alaska, according to an Arctic travel-
sr, the sun shine twenty -two hours out
of the twenty-four, and on high moun
tain peaks for a. period f several days
in June it is not entirely out of sight
during the twenty-four hours. In Julv
and August the weather becomes very
warm. After this time the dajs grsd-
nally shorten until the sun shines but
four hours out of the twenty-four, but
at this period the aurora is exceedingly
intense and helps materially in dispeu
injf the it"'tnpw.
m a.
The Calcutta Englishman calls at
tention to a remarkable decline in the
popularity of the great Rath Jattra or
Car Festival, at the Juggernaut Tem
ple in Orissa. The religions enthusi
asm of the crowd is said ta be also dis
appearing. There is no longer a wild
rash for the car, in which the idol i
dragged from the temple to a country
house and back again, and on several
occasions it has been necessary to hire
coolies to perform the work.
It is said that Tennyson has been
known to rewrite a poem twenty time
before he was satisfied with lu
Devoted to
Interests of
Car of I'oultry.
if the hens can be furnished with a
8'ifH -ient variety of food, and especially
with green food, and the hen-houses
are ry and waim, they will do bettei
f con u nod in them all the time, from
the day the ground Is first covt red
wiih snow until the woaihr becomes
warm in the spring, than if shut up a
few cold or stormy days and their given
their liberty a few davs. Of course
they require more care in feeding, and
in having roosts, nests and wallowing
places kept clean, when confined, than
if out of doors, but the increased num
ber of rggs should pay for keeping.
A feed of cabbage once a week will be
good for t hem ; raw beets or turnips
cut in two and thrown in for them to
pick at are slso good. The leaves and
stalks which may be obtained from
market gardeners who are trimming
celery for market are excellent. Fuwls
also need meat ar fish in some form
n ar'y every day through the winter.
unve a wariu uicrsp eycrj iiiuiuiijk kiiu
whole gr.iin at night. With fresh eggs
selling at nearly a half-dollar a dozen,
it will pay to take some pains with the
What Fruit (irowin Should Know.
1. He should be acquainted with
all of the more common insects that
occur in his vicinity, their names (not
necessarily the scientific onet-), their
injuries and their habits.
2. lie should be able to detect new
insect pests, so that he could promptly
t-ubuiit them for scientific study.
3. He should be able to di tingui h
between insect foes and insect friends,
so that in fighting the former he will
not destroy the lat'.er. .
4. He should be able to refer them
to each e ne of the several orders to
wh'ch they may belong, so that he can
speak or write of them understand
ingly, without grouping them all
under the name of '"bugs."
5. He should know the manner of
insect feeding, whether by means of
biting jaws or with a proboscis, sn as
to be able to employ the proier class
of msect lcules.
6. He should experiment villi such
remedies and preventives as his own
obseivation and experience sugegsta.
There are about 5,000,000 farms in
the United State, of which 1,500,000
are worked under lease or on shares.
By running a smooth harrow ovi r
the wheat-field the young plants will
be greatly benefited. The harrow will
not injure the wheat, but will assist in
c verinir gra.-s seed that may have
been sown early in the year.
Do not omit the warm wa'er for
cows because of moderation in the
weather. So long as the water shall
!e etild and the weather changeable, it
t-hould be slighilv warm, and the it yield of milk will be m.untaiued
Anv of the potash salts may be ued
with advantage on all fruit crops. In
the early spring is the best time to
apply thi-m. If 200 pornds of super
phosphate be applied at the same time
its effects will be very marked at th
Cut potatoes to two eyes'. If thev
be dtsirtd early, for home use, thin
out the plants to a tingle one in the
hill. This will give earlier, larger and
more uniform potatoes, but the yield
will not be as large as when two plants
are left to the hill.
A change in food will be relished by
the sheep just as well as by any am
mal on the farm. Mature is a pretty
sure guide in such matters. There
may be and is a choice of foods among
thoe that sheep will eat with a rvlis-h
but it is a mistake to feed what the
do not relish.
There are many new varieties of
vegetables offered in the catalogu s for
loots, and some of them are probably
valuable acquisitions, but it is best t
experiment with new varieties the firt
year of their exi-teace, as it is not
always advisaWe to discard an old and
tried variety for a newer kind.
The best rule is to keep farm tools
housed when not in use. The wastage
by exposure of costly implements each
year is enormous, and it is responsibl
for considerable of the herd times that
some farmers complain of. No nutter
how soon tools are rusted out," tin
farmer cannot escape paying for them
Work in the garden is alwavs well
bestowed. If the value of the veee
tables grown be not equal to the 1 ibor
applied, the advantage of having fretdi
vegetables and of a superior qu Uit
win more than compensate for the cost.
V ery often the Libor given p ys foi
itself in promoting health and impart
ing enjoyment.
ine conamon ot hoilow-liorn it
simply a symptom of disease, an 1 in
stead of directing medical attention to
the horn the practitioner should make
haste to look m other directions fo.
the ditease; for the very fact that th
horns are insuffio ently supplitjd wi h
hl,od is proof that the e is too much
blood somewhere else, aud hence a
state of congestion.
anyone wun a little pructice can
leara to graft. If pwple would only
study the principles involved in th
opt ration we should hear less of ' bad
luck" in grafting. One of the mi,
elements of success consists in haviop
b-th scion and stock in the protiei
condition. To euie this, scion
8hould be cut early, befce the saj
begins to work. They must then b
packed in some soft material, such a-
sand sawdust or mofs, aud placed in k
cool temperature. Some prefer will
ing in the spring until the buds on the
stock commence swelling, while otheis
pertorm the operation very early, but
in both eases the scion will unite if
carefully prepared ard thorough!, frr-m ib air.
When you a boy and girl at a
cane grinding dip hot syrup with a
piece of cane peeling and each taking
turns licking it, you may Infer that
their fate is sealed, or ought to be.
Fort Gaines Advertiser.
Church choirs in Wales go up into
the mountains to practice. Thero is
less danger then of the front end of
the syllables striking aguinat some
obstacles and breaking the teeth of the
singers. Buffalo Express.
In Central aim Northern Dakota
crops of all kinds the pust year have
turned off a surprisiiig!y large yield
even fur that productive country.
Hundreds of instances carf be cited
where the year's crop of wheat will
pay for dwelling, barn, teams, farming
utensils, and still leave a comfortable
little stake for future needs. All of the
best tilled farms have made a cross re
turn of twenty-one dollars per acre. It
is the general rule that the cost of rai9-
inr a crop in Dakota is eirht dollars
per acre. This leaves a net revenue of
thirteen dollars per acre on five dollar
land, or two hundred and sixty per
cent profit. ,
Legislation Pertaining to the Interest
of the Pacific Coast
Teller introduced the following
amendment to the bill to forfeit cer
tain railroad land grants : "That in
.til cases where any of the lands for
feited by this act have been sold by
the United States for cat-h, or entered
by homestead or pre-emption settlers,
or selected by any state as part of the
grant to such state in aid of any pub
lic work which has been fully com
ph ted, the right of all persons so hold
ing lands shall be confirmed."
t arren s bill to prohibit selling or
giving away cigars, cigarettes or to-
hacco to minors was passed without
dii-aeut. The Senale has been deluged
with petitions from the 1 Women's
Cbrii-tian Temperance Union, and the
like, urging the passage of the bill
Under the bill it will be a misde
meanor for a f ither to give hiB son
under 21 years of age a cigar.
Mitchell introduced a resolution in
the Senate directing the Committee
on Territories to inquire into the valid
ity of the act of the Legislative As
8emMy of Washington Territory
providing that the next session of the
legislative assembly of that Terntorv
shall begin on the second Monday if
January, lSS'J.
The Senate passed a bill permitiing
the construction of a bridge ovet the
Columbia river above Vancouver.
Dolph offered a resolution, which
was adopted, calling on the Secretary
t f the Treasury for information as to
the nesessity fur fortifications iu Pugel
Sound, and as to the practicab lity of
foitiy ing the entrance to the Sound.
A bill reported in ths Senate to per
fect the quarantine service provides
for the following additional quarantine
stations : At San Diego. Cat., f ao.oOO
San Francisco, f 103,000: Port Town
send, W. T., 155,000.
The river and harbor, bill haa been
completed by the committte. The
appropriations for rivers and harbors
on the Pacific Coast are :
California Humboldt, f 150,000
Oakland, $175,000; Wilmington, 90,
000; Yauuina Bav, $120,000; San
Joaquin, 25,000 ; Kvdwood, $74,000
Moke! n rune, $2,000; San Luis, $25,-
000; Sacramento and Feather river
$20,000; San Diego, $10,000; Naps
iVtaluma, fZUUU; deep sea
mooring? $150 WW.
Oregon Cquille river, $20,000
Coa bay, $50,000; Cascades, $175,
000; Upier Columbia, $10,000; mouth
of the Columbia, $350,000; L iwer
Willamette, $80,000; Upper Wilam
ette, $13,000; Ccquille. between Co
quille and Myrtle Point, 2.000; eaue
ing the water of the Columbia, $2,500.
W ashing ton Chehalis nver,$2,000
Uowiitx river, f2,oUU; bkagit river
$15 0 JO.
The bill makes an appropriation of
$19,432,783 and is the largest bill of
the kind eer brought in.
The Mississippi river from Minne
ota to the Gulf of Mexicoreceive s $3
383,000; St. MaryV river, $1,500,000
Missouri river, $62a,000.
A bill to amend the naturalixation
law to as to require would-be-citin
to make oath that they are not polyga
mic, anarchists or communists was
introduced by Stewart.
The House adopted a resolution of
the committee on eh c lions, in the case
tf Post against Worthington, Tenth
Illinois district, confirming the right
of Post, the silting member.
Fancy roll, f lb
Inferior gT&de
Pi. kled
California roll
do pickled
Eastern, full cream
Bregon. do
Eoes Fresh
Dried Fruits
Ippies, qra, ska and bxs...
do California ........
Apricota, lie w crop
Peaches unpeeled. new ...
Peara, machine dried. .....
Pitted cherries
Pitted plums, Oregon
Figa, Cal., in bgs and bxs..
Cal. Prune, French
Orefjon prune
Fioca -Portland
Pat. Roller, rbbt $
Salem do do
White Lily 9 bbl
20 O 23
26 0 80
i8 35
18 20
14 0 16
63 6
18 ft 28
12440 14
8 (4 10
to n
Country brand 3 60 8)
Superfine 2 tu
Wheat, Valley, V 100 lbs... 1 22
do Walla Walla 1 15 &
Barley, whole, f ctl
do grout d, ton 20 nn $23 00
Oata, choice milling If bush 47 50
do feed.irood tocholce.old 46 .a 47
tire, 100 lbs 1 lrj 1 23
Bran, ton 16 00 (a 17 00
Short. ton 18 00 10 Oil
Hay, r ton, baled (18 00
:;hop. V too. ?3 (X) ii 00
il cake meal tfton. ....... 32 00 (c 83 Ot
Frkh Fruits -
Vpple, Oreifon, t box 1
Jherriea, Oregon, tfdnn...
Unions California, tfbx.. 4
Limes. 100
2" ft
00 ft
1 F0
iiveride orannes. V box. . .
uo Angeles, lo do ... ft
Peaches, " box g
iry, over 16 ttvs, if ft 11
vVet salted, over : 5 lb $
Vlurrain bide 7 (4
!,elt 10 3
Jabbage. t? lb
Carrots. V sack ft
Cauliflower, a dos
Jnions ft
Potatoes new. If 100 lbs . .
w ool.
East Oregon. Spring clip.. 14 9i
ValleT Oretron. rtn .. 18 ft
The Presbyterian mm is-1 erg of Titta-
imrglt have adopted a resolution de
clining their disapprobation of Sunday
newspaper, i ne resolution calls ui-
on all lovers of law and order and of a
religious Sabbath to withdraw their
patronage from papers that publish
Sunday editions.
I suffered for years from catarrh till it destroyed
my apuetite and weakened my r-ystem. No reme
dies gave me relief till I commenced using Joy's
Sirnaparilla. I began taking it last spring, and am
now entirely f re from tavt dlagtutlcg disease.
Moba-ve, Cul
For several veare I suffered from Dyspepsia and
Kidney Complaint, the lstter being so aevere at
tlrnt a that I could acarcely attend to my work.
&!y appetite was poor and 1 wm much emaciated.
bv.x tiironn tte free dm or joy's Vegetable Barsa-
artl la my appetite and digestion Improved nil my
tealto. was perfectly restored. " L
Bedding, Cal.
Ask for Joy's Vegetable Sarsaparlllau
Unlike meat so called blood rnriflera it doea not
employ mercuriiila or other dangeroiia minerals,
but is a compound of powerful extracts and con
centrated juices of vegetable alteratives indige
nous to California. It is a fwrtunate combination
of tha very finest blood purifier, liver and kidney
remedy and slomsch regulator in axlstenc. Pre
pared only by the Edwin W. Jot Co.. Ban Fran
cisco. For sals by all druggists. Price (1.00 pal
betUa ; M for $5.00. .
A Missouri man mi v that Trm nw.ntiv wnnt
into the WOOda tiai'llterf I hlnrk rlr,.. li.
end of Ion, and when he went back to th log
an hour later he found three hundred di'ad rub-
on mere, me annuals having mistaken the
circle for a hole in the loir, and duelled them
solves to death against iu
11 Y
HI ;o.
Is not a more tenacious monster than mnlnrla.
whether it takea tha farm f ..,,lu a.,a r..i
bilious remltiant, ague cake or dumb uo.
li ke the octopus of the etory It clanps the vic
tim iu iu tentaoulie, and f-l is him cl.mer and
cioner in a horrible embraco. Attacked with
liw tetter's Stomach Bittern, however, it grad
ually relates its tremenrimm trrin nnullv yimi.
done l, and the quondam mitl'erer. iibcraU d at
last, reloii es in the semte of new born freedom,
enKemiercd by the restoration of complete
health, llvnp -psia. too, and const i put ion. tho-e
old and remorselcsi enemien of the human fam
ily. Rive ground, and are finally diivin from
the Held by this Napoleon of remedies, the
greatest, the pureat in the family phnrmai-o
IKKia. nneumutlsm succumbs to it, so do kid
ney troubles. The nerves, when overstrnlned,
retrain Quietude and viiror bv its ni.l and the
ability to rent tranquilly and eat with zest are
increawa oy it. iio t to It In Unio and avoid
unnecessary guttering.
Fire, always burn brighter and throws out
more heat j ust before a storm, and la hotter
aurtng- a storni.
A richlv fronted oul verifier flvlno- Dove
A Dream of Life screen calendar. An lm-
ported ideal head. An imported f onteil
now scene and a full set of macuificent
floral cards. F- nrteen artistic piece.
Sent to anyone who will buy f om a drtm-
trist a nox or the genuine Hit V. M I.ank s
Celebrated I.ivkr Fills (price 3 cts )
ana mail u the outside wrapper from the
box with 4 cents in stamp. Write votir
address plainly. Fleming Bkos.. Pitts
BL KUli, fA.
The average Mexican liherallv stiDnorts hi
family on tea cents per diem, inveatej in corn
ana Deans.
ill MBi t;.
Banram said: "The American Pwinle like to
do nuni misfired. 1 ' I mav oe true In tl.e line
or entertainment, nut not where life in at stake.
A man with consumption, or anv liiizerine dia-
eaius. looking Ik-ath in the fxee and m-ekinx to
evade tils aw cul irraxn. do s not like to be trilled
with. So with confluence we nlace before our
readers Nature's great remed , Jr. Pierce's
(iolden Medical licovery, a sure relief for that
loos; train of diseases resulting from Impure
iiiinmi, men an iinsiimn ion. iironic .a-ni
Catarrh. Liver lniiilaint, Klln-y J i -outer.
DyspeiMla. Kick Headache. Scrofula and t.en-
erl I ability. Time-tried and thoroughly tested
it aiauaa without an equal. Any draggist.
The output of TMttaSurgs glasa industry
valued at fl0.000.uu a year.
Hrett'a Fmalxlen of Po-e Cod Liver Oil
with Hj pophosphitce is tin. quKe ( The ra
pidity wiin which children gain flesh and
strength upon it is v ry wonderful. Itead the
following: "I have u.-d Scott s Emulsion in
caws of Pickets nd Marasmus of long stand
ing, and have been more than pl.-ojwd with the
reaulta. aa iu every cane the improvement waa
marked.- J. M. Mais. M. J.. New York.
rtCHIHe HLF.8.
BrwrroM--MoUtttrv; Interse Itching and itlnrfne.
nsoat at fight; wotae by searching. If allowed to con
tinue tumors form, which ofu-u bleed aud elcetat.
beeotnins very aore. 8Tr Oitmsnv at. pa lb
Itching and bhduig. beala u'ccrMlion. and in m.uj
caaea nmovea the tumoia ltiaetiuatv atUcaclous in
coring all HMD IHuum PR. 8WAVNK SON.
proprietors. I'ni a.l. Ijihia. fctsrn (UNtvrTr on
be abtalned of drufgUu. Sen. by mall fur SO Onta.
Indlin meal should te purchased in sma'l
quantities and kept well covered.
is the way a Western man put it tn exprpVng
to a friend hi complete auifac!ion in the ue
of Dr. Pierce Plcaoant Purgative IMlets. So
rmall and yet s- effectual, they bid fair to Mip
plant entirely the old ! j le Dill- An
remedy for ick and Hilious Ilea! ac he. Hilioa-t-
neKS. ontiuation and all hlnod diwrdera.
Mild in action, wonderful in effect! Put up in
vials, conveaient tn carry. Their a ettend.-d
with no discomfort! Theae sterling merits ac-
9 .it d:saolred tn alcohol will remove grease
spots from cloth.
A. M. Chisholm, ot No. STi.t Stcddart
Street, St. Louis, Mo. writes:
"Durinn; my long reaidence In Canada I
suffertd for j an from aevere pains Iu my
back, across the region of the kidneys, and
by the constan' use of ALl.rocK's
Tf?t invariably obtained trreat relief.
Upon removing; o St. Louis. 1 was again
troubled with the same complaint, and
waa advised to use Magnetic and other
kiuds of plasters, without bettiir reliever!
of pain, o fell back to my old friend ALL
ctM-R. w ho frtvea. me more relief than any
other I have ever tHed. 1 alwavs recom
mend them to my friends aud all who suf
fer from pains and aches of any kind.
Have you tried Hobbs Little Vetretable PilW
it not. do so at once, and you will ever after
auunu Liie.i r prainc
Piso's Cure for Consumption is the best Congh
Medicine. If you don't believe it, take a doae.
By dtuggista, 2oc. a bottle.
See Anti Piano advertisement.
Try Gkkmka for breakfast.
Camellins Improves and piinin tha eomplexina.
Skir &Scalp
all comparable to the Ci-ticura Kkmkdirf
in their marvellous properties of cleansing,
nurifyinar and beautlfvinar the akin and le
coring torturing, disfiguring, itching, scaly and
puiipii uisnunoi uieaaio. scaup ana blood.
witn ioea or nair.
CUTict-KA. the great SKtw Curb, and Cm
vvica oar- an exquisite e-aio Mean! 1 tier, nre-
pareo rrom it, externally, and I'lTlrmt Pis-
BoLVEtT. the new Hlood Purirter. iiitxrnallr
cure every form of skin and blood disease, fruni
punpiea iu m:roiuia.
eoia every wnera. price: ( rnemt. 50o: Re
solvent, $1; Soap, 15c lYepared by the Pot
rrR liRi-e ajro Chemical Co.. Hostos. Mass
fend for " How to Ctim Skin diseases."
Pimples, bla- klieada chaimed
nil oily
skin prevent.-d by CfTlifB.t Soap.
Soap. &
Hull Ache. Pains and Weaknesses in-
f a sranuy relieved by the CPTii-ra A.nti-
aaaa rAis rusTta, tne only paui-killuig piaster. 25c
Catarrh is a dli- aaa. a
ease ot the mii'nin a f I f m f n
membnoe geiera ly
originating iu the nu
sal pasagesand main
tainiug its strong
hold in the head.
T Cliorr- COU?
From this point it
sends forth a poison
ous virus into the
stomachand through
the digestive organ.
corrupt ng the blood
nd producing other
troubles o m e and
dangerous symp
m . ai S "M -1 " spmss . J
Try tne uure HAY-FEVER
A particle Is applied Into wact) nnntrll and la a
Price 5t eta at tlruuiiw ' hj mail, rrfiU!
35 Oreenwlch kt. lSetr Ynrfct
It. 11VL,T
a c rin ion Himur roa
And all Throat and Luna Troubles.
Hold by all Itruaalnta rr SO Centa.
J. R. CATES & CO.,
417Nanaome Nt MAX I'ltAM IHCO
Is Frobablr Dr. Xaaae Thompson's U
This artl -le Is a earehdlv nrananut nhnkiu'i
scriptlon, and haa been In eonatant naa for narl .
CdDtury. aud notwithatanding the many other prt para-
uona uu save been lutnxliioed into the niark t, vb.
aiUe of this article Is natuntly increasuu. If tlie di
r ctloas are followed It will never fau. We partlcu
larlv Invite the attention of nhvmiclnn tn Ita
John L. Thompson, Boas &Co.. TKoY. N. Y.
on the Pacific Const for Kimhnll'a l.lnoM
Glue. Needed in every fsm ly. 554 Valencia 8t..8.F .Cat
a-w 1 ha areat Tame, lilood Piirihar. AniMtiv. md l.iv.r
lavlforator. iiaau.a aubda by J . . Allau, aa. raui, aliaa.
There are five plats-glass factories la this
Rhe scolds and frets.
She's full of pets.
She's rarely kind and tender;
The thorn of life
Is a frutful wife
I wonder w hat w ill mend bert
Try Dr. IMerce's Favorite Preacrioiion. Ten
to one, your wife is croaa and fretful because
she Is Hick and siitTering, and cannot control ber
nervoimneaa wnen Uiik go wrong. Alake a
healthy woman of her and 'he chance are you
will make a cheerful and nlenaant one. "Itt.
orite Prescription" is the only remedy for
woman s pcmiiar alltuenta. sold by nruKglsta,
under a punitive guarantee from the manufac
turers, that it will give satisfaction in every
case, or money will be refunded. Hee guaran
tee on nottie wrapper. Large botUes, SI. bU
for fX
Ohio has now over twenty-one thousand coal
Throat III -eaea commence with a Coiia-b.
Cold or Hore Throat. 'Itrmen't Bronchial Tro
chrn" give immediate relief. Sold onlu in bojtct.
Price 25 eta.
To the Editor :
Please inform your reader that I have a poa
iUve remedy for the above named disease. By
ita Umely une thousands of hop leas caaaa have
bt-en permanently cured. I shall be triad to
send two botUoe of my remedy run to any of
your reaaen w no nave consuinpuon u tney will
sena me tnctr r.x press ana l . o. aaareea.
T. A. 8 LOCUM. Af. U- 181 Peart St, New Torn
WakeleeV Squirrel ai;d Gopher Exterminator.
Try IU and prove the beat ia the cheap at.
aaeiee sc i o.. Ban r rancisco.
Ttai wnnrAnr irrrei Bravii in mtltkioa of tumwa for
m.vr thti sl iritvrtr ctf m. a-spntllT-V. It ia lifted fa Xhm
the ir-vt Unveraiiia a tb Stroort, Fortwa axwl nmt
lim!thlal. Vt rrict CTeam i5vkiD rowaer ao iwf
M plain Amnianf s Linw or A 'am. is:a out j is cautft.
ma TOftic cuicaoo. rr. tocti
rn FLKxO!4 artahlnc to enrage in a tight.
JL ptea&aDt, and. t-rttapsv prooia4o a&iavaemrat
can lemm Um art of Cati MakinaC at borne, mnd whit
fii .g an'i!Defjt to their friends ax.d dia-
our whether tiwy biti a Uute f? tbe vork at chub
man th-r nuk ft fair i:t cr profit f om rery
anuil tnr-!stra-siV Kcacipta. aad ruJI iaatractioiia ia ie-
ia..L aulicn-ut tat an-srai Leaona for tbo
taJv tvimpla Tariv-tie, and amply mr!Wa-nt fr ham
'UiaMytw-fac, aent for on douax. Ttwia rw ce w-ry tn xj
b f-uud in mny Ltc:xn. AUarc. ucu. at. ftva
LlVAU 123 Kl.ta titrt Iran Kranciaco.
Northern Pacific Railroad
From Portland to the East
a?n .aaawaa
No Change of Cars of ley (lass.
No Other Line Rons Palace Oining Cars
Are Ran on all Thronarh Trains, Day
and Ni-bt. Without Change
and Free of Charre.
Via the Ndrtkerm Pacific Railsqjul
Depot Ticket Ofllce, ror. First and (J sU
Assistant General Fa-aeitger Agent,
Northern P. eiBe R- R.,
No. 8 VV AJ-htngtoo sc. Po Uand. Or
3 1 wnMtamcaacaryjs,aaar 11 1 1
ftV 'ftiwf, at will aaail affc a caa taut, aWaU3
sataaaafl raa. ft. &, I.cBamacai t Co 1tsa A. i
The best PIANO cm eartn,
Mainee Bra. 'a PIANO'
PAlTrS preference.
Mas teal Departmect A. IV Baneroft A Pa. Rav
moved to 1X2 Pust St.. San rancieo, Cal.
7I.T.Wr.lg. 1 ; H'l' MllIlaiTlifTl
Labouc-here is a victim of rheumatic gcoi
Senator Edmunds has a dog on which Le
President Fairchild, of Oberlin college, O.,
is SM years or ago.
The late czar is to have a monument in the
Kremlin costing $6.'i0,0lO.
The kin:r. of Portugal will make a tour of
oortheru Europe for his health.
The Prince of Wales is again undergoing
treatment to reduce bis obesity.
The owner of The London Times, Sir. Wal
ter, is now ou the verge of a peerage.
Pnul Phillipiioteaux. the cycloramic artist,
has just celebrated his thirty-eighth birth
day. Gen. Boiilanger has completely passed out
of existence as far as the French press is eon
Mr. Loriilard, the tobacco man, is limiting
In Florida with a costly yacht and several
j 2,rm dogs.
Senabrr Cockrell is credited with having
til three gallons of ink in his private cor
respondence last year.
Henator Kiddleberger shows no signs of
Hv. To use an athletic expression, he seemr
to he in very good form.
John Jumcs Piatt, the Buckeye poet, has
returned to his post at Queenstown, Ireland,
where he is United States consul.
PaHteur's plan of exterminating rabbits by
Inoculating tlieni with chicken cholera has
lieen tried at Rlieims with success.
Kuiser V.iliinm has contributed 700,000
marks to help along the Berlin opera. It
was precisely the amount of last year's de
ficit. Berry, the English hangman, has executed
I l."l i person up to the present time, sixteen of
tliem having been iu Irelaud and two in
King John, of Abyssinia, hates the sight,
t.iste and smell of tobacco, and he cuts off
ooses and lips of smokers and chewers in his
Tho most costly private collection of pict
ures in the west is said to be that of Mr.
N ickorsou, president of the First National
Bunk of Chicago.
Hx-Senator David Merri wether, of Ken-t!K-ky,
the appointed successor of Henrv
Clay, lias recently been visiting Washington.
tie is oy years old.
Ex-Oovernor Alger, of Michigan, is said to
own over 100 square miles of forest land near
AJpena, bearing more than 500,000,000 feet of
standing pine timber.
President Carnot is credited with savinz
that any Frenchman who would declare war
unst Germany while M alike and Bismarck
are alive ought to be shot.
Professor Van Benschoten, of Weslevan
university, owns one of the rarest gems of
Greek pottery In existence. It is an Athenian
vase, which was made 1000 B. C
g-JilC03S 1
f 7t. j . f
Cats', Swellings, ltrulaes. Sprains, Galls,
8tralna,Lannenesa. StlflTnesa, Cracked
IIeela,heratchea Contraetiona.Fleah
Wounds. Strlnshalt. Sore Throat.
Distemper, Colic, Whitlow, Poll
Evil, Platala, Tmnor. Spllnta, Itine
bones and Spavin In Ita early ataees.
Apply St. Jacobs Oil la accordance
with the directions with each bottle.
Invaluable for tbe Use ef Horsemen,
Cattleman, StaUleiuen, Turfuien
Itanchmen, 8tockuien, lro
era. i'artnera.
Common llerda.
Sold bf DrugjitU and Itea!er Everywhere.
THE CHARLES A. V0GELER GO.. Baltiraefe. 0a.
Perfect digestion accom
plished by takice liobb's
little Veretalde I-iila.
This Wonderful Remedy
cures Mich l!radaelie,I) -repaia,
Indisatlt.B. aid
all Diseaari of the Liver
and Stomach.
1 he following symptoms
remit from diseases of ti e
I:eestive Ornus: Ctnsti-
rntlon. Headache, tiles,
eartbrxrn. fiad Taste in
3!onth, Naoaea. Soar
r-tnuiach, Coated ToBrnr,
1 IcU'jvmm of SUo, I sla
in the a.ile. etc. Hobli'i
Little Vegetable a?Hla w:U
free the rjstem of all thee
and many other disorders.
They are i-nrely vegetal le,
sufrar coated, very amall,
easy to take, only
pill a dose, but csed with
wonderful results. Try them
once, and forever after yon
will recommend them. Price 23 Cts. a
vial, or live for 11.00. Sent by mail or all
druggists. Hoes's Medicine Co.. Prop's,
The BtnrEBS GUIDE la
lssnexl March and Sept.,
. each year. It is an ency.
clopedia of useful infor
mation for all who par.
chase the luxuries or the
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can clothe you and furnish yon with
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COMFORTABLY, and you can makes fair
estimate of the value of the BUYERS'
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of lO cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago. IIL
The Oregon National Bank,
tSaeeeasonto HetroooHtaa Savtasr.Cack.l
Tnjawcoia GMral Bana-a; teattnesa.
AfXXiXTS TH kept aubjecc to cbeck.
Sr LLd LXCHAKO t. oa Ami rsociaoo and Sear Tack.
kt AKKS O dXKCTIi K4 faurble bros.
aens. i
D r. nitnwn CaaUer
CUfitS UltUt ALL Ubt tAS.
ttooffli byrop. IiscejpML Use Tpl
in nsA cia rr craeciyts.
I believe Piso's Cure
for Consumption raved
rat life. A. II. I sow ell,
Editor Enqnirer. Etien-
ton, N. April 3, 1SS7.
The best Coneh Jledi
clne is Piso's Ccrk for
CoxsrjjepTTOM. Children
take it without objection.
By all druggists. 25c
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A Gazetteer of the World
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AiaaJy'a New TalUe Hyau r Ureas
taUla. IfOODY 0O- Ciaeiaaau. O.
T WowaeAeepers ant
f'qrwTi. It is impor
tant that the Soda or
Ealeral ua yoa use should
be White and Pure same
as all aimilar anbsknees
asedforfood. ToiDmra
obtaining only the "Arm
at Hammer" brand Soda
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eartoona which bearour
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inferior goods are some
amessubatirated forthe
Arm A Hammer ' brand
When bought in bulk.
Part tea uaing Baking
Powder should ramem
ber that ita sole rising
property coca lata of bi
earbonata of aoda. One
teaspoon ful of the "Ana
St Hammer' brand of
8nda or Saleratoa mixed
with sout sulk equals
Packed in Cai-d
iffTa . 4 -
i 1 IV.yC
i ;
3i ;
i A
i !
23 ,
E3 i
a I ill I ",wlM,wacBiiiBrwy graiD or poi--
w . W luiawiui roanfl m laoom isoLerujie,
aeknowle.lrfed tbe ol deliihfful and on f reai
hanrJeaa toilet artlela eer pr. duafi tat beaute-yttf
ttd imatnir tl eoaipteiina. icsivrtei tan, aiu l ora.
rrckies aad ail blemii-s aod routji. of tfca aalo.
li-ed and intoned it ti e eUta ol society and tba
Mara. "old b al' drossfu at 50 oara per botiie.
Waiteaod Fleah. afmjr. etarwl by W. At WlaXMiat
A v.. CbemUca PorUaod Oregon.
Ann Tfj uono east?
Union Pacific Railway.
Klrat and Oak street a. Fertlaaj.
It will erst jron no nore mcoev Co pa a throtisii tha
old hfab.rica.1 in t tit-nmiv rM.n-.l& A rlfbefft aa.1 e.aC
1 portions of ttie eonotry. ijii y leiwen tlte Paella and
toe Ai.l4.m1e tna': it a HI u be ten t .rougn toaa wuuear
Is suataer aettled, deaoLtie aod aauitereaticc-
Co Through lie Heart, of fce Conineot
T WAT or
And all points East asd 8(mth-
SO tllAMjii: OK CAItS
Between Portland and Comctl Bluffs, ar bet ween
iorUnd and Kansja City.
Pallsnaa ralace Klecplsis Car
Aad Cjmf irtabl Knjusr 8i.rcrEKS on all traina.
Tho Van Honckcar
W.. .... ttnm mmmlt
M dnfia tm miMwrijA aaasi
and aLjsrboaa9er wtth
Kerrasa DebOnr, eparssae
aocrhea. Sendnal 1 nasal
ott. Weak&H, Lack of
Eoeny. siso Blood -aed
-firln Mseases. Srabiiiis
H FrapUona Hair Faitieaj
A ttanm PabaL S araUlnas
.ilBoie Throat, Tioara. -S0
facts of Manor?, Kidacasi
and Bladder Traaais
Tsil i fi iiiaiia smal fT 1 1st flXKasV
-pTTKnpe rifi m&a ears rat mm.
Bath t4exf CIt CnflaeatlallT
iaCB 18a A 184 THIRD ST.
from a common Bio tent, or E rap 1 1 o rt ,
to tne worst seroisia. saii.rnear't
Fever - sores," tcaly r-jBa sa"
Satin, in short, all disease t-uT-.! vj Usl
blood are conquered by this powerful, pun
frin. nA inr itroratinsr medicine. Great
atalins; I leera n-pidly beaJ under its be
nign influence. Especially has it manifested
its potency in enrinir Tetter, lsoe Krt,
Bolls, Carbsntles, Sore r yea, Srrol
nloue Sore sind Swell! nara. Hip
loin Disease, iTbite ?wellinra
Uoitre, or Thick Neck, and Knlarteit
(ilsruds. Send ten cr-cts in stamps for a
htnre treatise, with colored ptJes, on Skim
llisnases. or tbe same amount for a treatise.
on Scrofulous Affertiotis.
Thorotie;irlv cleanse it by usin ir. Pieree'a
Golden nodical IleoTCry, und rood
digestion, a fair akin, bnoyant apir
ita, and vital atrentls, wul beestabiisned.
which Is Scrofula of tne I.nnara, is ar.
rested and cured ty this retiawiy, if taken be
fore the last stajres of tbe disease ere rt acbt-d.
From its marvckius prrwer over this t;-rnXiiy
fatal disease, when first off riny this now
celebrated remedy to the public. Dr. Pnan.'at
thought seriorrly of calling it his "Com
tasiptloa CBfre,9' btic abandoned that
name as too limited for a rw-dioine which,
from its wonderful combination of tonic, or
strenrtbenintr, alt rati ve, or blood;lerjfrna;v
anti:itous. pectoral, and nutritive proper
ties, is unequaied. not only- re a remedy for
consiiraption, but for all Chronic .Dis
eases of the
Liver, Blood, and Lungs.
If y. T feel dun, drowsy, c-twtriated, hnve
sallow color of skin, or yt thrrb-hrown s;iota
on face or body, frequent heaiiacbc or dizzi
nesR. trad taste in mouth, internal Iteet or
chilis, alaernating with hot C ushes, low Epirita
and a-kjomy forebodings, irnfrnlar appetfie,
and coated tonru", you are eunenr! frb-a
Insifestion, Irpop!, end Torpid
Liver, or Biliouaiicaa." In many
cases only part of these symptoms are exne
rieneed. As a reme.1v for nil such C3es,
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery is unurpase.i.
For Wrak l.nn:s Spittles; of
RIood, Shortnesa ot Breath, Hren.
chilis, Asthma, Severe C'ongha, and
kindred affections, it is an efficient remedy.
Sold it Druggists, at $1.00, or SAtt
Bottles for $5.00.
Send ten cents in stamps for Dr. Pirce'a
book on Corewjmption. A!dr-.
World's Dispensary medical jtsso
elation, 663 Main street, KLriALO, K. Y.
is offered by the prouiletora
of Dr.Ssure's Catarrh Remedy
for a case of catarrh which
they cannot cure. If you
have a discharge from tba
nose, offensire or otherwise, partial loss of
smell, taste, or hearing-, weak eyes, dull peia
or nressure in bead, you have Catarrh. 1 hoo
sands of casos terminals in consumption.
Dr. S.-ure"s Catarrh KEStrnT enres the worst
esses of Catarrh, "Cold In the Head.,
and Catarrhal Headache. 60 cents.
Northwestern Detective Bureau,
Tbe JJivthvestera D te -tiie Boreaa. iseiraorated by
ponder ta a atietie.1 at all iroportant poinu. Ad detee
ire b'taineSB o'e:'hr nafi&l . mI .
atteodrd to. desire agents an 1 eamoBdeaaa m
erery ct'y an-1 bnra int I'nitud S'aceaaa.i Canada.
AH bnsioejs strie-Jy eo. edeurbd. Adiiives ail letters to
NutrHvtMTii.1 Lr.TEcriva Sen sac, Seattle, w T
1st Premiama. 25,000 in nse,
SO years Established. Kew
tattented Steel Tuniita- Iw.
vice, in use ia Piano, bv vbieh on. Pimm.
stand in tune 40 ) ears, gmd t r 100 ; not affected
by climate. No wrod to split, break, swell, shrrik.
craek, decay, or wear oot ; are ruarantee it. Ela- .
gant Kosewood Cases, S striae, daubte re; eatin; .
action; finest ivory keys; ti e Famous AKTlSELb. .
Call or arrita frr Datairroe, free. T. St. ANTlSEli
IMA SO CO . M.wnetnTers, Orfd FeUows Hail, har.
let and Seventn Streets, San Franeiai-a.
3F'arriis for Sale.
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of Tppn Saoramento Valley ; or. to 8. GRIFFIN Tota!
Jacka. Coo.;y. i-r.. center f Roane Jiiver vi22-
mild eumate and eeodaetiTauees.
To stt a Day. Samples worth Sl.SO, FRHE.
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Birr? Has given anhrer
sal satisfaction la tbe
cure of Gonorrhoea and
Gleet, I prescribe it and
feel safe ia recommeadv
Ins It to all sufferers.
Daaafcw. In.
Btdd by Drogsista,
Wbea 1 say eora 1 do n. t mean maeajy to stoo thessi
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iPsY t.r FALLING MCK.VKS.Salife.loirfetdy. I
warrant my remedy to euro the worst eases. Becaaao
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-rare. Sond ataaea fr a trarisaand a Free Bnttla
my mf alit)3 remedy, triva Rxprees and Post ttHe. '
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P. V. 17. K S3n S M. fT. f. ;03
fonr teasp oon fuls of tao
bestBakn: Powder.aav
in twenty tiaea Its
cost, beidoa being
much heaiOier.beeausa
it doea not con tain any
iaj '.runt substances,
such is alum, terra alba
etc, of which many Bak
ing Powders are made.
Ifctirymen and Farmers
should uao only the Arm
A Hammer brand for
cleaning and keeping
Milk Pans Sweet and
Cannon. See that
every ponnd package of
"Arm and Hammer
Brand' con taina full
It ounces set, aad tha
V pouad packagea fmit
11 unci net. Soda or
Balerataa sum aa speci
fied on each, package.
r aniaai J. ' aaaa-isn n i liijiw ylijilj l nan mm
- jiaaiiaaY n Mwir i a I'MlTniiTi n in-. --' r- .
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f f 1 TO ft PATS. VI
M j flaaaaiiw ni ao a a
f I saaaaSarteeara.
EaWl. arSaatyayeaa
V CnaetenatlJ?a
Board Boxes. Always keeps SofL
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