The Lebanon express. (Lebanon, Linn County, Or.) 1887-1898, December 23, 1887, Image 4

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    cA)Vi;u's cat r.
ThimknWas It fittdt la tha
JJcsioou's llouas.
: armiitiqj
1:1-! 'f' -;
ln A nt oiifl another
U. !r. O.oM'r
.r. I'm v'.v
ftcroa me ui-ra-was
wcH (if SUOCtrSS
! V
1 t
it '
in..' on.ittoit in hi luslnrss this
t".!!, "Vis, my tlar." ho M, "we
t r,t-t soinoihlit;; MMMsiml by way of
lis t k;iu i'T oi.nlnj thU year.
shV.l It h t"
' ll w nn h shall It btP IU-3W' ah1
Mm. C ret. ,
VtVU. nay a thaitiaml; ws can spare
It well a not."
'1 know what ll like ta do hare
the rhurcU re-fresowil unit soma new
r ! ji its r-ut In. That stained colling
ami that worn path up the center aisle
do distress me.
Ev-t'l'sr thin in
was fivsh a l shining;.
spo'.Usl at home for
Clrtvrr' horse
Hor pyes wrre
shabby thing
stimftil, -.'
Will. I'd Uka t beantifr the
rlum-h," 8iid Mi. Oliver. I'll sieak
t some of the cormUte after prayer
mating ami tell them what we pro
pv." .
AVm they Ul n?"
Li u? Well, I (jaws .
A id Ut tis h-'vo s mte choice about
colors ami varpeta. 1 hope?"
"O you'll sees you'll hare It all
your own wjM .
Mi's. Ctver looked beatpln;?. In
f:u t, two Tory happy people went to
j rsvor-meetinjf that nl&ht
"Nice folk' salt Kbeneef Grist,
the at'Xtnn, as he saw the tu pass uptho
n is o-; "but $omciime$ there's a leetle
f the sirut and crow about 'em,
in le, pol Mr. Cloror was that
minute nvailitaitnjj a little Thankglr
im; Bpteth in the mooting, which per
ls :ips miltt hare had the echo of the
row" only too audible In it for cap
tions ear?.
Eat the speech nerer was made; for
Ise h:ul not bert fire minutes in meet
In bf.-re theM eame some word ont
of ihe Nw Testament which seemetl
to pull his heart right down frt n Its
place of tbitation and stick it full of
thorn. A shadow tell orer his ruddy
f.tre. and his wife, who did aot in the
lHsi underatand It, immediately re-fl.-cttvl
it in her own.
TIm wonl which had this unhappy
eiTi-ct were th.-sn:
Thereforn, if thou bring thy gift to
the altar, and ther rememlnret that
thy brother hath aught against thee,
leave there thy gift before tho attar,
si-.d o thy way; first be reconciled to
ihy bretlier, and then coma and offer
thy git." . . ,.'
And there sat, across the aisle,
n'rrr the door, but still within reach
f every uneasy side planes a brother
who had something affrti tst Mr. Clover.
It was only poor old Deacon Simon.
Ilia face wan thin and severe; his hands
shxk; his hair was white; his clothes
were shabby. Ms had bsen made dea
con because of his burning seal; but
the . verity of his spirit had not made
him poj ul:r in the obnrch. He was
alien at odd with bis brethren. He
e nted heresy In every braes v He
ti-iournetl t-ver a church wh 'se mem-bi-rs
a onetimes allowed dancing and
card-plsying iiv their homes, and even
took drives on the Sabbath. Poor
Deacon Simon, who often stool alone
tt-s ifying for old wars of righteous
ness, and whosi sensitive spirit was
so r.isned by the. indifference with
wh cl his testimony was received!
O dy last month he had objected to
a children's Oetober Sunday. where
thei-o should be autumn leave a d
kindred frivolities brought into
c'tirth. Then Brother Clover, wh"
l.ked so gool-natiired, bnt had
a choleric temper of Ins own
upon occa-dons. had fired no and
spken hasty words to the good dea
co , words as rude as blow. They
had been received in silence; they had
never lxen apologized for: there had
b'cn litle intercourse between
two men since.
'I won't apologize," said
Clover now to himself. 'I told
be tr;it!i. and nothing else tvould
have stopied his talk, and served our
"If ihy bvo:her hath anght against
the" hummed the un welcome words
in hi mind. -
lie a as going to spoil a traodthlnjr.
We couldn't stir ttn! 'or foot in this
-rhn "Somebody didn't put down
his domineering spirit. I in glad I
did it." .
If ihy brother bath anght against
Hip,," re eitsd the echo.
"He'd no tusinens to lay it np
sga HSt n-e! He ought to thank me
for telli-.'g hrm the downright truth."
"L ave there thy gift before the
a'tar" i-epeaUd memory again.
Stop a good thing becanse I don't
plese an old curmudgeon like Ihatf
"F.rst be rec'uicile l with Uiy broth
er" sana the inexorable verse.
"There's no such thing! Might as
well try to be reconciled with an old
bear. There's no use wasting words
with him."
"Then then come " and offer thy
Pdiaw! pshaw! What a fool I
am: 1 haven t lieard a wo' rt u, rar-
ns has been saying. Now who's
going to ofter prayerP Djar! if it
isn't S'mon!"
Tliere were few of the customary
greetings between the Clovers and
the'r neighbors when the meeting was
over. Without waiting to see any
member of the business committae,
Mr. Clover hurried headlong out of
the churclk His wife lost no time in
asking fr an explanation.
Oh, Tin all upset; I'm such a fool!"
"What is UP"
H ; knew he would have to tell her
fn the end. an I bcatd1 w.n reallv a
relief to him to do so. She asked some
close questions. "Tell me just what
yon said," she demanded.
"Well, he said we were jnst teach
ing tbe children to make play ont of
worship. That made me mad. and
8'tys I: 'D.;aco:i Si oion, - if you'd been
th to when they bfl.ight the children
for Clirist to bless you'd have been one
to rebuke them a-? sure as fate.' That's
j ist vonr p"rit right throughF -.
"What did he say?"
"Not a word; though he kinder
fl ibed np. Guess he was mad. Yon
see. I wai Tho way I spoke was as
bad as tho wor U "
You v.3 rt to ask his pardon."
"Yus." groaned her husband.
"You might as well do it now. Til
go the rest of the way alone; you go
riht back and id him.1'
"It won't be a might of nse. Ellen.
T!.e niiiute he hear of the church bo
i"g r decorated, he'll bemad again.
II f. s'l fc'j d.-! any thing new."
3 it you'll have done your duty.
1 M)
i ft. I U
"strut" m "effnv" In his tnannc-r now.
1I: looked quite cowed an I humbled.
Deaeon S;uioi lived jtiltt out on the
edii.t td the town, There he had In
ht'iited a farm n:td hnmestoivd, II
had to!U I hard over his stony acres,
a id they had yielded hhn bnt a scanty
living, yet he wu deeply attuhed to
the oi l place, ns everybody knew.
Mr. Clover surmised ns ho en
tered the old-fashioned hall to ttnd th
onrpet takon uji, and only a big pack
ing box ready to bo uaid upstanding
there In place of furniture. The par
lor, too, was bsir. except for some
chairs pllml nj two-andtwo a if foe
removal. O ae of these was given him.
nnd he was nked tii Walt for a f-w
moment rreen ly, h heard the
deacon's well-known voice at evening
d 'votlons lit the next room. And
these were the words that
trembling old voice was speaking:
O Lord, we thank Thee that
Thou best blessed to its tho shelter id
this home so long. Wow, go witn us. as
ve jro from hence. Thy will b doae.
O Lord, Thou linst been tur dwellinif-
id.tceln all in all - and here there
was a break, and. in the silence, the
sound of a woman sobbing was audi
ble - " '.
A new Idea broke upon Mr. Clover's
mind and greatly agitated him. ' 0 tn
It bo that Martin hna foreclosed thai
mortgage P" he thought. "Yes, it must
bet I heard the deacon was hard
pressed to raise his interest. Kuthlnz
else would have moved hini out of hl
oi l place. I declare it's too bad! It's
His errand was forgotten; he was In
A fever of d slro to do something help-'
fob When Hiacon Simon eame in, he
went toward him with extended hand
and such earnest sympathy in his face
as no troubled heart could have re
fused. "Brother Simon," he said. "1
hadn't heard wheu I came, but It's
Justeometo me that you're going to
elve np your home.
"Yes; I'm obliged to. It's the Lord's
Oh, no.".sa!d Mr. Clover; "I can't
believe It vet Wait waits I want t-
talk to von."
Denomt Simon drew another chair
from the corner, and seated himself.
"I came," sail hi visitor, 'to ask
your forgiveness tor the rude way 1
Soke at the meet lug last month. I'm
asha-ued that I spoke so; ashamed
that I showed such a temper. Do for
give me!" . j
The d -acon looked bewildered for a
moment, then be seemed to recollect.
D1. that." he said; "I didn't lay It
tip against you. . I might, perhaps, il
I hadn't had so much trouble siuce;
but other thiusrs put it out ti my
mind. I haven't any thing ajalnst
you. brother; I'm nsed to find i it g the
church folks differ from me."
11 1 looked so meek, worn and patient
the old man who had been som-
times stern and svere that Mr
C over's heart was broken.
"The L l forgive me!" ha said.
"And too, too," said old Simon. "I
know I've been too dogmatical vt;h
, y 1 idgmenta, and tried th brethren.
I can see it alb now I'm going to
"To Icavel You don tmcan you re
going to leave the church?
"Why. yes; w 're going np country
to my if j folks, 1 r awhile, at least.
We've lot our hwaie here, you know.
and 1 don't see Just bow to begin
ara:n. yet- I'm au old man to begin
"Bat we can't spare! We ean't
snare vou eut of th church, s
can't spare you out of the prayer
Deacon Simon looked sesrchlngly at
Mr. Clover's honest, earnest facts and
preently tears dim ned his eye.
"You really mea-t l; you'rj saying
Uinearnes !" he said. "Well, thank
the L rd! Soems to me now I can g
in peace. I male sure everybody
would be gl il, and it hurt me most of
all last now. I I have loved the
church. Nobody prayed deeper out of
his heart for it than L"
Hot and 1 toil you we can t spar
such praying:; we won't eilhor, if I
can help It. C m. I want to talk
this all ovr. I'vj JTi somi monev to
is. vest. This is the very placefve
be -n looking for to put it lu; near to
the town; rising In the value every
day. M irtlu's going to put -It in" tho
market; I II bnyjt framilnm. if you ll
i.Tf nor j and keep ft for me."
Ihe deacon could not keep the light
from rising i his faco, but he said
steadiiv: TIe farm won t bring you
the interest of your money. I've done
my best on it and I anow." ,t
"Never mind, it'll le trebled In
alne in ten years for building lo's.
and besides wouldn't It pay if there
was some capital put In, you know-
fortilizers, and new machine?
Wouldn't I like to try the cxperi
ment! B it I eouldn't do it alone.
Won't you s ay and help me out In
Deacon Simon had been a protd
ma-i. He had never asked sympathy
or help in his l;f To have them
ponred upon him nnasked in this hour
of his desolation was very swtsot to
him; sweeter than he had words to
express. Hi heart dun? to the old
place, could not refuse tho friend
ly offer thus made to him.
"What a Thanksgiving this will be
for us! ' ho said, as he bade his visitor
good night.
"You won't mind. EiUm," said Mr.
Clover to his wife that nisrht, "if the
church is not re-decorated this year,
will you?"
"," she replied "it can spare
the paint better than it can Deacon
Simon's prayers.''
"Yon don't think I've fetched the
gift off the altar changing my plan
with it?
No;" a-id presently she repeated:
"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one
of the least of these my brethren, ye
have done it unto me." At E. Ben'
nelL ,
"Xou never unnic or smoke, do
yon, George, dear?" she said. "You
know I could never marry a man who
drinks and smokes." Geonre, in a
broken-hearted ton of voice, admitted
that he did smoks and drink a little,
and turned to go. But a pair of white,
twenty-seven-year-old arms were
around his neck in a moment. "Never
mind, George,'' said the girl; perhaps
my wifely influe:ny will induce you to
give them up." A. I. Sun.
m m
Customer in restaurant) "What
is the matter wjta the cheese, waiter?
It looks as it it might have been used
to bait a rat-trap." Waiter "Yo' has
got dat cheese turned upside down.
sab. Dat's de side what's tended to be
up. Now dat cheese am all right, sah!"
"Do crocodiles keep cattle, pa?'
u-pseu iuue &nnuy Mcawur.gen. ".No,
r.-y s:t; v r.y eo you ftT ' "ijecsne
niethmg a
i. croe.o-
-ir.'Ui:,..5i ruottt -ii siahhki.
f KMi v roll. !b............
, W !
13 a m
18 r go
14 (4 10
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is m m
m& it
ft V
8 (4 10
io (a m
4 8.
4 -6
lotnuir trade .,
Ht ktd , t
California roll
tik-kled ..........
Fm-iu, full erram. .......
Uieon, , uo ........
Catiinrula ,
ikons rroMh...
ImiKU Kau its
AptiitMt, m. nk and bxs.,.
tin California .........
A urirnta, wis w crop
I'eachea, utuieele t new ...
( HI (111., 1 1 I IRQ UWlK.vt
rtued cherries.
titled pluma, Oremm.i...
rtu-, in w and bas..
CaL I'runes, French .......
Urt pr -n pruuee .
noun -fori
land Pat. Roller, 'bbl
Sal em do do
White I.llv V bbl
Count rv brand ,
t en a a 7n
a to j 73
1 20 ffl 1
linati -
W wn. Valley, 100 lbs...
do Wai a Wall..,....
i is i nt
I, ... . I I td! . . . I
imriBj, wnuic, w vm.
do Kroutid. ton, .4..
1 10
80 00 do 25 00
4A us 4d
. 4S M
I 00 US I 10
Oaia, choice mllltnx tf bush
do feeit.aMod tocliolee.oia
Rre. tuo U
Hi an, ton.
ia oo (sir oo
is tO fttl 0
cctd oo
ya ft) ta t
Shorts. V ton
Hay, v ton, baled..,,,.,,..
Chop, r ton
Utt rase meal w ion,..,..,.
8a 00 n 33 Ut
FREba enriTa
A mile. Orviron. If bo . . , . .
00 ft 1 81
Cherrira, Orvson, tf Arm..,
Urmoaa, LKitsoruva, f ui.,
LlnivR, KM).,,
KlvcrKt oranaea. f boa. . .
4 00 O 5 00
I 60
Los Anttelra, do do ...
teacke. If box
1 00 M 1 SS
fry, over lofta, f lb. ..... .
ct saiteo, over to na...,.
- H
1 S3
Murrain bids
7 (4
10 W
CahlMtire, lb.. ...... ......
Carrots, if aaak
Cauliflower, dos. ........
Pntatoea, new, tp bush ....
u m
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East Ureiron, Sprins clip. .
allev Unwoik, an
Processes of Burglar.
Burglary Is not usually classed among
mechanical trades, but it Is neverthe
less an industry" In Its peculiar way.
and very numerously followed in cities
and large towns. Some one a safe
manufacturer, we believe has been at
the pains ot compiling a summary of
the processes which burglars employ
In the pre .ient advanced state of the
art. They are said to be: 1. The
driving of wedges into door-jambs, by
which the tenon is forced out of the
packed groove, and explosives Inserted
around and Into the rabbet or stepped
flange. X The application of the
drill on material represented as drill-
proof ntetal (P). 5, The application
of the Harris stripper, in peeling plates
from their rivet and machine screw
fastenings. 4. The application of the
Burton pulling wrench, by which lock
and Wit spindles are drawn out of
doors. 5. The application of the
Maon ripper, a late and ingenious Im
plement of burglary, used on safes or
vaults with iron surfaces. 6. The ap
plication of the powder pump In forc
ing explosives around the jambs of
safe doors and into crevices created by
wedging and In the use of jackscrews.
7. The explosion of dynamite on the
surface of the door, by which the bolls
and bolt frame are dislodged, by con-
oussion. .Cotton fludgei.
Maryland Darky How d'y boss?
How many melons yon raised this yearf
Gardentr About V00, I guess, Pete.
How many have yon raised? Darky
toity-two, sah (sside) oberyo fence!
Buriington I rt itv. .
The manufacture of solid carbonic
acta gas is said to have become a
Bcttled industry in Berlin. It is put In
small cylinders and if kept under pres
sure will last some time; that is a
cylinder one and a half inches in
diameter and two inches ldnr takes
Eve hours to melt awar into iras.
How much ratu iuuu tail In the
coarse of the day to mnke it a rainy
day in the meteorolog eal senseP TbM
question has been dicusel a good
d.inl by persona interested in weather
science, not yet determined authori
tatively- The weight of opinion seem
to be that a rainfall amounting at
least to thefire-hiindredth Pft of an
Inch is necessary to make a lainy d;iy.
A. Y. Leitjef.
During the past season 3),r0".0O?
cucurubcrs have been pickled in one
f.tctory at Frederieksb.irg, Va. One
acre will produce on an average 100.
000 cucumbers, and they sell naddy
In the city at 80 cents pi r 1,000. They
are usually picked whe not more than
an inch or an inch and a half long
One person can gather in 3,000 in a
day. i
The Pruss'an society for the pro
motion of industry has effer.d two
prizes, the competition for one to dos
with 1887, and for the other with 1833.
The first prize is nbjut $750, fot the
most exhaustive critical comparison of
all kinds ot existing bron&. tombac
and bras all ys. used or recommended
for machinery; the seoud is $1,250 for
the beet work on light and beat radi
ation of burning gases.
A Dollar Investment Frodnees (1,000.
As noiselessly as the snow comes
down did the magic number 69,363
' slip from the wheel of The Louisiana
State Lottery on the eighth instant,
and as noii-elesaly were the glad tid
ings communicated by the managers
to the fortunate owner of the lucky
number Mr. Thomas R. Miller, now
it-tidinc: at 1213 Lawrence Street, in
this city, that he hud drawn one t"nt h
(if the second capital prize of $50,000
or in oter words, the handsome sum
of $5,000on an investment of $1,
which amount the company hold sub
ject to his oider, and would be happy
to remit to htm at bis plr&Kure.
Coming as this magnificent prise
did. without an effort, it may be pard
onable if in the language of precious
stones, it is likened to the topas No
vember's jewel which, ao long as its
owner nolds undisputed possession,
is supposed to keep off had dreams,
and in other ways brighten the sun
shine of his daily life.
A Arwa reporter desiring to secure a
correct statement of the facts, actuated
him to look Mr. Miller up, which he
did yetterday morning, and found him
as informed, at bis residence. 1213
Lawrence street, Mr. Miller is a first-
class, industrious mechanic. 38 years
of age, and holds the confidence and
ret-pec t ot all tnose witn wnom ne is
He has been a resident of Denver
for about a year, nd he is so infatu
ated with the 'Queen City" that. 'tie
has 30Dc!uded to invest his rnoney
here in real estate, which wal "doubt-
lees pay neaily as great & dividend as
on his tve tdm nt of one dwUr in iln
ixnj Jumna lottery. river a ;.) jw'b.
Ililt f
Chlilrn t hHllane
to aa In-
uttlny Hural Kill tor.
The following copy of a letter has
been handed to the HViJ with A tluw
to general publicity:
ilf. Uenrya H'. Titt I, editor Cranberry
Palladium Sin: My attention has just
been called to a printed statement
made over your own signature some
time ago, In which yon spuke in a liurht
and flippant manner of my li vlr. The
remark was carefully worded, but cal
culated to cast obloipiy and reptuarh
upon me In the rye of the public. I
Imve spoken to several friend in rela
tion to it and they are of una opinion
In the matter. They unlto In saying
that the term "Mexican hairless humor
ist" demands a challenge, to say noth
ing of the statement that "while on
honed a train : which was robbed in
Nebraska" I succeeded in "concealing
my jewelry lu my hair until the danger
had passed."
l or this, sir, I beg to state that my
address is at No. 2.1 If Bite do Bowery,
opposite the Place du llahway M valeric,
and to ask that you will send me your
own address. I forward this by the
hands of a slow messenger boy, who
will bring me your answer ns soon as
he gets thoroughly rested. I need not
add that he is Iny friend, and will act
as my second should you refine to
retract the statements referred to. You
may also settle with him for this mes
sage and your own.
1 will settle with you.
I hope, sir, that you will exru any
thing that tuny seem coarse or brutal
In this challenge, for I desire only t
take your life without giving yon any
nlTense, and I want to be polite like
other dnellsls. Mar I ask, therefore.
that at your earnest convenience you
will name a quiet place, as free from
malaria as possible, where we may kill
each other undisturbed?
May I trouble you also, sir, to select
two as dangerous weapons as possihli
and also to bring with you the surgeon
ho generally sews you up at such
The Do Nves have always lwen a hot
blooded race ever sini'e they l-ft
Krance, and they can none of them
brook an insult or bear to be tramped
When I first re ail your stinging in
Biilt in the paper I liecanie delirious
ith pnsnion, and although I am not
related to the Knickerbockers my
breath came In short paiita.
The De Nyes are pleasant people to
meet, but the man who Infm-intes one
. .'... U liM to meander no th
tHiuiH in an oblique maimer, t anion
any tiling, sir, in this communication
which may sound harsh or clash wifb
the smooth and scholarly style of assas
sination peculiar to the tknle. 1 desire
to meet you tn mortal coin hat, but 1
want to io it in a polished way, ttnd t
desire to word this note so that It will
read well in print, like other chal
I have consulted several friends
about the prospect of our meeting in a
duel at no distant day, and all of them
seem to be highly gratified. It afford
me great pleasure to know that I go
into this thing with the hearty Indorse
ment and godspeed of all, without di
Unction. . If you would prefer to wait
a few weeks, till the weather is cooler.
so that you can lie in state longer. I
will try to muzale my wrath, but would
advise yon not to cross my trail In the
Mr second will no doubt Inform you
that I am an expert and deadly swords
man, and will try to couvince yon that
it will he best not to name the sword.
Do not be too proud to heed hid ad
vice. It my save your life and mine
1 hoM you will not treat this chal
lei ge lightly, sir, and try still further
to heap ridicule upon an old and mil
elewed name by suggesting soft gloves
or watermelons as weapons. Let us
meet as inmtlcmcn,, sirflre and fall
down, sttifS-er to our feet, lean heavily
against a tree, mutter a few words in a
hoarse volee,gap two tine in rapid
socccKiion, put on our coats, and go
1 feci almost certain, sir, that yon
will treat this. Jiote in SL dijrhtiiMr.elflij
purify mnniier, but I beg that you will j
md do so. tor tho sake of the Tidds,
who wi-ro'nlwnys a plain but rather
pleasant set of people, and for the sake
of the De Nyes, whose only fault has
Itecn their foiulncsd for fresh, hot
blood, furuUbed by other parties; for
the snke of nil our nncestors, sir, let me
beg of you to assist in making this duel
If I have been brutal in the wording
of this challenge, sir, or violated the
Code, or misspelled any words, will
you please have it corrected In-fore you
send it to the priuterP I ask this favor
of you In all sincerity and In ns courte
ous a manner ns possible, hoping that
you will grant it promptly and that
you will lose no opportunity to do all
the good you can during he next few
da vs.
1 have arranged all my earthly af
fairs with the exception of paying my
poll-tax. I have turned off the g;is
meter and am prepared for any acci
dent, though the police have promt sod
to come in nnd arrest us at any time we
may agree npon.
In closing, sir, allow roe to express
the hope that you will surely be at the
duel and that you will bring your din
ner. f
My second will offer yon tho choice
of wenpons, with an opportunity for re
traction. If you enter into life and its
enjoyments with real zest, I would ad
vise you to avail yourself of the oppor
tunity to retract, for, nlthough, sir, I
would be a great deal happier with
your heart's blood, the retraction will
do me just as well, and you need not
humiliate yonnself in writing it, I do
not ask you, sir, to grovel. You can
write a retraction which will not com
promise you at all and yet one that will
give me much pleasure.
In the meantime, sir, I shall remain
at the above address, awaiting your
decision, and whatever It may be, sir, I
beg to remain your most obedient an
tagonist and well-wisher, .
William De Nte,
Formerly Duke of Sweetwater County
and Referee during the Modoc War.
N. T. World.
a a i
The Regular Thing.
An old gentleman of Detroit was
passing through the cen-.mony of takkig
his fourth wife the other day. At the
impressive climax of the good preaoher
mau's part in the performance some
body was heard sobbing in an adjoin
ing room.
My goodness!" exclaimed one of the
guests in a dramatic whisper, who on
earth is that crying on liiis festive oc
casion?" That?" replied a mischievous r-'t-
uer oi we expenon:
f.i!ii!y; "tli it's ; - !
u! .'a $ Ix-cbo)
,. a i v ..4 it
r i re .
Of the 400, CK 0 Ilebrsws cotnieiled to be
In the United Stale. St least 1 5,0 0 are
Mettled In New xotk. Anion ttwin are
many millionslers. A .New Vorlt picr
recently putniu'0 a ii-t or tiint-ien
lirews In tbst city wIhm fori ones range
IrtJiu f l.UW.WAl up to U,ii. nacU.
The elltlott fur lie 8 of tin strt Ue.u; MimIIdhI
Animal known as tlutnttr'a Alnmno, t new
MMutf , and mar b itiUltipd, trc of r.t. of
tlriifc-Kl-U unit irim.rml t'lioiurf 1iM!nm In all of llm Uiiltwt l'te. -Niunif.,, nutl litcSMwi
in .irr clvlilu'l imm tii.u vt ium ss e-u.i ti IIbhi-
lnuhnro. i liU AIiiibsmo tirnt lw I u4 tl r
1 r!r at thn miitMitttiii)l uf omj i'-ir('if
nrur onv-tii th of m omittiry It ri.n.ti.ii.-., wiih
tha uiiikI. kt (i noiii al n.ltlrn r tl.ti tii't-t r -Un
anil rtMtoiailon of lii-Hlili, a tnt-M" inotint
of tntoriMtlna anil aiiiuiiu Huht r'in'tiiia. uml
the cKlnmUr. Mlruiiuiiiii ul tmlutilnlloiDL olirn-
KiI(m1u"I lUiiiis. rtn.. ie iir-awi woli gr-a.l
rsra. n1 will bn fomni iilli-l "iiri, 1 no
Iwiueof lloatetlor's AImiklho fur lm will )m.Ih
bljr bi tlm lurifBHt kUHIioi of a hkmIIooI work
r ixitillntied tu nf eiiiintrr. Tim mH-
mi rweli't of atci M ilt mtou. ltl urard
eni)r by mnll tn mijr pru U ounuut $iro-
our ou in ma ueiKiiiKirnoixi.
It Is eatlmated that slur-e ITU.!, 4,4:0,000
men have been killed lu wars.
Ph, wad aome power the giftle (rle us,
To ace ounelvrs as lihern ntm u"l
Few women want to appear sick, and
vet how many we see wlih pain written
on every feature, who hsva aiitTer n
in- mom iim rrom mutate tmiciifm, inn
who could eally cure tiiem-lTis by the
use of lir. liercem "favorlta l'reerip-
tion. to be found at any drug atore. Hits
remedy U a spM!l lie for w-r!i lm-ks, tier
vous or neuralKlc pains, and all that class
of diseases known as ' female complaints.'
Illustrated, larjro treat Im on diseases of
woman, with most auertuwful coura.-a of
self-treatment, sent fr lOet-nta In atarnp.
Addrfisa. World a UIstM-iisary Mrdlral As-
aoclallon, 603 Malu Birmt, llutlalo, H. X.
What is done cannot be undone, e
pecially it it is a hard ladled eK.
No. Sll West 7th St., N.Y.. Juna 9, 18S5.
I have been a martyr to bilious had-
ache and dj pep I a. Any Indiscretion in
diet, over-fatiftue or cold lirliin on a fit of
lndIeUon, to be followed by a headache
lastln two or three daya at a time. I
think I mot hare tried over twenty tlltr-
a ant rim(iia. wni' n "Pre rft-omiiiemi a
aa certain eur by loving ftlt-iid, but it I
was of no uae. I.Ike Ilia Iri-liman, 1 Rot
no httr very fast. At last 1 thouuht II
would Uke a simple eotra of purgation
with HHAWimmis 1'ii.ta. tor ttia nrst
WM.B- I iMik two t'illa everv nlirht. then
una 1111 for thlrtv nlahts: tn that time II
gained three pound In wdht, t.uA never I
Uave Had an acne or a pain ai:.c .
Lewis Coa ty liw. extul.-r it, lST.
The '01d llellable" iiianufarturvd by
Palmar A lt. ia an ideal lob ureas. It U
the airoiireat sod moat durable presa In
th market. There ia a le-r at the left
nf ihn feeder connected wlih a complete
device tor throw Inn oil the Impnsa-lon. it
-III nHnta fnrni la the fJll raoacltr II
the chaae. and all the parts are made
imn.i and durable to endure ilia trftneu-
dous etraJn. This press for simplicity of
eoustrucllon excels an owiera
' J. T. loKRBtr.
Haw to Gala t sah aad Strenjrta.
raaatM- aarh meat Mratl'a S.malalea
mh llvntHilimnhllna. II lit aa u.iataon
....I I w itnreatiHl. Tfca raiiltlur ailb
whit-h delinaita pwpia iu..roa vnn in dw
wn.i-lerdil. t;a it and ti r oar w'lti Aa a
rmilr r CVmauniniiiNi. I liroat att tlonaano
Mwat Hcutl's fc.mlmoi tn a chUd ritflit mwitlta
Unuu k ll. II la niiHiua u. ( !( rvau: l
old with awd rraulla. lie nlo.-l
I luur pxinm I f"
ki-. k uj5
In a ei r snarl iimt -ihu. i i
Oen. Grant's widow vl-d'e the tomb In
Riverside 1'srk every Sunday.
Uneiualled -Dr. Sage's Catsrrh Ilemedy.
Ooodasgold silver.
Tay GstRMaA for braktaat.
OaaMinna lanwa
plow to Cure
with the
poRTtmrNa DiSFtoumxo. rrcmvo,
I -ala aud idmnlr dliaiaumaot the akln.aala.
and bkiod with loae of hair, limit Infancy to
pail e. are mired by IbuCuncea ltaancuifUk
rrrirx;KA RicnoiLVEfrr.theimw Mood purtlw.
alanaea the Wood and perariratkm of liiswwa
ustaiotiax vjetiMnta, and Uoaa raawvea thm
rHmarmi. the mat Fkln Cnra. Instantly
altera lt tuiia; and lolumtnaoon. clears Uwakia
ami erJo of cruaia, soaOa aud auraa. and ra-
suireetbe lialr. --i.-nimA
Hfiaan eamitaite fkln BeeutifUw.
b UMilepenaabto to akin iiUMsawea, babf
Uiswrs, Sain btemiai eS. Chp;ied aud o: akin.
C'utkv'ha liMtuutthM are Um gTfmt a lila
aMttfillMa. s
Bokt evtirrwbere. Trloe, CriooaA, SOo.?
Soat- fflca fUuM.VKV 1. Prefarwd by Uve
VrrrHl)fvt tso diaatioat. (Iwum.Ma
arHmd tor "Hrm to Hire fkln lrum.
FTttTKl) with tlielovii atfbni-or uUioai.n
1 la battled dth ConoUMA Mswrmn Hoap.
A imiwliii mail. a
fnclplrnt Vflasaranlioa, Mt SUl
aiaai aaa UUg 'I'raaMea
fM ay an Dnagglats lor B0 Csnts.
Cream Balm
Cold in Head
Easy to Use.
.r-Tt- S. r
. -G" a ,
A nartiele la aimttod Into each enatril and U wr-wwklil.
yrtoa 6( wnta at dnigirtiiw, by mail, mrlw-rti. 60 arota
EiY hkotheiui, uraenwion bu.mii, mw x ore
OomrAixixo 150 IixcaTKATiowa or Axi. Kimim or
Fancy G-cocb, "W00I3 3
, Emfcrci&ery MatsriaJ.
Mailed free oa appllcatloa hy
143 POST SraCT,
rill ha said ami. rr a-
i i 1 -prfT-
4 t Q
will visit America ia the
spring, .
the grpt .S-oti-h author, sufferi-d all bis
bf tfliii dvt)ei) fa, Urh made his own
life mis-ruble and eaumed hi Iwst and
t-uext tu t a little pain because ot
hi freifulueaa. Iyt-epiairB-Tany arl-
from dl"-- f thn llvf.--. and as Dr.
tierce's "lioloVn Medical l.ipov-ry" rur-s
J IUc(in-a of this RTfat irlnocl. It follows
that Jilia all cannot b Carlrlra. even
wlih fl vKivpimla, ail cun ha free front the
malady, while emulating his virtues.
A ejetona at Mlneola, Teias. blew down
a ball, and killed lire people.
A Wore 'I'll rn. 4'ottsh or 4'old.
If auOVrad to progress, results tn serious
pulmonary aliectious.loftetiiliiie incura
ulw, 'itrtywn Uront hint Troches? reah
directly Ilia neat of thn diseaaa, and give
iiiataut l-cHnf
Itrnin tittta Is rwred by freouent sinall
doses et lino's Cure tor Consumption,
Tn li V.A.9 (
1'leaaa inform veur rraaars tht I havs a
ItJ to rmneiy lor ilia abo-ra aaatd lm-a-a. ktj
iia timttlr um IIiiiiimhiiU of tmurlrM hare
tH iTniii!iitljr cund. 1 abail ba alat to
MUid tno uotOt-a uf tnr rnititdy fHU to any of
yaur readers ht hv eunnnutittlon if tbey mill
aead oio Uiutr r.tureM nl f. V. aauraaa.
T. A. EIXX.'UM. hi. U lai i'tarl Kew Tor
ITaniiaiA-r rll1ta tMwatnni it fn na fIJa-.
HB It MM K V l.l..u. f O !!. Ml, furtUod O. f
waaiaoam viraiyKuiflia ado. aiaa i. voa, MUa
Wakele ' Boulrr I and Uopher Eatarml
nator Try 1 . and pro-a the beat la the
cheapest. Wakelea k Co., Han r ntiflwo.
Abcolutcly Pure.
ThUi maih-r er vaWe.
A luaj ict af laMtlr.
ttranylji and w
a-hniaaoRMoaaa. Mm aeoanmlrat than
tHeunMnary kbx!a,aat ranim bo sold ia eon-ett.
fciw!iatfe aailutuiis M vm . ""I snwm,
alum. Of phon-hate wiiku -'f enly tn aaaa
Horkh liAsuet'oaaca tn.. iuo ui Birtpci, a. 1.
ti 3 O 1 fS ,
Frnro Mlnnapulia. Mlnnmda, are Oie Heat, be
iw Umjf era earllnr aad lb moat prodaetlra
Take no iMlier nntU joa iry thui. l or sale by
ail leaulna iiMira nn llnwwt Trade snnpl-vd
h W hmilT BltOS. Dwt Menrlian'a, M and
tos saiMucna But, hao rreaetaca, Cat.
Ta tnjr. Saaiptao vrla rt.Sn. rare.
Una not and tfca haw feat, Writa Pi.
araa a Sjrarr Hmw r.Ht). Ian.
ta aiK-raeifiit epei atiaa aaca ffSfiS, anlffowtatnl bvaa
ail aasnaoa at ma hoti, amawaaa ay
kmiaiM Ma aad tradiaa; adarataia.
tbi most rrarECTLt Bcnrrc school
ef lu dm aa tba Cant, it eSf prima ea daaa
imiTiKtHa, ar ana i..aa taraof ftaat tba Tar
AniMMic, wntiac, UmMl i. Haok-aarainf
p.itbUa, Sltorikaad.T)'p-minf . KuaiacaaMKl Lra-1
I orml aaa ail uam scaooi ittmacae Maioiii
al all aaaa aad hot aeasa admitted am bna.
Cataiflcao fraa. A-rtto. aad Waacau ftvnriatan.
Study and Health.
Mile. Lncle Hall, doctor at Vnsssr
C-iUege, on going Into the question of
hygienic Influence of hard study on
rumen, with regtird to tho remark
able diminution of large families In
America, has come to the following
conclusions, which deserve to be ex
amlneilt U ie ttttnared and seventy
six families proved en examination to
have only an average of from three to
two children. Now, out of those
families th se ' who had the
largest number . ef " clilliirca -.were
found lo have highly -educated
mothers, not to say educated above
tho average. Dr. Hall's experience
has proved to her that the health of
the yonng people la particularly good.
and even improves as the studies In
cre.tse. She cites the following words
of M. B.-uoora, Director of the Wiscon
sin University: "The health of our
young people in no wise diminishes
whilst wiib ns; on the contrary, I nave
long since noticed that a young lady
wbo gives np society and take up
reasonably with study at the universi
ty is In fur better condition, as far as
health is concerned, than the majority
of her at x CAie iga 7 ribune.
titreet-Uorner Philosophy.
Somebody has said: 'When you se
a man look at his watch and put it back
into his pocket, ask him the time, and
in nine eases out of ton he can not tell
you until he has looked again." Thai
is a fact. I hare experimented with
several men on the street lately at
the noon hour, too, when every body
Is looking nt bis watch, if he has one
nnd In every case the man who had
just been looking hurriedly at his time
piece, when asked the time, had tc
look at it again before "ho could give
answer. And did you ever nobce how
the man who is always in a hurry look
at his watch on the least occasion, ot
without any occasion at all? For ex.
ample, yon and he are baying a conver
sation, and he will inform yon that to
morrow he will leave town for the East
or somewhere else, and. while doing
so, impulsively takes out his watch.
apparently to see if to-morrow is nea
at hand or if he has time to wait for it
to arrive. With many persons the act
of taking out the watch is more a mat
ter of unconscious impulse or hah
than of deliberate intention. Chicag
journui. .
An Interesting Chamber. .
The Supreme Court chamber
Washington was given over to freacoers
last summer, and was ' a barren and
desolate place enough. Dusty white
bugs shrouded the busts of dead-and
gone Chief Justices in' the niches
around the sem:-circular walla, the
floors were bare, and1 the high bench
looked cold and lonely. Scaffoldings
held tho painters to their work np an
tier the high ' ceiling. . In the doom y
looking clerk's desk was locked up the
iMmtais court Bible an Oxford edition
of 1799, first used when the court came
to A ashington in 1S00. Since then
every President has kissed it at his in
auguration-, and every Chief and Asso.
eiaie justice fca. tjoen sworn in upon it.
just to ir;e. nana of the mam chambc
s tf.e ttj n
l.iced 1 'a
room a which llorso
t 1 i:r si ph 1 n s t r u m e n
ps ij r- r,
S t A ...
I . m f- t '
seiii 7 h !
t-wL -..1
Tlaira-l -rsw r-Ma te. asT'S'im-. am- t
at t-t Him -r f ae .- ! i unl tit i
I mw j - talc Mm -t I "1 b t hi-1 T !
I tunrr.i-4..'- tits Su-i- vo. '- " , -
i.'iatal Ir. -a ' kli I v
B.w r. noauia amin.mla. Luua ot Aluui- tka owj
A CaHtAa . waMM BM.-aa-1i a f-.f
tnr to a ;witj t. txt'tn
Baa Franelaco,
T aitarsi t. PaMHSll. Or.
oTritiwAY K ittiit'H B n.
a I Cllt H A If UmMxr, Houib ltia: t-r
de Orrara. band tuwrttmeata. Urjii-t Mock
of Bhttm Maaie and ikxik. Banrta itr'W
Kaatera firtaaa. M. mm ivi
a rum mjaaa. aaa nawwm
eani 1 Ltl 1 1 n ' t a it. c lia-'-r
bf Hit, tint. HmOm t. V. ika. aa. tmd. Htmm.
VThtm I ai ran I maaa aw if i' at-m mm
fnraOMaad l- ha -a tli ain. 1 ta-yi il
1-nV It rf.U SH-t.VtJvHaillinaal;l-tr. t
a ,-.r-t aia t -..-I to an. tis wr m mm.
tnbm b'" H-iWii m ag tvmmm f-f B" fm j'!i a
rsr. iH;aiMiiainrt t-stii6ami a t. .
at aw at!lMa aamadr. Kaawwa aad lVattana.
I.U.MOT,ii.i;lSdl-aajrli.ihew .aria.
Tho Van Ilonciccar
la wt hpm. La
(Myf aHw Biwrtl aew
hm fU...'-a. -i r; i 1.
I tmtf ra, a wvmz,
1 Sa TSir-A ry-f.
sat faMia 4 Mi rt.
t. I'iait'W Ttialilt
ttrmi-B Frtaa tH. mci Ix-a. Olaa bo
rii4 ai4 aaM r-Y U'a.
fttatM kfira t mmumit aaa?f Bttatli
o iniv A 1 t t.
p'-r 6.000.000 Ean--sir.g
v iilaMaat. h-ai a-
' iAnriuAL
cl Par tsst -
eat era
aiwiaa It.
Iivaiue l-t-?Bii.
Av-wv pama aai
Ceren loaer
' rr cr rt ci?ii
tUk.Mt a.
The Oregon National Dank,
or to btlax n.
' IWudwaaai to MiaroinlUaa BaaSaaa Baat.t
CArlTA L PAID tn, . . t.ajM
Trtuiea a Onaa.ral fSant-rra
Amors n i-mNhMuitni.
KXCHAJSI.K . Saa rnectma aad Xvw Vork
MAXKa,H-rr.Nl om faa-aaUa lm
VAJI U I.eXAMlUtLrT. . Wlto. H MAKKIJS, ia..
IX W. SRXBMAK. Oaaaaw.
1 1 tn t-eai 'i iiinu aad
i i ham Map of ruiiu pa sorra.
ta ERXB. K.LAMIxa, roar
SIM. F war anil!
aattabia lor Onairaa, Lamoae, Otiraa, maaaoplae.
; Mariana a, atnarhaxnaa an4 aa-iy atfaaablaa.
aaJaon kwur are.l t. S1.S5 toSS.00 net aere.
M. SOLOMON, tjK- w-
SJS fea. Aiajk'SS. 4 titrae, lit.
SiRXD 10a taltaar) aad haaa roar a
" i-or. Yo alii rcia raca
D'ca. Bm-ta, ate-.tniai Srfaa want ac
Aanm Di-
mmf valfiahlo a.m.
fat aal-w prt !,. M-irraraOu., uifoi-a. A uriia, Ik.
. P. K. U. Na m-SL F. . V. Na a.
aiei'iia ai-d aa
r i I ff ! 5 at iKm. mm
I T IM to ' an ah" ;- wtt
i 7f A x-,T MAKHuOD
I I - j ( B-noa t..-T. ftanai
I . ' , t N Vrt, - -J L-r
I t 1 -j. ilaai l!lmMa
1 I a -t
i ZJ -'
II IT- oTfcaatfco.
II ' m. jwa. era rn&wmM ta hatha
I la i , ? Tjf. J Uarpaat taaawnts
B " t i . 1 lun-aona.
I ' -V,v
r -Ra,
5. V . . y
When you want a Power Prca, Lny
a Country "Campbell" or CottrelL'1
They are the only standard UPrcceSe
Cheap' Presses provo costly. AItthto
Nos. 112 nnd 114 Front frnn
' i "fl1
To reduce
No. ISO.
MO. 57.
No. 03.
No. 531.
No. 17G.
No. 1 79.
a a--. a aaaVAW awaaw Aa.ia.fji, AAMWU W aVaU a'lii, VaA'AafV-vaa-
lug Shot Guns at greatly reduced prices:
Lever under fore end action. IO or 12 ga. r $12 OO
wm. Moone & Co., side snap action, bine steel,
10orl2ga. - - - - - -
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rels, 10 or 12 ga. - - - - .
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J - a
fenp aiiu reDounaing
Goo. Fisher top snap action, twist barrels, pi ?tcl
grip, extension rib. rebounding locks, IO or 12 ga.
Geo. Fisher top snap action, laminated steel bar- i.
rels, pistol grip, reboundiiis bar locks, exte:riics3.
rib, lOor 12 ga. - - - - -
Amy tftHre (.ana Mat C.O.I. mm
thtrtat; If th t take tke 5 will b driartrS fraaa tfee
not -Bteaey rerawtled len rirrrat chars?. et t re-larvi'ias Seal -t
r? ilalls Willi eacSt (t,
r- a -
I.-.J L"i C w . -! f
HtmStft ri-trfeew riprtewd aw ii3
fjtl 1 hfttsiata mam
ALL C1"' f-'TI M f rr'.'-t-TV -y-,
,. 1 (,(.. i I rf 1 r I- " "
' ' f fl- I ijr-Ht I )
,T -. S -':'. 1 I I f-
I f .
i I
r ,
ta i. 1 - -k. ' .'-
V i'- n 1 "nn ' , .
tlliA-pill.. -, t f .ti.l f t...
SI. J ''"-'
5"rf wr-rn-ir" ' T,itl'ir t
B'4ifwd tia:H'ra, iivittti'-ra- fum 1.--.?
b - f-r- a. a iiw-fworfi-l ' 't r --'-r
Ir. I'k-i Incram fri " In J
nf till r-r.?wtvi-.t-rr!f4. Hain't a ti--':.
citjiwi..fl a f -.-a eft if
t ir a -1 -t.'. - , . - r i ' - -
).., j V ' -j,'i n'll I -M I"-' ' '
."! i, 'j a I--! t ' ' -v v
rf iif-h tiW Inva-t-.W li..-l '' t.
i -Rl !-. .'l'''f ' -I a V i flri " - .. -J
lix s 4 f , a- ps i jf t-'- r I'-i"1, i- I
r r v ra--"t r -r'-
Llf I 1-1.4 li I . .!,, II...-, - - -4 t
(a tH -t ff vn4 e-r -'-'-. V o
tnfr 1 f( I . tin aii- t.',
t-ti-i tt ie.t ii ...t. a i ta "iii. '
a a -rt'-T .1 1. ij-i iiiwriMi.' i - i .
Urtt m-ri-i i-'.E t I vi.-'-v i a .
to l!f- ttt! .--!. it Ci:r:a f f i'f
i.-."h. bi"' , 1 I m "if, "- t- ',
r-r'Hi pr--'n,. au- ffi. ti 'V f I
$ ; i-nh-' wfi, i -1 if i' -1 i - '
t m' H'll tf on, . ' ..' r f- r t--...4
f isaru.'.tiHJ. trttttj -jt arointi t.- -.-.
f. " rvnt':l
L--f-i ;. a.w 1 o.oo.
ft.---1 U (wi-1" I"! '-.rnr 1 t' T'lr. '; - I -'
n.- v tm I -lei,--1 ti" -"'-'-tl t -' s
rTr-!,'v-r-';i. A-j vf-"T-- ij- -j.'-
ttitr it 'I'M. AxjUL iou, aj iutiu fcu'M,', K. V.
' r :tr
- ViV(.VV-B
Arria72z-iot;a a CATUMtTSO.
m'f a-a a aa a r " -
i wm aa, .a.
t.tii- lmlleetlH,
i lid smtwoa
wmtn.r eutd by '
'iora-r'a fer'
jKnryaf I ve rel if
uuis a viai, S1 Xrutaiiai.
aa pt
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