The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, October 08, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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    NK1CI It HtH StitliMftt
Notice is hereby given that the under­
signed Administrator of the estate of
l.eona F Goin, dweeased. late of lann
county, Oregon, ha* Aled hi* final a>
count in said estate matter with the
Clerk uf the County Court of coun
ty, Oregon, and said Court ha* fi»r<! Fri­
day .th* 23d day uf October. 1921», at the
hour uf eleven o'clock in the morning
of said day. in the county court r»»»<n
of the county court bouse in th* city of
Albany. Linn county, Oregon, aa the
time and place for hearing uf objections
to said Anal account, if any, and the
final settlement uf said estate.
I»ated and first i>ubli»hed this 17th
day uf t-eptemlier, 1925.
Administrator of the estate uf
Leona F. Goin, deceased
A K. M c M ahan ,
Attorney for Administrator,
*17.24 «14 15
Joe lioiub, Josephine
Snidi, Anton Holub and
Emma Holub, his wife,
and Mamie Herman ami
Frank Herman, b«-r hua-
Agnes I lutson ami Fili
Benjamin IkitSon, her
husband. Frank Holub
and Flmil Holub,
Th* Rcio Tribun®
Pag® 4
ini ic.MiAY, (Jet. 8, 1925
of the ownership, management, circu­
lation, etc . required by the Act uf Fun-
gresil uf August 24. 1912. uf The S«»o
inburc, pubiisbed weekly at Scio, Or­
egon. for October, 1925.
.-itsti- • f Oregon, County of Ijnn.
II* fur* me. a Notary i*ubhc in and for
the state and county aforesaid, person­
ally appeared I. V. Me Adon, who being
sworn according to law. dcfmsa* and
says that ho is the owner of th* hcio
Tribune »id that the following is. to
till last uf his kniiwleilge and belief, a
true statement uf the ownership, man­
agement, etc. of tit* aforesaid publica
fun for the date shown in the above
raptrrquirwi by the Art of Aujuit
¡ 24 1912, ciu I mm I i «! in aeeltuti 444. l'urial
J Laws and Regulation*, printed on the
r«vera* uf this form, lo-wit:
’I list the name ami address of the
pudsher an-1 editor is I. V. McAdoo,
managing editor and business manger,
E. J. McAdoo, Scio, (hrgon.
Th» owner I* I. V. McAdoo, S<-to,
Oregon, and hia wife. FI. J McAdoo,
hciii. On-gun.
I fat the known bondholders, mort­
gagees, and other security bolder* own­
ing or holding 1 iicr cent or more of to­
tal Amount of Imnd*. mortgagee, or
other -.»•»•uritics are: None.
I I. M c 'A ihmi . Buainesa Manager.
Sworn to amI subscribed before me
thi* 29th day of September, 192'»
Rll.KV SHKl.TON, Notary Public.
My commlsoioti eipirca Feb. 15, 1929.
Notice is hereby given that iisli-rs'il
by virtue of a decree ami order of sale
duly ma»1<- and entered of r»-cuni in the
above entitled Court in the above ct ti­
tled cause on the 27th dav of August,
1925. authorizing anti directing th»- un­
There m cotiaiderable improvement
dersigned as referee to make sale of i
the real property hereinafter dcscriUd. going on in Scio at prefent, which
1 will un Halurday, the 10th lay of < •■
toiler, 1925. at the hour of one o'clock »'.<>»• that the citizen* and business-
in the afternoon of said day. nt the mm are keeping up with progreaa.
front door of the County Court llotn---
of Linn County. Oregon, al Albtmv,
Oregon, offer for sale for cash in tin - I
A life that ha* a motive, some-
to the highest bi<i<ler all of th» right.
title anti interosl of the plaintiffs a< <1 thing l< finite to live and work for.
defendants above named in and to the
following described real property, to i* never dreary; so never be content
with taking thing* a* they come,but
Beginning in the center of a
go after them.
County road 57.6o chains North
of the Southwest earner of br<-
tlon 17, in Township 10, Hou'h
Quit»- a nunilwr have complained
of Range 1 West of the Will­
amette Meridian. Oregon, run­
of picking up tacks in their auto
ning thence North H5 degree»
tires within the last few day*, Th i*
Fast along the center of said
road a distance of 6.68 chains;
“pleasant* pastime may prove wry!
thence Couth 194 feet; then»»-
• •
to the one* who have been en-
North kA degrees Fast 642 feet;
thence South 3N.52 chains;
joying” the ’‘joke."
th.-nce West 16.06 chains I
Western boundary line uf said
Section 17; thence North along
Linn county's exhibit at the stat*
the Western boundary line of
said Hectlon 17 to the place of
fair will be taken to the Pacific In­
beginning, containing 6 8.15
ternational Livestock Show at Port*
acre*, more or loss, situated in
l.inn County, State of Oregon.
land, which begins Oct 31. Thia is
Hani sale to lie made subject to the the right move, as it will properly
confirmation of the above entitled Cir­
advertise Linn cuunty to the world.
cuit Court.
Hated thia Hth day of September,
F rank R icharp ,
American* spend $8,000.000.000
iinnuailt on automobiles, it i* said,
BIO-17-24-01 «
Maiaislrilw s Ntlici »1 Sill ol
Rill PrtHfly
Notice is hereby given that tin- un
dcrsigiied administrator of the estate
of Mary J. " hite, deceased, will on
Monday, the ’2nd «lay of November, !-.»25,
«t the Itour of ten <
day. at the other of the Hcio
New, IJnn County, Oregon, sell at pri
vate sale for ca*n in hand on date of
sale, all of the right, title and inter» »1
of the estate of the above named Mar)
J. While, deceased, the same Ix-ing ai
undivided one-third interest in atxl to
the •‘outhwrst quarter of ’“«ctlun 22. in
Township 9 Routh, Rang*- I Fast of th»-
Willamette Meridian, I inn County, Or
egun. sublect to the right of courtesy
of C. C. White, widower of sai l dece-
dent, and that sealed bids will be re
reived by the undersigned, L»r th«- al»»»».-
described real t>rof»erty. at sai l ofllir
up to ten o'clock a. m. of said day.
That thia sale is made under and by
virtue of an order of the County Court
of the Stall of Oregon for t
of Marton, duly made and entered of
record in the estate of the above named
decedent on the 21st day of September,
R onai . u C. G lover ,
Administrator of the Estate of
Mary J. White, deceased.
Oct. 1-6-15-22 29
For Sale
Several Thousand
No. I Pololo Sacks
Albany Bargain House
Corner 2d & I Valter
Phone 411-J
Albany. Ore.
Subacrihe now—11.75 the year
of this am uni about 25SÌ goes for
'fancy radiator caps, 5U'< fordudad*
on the instrument board* and the
other 25% fur mending tack punc-
The state supreme court ha* AU»-
tained the veto of Gov. Tierce when
he vetoed the bill passed by the last
legislature authorizing a special
election thia coming November,hold­
ing that an expenditure of $100,000
for this was nut warranted. Saved
again from the politician*.
Allan Bynon. a young Salem at­
torney who lx-c tne a»«i»tant U. S.
district attorney, haa lieen drawn
into the Kelso. Wash , triangl« by
selling evidence to the authorities.
»•> the metropolitan paper* say. He
needed lite money, we guess, and
ha* ruined hia future. Il pays to
go straight.
Cooperation mean* working to­
gether for mutual benefit. Can there
lie a more sound foundation for true
nnd profitable buaineaa relationship*?
It not only means that two may pro­
fit together but each will profit
more. Combined interest* and com­
bine I effort* will create greater sal-
j ¡«faction and a happier people
human monstrosity who hasn't and
Vthss Hoar»: 9 t<> It a in.. 2 to 5 p m.
And by App intment.
won't dim.
Within a short time the Albany
Democrat-Herald will issue an anni­
versary number commemorating the
60th year of its existence a* a newt-
paper in Albany. Every MMÜMI »»f
Linn cuunty is to receive its share
of publicity and will be a* authentic
a* poMtble. A feature of th* issue
will be the non-apprsrance of dis­
play advertising, so common In such
A Santa Crux. California, poultry­
man is try ing an experiment with
hi* ehicsen* in forcing them into an
early moult. Thi* rear he is cutting
out ths mash and soft feed* and
feeding only hard feed*. Already
hi* flock !■ down to a few eggs daily
and the yards are filled with feath­
ers. He believes this will be a bet­
ter method than the one of cutting
out all feed for a few days, as aotne
poultrymen do.
Dr. Geo. J. Kenagy
401-2 First Nsi»»»<»»l lis»>k liuiMmg
tmd ÇtmrtlMtntatr
Valve Grinding
I Vnc quich|y <>n a machine
tl t »• scientifically accurate.
And it tin- only one of its
kind in Linn county. Try u»
next time. Auto (»art* lx»th
wli»>lcsalc and retail.
C. H.Torrance
212 E. ETrst
Phone 379
10-1 l\ 2<J st.
Albany, Ore.
Improving on
on* of the Wethington B »v-t, talk
on Abraham Lincoln. The only
thing I could picture in t inmun
between him ami I. nc< In was that
they had both been in
When a Politician aint talking
about himself he it talking about
Lincoln. Lincoln hat had more
Public men c;teak of hit good
qualiiiet, and fewer copy' any of
them, than any man America ever
produced. Hit famous addrett was
only about two hundred word*
long. No Politician hat ever l»een
able to even Copy hit briefness.
In fad that it the lad one of hi*
qualitiet that they would try to
copy. Lincoln said nx»rc in those
2(X) word* than hat been said in
the entne City uf Washington in
the last 10 years, and here it a
quality that no hntonan or speaker
hat ever brought out before. At
the completion of the Gettysburg
speech, he wisely refuted one of
Grant' * <* gars, and borrowed a
tack of **BuU'’ Durham from an
Iaist week we received a well
written editorial on the Cost of fires Ex Southern prr-ate, rolled hit
appropo* to fire prevention week, cwn, g- t on hit Mule and went
Ix-ginning last Sunday. It was so back to \\ .lUnngtcMi.
good we decided to read it through,
and down at the bottom we found
a fine spiel on a certain article that
P. S. Tb» re wi!l be ai>< llier iiicct here
if home builders would use the fire twu weeks frutu nuw. Luuk lur IL
problem would almost be solved. It
was a peach of an advertisement,
and we came near falling for it. It
is hard sometimes to tell what is le­
gitimate new* and what-is not. Wn
want to serve notice on the dear
public, and moochers in particular.'
that space in the Scio Tribune rep­
resent* labor and service, which we»
•ell at the published rates. Here- 1
after anything that bring* money
into the treasury of a society, or
benefits an individual or group, the
coin of the realm must accompany
the advertisement. We have made
an extra effort to further srveral
local movements, at a great finan­
cial loss to ourselves, but our efforts
have never been appreciated so far
Some car owner* haven't had the as we know, but they have been se­
: light* adjusted <>n their car*, aa the verely condemned. We sell service,
ight* prove when meeting them at and the service is the cheapest in
night. »Neither do they dim them, the county when measured by results
which *how* the driver derm* him­ obtained. Henceforth press agents,
self above law. It is a pleasure to publicity grafters, hokum handlers,
drive at night when you meet cars blurb slingers, good will campaigns,
with adjusted light*, but the joy is etc . are stricken from the free ser­
taken out of it when you meet the vice of the Scio Tribune.
A ijiany , orboon
The handicap Bob Stanfield placed
on himself as hia own successor in
the U. 9 senate, coupled with the
demand of President Coolidge that
Bert E. Haney resign as a member
of the shipping board. is making it
hard for “favorite'* sons to launch
their name» for th»-
I’ hti<-»
is dangerous these day*. es|«ecially
when the politician doesn't play on
the square
What is needed is a
real man. but he i* hard to find.
An eight page paper this week,
which will be continued as long as
the subscription and advertising pat
ronage will warrant, and we hope it
will be fur all time. If you like the
change, please tell vour friends and
the publisher* We arc just human*
(a* you) and we like to get a pat on
the shoulder and a compliment (as
you), and not all kick* and cuffs
All department* are there we prom­
ised. except the radio, which will
appear shortly. The (lory is full of
thrills and peculiar situations, and
the funny page tickles the funny
bone of the whole family. Owing
to the great expense in going to an
eight page paper, no reduction in
subscription rates will be made this
year. Don't let your subscription
expire, keep up with the story, and
ask your neighbors and friend* to
subscribe. The price Is SI 75 per
yesr in the U. S. and posscsaiun*.
In Canada and other foreign coun-
tne* the rate i* $2.50 per year the
extra postage make the difference.
j Office 3RD
rwowes. |
We Lave just installed a new
mac Line I -r tightening wheels.
Brin; in your car or truck
and let us show you how sci­
entifically this machine works
cither on steel or wood felloe
w! cels without the use of
shinix and at right prices.
This ad is
If y»»u arc on the farm, we
have the
you need to re­
pair your Iwim
and sheds.
If you
town, we can
supply you with
what you need.
<1. W. Copeland Yards
Q uai
: S ervice
Second and Calapoois
Phone 275
A lbany , O re .
“B ull
D urham
Guaranteed by
111 Fifth A
New YwACiry
11 14 ferry St.
Salem. Ore
2' < for All Sales
Satmfac tion Guaranteed
< iriHHii tinnii ink win
! a what ws claim tor it—rM your sytrtom
I ’£ Otarrh ar D«afi>ese caused by
CWO m h
•i»ts "f >n Otntmrnt whleh Quickly
ItrU-v»» t»o catarrhal Inflammation. MUI
'ha latsrnU M-dlr I ns. a Tonic, which
thmush the ntoofl on th* Mu.ouo
' «>:rfar»a. thus r-atortnt: normal rondl
I lions.
S’*4. bT -IruaslM* for over «A Tear*
hail -*
E. J c'hMoy « Co.. THM s . Ohio