The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, November 20, 1924, Image 1

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    Vol. 2<s
|1.75 th© Year
Time to Uphold Law
made, and another blacki-ye on the
town allowed to go unnoticed by the
What is needed in Scio 1« a sub­
stantial jail to hou»e offenders <>f
the peace and quietude of .>ur citi­
Think this over. eilto-M. ard
see if you do not agree with
In the little more than three yean
that the present owners of the Scio
Tribune have been piloting its career
they have tried to avoid publishing
anything that would bring sorrow
and heartaches to the innocent, but
there are getting to be so many
"hardboils" here that nerd the mer-
ci less finger of scathing publicity
Will Play Bridge
pointed directly at them, and now
and in the future the Tribune isnot
Most of the ladie» who formerly
going to shield the law breaker, be comprized the membership of th«
he of high or low birth- the crime 500 club have orcamzetl to play
of one is just as serious as of the I bridge this season
The club will
A week ago last Saturday, a fight
occurre«i on the street near the
south end of the bridge and ooe man
had his clothes nearly ail torn off of
meet every two weeks on Friday,
the first m«-eting to be at the b >n>«-
of Mrs. W F Gill on Friday after
‘noon of thia week wh«*n three table-
will bs in play.
him. No complaint was filed and no
The present membership inclu l«w
arrests were made. What is th« Mr» W F. Gill. Mrs. E D. Mvers.
matter with those who witnessed Mrs. F. T. Bilyeu. Mrs. A. G. Pull.
the melee that they did not call for Mrs. E. G. Arnold. Mt». C. W.
an officer? Are our streets to be Bragg. Mrs John Wesely. Mr» R
used for debauches and our peaceful L. Hixson. Mrs. Paul iatnlon, Mrs
citizens moral cowards?
IP, H. MacDonald. Mr* J S >
Almost every dav some one par­ and Mrs. Rolla Shelton
ades our streets in an intoxicated
Tendered a Surpri»e
condition, and nothing is ever done.
P. T. A. Elect» Officer*
Wh>? Are our streets an open sa­
Saturday night will always be a
loon and the alleys th« back door?
1-ast Thursday night the Parent- pleasant spot in the memory of Mr.
Are our sober, peaceful, law-abiding Teacher Association met in the high
and Mrs J F Kukacka. when a
citizens moral cowards?
school auditorium to reorganize- for large number of friends pounced in
Then comes the debauch and me­ the year’s work. About 25 men
on them and gave them a surprise.
lee of Sunday night just at the dose and women were present and many
The Kukacka's left Tuesday morn­
of church services. City Marshal : plans were talked over for the work
ing for a two menths* visit in New
N. I. Morrison anJ his wife (and 1 of the association, among them the
York City and other points in the
other women and some children) heating of the gym, the beautifying east, and the surprise was in the na­
were passing and the marshal quiet­ of the school grounds, and bringing ture of wishing a tine visit and safe
ly a»ke«l Ivan Balachweid. who was parent and school closer together. return home. The following brought
creating most of the nuisance, to go ,The following offic.-rs were chosen along well filled baskets, to which
home and behave himself, and he R. M Cain, president; Mrs D. (.’ all did ample justice, and at a late
refused to do either. He then ask­ Thoms, vice-president; Mias Fentney,
hour returned to their homes:
ed some of Ivan’s companions to secretary-treasurer
The domestic
Mat Dubeck and wife, Ed Pelan
take him home, and they refused. i science clats served a light lunch ■t and family. Joe. F. Novak and fam­
Ivan was then told he was under ar­ th» close of the meeting.
ily. Jerry Holechek and family.Wal­
rest for being drunk and disorderly
ter Holechek and family, Joe Dobr-
on a public thoroughfare, and the
kovaky and family, Joe Mcnhart ami
To Start Jan. 1
city marshal started to search him.
family. Andy Helzendorf and fami­
At this. Ivan hit the marshal a hard
A. G. Sharp and Claude Hickey, ly, hi Martinek and family of La­
blow on the left eye. blackening it
of the Thomas Creek l.umtier Co., comb, John fanisch and family of
The sheriff’s office was then ealled
went to Portland last Friday on Albany, and Joe Bartlett of Temple.
and Sheriff Richard responded. In
The buildings in their Texas, who arrived Saturday a. m.
order to uv« Ivan from laying in
lumtier camp are now completed
jail over night, a local citizen stood'
and include a Commissary, two buna
Birthday Surprise
good for his appearance in Albany 1
houses. a cook house and blacksmith
at 10 o'clock Monday morning.
shop. Thev are m>w repairing the
Saturday. November 15. P. R.
When sober, Ivan Is a good buy;
flume and will nest art the resaw Bilyeu was 74 years old. and on Sun­
when drunk, he is heil turned loose,
and build a shed for I*
They ex­ day he was given a surprise by his
it is said, and the bootlegger who
pect to have everything in readiness children and grandchildren, and also
sells his stuff to anyone who cannot
to start operating the mill by th* by his mother. Aunt Nancy Bilysu.
control himself should be shot—in
first of the year
who was yti years old on Nov. 10.
fact, anyone who makes and or sells
Ths happy crowd brought along
the kind of stuff that is made today
well filled baskets, which all enjoyed
When Foe Meet» Foe
when apprehended should be shot,
immensely. Those in surprise party
for it ha» murder in It. and murder­
Next Salt rday is the snnual foot­ liesides Mr. and Mrs. Bilyeu were:
ers in Oregon are supposed to die.
ball battle 1 «-tween O A. (’. and I’, Hamrn Shelton er.. J. W. Frost.
What was the matter with the sup-
of O. at Corvallis, and it is expected Emma Smith. Otto Weidman, Andy
|w««e<i "friends’* of Ivan that they
20.000 ex-student» an«( friends will Crabtree. Ray Crabtree, wife and
did not take him home when re­
be in attendance to wltnens the daughter Eunice and son Cyril. V.
quested to? Were they moral cow­
game. Until last year, the U. or <>. H. Shelton, wife and son Howard.
ards. or aiders and abettor» in the
had been walloping 0. A. C., when Fred M. Grimes, wife and daugh­
attack on the city marshal?
the latter turned the tide and gave ters Dorris and laitha. and Evaline
On Monday afternoon another de­
the University a trouncing. Will Bilyeu.
gree of lawlessness occurred, which
they do It again next Saturday?
The gtMsts when departing wish­
is said to have started over wrest­
We understand quite a number ed Mr. Bilyeu many more birthdays
ling and winding up in blows. No
from here are planning on seeing 1 celebrated with them present.
complaint was filed, no arrests were
the game.
Thanksgiving Sermon
Next Sunday is the Sunday before
Thanksgiving, That evening, in the
Christian church. Hey J. Y. Stew­
art will preach a Thanksgiving ser­
mon. God has wonderfully Messed
us as a nation. Let us "Enter into
his gates with thanksgiving.” Ix»t
us lav aside other things this .»ne
night and gather in God’s house and
praise Him for His goodness. Ev­
erybody come
Cusick Bank Buildinf
Albany, Oregon
“ Plates That Fit
Crown and Bridge Work,
Plates, Filling». Paini©»»
Extraction. It will be to
your advantage to get my
Mrs. N. E Gill has returned from
• viwt st the home of her son. Dr.
People's Theatre
Carl Ijtemmle
'Trilling With Honor"
Featuring a brilliant cast
Jack Dempsey in
“1 Society Knockout'
One of the "Fight and Win”
AsmiMion 10s an© 200
9. G. GM at Lstamm
R. H. McCartnr Pa»*©»
No. 15
Organize Community Club
Richard ii Mct’arter, who p*"«-<l
awav al hi* home near Thoma* Mon­
day. had been a sufferer for ar ver al
year* from paralysis, and which
finally called him to his last long
sleep, rhe deceased was born in
Ogdensburg. N. Y„ July 2»>. 1N66.
and was th« re fore aged ♦»>* years, 8
months and 22 days. Hr had lived
in Oregon for the past fu years,
spending moat of this time at Dallas
and Beuna Vista, where he followed
farming. A little over three years
ago the family moved to a small
farm near Thomas. Hr was given
all the tender care loving hands
could give by his wife, relatives and
Funeral service were held yester­
day at. the home and burial was had
in Fianklin Rutte cemetery, lb v
Erskine officiating. The deceased is
survived by his wife,and a *<>n.J< m
D. McCarter, who Ilves in Dallas,
and a brother. Thomas McCarter of
California, and a half brother, AV
McCarter of Dallas.
Mondnv night at the school house
In District No. I a community club
was organized amid great enthusi­
asm. The school house was packed
with interested 1 «mle who want a
closer unity v th • •-h other in that
trriitory and 11 1.« c inly. and the
sure way to accomplish this is in
community work. The organization
of the new dub was ablv handled
by President F. L. Smith, who gave
the assemblage much valuable in­
formation as to the uims of the or­
A m< st excellent program was
jointly staged by the school children
of both Diet. No. 9M and No. 1 and
others, the dialogue, "A Matrimon­
ial Advertisement." being especially
clever. In fact, all » m cleverly
handl««i and reflarcied a great amount
of talent among the young people
of the two neighborhoods. Talks
were given by J. T. Brock. J. L.
Davenport, I V, McAdoo »nd others
who»«- names we did not learn, and
they were optimistic and full of en*
couiagenient. Mrs. Stoneman acted
ns chairman of the program.
Visita Hi» Nephew»
The following officers were elect-
ed: President. 8. P. Stringer; vie
Judge W T. Thomas. Unitel
dent. II A. Gregson; secretary-
States commissioner at Wrangell.
treasurer. Miss H. Gaines.
Alaska, is hereon a visit to his neph­
president then appointed the follow­
ews. Riley, E. C.. »nd H«-nry Shel­
ing committees:
On name, l«ee
ton. The Judge »ays he has held
Gaines, John Brock. Ed Steuanek;
some political position in Alaska since
ion by-law», John Shanks. Mrs Stone­
Grover Cleveland’s first term a*
man, George ¡.sever; on entertain­
president, and has mads Alaska hi»
ment, Mr». Stoneman. Dorris U-e-
home for more than 47 years, al
ver, John Brock.
though he was raised here. For
The next meeting of the new club
fear some may think there is untold
will be Monday night. Dec. 15, at
wealth in Alaska in plarer mining,
the same place.
the judge save that the recent finn­
ings in hiss«*ction are only pro»t«”cts.
Mr. unti Mr». W. A. Ewing were
and advISM those who contemplate
visitors Tuesday.
going there to look, think and t»e sure
before leaving on wild stone» about
’’prospects”. He will be here for I
several day» renewing acquaintances
and enjoying going >ver by gone
days with his nephews
S aturday , N ov . 22
Star Theater, Stayton
Remodeling Residence
Johnnie Hines
in a Warner Bros, classic
Workmen have lx-en bu»i for the
past several weeks rem deling the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. Geerg«? M
Bilyeu on West Mui street. All the
partition» have ln-en changed, new
woodwork l>a»tx<n put in, and new
windows and doors replace the old
In the upper story are two sleep­
ing rooms, complete l>ath room and
closets, tin the lower floor are liv­
ing and dining room with col Ion ad e
opening, one bed room, dutch kitch­
en, and toilet and lavatory. The
front porch is being torn away and
a new one will take ita place.
When completed it will l«e on«- of
the most modern and up-to-date
homes in Scio. „
Joyous Session Had
A splendid feed and a good time
was enjoyed by memliera of the K.
of P. lodge Tuesday night. One
new member was taken into fellow­
ship. At the social hour Dr. A. G.
Prill threw on the screen some 100
beautiful acenes of Oregon which he
had taken on his many tours of
study and recreation throughout the
state. The doctor has several hun­
dred scenes and is preparing an il­
lustrated lecture which he will de­
liver before the historical society In
Portland In the near future.
The Z. C. B J. lodge is conduct­
lag a votine contest for the must
popular young lady In the commun­
ity. Vols» may b» had at th» stores
Little Johnnie Jones
A jockey’» experience <>n the
race track at the Derby
A ill-reel program
10c an«l JO«-
S unday . N ov . 25
Pola Negri in
Shadows of Paris”
The secret service after
the French attache
Admission ... ...
10c and JOc
T uesday , Nov. 25
Fred Thompson in
The Silent Stranger
Tom Mix’s greatest rival in a
whirlwind western.
A 2-rccl "Telephone Girl”
A«lm. 10c and 2S-’
’ -r’ ’ -P nt it U S 1 1$ CMMj