The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, January 12, 1922, Image 2

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(Editor's Note—We are glad to
give suae« to the people of our com*
munity on topics of the day. but
ask them not to become personal or
Each contributor must
sign name, not for publication, but
for our protection.)
Entered at the pxtofficw at Scio.
Oregon m second riw- matter.
Supi-iNQ A way F» jm S oo
AUvgamaiNO katkh
Editor Scio Trtburto:
Local advertising P«r line first is-
Seeing an article in the Tribune
sertion ...............................
Each subsequent insertion per fine .06 of last week signed "Cash Casto
Display advertising First insertion
mer,** in which • cause woo riven for
per inch .......................................... .a
trading in Scio.
Each subsequent insertion
Advertisements should reach this office
It seems to mo if 1 was a mer-
not later than Tuesday to Insure publi­
chant in Scio now 1 would got busy
cation In the current issue
All transient advertisements must be and put an ad In the Tribune that
paid for In advance of publication.
would back Albany off of the map
My experience, and that of many
others, ia the same as <2aah Custo­
We do moot of our trading In Al-
bany. Not only this
You can go
to AI Ivan y most any day in the wook,
and rkje-ciallv on Saturdays, ami you
TffVKfitiAY, J an . 12. 1922
will find more oeopie from the Im-
vicinity, and even from
fKlS Worti
IM ItMuif
Scio itself, trading ia Albany than
Scio is th. trading center of the north
you will see in Scio doing trailing in
forks of the "antlarn.
Scio has population of about Stri.
a whole week. This should not be.
Scio is in the heart of the best dairy­
Scio is in the center of the kiest part
ing section of Linn county.
Scio farm, grow moat anything that of lunn county, both as to agricul­
can be grown from soil.
»cio owns its water and electric light tural sn«i dairy products.
plant»- plenty of power at a cheap rate
Albany can remcmtier, and 1 re­
for any number of enterprises.
distinctly, when the princi­
Scio haa a milk condenaerv, ami no
better milk ia cannod any wheia.
ple part of the taxes of Linn coun­
Scio has a flouring mill, and its prod
ty came from the Forks of the San-
uct finds a ready market at all timea.
Scio ia ck»se to billions of feet of tiam, during the "Scutch Ixxn and
standing limiter, and soon big mills will
Mortgage daya," that many will
be busy making It ready for market.
Scio has a hospital second to none
never forget.
Scio If you want to know more about
The reason Scio has never grown
Scio and the surrounding country, write
to the bank, the mayor or to the editor to Iw of any more conaequence as a
of this paper.
thriving and prosperous city to ths
"hold-up" attitude Its business men
L ook * like Newberry stands to
have always manifested. If ever
lose his seat in the Senate—and will
there was a business house empty,
If some motive akin to the primary
its doors would hardly be closed un­
is not used. There are too many of
til aome one in businesa would gob­
hia calibre in the Senate now.
ble it up ao as to keep out competi­
tion. I b.lieve I express an abao-
C ano I PATE» for governor will
lute truth when * say that most all
soon lie as thick in Oregon as dess kimis of ma rehandles has always
on a hungry dog. The office pave
sold higher in Scio than in any other
quite well, thank you, but we have town in the county, except a few
decided to remain at our present years, when the Wewly Bros, con­
post of duty.
duct ed a general store. It seems
now that moot of the business men
I t can't be possible that Hardinv have lircome ossified and don't know
with his arms limitation will meet that the war to over and excessive
the ssme fate as Wilson with hie profiteering to not carried oa In any
leatrue of nations
Prrea dispatches other place but Scio.
affirm and deny that Hardin« and
Gel busy, Sc«o merchants, and
Hughes have crowed wires over the advertise advertise prices that will
meet. There is no suhh thing as draw, and your little town will oot
disarmament when individuals and have parking room for care for Die
nations carry chips on their shoul­ people who will come to Scio to do
their trading.
A ten thousand dollar stock of
We hive opened our columns to goods be ugh t and resold tea times
the people for discussion of facts and in a year at 10% profit to much
things of interest to them. So far better than turning the aame sloes
two people have used the columns, over once or twice at 25% or 50*
and both have been chastising our profit.
business men. We believe if the
Scio merchants, wake up! Your
people would privately insist what cash customers are slipping sway
they say so publicly to the business from you, because you doa't adver­
men the results they want would be tise what bargains you have got—if
you have any. Don't get sore at
the editor for publishing thia. Don't
¡T must be dreadfully embarrass­ get sore at me for expressing the
ing to be rich. First. every woman truth about busineeo conditions io
wants you; one captures you, and Scio, which must undergo a radical
she soon decides she doesn't want change if we expect to aee Scio
you. sues for divorce, gets alimony grow. Your suc c ess to my iatereot.
of a 1100 a day. end finally cope off and my intsreets to your success In
your best «-state and 13.000,000 be­ a general welfare and community
sides. It sure is embarr using, be­ uplift for both town and country.
cause that is the only line of busi­ Give and it will be given back 14
ness the millionaires are engaged in you in a ten fold ratio.
A Citiaen of Scio.
that the piihlic gets to know fibout.
According to a statement issued
by Adjutant General (eorge A.
White, of the National Guard, Ore­
gon has derived a net profit of SI 19,-
077 from its national guard during
the past v»ar. There are now 2400
members, all of whom receive gov­
ernment checks.
>r 1.
- r-«
(Continued from page L)
was taken up and thoroughly dis­
cussed. It appears that ths com­
mittee appointed from ths line did
not see the urevident as was sug­
J. S. Sticha and wife made a trip gested by Secretary Couey, but had
to Albany Monday, attending to become busy at something else. A
report was in circulation here, as
business ami doing some shopping
announced last week, that this line
ia The Seiu ribose sad get
had discontinued with Albany and
Boosting K"' Your Dollars
In Our Big Sale of Men’s and Boys’ Clothing
When a Sale IS a Sale
In the past year or so a great many »«ailed sales have nnly been the marking down of
merchandise to the market price. This is one thing of which we have b»-en very careful*
never to advertise a sale when the price wan just reduced to market
1 his Is a Real Sale
The rrerchanuiM* on sale will go back to the former price (which is market) as soon as the
sale ia over. Merchandise for spring is just as high as last fall, and in some cases a little
higher. So you w ill make money if you take advantage of thia opportunity now.
Sale Starts Thursday. Jan. 12,
running seventeen days, closing Saturday. Jan. 28. Below you will find only a few of the
many bargains.
Watch th«- paper«, or better still, pa> our store a visit
1 l’re«<-rit Market
Overcoats—Mens mixed wool coats
Men’s ali-Oregon Wool Coats
Men’s wool double-breasted coats
Men’s Kuppenheimer, our very bet>t
$27.50 $17.00 $12.50
37.50 25.00 19.75
45.00 32.50 24.75
175.00 45.00 37.50
80.00 50.00 40.00
l*N Crw.
>uc11 prices will
■*" pair men’s brown csif.kin,English last IIS.00
37 pair im-n*a brown English write .... |
UU eltta pair:
<0 The sale touches aim ■ri every
□J department in our store with
just such bargains as above You
cannot afford to miss this chance.
"The Store With a Square Deal
for Everybody”
connected with Letanon. This was
reported untrue Saturday at the < >
meeting. A committee was, on mo­
tion. appointed to immrdiateiy see
the committee of the line, that very
afternoon, and if neeovury call a
special meeting of the Scio Mutual
for further action
Unofficially thia
paper learns that the committee of
the Scio Mutual met with a hearty
response and that connection is quite
The question as to whether or
not the association should incorpo­
rate was thoroughly discussed, and
finally referred to a committee to
invistigate and report.
sumri Silt it leu Mprtj II Firttlowft
Sound and Vacuum Cup
Tires and l ubes
Oils and Greasea
Storage Batteries
Auto I’uiiitH and Enamels
Now i»- thf Tinit» t«> PurciiHx«* Your
Ask these well known men why they purchased our plant;
I. H. (ojM-land. Crabtree; Wm Volkman, Crabtree: Waiter Blackburn,
Scio; George Schlerth. Cr«btr<e; O. B. Kccbler, Lebamm; Walter Po­
land, Shc-'d
And many qthcra.
Paul Automatic Water Systems
Perfection Milkin« Machines (Nature’s Milker)
Anker Holth ( ir^m Separators.
The Only Self Bal­
Notice is hereby given. That by vir­
tue of an execution duly issued out of
ai ced Bowl
the Circuit Court of th-- State of Oro
g«»n. for the Cnuntv of Rinn. and to n.e
Electric U inng by Licensed and Bonded Men—Estimates
directed on th, 24th day of Dec.-mtwr,
lWi, upon a judgment and decree duly
Cheer fully Furnished
rendered, entered of record and dock-I
etod in and by said Court on the 14th :
day of December. 11121, in a certain
suit then tn said Court (ending, where-
327 W First st
O. Building
in C. P. Neibert was plaintiff and A. C. j
Brown and Sarah L. Brown, hi* wife, |
E. M. Sherlock, R. D. Norton and Allee '
E. Norton, hia wife. w«-re defendants ’ ****>*****A****A***“**AtttnttiiHHHn i H tt)
In favor of plaintiff and against said
defendants, by which esecutUKi I am
commandetl to sell the property in said
execution ami hers-maftt-r iteecrilwd to
pav the rum du«- the plaintiff, of >210 !M
with interval thereon at the rate of H
per cent per annum from the »th day
of February. 1ST»; and for the further
sum of SW.77 as taxes paid by Vai.;
flaintiff, and for the further sum of
IM.00 attorney's f«->s together with
Coats and disbursement» of said suit
Sixes ß
taxed st 3». Ml and cost« and expense,
. . 17c
of saxi execution. I will on Saturday,
Sixes 4
the llth day of February, 1922. at the
hour of 11 o'clock A. M of said day, at
Sizes M
the front door of the County < «and
House in Albany, Linn Chanty, Ore-
gum, sell at public auction to the high­
est bidder for cash in hand on day of
. 24c
sale, ail the right, title, interest and
estate which seal defendants amt all
persons claiming under them subse­
quent to the date of the mortgage in.
of a«d to said premise, herein la fnrv
mentioned are described in said execu­
tion as follows, to-wit:
Tbs East Half of the Northwest
Quarter and the West Half of the
Northeast Quarter of Section Seven, in
One !d>t of Men's Cotton
Township Thirteen. 8outh Range One
25c to .W values. Tan, Black, Brown only
West or the Wilismette M endian, in
Lina County, Oregon, containing Itio
reduced to
...... 11*C
acres, in Linn County. Oragon.
Said sale being made subject to re­
These prices are- (’ASH. and for on»» week OXLY
demption in the manner provided by
Dated this 10th day of January, 1K2
C. M K knpaix .
Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon
V. A. GooMi. Attorney for Ptauntiff.
Roy Building.
.. ....................................................................... essa.....................
Stay too. Oregon
J. F. WESELY, Scio, Oregon