The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1919-19??, December 22, 1921, Image 3

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    Our Christmas Tree
Christmas 1921
’ I is Christmas again—the season of laughter
and youth. With a lift of spirit and a warmiug
of heart, six joins hands with sixty to celebrate
the happy occasion. No one escapes the spell.
Only a day—but on this day the old grow young
and the youth throws off the grasp of time.
fl Up lifes winding course and through the ages
change constantly bites at the heel of habit and
custom. T he romantic stagecoach has given
place to steam and speed. Electricity has snuf
ted the soft beam of candle light, even the tink
ling sleighbell has been drowned in the roar of
motor horns. Yet youth knows naught of the
ho will say
old age—gladly accepts the new
that spirits were keener or smiles brighter at the
Christmases of our fathers than they are today?
<J In this modern spirit the Blain Clothing Com­
pany offers to each and every one of its patrons
Pilgrims Told of Its Power to
Bloom on Christmas Day.
Crow"g,of the Cock to Keep
Away Evil Spirits.
T*t* of 8-tint Stephen, the First Mar­
tyr, Whose Day la D*c*m-
oar Twsnty Sia.
* : It »-i,<e that tirsi Chriatmaa e*s
■» ')<■- c « ha* crowvl all sight lung
m inx (»ar> to krep away evil
-fi i .
i -i tl>. reck la a buly blrti
an<l i know iiig <>us. Tber«
a piva*
- -f him and Mslut (Orphan, tba
DrM martyr, whose dsy I* Itucambsr
an. cl»-» by Ms dear Loid s.
Nu-phvo ««• Kiug Herod's
«h-u ltd. It M-viiia. whu aervtd btlu la
tir .ii'iH'ii an«l at tabla, tins night
a» i,.
- bringing In tha boar’s brad
ft,i » » inastar** illnaer hr saw tbr
Mm «hln i-, over Heihlebrtn. tmiue-
dlatrl l>. «n down th* hugv platter
and exi-lalua-d ;
lip,, er, Itrrtid, will I be th,
am at fur a greater King than thou
■U «i allrth theeT’ cried the Kins
ww'f.iuiiy “1>S you lack meat or drink
ubi <h-M-n lay svrvlco fur
a not her’« T"
■ - irrnl Sl--|*ben. “1 lack
. r
nSv drink, itut the Child
t| . ■ .
.th - tilcht la sre« I er than
all ...
«I Illi» only will I »arve.-
.<• tnir,” quoth Herod
u'tle with his flat, "aa that
-orti >>n the platter ahall
»r*j ii»."
eroi» r
. «• itw- worda out of his
-o the cia-fc »t rat chad hi.
Back nnd crow «I luatlly. “Chrtatu.
this proof that
ar<l. were tree. Herod we*
. I..- made hl« aoldler* take
Bn i
Rtrpl ¡ outaM* the walla of Jeruaslem
him to dea Ih And thl* la tb<
why. noto thla day. Maini
1 »’ pllFIT ir thè |Mitrou of «lune cutter*
t nrwell Krewn. In ldppln<-utl's
Bloaoom Given the Name st Reeurroo-
lion Flower; Al*o Called St.
Mary'« Hot*.
KVKI«?!. varieilea o.' thè socall*«)
lesurrectlou plani hm» appe»red
Siuuug thè »ovviti** offend b) dorisi»
bui Ite utlglnal is thè rwe ut Jeilcho
Alili* Ibe shorv* ut thè t>ead «va, fai
er.ougii iw « j tu be »ut ut rvs< h vf tb<
desiti <l*»llus vapor* anJ the salt
spray, grow« this rose, a Ulti» plani
famed .» many a legendary story,
whlch. when ripened, rolls up It»
apra)a st><! branches Into a » uri ou*
llttls bruwu ball.
Ile <1r»#ri «Inda snap off Ila dr>
strm and sidri thè xrinltixly dead
little ball a»ay over »atidy platea, li*»
a feather vr.ght. Af'er II •* tu
rr*. b some <l*tt.p placo, lu aluiut leu
daya. thè molature ha* wrought a
mirarle toc thè unr* dead lo allve
agalli, green and growlng.
¡’he uld timo | lU rims wbo brough
back thl» plani wlih >h«-m frutti th<
H«ly land. b>q| «under fui tale* <>f li»
power to hloom out <><i Chrlalma» da)
and gaie II '*• natue of 'v.tirre.Hui.
n«*>r. A m i I. i r otti 1,-yelid munse II
fro«» every «|mi « ber» thè) Lalied to
The dry hall «ben unfoldlng drop»
II* seed*. ami frani tlm-e II m»y be
riUHvated h » an sondai To reaiirre. t
theae dry Imi!» I! I* «Iniplv imxcmsi )
lo keep f tir tu »tmi'llhg in glasse* si
•ater, lirue-r»,
hatrway lo th<
top uf tbelr brenel’vs. The ri;su»loii
f* merrly a luv< halikal spon<ellke
The botanlral n*m* of thè rea* of
Jerlrho I* an**ta1*rn fioro ansalaal».
rvsurrecilon. T’ ere «re othsr «pvei*»
uf re*iirr«< flou planf*. hot they are
not e* attrae rive a* thelr l>ead *«•-
relative, whlch, eltbough It haa ver,
little lemuty. ha» an lumored place
animiti fliwver» tiecaum- of thè many
fatici«» and a«»-»Intimi» li celle tip
and II* prruiiar ilevet.-pnimt
K ery Merry
"The Store With a Square Dt-al
for Everybody”
< >!U«XJON
W4.7A3 Veteran* Aided
Ihe V cilue of Education
Thr*s hundred and forty-four
chap tars of tha Amsrican Red Croa*
coniprtain* th* Atlantic diviaion
with h*adquart*ra in New York, i
during th* fiscal war gaw aaaist-
ancs in oti* form or another to 864,1
763 wtrana of th* World War.
Thia **rvic* was rendered at a coat
of approximatly 11.180,416. Of the
more than 26.000 diaabled men who |
are Iwin* cared for by the Vatrana
Bureau throughout the country j
treated I
mor* than 3.600 are being
in hospitals in the Atlantia division 1
and their comfort is one of the ehief
eoncerna >f the Red Crocs Chapters.
Red CraBB workers sre busy every­
where distributing comforts, provid­
ing entertainment and recreation
and helping the familiea of three
Education uf any kind ha* two value* value a* Knowledge,
and value a* Ihanpiin«*. Beatdra it* use|for guidance in conduct,
the learning of order of facts ha* also its use aa mental exernae.
Education cannot tie acquired without pain* and application.
It may be troublesome and deep digging for pure water, but when
you once strike the spring* they rise up and meet you. Many
have thought the idea to obtain an education to help a man or
woman to appear advantageounlv upon the theatre, especially, of
public life, their youth must be spent within the walls of some
classical place of learning that they might commence their career
under the high floating banner* of fame and success.
By gaining a good edncation you ahall have your reward in
the rich store of knowledge you have thus collected, and which
•hall alway* l>* at your ednimand. It is more valuable than any
earthly treasure while fleru may sink, bank* may totter, and
riches flee, you have the intellectual investment* made permanent
and enduring.
M ihn B ckna V kmtta S hu MM. English I,
Scio High School.
//ta Panlt Hutton
• ►n a shingle fourni in the deep wools
Adoartbtl Adscribe!
uf < 'regon some year* ago was the story
of a man and hie rkr*le*»i>e»s in drop
Cleaning ths Baucspan.
It’s ss plain aa A. 11 C., Hr,
ping a lighted match * craw led in pen­
I» a slmpl* but must «ucwsaful
Just as simple as can be, Mr,
cil were thee* linea:
Blflhnd <»f cle«n«iag a «aurypan In
You can make a dollar of each dime.
He drop! a match whan h* Ht a »segar.
which milk has been boiled
Advertise your proposition.
pouring out the hulling milk, quickly
And it fell in a bunch uv grasa.
Hatter down all opposition.
rrplnc* 'hr ltd before the «team ha»
And then want on to ehoot hi* b'ar
t B at pestiferous boy .
'em all shout it—
Unir t«i wnpe wild allow the Miurepaa
"A Marry Christ«.a. aid man. Bui
In a distant mountain pass
Now’s the time!
to <vw<> tw-6>rv taking It off a ila. Thea
Why are you ilm*ingF*
And tbe wind it ria and the firs »pred
"That pcatifa'oua bny of mina eats
Till it went all over the patch—
All the town will patronise.
can he rlraned quickly and anally.
Staat trap lor Santa Ciaua.
And tbe melted penta buttons they All suceseful men advise.
found was hie—
It's the bettor way.
B«ttar*n an lea Wagan
The feller that droppt the match.
Advertising used discreetly
h> H- "t> and many other .»•s*t elf.
Whrn two linfe Irish hoya ««bed a
le» the thle» < are utilised Io the woman In an rlrrirlv tnachloe for a
Compstittam thwart* completely.
di-t> «al
sewage pen of which is nd*, »he h»> rd Into the upturned
Advertise your line, - 'twill surely W
Bsysnd ths Rat*.
belìi tn reserviHr* until strong outgo
Inr tidal current« have de,el,>pe«l. Re
fore lit* mm of abe tide the sewage
ha- beef, carried *o far that it has be­
co . tu x.-d with an immense body of
mean water and is rendered hana-
dirty face« amt couldn’t restart.
driving te the «reset they had
nated they sot perfectly «till
eye* fora«ed straight ahead. Imt
they gig out »lie hewril -me way:
bet tom
ft Is plsk. that thvrs ar* hnnk*
desig­ which srv not flt «uhlwt« for rrttt
with ct«m. which do m»t rt»a Int» th* Arid
when of *M1st1c bring quit* Irrsspvcttva of
“ties, th» asmtwr of edition* (hroorh which
tlx; bavs
Christmas arai* aland for Christ­
mas spirit
On* of the few things a
will by.
From JeHerton Myer*
The following is self explanatory.
Pot Hand. Ore., Dec. 20, 1921.
Editor Sei® Tribune: May I offer to
you my hearty congratulations on
the Christmas Edition of the Trib­
A most valuable number in
design and history of thio old pio­
neer city and community.
Yours Very Truly,
Jefferson Myers.
Arrovdlhs to a news Item, a woman
»•« recently married while In a
fy |* n«ually tbe brldegn
penny 'rance
— Uexlon Paeelng Mbow.