The Scio tribune. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1914-1917, December 21, 1916, Image 3

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'> V«> A
Afta» •" <le«Vrva Bheck.
Aa dfetl v uwaus of re.u«-1tart»«u
after au ei» trt- »bo k » «aid to bo a
sharp bk-a on l‘»e
■■>«« of the f««rt
without r*t>»«tug the slew*
In all
caaea. howe'er It U iic.v.sary to pull
the tntefftlte from the thrust, as the ac
tion of th« . urreot I» to cgnao a caw-
trs ’l'ai ef lito mus« 'ea. and tbo touguo
I» drawn he«k Into the throat com
pletely acall ig the air |>asaa«e
of many flr t aid e-i'rt| meats •■’Modag
of a devpe a bl- h will grasp tt>et<mgue
ami hold it In a distended po»itf«w>
that tbe throat ta «pen to permit ot
artificial com iration
sf II»
Earl Ford
A Bone of
H Chine Between a Pair
•f Lovera.
It atrvtcbod aero»» the «ah marsh
Rbeda Island and Teatri«».
Tbe 9<«t <<Mi m mi l In tbe I altad and con««- f«-«l two village«
Atate» «M bul l tn I > wtu* ket In Wash bead folk calle«! It "tbe red bridge."
tagt'Mia dr»t ad ml >iatr «:■•«» Tbe tnak
while Portside |>e<>ple grimly referee«!
lag of textile» ba* <r "ine Hh<«1e Is to II as “the white bridge " As a mat-
land a flrat luduatrv
Rome r»>.l»»l per
tei of Mt. Il had oevet Isren painted
tona work in tt. and Ita uat|>ui la about
at all. amt now after two years' et
30 per rent • f tbe mauufb* tumi l>rod
pooure to whoi and wratber. tho new
uct» of the »rate a tel- h. little aa It la
In fourth In 'be trakln." of cotton c>»>da wood had taken on soft gray tints that
and third In 'hr mäkln«
Men«!e>l with the silver tide that ehbari
and w««rstr»|s
and flowed tier seen the piles
Alih-«»*gt* llart«>rhvad aivtl l*ort»Me
Reads te Rebaba
were «ounectrd hy Ihr new hrt-lge and
•mattering nt anob li» al lore «aid one the vehicle« of hoth village« rumbled
dav tn a Ivor Io that rmmdtlra ware to and fro over the planks the Inhab
Itanta ware widely separated by a
often aeon In team
"Oh tbit a nothing!" rejoined the growing bitterness
aovhe "I'le often mi self «een whalon'
I'areon lane of I'ortald» had pound
blubber'“ turar Morte»
ed tbe pulpit vigorously over the mat
"Pot» of paint! Pota »f paint!*'
he »(claimed one mem-wablo Munday
' Flubdub baa «neh » patroniitag
“Rave my poople drowned tbelr »<>ola
"Yea, he can't pase ■ globe repreasut- In fwvta of paint 1 Tbe g«»>«1 Ixwd made
Il possible f»r these village« to tie unit
iBg the world withr-Mit patting tt."
•■I by a beaittifnl bridge, and yon
fxmlavllle Courier-Journal
wrangle over the painting of it aa If
tbo color matter»«! Rrethren. »ee that
•ush People!
your sonta are •■ white •• you would
"The Jibway» went to harrow our
have the iirblge palnte«l
let n«fi fib­
ear tonight."
red smirch of anger «ally its imrity!“
"1 admire thrlr nerve "
After that sermon the bitterness waa
"You haven't beard the worst."
The llarborhead pe^qiie
They also want to know If we'd wb<> weeklv sewoed th. bridge to at
object to tbelr p 'in« a Inbel orar <«ir tend I’areon t.aue a chur- b fluttered
homeward to spread the g»»id man'«
monogram " Pi
•hat» It* Herald
word» far and wide with most unhap
py results
Rung tnaoyh
Noah Wade and Almira Turner were
Finit Playwright If that manager
liad only bad more tit's h» would have to bo married In June Three times a
«hown me all tbe t<
<-4>'e* »« In hla week N'oah crooned the bridge to Her
Reerrnd Pin w1. hl Waa be borhead to see hla aw<-etheart
very busy ?
1‘lrat riaywrtghl J oat had «ever dis«-n«se«l the bridar matter
had time tn •how re the door and berauae fhe> had been too ha|»py to
talk about anything except their own
nothing elate. Pork
wonderful affaire
The Tuesday after Paraon l-ane'a
Federated Church
srrvnon Almira waited at tbe front
gate foe N«ah
Mhc c»mld see him
stepping quickly acroas the brMge
Sunday School
10 a. m. tall erect with hl* head poised high
11 a. m. All the Wsdea were proud The girl s
1 <Jhri«li*n Endeavor 6:30 tn 7:30 t».m blue «yea did not soften at ber Inver's
A new expression >
, Song Service
7:3(1 toM:(M)p m. Into them
Prayer Meeting. Thursday 7:30 p.m.
"Waiting fftr moF' smiled N’ooh. tak
Ing the hat from his brow« hair and
Brother Meikeljohn. Issader.
covering Almira's lltfie hand with his
H. H Iler. Pastor.
own aunburned fingers
Rhe drew tear hand quietly from ho
Booth bls touch. “Yea." ahe said grave
“Como with me. Noah
I bare
something to any to yon
let u« go tn
the orchard "
•What la the matter? Are you In
Haa anythin* ba|>penedF*
Attorney at l<aw
dema miad N'oah anxiously falline Into
step lioalde her
Almira ab<»*h her head
tn •llen«'e
oaaooM thev went «croas the grasa to the or
chard and paused tn the shade of the
gnarled old apple trees
"Wbot is the matter. AlmiraF* re
prated Noah at last
"I can't marry you Noah." replied
Almira quietly
"Why not?"
Noah spoke gruffly
Re was angry at ^'mlra'a strange
msnner. at the coldness In her voice
• nd her sadden al»«'fnr«»
Rhe looked at the distant «alia with
steadfast eyes "Father soys I shan't
marry any one from over 'the white
bridge' and I don’t know that I want
"Psreonally I don't care a rep wh«t
rotor tho bridge la.” retorted Noah
"I've croased it for two years to see
you Almira, »nd now at this late day
you suddenly drop mo and say It a bo
causo I live over the |yidgr a fltmsy
Why don't you say outright
that you d»n t care for me and never
didF* HI» fare was growing whiter
•nd the hand pressed against tbe tree
trunk waa clinched until the knuckloa
were livid
floddealy Noah swung away from
tbe tree and without »no backward
glance tramped arroaa the grasa leap
ed tho fence Into a winding lane and
disappeared along tbe aboce road.
After that tt became known that Al
mire s wadding garment» were care
fully laid sway oat of sight and Noah
Wade no longer ctnaaed tbe bridge
three times a week
Thon followed a aummer aaprw e
dented fur It» lack of rain
followed days, and months followed
weeks while tho aun poured relent-
loasly down on the sister towns snd
burned the vegetation to .-rlap brown
Only the salt graaa that waa
wet by the tide» remained green
t'ropa died in the baked earth.
Kept ember reme flenely hot
breathless evening
A'mira Turner
walked llstleaaly along tbe bridge it
w*> aaki that abaXtAtsi Ucug* UMU
N. M. Newport
flam.» <1 rX'i^uS run moon
u !. ht ta» »
hl I* Mt on the lout
Woodett structure that united the two
vlllagsa. yet In Ita way formed a bar­
rier between inauy heart»
Olbera were walking ea ttea bridge
but It was noticeable that r<«rt»ldv
folk» walked only na far aa the middle
of tbe bridge and than rvtra«-«d tbelr
•tv pa
Hartoultead people did tbe
•ame thing al their eml. no there waa
n<> t«a»ing over the bridge »ave tel
ttevae who bad liualnaas ta attend to
IVIw-tv frb-ndly relation« were »»tab
I Is bed twtween famlUea In the warring
vil la rea It waa cmsMered moat arnica
Halfway am«»» »be mat Nuab. and
they both stopped
Noah guided her
gently Io the railing where they could
lead al««« tbe bright aaeoullt path
that wrinkled th» water
•Tv» bamt to sea you. Almira
mother »aid I might moot you." ba
■aid wistfully
“I- weat to Purtsldo to maU • letter
-to you. Noah
I thought you might
gat It sooner- tonight -and perbapu
you would route I wanted to tell you
bow foolish I va been"-
Noab »topped her w<»rd» with a swift
caress. "And I waa on the way to
tell you what a fool I've been, but
we've met halfway, after all."
When the wedding day came round
both »Ide» thought It would he a ault
able <w'ca»lrm OU which to celebrate tbe
return of peace. and nothing would do
but that tbe bridal pri«-esslon should
paaa over tbe bridge.
Tbe suggestion was acted on. and
a procession of aMut all tbe folk» In
Harliorhead and all the folk» In Port-
•tdr followed the l.rlde and groom or
•trowed flower. tartar* then», a fitting
railing to the trouble» that bad eo long
■eparaled tbo two lowate
hie and politic to visit by way of the
long rand around tbe »bora and avoid
the unhappy bridle
Almira was thinking bitterly of what
her father had »aid whew aba an
nouu< vd that her engagement to Noah
Wade had been brokeo lie had atarwl
tn. mluh<u«0 •< ber
' Whv Miry, honey. I wa« only job
Ing* Sow. you go along and make It
up with Soak thia minute
be bridge» •lau.lhig long »Per we
poor a.>rtale are lb rough trying to be
happy In thia work!
Hut Almira could not make It up
with Saab Wade
fie 4M not give
her t chance
He wmi away fros»
I'orttlde and found work elaeehere.
and «be had m>t even him through the And ths Ancl»nt L»g»nda af teeyll» and
long »umnier
Now «be waa thinking
and Italian banks which
of him and of her fooltah eicueo for
bonier the strait of M<*«aln» for nearly
giving him up.
A loud rumble of thunder «ent tbe twenty five miles Io the raid and west
pedr«* i lana on the bridge »currying are among tbe moat luiuriant to ho
home, but Almira lingered watching found tn a cruise of the Mediterranean.
the lightning leap from clond tn cloud Magnlthrnt goklon groves of lemon
In that omln<>* blm'k mountain In the and »range and orchards of |H>megran-
n<>rthwe«t, llAtmlng tn the crackle and ate. with their brilliant red fruit, con­
trast wonderfully with the fi< »rr« of
volley of thunder, barking to the »IM
lant hla» of the high tld» among the the almond trees whb h i>erfume the
whole region
bridge timber«
The »trait 1» entered from tin- Tyrrho-
Juel a» »he turned her »tap» homo-
ward there came a blinding craah that nlan Bea. <m the north, at the narrow­
M-eincd to euwrap the whole village of est point, tbe distance lietwi.-n I'mita
Hart»>rhead In yellow light; then all del Faro, on the Hl'lllan »bore, and tho
•ound ceaaeR for an Instant, and out mainland lighthouse on Punta I'esso
of the murky darkne»» there »prang a being not more than two mile«
bright flame and another and another
whole of Hie t'alabrtan roust 1» thickly
The lightning had »truck tn Harbor
•own with village*, some clinging to
tbe loach, while other« clamlwr up the
Almira hurried toward home as tbe •Ides of well wooded hills which cul­
wild clamor of the churete bella rang minate In the towering Mmdaltn. ris­
out If the Portalde people refueed to ing to an rlei aUr* > »f more than a mile
iuiug out their Ore apparatua to the • box» the sea
lleyond the strait to
rewue of llarlvrliead the cloaely pop
the southwest loom» ever ihroatenlng
ulated little V
Klage Wag doomed
It Kttete. the highrat volcano tn Kuropo.
waa known that
i__ _ . I'nrtaldera wer» very
Tbo m»»t Important city situated on
i ag»ln«t the people over the the «trait U tho tuice ma~ nlfl<ent aoa
port of Mtoalna. which boa sirs I a popu­
Ju»t aa »he reached the gate there lation of IW*» inhabitant» before
camo anotbrr sound, mingled with the "tbe world'» m*»t i-rnel earthquake" of
mar of thunder, tbe c|««h of bella and T»e
'JR, II»“- tossed nearly KMA«»
tbe about» of men
It waa the high. live» away.
• weet clang of the Portalde Are bell,
Tho harbor of Messina la tbe largest
•nd tt wa« followed by the run>ble of •ml safeat tn the kingdom ot Italy,
tbe little engine a< pm lite bridge
It with a depth of more than thirty fatb
da«hed |>a»t Altnlra’a gate, drarged by mus Before I be grrat calamity it waa
' a acor» of atroug willing hand». The visited annually by more than (k«00
tx»>k and ladtier truck came In Ita vo»M>la. which brought cargo»« of
wake, and there witting high on the wheat, cotton, wool and hardware and
1 »e»l, »leering the truck, wa» Noah took away In r(change lemons, or­
Wade, hla fa<e teuee and »et In tbe anges almonds, wlnea. olive oil and
glare of the tire
•ilka Much of It» commerce waa and
Tbo dev«stating storm died away still is carried on with tbe mainland of
while tbe valiant men fought the the kingdom hv means of a ferry line
flame, that lb ksd greedily at the to Mila flan Giovanni, only four and a
frame «tore tHilidluga and threatened half mllee away, while Reggio, the
many a nearby hotne with destruction
chief seaport on tbe Italian side of tbo
Portside men and men of Harborbead •trait and also the chief earthquake
worked »ide by able, and differences sufferer neit to Meaalna, la ten mile»
were forgottru In the »Ingle alm that to tba soot heart
Farryboata ply be
proatpted all.
tweeu these points too. KclUa. For«.
Many times that ulgbt Almira a heart Catons. Prllaro. Rcalllta and Galati are
failed »Itbln her •• site watched Noah minor towns on tbo aborea of the strait.
risk hla life wItbln the flaming build
Hooter did not accord a definite habi­
Inga One* he brought out a little child tation for hla terrible «ea creature«,
from the tenement» over the »tore«, Rcylla and Charybdis, but mariners fa­
and the tandernoa» with which he bora miliar with the perils of the rirtke on
the child and placed tt la Ita toother'» the Italian aide of th« strait and with
arma brought team to the girl a aad the strong e-Mlee near tho hsrlxw of
Meeslna aaw In tbo mythical inonatera
And then came the moment «hen an etplaBatlon of soch dangers Ncylla
the r eye» met «.'ma« the flame« Tbe was supposed to ho a burrible creature
•udden leap of recognition In Nonba with all heads and a do«ea feet, who
glance wa> an.werrd by Almira’» ap
barked like a dog.
Mho dwelt In ■
pealing eye«, and then the atnoke bung lofty ecru, from which alio rushed
between them one« more
whenever a ship tried to pass beneath,
The week» that followed after the •nd she would snatch the unlucky sea­
Are were not soon forgotten
men from the rigging or •• they stood
ar»wa were patchMl up and mended ao at the helm endeavoring to guldo tbelr
that they would not again break Port
veaaela through the perilous p»sa»ge
•Ide and Harborbead people mingled Charybdis dwelt under a rock only a
together a» they had before the day» tiowshot »way, on the o|ipoalto there
of the bridge trouble
There were Tbe second creature »ucked la and
••hurrh feMlvala and entertainments blow out sea wyter three tliuee a day.
that were enjoyed by everybody, aad •nd woo to tho ship caught la tho
over «11 waa the feeling of satisfaction maelstrom of Ita mouth I
that the bridge trouble was at an end I
Poets who came after tho great
The Harborbeud people bad grateful
Greek bard embroiderrd the legend to
ly announced tbelr wUllngnaaa that ■ult their farx-y
Ovid, for ei ample,
itee bridge should be p» In lad white In domwttwd Acylla as the beautiful
view of the prompt and neighborly daughter of a sea god who Incurred
•errl. e» of the Portside firemen Port
the Jealousy if one of file Immortals
•Ide people agreed to abide by a choice •nd who waa changed Into a sea mon­
by rot*
ster. A seron.l tratiafortnatloa rnado
When the vote waa <minted It wa« ber a rork perilous to navigators Home
found that all Hart>ovt»ead bad voted poets dearrll>ed <*harvl>dls ss an old
for a white painted bridge, while Port
•noun who aelaed and devoured tho
•Ide had courteously voted foe red. rattle of Hercules, and In punishment
and tbe vote was tied
for thia act tbe demigod's fattier, all
Then tbe question was solved by • powerful Zeua. rest her Into the aea,
suggestion to paint th« bridge green
where her appetite persiated, but her
and It was Hone, and «o ;>eace raigned taatee change«! from cattle to ship» and
•t last, and there was much passing seamen
National Geographle Mociety
to and fro
At last Noah ra«w over to Harbor
A Defiant Idlam.
bead and stopped at Almira's gate
"It’s ms." la an Minai, nays a Har­
Mr» Turner greeted him pieaa««Uy.
"Almira went pver tbe bridge awtell« vard professor. and In al.owshle. It la
ago N’oeb If you walk bock you may allowable largely for the reaanu that
meet her she aoM
we haven't »landing army enough ta
Noob walked back slowly, watchtag •uiqireaa It. -Il«union Pint
for Almiras slender form and dread
A glad heart aeklom alaba, tait a
Ing t» see It heside that of eeoto oth
row ful Boutb often langten, ftanlate
er admirer
At last she 'am», step
yjag quickly, .with now a*d thou a Provsrt.
¿. set
N •*
r .*<1
‘ ’M ★ *>’ 'i r