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VOL. 5
NO. 8.
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lumi it Oect
Portland. August 2 The pioneers
of Oregon were forced to undergo
many hardships in carving out
homes in the wilderness
To help
those pioneers, the Federal govern­
ment granted to the Oregon-Cali­
fornia Railroad Co. a large grant of
land to assist in building that road
ami to give tn Oregon more settlers
and more taxable property. The
government received its pay. all it
ever exweted. in the building of
the road and the concessions re­
Had the land grant been
deposed of according tn the terms
of the grant. Oregon would be
profiting today by many more acres
of taxable lands and many more
settlers. Oregon alone is the sufferer
yet when these lands are disposed
of according to the bill recently
|>a>M'd she gets but 50 per cent of
the proceeds.
Thousands of acres of arid lands
thirsting for water, vet 40 per cent
of the land grant fund go to the
general reclamation fund instead of
to these lands.
Representative Sinnot is making
a last fight for the 40 per cent and
ha« intnsluced a bill amending the
original bill, asking that the pro
needs from sale of land and tindier
apportioned to the general reclama-
lion fund he expended on projecta
In the state of Oregon.
Is there any injustice in thia re-
quest? Did the Federal government
or any of the reclamation state« ex­
pect to get anything from these
lands under the original grant act?
Oregon did expect something from
the original grant, so why should
■he not expect it now? It seems
that there ia little room for argu-
ment as to the real merits of the
issue, but it is necessary to present
the facts to those who should know.
Salem. August 2. Oregon’s full
•hare of the Federal gohd roads ap­
propriation. amounting to $78,(88),
fur 1916. under the Shackleford bill
passe«! recently by congreiw. will be
claimed at once, members of the
State Highway Commission and id-
visory Ixjard decided today.
Governor Withy com be. in tiehalf
of the Stale Highway Coinmil ion.
within the next few day will make
a formal request of the secretary of
agriculture for the money which it
ia desired to use this year, if pea­
sible. Tomorrow he will request
If the memliers of congress are
given the facts with regard to this,
there is some hope that they will
see the justice of it and vote to
give to our state that to which she
is entitled Personal letters to mem­
bers of congress or to persons who
may have influence will prove an
effective means. Wrjle such a letter
and by so doing contribute your
part in securing this fund for Ote-
gon's arid lands.
Made a Perfect Scare
The Albany Coast Artillery corpa
made the highest score with the big
guns down at the mouth of the
Columbia, of any corps at the meet.
At a moving target 30x60 feet and
at a distance of 10,000 to 11.000
yards, three shots were fired in one
minute and 63 seconds and every
shot hit the center of the target. Il
is doubtful if any amateur artillery
men in the United States can equal
this score
$1.26 THE YEAR
$25,000.000 LOSS
Prospector D. M Mahoney left
here Saturday to record his Stack
creek claims and to get a crew to
begin work at once.
lint Kim ti It
R. E. Peery and four men arrived
at the Crown mine« Saturday. Mrs
Smith, of Mill City, has been rm-
ployed as cook, as the large fore«*
of men necessitates a cook.
$50,000 PAID BY
hid; M mj Otlm Liberto, Wood Catties. Milk Healers
Severely lejertd- 19
farthest! Birth
ad tilt Durfgit Are tbt
New York. July 31. Property
If Scio is to get anywhere, it
Superintendent Grave« »hatter»
I IS estimated at $25.IMM>,00<> »M must ba the results of the lalsir of
the stillness of the hills every even­
a used early today by a series of her citizens and those of the sur­
ing with a round of blast« al the
terific explosions of ammunition rounding community. Favored by
Silver King.
awaiting ahi|>ment to the entente natural conditions, there is no reason
R F Shire is busy at the Cedar allies and store«! on the Black Tom | why this section of Ijnn county may
creek property with a force of men. l«lan«l. a small strip of land jutting 1 not be made one of if not the rich-
The German mines midwav be­ into New York Ray off Jersey City. ! eat p*«rtions of the state, if we will
The loss of life cannot tie deter- I but develop the op|x>rtunities which
tween the Crown and Black Eagle
There is no ques-
has been sold to Mr
Mays, of rimed definitely until there has lieen lie at our doors.
I opportunity to check up the work- 1 lion about this matter if our bust-
Seattle for $10.(881
I men employed on the island and on netw men an«i farmerswill but utilice
Mr. Haggett has sold hi» mining
I l>«>ats ntoored nearby,
their think tanks
Out enndenaery.
property at Ogle Mountain to east­
i Three are known to be <lea«l ami at which is but a small affair, is demon­
ern parties for II2S.OOO
¡¡«•aid five more are misaing
Scores strating the way.
It is reported that some heavy i' f ts«rm>n« were injurad, some of
Attorney General Brown for an
During a year of activity, the
opinion regarding certain feature« investments have tievn made in ¡them pruliably mortally.
condensery will distribute among
of the Federal law authorising the Crown stock during the past week.
The detonations, which were felt laboring men. woodcutters, milk
appropriation, and then will tender Drifting is being carried on rapidly i<i live ■tate«. Iiegan with a continu­ i handlers and farmers fully $5o,000
his formal request to the govern- in the main cross cut and much ex­ ous rapid fire of small »hell», the if the present rate of milk manu­
citement prevails in the camp. Mr. Mowing up of great quantities of facturing can tie maintain««!
ment for the money.
Decision to ask for Oregon's 1916 Ingram and a party of stockholders dynamite, trinitrotoluene ami other this is but one-half of the poMiluli-
share of the Federal allotment pro­ will arrive the first of the week
high explosives, followed by
the ti«w of this one small manufac­
vided under the Shackleford meaa-
A postoffice has been M'.ablished bursting of thouaamis of shrapnel turing concern. Why not develop
ure was made today as a result of a at Elkhorn and C. Erickson ha« put I »hells, which literally showered the the dairy industry to the fullest
conference of the Highway Commis­ on a stage line between Gates and > surrounding country and waters for capacity?
sion with members of the advisory Elkhorn to take care of the rapidly many miles around.
Then there is a ch««eae factory
board and a delegation from Port­ increasing business, due to the great
Fire that started soon after the just a few miles out of town, to say
The Portland representatives activity in the mine«.
first great crash, which »prvad death nothing of the separated milk which
were urgent that action to get the
land desolation in its wake, destroy- is sold to our creameries
So there
Lotx & Larwm will start up the
money be immediate, fearing that
cd 13 of the *hugh warehouses of 1 ia no danger but what the market
Black hagle concentrator, in a few
to delay until the legislature meets
National Storage Co. and MX others for milk is to be • permanent and
days, with ore from the Minnie E
might result in the state's losing its
in which were stored merchandise. lucrative.
Tom Skaif and his crew |«a»M-<i
allotment from the government for
Therefore, farmers need not fear
Elkhorn on their way to. Organtier of Wilton Clubs
this year.
to make the dairy business one of
the Lewis & Clark to tiegin opera­
Sees His Reelection their leading feature« of industry.
Declared lasase and
Secure g«**d cows, prepare the feed
Seat ta the Aiyhua
for them on your farina. buil«l silos,
The slogan of the Elkhorn mining
G. Y. Harry, of Portland, general grow carrots. I>evla. kale, vetch,
district ia "Send him to me and I'll
Wilson clover, etc with which to fev«l them
Doug Hamilton, of Scio, well •how him ”
11 «‘agues in Oregon, was in the city and you are sure to win. Besides,
known throughout the county as a
last night on his way to Brownsville. you will build up the fertility of
street preacher and moving picture "The Virginian" Draws Big Crowd
: where he organised a Woodrow W i|- your land.
fan. was pr >n<>unced mentally un­
| »on club last night, with a good
There is no reason why all of the
balanced by Drs. Robnett and Davis
The Peoples theatre was entirely ! memliership So far Mr Harry has!
prisiucts produced
Saturday afternoon and ordered
too small tor the crowd which de­ i organized 36 duh«. in about every 1
vicinity, may not I m * converted into
committed to the asylum,
sired to witness the home talent i county of the state. These N u I m
l>acun. pickle pork. etc. A amali
Frequent complaints have been
play. "The Virginian'* on Thursday are non partisan so far as the mem
tracking house can tw made to pay.
lodged against Hamilton charging
Slanding room Iwrship g«>en. all of them having
night of last week
if handled intelligently and country
him with showing signs of Inmnitv
was at a premium ami a numtier ' many republican» as memliers. Quite
cured bacon will always bring a
but no one took the matter into
was turned away.
ia numlier of the presidents are re- gots! price and is in demand.
court until today.
The play moved >>ff nicely and I publicans. Some of the clubs orga-
Then the poultry business, if
During his examination by the
without a hitch, bjich player was I nt zed have hat! more republicans
intelligently prosecuted, is a sure
doctors and the attorneys. Hamilton
well up in his or her lines and if on<* I than democrats. < >ne organized in
admitted that he did not know what
or two of the players had not at­ la country town in Eastern Oregon
he was doing at time« and thought
The creamery nt Shelburn
tempted to ■ I>eak the lines in a voice ' with a inernliership of 67 had 32
it possible that he might be crazy.
conden«erv at Scio ami the cheese
to which they were unaccustom­ ! registered republicans in the list of
Although not considered violently
factory al Richardson Gan, should
ed. the play would have ta-rn Imtler. | memliers
Mr Harry has been all
insane, it has been established that
all lie sustained ami farmers or dairy­
Owing to the smallness of the stage, over the state ami is confident Wil­
Hamilton ia out of his head part of
men are the people who must sustain
the play had to be nbreviated some­ son will carry Oregon.
the time and some of the time is
them. Nor can we afford to allow*
Jack Waltemeycr thinks the
The masm*«. lie says, are back of
almost dangerous.
these infant industries to languish
last act was played a little too the president in his European and
He was taken to the asylum Sat­
for the lack of the raw product.
urday evening and placed' in the re­ true to life; but taken altogether, Mexican tsificies. and believe he has
Together the three will distribute
each and everyone of the troup idone a great thing for the country.
ceiving ward until it has been de­
not leas than |1 im > immi annually in
I acquitted himself or herself with It is the politicians and jingo lets who
termined in what part of the big'
this community.
I credit. The cash door receipts were attack these policies lieeause they
hospital it will be l«est to place him.
Is*t us all abandon any business
(86.16. and counting the comps, must have something to fight on
— Albany Herald.
we may feel and pull to­
the house was easily worth $100
Then the great financial and com­
the general welfare of
Sheriff Bodins has captured a
The troup desires to publicly ami mercial plan of the president has
and ourselves
bran new prisoner and she is confin-, cordially thank the K of P. I>and met with great favor, and the mas
ed at the county jail. The capture for the most excellent music fur- sea know he is honest ami has only
prosperous of any portion of the
was made last Saturday morning. | ni shed
the interest of the people at stake
state, if we but think so ami work
Sheriff Bodine is extreemly well
—-Albany liernocrat.
for it. Some of our farmers are
uleaaed in
safely securing thia
J. S. Warwick. W A Ewing, H.
prisoner and so careful is he that Shope. Cal Carson and others who
Good repurta come from the har­ getting into line and. as a conse­
his latest catch will be tenderly signed a remonstrance which held vest fields.
Spring grain will lie quence. thsir bank rolls are ever in­
cared for that he has given over the up street work some weeks ago. are the iieat it has ln*en for year«. A creasing. What some, do all may do
entire management to Mrs Bodine to be commended for falling into ■plendid pmpe of grain just at the if they will.
When in need of anything in the
way of job work, call and aee us The new arrival is a baby girl and line on the present plan of paving edge <>f town is badly lodge«! and
A. T. Powell went up to the
We do first-ch
work at reasonable is extremely well pleased with her They demonstrate what can be done occasional reporta of lodged grain la
mines the first of the week.
tender keeper
beard from others.