The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, November 30, 1916, Image 1

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Ylll R 'I BSi RIITION 1X11!.:»
cm lh«- d»t<-
in thr »pace* I
l<> Ih< • wh
« | .ii t ■
mlonrr the mil.« : |ilin>i
• SI '• «> <r»»n l>r«clopnirnt X.
in line uf
twr yrar. Tin- price- i«
if piul
A ten mill tax was voted at
The following aspirants for
during year.
th«- paper 1« not «- nt
the «cl to! in« -ting Saturday uf- city offices whose names will ap­
to subscribers who ar. mon- than on»
uf l.abur and I nterpriar.
t«Tn.i >n. Itiis will lack several pear on the I allot at the city
year m arn-ara.
Oregon News Notes
Possibly About You ;
Pierre of the Plains, tonight.
W A Ewing and son Moyer
visited in Salem over Sunday.
Plans approved for Biair round­
house Coos Bay line by S I* C»».
Hood River has a candy and
glace apple factory.
Alfalfa ranch sails for $250 «««r
acre at Stanfield.
Flour mill planned for C «nyon
Bend is shipping potatoes east.
Attention is called to the
change in the ad of C A Everett
this week.
Mrs Lulu Pope and son Lyle
moved to Albany the first of
the week.
1’aciii.' r«-i A Tai ''it1
Miss Rachel Angel spent last
Sunday with her parents at
North Santiam.
.Mr and Mrs Frank Gill enter­
tained the school faculty with
music and refreshments Wed­
nesday evening.
Mrs F T Thayer spent last
week at Lebanon at the bed­
side of her mother. Mrs B F
Irvine, who is very ill.
We are selling fore quarters
of beef at 9c; hind quarters of
beef 10 l-2c; one-half beef at
9 l-2c.—Sanitary Market.
Otto Benson and
Way ne
Thoms, students from O A < .
are spending Thanksgiving here
with the latter’s parents.
Miss Blanche Kopecky return­
ed to Portland Tuesday morning
after a two we* ks ’ visit with her
sister, Mrs Henry Steponek.
Be sure and see the Scio Dra­
matic Club in Pierre of the Plains
tonight at the Peoples Theatre.
Big dance after the show at the
Wesely ha'I.
Mr and Mrs DC Thorns were
in Corvallis Saturday attending
the (J of O and () A C football
game. They remained over Sun­
day visiting their son.
1 .ook Out!
Something is g ting to happen.
Fred T Bilyeu and N I Morrison
are going to give all ,ch«x»l
children and owners of Ford
cars, v ho bought tliem of Mr
Bilyeu, and their families, or
any one leaving their order with
Mr Bilyeu on or before Decem­
ber 23, a free* ticket to an edu­
cational moving picture show on
Saturday. I)ec«*mber 23. School
children will only be required to
call at Morrison’s Hardware
Store and get a ticket, The af-
ternoon performance
will be
exclusively for out of town peo
pie and the evening for peoph*
of Scio and thoie living close* in.
All others, of grown ups. will !>e
required to make- <>rn ■ kind of a
purchase at Morrison'.- hardware
store and at the same time get a
discount of 1<) pe" cent on all
purenases of $1 00 or over from
my regular retail prices,
in early and pick out your rock-
era. rugs, or anything you I may
need for Christmas, and place
youro.ders early so we can i have
them here for you on that date,
Remember, everything except
nails, wire and wire goods will
be sold at 10 per cent off for cash.
All paying their accounts on
School Notes
The following people
Scio were in Albany this week
as witnesses before the grand
jury in the Edwards arson case,
some of them going over
day and others appearing there
Tuesday: Joe Oupor, I has Wes­
ely, 1 Hoagland, Gale Jones, J F
Wesely, Clifford Compton. Nolan
Ed Wesely, Henry
Stepanek, Lillie Sims, Dr A G
Prill. Bert Bilyeu. Clyde Wann,
T L Dugger, J L Calavan, Jim
Wann, Hobart Hoagland, Bill
Beard. Dr E H Hobson. Orval
and Velma Edwards. EC Peery.
J N Weddle. Tony Faltus. J N
Lung and W A Cross.
School Meeting
City Candidates
hundred do'lnra «»t raising enough
ir.-r.-y to take car»* «if the con-
tracts for this year's work.
motion for un eleven mill tax
was vo U m I down. It is to be re­
grvtted th.ii the first motion did
: >t carry, as even this would
not have be.u, sufficient for this
year's i. ... leaving the balance
to be |4.d with warrants. The
N< w b l v- . that if the situa­
tion had b. < n thoroughly under-
«1 b. all present, eleven mills
w uld ha' <• been voted, as these
bill i will huve to be paid by the
d.-.trict sooner or later.
It s
poor ecu« my to try and save
money at the expense of our
public schools, if we are to re-
trench, let it bt* along some
other lines.
election next Munday , they hav­
ing tiled acceptance with the
city recorder, are as follows;
Mayor \\ A Ew
mg. F T
Recorder J S St'cha.
Treasurer Roy V Shelton.
Mnrahal J N Weddle, W A
Cross, Norman L»ng.
Councilman J !•' Oupor. Fred
T Bilyeu. W J Chromy. R M
Cain, EC Peery. W E Arnold.
J M Lindley, .1 II Poindexter,
N I Morrison, Walter Bilyeu.
(Seven to elect.)
$5320 on new cable b-«tw-*n
R ■«••burg and E Lnbower.
l.sios iip carpenters on Wil­
lamette & Columbia receive in­
crease ¡n pay.
Shipbuilding is a natural indus­
try for Pacific Coast jxirt i and
freight car building n g«Hx| int er­
ior industry.
Willamette Pacific to exp««nd
$50.001) a* Eugene on terminals.
Alleging that ber husband
In the offshore lumber trade. forced her to ho- the potatoes,
Washington and Oregon tide plunt them, tend the strawber-
water mills sl ipped 3I.212.7S7 ry plants and pick the fruit and
feet of lumb«.. during the montn ttiat he sold all this produce and
of ()ctob >r.
ail she ever reci’ived for h«T
The Dalle., valuations are low n work was $5. Mrs Velera Gar­
£35,000 und city levy gov- up a land has tiled a suit for divorce
against her husband, Joseph F
Tin* complaint further
Pan Pan Chewing Gum Cocap­
the plaintiff was in
italized nt $25.000 to be new local
industry with factory ut Portland poor health and hardly able to
J H Dyer, Ass'I Gen Mgr of «io her housework, that she own­
th»* Southern Pacific returning ed the land on which the produce
from a month's absence bring- was raised nn«j that despite
cheering reports of theca" short­ these farts her husband who
age situation and says that the was indolent and lazy forced her
first lot of new car« recent.y or­ to d<> all the hard work, sold th«*
der«*«! by tiie S P Co now is be­ prrduce sh<* raised and then
It is al-
ginning to arrive. The cars will ¡>>>cketed the profits.
be distributed among shipper
throughout the Southern Pacific
territory, and Oregon w ill get it .
share. Easiness throughout th«* treatment accorded her.
Pacific Coa»t is improving says
the couple have no children. —
Mr Dyer.
Albany Herald.
Several carloads of Tillamook
cheese are being shipped to the
Pierre of the Plains. Don’t
East this week. First time in
the place and the time:
history of the Oregon industry
Chas Habberland. who was up
from Portland aa a witness be­ that date will receive a ticket. that cheese has been sent from
fore the grand jury this week, The show will be continuous In here to the Eastern states.
came over from Albany and the afternoon after 1 p. m.
So-cailed conservation of our
visited until this morning with
water power, coal and oil lancii
his sister, Mrs Frieda Adams,
by th«? government for the “ben-
fit of future generations" is
The sale of home made candy
From the 3rd and 4th gtades
f >rcing the price of coal and oil
by the Sunbeam Sunday school
s > high that the present g «nera-
class of the Federateti church at
Prof White found a willow
Hi bier & Gill’s sture last Satur­ stick that the beavers had ti >r. is hard put to find fuel and
gasoline to carry oh industrial
day was so successful that they pealt*d.
He talked to Miss
will have home made candy on
sale there again next Saturday
Road Meetings
At the road meeting in South
Scio last Saturday afternoon, a
special tax of three mills was
voted. In North Scio a motion
for a five null tax was defeated,
after which a vote was taken
for a three mill tax which re-
suited in a tie vote. The meet-
mg then adjourned noon motion,
leaving the district without a
special tax.
Typewriter ribbons (»Oc at the
News office.
Mrs O V White was an Albany
visitor Tuesday.
Wm Brenner and J S Warwick
were Albany visitors Tuesday.
liest quality butter wrappers,
neatly printed to conform with
the law, (!Oc per hundred at the
We mak«* a specialty
Engagement and
Wedding rings F M French A
Son. Jewelers and Engravers,
J F Kuxacka returned from
Portland the last uf the week
after spending a few dnys with
C L Donahua hai bills out an« his wife, who recently under­
r.ujftcing a public axle of hie went a successful operation for
personal effects next Saturday, cancer,
Peoples Theatre, tonight.
December 8. at his home four
The News is printed early
miles west of Scio on the Scio«
this week in order to give the
Jeff« rson road, consisting of live*
editor n chance to get out and
stock. farm machinery, house­
hunt up something to eat fur
hold effects, a Ford touring car,
Thanksgiving dinner.
and numerous other articles. A
Metcalf’s room for some time,
Albany held a successful man­ free lunch will be served at
telling us about the beavers.
0 S Hutchinson, who has been
ufacturers ban <j net.
in a spire al Kent,
Mist Metcalf talked to M m
Oregon Electric planning a two
for several
Angel’s room on cotton Tuesday
Oregon has manv freak laws
to regulate capital and labor that
calia timber holdings for Mon­
there is said to be not a ton of
The ones that were not absent
arch mills at Portland.
coal mined in the vast Coos Bay
or tardy last month were:
Grants Pass holds show to coal field of over 100 square miles.
The Parent Teachers Associa­
Velma E l wards,
enjoyed a pleasant evening
Frankie Bilyeu.
St lem— Country Club to erect
regular meeting last
Medfodd- Work started «in building— brick block going in on
Walter Chromy,
program was given
$25,001» Appl -gate Lumber Co Liberty street.
Bertha Thayer,
and refreshments were serve«'.
Elden Knauf,
The le « polities thnt there is
Multno-nah county to erect
Ray McKnight,
J F Irvine of Echo who was
in the Oregon legislature the bet­
$150.000 hoi- utal.
Willie Johnston,
ter will it be for the state. Ltd down un account of the serious
Portland- Witn $15,000,000 less the men elected to represent the illness of his mother, Mrs B F
Verlin Richards« n,
valuations tax rate for 1617 not people in the state legislature
Eugene Sandoz.
Irvine of Iwbanon, came over
Willie Johnston ha« ti e high- ; increased.
work diligently and earnestly for Thursday morning and spent a
Scapoase dedicate! $3 W Con­ Oregon and it people without re­ few days here visiting frienus
«•st grades from the fourth grade
this month and Walter Chromy gregational church.
gard to parties or politics. That ano relatives, He reports Eust-
from the third grade.
Dairymen of South Silverton w ill be the best thing for the ern Oregon as iieing in a tl jur-
One of the pupils. i organizing cheese factory.
iahing condition.