The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, October 07, 1898, Image 3

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A n- r '
<!angrr •igwai« t.t Inijwrv Miwwl
T toy »h. •w Itot tto *lrr«iM i f lifr I* tn I m ^I
rvMiditton. that health 1» In «faug*** *•(
w r<* k I'kar th* ««»urie by lahlit* IL«*1 •
F«r»A|Mir ilia am 1 Ito
■ ill to •ii«t«ie
|»urv, ruo»|»le XL»»«v fiir ft>»«l l«r»allhv, and
l*f- • j'»urt»<-y phaeaiit *»»*.! trtmrraaiftaL
Hood S
l> A«... re»»«
■■ .1 M<
• «. r I •
Hrori', Pol,
A J*a earryirg a «mali el«n trir !«mj
to prvVer.t «I i l> * ■ « ’ , |
• i
l«'t> pau-nir | in tlern.ane.
t'tiilean. iiev.r eiit-'t or leare i m i> h,
• trirt ear or otiicr Public vrbirlo with-
out bowlug to «Il ita occupatila.
A Hrightrin (Knglandt yoona man 1« «
klllr.l liiin>»r|| I mv A umi hi* *11« li»»‘le
luti **f li in* fot ki *ing thè k . rVMnt giti.
Il i* ectimatol (Ls| *in»w» t! <• Ire^lu-
ning «»! th* LiricMica! etra ll.O4»OtuuO
¡Marron* Lavo p »,* • 4 ili • .»rth«|'ia » ■ »
OrnI tiro logi*l* Ilare «lirovere I that
crow* bave no lrr* than 27 rr»< », *« h
dtetincily re Ivi ahi® U» a differvnt a«
The wag«*ot <*b> numeri iti Artrny
ar* 15 a monili, wLich to IO per coni
«Givo Ih® *xt’i»g<* wag«* ptevaihtig in
< ‘bina.
The rimi Cinnamati lo <»fT» r hi* sur-
vice* a» .» fohlirr in th* |»re«mt war » u»
< >«g <d T» w, a wraltbjr in«r«hant uf
bai.ta Alia, California.
Th® nc-st» «»! ih* termite* or »lui««
ani ari», |•iojrf>rt»onrel t> ih«* «ir«’ ami
«righi <»i thè bui ideo*, IL« grrut<»l
stru ture* in thè World,
Ther® wmi roti In !>>h-l'»n (|>a nther
day a manuscript in li*« aulograpb ol
rotup* »>ng thè varia
Doti» tnad* fiotu II»«* th*i oJition uf hi*
lrah*lation <»t thè ili*!.
The art»0< tal it-nint <»f common «all
and cooklng «>!* ¡*»4 tu ni chlofM«* ani
toadium carbonato) I* us» <1 l«y ah lt.iHan
spreti lisi, Or. TomanolL fur thè Creai-
tuoni of gxttmsiv* barn*.
Whcn li«|uid air, containing fr»-m 4*>
lo 60 |«M « « ni ni «il g. n i*
l « ¡ih
powderrel < barenaI II forma ali «i|l<»
atre wbirh I* *ahJ lo to o»ui|«arat le io
j>»»er to dynamH*. *r<! oan to < xplud-
e I I y lui-ar.-s al a dot «HA tur.
Ttots I* ter re Cgtarrh In »b *• ' Ur»n M ih«
r uniti Ih».’! «il Attor dl»r M fu; tf<<ih»r,
and unii! ih« !•*' re * year» «•»*« <<>• «t i • M
l rj ira 14®. Par a
Mai»y ? * *r « <h« t • ■
Louttr« 4 II a l«<al di»* a-«, an<l i » *rr»t* » <«|
ramatile«, and ty r<*u’tawU| to<h* to enre
»Uh V’Oli tre*!«? ent, f»n • .-un'H it tourahk.
F-u !•»«« ha» fr rea Caiarrh t«> to ft «■<*' • l i 111*
«1« uà ! >)t< a -. and that ! t* t 4 • ?■» r
»• t .»•
■ t n ■ < •*
a .’• » l I J < I
*» % < . T !
la Ito • *»Ijr r h»f .fut!« n m tur. , n o market.
}t l» tal* n Ini«» in .‘n ■ > t
M 41’ 1 • to
a • v*i
H • •
» * n tf ** i *»1
tf r
<■1 *» btih<1»v4 *.V?ì;. ’«
r >r.j • a
t fall« to
rute t*« ud fer t T'T.U*»«, lt ’in» •■..aia Ad»
F i 4 < <•.. l<4«do. 0.
|ir-hi t y ! ? ««!»«» «.«
Itali’» l at i) 1 < are tbe t* l.
The tiri.e rwpiit<d fot Aia^am to cut
ha* boro tuftoitaljr r»thnat<M|
al frulli 7.000 to ìi'>4o0»i }• ira
Tn BiLHIInf» l »t t<» an>t taAlc * puwda»
A Fr« t ,i afii.y * »
« laijna nov­
erai in Itati trige» l< r a t’iillei o( <*«.»tn
liliared p4|*cr
eteri alili pcdl»he«l
aluminum, th«* chief t*ch>g that ihr
aounrlt ate »ur^trally r
U ill* Hide nrk of bhtitd jHiiaottiug.
How Mr*. Fii kham Tbom.
Mm M mv )’• : i
oi llt»
St . Chlt atfii. Ill . <■> Mr» I'mkhaiii
•• I hiltr, Vevn It- tbl>-I for tin- ¡-n’t
two )<-»r» with fn .no; of ll > womh,
le «H’orrlv. a, pam» o»er tny I dy. »o k
hi ndwlir». b-iikach«- ..crv«•n»n« •.» »<>«1
w« n«on”
! trii-d doctor, and rar
rented < » without n-o* f
After tan inf
two bottle, of your V<|»etablo Com­
pound. th, rv.a-f ! obtained wa« truly
I hare now taken aevi ral
more bottlea of yvur famous me<llrine,
and can »ay that I am entirely cured.”
Cincinnati. <>!•
l< Mr» I'lukham
"For a lotif time I »ufTrivd with
chrono InHat: tna’.l« n of th<- w. ml»
pain in abdomen and Ix armif down
ry ne reputai timea.and
ao weak I «a* hardly abl, to du any
thintf W'M»ub)o t to h< adache,. also
troubled ” ith «<u >rrh«i-a
torliitf for many tn mtha with different
phy»k:ana and ytUng note «filial
glren up all hope uf b< log w« ll
again whan 1 read of the great g >d
I.yd.a E 1‘mkhama Vegetable Com-
puuud wa. doing
I de< >l< d Immedi­
ately to gire It a trial 1 he result »».
•imply pa»t belief
Aft< r taking four
bottle* of Vegetable Compound and
living three package» of bauatire Vta»h
1 can »ay 1 feol like a n« w wuman
deem It my doty to announce tiio fact
to my fellow »uff. rer. that I.yd.a
E I’lnkhani « Vegetable rcmedlr. bar*
entirely cur«-I me of all uiy pam» and
! have her al. ne to thank
for luy recorcry for which I am grate
May hi aren bica» her for th*
good work ate ta doing for our ••«.*
Mrdlcftl lllfltlrnlloil of llhal (•»» lit»
l>»>n< XI Ith I Iwrlrlrlty.
f ,h- '
<r«e><nt mavoe.
dit««». tlea»*irv». .fleet »u|*rmieident
twin» abili b> a eivil viiglievrl and city
|'r«aa»*w«f | m < « —f Ih»
**••»«••» *»f
attorney, an I th* y ahull r.'«*elve i. i
I «W»M>ahwr».
|vay e.iwpl afti»rl,<*d to their re»«
T)»** régulai r»»oiino «*• U«ll*»w«w| in • |xx lire otheve.
l»»th bcm*«'« of the l»>* *1*1 nr«* W«*4 m **
Jar. an<l *t»»ot 11 o‘<*l<* |i l«t»lh hotimw
Th«« «•»■natr •• i • •'»iwl at in A
a*l|ourii*J till Th»ir*klay tu mabio
The *oe*ii»n wm opened with prayer by
nirmifti to BOCMRpl the invitation to al
R*V. «1. Howrro'l, of luifayrtte.
tml the «t4l« (air.
In the annate 41
A me»p«*gr* from the bou»*, announe-
hilt* have b<N*n Introduce I a nJ In the
t ing the paaaage of a reauluthm railing
bouee aa
U|«»n the am rrtary of *tate for
Th« ft»»«««.
Ir* of th* ccG* for U*e of th« leg a•!*-
Bilia tur*. wa* receive-1 and read.
The »« nati« o « -, at IO A. M
were introitaceli M f ill««w.
A *rib*titnt* f«»r the bouse resolution,
Ily I>uf’ r. r« «Kiltiltoi, calling for Pt’ offered by Selling, calling for 15 cop-
•et» '«f tha <>,« ¿’«'.1 coda tor the u»o <>t In*, five for th* senate, an i 10 for the
the l<gi»iature; action deferrwl by con- h«»n*e, ami their return to the »tale**
aent. By Kuykendall, resolution pro* <ust<eiy al th* end of the vrwsuin. wa*
tiding that the »enate natloai lie lead and kwl.
opened wilb prayer. By Priver, to
Rr*«dut!ot»* and hill* were intro>luc«xj
proti i«- lor the ut Ibe American a* follow*;
flag on Uta acboolbouaee of tLe alate.
By Full<»n. urging the < hrgon dele-
By Hat.’lline, revolution pn>ti iing that gal Ion lu congres* to pre*« the ret*n-
|O) coplee of tlu> i ulve <d the annate be lion of lb* Philippine i*Umls; corral.
prtntol. adopted.
By Ilufor, pro*Id- By Hase I tin*, empowering th* *r<»rtary
lug l«ir a rtiinmiltne of three in the of State IO give cop!** <-f th* history • f
II ■■
- ite Journal uf l‘,Jl. th* Oregon Indian war* to pmne rs.
ah’i'O* I
ltv Ixoonoy, to protide for vetetans and commander*of catn|<«; re-
the Working '«f .late convict. ti¡«>n Ilio forml to th« com mitt»«' on w«y* and
public hijliaaya.
By Paly of B>-nt«>n, mean*.
By !>a!y of l-ak*. amending
regulating tai «alee nt land» mortgaged th* statute* a* to the qu*iifi»"*llons of
to the «tate, road
time by title, v<»t*rw
By Daly of Benton, providing
and referred to the «'tn mi I tee on pub for a >'«»mmille' 1 f two from th«’ acnate
lie landa By ll*a>dtina. to protide for and three from lb* bouao to amen I U m *
II.■■ 1« ¿'dation of the aale of tuatii« .pvl •chool law*. witb««ul compensation,
Ian !■ ni. 1er >1« fault.
By Taylor, bill carrI*»I.
By Mulkey, amending th*
to ii ... {.irete tlie city of Frndleton. «■’ ii*!ltut»«»i» and abolishing th*
Hi I> -f ir, amending the »labite In ref. of »tat* printer
By Taylor, provid­
ervneo to traap»»» on telephone polea ing for repeal nt a t creating U»e • t * I«»
ami wlrea. By Kuykendall, to define l*oard of «“piaI»*alion.
By l>aly of
the quallfi'-alion of the v* tei« at echieil Iub’, for tti* protection of those fur-
meeiiuga au I kindred aubjecta.
tU«bing supplies and labor on public
A tpr»«»C' from the liou»« reporting buildings.
H» II »sellin*. amend,ng
th« i a«M¿« ol a rem,lotion urging tha th* Portlan I charted
Dy Dufur. f»»r
Inimr '« u».- •«! the fmlvr.l app'orpl* protection of grouse an I pralrto chick­
ation for the Improvement of toe en*. Hr Da'y of Benton, asking the
Caecodi* locka, War rrceitisi.
s. rrtary of state to supply senators
A n«'”«it’r from th« b«iu»n proridlng with |3 worth of *t*m|< and |l worth
for a apeclal conimittv« for r lütntna- <»( r»«psp*|'er wrapper*; adept«*!.
tlou ol the hooka ami accoc inl* of the !;«-< I. providing for th* return to th«*
Oregon io.aoe aaylum wm r<'}<urlo4, secretary of tlate uf codes ordered in
ami Ilia aenata concurred.
the morning
By Bates, to amend th*
A mv*.agn from the hoii««
statutes In relation to returns of sale*
the a iop-.ion of a rr dut ion
t. y niecutor* and administrator* of es­
f ir a .p ’ lai «ommittee t«> ei.tuino the tates.
By Harmon, to provide for th*
lex'll « and n'ltninl» of the •lato peni- resignation uf electors, ami kmdiol
trntlaiy wa. re|«irte.l, and tbo acuate matter*.
A message from the house, concur­
A tbrr-aga from the hon»e concur­ ring In the senate Philippine rratdu-
ring In the ri- dution provi.ling for ti ‘ns, was re. rived.
Morrow intro-
an eianilnation of the l«««k. of the »« xj - dm■<■ I a bill to Amen«! th«* statute* reg-
rvtary of *t»le wa. received and filed. : »lating the payment uf county offi
The chair anmiunoed a. a »|x>cial oars.
oomtnimon on examination nt the aay-
A me**nge from the governor, recit­
Inin t>»ik. and mv'ouiita, m’liatma Tay­ ing the !<•*» of M.-ehann »1 hall* at the
lor ami Kelly, arid on examination of Oregon agricultural college nt (kirval-
tha x’k» .m l a iiunta uf the p«'nlivn- h*. and recommending an Immediate
tlary, bxiiator« Pattvrerm and llow«.
appropriation for rebuilding it. in the
Hitcn sl of the state ftn ! students, wa*
Th« II «04»«.
rtM*vi Ved.
I’pon the me«-ting of th«« house
Daly of Benton, moved that th«» gov-
Wtdr •«■«•«lay morning*« vend com in ittee* ' ernor’s message be referred to th«* agri*
wet* ap)«»!i;ted on minor matters, an I < uhuial «’ummill«** for an investigation
then t o lutrolu« lion of bills was be­ | «if the Ins«, the < <»mmitt< v to report by
gun. Hprakcr Carter announced the ■( bill or <»th* rwiso. The motion carried.
metnl»oi* of the committee on inveati-
Th«* hoti*e lull t«> ameml the charter
| of Baker City was rea»l the MH’ond and
On motion of McCulhs h, the joint third limes ami pa-*«*!,
resolution ref« »ring to the committee
Til« llrall»«.
on f >1 ti*!»«-s was withheld fmm th*
The rtr*t bill introduced in the hon*e
am.'it* . pending a reo»nsi feratton of
th* matter. Th«*«« bills were Intro­ Thurwlay morning w.»* by R om , an-
! thoniing corporation* to a< t hr rl«*eu-
By M-nsly—Pr«nMing that *n attor­ t«»r>, aJminiairator*. ARvignea*. reenuv-
er*, •h,|‘OHitors, etc., this same a* in»li«
ney fr«»m outride stat«-* who is a pra*
titlunrr in the high«Mt courts, may ap. vidtial*.
Wlion the Raker City chatter wm
|M*ar a* an attorney in an action in Or-
a lop!» I, four year* ago, a portion rela­
tive t<> the el»*« lion of officer* wa« left
inro’itorate I
By Stillman—To
city of Pmd Io tun an«l re|M*d the act out entirely, and, a« a con^oquencn, the
trow in fticnn. Referred lo the I’m.»- pie« nl officer* have l«*en holding office
for four year*. Grace intro<luce I an
till* <«> delegation.
By Rosa—To establish in the riijr <>f a t which remedies the mistake, which
the house.
the ututo
New Y«*rk a fist*I agent
A bill w.»v inlr«»nrv<l by Thompson
of Oregon and utl *r civil oorporation*
uf this stat«*, the ag«*nt to I m * ap|*uii>l«*d frlative to the protection <«f the »»hei’p
inter« «tn ami a flat* tai on dog*,
by l’»e governor.
lo Rolution* were introduce«! ai* fol­
By Y> ung—Tu provl«lc for th* dis­
charge <»f judgment liens on real relate. io«**:
llv -MiMwIy, to make the «male an I
Ily Young—Providing for the protec­
tion ol elk. ari l nmlung th«» clo*«-1 sea- huuHt’ omimittri*« on printing a joint
s<m from January I, l**v‘.i, to D«-< « mlwr committee, with (tower and in»tiuc-
Bl, IVlO, after that limn the eh»*-1
to lnv*«*tigale and rej-irl on the
•«roton lu I k ? during DcccmlM’r «»f each »'ale printing office. Uy Young, giant-
ing 10 houae rtiinniiiier' and the Mult­
■y Tapping—To pfufi'lw ihn time«, nomah delegation one clerk each.
Several nieHFAgoa of an unImj»«»rtant
etc^ fur I oi ling trA*ibvr** <
na<ur»« were rvceltved from the annate.
Mcl’ulhch moved ft leconaidrratn»n
By Fl.»¿¿—Filing II»« ba I ai Ì«* ul
of Myer** y-ml n «lutb'n, authorising
,M iflon county offi « r*.
Hr Kru»e T • increase the fa«iillli«*i the ftp|M»intmetal of a comtni**M»r* of
for the alluvial! i and cnr<- of d»»< a«*»’, five to rx tminc into and i««p*ut at the
nnd re|fUjlmg nil act* In conflict there­ neit »ewaion uf the h-^ulnture on the
f hh | fish hadufttry. Aller a »«pirited «le.
By Virtu* — Protecting hotel ami bate, th«» re-voluliun wa * in lefimtvly
Innk«*» J*’»* .ig.iinwt delinquent gmwt*.
Representative Curtl* *e«ur«-l the
allowance of a clerk fur the committee
on r«'*olution*, but Farrell wa* unable
|*ortl«t*<l Vfrawttr* |atr*>duc«4 In th« I«» get on* for the Multnomah del ga­
*<«1« ftmni«.
Th<> Portlan«) charter lull. intr«i !u<-»«l
A tggololion by Morton thanking the
In the »etiatr by ll’wltln« TbniMlay *t*t* printer lot a supply ot *tationery
murnlnn, pto»i«l«a for wi.eral hn|»irt- wa* aitopti-ri.
•nt < liangr* in tho a Iminl.tration of
Hutt* moved tbat the h<m*e adjourn
city affair«. Th* «alary of mayor ta to until 2 I*. M
An amenairuent by
ho miUird from f.1,000 to |.t (MX) per Young that the hour t* ma ir 10 A M
yaar. city attorney from |3,0oo to fj,- M on<lay wa* defeated.
400, to tak«- •■ff.’rt after 1 1 ••«•nt term.
Die house then •« I jammed until
ci|.lro. Th« city .urveyor’a ofll«'a 1« to afternoon.
t»> aixiIi•)«••• 1, an«l tha t«r«.«nt munici­
Tim house, on reconvening, concur­
pal oo'i't. o »tln< |3,o0't for th« judge red in the *em»te icaolution regarding
•I«’ I II .&00 lor the clerk, »• to h« •«par- the retention ol the Philippine ialand*.
• «lad by u potion court, llm Ju l^n of
Hill introduced a bill creating the
office of clerk to the justice of ttie
M’Jfiieipu! Ju!!•••»- jw.-v«• <»/ l't«rii«i>d.
ncaay'a term of ofl1ca I. made to ««pirn
Standley introduccl a bill to prevent
thro« «Java afl«-r tbn act .hall take nhnep, horse* and cattle from iaeing
cffi-rt, an«l the mayor la to appoint hi* hrrde’l from one county to another.
• Ut’CMOor.
Tlirto.tfler, hoarror, llm
police judge .ball be elected by th«
A. D. Griffin, alitor of lhe I*<»rilar4
New Age. I* *«*fgrant at-arLi>« of the
The board of public work, ia to tie hon«*.
In dentistry no *ub)<-et i* more di«-
Il«.u»x Keanlulfm..
eunrd than the |iainl<MM Alling and
Tim following re»«dutlom were intro­
eitraction of teeth.
Itegariling the
former Hr. Thoma* II
Whito, when duced in the bouae Tuewlay:
A concurrent reaolution by Myer*
*cen in hl* I'ffhe at 1T1
wa» read, providing tor a toniiuillfw of
• tree!, near Fourth, »aid:
"That teeth can be filled abnoliltely three from the liouae ami two from the
without pain in a j» «itirw f.v t, which •rnate to examine and report ujxm the
1* ilomonttrateil mo’t every day in my book* ami account« ol tha In.ane aay-
office. Teeth that arc •<> .vii.ilive that lum.
Young introduced a mraaute author­
the patient cannot endnia an ln*tru-
nient to touch them can lie made thor* ising the accrwtary of »late to hare
oiighly inaenaible to pain or fi» ling in print'd l.oOO copiv» uf the gorerno,'•
ftom 10 to 20 minute*, *n«l can l«e mewage.
A joint reaolution by Roberta wa.
then filled or treate«l with ea*r.
electricity i* a great boon to manhim*. read, faroring a. tion by congmaa to­
Jual think of taking the nerVO out of a ward making an appMpriatiou for the
tiailh in 10 minute* from the time of imprnvem« nt «if the Columbia rirer at
the application of the electricity with­ the t'atcade lock, to prevent the poa.i
out the alightcat knowIr.lge of it by billty of »tich dlaMter. to rcaaela a»
the patient."
The late of hare recently occurred.
bridge work invented by the brother
A concurrent rwaolutlon by Hill wa.
of Hr. White la a great improvement read, i«roviding for a committee to in­
on plater.
vestigate the land board. It wa< re­
fer re I.
A rvaohition for a oommittea to In-
vuutigate the fn-crctary of .tale', office,
which <»□!•• from the .rnate ami bad
be«u tabled, wa. taken up and con-
•urrel in
fln Overworked Brain.
A»« rv r'C-p4, Ptrnrk-« 7*4.
(Vierta«n«*! I«» tire m h»s eliurei«
r»»«»1ère «Mi a« an « «Im aloe, Krnrel Keca-
|«rr, uf Pl* ««.uloii. Imi., <»Vr» 1.1 led him
•w-If ito it Ally .mt pin »leali v.
He * .»•
.imldtnma, his mimi wa* always «»e
hi* work
From rarlv m<*rn until let»*
at night b* omlimiAlly pour«*! uvei his
“Biintod th® eandl® at toth er«!*. •*
Few preanfMi, eve* with th* stru *g**t
const Hut tut.*, can keep up und*-r •uch
a strain.
In *’l Ittinn to I»«* st ml ire, Mr. Krm- i
|w*r was t*A«liitig »«haul some tbier «
mi Ire from b>* home.
Finally, hi»,
rire«nv* »tmiy and th«« f ipwuri of I
gi««ng to art*! Lorn wchool in all kiiMs
of weather ttiMeimilted bis health.
If* • a* taken to hi* l»ed with pneu*
m-mia ami i»i* overworked brain al-
ni'Mkt r«4l4p«eJ
Fui reterai •«*« Ms h«'
waa seriously III.
Calatili ha«j taken fiait in bt* avatem
and hl* rat nd ••• In a !ehe»Ale o n«ii-
II* Was sent to Colora«lu where
bn »p«nt three months witfcKmt re*♦ iv
Rig any ton«'fil. Then a nutod special
Oser »4 nr «2y.
1st from Cleveland treated him w ithnul
avail, and then a luwpital in t ‘hb
was tri*«l, but all al•*« lately mthoul
Finally hi* physician r<*ctm>-
manded Dr. William«* Pink Pills f«»t
Pal* People, an ! from the first tn»i Lo
begin to improve. When he had taken
nine buiea be was roni|dett>iy cured.
This famous blood and nerve in'-db inr
!>▲>! a• - <<iiipli»h«-4 what all hi* former
expensive treatment fade«! to *<o«m-
Mr Kemper say* his catarrh
ba* entirely left him: he is strong
again ami weigh* nine |>oun<!* more
than he ever did. H« ¿ires th* pills
tbo entire crcsllt. lie is starting t*.i< h-
ing Again and f« « Is abundantly abb* to
continue th® work.
To prove that |
the alsiv* is true in every respect, Mr.
Ketn|*cr m.i»lc an affidavit as («»llown:
Nub-''riLed and sworn t«» before hi «'
this the Kith day nf September, )H‘J7.
It P WATT, Notary Puhlio.
We doubt if these pills )i.«v«* an • pi.«I
if* ill the range of m«’Ji« im*. for build­
ing up a run Jown and debilitated sys­
Ih* l».allmr« r«*«taff« fwr l.«tl«rs-
W. F. Baih*y «•«»’.tributes nn Article
tn th* Octolor Ccnlurv on *’Th«* Puny
Eiprv*”*,” from St. J«»»»*ph, Mo., to
San Friincisio. Mi. Bsiiex••»«)*: Th®
letters, 1« fore loing phu •• I in th«» p«». k-
ots. were wrapped in <»il*d silk tu pre­
serv® them from moisture. Th* tnaii-
mtiiu weight of Mny on* mail wa* 10
pounds; but this was randy rvachv«!.
Th* charge* wer* originally ♦’> for
each letter of « nc-hftlf ounce or I» **;
but afterward this w as r«*<iuc« i to f J.AO
for ‘ftcb luttei not *xcu*«Hng on«’ half
ounce, thia being in a ldition to th®
regular United Stat, a p»**tuge.
cully made light-weight pa|*er w as ¿<*n-
erally use,| to reduce lb® expen*e.
Special edition* of the E.witern m wa-
paper* were nrinted on ti-sue p«p«’r to
enable them to reach subs« titters on th®
ifio coast.
Tills, however, wa*
more as un advertisement, there teong
little demand for them al their nvcua
•arily large price.
\ Th«*r«»UKh Sport.
The Deacon—"Young man, don’t yon
know that there** a rainy day cumingf”
Spemlthrift — ".Mrbby th«i«» is, Imt
I’ve got
that »¡ix* th«* weather man
won’t call th* turn. Com«*, now, if
you’ve got any nervo ahuw your
I a»»4 < reba *f < «ba
Theae creature* are taiger than a
•wa-crah, a«td live entirely on th* land.
Thrv run with great spre«!. «ven <*ot-
• tiippHig a l»or»*.
Al seaaona *«f |l»e
• rar lb*? migrate in larga ta»Iire h«m»
«»nr rl»l* of ti««* island to lb* uth« I, In
• ulunios at*n>etim«*s half a mil* wide.
s««J »4» d<ns* «• aimtiMt to stop a car-
t >gs* on tl>* f’wl they may lw* erresmg.
n«F«H> ««Jenin* <»vei«T»m<? every olwtaele
th lh«ir direct hn<* uf march, even high
Il is suppoeesl that there
migration* are prompted by the in­
aimi t «if pnip.igati n. as th* » r*!-s «« k
the sea shore, de i «li their egg* • ml
craiHi are
cast off the old site 11. Th*»
•o C4>mtn«*n about th® city uf M itAnras
that the inhabitant* often rrceive th*
sobriquet ot **cangr*yx ”
They ar*
ffv*|u®Utly found IU th® house*, and in
some etarf ev«-n under th* E«-»!*.
There ia a *{>ect«* <f con» h which
m*k*s similar march*« through the
«•»untry in imiuenre bodica. Tbrse «re
railed pirates, fmm a very curious halal
they display.
This creature, which re-
•*’tnMes a snail, hm the ability • t »1* its«’f from th* a) Ml. which,
for sum* reason, Il U*ni|s*rarlly taax®*
at ttm®*; and while it* house Is thus
vacant, another, t-aasimg, will ba« k its
body, tail fort moat, into th* empty
»hell, an I keep pMM»*>«rs«)ori.
The TtvSty *‘kf»r»u»
firet th* r> h‘ lui»« was !»!*•! al IO
an avrrag»* of righi mil»*« AH lami
Titia wa * cut
from stait to fini»h.
«low n lo r-ight dava, rcqulring an *v*r
Mgr sp«*«*l of 10 mile*, Th* qui* krsl
trip made wa* in rat ry ing Brusi «Ioni
t«incoln** inaugura) aJtlr*
which was
dune in sr>ven «lays and 17 hours, an
average *|K»ed <»f 10.7 miles |«er hour,
the f istest time of any on* rider l*n»g
120 mile®. ftom Smith*» Creek to Fort
I Tinrchill, by "Pony Bub.** in eight
hour* and IO minate«, or 14. 7 mi Ire
|M?r hour, Considering th* distance
and «lifficultie* enc lUntrted, such A*
h«*tiI® Indians, ruad a nt*, flood*, an«!
*n,*w*torma. and accidents to li*»rse*
and rider*, the *ch«*lul® was main-
tain«*! to An astonishing degree,
service created th* greatest enthusiasm
not only among the employes.
also m the ranks of stage rmph»x«f*.
freighter*, *im! reiMenla along th*
route. To aid a *’¡* ny” in .hffi. ulty
was a privilege, and woe lw* to the man
who would so mu« h a* throw a ttouo In
the way.
1 nrl« S«itt*a XX «trh l»*»r!nr.
Al Hi«« Unit«*d Slates naval ol«»- rva-
I »ry is nn ®X|M»rt offi, ••! al tlie b- i I of
a «h*pnr!¡Hcnt—pr,J »Ely th® m —t )w •
fe< l of its kmd in th* worM—*wh«i«’
duty ia to keep in hind for th* use <»f
th«' navy thoroughly tested chronom*-
ter», a work which requirre much care
and attention six months in th»« year.
For this porpore, aay* The New York
Sun, a tem|«4-rat’ir* l«a»m is
with the chronometer »ml time service
department. In which th«* testings at«*
mad*, umler th* influence of a hydro
metric condition of the atmosphere.
Comparisons ai® made «tally botwren
II and 11:40 o*clock, morning, with
th® mean time standard rlo-k, an«! th*
error* and rates ar® work>«t| up on«* a
week, from there mean rate* calcula­
tion* being ma le and comparl-on* to
the nearest «¡naiter of a se, nd.
ti’inperatur* is clo.*« ly observed • odi
day and recorded for th* previous 24
hours by a ehrnoim thic thermometer,
and by M*lf-rrg storing maximum ami
minimum tberrnometer*. Th* room to
heat* I by circulation of hot water,
th* fuel I m ing gm», »nd to r»««»l« I by an
he reft ig. r.itof when a t< mp-ratur* is
required below that of th* outside at­
For the si* rubier month*
th* teni|a*rntur* room is kept within «
range of two degree*.
HKl»| 4 1 l<>>
II I < I < I »
:< Baker’s
; A
L« ¡a
J <
celsbretcJ fnf MWt
th«ux a century as a
tleHcioua, nutrilhore.
{ jf «nd
fireh forming
tovsrsge. ha* our
well known
1 •
• /
MAWvaacTVMxn ar.
ir aorit rua WAM*.
I* Il Wrong.
Oct It KlRbL
Keep il Rijhi.
\ allow l abel
X r *!
***!*! 1
»n t h r f ? n I < i i • r t V
1 packagv, and our
a 1
» H J lra.!r tnark."l a Hell.
4λ f ! ,/
Ì . y
J ( h >*' lAturr. ’wo iLs
V ai M
if ■
u e
Msssre*» HevealeSl RemeSI> ®HÎ h»IL Three
Ck «i a * . >1 STAke J « m Irei lx iter, o l II from
yewr 4r -.«»»ive*. j »huimU» 4r«.< I.ou»®, or
tro«..» 3U «ari a Uo.Diee l«ru*« a »..
ru i ili
BAG NECDLI8.........
liai» o» e.‘h « 3««« The toot U*tM¿i« Is Xh - m«nr
*rt I o l Kt
l of »»Je by «¿4 *«••
«4w4 MK 4 s 1M»**«U»« Hx>rvK. A* h*
w h i. a i im s co..
M«r«*l «MrewA. A mu » FfsMWww, C»i
M*A«h* OMV ■»
Dorchester, Maaa.
•f • Artf*«t
f «
1’ry s t r-*.a -«
Xa fir.f •
tiqrjrt *
ifci« arw ui*'. ’ I !t. a '■ »•■)< ti i» . ti -' uecî /
" *hh r» *• ’ - '*•
titling to Huilncn College f
to s t f*'l te learn whai *n ! * - « » «■
> • KTI *M> at ’IS» *.«« • ‘ *1 t r #g. I' fila I,
<■!•< i4 1
»fite V |.it><» »!••>• w«fc
e .
a r a »«« tb > - m . ritu» j > ai
>•. «i *••
a. r. ». t.
s.l v «»1 l»er*
iM^ulion lb*» paper.
Cawston à Co.
».es«,,«', i. h r t«..., a c.
«3 »nJ 50 Firil S(.,
I’iclUnd, Or.
tri it titiixi • ixn n tirtu
XH bin) Av».,
SaaNla. VT
...Willamet Iron Works...
MxnnfACtx.rrn H M-.r-rw af I So*i <\Ar> Frgtnrs And
P> ilcrx. Saw Mill, Flour Mill, Mining .tnd Dredging
iTingrr*, U a I< t
Wheel*» r*c.
Agrntv fie the John F. N
C ak F1« mm
Mill Machinery. Tluntley Mfe. Co.’» M i r (train
SepArah n and Scuurm. [X ta W hi in Exctbi f Baking
Q h. M«H -»nd Elevator Suppto», C®<ton and Leather
Pelt mg, rtc.
re »1 )»>*ir utiters 4<rrc< i«> u» ana gri thv
*11 i v| ii«» i r P.l II I»» l;s
Front nnd Everett Sts.
A Beautiful Present
In «».¡«r t.’ flirt’ r mtr I.
i.l.ASTIC STAUCH <1 I ■' Ir- - lb v 11
th«- tn i:v:f i. t . h t I. C II ..
.. i I - -. i
■ Ii h r
<li '
1 t■ ■ OIV I AVY A V » I .uitif I J «
i.' with i X. Ii i . ».-ge <>l
■tank »«I>1. Tbcac presenta Ate in the ioitu I
Beautiful Pastel Pictures
They ire tjxt«) inchea In aire, imi arc entitled a. lulh«wa:
I’Illi *:*
It !• iuii4 lh*t wsst«>rn caplt*!!««» at«
IrinpUiirf th«* «-r<«Ulfaii»>n U a ftral M«
r*«»n»pany, whH*h hopes !<» bîau »- t r«(. '• «»»•
* ini ’ «It ! ,• || till :
A <« I'.'
XX h ( hrf
thia I m - Itur or not, th* f«< I »« uum ' h « lh«i II««
teller*» Mom« h KliH-r» Is • hr»! c.«.« r- tn >!y
hw the «l>>rn«4-h, Io » r ah 4 1*I* m > !. ah »1 lh- i-th c
puts It Wilhlli i'Vrribi 'l| »ti <w h to he
»trong Fkif fvvrr and «cir it u « »j«» n«-
I stesi far the T««llrl T*l»l*.
!f you want the best wind mill, niunps.
Th* nrw«*si arrangement* for Mi-
tank«, plows, wagons, tolls ««I all store,
toiler», engines, or g«neml nuu hhiery, we Lidy's toilet table is that tire*«>tii* arti-
<>r write JOHN I’< hi |,K. to<t of M >rriM»n eie, a hair receiver, or ratlo r a new
street, Portland, (>r»g«»n.
variation on it.
ft i* of clia* I stiver,
gilt lin*-l, and there'* a hole in the
I.ottsrl«« In O|<| llatghg
in Havana the sir.u«g«'r ’« itii' iiilnii cover into which l< st lurks ai* thrust.
I. arr<x«l"«l by ll«« vender* of lottery
ticket., who «tati'l on tlie •tr'x't corner.
Willi a pair of atiear* in one bam) and
»b«el. of lotti iy ticket, in tlie oilier,
ready to cutoff any number for barer».
They are very adroit, and are apt tu
pervuade tlie ctedulou. that they will
draw a fortuno in the «.'lu me. Three
li eniH-i lotterie, are one of the great
aril, there, e»|«< iaily to the Hpanl.h
fieopla, who aeem to bu liorn gainblar*.
and for whom the chame of dn-r,
curila, ami lottery ticket* a|’|«rai to
bare an trrrelilde charm, all cluaw* In
Havana dealing in them habitoallv.
Mal«- mnnsy by s nrr aaT t*
•r*w .»-ai
m « t»««-«., •<
I . « • ,4 tt t »MSI oa ■UM’
*HMu furl me . tf have here
» I« t -
t. ■»!»•«, W rn« lor fall pat 1 < , <r» fa vi » ( »•»
• »»«•«•■ *»*rn *» vefAi fears' ca**<»*(>«**'»• **w
■ • ’ - ’ * f
¡: *
I«, gr *'Ghr b«t*lnr•• *rtut t.»r mir !r<« refer
< re 4 < •
faws|\«., lloráis» 4 <•
<*'<•«'.» »•■•▲»•I »4 1 sn l»r.oau-e* in
toflk** ». <>rerew a*4 real i h w s*h
I »taMiareu n«0.
l I I • . ■
’.«»•..i 1.1 X
»,< r>t, a , , «><>
l-’UI. xi.d Ir-«I .- I’H. IL 11, M14At. 144
ArUlM/iwt, t*U..*4< .K. IX
Lilac» anil
* ■
F il QU« > ND c 30» Sfc*
n »<«
t t«, X ’ r • » i •(»
** ’
••*'•*■* **
Of ’»« •’*»<
M» r* a * -re I * * ré • "* ' *
Lilacs and
’7 c X u » hgcrüäo TC9
A corion, f.ct ba. ticen notr.| t«y
arctic trawler*. Know, wln-n at a very
low temperature, al aorb. luui.toro and
•Iriea garment«,
c*t *ut )c< IS ,
Of f
In Swrd«*n tl»«*r»* ar* !l<».«tinrf ran-
nerire. They ar* small vrewrls, which
follow fishing fi«-«’ts, nnd men on Ilium
can th* fi«h »till* tl»*y ar* fresh.
v ry 41
I lhr*r I i turn
MF-* ■
■ ■
Elastic Starch
¿ ‘
' put h.M-«| ««I vur , t « x rr. Il to the beat laundry March on th< market, an I j
, ■ . .
■ . t i
A joint reaolution by Myer, w.a
read, providing for a com mi I tee of
three fr m the liouae and two from the
acuate tn inrratlgate and report to tl«c
regular «»«»Ion of the legislature in re­
lation to foo-l fi«her and the legialation
ne.-ea.ary tor their prv>|«agntion anil
A concurrent reMilution by Beach
read, providing lor a committee of
three from the home ami two from tha
•mala to iuve.lig.vle tbr proltentiary.
A rcaolntion by Rtilhn.n wa. read.
m|uv.tlng that the governor, rectelary
nf itate and .late treasurer .ulimit
■■ir financial eattmatr«, which are re-
«!Hired fur the appropriation bill, not
later than Friday.
A concurrent rcaohtiln by Bayer waa
read, providing for a conimllt«w> to In-
vctigate the atate trea.urct'a offh-w
It waa referred to the committee on
A concurrent reaolution by Maaain-
gill wm read, providing tor • commit-
tee to Inreatigata the military board.
11 waa referred.
Ho h«mash«>'.4 la torn ph 1« wtthoat a tolti* *f
Ihr t«B»>iii4 Jr<w M-- r XX hi<kr> . Il It» jur«
Foreign authoritirs M**rt that tuh«r
an i whtal» e» o»«- «duiulani r» « >>œmen4«*4 by all
ph y »it lana, boti i Bs*i«cC ibis nenwllp
culoaia is prevalent in all countrh-s, ir-
I hr M»»«t *« nr pi lain g .l«rb«t.
Th«! *AUr l«»B 11®!«.
r*sp*ctiv<> of climat«« ami other c*m-li-
Soymnur K« v«-*,
.% poetma*l*r at
lfii«l<»iibt«’to||y th* most bewitching,
That loublc |4’*'<I .tuff with .ink­
Manheim, N. Y., has an appl* tree
statt-« that it Is responsible for at l*a*t ing pl.ul on one .i«io an I downy whito ».kucirst b<«l i* ft «abl* I ¡pre I httl* affair,
• hid» waa brought fr«»m Holland in
on the other, tuakr. a moat which ju*t«» th»» ry«-a enough.
1.000,000 death* annually.
th«« 17th erntnry. It still l»**r* fruit.
jacket, and a walk through the country It* only trimming i* any quantity ol
4 *•*»»••• iiiti, « vL*-*.i»tâa « tv-tueoi tiiili- un a crixp winter day would b», a «iv- «..y black ;.. l, wbieh has
n plaited
Un«l*r th* laws of ('hin* ti»* man
■ t
I i . \
hglit th'i* attiie-l. The jacket I. made until It can to fantasti* enough.
w ! • !■ «»-s I «s t«’in i ’-r
- if
is sunt to jail fur five days loouulduwn. Inatfon in th* suri1» «airona, ha* I»een plaid .ide oat, though Hie in»l«la ol this wiinbf*n*re, whi* b )••«, of rotirs*
found by Professor Nasini, in th* gises the collar, the tevrra and the atr.t** knew, w<* only an • xru*«* an«l a lm<*k*
In i’ursi* a bonfire plays an import­ given ofT by Mount Vreuvitra,
it is .how white It i. double«! and gr tm I f«»r on* finuhing t«»u« h, I* set
ant ¡»art in th* mart lag* ceremony, tha stip|<Ki«s) to be much lighter than by- warm enough to make on« long to la«-« >1Y by a brilliant rprinklh g of vfvn!
« «•rem ny btdng ruaj ovvr in front of it. d rugeo.
a bliMard In it.
I wing* poi*«v«| well In front.
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