The Santiam news. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 1897-1917, January 14, 1898, Image 3

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JANUARY 14 1898.
a few muta.«*
Last of Burraut
Henry Myers ana Fred Morris
go to Alaska on the next steamer,
Otto Martin, Wm. Savage and Wm.
Ehlert have left- to go on the Elder,
which sailed from Portland today,
but they may not be able to get
berths for this trip, in which case
they will go on the following steam
er. Ed Gilkey leaves for Skaguay
on the Elder today having secured
his ticket some time ago.
O. T. Porter, who was at one
time United States Marshal of Alas­
ka, will in a few days begin the
publication of a paper in Albany, to
be known as the Linn County Re­
publican. J. M. Somers, a member
of the last legislature, will be associ­
ated with him. The Albany’ Demo­
crat says it does n ot know what pos-
ition-Mr. Porter will take, but he is
well known to be one of Mr. Mitch­
ell’s friends and supporters.
Theodore Durrant’s last- request
was complied with, His-body was
cremated. It was taken to Los'
Angeles Tuesday night arid then reT
moved to Pasadena for final disposh
The corpse was taken fromtheDur
rant home at daylightTuesday morn,
ing and taken to the undertaking''
rooms of Porter & White, on Eddy
street, and there placed in a metallic
casket. Dr. Thrasher and another
friend of the family guarded the re­
mains all day. Mrs. Durrant was in
great fear of body-thieves and relic
hunters, and all precautions were
taken to prevent the stealing of the
corpse. Mr. and Mrs. Durrant ae-
com panyed the body to the crematory
and will return to San Francisco at
the end of the week with the ashes
Porter and White sealed the
corpse and made it ready for the
They had charge of it
until it reached Los Angeles. Then
the Los Angeles undertakers con­
veyed it to Pasadena. The body
reached Los Angeles at 2 P. M.
Wednesday and was taken at once
to the crematory.
A Few Ladies Long Coats that are
¡being sold at a great reduction.
If yon want a large amount of
¡goods for your money be sure and
see them.
All the Capes and Jackets in' the
department sold at a reduction.
A Good Servieable Umbrella for
SOc. Lots of style in the 75c grade
and lots of wear too.
If you want a better one you will
find it here at the same ratios of low
.price to good goods,
R and G Corsets in styles and
Shape« that will fit any’ form—A. line
■of French Corsets, good fitters;
made of French Cant-il, drab and
¡Mars Hanna Elected.
white, all grades to $3,50 for $1,00.
The bitter Senatorial contest is
Have you seen our 50c and $1,00 ended, and Marcus A. Hanna has
line. There are no better for that been elected senator for both the
long and short terms by the . senate
Maoeahees Buzz.
and houseof the state legislature in
joint session assembled.
On fast New Yeai-is eve the LOT
Senator Hanna-received 73 votes, iff and KOT M held their regular
of one over the combined joint social meeting. About 150
strength of the opposition. McKis- members and invited guests were
Agents for Butteries patterns.
son received G9 votes for the short1 present.
Send for Metropolitan.
and 70 for the long term. One rep­ The Lady Maccabees presented a
resentative, Cramer, was absent dur­ Japanese wedding which was a pro­
ing the voting on account of illness. nounced success, and highly appre­
After Hanna was declared elected ciated by the Audience. The char­
senator for the long term pandemo, acters were well sustained, and took
If you want any fruit trees, call on nlum reigned supreme iu the hall of on much of the appearance of genu­
the house. A motion made by ine “Japs.”
J. 8. Morris.
Senator Alexander was unanimous­ A duet by M M Peery and Mrs
' Sheriff-Gaines was in Scio Thurs­ ly carried, and a committee of five j Goin, was well rendered, as was
day on business.
was appointed to escort- Mr. Hanna other productions, especially that of
Art Layton, who has been sick at into the Hall.
George Sutherland.
Albany for some time past is im­
The music of the evening was fur­
A Çopulist JÆçsting at Albany.
proving slowly.
nished by Sumner’s Ochestra.
Candy, nuts, popcorn, apples etc.
A. G. Prill, Physical! and Surgeon,
abundant, and a general good
Scio, Oregon. Office next door to
committee was held in Albany last time was had until a late hour.
P remium W atch —A $15 Gold Wednesday, Populists generally
Watch for $4.95, to our customers. participated in the discussion of the Farmers, do you >want to g’l’OW
question of fussion. From all ac­ flax in the year 1898? The price
8. M. D aniel .
T. J. Murikers purchased a small counts there was a divided opinion will be’guaranteed at $1 75' per 100
band of sheep this week, to keep his on the subject. After much 'discus­ pounds delivered in Portland and
sion .a resolution was adopted de­ the rise of the market to Dec. 1, ’98
fall wheat eat down.
Little Glen Allison, son of John claring it to be the sense of the meet­ Call on R Shelton, Agent.
Allison,has been sick .the past week, ing that the populists should nomi­
nate a ticket of theirown, but should
Epping Convicted.
but is now improving.
divide the county offices with the
Mrs. Frank Mack has-been quite free silver democrats if they would J A Epping, indicted with G P
sick at the residence of her father, agree to come over to their political Watson and Frank Gautier for con­
spiracy to break into the Portland
Mr. P O Smith of this city.
camp. H C Watson was indorsed
postoffice for the purpose of commit­
W anted —-All persons knowing for circuit judge of this district. It ting larceny therein, and foreonspir-
themselves indebted to us to call
nominate Judge N L Butler,of Polk ing to steal registered mail from the
and settle.—Peery & Peery.'
for the other-judge and re­ segistry department, was found
The protracted meeting at the M.
guilty on the second count of the in­
E. Church has been postponed, ow­ nominate Sam Hayden for district dictment, and not guilty as to' the
ing to the illness of Rev. Williams.
free silver, fiat money followers to first count. Watson was acquitted
Mrs. John Gaines who has been help defeat the common enemy. on both bounts.
quite sick for some time past. is .im­ Ju-.-ge Barton, Smith and others
Swedish Colony.
proving. Her daughter, Sarah, has seem think they have the game well
There is a prospect of a colony be­
also been sick.
in hand.
ing founded at Jordan. It will be
S. M. Daniel has just received a
composed of Swedes, and, if the
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cents.
fine new lot of spring samples of
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak deal is consummated, they will pur­
clothing for 1898.
men strong, blood pure. 50c, $1. All druggists. chase 3000 acres of farming land.
Wm. Brenner lost two of his OX*
The contractor for the colony'in-
Experiment Successful.
pected the land and made a favorable
en that he was stall feeding, last
week, from a complication of dis- Successful telephonic communica­ report to the agent for the colony.
tion.was last week established be­ All that remains to be done is for
eases. It is not contagious.
Mr. Lou Brown has returned- from tween the lake submarine boat the agent to inspect the land, and if
Spokane, where he has been work­ Argonaut and points in.Baltimore suitable, the colony is an assured
ing for some time past, and will re- and Washington. Everything work­ thing.
ed admirably. The voice from the
side in Scio again for a while.
The finest glass-ware and the- nic- waters could be heard as plainly as
of the. San-
est lamps ever brought to Scio, are
tiam Republican Club will be hëld
to be found at RossE, Hibler’ssiore. ing with was at your side.
on Monday evening Jan. 17th, at 7
The prices too, are such that one can The Argonaut was submerged at
her dock. About 100 feet of cable o’clock p. M. at Scio City Hall, The
afford to buy.
election of officers, for the /following
Lewis Richardson is having a nice were attached to' an ordinary tele­ year, will be held, and the selection
new front placed on tlie butcher
gonaut was under the water those of delegates to attend the bi-annual
shop, shaping things so that he may
convention of State Republican
have room to conduct a confection­ aboard were in direct communica­ clubs, to be held in Portland, Or., on
tion with several points in both
ery store in the same building.
Baltimore and Washington. It is Feb., 1st 1898.' All republicans, and
Harry S. Johnston returned Wed­ probable that when’ the batteries especially all members of the club
nesday’ from a visit to his parents aboard the vessel are further tested, are earnestly requested to be pres­
near Mehama, just iu time to win longer.-distance “phoning” will be ent.
A. J. J ohnson , Pres.
the prize saddle, at T. S. Coffey’s tried. Mr. Lake will give New
W. F. G ill , Sec.
harness shop.
York a call from the river.
The wire rope which drives the With this arrangement it now
electric light plant gave way last has on board the Argonaut could go
Wednesday night, creating quite a into any harbor, or within reason­
trade in coal oil“ the next day. The able distance of any telephone line, The petition of Chas Kirk et al for-
council may put in a water flume to and form a connection, such as it change of boundries of district 11
was granted.
run the plant in the future.
has in Baltimore, with the commun­ The following'bills were allowed:
A horse race between Riley Cala- ity at large.
J H Turpin, acct poor................$5.00
van’s dun colored pony, and Wm.
J M Waters, eomissioner........ 19 40
Resolutions of Condolence.
Brenner’s sorrel pony was run' one
DL Curl.................... .......
12 00
evening last week. Brenner’s pony
No. 54 I. O. O. F.
beatjthe dun fellow easily, much
Whereas,-it has pleased the Lord were appointed:
to the surprize of his backers.
4 W H Roberts,of Scio.
in his infinite wisdom to’call from Dist
Mr. Lewis Richardson has just
John Bryant, Jordan.
received a fine line of fresh candies, our midst our beloved brother, Lew­ cc 9 Geo W Harris, Larwood.
tobacco, nuts, and all kinds of can­ is J. Huber, who \yas stricken by cc 9 E E Hammack, Tallman.
the hand of death at Albany, Linn cc
ned goods etc., etc. He also keeps
Co., Oregon, on the 27th day of Nov. cc 9J Taylor Evans, Lebanon.
constantly on hand fresh meat, lard 1897, be it therefore
10 Frank Simons,
bacon and belogna.
, R esolved ,—This lodge has lost an <c 15 M Cunningham, Harrisburg.
upright and Jaithful member and c. 0 Jerry Shea, Foster.
9 J P Weber, Brownsvelle.
brother, one whose daily walk truly
exemplified those virtues, Friend­ cc 3 C E Irvine, Jordan.
14 J W Grimes, Harrisburg.
ship Love and Truth.
R esolved ,—That we do sincerely cc >8 L C Isom, Brownsville.
sympathize with his grief stricken C< ¡2 Oscar Dilley, Gates.
family in this their hour of bereave- cc 13 T E Grimes, Harrisburg.
In this sad hour we would cc 6 Wm May, Scio.
Joe Warwick’s hounds run down
a wild cat and killed it last Thurs­ commend them to our Heavenly cc 12 AC Morgan, Tangent.
day. They had been running it on Father, believing th it he doeth all cc 16 Frank Johnston, Plainview.
13 Elmarion Smith, Halsey.
Franklin Butte, when it struck things tor the best.
12 J M Long, Brownsville.
across Richardson’s Gap for the R esolved ,—That these resolu­ cc
12 R L White, Rowland-.
mountain on the other side,the dogs tions be spread on the records of the u
overhauling it within 30 yards of the Lodge, a .copy therof transmitted to cc 14 Francis Leeper,.Halsey.-
5 J S Morris, Scio.
timber line, on the mountain side. the family of our deceased brother, cc 27 Richard Grusing, Sodaville.
It was a pretty race, the cat running and a copy be sent to T he S antiam cc 1 AH Wyatt.Lyons.
N ews for publication.
on the fence for quite a distance.
84 Frank M Smith, Lebanon.
f G eo . W. M obrow .
XSducate Tour Bowels With Cascarets.
17 E Scholl, Albany.
Gaudy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
16 Denyer Hackleman, Albany.
P. O. Smith.
10c, 25c. If C. C. Ce fail, druggists refund money.
S. E. Young & Son.
acres 3 miles North of Scio, X mile from
ourn —200 acres in cultivation,balance pas-
; 4 houses, 3 barnsj 25 acres of two and
e-year-old prune trees, 2 acres young trees
~d, 300 apple trees old orchard. Price,
F ir acre.
•es 3X miles East of Scio; .80 acres in
ion, balance pasture, brush and some
22 acres in Hops—a No. 1 hop yard, good
Lses 2 dlying houses, 2 houses, 2 barns,
, good spring and, well water. Price
d'86 100 acres 5 miles Northeast of Scio,
3 in cultivation, 10 or 15 acres of timber
pasture; 4acres assorted bearing fruit
1000 Italian prune trees three years old;
le to O C & E R R station, good spring
rell water, good 7-room house, barn and
uildings. Price $20 per acre.
teres 5 miles East of Scio, 140 acres in cul-
on balance pasture, brush and timber,
north hillside stock range and outrange,
es in hops, hop house and warehouse,
cod 7-room house, good barn and out-
.ngs, good spring and well water, 100 ac-
growing gram, 1 binder, 1 mower, sulky
1 harrow. Price $12 50 per acre—$4387 in-
lg the farm implements; $4500 including
All Styles and Sizes for
Every Kind of Fuel
The Genuine all bear this
Trade-Mark. Be war a
of Imitations.
For Sale By
160 acres 5 miles East of Scio — the E C Rod­
farm on the hill, 50 acres in cultivation, ‘ Scio,
O regon .
'es more improved, balance brush and
er, orcbard--all kinds of fruit. 3 good
gs, good house, fair barn, outbuildings,
Price $1200.
acres 5J4 miles South of Scio, 7 miles North
of Lebanon, 12 miles East of Albany, 2 miles to
R R station-; 175 acres in cultivation, balance
open pasture, some brush, no heavy timber,
can all be cultivai ed except about 25 acres in
Beaver creek bottom which is tine summer
range for stook, all level land, house and.barn,
orchaad 250 trees, well water’ on county road,
near church house, 1 mile to school house — 9
month? school each year. This is a No. 1 farm
and well located.-Price $16 per acre. Terms to
be made satisfactory.
kinds of watches clocks and jew­
4acres in the city or Scio, all No. 1 land, All
house, barn and orchard Price $350,
elry repaired promptly.
320 acres 5 miles North East of Scio 100
acres in Cultivation balance open pasture, SCIO,
brush and timber. House and barn, orchard.
Price $10.00 per acre.
60 acres 1 mile .North West of Scio al*l in
cultivation. No buildings, price $1500.00.
Near three R, R. Stations.
21' acres 1 acre in city of Scio new house
. and barn 20 acres adjoining city limits price
$1250.60 all in cultivation.
408 acres 4 miles South of Scio 150 acres in
cultivation balance open pasture, brush and
some timber, house, barn and orchard alt
level land, price $20.00 per acre.
108 acres 4 miles South of Scio 80 acres in
cultive tion balance open pasture all good
level land. House and barn, price $2500.00.
200 acres 7 miles South Ji-ast of. Scio 150
Express Trains Leave Portland Daily
acres in cultivation balance small brush and
some timber 2 houses 1 new, and 2 good
I North.
South. J
barns, orchard farm is cut up into 6 fields
and thoroughly drained and well improved
9:30 A. M-
price $525(X Will sell one half with houses and
9:40 P. M. Lv.........Albany.........Lv 6;00
2,: A,
’ . Zl.
1 barn for $3500
7:45A. M. I Ar. .San Francisco. ,Lv 8:0C P. M.
40 -80 -100 to 160 acre tracts nearly all in
The above trains stop at all stations between4
cultivation situated 1 to 1% miles from Scio
Portland and Salem, Turner, Marion.,
at $20. to $27:50 per acre.
Jefferson, Albany, Tangent, Shedd, Halsey
160 acre stock farms in the foot hills for Harrisburg,
$500 to $1000.
Cottage Grove, Drains, Oakland and all sta­
120 acres 4 miles South of Scio 75 acres in tions from Roseburg south to and including
cultivation balance open pasture, brush and Ashland.
some timber, house, barn, and orchard price
Rosebtar^ Slail—Daily.
.Ari 4:30P.M*
8:30 A. M. Lv. .Portland
175 acres 6 miles South of Scio, 7 miles 12:25
M. Lv. .....Albany.... Lv |12:50P. M.-
North of Lebanon and 12 miles East of Al­ 5;20 P.
Lv I 7:80 A. M->
bany. 120 acres in cultivation, balance pas­
ture, brush and some timber. House & Barn,
Lebanon Braisei&.
orchard all level land and well located.
Daily (except Sunday.)
Price $25.00 per acre.
Lv... .....Albany.... ....Ar 16:30 A.Mo
164 acres, 3% miles South of Scio; 100 acres 8:10 a
9:00 A M>. Al-. .. Lebanon . ..Lv 9:30 A.Mo
in cultivation, balance pasture and «orne
brush, all level land, good orchard, house 1:50 p . m , Lv... .... Albany.... ... Al- 7:05 P.M.
. Lebanon .. . Lv J 6:00 p.m»
5;40P.m. Ar
and barn. Price $20.00 per acre.
221 acres, 10 miles East of Scio, IX miles
YVoodbiirii-Spriiigiielcl Brandi.
East of Jordan, 6 miles North of O. C. &E
R. R. 150 acres in cultivation, balance open
Daily (except Sunday.)
pasture, some brush and timber; can all be
cultivated, all good soil, good house and 2: 50p.m. Lv . .Woodburn... Ar J 1:55p.m*
barn, out buildings, creek, well and spring 5: f0p,m. Lv...- West Scio. . .Lv 110:45 a.m«
water. Price $16.00 per acre.
Nat ron......Lv | 7:00 a»m*
9: 20 p.m. Ar
160 acres, 10 miles East of Scio, 40 acres in
cultivation, 70 acres more open land, bal­
ance timber, 100 acres can be cultivated,
house and barn. 300,young fruit trees, spring
and running water. Price $1400.
iulliaaa. Buffet Sleepers
One lot 40 by 100 feet in Montavilla adjoin
ing Portland Oregon new 7 room house with
modern improvments, cellar etc. Barn and
Attached to through trains.-
out buildings, 6 bearing fruit trees, located
gone block from city car line will sell or ex­
change for a farm price $1800,
Between Portland and Corvallis.
*7 and three fourths acres 6 miles S. E. of
Mail train daily (except Sunday.
Scio 5 acres in cultivation all No. bottom land
lair house and barn price $375.
7:30 a m I Lv.........Portland.........Ar | 5:50 p m
40 acres, 2 miles North of Scio, 1 mile 12:15 p m , Ar .... Corvallis......... Lv y 1:05 p m
to R. R. crossings- 30 acres in cultivation,
At Albany and Corvallis connect with trains
house and barn, well and spring water.
of the O. C. & E. railroad.
Price $1000.
Express train daily (except Sunday) •
80 acfes, 4 miles N. E. of Scio, 30 acres in
cultivation, balance pasture, some brush 4- 50p m I lv .........Portland...... ar I 8: 25 a m
and small timber, can all be ctfliivated. 7: 30 p m I ar .. ..McMinville.... iv I 5: 50 a nr
Price $1000.
8: 80 p in ; ar ... .Independence... lv j 4: 50 a m
80 acres, 2 miles West of Scio, all in culti­
Direct, connection at San Fran cisco with Oc-
vation, no buildings. Price $1600.
ciidental and Oriental and Pacific Mail steam­
185 acres, 9 miles East of Scio at Jordan, ship lines for JAPAN and CHINA. Sailing
30 acres been in cultivation, balance slashed dates on appl leaf ion.
and seeded in grass, good house and barn.
Rates arib tickets to Eastern points and Eu­
No. 1 stock shed well
watered, build­ rope. Also Japan, China Honolulu and Aus­
ings cost $2000, this is a good Btock farm. tralia, can be obtained from Mrs. M.E. Wood­
Price $2500.
mansee. ticket agent,, West Scio.
R. K oehler , Manager.
60 acres, 7 miles East of Salem, Oregon, all
C H M arkham , AsstG F & Pass Agent, Port?
in cultivation and No. 1 land, house, barn
& orchard. Price $30u0. terms half -cash, bal­ land.Ot.
ance to suit purchaser.
361X acres, 10 miles East of Scio, 100 acres
in cultivation, balance open pasture, some
brush and timber, 75 acres hill land, bal­
ance all good level bottom land, house and
two barns and orchard. Price $16.50 per
acre terms $1000. dowx^, balance . tipie to
snft purchaser.
320 acres; 2 miles East of Scio, 120 acres in
cultivation, balance nearly all open pasture,
about 90 acres, hill pasture, two running
brooks, good spring water, good new house,
3 barns, good orchard. This is a No. 1
grain an stock farm. Price $15.00 per acre,
terms half cash balance time.
Connecting at Yaquina Bay with the San
300 acres, two miles Southwest of Scio, 150 Francisco and Yaquina Bay Steamship Co.
acres in cultivation, 50 acres open pasture:
balance brush and some timber, can all be
cultivated, two good new houses, two barns,
hop and fruit dry bouses, 20 acres in hops, 4
acres in orchard, spring, creek and well water.
Sails from Yaquina every 8 days for San Fran­
Price $20.00 per acre, terms half cash.
50 acres, two miles Southwest of Scio, 25 cisco, Coos Bay, Port Orford, Trinidad and cultivation, balance brush and some Humbolt Bay.
timber, can all be cultivated,Ygood ' new-
house and barn® Price $25.00 per acre, terms
Passenger Accommodations Unsurpassed.
Shortest route between the Willamette Val­
R. S helton
and California.
Scio Oregon.
1.1. HAGEY,
W atchmaker
Price Mgt
Be^innin^, Wednesday, January 12,1898,
Price’s Cream Baking Powder
‘ Trophy, and Red Seal ‘ ‘ < <
I i
‘ Golden West
lb can Schilling’s 50c Tea
‘ Gunpowder Tea, bulk ..
‘ Japan
< ‘
‘ ‘
pkgs Gold Dust Wash. Powder.....
plug Battle Ax, Dice & Evenchange Tob,
papers Yosemite Coffee ... .................
‘- Arbuckle & Lion C 6
‘ ‘ Crushed Java I I
worth 15c
box Best Bluing,
pr. Women’s heavy lace shoes
‘ ‘ Misses’ J “
c- <
* ‘Child’s
4 ‘
Enamelled Steel-Dust Pan
pr.- Women’s fine Button Shoes $1.00, $135, $1.75'
to $2.50.
Men’s & Boys’ Shoes & Clothing at prices never be­
fore heard of. I am closing out my stock- Come and
see the bargains
—of the—
Sonta Pacific Company«
Dining Cars on Ogden Route
Money in
West Side Division.
when you have a label ther
with the Horse-shoe and the
words, “Equal to custom
We are the sole agents
for our city for this cele-
brated make of fine clothing.
Visit us and examine the quality
and prices of our lines
25c 50c
A moijnment is. to be. erected
over thefxemains of Francis S Key,
author of the famous anthem, “The
Star Spangled Banner.” The com­
mittee on design has accepted the
product of Sculptor Alexander Doyle
of New York, with the understand­
ing that the monument is to be com­
pleted in time for unveiling, June
14, 1898.; The site selected is an ele­
vated plat facing the main entrance
to Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick,
A man in Parkville, Mo., has just-
succeeded in locating and digging
np the cargo of a steamboat, sunk in
the river in the fall of 1836, and-now
covered by sand, and high and dry,
several miles inland. There were
40 barrels-of whiskey in the plunder
reduced to the consistency of fresh
molasses -candy-. The man that
sampled it had to cut off a drink
with a jack-knife and he had
strange, weird dreams for 24 hours.
They say a piece the size of a mar­
ble will make a man good natured,
even to his wife. —Brownsville
A ‘“Tramp Printer.”
A stranger dropped in on us and
asked for a job of a hand out. He
was rather well dressed and looked
too well-fed for an all around tramp
.printer, but thinking he might be
in hard luck, we let him ‘¡throw in”
a column. When we were about to
lead him around to the kitehen, he
staggered us by presenting his card:
“J W Gunp, Special Agent for the
Liverpool & London Globe Ins. Co.”
We thereupon refused to feed him
on the ground that he obtained em­
ployment from us under false pre-
tensees. He got even by appointing
us his agents, and swears he will pi
the whole outfit if we don’t send in
a good business from the start!
Say! Say!! Say!!!
We give you Lion Coffee and we
give you Arbuckle’s Coffee for a bit
a pound. And besids we give you
good Rio Green Coffee 12 lbs. for $1
—that beats the world!
R. E. Hi bl er.
To Cur«> Constipation Forever.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
If C. C. C. fail to cure, druggists refund money.
Contract Secured.
We are glad to inform our readers
that we have closed a contract for
advertising No-To-Bac and Cascarets,-
the famous preparations manufac­
tured by the Sterling Remedy Co,;
of Chicago and New York. The
Sterling Remedy Co., appreciate the
value of this paper as an advertising
medium, and the compliment is the
more marked, as the company is a
conserveative concern which sells it.-’
products under an absolute guaran­
tee to cu're or ' money refunded
Every one of our retail druggists is
authorized to sell No-To-Bac, guar­
anteed tobacco habit cure, and Cas­
carets guaranteed constipation cure,
and Cascargts guaranteed cure, un­
der this abosolute guarantee/ and
our readers need not hesitate to buy
these preparations, as it involves no
risk whatever, either physical or fi­
Fare from Albany and points West to San
Cabin.................................................. $800
Steerage.............................................. 6 00
Round Trip Good for 60 days..............17 00
To C-OO9 Bay, cabin ............................. $ 8 00
„ Steerage........................ 6 00
To Humbolt Bay and Port Orford, cabin,10 00
n Steera <», 8 0 q
Steamer “Albany” between Portland and
Corvallis, through without lav-over. Leav­
ing Corvallis 6:. 30 a, m., Tuesdays, Thurs
days, and Sundays; leaves Portland, Yamhil
St' Dock, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Edwin Stone,
J.C. Mayo,..
Supt. River Div.
II. L. Walden, Agent, Albany.
Beauty Is Blood Beep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar­
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im­
purities from the body. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets,—beauty for ten cents. All drug­
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