Scio weekly press. (Scio, Linn County, Or.) 18??-1897, October 15, 1897, Image 2

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    Scio Wceklv Press.
f kl«»*‘*l lt>( < u||*<|»««n «.I < MH*Nl » «»•*(•
I m <'••*«]* h ««-«I » orni > r«*t*i
Iloti« < *»Wli»*ett«a.
Edward Langtry, the frxiner bua*
hand uf Lily f-anglry, has I »een pl*crd
in an insane any lam.
Ja|*an haa named two delegates to
attend the internal ion a I sealing «»«nfer.
enee at Waahmgton, D. <*.
At Dii«m, I*., the deal nody of Rob­
ert Farà» was found in hi« burning
It I» believed Le « ai murdvrrd
for hit money.
During a quarrel at fhrtr h«»me In
Hi. lami«, George F. Frffer, a »t«'n*»g-
raphrr. «h<«t bis father in law Ifobert
Dwlanre ihr« ugh tliv I r«iu. and tbeo
k h ! h»m«elf.
E»Mfa Botley, iRe 9<>-munlL« old
child uf Mrs Gv<>rgv B •!« y. waa kill«* I
a l
national tram
The child'» h ad a*»
severed from its fawly.
The Union Ifarinr cfinimilie» ha»
a*'a'*Mlv«| to th« government's content ion
that its hm **n tl»« I'nkm Fa ifir toad
ine iole* the (finaba )»r:lg* ani that it
ha» inores««-*I t» .*»h bbl »*» a« to make
th entire o»»m-* a»n»n approihuAUdy fi5,
000.000. 7 hi» would make it» guaran
ty « ffvr f«»r the ¡»roj--rty, it»« ! »
g ( e
»Inkiog fon I. now in the treasury, about
|50 VO* • )
Tkr United Stato» «-»r* ml court has
decide*! that tapjfwa ffour mast I.** fa v*d
a duty of « cenia ¡xr ¡*- »o I
will increase the goternment memir
many hundreds <>( Ihmi.«:, fa < f 4 ¡.»r*
¡<-r annum.
It. • ?! .r is, u»ed «Im**«!
eiclusltrly in «II the < iunr** l.»undr}**»
in th«» United Htaîrs fa- .»use *,) it»
chrapiir««, as
h, and it I.a» t* rn
the tm**l formidable
etanh manufacturing
Unite*! Ntatea
<»! Auvlin,
Only five dwelling* remain
6*M) persona are )»« une less
The Hotel Lafayette al Minn*-t<>nka.
M lin .the farge*" » ¡'Oim r M -<»rt 111 th«*
West, wa « totally «I«”’rm«-I by fire
It w
owtH’-l by the <»f ■( N >« î<’rn
F r t: .«• tii'i
th n{
' r. th<
I« . far •* at t v N*.<«hv
- tfa *'. ...n
w .»» ‘, .«3.724, arid th*» fotai Hirn fan«*»*
•inre the opening up Ort4»ber I um«mnt*
rd to l,J9fi,fiw.ï
The emperor oí Chin* h»* fo«l i l«*n
ali aorta ot oanqm is and
iiit-u g
CAt»r an 0clip«e »III im ur
.1 ,
33, IGH. An eel llpM» of ' the
* «nm i» «ard
by the Phinrw U» l»e pF N«< <«f the
wrath uf heaven at the fa< k «»t Virtue
in a ruler.
( r<*««4 *V hu W•*« (il»d la» Mat
S'r«»M> *H. Mlrttssl»
4 wa*
Port Tour.srnd, W«»h., Uct
II —
Ths «<)iminer bailor B*«y, Captain Fat-
rrsHi, arrive«! at 1 o’clock th»« after-
iMN«n, dirert form st. Michael« having
left there Heptembae IS. Tha Mai for
Boy briMight nine |>fa«rngvr» fr«.»m Mt
Michael«, who camr to «¡«end the win*
tor rather than rnd-ire the hardh«i|*
incident to s-nn «amp
lif« st Mt.
Mi«*t)srto until th<* river opens in the
The returning pa*»« ng»-m had
gone U' th <¡ i th** »{"••tnem Ehr* An
d«*r»on and Merwin io Their name« are
Idaho; th
J. 9 Barnum, of Murray, Ida
Pr*M>l, of Mnltiga it. Dr. Fruel, of N«m
York. Kaufman, ♦if Chicagn; Andrr-
»on, of I 'bi’ Ng’».. Kapfa*)«al, o! I Blotti
*n, uf Man Franrlaru,
City, la . Ito
ami W. II. < horrhill
f New Turk
AH the returning pawarngem
agrv«* that S| Mid barbi will never be
jkoptalar a» a t » 1 are «»f residence,
Captain Ifateram
•n »ay«
say» the
t)«e Yukon
riv«*r was »tdl S| nhi to navigation when
he irft, but Water was **> Io* that fa*at»
>f over 15 iiicitrw «fraught cwuild not
era«* many Lara which showed at Irreg­
ular intervals in the river's oo8M», and
as a rv*«Hl all rff «rts to go up the rivet
th •«• fail will he fruit!«*•«.
peter««»n d***s n«*t think either Captain
Frank Worth's or Mayor Wmal’« fa«at»
will be able to go tu i>aw««»n City Ite*
fore neat June, notw ifatamiing the lari
that b«»th wore all ready to make the
atrvmpt when ihr sailor Boy left
The sad«»r IL-» did i*»*t sight or h« ar
anything uf ll»r sK'huonrr Bryant, which
br»»k«’ !<- ■*> from lb«- tug H’dvokr off
Kadiak faland in a aavere storm, ftep-
temlwr 30.
• n- * • (Bru* ’ frosn
Da a »>«n * :ty r<> ¡t > I al st.
M > lia* fa
for four Weak« ptev ion« to leaving, and
no urws «an pueeiblg bn Lrouglit l»y
river fa-fore n» It «ummrr, as 1‘ * WAS
alrvAdy forming in th» »alt water at
Ufa mouth of the river, an I the fresh
sali’t n»u«t certainly have i«rrn fr«»ium
to a <iHisiderahlv thickness at that limo.
"In a month form now," said he. "I
do not believe there will be lOOprraun«
at Mt M»vha<>l». ss nearly everybody i»
preparing ’.«» come !>«< k
A gr«*Mi many
will «A-me down an th* Portland
a majority left • rv thia on the • hnunvr
Novelty, winch »».* discharging *argu
al st Michael» wh<-n we left.
♦ -ap'a
• mg ‘L»w n
aii ih«-«v B.». g
; u." • y (•• ’
tbeir board on the trip. :»«» fam ¡»ring
oliArgod. This »• d«m«’»imply »• ala act
uf « lianty and in the !^trre»ts of hu­
manity Many .«erauns have not money
• ■ fi- •» nt to even pay for their board on
th« «■ htwtruo and iiiil«*«* tl” V «'all «ell
their outfit for cash, will Iw* forced to
remain at st. Michael« during the
w inter.
M tyor Wood, of Seattle, manager of
the Htitnfaddl expedition, and D. K
Howard, who had chargv of
• th” r . hm
Amlerwon party, are practically pn«on-
Mint«-« !r*« i * under Lfaiitenaiit-Cailonvl
Randall is el|»wt®d tu avert •rrious
Five hun lre»)
»crea . f flue tr« uble
The feeling against both W<>»d and
land along the
y. U Large,
Foti latnd !e creek« and Groen river. Howard in «.ihi to fa’ bitter tn the « «
which have recs-nlljr l*eei» surveyed,
Will )»e thrown nj^n io wet (hument <w*<umittvvs to guard fa»th, and «*••’ to H
not get out *«f their reach
under th«- I’nited State* lam) I mw ?» .»Iter that the*
Novrmfa r I, when pfata of the lam! Thotti-»» K Clark, «»f Seattle, who was
a passenger on the Mailur Buy. «aid
will fa filed in the hm * a I land office
"There 1» no ihaiicr fur the Wood
The land« e<impr»«e eight tow tishij*, all
party to g* ’ any cvmaidvrable distance
tn Uintah cxiunty, Wyoming
ti| t1 ♦» mer, .« th«» tgh tl ■ y had every
A vr*uw*l tarrying »upplte* •*( i
thing ready to make the »tart Mr ptrm*
cine. ckHbing, arm« *n I au mtim'.ion
fa*r IP. tin* lay we left. Th«* men » trt
fur the (‘uLaii army h<t» left .Montreal ilfagn»(-*d and dfahrartetusl
They am
fur CtU-a
1 bv » hi t:.<• a*» r I author
quite likely la do something d«*<*|Nt»rate
ited by thet’ub.u» junta in No-w York,
fa f ”•* «¡ rn g Without i«-epti«»n, lh«y
but waw undertaken on 1» half of two
•rem to l»lam> Wool for all their mi»-
gentfaiiivn, one a <’a».n .
wi o de
fort ii nn Atei it would not fa* *urpn«lt g
rided on running an
|»tmn to the
If h*> w« t*io m«<fa the vieti in of the»,
cuavl of Cub«, and, if atiC'V*mfttl. iden­
I woul ¡ not bu «nirprfaed to
tifying tlteiUx'iv«-« will» the i a mu*
hear <»t the death of Howard at th*»
N”»i TN»w, the great t«*m|w**Nh>*e u I- hands <»f the minera,
The feeling
Vocal**, died at hi» home in P«»rifan«l, against him I# growing more bitter
It wa» thro .h Li- effoit» tLai tn «-wry day The pAFMMiger» uf the Eh A m
IHH4 an amrn«)inenl <«• t)i«- < «>n»l»tut -n An lrn»«Hi ¡‘Aid their far**« ami (might tu
of Maine w.n* s,l«'| >ted Lv a popular vole D«w*on. but the Anderson wa aban-
of nearly three tn one, in whn h «1 was •L»ne*l at Dutch Larfa»r. am! the passen-
declare ) that the mantifa lure, »ale and g« ?« were fand«*d at st Mlcha«-!« by the
keeping for »ale of int»Xh Bln g fa*t< r- •cht«».»ner Barati «ff, with no prospe -l <»f
age» *.1» forever forbidden, .»ml com- getting fothrr this winter Then How­
tnanding the h-g:-laturr to » n.u t ■»un­ ard announced that the expedition was
able law« for the enforcement uf the a failure, and thal lie wouhl tint far*I
prohibit ion.
them till tbry rvacbr«l Dawson, as his
contract demanded.
Hts drclaratH’n
The top»«* of the day in Par I* baa I e h
the refusal of M la»J ■ Ft« ' h ami .»A*« 4 HUt-v-d great dl«» it !»(«' lion, am) he will
fa* fortunale »f Le g»’t« out uf there
dor at Vienna, to a«<«-pi the a; ¡«oint­
alive •’*
ment twmlvr««d him an got errmr Alg» iia,
on the ground that be •«• - - not :«-»irr
Mirti uf Ihr **lar«<lrr«
to leave hi» aged |<archl«
Ho d< farm
Chrhali«, Wash., Oct. IL— W
thal hr will rrmam in Vtrnt » t it the Jordan, ihr swoiid victim of the gfamL
Marqult d'Ke»* r*.* < L.«- ah» • v fa« ii
rrv, died lb»» morning at hi» rr»ldencr,
ap|w»int<>l to replace him. and the cab-
after a l»ravr fight of tirarly a month
inel ha» decided that ti»i» apponttnerit
against the <li»ra*M*
Everything was
mu»t aland.
fa e« thrn L>
«lour bv the phv«l> lan tn charge, and
have to make an ignominiou* " tn at.
file A <) I H lodge, of which hr
The < bangi -Jmld Farmer.
in it« was a member, and it was tlmugbt at
final r»tim»:r <»f the '» » >
, -.«»» tune» that, on iMxx»ont of hi« vigorous
that hgurv- lot’»-d on at luai tlircwiiing roust Hut mu, he might be able to pull
return», indicate a total yield of 5*49,* through, but he wa« •■umprllrd to tue«
al» ich
373,V->* <XK) bualiela in winter, and
!»«» I «srrl(ta Tratte.
315,4 7v, (MA) buftbrla in spring wheat.
Washington, <K*t
11.—The bnreau
The report »ay« the corn crop lari> r«x|«
'.cd a lobb *hnwing
ingly disappointing, ami an out»iile eA­ of *!ali-ll * ha»
1,75<>, I
hiiwbrl«. im|N»rfa aml eiporla for AtigtwC; the
Drought during the paet two imuitha flr»t ftilll tnonth ander the new tariff
reduced Ute average «tjilHlon from law,
Theee hgure« ihow (<>» that month
33.3 a month ago to 7N L «>n Orlwlier I.
An averag«-oat» yield of J* 7 foidir!« the fargnat ri|>»rt» of dom«ti4 .’iiervhan-
per acre auggw»ta a crop of Hlt.tMMi «HK) diae <»f anv Aiigimt in the hi»tory of the
bushel«. IfiU.OOO.OOO mure than I a* I government. The eiporla wer*
490 * «iiiflt
for Auguvt,
Burglar« broke into the office of
•tramrr Flyer on the water h«mt at
Seattle, and. after overhauling the .«in­
tent» of «rvrral trunk* arried away
the »afe, weighing 400 ponmla
trace <»f it La« lw*en found
A C’altforn>a n»mj.mi pt°|» •• * Io
build three rrormotia raft* at St» Ila on
the Columbia river, and lake them to
Han Francisco during the . omn g •nm-
Each raft w ill «*oiitain over 30,.
000 pile«, to I»« e«nl by the Southern
Pacific I'- inpany in the « ««netruction
•nd repair of whan*-«
The ateamahip IN*I iren will carry I
700*000 fret of lie« from Puget " • imJ
for a t’hinrec rtilrowd.
Throdute Durrant, through hi «Vu» •
neve, ba« l«een «rr»ed with a mol ion
by Ap|>elle Hale, the warden of *»an
yu»*ntm, to di"tuiN« the ap *»•1 on
hat>ra« corpus which was deuird by the
oircuit court, also to affirm the order
of the lower court Tin« motion will
l»e presented to the Unite») Stat**« «u*
preme «ourt on the first Monday tn No-
lenilmr, service of the brief, aa well
a« tin* motion to be placed l*efor« the
aupremn court, w *• «cknow ¡edged by
Attorney Hart for£.ip|>ellAUl, DurranL
Twenty Persons Burned to
Death in Manitoba.
Ft «mar« «w»a>|ala*g last«
» «•••
W Mi I ¡*rg. Ort. IL—The I for«.ia rt <«'.
that have Iwrn raging in i Manitoba
cb*»e t » the hnundary hue tor lire poet
ten day« have broken out mor« furious
ly thau ev «r. Ten of 12 pm«»h« are re-
fa»rled to have beef) burned to death,
and the fire 1« rapidly -prrahng and
| rrtawing the huumfary
>vit!»r» have l>e«*n fight-ng
the flam«-» for over a week trying to
keep them from gelling Into the m*»re
thickly populated distrieto
The flamcA ar« driving hi andrei» of
<ulve* an«l <j)ut«*i into the open, ami
flock» <»f gec-«n m * m ) «lurks have bee n
* fw*«*h flying «»ver the born »tig foresta
Near Whitemouth, H I. I «a nndry, a
tr4|'p*-r. wa« burned to death.
A <»
an Irvii.g in a * .!!
Iiouse r.e<r wbrie the fire was the iw«*!
furmu* yr»t< f'fay i» report«*! to have
'mrijc-l tu death and her • biblren are
A dispatch from W hitem^mth states
the fire is •¡■rvadit.g rapidly
arttlvr* had close calls for their live»
A heavy win«) drove a! ra l of »1 a tin««
«»! smukv »huh blinded them, ami a
’••• a **n* -,i flam« - whioh con»utn«Hl
everything in tlieir ¡«ath.
East of Whitrn»«»uth thv »Huation 1»
very critical. Th«* section forrtnan of
Darwin and hi« wtfa am! men Were
train ami
pick**! up by a freight
brought to VV hitcmoutli.
Horner, <»n a handcar attempt«*-! to rim
from Da» win with his men, but m-arly
• n <'uiuN’>| through Miffo* .«»»»*•»,
J was
m»tnjicI!•*■>I to tak<- refuge in a juo-n g
freight train
All thv telegraph p»d**s for several
mil«*« east *»f the town are «l*»wn and
trains arc tied up.
I (• »
M «
«ays tli** rMHintrv ls««n fire th*-re
< h»
(■»th sidr* «»I Broken 11« ad rivrr much
•lainagr is being don*
The »nn»k»* fa
a«» thick that it i« imfa»“»iblv to *<♦• 2o
yard«, though there fa no fire nearer
than a mil«1
Mr. and Mre Young, who live eight
miles <iwav. lout rv'iythilig, and <«i»lv
aaved their lives by siamling in th«*
river for 13 )»«>ar* »her* they w♦*.••* able
to cum«* onto tin* burnt ground after
th«* fir«» liad ¡»a-»4*«|
Nearly every <»m*
ii: thv |>A<h of tlm flatn«*s lo»t every­
At B* atiitjmiF, '.i, s. vrn r.
son have fa <*n burned to death.
<> W. Thomas, her young son an ! .»
daughter, ha«l a race Mil)» the flame*
for *vv«*ral miles.
They bad a t» ,»m of
. th* v kept
Sparks from tin» burning t.mlrer were
blown into the <hy grot?nd «»f a prairie
where they were rum ¡»oiled to ri«’-s,and
*N»n they were surroiin«lo«l by flames.
Tb<* frantic hotves started l<» run straight
ahead into th«* burning tiinfa rs.
fore they had gt<»iv far t)»«- carriage
c»v««rluri»e*| ami they were thrown «low n
mii < iiibankimuil
into a *mail «•»«•» k
Tlifa probably sav«-1 their lives.
were badly )*urnvd.
A rvfa»rt frnin Morris, Manito »,
rats a fir«' has fa*«*n raging there, «n I
that one family of five fa-rsun« is known
to Lave fa'rlsh«* I.
Thr *k ■» n 4 « k r •» M«r«h Fites.
Valparieo, Ind.» <ht. II.— The Kan
kakrr mamh fires are spreading in thin
county, although
the farmer« have
given up all other work arid are fight­
ing It al all hour* of the «fay. Several
Louse* were destroyed last night. The
big marsh near Aifainung cAiiglit fire
la«t night, and the flame» »wept over
a> res «d land, destroying everything in
their path.
Residents of Hebron,
Kouts an*I Etonian are bully frigi t
rnrd, aw it la leardi the Hrv may aweep
icruH toe heavy ditches which 11 » V r
fa-vn dug.
Michigan Unfth Fire».
1 1 — East and
Nile*. Mich., Oct
north of thi» rity the march fire* coi»
tmut* Farmers have fought the flaim |»H
night ami day for a w«*rk, «ntl ar*
utterly rlliaustr«!
They lime moved
their l»<»u»*’bol<l goods to p 104*0»of safety
and have sn> rifh'ed their bom«*». Game
which Hihabited the inArshv» has i»r**n
driven to the city.
Spring«, <»n a hut is known as the Big
Mi aditw, th«- fire La« »wept over like a
prairie fire, ami liundnxi» of acre« «if
p»»t*l<«es have l»ern rwa«tv<d in the hill».
The fire is the w»»r«l that has occurred
in thia vicinity «ime 1971.
»Irra lit IT »•« <«nal«.
Krnoaha, Wiv , Oct.
fire« in Sommer« ami Br»«toi euimtte»
cauveil by »park« from («aiMiing rngme«
destroyed cvn«ideral»le property fa-long,
ing to the farmer«. All kind« of mean»
have been adopted to »tav the advance
of the flame*.
In aome <-*»a*» where
the fire was apparently eitinguikhed it
t'vulihunl to burn the »urface.
II hula »falda «»f t orn
Decatur, III., Oct. II. — Forest tlrew
are raging over the entire Nurtliwretern
part of thia <x»unty. Field» of tfaick«**!
corn have been «wept by the flame«.
Profe«**»r E
<'. Pi kertng, of lite
Harvard Obm-rvatory. announce« the
d»»e<»vrry of 143 new double star« in
the »« hi I hern aktee.
St LffUia, Ort. II —John Jack AMI,
employed in the Tmlot iron work» in
Ea»i St. LtiuiN, w» • terribly burned
la»l night while at work He wan guid­
ing a red-hot >»wr of iron aw it came out
of the roller»
Suddenly the
tw in tr«|, and tiefore «Jack«on could e»-
ea|ie, bad puwhed him againwl a heavy
■land, where, by the force of the roll­
er» it wlowly encircle*! him The »moke
and the odor of Ina burning I ->ly fill •••I
the room
Before he wa« rosenmi Iw
waa terribly burned.
Th« Killing Visa * «»hl H l«»«»«1 r«1.
Kirh «triar ««n th* «wanh
I’arral. State of Chihuahua. M«- ii M,
<M. II —ll is reported that Mai Stew­
art, th» Americaa es-Confedarato sold­
ier who shut snd kille«l a policeman
her» some tim» ago, ami was s»nt»nc<-<|
to <l»ath for th« erim», will Im shot
within a few days.
Fr<*»i<l«nt hiss, it
is said, has refnewl clemency for th«
reason that the killing aaaoold-bluasled
The |M>lm of Jupiter are flattened
almost exactly like ih«n«v of the earth.
Tlir | henoiM«'ni»n can be plainly »een
with tha trleewpe.
!•* MU*« I«
• * *«l*«M «Mir«»«»da
I 4
wnh wrrath« *»f fl«'wer», and l«*l “ff the
track, l*«>k:ng but litt le worar tor his
world brating two-mil«* pa«*r.
Cbrhal i«' ircvur«! by quartrr« was
Fir*t mils
I * - »
ae*< 1.4 «ul«« ...__ .... J 8«
3 it
» . 1 ” ,
The faul i’rwiou» time f»»r
» t WO-
nule ¡wne wo ma» le bv
agallisi limo at Limuln,
W W 1‘ ma le the dfai&m«*
iilupf« Itii* «.o|«| ** t <« it <1 * ■ .1
New York, <>• t. h -A dispatch !■
the H**rald from Lima, Peru, »nv.*
After a <i;N**uh.*<mri which <-<HHtnH»*d for
— • ' A . ; fr •
of Peru adopt«**! thv gold »tamfard by a
majority of «»nr vol«*. The plan fur a
gold standard wa* twrit to the chamLer
R>me time ago, after it had been ait*
prove«! by the pr«*ai<lent ami • .ibllH Î.
The cabinet believe«! tbi« wa* th«* onlj
to the
troublvN which fa*«w»l Pern on every
st*!«*. Then* wa» a h»ng fight over the
qu«*stion in the « hamfarr, thv govern­
ment supporters arraying them»«dv»—
iinaniinouwly in favor of the g*d«l *tand-
ard. Tio* narrow margin of their vi.
lory shows bow persistently the ques­
tion Was cont«-!*t«**l.
> r||
M ith
I Mill I*.
Re*) Bluff <’.il., Oct. K.—Mr« <’
Volker, wift* of (’•»nra i Volker, a pion­
eer rcanlent of thi« pla< e. was burned
to death fa*l night ufamt 1 I 30.
descended the cellar »lair» with a light
ed lamp and «tumbled and fol I, break­
ing the lamp.
She fell in «m h a way
that «he wa» »us|-*?ml4*d ami lielph*«»
over the burning oil, am) fa fore »be
c«gild fa* rr* ied by her Lu* in I, w t-
fearfully burned, ami diol al 4 o‘« h>. k
Ibi» morning
T •»* l’l«<f«riM Fell.
Marni«!«« Itoitol I •»•« r«* y •>«!
Mile«* City, Mont . O»*t 3.—' Tim .M< .
O’ I reu hotel burned ln»t night I.
I mi ,
I.Mi.iKK), in*uraiH*e, |2 7,OoO
guetta had narrow «»• »¡»e«.
il»»trl lllnwn l»«*wn
Decisive Action Has Not Yet
Been Taken.
•« «wgwg*«MM
< •*»*«!<•«*•
Mad rid, G«t II, —A cabinet munril,
41 which the qnwn reg«*nt priMndad. held hr re totlay
When the mm*
taten* sr|Miratt*]». Ilio premier, Svnor
Kagaata, announced to thv nvw»pap«*r
men that no final derisRM* had bean
taken in regar»! to the reply whnh
Npain will make to the * t • « i. ■ ■. > f ». • •
I'rdtrd '»late», Lan«lr»| to the Duke <*f
Trtnan. when he aw minister for fot*
«ign «ffs!*», Ly the UiiH«'d NI aíos min*
The lmf»arvia) m »» It learvs that thv
reply «♦( Spe»ii will satisfy >pa»-»*h
wpt » hili l*«*a in making « Ivar tu Fresi*
d**i»t M« K?nl«y the r<*'ulr attitude
whidi <*»¡»ain maintain« in regard to
Col *
AccofvHwg to El Heraldo, H¡*ain's
reply to the United Míate« will pot at
out H Amer rat* intrrrftt« «uffer by
FèâAHUl of the sir in Cuba, they (the
Amertvanwi are torinselvra t<> blame f« r
it. inaatnuch as the insurrrt'ttoti fa *»*
• i»tr*i 1r*»tn the UuHed sta lew. El llrr-
aí !•’ - • '■ «
"We understand thal the g»»vrri»
tn» nt wtll ripr •« its <>«nfid«-io*v that
thv new fad»cy to be pursuiel with re'
gird tn Cutía will produce a cbang« ¿ti
tlm attitude of the United States. *’
Il is N**mi-<*ffi' tally ai»mHinvv*l
Capt aiti-Gutirral Weytor will fa*
cail«*d from Culm this month. an«l
it is probable th«* c*>rtr« wiH la*
«**«•«.*! «t« Dsw.rtctbvi st»«! a hrw | nbi
ment convoked In March.
W e>l«t*• M •»! h«»«I • M u«t **<••’
Lon«L n. o» t *!. —Tl««' Madrid «»»r
rrapoiidrnl of the Time*, referring to
the cabinet tmuncil say«-
**The -«dHhei ha * unaniofun» in the
uUihliill that ill«- rs **(•-•!« *»i «artace io
Cuba rn -t be *«»mj etvly change.!
SjM-cial attention was drawn I«» Hie de­
plorable cvmlitioo of the at* k and
wounded s*»idiur« now Arriving
a»pe* t a a« <*on»hlere«! at th«* dire, t m-
itatmn of th«» queen regent.
“Regarding the finan* e«, allhongli
the optimistic view« of the roeent min­
ister of finan e «)•» not appear to hav«*
been justified, j( >» believed that will»
prm)en«’v, miflV'irnt rrmmrcc* may fa*
<-4»ui red limn Hl !»'«•! until the
n • «•!» in the spring, to authorise «up-
plies, *’
(-■•Ulr«* »• * !>»*•
N. w York, Oct. 11. —A dispatch t«»
the Hvruld from Havana «aya:
A big
batlie « m . *,irred *K lofa*r 2 in < amaruim**
hillr, nut far from Mat an a*«**. brtwr**n
■di ur. !••• ( «» i . f *| \b i • .. .4-, I
the rrfa-ij» umler «nmmand of Belan-
court, S.mguilly ami Kami) Arango.
Fhe fig lit fa gan at 9 o% L* k in the
morning ami <*«mttniM>) all dav.
i.ffivial rep*»rt publish*d livre «fat«-»! (¡»at
Molina att«' kr l the rvlx’l ¡-«•■ition and
drove the r**fa-fa out with great Iowa
The report »«)« that General Molina
had In» h«»r-e ahot umb r hun
Tim Herald's »«*rres|M»ml«-nt at Mat­
anta» ha» obtained an a- count <»f the
fight from a Spanish off), er who war*
prvM iit. From thi* it appear* that th«*
refad infantry were strongly intrem hr*)
in ad ahmaii macct^Mble ¡»»sitioii tn
tl»v hills am) all effort» to di«)adgv
them were futile, rrsolting only in
heavy I«»*« t *» for the attacking force,
the ins’iTtfrnfa had on ' a few men
kill«*d. and jcvrv*l at ami taunted the
Spunudi «luting the whole engagement
< iuneral M<dina
e* ape*)
Es.raged at his failure, fir re­
turned to the attack the licit «lay, hut
will» no hettcr »m vt « n .
A largo num
)»er of Span»«!» auldlvrs were brought
into Matanaa»
The re tad Icailrr, Jinn Dnea»«»«’ ha«
cr«*M«-*i the Mar lei-Majana troche with
a large for»«-, am) 1« how «»¡ no atmg with
< «rneral < u»lill<*.
Karma City, Oct. s —Thirty |«’oph
were injure») tonight, teveral uf them
4*a«>r 1% 111 S«»l It«* %tcr|»le<|
•eriotraly, hy the falling of a platform
New York, Oct. II.—Gm* ral Carlo
at th • Fifteenth »Irrel »tatmn of the
In<le|»en lem e Electric railway.
The iL b-ff. «orrrtary of war of the republic
BlAllon WaN Crowded With «Hlburban uf Cuba, li»* *« nt thv following letter
resident«, a ho were returning home to Gor.ralcs dr <^ur«a«!a, C »Lan charge
from the carnival fraiivitiei* The plat­ «1 rtflairr» al Washington
"We are now Iwlter prejatred h»r an
form, which w * n old ami Weak, gavr
way iimler the »tram, ami alien it active «antjkMign t)>an at nr>y tun«’ dur-
went <lown probably 50 people fall a H g either the pr»-• nt or the late war.
"We are informed here that Kpaiti
diatancv of ¡s feet.
w ill probably try to plrese the Ameri­
can government bv «-fl« ring un auton-
Riilihgtl It ) t<>«'tp««la
1 n» «-«I not
\\«jddrgl«>n, la., <>ct. s.—llartet umy mure ur h-es ample,
Chrrry, * h<» La i jiml retutne«! frum tel! you, my friend, that we faugh at
Nrbra0ka, whvrr he had xdd hi« f.trm, »m b offers, f«»r already we are at the
and had | »,tmo on hi» | «• *»n na« wav- hour of our hl «er al ion. KnouLI Hpam
lai<l Ibi« inorning by thrw fnol|«Ad«, •ecmaaly *»ffer us autonomy, it would
kliocked m*norh*wi ami roblwpd of fila pt««vr the full ritmt of tier We-aknrsa,
•— 1 rii •- » /•: I M »’ '•
M i« and w»* will fight with renewed ardf*?
ftinnd bound ami gagg**d in an alley, until »lie »Lail rrcugniBr uur indrprnd-
alui<H»t dead frotu I ■*" uf bl<MMÌ (r«»m an rti«r. Imagine our «Irltgbt »hotild N|>alii
tbits confirm us in our fah« ! that the
ugly g»«h in hia h««ad.
end i* fa«i approaching
"Tell the American government that
«tria« h by I.IgblMlitg
to enter ¡ntudiplomat!« dismswion with
Visalia, Cal.. Out. 7.— Albert David
•on hai a startling ri¡>eriem*r tin« af­ BjMiin in the fo»pe that we will a«trjl
Ww abooid
ternoon while driving along a country autonomy 1«
il» tmeide, but
road during a rain storm.
H in wagon simply thank it f«»r
was «truck by 1 ig h I n » ng, ai».I Davidson manfully de< line to end the war <»n
know that
I both
was rendere*! insensible and hin hair such term«.
burn«*I off, while one uf th«* ho •«•« was Palma an«l yon have often mad«* ihiK
plain to the Kii.r/ican goirrnment ami
killed outright
pu!»lic, hitwemfii you to reaffirm it”
Pari« <>rt. H.— Moane P. H imly. thè
«pròal Uniteci Platea <*ommÌAaoner to
thè Pan« eip»*»ith>n of 1900, ha»
cure»! 25 |*er cent additional «pMMi for
thè American eshlbit». tuaktng the
«pace of Hi» Cnitol State» «xpial t<» thal
ut other big nation» of thè worLI.
Malet», Or <k-1 w — Chehali» liwlav
lowerwj l)«e w<»rld'« rwrord 3 fa «oo»nds
for the tWo rmle pa« r al the state fair
truck, in the ¡*ream«w of 10.000 |*»;»le
Chehah«. drtven by hiaowner Frank
Fritier, ipfasn»! an the track w»th hi«
full beother Ilei Nafte, uba ha« « r«n«>rd
of 3 <M
Both b*»r>ra were fog
After «coring thnmgh
stretch a f*w tim«w Del Norte w
After mowing one w. F»«»irr
hounced that he was ready t<» *lart, an«l
humlreds of wathrv* wer»- fa l l in readi*
ih * m tu rrmrd in» attempi lo mate a
World'« rt*»xwd
fake a fla«h lt>e bla«*k »talhon wa *
<)«>wn to t)»r wir*», and, altm*»t lw*Loe
t)»e »pet-lator« coul«! reali«♦ H, w a» an
hi« way, movmg raatly and prnodly
At th* thr«e quarter ¡«»le llm rimner
B* ■nbonnu’fe, riddeu
by Galtoraith,
jiitnre*! in
hol th« Oregon
t»<•**»!«*! no prompter. II* rerLw! off the
first tniie In 2 09 flat
*fa*i, b*s'!l never make it,*’ wae
on many tongu«*« «• the fir«t mile we«
firifahed Hut bi« well-w
rasier whm S il wa« ralle*! at th mile
and « half
Thirty-one «*nx>n !« m«»rr »aw him «t
the m»le an«! ihrer quartrr
ami in the
Mn wind,
he strode !»<»«»» gamrly, crvaling A Iroeh
record by passing under Ihr w ire in
4 I9fa
Whrn the t>me wa« annonnred. anti’I
prctoegrd rheera, Chcdialis waa crcwti !ir.i
Berlin, Oct.
4Hrnt luta refused
to rr*i»inHl>‘ Mr
Ferdinand Neumann, of ll’in« •. w n»>
««a numInate ! by President McKinley
a» Culled Sfate» commi at Cologne.
The »tat** »le| «ftinrnt, »t i» «aid.
never ha» received officially any « barge»
agaiUNt the appointe**, though certain
allegation» were current that, if »up-
ported. would have mafie hi» »♦ Irrtum
properly objectionable to the German
government. Some of the-* «r« «un-
m«. !»s| with »he world'« fuir, an I a • • r-
tam concert entrrpri*e m which Neu­
mann in aaid to have been int»re«t<*»l,
which resulted ili«a*trt*u«!y to R»inr
Herman artiata The mtn»n of tt»«*
Grtman g**%»-rnin«*t«t i* I: al »- it t- »
well-r«*<*«»gniC4*»| right of » nation to
U.ihhi'id a'; < V<¡ .a* -• at ! : - ¡ • ■ t » =•
Mandi *«e«a Mora» ttp«r«.
(a rap«* thi»«r« Mhol
Freno <"at , (Ml. II. — Willie Patti-
aun, atfe«l lì, employ«! to protect th«
lli'e.e Mneyarila from grape thiovea,
•til artn«l with a ahotgun. tolar .hot
atei fatally injured Ih-unelt ifoland
and Hobby Slurray, who were stealing
Murray 1« Pattiaun'a
1‘attiaon it in Jail.
Olk* I V (»«rrtidOM I «lied
Hava.ia, <>r II —Affording to tbe
‘ ■
qiiartere of îhe Spahiaf l» a govern-
mrnl force La» an>bti»hrd an«l capture«)
a tioat bavu.,1! on fa»ard 207 fajir« «>f
ammunition which the tr*N»|< fourni
Hoth *»i tbe«e lut« uf aminuni-
t « .»•, ,<»”!.»'•
’ • : r
«A t « » .11, • v ¡«a-
ti c river Ai uw»,¡n t) • ditarirt of < irn
fu«g»'N. pro vince of Santa < lara, re-
W»t*»n Went (»«•«
Piula Irlphiu Ort. II. — A committee
if employe« of 'hum an f folti a A Co.,
wwl niai.ofa-1 rrre, m.xle a <!en>an«i
f.. an I re »* «..' Ifi |.*r > • nt in wag« »
Th« >ieman«l w.ui .r fuar.1, end th« weav­
ers. about 8m> in i •ril-.-i, went out un
Mich., (k*t. 7.
Ellensburg, Wash.., Oot. II —A re
port has just com« <lown from the men are «lead and 10 injure*! as the re­
Mwauk that Tweet A Johnson have sult of the blowing «town uf a Big new
mad» a rich strike on their quarts hotel al Lmdswy Park this afternoon.
claim. They |»unde<] up an«l pannnl Th* «tructure Bal liven all inchwrd and
out III pans, and obtained an arerag« partly plastered.
About 40 turn w<*rv
of I«'- to the pan.
The report says lh« y at work in and around the mul ling
have a ft«.l lardy of ore.
when the crash came.
It appeared as
Mwrstssr gn«< ♦ air Ide.
though all were buried in the ruins,
Rtittr «trarb bj a Train.
Boyne Fall», Mi*h . Ort. II.—Wil
but after all the rasmias were com­
AVaiwonvillr, <’aL, O. t.
pleted. it waa found that but two l»a l ifam sbain ehnt and killed Mr« Free­
afterm«m train fn*m Santa Cr«s tol.iy ¡091 their livre—Brice K rm fa I), of man l-ee late la»t •» »hing, ami when
•trut k a buggy mntaining Mm. Carr
Charievoti. and an unknown man. who nor i, err» I by offb^er« o the law he emled
and her young «un, each of wfaun
matter« bv »Luotm/ hlm»vlf in tbv
¡ to «till in lb® ruin«.
Uiued toch mjuriM that both will die
Chicago, o»'t
7. — Eitremrly hot
weather for October 1« prevailing in
this evction.
During the pa»t 24 hour«
the ihermomoter went up uiM *!«<gfv«»«.
•nd MUgniing to the signal aervice re*'-
or*!« thi« fa ihu h»gh«-st point that has
btwtn rcgt«terv«l fur the month <»f Octo-
l«er in 37 years
lh»n«e «m*»ke Aggra
v«te»l tl»c *«»m!itn»na. <>u a * •count <»f
tba drought tl»« last two month« every­
thing is •• dry •* tinder ami hires! and
prarrie fire« are huturmum,
Idik* Michigan hu b.-cn mw«l» sl­
m-*»t unnavigabfa on account ot III*
•ruoke ami fog
Uaplain« of icsscls
haw reported a in***t i alarming stair «>f
Many have not slept for 4M
hours on a«s.*»utit of III» walchfuln«-«»
Hosts picking
thal was nr*<w«ary,
their way through the Straits of Mack-
particularly hampcml.
Landmark« w»rw utterly obht«ratc*l.
au l the lights were m lfaUnct at a di»
ta «* of a lengt!’. *f th* vessel
Th»* smoke is attributed to for*s*t
Hunting parties, carel«'»» in
tl;«ir camping, are thought to have
•lartc-l the broad - «»nflsgral>ona
Marine uml* rwriler» «re apprehendv«*
of num* ron» »trending* on account *d
t)»e e»tuke, and bulletin» from the low*
rr er. I of th«* lake arc watched fur with
Chicago*» southern ward« and mil**
urbe are «»irrcumlrsl hy prairie tir«-*
« »-I d«*i)»e s* mkr overhang« a larg«« ¡«art
tory lying south
t Moventy-
of the territory
umitb of
fifth strr’et
uni lrr-fa
re* I n of a
«< re» of pra-
trie have been burned over, an-1 Thotr
samfa of feet of »viewall« and fencing
have t’erh c«»n*um«^l
Firemen in thia «Itviaion of the city
aoinplvt* ly
•sl»ati«2ad llghtmt
prairie fir»» by day and night
uf the fir»» are started by «pa*k« fr*»tn
!••• *»!ii»»tiv«fa, and not Infrequently by
miNvhtvvnu» fa»y«, who s*q the gra*« on
fire fi»r the eiciteufaUt.
A dispwtcn from ¿nenien. Ind . «a**
the mo«l <ll*.k<truu« prairie tin* known
hi the lust.«tv •»! Maia* all county fa
now raging
Humlrodtof a* r«**i <•( land
m the northern portion <»f the county,
compi’faing what fa locally known
the ”b»g marsh.** i» une v.*»t »mol far­
ing waste.
At lim«». when fanned bv
a breva«, the |»**at burst* Into a idair,
and darting aetuNa clover field«, earn*
Held« or memlow» lay« waste everything
in its path, only »topping when h< ad«d
<41 by pmwed fi«dds or highway«.
Many iifaiMf»‘'v*i are r«*j*- t«**! where
cattle in ¡>a*«ing over the tu'-v Lcrous
ground hava Broken through into the
»■■) i. :r.g L« at «.!».•'*
F ir--; - •
the flames and preventing destruction
of their lit’iU’’. and (he lack uf water
makes the LatHv alui”*t ho¡efas».
Just w«M»t of Walkerton tuor»» than
i ■'<•) .» •..4
I»--' -, •*v«'pt of ••*«*rv
W-R¡igr uf Vegetalivfi, Uiaity thuifaamfa
<»f tons of Bay and miles of feticr-s hav­
ing I*••«•!» rt«mmm«sl.
The larg«» burn
of Jv»vph Knlkvy was in thv ¡»alb of
the flam««, and t«»gvt)»er with it« oun*
tents, comp**aed of hay, gram and farm
machinery, waa burnv-l
\\ th fire on every »id«* great anxiety
I n bivtig fell for the safely ut lowni
without fire prul«Mliun.
Nothing »hort
of a «¡ranching rain can puasibiy t'hwk
the pragrtes «d the Are.
% « tmtigr Fwr I he VV ««••«•.
N»*w Orlraii«. <k:t. 7 - A fter t w<> day*
of improvement and pi«ante*, the fever
rltuatioji, on the fare of the record, look
somewhat of a turn today.
For 40
hours the re had fa*en no d«*aths, and
y* •’terday the naiui’vr of rasra l»a«l
shown a material falling off from the
day fa»forv.
Early thi« morning, ii iu»w-
ever, thv report« of new <*a«ea I j N to
o»ms in to thv board of health office
«sonaidorable rapidity.
By I
o'clock there ha«) fa*rn Ifi can *-» repot-
ed, and by » o'ufuvk tonight All previou*
record» of thi» auiAon bail been broken,
»«> far aa new caace were «xmcrtnrd.
In a few hours three •Iratb« had ale»
fa*en reported to the board, The phy-
so »ans were not al a fowa tu ripUm the
iiof’-.i»«« in «ases.
They took th«» view
that it might t»v expected that numer­
ous t‘a*«M We'jld still Continue «fatly to
bo reported.
Dr. Oliphant «ahi to-
"The stern enforcement of the law
requiring all
phy»»<*i*nw to report
prom plly N»th »UNpictou» and actual
rase« of yell »* fever, baa a material
effect In iifn «Ning the number uf
cases. '*
Evidence of Steady Growth
and Enterprise.
A new »Lingle mill has I bren »tart«
At Cubilry.
A wingless lark is the 14 lee t Un
county frvak.
V *m- ik th <’f *t«»L* ¡»’O j
f Uli
from a l»**u*4* in Eugene.
A gohlen vagi»* meaauring 7 feet i
im lKW was kille*! near Astoria
Three llmu^an-! lam!*« were recefitly
»•»ll in Grant > > intv at fl 5d j»*r I.* a I
A baivi <»t 3,’«Hl « «« •■’<! art hers
w as soi l in Wallowa c«*unty last Wvek
1 l«v .•ani)«»» y in Mar*i»li«,i<i is re .
ing on an average of Afa» «almon a day
A ’
f J
l»eing ma*!«* down thè McKvnii© nwi
lo Coburg«
It i» reported that a rich placer strikt
ha* been ma Ir ui» Bear creek, .’»> tn ilvt
from Wallowa
The lumber mill at Rainie . which
)»aa lievi» i<lle for a l“i‘g till»**, ho* rr
•tune*! o|*rratì«n».
A*'* «»riling to the return* of the a »
*« •**>( the total **f th«» lalalde p(«>|w*rtji
of Jg< kwui ’Hinty I» fil,523,bJl.
There have been 13 houses built in
To*rd<> during tire (Mat summer, and
several more will fa' built this fall
A I’U- k. two dues and three fawn,
kilted with twu sb*»!« from a du>lgtitt,
I» the record made by a Gat«*» < ‘rwk
A »liiptnrnt of fi"O iflue head «»( < •alt lv,
making a trainl<Md of 33 car« wa»
4'ity t»
r«»vntly ma«h* from lUkcr
< limaba.
punture m*at
It is rstimat««! that
4,000 biiahele <»f
Mi»nr«*v co*, la tn«
a<x>rne. The utils wiii be utibi'<1 t-
fatten Bug*.
County warrants in Jackaonvill« ara
This i.
«•riling at 2 ¡*vr cent premium,
said to ) h | l7ir blghrsl paid for Ja«kson
county warrant» in 20 year a
Ar« Ashland |*aprr says that Ihr fr«**»
picturv-am! you-lmy-tin* frame
Wa» work«-*i in Ashland loH wr- k, the
w-'i k’-r« ci.' np a' ,
f •
Situ-*« lit«« fat«* ramson Cam ui« pra.riv.
Many ul
gra*« fa wining up nn ely.
thv farmers art* plowing and others
putting in their fall grain.
About 33,00 l«»ns of ris k
du-i,, < i
til-* ‘ ••■p>
1 -n v :
« *r I
4 I A (v * th' •■* C I llb’f«’ W Il fa»
iwccstrary to cotnj <«*tr tin* work t< •r tl»« ‘
The Western Ct
Telegraph oom*
¡mny is putting in another arm and
w ire on ita liti»*« fad »een Porllan»! and
It i» aa
tin* r*un|«any was
unable to get men in For It and to do
the work ah'! was
bilged to bring a
crew of men from M ihticapolto.
Sheriff Kilburn and ¡«««ae, ■>f Bak rr
county* bad a but ght with two cattls
thieiea on Lowvr P* wder river.
shuts Were cv 1 ugrd.
Fr» 4 H ill wa«
•hot through the arm, but •r**.rai«r*l tu
Maker City
I ««I Wheeler w.»« nut
Hull called a «Ls-tur to In*
l<slg»ng-liousr and wa« caught there.
Tl»v thieve« bar! so cattle, whh’h they
wer«* driving to Idaho »• r»M»« snak«
river, vxjH’cting t«» rxGiang«* them in I
bring Lack sträng»* cattle to the butcher.
Th«* gang is «u«p* *.rd uf having oper­
ated for a long lime.
w • • It»it g««»H.
A » it inch refracting t«*l**»co|’«* fins
ta*en revvivr«) in I.» ■ ma hy the Png» t
M»uml university.
( tpfain L II. Coon has iiouinril the
dull» * of collector of th«* port at Ever
«’It, NU«*« ■••etlliig W. R. blink bridge.
Union City is th© name uf the new
town just started in the vicinity of tbs
new gobi finds in WhatOoin county
Kitsap county has »m>l Snohomish
txrunly for
alleged to have been
|M4i<! improperly by Kitsap on the ru
prvuiv judge's salary.
Jauim A. Roiterts, a logger and
W”o!»iuan, afamt 5t> years uf age,
.4 Million h| Kegl« «»«••! Mall.
«lrop|>r*l dr »d in a *alo*>n in U liatcom,
New York, Ort. 7-
Tb» 11.IMM), OUO prdbwbly uf heart disvANe.
in g»dd which w aa received from Austra­
the dead b**dy of a mau found near
lia al San Franriacu ta fa*ginning to the Indian rr*«*rvati<>ri « m h«M»l, near Ta
arrive in thi« city.
It in fa*mg »ent Ct»ma, with a bullet titrough his brain,
hith»-r by regiNterr») mall. (>i»a Imnk was i It-ntifi’d t» that of < bar les la-y
re en.-d |hHJI(OuO toifay, and a private
H N, Ballou, a woll-kirnwu real •*
I mmi I i waa in receipt of fiu.OOO.
Thu late dealer, «It« pped dead in Port An
gold w a » In canvas * >g* holding | I.IXM) geles on the ew <»( hl« «leparture f«»i
ra« h, in atiapr like a Muaage l"h<? gov* California, th** VaUM» being ImmorrbAgc
eminent, having deelinad to trana|»ort uf the lungs
the gold from >ar» Fraiiciaco to thi*>
There is an v*timat«-«l shortage in the
city at government *’ipre***i rat**«, or to'
o ar.
I 1.» < ..nn* r of 2,< 0
pay out cur run ey fur it here, ui, tefa- • a'.
Evrrv farrnei
graphl« transfer, ami the importer» •acks «»r (10,000 bn*liels.
finding the ordinary eipneu» charge» tot» on th«- flat rr -ift» hi* shortage at from
onerou«, a cheaper plan of sending it 300 to 1,3000 «arka.
Nvgotlstfona are wed utolrr way tu
by regiaterr»! mad, taking out policies
of inauraii ** againat haw, war adot»te«l. sv*-urw the ks-attun «»f IOt> faiuihea o(
Hollander» on thv Book ranch, tn Wrat
Ottawa. Oe( 7 —TliW Village of Caw Aberdeen, where the l.m»l is raid to Iru
«ehiiati. 30 inih*« «outLeawt of Ottawa, Well IfM’taod for such a c»>fony.
on the < ana han »Atlantic railway, in
G«>vern<>r lb»g« r* Ims np|*unted It
•upiMMtrd to have iwn destroyed by
M ( r»<skey t«
nt of ths Washington
Fire iw raging in lb«* bruwb aur«
agricuhiiral colh-go.
McCrusKvy will
rtuin ling the village and no tram» < an
probably fill the v«. ancy caused by the
pan» wither way.
rrsigmHmn of Regent Wimlus.
t>r. («utter*« *Jtt«rant I m *<1 .
(fa|vr«ton. Tel., (ici. 7. —Dr John
Guitrraa, the yellow fever ei|>ert. en
mute to Galveston from New Orleans,
via St Lun» to e&aimne Beall)» oondi-
tion« l»r»e. waa bald up by the lh»<i«t(»n
quarantine i'Ufvr» thi* morning, and is
now in < atup Intention at Spring »la­
tino, There »« no objet turn tu (>r.
Gmtr»a«‘ corning into (faltrston.
will fa* em «irteli her. by the health
fa»Hfd aN M«m aa he la r«leaa«.| (ruin
Th» n«uki llaafuaar I III« Or<l«r
4am»Ion, <> l. 7. — Acor»-litt«
A> * m » ling to
lo a w|»e-
rial »)i»patch from Ma»lnd, Señor Ca»
trifan <. ihr retiring miniNter for the
OOhmiev, « »¡led up>n the Bank <>f Spam
to furoi»h 50,000,000 | eartaa for the
Cuban lampatgn.
The comm*t*we of
th* l»tnk decline«! tn mak** thca»name,
whereupon ihr governor of the i*wnk
inviie<| the cv min it r>e to rcwìgn.
einew Governor Ifogera fa*gan signing
commissions there have bettn 143 notar­
Many «»( tin
are rrap|a»intmrnt* For
«•a« 1» m»tarml apjiointnient, |IO guvs
into the slate library fund.
A good many Indiana stopped in
Ellensburg on their way home fr«»m tl»«
Yakima hopfirld«.
M«i«t of th« tu aia
< >k4‘f' .'an*. of Chief
M om ’ n * Land.
While there they «¡ m * ii I « j utr a lot «»f
money, and the merchants profile I by
a brisk cash trade.
The total racriptaof tln-f»ir in Will*
'■• 411* Inal w< «-k ■ mounteii to ahont
(l..*'»0, Ai»<l 'faltictinif ni|*en*«ui, Utora
■till remain« «>.>ut
which waa
ItirniNl orer to Man«irer N. «». Hallock
for Ibn ptirpnm of >lefrajring es|4>n»ca
of the oihHnt in H|>ok«i»-.
Uorcrnor Hotter* ha« »ent to Uitnh a
•ilrrr cup for th» mai nline n>'-uit>cr of
th» f«nuly of four that wa« 1« >u into
John Huff «he.I at Hyden, Ky » at
one family nt on« time little I.-«» than
the age of ve.kaving 73 grandchildren, » ye«r ago. The otiihf wa* ti.mel for
¡42 grral-gramlchiblm, and It greet« the governor, in ranognition of whi<-k
gres: >gram lobi Mreo.
Ilia immediate honor hi« «srwllency h«<! th« cup it»,
family war a large on«.
o r I bed, • Huger« Kiivw.”