The Springfield news. (Springfield, Lane County, Or.) 1916-2006, May 26, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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THURSDAY, MAY 20. 1021
Published Every Thursday at Sprlngffeld. Lane County, Oregon, by
Entered at the rostofflce at Springfield, Oregon, as Second-class Matter,
February 24. 1903.
One Year
Six Months.
2.00 Thrve MoUhs
$1.0 Single Copy
One Tear. When Paid In Adante,.
Hon. Franklin K. Lane, former
Secretary of Interior, left a piece of
writing, dictated after the operation
which was performed a day or two
before his death, which several of the
newspapers have spoken of as a re
markable letter. It was indeed re
markable, but not very creditable. An
ordinary man. in an ordinary sickness
may utter a mess of foolishness, and
no notice will be taken of it But
wten a distinguished public servant
utters it. and he dies soon afterwards,
he may be sure that It will get Into
the newspapers, to the grief of his
children and the public, which would
be glad to remember only his effi
cient public service.
According to the testimony of a
high official of The United States,
certain other high officials released
Grover Clevland Bergboll in order that
le might go and look for a pot of gold.
The other end of the rainbow was
located, probably by geometrical cal
culations, in Western Maryland. If
he found the pot of gold, he did not
bring it back. The problem now is
to bring him back.
The state labor commission sends
out a statement that there are now
about seven thousand unemployed
jmen in Oregon. Most of ua lad been
.thinking it was nearer seven million.
I o
! A newspaper story announcing a
big dividend by a steel corporation
bears the tead. "Steel Holding Its
own." A great many people think It
is holding more than Its own.
(Continued from page one)
telegraph and mall could convey It.
The day was observed by comrades
of the Grand Army of the Republic,
atded by citizens. In 27 states of the
Union, very Imposing ceremonies were
observed at the Arlington Cemetery
in the District of Columbia, at which
Gen. Ramies A GarfyU'( afterward
President of the United States, de
livered the principal address.
J Annually on the succeeding 30th
day of May this tribute to the loyal
' heroes of the Civil War has been ob
served. By usage and custom the obser
vance has broadened out so as to In
clude the graves of our dead of all
previous wars, of the Spanish-American
War and World War. Some
tout-ring and beautiful ceremonies
were held overseas last Memorial Day
as testimonials of love and respect
sMlLK Plenty of fresh Jersey milk
for sale, delivered evenings. I'lton
Springfield 34F3. tf.
FOR SAUJIIouso hold goods. Call
105W between 4 and 8 p. m. It
FOR SALE By owner, 2 good high
lots; 4 room houo; good bant and
chicken house. All for $800. Must
sell on account of poor health.
Ralph Clark, 8th and O streets,
Springfield. Oregon.
for those who had died In the great
World'War in defense of liberty, self
government and the freedom of the
seas. A very beautiful ceremony has
bnen Instituted, embracing the scat
tering abroad of flowers on the ocean
Jn honor of tl;e gallant sailors ami ma
rines who perished at sea.
K. J. Nolan of Portland. Grand Pat
riarch of tho Grand Encampment of
Oregon I. O. O. F. whs a dinner guest
jat the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Korf Wednesday evening. Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Walker were also guents
at dinner.
j Pltfslllll Co. Cabinet Shop. We
jmake kitchen cabinets, breakfast
tables, drop loaf tables, dressing
tpblos. princess drestters. butter molds
(step ladders, window and door frames
j take order for doons, plate glass
I mirror, give estimate on dutch
kitchen work, stair work. Window
glass and putty for sale. Repair
I furniture and general Job work. Shop
on corner in ana j streets.
The seventh episode of "King of
the Circus." featuring Eddie Polo
! was the best thriller seen on the
We give Red Stamps 2 discount Extra
Closing Out Millinery
Ladies' $7, $8, and $9 hats now $4.95
Salmon, large can, per dozen $1.03
Peas, 2 for 25c
Large pkg. Tru Blu Crackers 39c
Small pkg ". 10c
Carnation Milk, 2 for 25c
Edward's Dependable Coffee, per lb 43c
Farmers Exchange
The Store of Bargains
Buy your Chick -Food here at $3.49 per 100 lbs.
In a new size package
screen in this town.
Springfield Taxi Service. Phone 2.
Dorse Lamoureaux. Kenneth Glrard
and Milton Cyr spent Saturday night
and Sunday camping and fishing
above Lowell.
Born Tuesday. May 24. to Mr. and
Mrs. Maynard Leavitt, a son.
He had an idea that he could have
anything he wanted he hadn't fig
ured, however, on the active flea that
Jumped from the cat to him. lie
didn't want tl at then he commenced
rio scratch he coulflti't "Stop Scratch
ing his Back." '
Cyr's sedan Jitney. PI1 one 11.
Dr. S. Ralph Dlppel, dentist, Spi log
field. Oregon.
The annual meeting of the South
ern Oregon conference of th Free
Methodtet church is In session this
week at Grants Pass, beginning Wed
nesday. There will probably be no
representatives from the West Spring
field church. Bishop Sellen will preside.
Dr. S. RalDh Dlmel. dentist. Sorinr-
field, Oregon.
Dr. and Mrs. X. W. Emery went io
Salem last Saturday, and returned
Monday. The doctor went to attend
a Joint session of the Lane, Linn,
j Benton, Polk, Marlon and Yamhill
counties Cntal societies, Saturday
L. J. Lepley, who has been at Oak
dale, California, for a month or two,
is at home again.
Robert Kizer Joined the marines a
week ago Monday and left the follow
ing Wednesday for Mare Island.
Mrs. Susan Settle returns this
week to the region near San Francisco
where she spent the past fall and
R. N. Torbet and family, mother
and aunt, motored up from Albany
last Saturday, remaining over Sun
day with Prof.Torbet of this city.
Rev. and Mrs. T. D. Yarnes enjoyed
a vsit from a group of Mrs. Yarnes'.
relatives, Sunday. Mrs. Yarnes' sis
ter, Mrs. F. W. Launer, whose hut
band Is an Evangelical minister of
Salem; and Mrs. Launer's daughter
and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Barclay
Newman, of Eugene. Mrs. Launer Is
making an extended visit at the home
of her daughter.
10 forlOcts
MANY smokers prefer
it. They'll find that
this compact package often
Lucky Strike Cigarettes
will just suit them.
Try them dealers now
carry both sizes: 10 for
10 cts; 20 for 20 cts.
It's Toasted
Have you read the want ads.
(Oregon Crown)
Springfield Warehouse Co.
As we said before
It always pays to buy HOMH PRODUCTS. Support
your home Industries by demanding thdr products and
watch the community grow.
Your dealer handles our full line of feeds and flour
manufactured here at home for you use them be a
booster for HOME PRODUCTS.
"Try It Out Yourself"
says the Good Judge
And you will find how
much more satisfaction a
little of this Real Tobacco
gives you than you ever
got from a big chew of tho
ordinary kind.
The good, rich, real to
bacco taste lasts so long
you don't need a fresh
chew nearly as often. So
it costs you less.
Any man who uses the !
Real Tobacco Chew will
tell you that,
Put up in two styles
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
f nil, ,.,. , i t ,M... ... , ,:l -ly t i in., i in Mi i
1 1 1 ' " 1 ' ii- n I n i , '
Evils of Constipation. dangerous disease, keep your bowels
Perhaps the mont serious of tie 'Tegular. For this purpoMO Chamber
diseases rauHed by constipation Is ap- Iain's Tablets are excellent, easy to
penriicltls. If you would avoid this take and mild and gentle in effect
Hardware and Furniture
Who caused Linseed Oil to drop from $1.50 to .... $1.10
And Paint to drop from $4.75 to $3.98
in Springfield.
Ask Dad, he knows
Paints Oils Varnishes Turps Putty Leads
etc. Oregon made guaranteed pure, and Inexpensive.
H. B. Corsaw
. - u vm-JiTtmm ? ji x : x . j i. llj
Lof fer's Accomodation Shop
I lave you tried them our guarantee on work turned
out of our Blacksmith Shop. It Is as good as any that ever
stood the test in the scales of justice.