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Believe That .federal Government Can
Jake Cans rSltuatlon Without
Other CommlMtoni
,U the railroads ot tho Untied States
nro to be rcgulatod Intorosts ot tho
public tho nature ot tho situation dic
tates that such regulation shall be ex
clusively by tho fodoral government
To continue tho present policy ot
oe-onlluate regulation by tho tederal
goTornment and by forty-eight states,
with diverging and conflicting Inter
ests and Ideas often purely local In
character but general In harmful ef
fect, Is to construct uniform Improve
ment and prevent efficient and econ
omic developemoot ot railway and
transportation servico as a wholo,
A chain is no stronger than tho
weakest link, and, so far as interstate
commerco and national efficiency of
tho railroads are concerned, unless
the railroads as a unit are Improved,
developed and adjusted to the general
seeds of the pubHc along the line ot
a well coucloved general ,plan, econo
mic and efficient service can hardly
be expected. For example, consid
ering the general plan ot efficiency,
ot what benlfit would Its facilities be
It the connecting carrier was not able
to recieve and handle the traffic?
Or, in what respect would through
Eervtce be Improved it all the roads
leading into Chicago Increased thler
facilities and Improved thler service
unless the connecting lines out were
able to handle the busjeess? It
would simply mean congestion and
For this reason the whole scheme
of transportation regulation and de
velopment should be uniform and gen
eral and the Interstate, Commerce
Commerce Commission should be In
vested with complete authority and
control, the present state commissions
being Included in the plan of organiza
tion as regional commissions . Such
a plan contemplates making the whole
system of transportation and regula
tion uniform, harmonious and efficient
There is Interstate and Intrastate mail
service just as there Is interstate and
intrastate freight service, but the pub
lic wisely confides to the federal gov
ernment exclusive regulation of the
malls and would not even entertain
a suggestion ot co-ordinated regula
tion by the states. Apart from es
sential privacy and merchandising of
postage every reason sustaining ex
clusive federal regulation of the pos
tal service may be urged in support ot
exclusive federal regulation of all In
terstate crrrier3 and commerce.
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to be the largest ever gathered in
ihls part ot the state.
The mock nicrrlage of Eugene Lane
and Miss Coos Bay will be the first
formal event, taking place at 2 o'clock.
Miss Gladys Roddy ,who was elected
bride, has selected a white satin cos
tume. Miss Virginia Clarke, who ran
next in the contest, has been invited
to be maid of Innor. An interesting
feature is the fact that she is a daugh
ter of the late F.-ancis Clarke, who for
years worked : secure a railroad for
Coos Bay,
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Sherman Spong, Myrtle Copenhaver
Mrs, C. L. Scctt -nd Mr. and Mrs. F .E.
Barnard, S. H. Eaker.
Have Martfage Certificate
The allegoric icarrlge ceremony unit
ing "Eugene Lane" and "Miss Coos
Bay" Is to be complete In every de
tail. Even the marriage license will
6e on hand, properly filled out, and
when Governor Wlthycomb pronounces
the magic words that will unite the for
tunes of these two people, he will hand
them a beautifully engraved and fram
ed marriage certificate . The engrav
ing Is the work of M. A. Albin, of the
Eugene business college. The certifi
cate reads as follows;
"Marriage Certificate. State of
Oregon, County of Lane ss,
"This is to certify that the gover
nor of the state of Oregon, by authority
of a license bearing date of the 15th
day of August, A. D., 1916, and issued
by the county clerk of the county r,f
Lane, did on the 24th .'.ay of A::.TUst,
A .D 1910, at North :,enrt in the
county of Coos, In thp ;,utr. foresaid,
join In ties that bind, iuigcne Lane, of
the county of Iie, state of Oregon,
and MUs Coos Ba. of tl county of
Pooa. state of Ors. by It mutual
There are blanks for the lames of
the witnesses to tin ceremony and
one for the uaie of 1 governor.
Serve Se.- Fo 'Dinner
. :!. t ..Uu novel .lures of the en-w-nninment
of visitors at Coos
Bay during the railroad jubilee and
which many Lane county citizens will
probably enjoy ts tho sea food dinner,
which will bo served at Charleston
bay Friday, tho socond day of tho cel
ebration. This ts expected to bo tho
most elaborate thing ot Its kind over
held In tho state ot Oregon. Moving
pictures will bo taken ot tho dtnors.
Friday ts tho day set apart for the vis
iting ot the Coqullle valloy and other
outside points ot Interest. To the
peoplo ot tho Interior ot tho stato tho
beach will naturally bo a great at
traction, and for that reason the big
free dinner was planned. Charleston
bay Is tho natno ot a small bay Just
Insldo the entrance ot Coos Day, From
that point It Is walking distance to
tho ocean beach, tho lighthouse and
other places tho visitors will wish to
see. Charleston bay can bo reached
from tho cities by both gnsollno boat
and automobile and there will bo
ample ot both means ot transportation
to carry several .thousand persons to
the popular seaside resort
A number ot friends and relatives
attempted to give Mrs. H. E. Walker
a surprise party Wednesday evening
but wore only partially successful.
,1 1 :s Marion Harper Invited Mrs. Walk
i er to take an auto ride and on their
return found tho party assembled. Th
J evening was spent in playing garnet
! and partaking ot delicious refresh
I ments. Those enjoying tho evening
; were: Mr. and Mrs. H .EX Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wheeler, Mr.
and Mrs ,M. L. France, Mr. and Mrs.
Milton Bally, Mrs. A. S. Walker, Miss
es Marlon Harper, Jessie, Walker
Grace Walker and Alice Kester.
Methodist Church
Corner Second and B streets.
James T. Moore, pastor. Phono 117-M
Next Sunday, 10:00 A. M. Sunday
11:00 A. M. Sermon.
6:30 P. M. Epworth League
8:00 P. M.iSermon.
7:30 P. M. Wednesday, Choir Re
hearsal. 2:00 P. M. Wednesday, Ladles Aid.
8:00 P. M. Thursday, Prayer Meet
ing. Free Methodist Church.
Sabbath school at 10:00 A. M.
Preaching services at 11:00 A. M.
Tuesday, 7:30 P. M. Voung Peo
pie's prayer meeting.
Midweek prayer meeting on Thurs
day at 7:30 P. M.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
all. M. F. CHILDS,
Church of Christ
9:45 A. M. Bible school. L. M,
Cagley, supt
11:00 A. M. Junior Endeavor So
ciety. Mrs. Lansberry, supt
Rev. J. S. McCallum ot Eugene
Bible University will preach at the
Union Church services Sunday evening
Baptist Church
Rev. W. Norton Ferris, minister.
Bible school at 10 A. M.
Boys and girls remember the library
Is now open fdr use. Read good books.
Gilbert Miller, Superintendent.
Divine Worship at 11 A. M.
The Tent
Evangelistic Services, Sunday 8 p.
m.; Evenings, except Saturday, 8 p.
m. All are cordially Invited.
Potrland Market Report
Aug. 21, 191C Cattle The week's
market opened with quite a fair sized
number of cattle, over 1200 head.
j Quality, while nothing fancy was quite
fair . The best steers sold at 7.00 and
cows fairly well. Taken as a whole
some strength was developed, especi
ally In the cow section. All other di
visions were steady.
Hogs The hog receipts were dls
sapointing as far as numbers went.
Only a thousand head being received
Monday. Prices showed some strength
at 9.70 for tops. The market closed
steady to strong.
Sheep Nearly 3700 head were re
ceived Monday on a steady market
Top lambs are still quoted at 8.25 and
other grades In proportion. Market
closed steady.
There will be a picnic of all Pennsyl
vanlans at the Walker Grove, Tuesday,
August, 21, beginning nt threo o'clock
All Peni j-.vlvanlans a, r requested t
co'iip ar '.ring their kets.
Adve .jt.j.j Uetterv
Springfield, Oregon, Aug. 2. 191C
Mr. Will Johnson, Miss Mildred
Thompson, M Dick Baker, Miss
Oracle Bailey, Mis. G, G, Conell, and
Miss Tnelma Hubscn. A charge of
one cent will be made on. all adver
tised letters.
Good reliable fire Insurance. No as
sessments; no membership fee. Pay
onca and you are dene. II. E 'V? lker
at tho City Hall.
Notlco Is hereby xtvon that sealed
bids will bo recolvod by the. County
Court of Lane County, Oregon, nt Eu
gene Oregon, un to 11 o'clock n. m
September 1, 1910, nt which time said
bids will bo opened, for , tho improve
inetit ot tho following roads.
SS95 linear toot County Road No. 278
Sprlngftold-Haydon Bridge.
5830 linear foot County Road No.131
Elmlra Road.1
2600 linear foot County Road No. 3S1
Capo Horn.
2700 linear feet County Road No. 381
Capo Horn.
In accordance with tho plans and
rpeclflcatlons on file with tho County
Clerk ot Lane County.
Plans and specifications may bo ex
amlned at the offico ot tho County
surveyor. Each bid must be nccom
panlcd by a certified check for G per
cent ot tho amount bid.
Tho right Is reserved to reject any
and nil bids.
Dono by order of tho County Court
this Sth day ot August 19 1G.
County Clerk
Aug 10, 17, 24.
Notlco Is hereby given that by vlr-
tuo ot an Execution Issuod out ot tho
Circuit Cour tot tho Stato ot Oregon
for Lane County on tho 1st day ot Aug
ust 1910 and by mo recolvod tho 1st
day of August 1916, In an action where
In on tho 12th day of March 1910. lu
tho Justlco Court for Eugono Justice
District L. M. Travis recovered Judg
ment against tho Defendants Irving
J. Walcott and his wife Walcott (Into
'namo Etta M. Walcott) for tho sum of
J146.05 with Interest at the rato of 6
per cent per annum from tho 12th day
of March 1910. loss tho sum of $5.00
credited Jan. 13, 1910 and $10 credited
Feb. Sth 1910.) and tho further sum
of $8.60 costs which Judgment was en
rolled and dockotod In tho olllce ot
tho Clork of Circuit Court on the Nth
day of March 1910, and said Execution
to mo directed commanding mo In the
name of the State ot Oregon that out
ot tho personal proDorty ot said Do
fendant, or, if sufficient could not be
found, thon out of tho real property
belonging to said Defendant In Lane
County, Oregon, on or after tho said
14 day ot March 1910. Being unable
to find sufficient or any personal prop-
rtv belonging to said Defendant, I did
on the 1st day ot August, 1916, levy
on the following described real prop
erty, to-wlt:
Northeast quarter of Northeast
puarter (NE of NE Vi) of Sec
tlon number Two (2) la Town
ship numbor seventeen (17) South
Rango Threo (3) East ot Will. Mer,
containing 40 acres ot Land In Lano
County .Oregon.
Also lot number eight (8) In block
number twenty-three (23) In College
Hill Park now a part of Eugono, Lane
County. Oregon.
Now, therefore, In the name of the
Stato of Oregon and In compliance
with said Execution and In order to
satisfy said Judgment, costs and ac
crulng costs I will on Saturday the
2nd day of September 1916, between
the hours ot 9 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clock p. m. to-wlt; at onb o'clock
p. m .on said day at tho Southwest
door of the County Courthouse la Eu
gene. Lane County, Oregon, offer for
sale for cash, subject to redemption,
all the right, title and Interest of tho
above named Defendant In and to the
abovo described real property.
Sheriff of Lano County.' Oregon
By D. A. Elklns, Deputy
Ang. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for Lane County
H ,L. Studley, Plaintiff,
H. B. Kepner, Mrs. H. B. Kepner, and
all persons unknown, If nny, having
or claiming an Interest or estate In
and to the hereinafter described real
property, Defendants.
To H. B. Kepner, Mrs. H. B. Kep
ner, and all persons unknown, If any,
having or claiming an interest or es
tate in and to the hereinafter describ
ed real property, tho above named de
OREGON: You are hereby notified
that H. L. Studley tho holder of Cer
tificate of Delinquency numbered
119G issued on tho 7th day of October,
1913, by the Tax Collector of the
County of Lane, Stato of Oregon, for
the amount of $2.17, tho same being
the amount then duo and delinquent
for taxes for tho year 1912 together
with penalty, interest and costs there
on upon the real property assessed to
you, of which you are the owner as
appears of record, situated In said
County and State, and particularly
bounded and described as follows, to
Lot numbered (1) one In block num
bered (1) in E. E. Kepner s Addition
to the town ot Springfield, Lane
county, State or Oregon.
You are further notified that said
H. L. Studley has paid taxes on said
premises for prior or subsequent years,
with the rato of Interest on said
amounts as follows:
On March 21, 1914, the sum of $2.97
for taxes for the year of 1913.
On March 31, 1915 the sum of $2.55
for taxes for the year of 1914.
On April 5, 1916, the sum of $2.07
tor taxes for the year ot 1915.
All of the amounts bear Interest
from date of payment at the rate of
i5 pel rent per annum,
Said n. B. Kepner as the owner
.' the sgal title of the above do-
crlbed roperty as the same appears
ot reco j, ana each of the other per
sons above named are hereby further
notified that a. L. studley will apply
to the Circuit Court of the County and
Stato aforesaid for a decree foreclos
ing tho lien against tho property above
described, and mentioned in said Cer
tificate. And 'ou are hereby summon
ed to appear within sixty days after
tho first publication of this summons,
exclusive of the day of. said first pub
lication, and defend this action or pay
the amount due as above shown, to
gether with costs and accrued Interest,
and In case of your failure to do so, a
decrco will bo rendered foreclosing the
Hen of sail taxes and costs against
tho land and premises above named.
This summons Is published by order
of tho Honorable G, F, Sklpworth,
Judge of tho Circuit Court ot tho State
ot Oregon for tho County ot Lano nnd
said order was mado nnd dated thin
31st day of July 1916, and tho dnto ot
tho first publication ot this summons
Is tho 3rd day ot August, 1916.
All process and papers la this pro
eomllnir may bo served upon tho under-
signed residing within tho Stato ot Ore
gon at the address hereinafter men-
L. M. TIIAV18.
Attorney tor Plaintiff
Address, Butane, Oregon.
Aug. 3,10,17.2431: Sopt 7,14,21 J8,OcL8
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Lane
L. K. I'uiio, Plnlntirf,
Tony C. Schulhauser, Blanche N.
Schulhauser nnd B. R. Woods, Do.
To Tony Schulhnusor. Blanche M.
Schulhauser and B. n. Woods:
OHKaON, you nnd each of you are
horoby required to uppear and answer
tho complaint filed agalust you In tho
above outltled Court and causo on or
before tho 24th day ot August 19)6
said dato being tho date nnd time spec
ified by tho Court In tho order ot pub
lication, as tho tlmo for you to appear
and answer, and It you fall to appear
and answer, for -want thereof, the
plaintiff will apply to tho Court for tho
relief demandod In said complaint on
file herein, ami for the whole thereof.
The relief demanded Is Judgment
against Tony (X Schulhnusor and
Blanch M. Schulhnusor for tho sum or
$125,00 nnd Interest thereon from tho
25th day of February 1915 nt the rate
of 10 per cont per nnnum until paid
and $25.00 attorneys fees, Judgment
for tho sum of $70.00 and lntorost
thoreon from tho 13th dny ot March
1915 nt tho rato of 10 per cent per an
num until paid and $20.00 as attorneys
fees, togtchor with costs and disburse
ments of suit, nnd 'or a Judgment nnd
docroo ndjudglng nnd dccroolng thnt
both mortgages ot tho plaintiff to bo
tho first lien upon tho following de
scribed premises: Lots five (5) nnd
Btx (6) ot block four (4) ot the E. E.
Kepner addition to Springflold, Ore
gon together with tho tenements
hereditaments und uppurtehanccs
thoreunto belonging or in any wise ap
pertaining and that the mortgage of i
defendant B. R. Woods adjudgod to be
jsubsoquent In time, inferior In right
and subject to both mortgages of the
That a docroo be made foreclosing
both mortgages on the plaintiff and
that tho aforesaid real premises bo
sold by the 8herlff of Lone County,
Oregon to satisfy the aforesaid judg
ment, and foreclosing you and each
of you of all right, title, Interest, claim
and oqulty of redemption in and to
said real premises and overy part
This summons Is published by order
of the Honorable 11. L. Bown, Judge ot
mo county Court or tho Stato of Ore
gon for tho County of Lano dated July
11th 1916.
Attorney for Plnlnllrr
July 13, 20, 27, Aug 3. 10, 17. 24.
Department of tho Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon,
August 2, 1916
Notlco Is hereby eivnn Mint Mnlmr
A. Rico, of Fall Creek, Oregon, who,
on January 31, 1913, mado Homestead
Entry, Serial No. 08559, for tho S. E.
M of N. E. U of Section 20, Township
18 S Rango 1 E.. Wllllmotto Meridian.
has filed notice of Intention in mVn
Finn! Thri-yi"vr Proof, to establish
claim to tho laud above described,
boforo I. P. Hewitt, U. S. Commission-
or. nt his office, nt Rnepnn. Drop-on nn
tho 18th day of Soptembcr, 191C.
uiatmani names as witnesses:
Adolphuo Klntzley. of Fall Crook.
Oregon. ,
Ed. Shoults, of Fall Creek, Oregon.
Logan Neet, or Fall Creek, Oregon.
John Kissinger, of Fall Crook.
W. H. CANON Tlnirlntor
Aug 7,10,14,17,21,24,28,31, Sept. 7,11,14
Lano County, Stato of Oregon. July
24, 1916.
To Mnrtln Mattson and F. Mitchell..
You are hereby notified that I have ex
pended $200.00 In labor and Improve
ments upon tho Princess and Creases'
lodes as will appear by certificates
filed July 24, 1916 In the office ot Re
corder of said county In order to hold i
said promises under the provisions ot
section 2324 Revised Statutes of tho
United States, bolng tho amount re-'
quired to hold tho same for the year
ending Decembor 31st 1915, And if
within ninety days from the service of
this notice of publication) you fall or,
this notice of publication) you fall or1
refuse to contribute your nronortlon of 1
such expenditure as co-owner, your In-1
terest In said claim will become tho
property of tho subscriber under sec
tion 2324.
7. 27, to Oct. 26.
Oregon Power Co,
No cool, wood or ashes
to lua no waiting for
the firo to bum up, Bet
ter cooking because of
tho steady, avMiIy-tlis-trlbutvtl
beat, under
perfect control All beat
concentrated n the
arouMd lh re. The
lone, blutt chinnoys
prevent all smoke and
liakce, WclW, rU, touts.
More tftcltnt than your
wood or coal stuv Mid CoU
less to operate.
For 8alo By
Season Faro
Week End
Southern Pacific
With new bullillnr, better rnulpmrnt, nnd
in ii n r mlilltlon. to III fnmiltr, the Unlvrriltx
of Omfon vr III becln tta fiirtr-flrit rear, Toe
dnr, September 1)4. 1010.
Hpcclnl training- In Commerce, Journntlam,
tj Work, Muilr, 1'lirnlrnl Trnlnlnr mill Pine
Art. Lnreennit atronr liitpartmeiiUuf Liber
al ttlurntlon.
Llbrnrr of more than 03,000 volumra, tit
teen building fully equipped, tvro aplendnt
BTmnmlunii. f
Tuition Pree. Dormltorfe for men and for
women. Kxpenaea Loweit.
.Write for free cntAtoca.addreiilnc ResUtrar
r like 5as
-for comfort
For Best Results
Use Pearl Oil
Better cooking
and a cleaner,
cooler kitchen.
Now serving
Tn 1, 2, 3 and 4.
or without oven.
A I no cabin!
m o d I s with
Flirltt Cooking
trip should not bo delayed
"Oregon's premier bench rosort"
is not far away and lit easily
Daily Trains
from Albany and Corvallls. Low
round trip fares are available.
Good hotel accomodations. Kino
48tirf bathing. Uoatlng on Ya
fjtihui Hay.
You can't boat Nowport
for a place to onjoy a- vacation
Ask any Jocal agent or writu to
John M. Scott .General Passenger Aa't
Portland, Oregon