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    MONDAY, .-AUGUST 21, 1016.
fage rnnm
.NIGHT i"rii
! Towii and Vicinity
Mr. hiiiI Mra, C .11. Ward woro shop
purs from Catnn Greek Saturday.
, John Hurt wan n shopper from Hon
tlrlck'H Bridge Saturday.
, 0. 'I'. Wilson of Mnrailn wihi In town
on liuttliicHH Saturday,
. Mr. J. P .Fry returned from Jnnpor
"Friday afternoon. ,
Water wlngn ut Peory's .
E, M. Young of WuUurvlllo wna In
town Saturday morning.
Mr. nml Mrs. J. 10, Nlco visited with
relatives near Itluorlvor Sundny .
Miss Murgarot flossier loft today for
jUolllngham, Washington.
J. U. Clurk ruturnod homo from Sa
Join Saturday,
Mr. nad Mr. J. 1). Godmnn and fnm
tly of Dextor Hpont Sunday with Mr.
Codman'H mother, Mm. J, A. Oodman.
Winchester ammunition, llrosnlor &
Bon .
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Chase of
Prunovlllo visited at the 13. M. Young
Itomu at Waltorvlllo Sunday.
Mr. and Mrn. J. C. Morlock and son
John loavo tomorrow for Junction City
fhoharvent work .
Mr. and Mrn .C. E. Lyon, Misses
Stella Martin and Mao Lyon spent
t Sunday In Cottngo Orovo.
Mrs. Al Montgomery went to Walter-
, Tlllo Saturday to stay a fow days with,'
her daughter, Mrs. Horbort Smeod.
Keep tho files off tho cows with "Fly
Bouncer" 75c n Ration at l'ocry's.
Misses Mary and Gladys Davis of
Lorano, Oregon aro vIsltlnR with Mrs.
Mclvln Fonwlck.
k Mrs. D, J Glondonnlngtls staying at
tho SprlriKflold hotel durlnR tho nb
sence of Mrs. Al MontRomory.
Mrs. Mnbol Horbst was brouRht
homo from tho hospital Friday even
ing. Miss, Edith Wholploy of Tangent
is visiting with hor cousin Alloc Rey
nolds for three wcokB.
Fly Knocker 7Gc por Ral. Bring con
tainer. Springfield Food company.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kennedy of Lea
burg were In town on business Friday
afternoon .
Tho hops aro rapidly maturing and
tho growers nro much worried on ac
count of tho cool damp weather.
Mrs. C. O. DoVoro of Croswoll re
turned homo yestorday after visiting
with hor sinter, Mrs. Uny Lemloy.
Gruco Emory departed SaturUay
morning for Portland whoro sho wilt
Visit hor slstor, Mrs. Myrl Llghtfoot.
Everybody needs it
stored for emergency In a
well-developed, woll-pro-Bervod,
woll-nourlahed body
and brain.
Grape-Nuts food stands
preeminent as a -builder of
mado of tho entire nutri
ment of whole wheat and
barley, two of the richest
sourcos of food strength.
Grape-Nuts also Includes tho
vital mineral olomonta of tho
grnin, so much omphaslzod In
those days of Investigation of
real food values.
Crlep, roady to oat, easy to
digest, wonderfully nourishing
and doMcloua.
"There's a Reason"
for Grape Nuts
Mrs. C. J. Hnydor from Hoqulum,
Washing!. visited with Mrs. Via
Wllllninii tho latter port of tho week.
Dr. W. II. Pollard camo down Satur
day mprnlng from Ills enmp neiir Oak
rldgo, but returned In tho afternoon.
Mrn. II. F. Parsons, who roeently
moved to North Ilond Is spondlng tho
week with frlonds and relatives,
Tho host iiioiih' shoos al Wolf &
Mr. Klntzloy from Fall druck, I). H,
Ilouls, and It. 8. Wyud wore Saturday
shoppora In lown,
O. W. Carson'cnmo homo from Bally
Hie latter pari of tho wook and Ih suf
fering with an attack of tonsllitls.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. H. Peas from Ilnyden
Urldgo wero In town Saturday after
noon Henry Adrian relumed to work at
tho local garago Saturday after a va
cation spent nt Newport.
Do you wish to become well? If so
call on Dr. Murphy, a drugless healer,
359 Main street.
Mrs. J. S. McKay has been 111 at her
homo on Eighth nnd F streets for tho
past wook.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim McPhoreon and
baby wont to Marshflcld Saturday for
a short outing.
Mrs. Eda E. Wills of Carleton Is
visiting with her sister Mrs. J. W.
Co til In for a week or ton days.
N. S. Birch departed Sunday for a
business trip to KtckeraJI In Polk
Ladles' and chlldrons' shoes. Wolf
& Miller.
Joe Lusby nnd Walter miliar of tho
Booth-Kelly mill loft Friday for' n
week's hunting trip at Glcndalo.
Miss Opal Holvorson left Saturday
morning for Ooldson whore sho will
teach tho coming term of school.
W. B. Whoolor returnod last night
from a hunting trip ton miles cast of
Eugene on Sponcor Crook with a nlco
pair of deer horns.
Miss Mildred Scott from Ontario,
Canada, and Miss Eva Scott, from Sa
lem, havo boon spending a fow days
with Mr. nnd Mrs. Norwood Cox,
Mrs. Price's canning powders at
Poory's Drug Store.
A. N. Datson, an employe of tho
Booth-Kolly mill at Wendllng wns
taken to tho Eugene hospital Friday
for treatment.
Mr. nnd Mrs. McLaughlin nnd baby
of Ilosoburg moved Into tho aionden
nlng houso on Seventh nnd F streets
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Donaldson, I. A.
Nlco, Mr. nnd Mrs, It, Miller nnd fam
ily, C. M. Mlllor of Ilosoburg spent
Sunday at Iho fish hatehory.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Parker, Miss
Hollo Dunlap, nnd W. L. Dunlup went
to Flschor's mill and to Wendllng Sun
day. dun oils, cleaners and greaso, Bros
slor & Son.
Mr, and Mrs. J. J .Bryan and daugh
ter, Crystal and Ed Bryan departed
this morning for n fow day'B trip to
Bolknap Springs. t
Mr. and Mrs. Lestor Miller of Yon-
colla nnd Mrs. Miller's mothor, Mrs:
Poylo of Eugono visited with Mr. and
Mrs. J, A. Cox Saturday afternoon.
Mrs .Alfred Blglow wont lo MAr
cola Friday to vIbU hor daughters,
Mrs. Ira Coin, Mrs. M, Goln, and Mrs,
B. Mltchol,
Mr, and Mrs. M. M. Poory and Mr,
and Mrs. P. WV McDonald of Sclo ro.
turned from Belknap Springs Satur
day aftor n ton day's outing.
For tho host up-to-dato shoo repair
ing, try Hall tho 'Shoe Doctor. Fifth
and Main streots.
Mrs, W. M. Lnnsbory returnod Sat
urday morning from a visit to hor
son C. V. LanBbory and family at Door
horn. Mr. and Mrs. A. M, Bonver, Mr. and
Mrs. Wnltor Horndon nnd' family, Miss
Minnlo Boavor, A ,M. Beaver and son
Meredith of Ashland spent Sunday nt
Soavey'a forry.
Miss Kate Lansbery returned homo
Friday from Notl whero she. had boon
oponding tho weok, and loR Saturday
morning for Deerhorn whero alio will
l8it her brother nnd family,
How's This?
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars
Reward for rtny case of Catarrh
that cannot bo cured by Hall's
Catarrh Curo.
V. T. PtIISMRr M.. TnUAa. O.
W, tlm iinrtcMlKncI, have known K. J.
Cheney for the Inst 18 years, nd believe
htm ptrfectiy honorable In nil business
transact ion and flmmclnlly able to entry
out nnr omignunnn miuie uy mis nrrn.
iv nhl irntlntitf miuln tiv
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure In taken Internally.
Minn directly upon the blood nnd mu
cous surface nt llio system, Testimonials
sent free. I'rlro 76 cnt per bottle. Sold
by nil Druggist.
Take Hall family Mil for constlpstloo.
Grant Hendricks was in lown from
I lend rick's bridge today.
Joy Walkor Is working for tho South
ern Pacific company in Eitgcno.
Misses Mary West nnd Doris Ly
bargor went to Eugono this afternoon.
Dr. It. a. VanValznh Is seriously III j
nt his home on Second and A tstroJUi
Mrs, II. A. Wnshburno who lias boan
miifn til nt lmr homo on Kocnnd nnd A
streets Is Improving slowly.
Electric shoo repairing AVolf &
Mrs. L. Crow of Wendllng under
went an operation nt tho local hos
pital Sunday morning.
Mrs. It .II. Brown of Eugene was In
town yosterday on business nnd visit
ing friends.
Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Horbort Smeed
of Waltcrvlllo, Saturday morning Aug.
19, 1910, nn eight pound boy.
I. Ii. Larimer had tho namo on tho
owning of his store repainted last
Mrs. K. C. Howard was operated on'TnvInr ,, wlf at tha M
at tho local hospital Saturday morn-
Ing and is doing nicely.
Floyd Bartlott and Merlo Hill left '
for five or six days hunting at
H. J. Cox, bookkeeper at tho Booth-!
Kelly mill wont to Eugcno on busi
ness this nfternoon.
Good reliable flro Insurance No as
sessments; no membership fee. Pay
onco and you aro done. H. E. Walker
at tho City Hall.
lluby Senseney went to Thurstbn r Walter L .Tooze of Dallas, who Is
yesterday In the Interest of Christian publicity chairman of the Hughes
Endeavor work, campaign committee of Oregon was a
j visitor In Springfield Saturday after
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Madison from noon- Ho ls n,aiing a tour of the
tho Peppermint ranch near Coburg vis- 8raancr towns of this section of the
Itcd at tho Frank Fischer home Sun
day, j
Mrs. H. C. Cook and baby from Iloso
burg joined Mr. Cop yesterday and
will occupy tho J. P. Fry houso on A
street botwoon Sixth and Seventh.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lyons and
daughter Pearl and Milton and Wil
liam of Wendllng vlsltod today with
Mr. nnd Mrs, C. Lybargor.
, , o. . ....
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stroud nnd family
motored down from Wendllng and
vlsltod with W.- S. Dunlap Sunday
oven Ing.
1). C. Scott of LaPinc surprised his
old friends, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P. Fry,
Sunday ovcnlng. They had not mot for
ton years.
Gloves, overalls, shirts and sox nt
Wolf & Minor's.
W. L. Dunlnp, who has been em
ployed in I. D. I.arlmor's grocory for
the past five years, has given up his
position and Magnus Prmlor will take
his placo .
Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Larimer and
family, Mrs. Dort Vincent of Eugene,
and Miss Lola McPhorson motored to
Dluo Illvor Sunday and returned mon
day. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carmen .who
woro returning from Foley Springs to
their homo In Albany, visited with Mrs.
It. a. Van Vnlzah and Mary Roberta ,
tho latter part of the week.
Rficnr Mnwtn ftf rtnntli.K ..... !
" " " I
I.llll c.itvjdiiuv, u. u.,.,u. cVtVLlt "WjjboUt
honor of his slstor, Mtss Bllza'ti i,nt
Mnrtln. Prlilnv nvnntnir nt iha 'ai .
' " nwne oi
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. C. Hngon Orf,gono
0, H. Itobortson, Rnd Vnrents, Mr.
uhd Mrs. Ed. llobortfivjn, Mr. nnd Mrs.
W. A. James, nnd, Mr Benuchnrd ro
turned Friday Ibin points along tho
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Holbrook nnd
fnmlly nnd Mr. nnd Mrs, J. B. Edwnrds I
moved their camp from Seavey's forry I
Iho latter part of tho week on account
of tho rain,
Cash Meed, of Woltervillo, 11, 0.
Mnkorson of Cnmp Crook, Ira Gray of
Thurston, and William Gantz of Hay-1
dltn Bridge woro among the Saturday ,
win wacuon wno nad his foot cut moro than ?2.00 on an average. Make
last woek ot the Booth-Kolly mill and ' your homo beautiful with the best
was taken to tho Eugene hospital for . paint on tho market Pheonlx Pure
treatmont Is doing nlcoly nnd will bo Paint, Guaranteed. Sold by J. C. Hoi
able to come homo tho last of the brook.
week. ' I
' I The ball game yestorday arternoon
Mr, A. M .Boavor and son Merndlth resulted In n score of 15 to 12 In favor
who hnvo boon visiting with Mr. Bon- of tho Sprlngllold second team. Tho
vor's son, A. M .Beaver of Sprlturflofd Creawoll team Old not nnnoar bo a vol.
rfitlirni'il thin murnl rr fn .Itrtl,, mw. a I..
1 - -""M(, mi mult ..uiuu hi
Asu,a,, .
Mr, and Mrs, Atilla Norman of Eu-,
gone loft Saturday for Chicago whero
tlioy expect to locate. Mr, Norman J
was rormeny general manager or tho
Wlllnmotto division of tho Oregon
Power company.
Herbert Hansen, who recently went
to Portland and is employed by tho
United States Rubber company, spent
Saturday evening nnd Sunday with
his grandmother, Mrs. M. J, Blair and
old frlonds hero.,
Mr. and Mrs. E. 0 .Motcalf, Mr. and
Mrs. O. P. Motcalf, Mr. and Mrs.
Curtis Haydcn and family, and Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Ditto, and Mr. atid Mrs.
Dclbort Ilucknum spent Sunday nt
Soavoy's ferry.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Itobort Hill of Colfax,
Wnnhfnglon arrived Saturday in their
Pierce Arrow auto for several day's
visit with Mr. and Mrs. . A. Wault
burn nnd with Mrs. E. U. Loo of Hu
geno and friends In Junction.
Llttlo Margaret Swarts, daughter
ot Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swarts' of Natron !
Btoppod on a nail whloh ran' nearly
through her foot, nnd sho was brought I
to ono of the local physlclnna Saturday
for treatment.
Do you wish to become well? If so
call on Dr. Murphy, a drugless healer,
359 Main street.
O. B. Kcssoy nnd Welby Stevens nnd
fnmllles nrrived at Odoll lake Friday
near the end of their tour through j
southern and eastern Oregon. Theyj
expect to hunt deer while at Odell and j
will return to Springfield about tho I
mlddlo of the week.
L. A. C.iitcK nnd wlfn nnd S. H
mco 8aturday cvenInB on theJr woyl
homo tQ DMm rom Be,knap SprJng8 (
whore they havo been for a wdek . Mr. i
Onk-jCntes Is editor of tho Polk County
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Bressler went
to Portland Friday and Mrs. Bressler
started Sunday evening for a two
month's trip to Clearwater, Nebraska,
i whoro she will visit her parents and
friends. Mr. Bressler expects to re
, turn this evening.
state lining up the newspapers for t'je ,
fall campaign. j
Twelve dollars and sixty cents Was ,
raited at a box' social given' last week j
at the Methodist church at Marcola. -The
social was well attended nnd keen
interest was taken when the boxes
wero put up on tho block. Tho money .
that, was raised has been given to the
new reading room that has been re-
cently opened at Marcola.
Mr. E. O. Sutton took the following
persons to the fish hatchery yesterday:
Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Goddard, Mr. and
Mrs. P. A. Wooley, Mr. nnd Mrs. Win.
Lansberry, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Graves,
Mr. and Mrs. T, J. McCrncken, Mr. nnd
Mrs. L. E. Thompson, Mr., nnd Mrs.
G. Hall, H. Wolf, Mrs. U. H. Parks,
Miss Vera MUlerand Mrs. J. P. Vaughn.
t Those registered at the Springfield
hotel Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
wero: C. A. Lewis of Portland, S. B.
Larimer of Fall Creek, C. C. Bryant,
W. F. Beryerllu of Vida. B. F. Smith,
j Frank Mlllor, of Wendllng, Mr. and ,
' Mrs. Low A. Gates of Dallas, Mr
Mrs. S. B. Taylor of Dallas, Irr
tA3Y' Earl GrUt 0t E'.-S and
Mrs. John Pnrkr
fC ftd children, Dr.
nnd Mrs. Dundy
- TMA fnmllV. filla Pnrlf. '
or Mrs W - "
tor and ' - "ol(lre1SOand daugh-
' Ali James Parker of Eueenn !
rotur- f tX y,m from , ., j
cr-miilng trip nt Oakrldge. John Pnrk-1
w aud li'rank Warner took pack horsesJ
frAtvi rl,.i.l j 1
miles beyond Oakrldgo to
. Two auto loads ot Pruhevllle people Friday, Saturday and Sunday were:
went to the fish hatchery Sunday and J M- R- Jacksou, of Newburg, C. J. Mc
except for a slight collision of tho two Cormlc of Newburg, J. J. Jonspn of
cars which will necessitate a few re-1 LaGrande, 0 .C. Kroner, Portland, Mrs.
pairs tho parties returned safely. I K- A- Woodson ot Denver, Colorado,
Thoso taking the trip wero: Merlo,
Elmo, nnd Claronco Chnse, Miss Camel
of Rosoburg, Misses Nellie Bailey,
Maud.o Chase, and Bornico Sapping
flolt1, Mlss Wnnia Vitus, and Marvin,
"omer, ami cnesior unase,
True economy is what wo save In the
long run. The wise man feeds his colt
to make It grow. Ho pastures his cow
t0 Bot Bd How of milk and paints
nla houso to make it last. It costs
very llttlo raoro now to paint a houso
t than it did a year ago. Probably not
........... . . 1 1 . . m.
iiuk-vi loam iook us pinco. tnosa
In tho Springflold second team wero:
H. Lauder is the Canny Scot, who always knows just
what is what, and people say he's
grown quite rich, by always know
ing which is which. One thing's
admitted by the bunch, which is
that Lauder has the punch.
Where'er he does his sprightly
chores, he packs the houses to the
doors; he sings his songs so pass
ing well, the auditors stand up to
yell. Withal, he is a thrifty soul;
he wisely will not spend his roll,
until he's sure he vill not fail to
get full value for his kale. That's
why he always asks for "Tux"
when he would spend his hard
earned bucks for baccy, in his
pipe to puff he knows Tuxedo
is the stuff. Great men, wise
men, in every land, all tell us that
Tuxedo's grand.
"VVHH new butlillnca. better equipment, end
man? nddltlon to IU facultr. the Cnlvenrtr
of Oregon will begin Its forty-ttrjt Tear. Vat
day. September 13, 1B1G.
Speelnl training In Commerce, Joaraalltm,
Architecture, tAW.3felIeln.Teaehlnr.t!bra'
rr Work, Music, Physical Tralnlne atui Pino
Art. Large anil strong department of Uoe
al Education.
Library of more than 68.009 volumes,. flit
teen buildings fully equipped, two splendsB
gymnatlums. ... fc
Tuition Tree. Dormitories for men aad fan
women. Expenses Ixiwest.
Write for free catatdgs, addressing- Registrat
The new Baker at the
Springfield Bakery
Years of Exrrience
. ljCi
Brefki Making
If there was a be' aer way tQ make bread hQ yfQm Jfc
T ake a Loaf Home
with you today
'-n you have your next Party or Picnic let us bake
your cake
Howard Cotton, Jess Campbell,
7. rolllns nrnn Rhnhan. Phil. BlshoD.
T I Tl T TTIolnh Vornnn
uuluuo tctou, o. utwvu,
nathburn, and C. Starks. Those In the
... , . McPhers0 Caivlll
Bossorman, Arlo Nettleton, Frank
Smltson, John Morlock, S. Ulrlch, and J
John Asnworui.
Ray McPhernon
umpired the game,
Thoso registered at the Elite hotel
Hazel Manwaring 01 Marsnneiu, U. T.
Talt of S. P. Co., N. Doppelman of
Portland, E. C. Neat. Ed. R. Viesho of
Salem. William Hack ot S. P. Co., J.
W, Webb, R. R. Ballard of S. P. Co. F.
G. Harris ot Bend, D. H, Talt of Acme,
and B. 0. Scott of LaPino.
Goo. and Henry Hart returned from
a short hunting trip up the river.
Walter Lewis who has been working
ut Mnbel returned homo Wednesday.
Mrs. Lano Morris visited with Mrs,
Geo. Hart Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. G. T. Pinkston spent Wednes
day with 'her mother, Mrs. T. C.
Misses Mary and Margaret White
who recently arrived from California
spent Wednesday with Mrs. Williams.
Boyd Overstroet is hauling lumber
to the II sh hatchery.
Mrs. Samuel Be(sell who has. been
working at Wendllng came home Wed
World-famoat Scotch C
dian, taytt
"TuxeJofor mlldntti,
Ut) and fragrance, Tli
haccofot me. With m
filed v!.lh good old TL
DO. all mtt trouhlct r
In tmoke, In all mu a rli.
aide traceh fee ltl to J .J
Hi equal as a thu-lur".
eool'iatllni, taeel-flaet I
tobacco. TUXEDO tat'-ci
me completely.
Attended to Promptly
Springfield and Vicinity
Leave orders at' the News Oco
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon
uiuue, uapusi parsonage
Corner Second and C Streett
HOURS: 9 TO 12. PHONE 40
78, A. M. V., Ancleiil sm4
Accepted Scottish Rite Uni-.
versal and tonbojjs Frea
Masons meota flrst and third
Friday opening in W- O. V
ha,ll. Visiting brothers wei-
T. B. Harris
P. A. Johnson A
R. W. M.
China Painting
To nil who will take a term of 12
lessons I will gfve,
Tho two free le&sons wIH give
you a piece of chtoa ready for the.
first Are.
Now is a good time to beP to
prepare for Xmas.
Orders solicited, 836 A street
m r 1
mi w Sucat rc u alI