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Colossal Colonnades of ihe Greco-Roman
Wings to Palace of Fine Ads.
Curving 1.100 feet around the follagcd shores of the Fine Arts lagoon, Pam-ma-ract3c
International Exposition, these mighty pillars are reflected, mlrror
Hfce, In the Umpid waters of the lagoon, affording one of the prettiest views at
San Francisco's great Exposition.
A HANDSOME book of slxtr Paces, profusely Illustrated In colors and ctrlnz de
tailed descriptions of the Fanama-PacMc International Exposition to be held
In San Francisco from Feb. 30 to Dec 4. ISIS, and of the Panama canal and
canal region, will be mailed by the Kxposltion free of charge, to all Inquirers. The
booklet is Intended for prospective visitors and will also contain Information concern-lag-'the
mat engineering feat which the Exposition is to celebrate. Write to tha
Manager. Bureau of Publication. Panama-Pacific -International Exposition. Exposi
tion Building. San Francisco, for booklet.
-"jM -
Low Railroad Rates and Privileges of
Routing Never Before Possible Are
Included In the Many Inducements to
Visit America's Great Panama Canal
Celebration. $50,000,000 Invested;
80,000 Exhibitors Represented.
5.T Is estimated by the tralllc experts of the great transcontinental railways
that the travel movement westward during the present year, with the
great world's Exposition at San Francisco as the goal, will be the great
est In all history. There are but few persons anywhere who have not
felt the longing to visit California some time, nnd with the attraction of the
world's greatest and possibly Its last universal Exposition to draw them west
ward those who go traveling. In 1015 will "see America first," with San Fran
cisco sfs an objective.
Some Indication of the Interest tnkpn In the Panama-Pacific International
'Exposition Is found In the pre-Exposltlon attendance, the greatest In the entire
'history of expositions, amounting to an average of 10.000 persons a day. These
visltprs carried away with them to all parts of the country and of the world
accounts of the beauties And the marvels they had seen.- and as a result the
remark has become, common throughout the United States and abroad, "it's
:not n case of 'Can I afford to visit the Exposition?' but 'Can 1 afford to
MISS It?; "
The Panama-Pacific International Exposition has more foreign national
pavilions than any exposition ever held this In spite of the European war.
Xo exposition ever was situated as this one is where.such a large' number
ot the scenic wonders of the world can be visited at no Increaso of cost while
n route, going and coming, and it is the only great International Exposition
'to be ready on time! The rates agreed upon by the great transportation
companies, of approximately one-half fare for the round trip, with a ninety
day limit, have never been equaled.
Certainly not In this generation, and probably not for generations to come,
-will eucb an opportunity bo offered to combine In one trip visits to the scenic
wppder 6pots of the continent, with the educatlou and entertainment to be
had -in the dazzling wonderland that has, risen on tbg shore of the Pacific,
Conthiwed from jfego JL)
small part of the sum total of
our education. The greater part
of It we get the greater part of
our education from our Inter
course with our The
community Influence is a great
"Parent Teacher associations
offer , a splendid, means for in
creasing the . efficiency, of the
schools in training, the young
people, The schools alone can
not do it.; the home must co-operate,"
t -,, .
I. C. Gates, Veneta, will erect
a business building.
The Christian church at Mar
shfleld will build addition -25 by
62 feet.
pacific Telephone Co., added
'44,900 stations during past year.
Portland Gas Co., shows in
creased earnings over 1913 of
only $0671.
Attorney, General Brown holds
that jitnpx busses .are cdmmon
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! t . MI 1
imr unown n tn Army ot Northern
v u it u ntAvr
V. 8. QUANT.
I.leutrnnnt On'nernl.
Grunt decided to wait nt Furtnyllln
for n response to this now historic
prelude to great surrender. ,' About
midnight the response wns brought to
thoalecplng coininnndcr on the couch
vrhcro Lbtf had inln the night before:
April 7, lSWi.
Lieutenant General V. t. Grant! '
Thoiifth not entertaining tlio opinion you
express on tho hotwdesisncas of further ro-
alstctictt on the part of the Army ot North
ern Virginia. I reciprocate your dcslro to
nvold useless effusion of blood nnd there
fore, osk th terms you will offer on con
dition ot Its surrender. K. 12. I.P.B.
Grant's Plea For Pence.-. u
Grant ngntn wroto to Leo tho morn
ing of the Sih. I.eo was the, general
In chief of nil the Cou federate nnntos
nnd not merely head of tho Army of
Northern Virginia. This second,, noto
enntnlmnl tho kernel of tho terms.
which, because of tholr liberality, led
tn n hnnnv ranc Install!
.. ii
April 8. ISCS.
General It. E. Lee: .
Your note or last . evcnliiK mjreply
to mine or name date, ncltlrn; thoijpon
dltlon on which I will ncecpt tho nur
remler of tlio Army of Northern! ,Vlr
Klnla Is Just received. Id reply Jvbu!d
say that poicp being mi Brent " de
sire thero Is but ono condition l.would
Insist upon namely, that the tuen.nml
officers surrviiduUd t.hall "bo disqualified
for taking up arms ngntn against, tho gov
e-nmcnt of the rnltcd States untlUhirop
trH exchanged. 1 will meet ou . nt
nn, point agreeable to you for thojwrposo
of nrranalHS definitely tho terms.
v. a. ariANT.
Lieutenant General
Grant marched nil day vlthlN In
fantry ndrnnco which -was ln"ftouch.
with Leo's rear guard nnd lodsted nt
the headquarters of Meade, theTcora
mandcr of -the Army of tho Potomac,
In a farmhouse. About midnight ho
was aroused to read Leo's second, let
ter; ' i
April 8,jlSS.
Lieutenant General U. 8. Grant: ?
I received at a late hour your noto'of to
day. In mine of yesterday I did not nt'end
to prepose the surrender ot tho Armir of
Northern Virginia, but to ask thaiterms
of your proposition. To bo frank, I do
not think tho emergency has nrisen to
call tor tho surrender ot this army; but.
as the restoration of peaco should be tha
sole object of all, I dcslro to know
whether your proposals would I cud to
that end. I cannot, therefore, meet you
with a view to surrender tho Army of
Northern Virginia, but as far as your
proposal may affect tho Confederate
states forces under my command nnd
tend to tho restoraUon of peace I' should
bo pleased to meet you at 19 a. m..' tomor
row on the old stage road to Richmond,
between the picket lines ot the two ar
mies. R. E. LEE.
Surrender seemed postponed Indefi
nitely. Leo hoped to embrace lit nn
Interview n larger question than tho
moro surrender of 10,000 armed 'men.
That was his lighting force. !llow
would be receive tbla repelling third
message from Grant?
April 9.'!l."
General R. B. Lee:
Your note of yesterday Is r'ecetvlcd.
I liavo no authority to treat on the
subject ot peace. The meeting proposed
for 10 u. m. today could lead to, no
(rood. I will state,' howovcr, general,
that I am equally anxious for peace
with yourself, and the wliolo north en
tertains the same feeling: Tho terms upon
which peace can be had nre well under
stood. By the south laying down their
arms they will hasten that most desira
ble event. . U. 8. QUANT,
Lieutenant General.
Sheridan's line Gives WayM..
The south had again aijd, asahi?
Jected peace ;on the terms of vlayins
down their arms." and how was Leo
Orsmt, Leo and McLean house, copyright by Review ot Reviews company.
(Right) Lieutenant General U. 8. Ornnt. U. 8. A. (Left) General R. B. Lee, C. 8.
A. (Top) Grant writing tha Uruu. CDwlow) .McLean house, where tlio sur
render took place.
to eer nsiao rue eaict7 Dispositions
for contlnulug the conflict had gone on
In isplto of tho parley, and In tho hours
when Grant was perusing Leo's second
letter eight miles away from Appomut
tox Leo. with his marshals, was pre
paring to hew u gap through the cav
alry cordon which SSboiidnn had drawn
across tho western front
Ilefor wilting his second noto to
Grant Leo had Iqnrned that rations
which ho depended upon for his men
had Jjuoii.cnpturol. and yet ho ordered
his generals to move out at 1 o'clock
tho morning of "April 0 through tho
federal lino. Ills own cavalry chfof,
Fitzhugh Leo, was to bring up the ln&t
troopers from tho rear guard and lako
the advance, Gordou's corpi, with thir
ty cannon, to support the attack.
Longstreet's corps, acting ns rear
guard, would stand to arm and repel
1 1 r ntlKiiiiml fnllnnrlnf. .in .fin ....
nlMTft) nnd. nt ohc dectarett hlHwtt
ready te talk lurrviider, m follawii!
April , IMS.
MeuUnnnt General U. fl. (IrmUt
1 received your noto of this mrrnlfi en
the picket line, whither 1 had tome to meet
you nnd Ascertain definitely what torms
wero embraced In your propositi ot yes
terday with reference, to tha surrender
of this army, t now nU nn Interview In
Accordance with the Offer contained In
your Icttar of ytitordny for that purpose,
U. i:. L13H,
Tli Is vrniK written nt 0 a. hl, nt whlqli
hour (about) himlert soiindctl halt on
tho Inst chnrgc of the Fcdcrntit against
tho Army or Northern Virginia. Grnnt
received It nt ll:W, the long; delay be
ing esplnlut'd In his reply us follows:
April 0, 1S6J.
Oeneml H. 1, Coinmnndhift G. a A.I
Your note ot this ditto Is but this mo
ment. MitO m., received, In conse
quence of my tmvlni itasoed from tho
lllchmond nnd I.ynchlmrit road to the
Furmvlllo nnd l'nchburff rond I nm, at
this writing. About four miles west or
Walker's churct nnd will push forward
to the front for the purpose or meetlnir
you. Notice sent to mo on this road,
where you wish the Intcrvlow to tke
plnee, will meet ma.
Von" respectfully, your obedient serv
nnt. U. 8. OHANT,
IJnitonnnt General.
Halted by n Whito Flaj.
Although Gordon had reported his
cors "fought to tt fnuxlo." his 2,000
veterans, with nn equal ' number of
ritRhitgh Leo's, threw Sheridan's lino
back In confusion. The grace wns
hrlof. Tor rk'ial Infiiuti'y, inarohlng
to tha sound of Gonlon'M guns, cntuo
on nt double quick, white mid colored
suldlers, In imllol columns, on tho
satuo road. These were Ortl'n men,
nnd while directing the niovemeiits nt
tho frout Onl ta mot by n "whito
Hag" asking for n cessation ot hostili
ties. Onl sounded the bugle cull to
The white ling was n carrying out of
the order of Lot. When be heard that
Grant was on tho other front ho rode
back to ApixHunttox. Ilrst fending n
message to Meade. In his rear, and to
the Federal commander In front for n
truce, pending his meeting with Grout
Thero Grant's nld fouud him.
ffn company with tho nld,. Colonel
llabcock, Leo sought n suitable seclu
sion for a conference nnd found It nt
tho McLean house. Grnut was con
ducted thero nt 1 o'clock, nnd tho con
trast between, tho chief porsouages In
the great surrender group was nt once
brought out. Lee nnd his oinccrs had
fenred tho capltiro of their bnggngo
nnd on the Sth hnd donned their best
nud richest npparcl nnd uccouicrmontH.
Grnnt was weary nud confronted
Lee In tho simple dress of tho runrch
nud field.
"Our Countrymen Again."
For once Grunt dropped tho rolo ot
the "silent man." no began tho con
versation by recalling tho days of
Mexico, whon ho had first mot Lee.
After somo tlmo passed In reminis
cences Lee broko In. "I suppose. Gen
eral Grant, that tho object of our
meeting Is fully understood. I would
Tho movo was delayed from two to
threo hours. Gordon met Federal cav
alry on the routo west of Appomattox
Court House. The guns opened, and
Lec'a troopers charged nnd quickly dis
lodged Sheridan's line. Dut Gordon
reported Federal Infantry In sight
lee Seeks Oat Grant.
Leo now passed some tlmo In debate
whether to carry out his purposo of
meeting Grant, ns promised. Ho set
out Anally without ordering cessation
of hostilities. At the Federal picket
line, some miles In the rear, ho was
met by Grant's third letter (given
suggest thnt you commit to writing
the terms you havo proposed."
"Very well," said Grant; "I will
write tnvm onu jn n maniroiu orour
book ho then wroto In part us follows:
Appomattox Court Ilnuso, Va.,
April 'J, J855.
Genoral R. 13, Lee: i
I)i nccordtmco with tlio tmbstauce of my
letter to you of tho Sth Instant I proppso
to 'receive the nurrenilor of tho Army of
Northern Virginia on tho following terms--to
wit: 'fii oflicors to nlvo tliclr
Individual paroles not to talco up arms
against tho government of tlio United
State until properly exchanged, and each
company or regimental commander sign
n like parole, for tlio men of their com
mands. Tills done, each offloor
and man will bo allowed to return to lils
homo. . v. fl. anAST,
Lieutenant dcnoral.
Leo deliberately read tlio document
throughout, making brief CQinmentH,
and then Grant's secretary'
with Ink borrowed from Leo's 'secre
tary. Leo's acceptnnco wits wrjttpn,
With tho saino Confctjorato JpU, ju
I 1am MflKt A
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BO Union Square. Nov York
I News From Springfield High School ;
Misses Minnie and Nclllo
Beaver, Btudcnts of Wlllametto
university, nnd Miss Opal llul
vcrson of this city, visited the
High school Thursdny after
noon. ,
Miss Eva Janues of Goshen Is
visiting the High school today.
The Student Body voted to
support the High School Annual
in a meeting held Wednesday
afternoon. Walter Balloy will
edit this year's paper.
P P w
Orson Vaughn and Norton
Pencra went to Eugene Thurs
day afternoon to listen to the
dehate between Bandon and Sa
lem Iligll schools.
. m
Supt. It. L. Kirk gave tho
American History class a very
interesting description of the
battlegrounds and battlo of
apon oorrowcrt rcaentl pnpor. uccnuso
thero wns no other nt hnnd. Tho re
lease of tho horses of I.eo'a men "to
work their little farms" wns nn nftcr
thought and inn do verlmlly-nt n hint
from T.ce. who nlso nftkeri Mr ration
for tho tlmo being. Tho outposts wore
quickly notified, nnd Federal gtina bo-
' gnn firing salutes In honor of victory.
1 which drnnt Immediately checked In
'order to nvohl tindno humiliation of
I Leo's men, "The wnr Js over." said
ho. "TIipv nre our countrymen ngoln."
Classified Ads
For Sale, Bent, Wanted, Etc.
WANTED Boarders and room
ers at the Elite Hotel.
FOUND At Reaper's hall, an
umbrella. Owner may havo
same by paying for this no
tice. 14tf
FOR SALE Eggs from fancy
bred. Partridge Wyandotts
$1.00 per 15 at the liouso, Oth
and D streets Springfield, Oro.
Phono 108 It W. L. Dunlap.
R. O. A. hall for rent. Well ven
tilated and lighted, clean and
warm. Kitchen and dining
rooni attached. Rates reason
able. Apply to Fred Watko,
Gilbert Davis or W. A. JIall.
We Print Butler Vjrappers
Telephone Us
The Lane Gojftnty NejL. Phone 2
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how It satisfies without grinding, how
to snlt. how few chews vou tsko to
nrd tn ti rattrvd n wllh malUM sX
Chlckamaugua last Friday after
noon. Mr. Kirk had tho pleasure
of visiting tho old battlefield a
number of years ago and at this
session of tho history class ho
(had a number of lead bullets that
Iliad been shot from tho guns of
.the Union and Confederate
torces and picked up by him
while thero.
Tho Senior class held a meet
ing Thursday evening. A niim-
! ber of committees wero appoint
ed to innlco preparations ror tlio
commencement exercises.
C. W. Cook and his son Wil
fred graded the tennis court on
Saturday. This will mako tho
work much lighter for tho stu
dents, siuco most of tho grass
and sod haB been removed.
The Annual staff held a meet
ing Friday evening.
Advorti3od Letotrs.
Mr. C. L. Mason.
Mr. O. It. Haugann.
Mr. Win. Haggard.
Mrs. Joseph Column.
One cent duo on all advertised
Wallowa will vote on building
a city hall.
FOR SALE 17-ft. new boat.'
Call at Sprlngilold Planing
Mill or Phono 130W3. 9tf.
6-ROOM HOUSE nnd lot for
sale or rent. -Modern conven
iences. Easy terms. Call at
News office
Wasco county
largo Industrial
Is building a
barn on tho
poor farm.
Tho "morals court" once vot
ed down sought to bo revived
at Portland. , x
Portland Tho now Couch
school has a roof-garden and
swlming ta.nlt.
Medford Fund of $1000 rais
ed to operate cannery.
Department of Public Works
at Portland has stopped all lay
ing of "asphaltlc conoreto pave
ment" until it can bo tested.
L. M. LaRuo of Salem will
movo stop-ladder factory to Eu
gene. V
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